Wednesday 10 / 1 / 97 – 6:40 a.m.

Requesting OBE at this time.

Two parts to the dream; the early part was with Papa, wanting me to build something and submerging it in water; building it with crystals and gluing them all together. It was connected to physics, and he was working on his computer.

The second part involved some kind of volunteer fire department having gone to a concert; parking my car in a lot and then finding out that they have towed it; getting into a pickup truck with this other guy who had also been towed. We both go over there to try to find them and get inside, and we find out that there is an enormous number of them, and they are all sitting in this big room watching television. The guy who I was with was getting angry about everything, complaining and getting frustrated, thinking about how unfair it all was.

D: Thinking about throwing my cat out of the room.

It’s named the fur test.

In the beginning, I was sitting at the computer with Papa. He was trying to explain a complex mathematical formula to me, and I wasn’t getting it. There was a TV program on in the room which had to do with something rather on the mystical side. He wanted both my brother and I to build this thing. It was essentially a rock that we had and we were mounting crystals on it. I was extra careful with the black tourmaline; he wanted that one to be dipped in purple paint. The paint was really messy, but I was able to dip it in there anyway. I set it in there and then floated it on some water. There was a little figurine of a man on the moon holding it up, but then I looked at it from the sides and realized that it was actually floating, which seemed kind of strange.

As I looked over, I got this uncanny urge to jump across. For those who did starve, I have no regrets; and starve they did! There were so many wetsuits at that point, it was hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. [Images of the Ascension and of people going to different planets.] There will be many others we will talk about; we will have strong, powerful friends. As the vibratory level is increased, many great repairs can be performed. This will be a great service to the planet and its inhabitants, as it will purge many of the negative energies now present in your sphere.

[10/18: The first few sentences are perhaps one of the most direct warnings I have ever received in paradox form. The jumping across part seems clearly related to ascension. The second part was mirrored in the recent Ed Dames / Art Bell transcript, where he said that all the food ran out, and both Dames and Scallion say that the ocean levels are going to rise dramatically, hence the wetsuits. This is unnerving and underscores the urgent need to act in a loving manner at all times to prepare for this ascension.]

[Note: Clearly the information was not distorted, but my interpretation of it at the time might have been. It is clear that the Earth Changes do not occur until after the first wave of Ascension has been completed.]

D: I got an image when I was first starting today of what looked like it might have been the Nile River valley, just the delta part, and then going further down. It was spotted with all these dots as if they were each a megalithic site of some kind, but there were too many of them; they were all over in Egypt. It didn’t seem right to me.

The Ascension will be like a beautiful stone cast into a shimmering lake. As the seed idea is now being rooted into your peoples, so the emanations will project forth from that and shimmer out to the edges of the creation. Many will be able to hear the call, and few who are left behind will be able to understand what truly has happened, as there will be a definitive split at that point between one group and the other. There will be several opportunities for other groups to join up with this, as it is not an instantaneous process.

Remembering that R from the pizza place was in the dream. I was looking at a dirty magazine that had some really nasty pictures. Then R came by and said that he had no desire to look at it, and after this I felt pretty guilty about looking at it. Also seemed to get images from this dream of sitting on the bathroom floor of 621, back when the carpet was still its original tan-yellow color. Old imagery there.

It seemed that everyone I was coming in contact with was trying to dissuade me from looking at this magazine.

He is the one who sets in motion the whirling cogs and gears of the different planets as they trace their orbs through the night sky. Far be it from me to tell them something different!

D: That statement was made by a male, robed being who was laughing.

It’s bad enough as it is. I don’t want to leave you in the history class where everyone is laughing. Soon enough, my son, we will begin taking people up to the new fourth-dimensional sphere which your planet will inhabit; an entire pure vista of awareness and a level of beingness which your people can inhabit on a mass collective conscious level. What this will essentially do is solidify the fourth density for you, so that events that happen have more permanence in time and space, and the locations of objects are less likely to suddenly change or disappear on you; however, in this structure you will have a much greater ability to manipulate conscious energy, [image of the consciousness particle] and this will give a heightened sense of awareness and sense of self.

For in fact, it may be said that each person who approaches this Light with an open heart and everlasting kindness will find all the situations and struggles of life inherently reduced and released. There is no way to approach the Light but to let go…

[tape cuts off]

There is no way to enter this new plane of existence but to let go of the attachments that characterized third-density existence. The curriculum does have a graduation; it is not intended to be forever, and this will be a valuable experience, as the people who have embraced these laws of Love will see the imminent payback of rewards for what they have done; and this, we find, is quite good. The fourth-density sphere that the Earth will inhabit is, in fact, a quite wonderful place, and we did not have the sufficient technical vocabulary in Biblical times to be able to explain it well, as we can now. Understand that the verses spoke in Revelation 11:11 are very much accurate, and it is necessary for us to go on from here, explaining in greater detail, in order that you, the reader, may understand more the conditions and cycles that are necessary to apprehend and understand and work through in order to progress to the next level of beingness.

