Before we get to the personal story, I do want to fill in the latest information about the Obama administration that is right out there in the open, but you will never read about in the alternative conspiracy media, who have already made up their minds after having overdosed on NSA-authored propaganda. 


Obama’s pivotal, generation-defining address to the Muslim world was on Thursday, June 4, 2009. At the time, not thinking about 40-year cycles or the impending anniversary of Woodstock, I clearly associated this with an "epic shift in global consciousness."

I clearly stated, in writing, that when a sitting American President turns the tide on arguably centuries worth of hatred towards Muslims, and finally shows 1.5 billion of the people on Earth the respect they deserve as sovereign beings, a clear energetic effect has been created.

I also estimated that we would need about two weeks  to see the first major effects this would create — but that it was so huge that you would continue to see events unfolding in the weeks and months thereafter. At the time I did not know the form nor the timeline that these events would take, other than that two weeks was a safe initial bet.

Almost like clockwork, two weeks after Obama’s Muslim address, the Iranian elections occurred, where the progressive candidate seemed poised to win by a landslide. The old guard very obviously stole the vote, with anomalies in the voting tallies that even made the old-school Neocon theft of 2000 and 2004 look professional by comparison.

A revolutionary uprising was created in the Iranian youth, which are estimated to make up as much as 80 percent of the population. They were clearly spurred on and inspired by Obama’s address in Cairo.



The entire Iranian youth movement crystallized into action when a very attractive young woman named Neda Soltan was shot through the heart by a sniper while peacefully involved in a protest.




Though I do not recommend watching the video, if you can even find it, the picture you see below is of her looking deeply and directly into the camera, less than two seconds before she spontaneously dies. Immediately after the frame you see here, blood suddenly pours out of her nose and mouth while her eyes simultaneously roll back. 




The footage is admittedly deeply disturbing, and I could not avoid crying when I watched it. I knew Obama’s speech would trigger epic changes in the world, just by the energetic processes involved of mass gatherings, but I had forgotten about how violent the road to positive changes can be.

Here are some links I gathered at the time if you want to read more about this situation:

The YouTube Martyr

Iran Admits 50 Cities Had More Votes Than Voters

In Iran, One Woman‘s Death May Have Many Consequences,8599,1906049,00.html?iid=digg_share

Today, Everyone is an Iranian


Though the existing Iranian regime has stayed in power, for now, they will never be able to hold it for very long. It is just about inevitable that they will fall, based on the widespread dissatisfaction in the youth culture — and Neda is the martyr figure that will further insure they keep the momentum. 



Eighteen days after Obama’s Woodstock — just four days after the two-week figure I cited — another significant public event occurred. On June 22nd, the mean-spirited gossip blogger Perez Hilton finally endured some ‘karma’ of his own.

After all these years of blatantly and horribly insulting public figures, a member of the Black Eyed Peas finally attacked Perez, punching him in the face and leaving a big black eye.



The reason why I see this as significant is that Perez has capitalized on the average person’s fascination with attacking and humiliating public figures. It is easy to judge and hurl criticisms, and Perez built his empire on giving people cruel and mean-spirited putdowns.

Here’s the first article I found about it after it happened:

Beginning just after midnight West Coast time, Perez Hilton tweeted a series of messages alleging that Will.I.Am and his security guards had assaulted him.

Hilton was in Toronto Sunday for the Much Music Awards:

— I’m in shock. I need the police ASAP. Please come to the SoHo Metropolitan Hotel now. Please.

— I was assaulted by Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas and his security guards. I am bleeding. Please, I need to file a police report. No joke.

— Still waiting for the police. The bleeding has stopped. I need to document this. Please, can the police come to the SoHo Met Hotel.

— I spoke to my lawyer. I really need to talk to the authorities. Please come to the SoHo Met Hotel. Have called the police. Need them here.

— The Toronto police are here now. Thank you. Please stop calling them.


Perez later displayed clear signs of confusion when he posted a video blog where he simultaneously preached that "violence is not the answer" while then turning around and telling Fergie, the lead singer of the Black Eyed Peas that "you’re f-in’ fugly, b–ch."

Huffington Post condensed this whole episode down to a humorous, though difficult-to-watch 90-second clip:

Unbelievably, a mere three days later, Perez jumped on the news about Michael Jackson and directly accused him of staging the heart attack as a publicity stunt:

One blogger doing unprecedented damage to the social media cause (and in fact undermining the credibility of all bloggers) is Perez Hilton: upon learning of Michael Jackson‘s hospital admission, he posted the following, shockingly offensive piece, alleging that Michael was “lying ” or “making himself sick ”. The post has now been updated on his site to temper this gross insensitivity, but we fear the damage to the blogging community has already been done.



Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton has dived to yet another record low this week by initially accusing Michael Jackson of faking the heart attack that lead to his death.

In a post now pulled from (see below), Hilton said he found the heart attack “dubious, ” said that Jackson had pulled similar stunts before, and concluded that Jackson was either lying, or purposely making himself sick.

Calls for a Perez Hilton boycott are already gathering steam, with users disgusted by the whinny blogger encouraged to post to Twitter under the tag #unfollowperez.


As you can see here, this "Unfollow Perez" movement was extremely successful. Within a single day, Hilton hemorrhaged almost half of his 1.8 million followers on Twitter:

How Perez Hilton managed to get himself nestled in with Michael Jackson news is dumbfounding. Anyway, the toady gossip after a week of sobbing about being punched in the face for talking smack to and his manager. That "smack," of course, getting him denounced by GLAAD.

Hilton then announced all the money from his upcoming lawsuit against and his manager would go to the Matthew Shepard Foundation. Cough. In a statement Judy Shepard said they are "unable to accept any funds obtained in such a manner." Good.

Anyway, yesterday Hilton posted Jackson’s reported heart attack was an attempt to get out of his upcoming tour. The full post is here. Jackson fans and general Hilton haters/don’t carers started a Twitter hash tag #unfollowperez. When the trend started, Hilton had 1.8 million followers on Twitter. As of this morning, it’s down 800,000.


This story was so popular that it hit the front page of Digg:

Perez Hilton Story on Front Page of Digg:


Even Fox News got involved in the story:,2933,529177,00.html



Lastly, comments posted by the online community showed their fury with Perez. This is a small, representative sample of the vitriol and venom that surged through the Internet in the immediate aftermath of his accusation that Michael faked his heart attack. 

In general, these comments reveal the public’s frustration as it wrestles with a much bigger issue. We no longer want to support those who attack, criticize and demean others, no matter how fun or enjoyable it may seem to some of us.

Collectively, we want to "Give Peace a Chance" — and as a result, one of the stages we must go through along the way is where we shout, "We will not tolerate intolerance". Again, what you’re seeing here is just a tiny, tiny portion of what was being posted in the blogosphere:

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