[Note: The section of verses after Rev. 11:11, loosely paraphrased for context, says, "And after the three and a half days, the righteous people [who had been struck down by the masses] again rose up, striking fear into the hearts of many. God appeared on a cloud and said "Come up here," and they were borne up into the heavens. And in that same hour, earthquakes shook the earth…]

Surely it is our wish that anyone possessing a rational mind and ego is capable of intellectually understanding those truths which define themselves using the more subtle energies accessible to you as a human being. By engaging this form of access, it becomes imperative for the being in question to shed all previous attachments, and to look into those experiences that are occurring with an open and intuitively tuned mind – to see the possibility that what has happened might very well have a symbolic purpose and meaning, and then to try to intellectually comprehend the meaning and integrate the knowledge into the daily life cycle.

This is all that we would ever want for someone on your level – to pay attention to the sources of knowledge coming in and then use them to expand into new vistas of awareness. That is our greatest wish, and we know it will be done. At this point, it is our greatest hope that many, many more people will be led to this ascension than the current number. We do very much hope that we can see a large push, a large effort being made in this direction right towards the end, as the probabilities are still in flux and could lean one way or the other, depending on a variety of factors.

D: Interestingly enough, as I said this I was seeing a woman’s legs crossed, except that it was a flat wire model of legs that had pantyhose pulled over them.

This image is meant to underscore the two-dimensionality of many of the great drives which seem to fuel people on your planet. The drive for spiritual expansion is not as easily recognized, for it is not overly seen in society as a whole. Many of the more fundamentalist groups and religions do orient a focus around this, but in that case there is often a certain degree of fanaticism which actually detracts from the personal work on the self that is necessary to bring about a rapid deceleration of the hurtling plummet towards self-defeat and despair.

If one is using one’s own spiritual faith as a means to establish a priority over otherselves, or as a means to establish a uniqueness of one particular group or clan, that individual or that group in question has missed the entire point of what spiritual expansion is for, or of what it is supposed to mean, as it involves embracing the collective and bringing together the group-mind of the human organism, so that all of its parts may function in perfect and total harmony. To argue and bicker over differing interpretations of the same event is pointless, as the deeper teaching is meant to illustrate the very fact that none of these teachings in and of themselves technically can be precise; rather, it is the overall core of teaching which must again and again be reduplicated.

This core teaching is reduplicated in many different formats throughout many different cultures in the metaphor most suitable to approach those individuals in that particular culture. Mainstream Christian orthodoxy would not, for example, be very effective for a culture in a more aboriginal setting, as their worldviews and beliefs would take a whole different spin on the information. It is necessary, therefore, for different saviors to appear to different cultures. Although the messages will always be the same, the guise under which the messages can take place can have vast differentiation. This is an important point to consider, and one which needs to be paid attention to, as there are far too many of your people who embrace spirituality with a sense of the elitist.

A proper understanding of the Law of One would dictate that one does not hold attachments towards a particular spiritual faith; merely understands that everything is One and therefore all events, all manifestations, are part of the Creator knowing Itself, and it is the sole responsibility of each being in its own mind to strive towards a recognition of that oneness in whatever form. This includes, obviously, the fair and egalitarian treatment of one’s Self as well as the fair and egalitarian treatment of otherselves and of the environment. If the Law of Love is the prime motivating force which permeates all of your actions, you can rest assured that you have no need to be concerned over whether or not you are falling in accordance with universal energies.

The only blockages and difficulties and karma that you will ever experience are birthed in the inherent truth of separation. The inherent truth of separation is that Law which is fixed and immutable, that says that when you are separating the Self from the laws of Love, separating yourself from those acts as they relate to others, you are actually damaging yourself and the collective. But, the power and force of loving actions vastly outperforms the strength of negative actions, and thus Light does overcome darkness. It is only natural, as all things are manifestations of this universal law.

Despite the problems that one might have in actualizing these concepts in their lives, or in seeing how the negative could be a function of the positive, let us just say here that as everything is the Law of One, and as all parts of the whole contain it, it is impossible to not strive towards it in the end as there is no other great truth but this. It is important that you take this point into consideration, for without this overarching knowledge, it is very easy to be in a diminished state, spiritually and metaphysically, and to perceive duality where there is none. We will take a short rest.

Getting back to the dream, after this section with the magazine, it seemed that I was going to an outside performance. Brad W was there and was trying to get me to party with him somehow, more with alcohol than marijuana, which I did. Things got very distorted during this period of time involving Brad; quite unusual and strange. I believe that somehow an issue with a woman was involved as well, but it might not have been companionship with me as much as it was integrating with this group in a party format. A weird room, barren floor with a TV in the middle and sitting in front of it, yellowish-tan walls, image of Angelica.

Anyway, Brad’s friend Chris was also there with him. There was a bad, icky vibe, as they were trying to get me to do something I did not want to do. This eventually segued into me going with them to some sort of outdoor concert; parking my car in a parking lot and walking over to wherever the event was going to take place.

[S] smashed the windows.

[Note: This is the name of a person who I knew while I was using, a person who was very active.]


  1. On Soul’s originating guiding force.
  2. Thibodeau.

D: Just thought that this name might be a general associated with the UFO phenomenon or cover-up somehow. [The name I think I was thinking of here was Trudeau, from Colonel Corso’s book. The names are rather close, but I will wait before officially calling it such.]

Wherever I ended up going, I didn’t stay there long, but I did end up seeing some kids who were very troubled. What was interesting was that I had this pillow, and as I was walking through this parking lot I was jumping off of cars and soaring very high up into the air and landing with the pillow under my feet, then bouncing again. I was bouncing a good fifteen feet into the air at times. The kids watching me didn’t know what to make of it. I kept bouncing my way through the lot like this, and then saw these nasty partiers. Finally I got to where my car had been parked, and it wasn’t there. There was another guy who drove up there who had a different pickup truck, and was expecting to see it and it wasn’t there. Neither one of us had our cars, and we both were very irate and swearing; I then suddenly noticed that I was just like the partiers, both saying the same awful things because we were equally angry.

He vows that he is going to try to help me. I get into his car and drive around to this volunteer fire department, where it seems that the people who have done this to me were all gathering; a very large group of people around the television. I was standing there with him and we were trying to figure out how we were going to get inside and get what we needed from these people.


Thursday 10 / 2 / 97 – 6:28 a.m.

Your Own Musical Family Reunion

[Very interesting. To indicate that it is a DV message, I usually say the word "Quote" at the beginning of a passage. Right as I was ending the word "Quote", you can clearly discern what sounds like the quick whispering of the word "Wellspring." There was a lot of shifting around at the beginning of this particular morning and a bit of tape recorder noise, thus there are some initially distracting sounds. What is so amazing is how distinctly it sounds like whispered human speech, and how deliberate and clear it is. I never rewind over what I have already done, thus this is a complete anomaly. (3:11.) ]

Quote: I conceived the mystical wellspring from which all this rises.

In this dream, there was a family reunion of some kind going on that took place in this rather large house. Many of the people in the family were people I had pictures of. They didn’t appear to be my current family, but they were very happy to be there. It was tied in with drumming as well; some percussion leaders such as Dave Weckl.

[Image of a broken bottle indicating sensitivity:] You’re not being very sensitive to Sarah.

Cueing on Western Gateway Bridge in Schenectady in this dream somehow.

Hamden, Connecticut; I’m just kidding, [N.] [Image of someone holding their cheek after getting hit there, and then another guy walks up and says, "Yeah, it looks like they lost the horse."]

[10/19: The sensitivity / Sarah part could be in reference to the woman who got me so riled up that I got in trouble; her first name was actually Susan, although I don’t think it had happened yet at this point. The analogy of N, the supervisor of our whole office, and then getting hit in the face is obvious, as I had a disciplinary meeting as a result of this incident. "Losing the horse" seems to refer to the loss of the opportunity, but even more so the loss of masculinity and sexual dignity, which the horse represents in dreams.]

Looks like they are interesting in discovering more. "We are sold out."

[10/19: This could be in reference to the fact that this particular woman wasn’t willing to get off the phone just because we were sold out, and that was why I had such a problem with her in the first place. I think this might have been predicted the same morning this happened. When I heard her continuing to call over and over again, coupled with how intensely negative she was, it pushed me into making a moderately sarcastic statement. She then tried to use this statement against me as a way to try to get a room where none existed. She blew it all out of proportion, calling the switchboard operator in tears and labeling me specifically as a foul villain. There was nothing I could do to defend my position.]

Images of the bridge in Scotia, walking over it. This friendly family had all come to see me, and it was really interesting.

Those are the only two rooms I have available in the hotel. I’d rather not have that happen again; I love it when people can fly so much.

Epsilon Eridani. [D: This is a star somewhere.]

[10/19: DV seems to imply here that the repercussions aren’t as bad as I might have thought them to be, but I shouldn’t let the anger get into me like that; it keeps me from flying, from making spiritual progress.]

[Note: It seems that this incident might have also been Divinely guided, just to make sure that I had no chance of staying at Mohonk when it was getting close to the time for me to leave. Also, being "punished" for what I did actually made the last few weeks of work much easier, all the way around, since I was totally off of the phones.]

D: Going back to sleep; need some rest.

This dream also involved this party full of people coming to the house, who seemed to all be related to each other. They all knew me through a friend. They brought over these drumsticks that were signed by different drummers. The drummers were eager to help me, and they were happy that I wanted their signatures and stuff. It was a very harmonious group of people.


Even Though You Would Have Been Good, It Isn’t Right

A group of people from Mohonk, including the woman N who I want to work with, and people from Lauran’s family. They were hanging out in an apartment. It seemed that the marketing could be done and N had ideas of what to do, but they were set in their ways and did not want to move ahead. N was apparently pretty pissed off about this, but there was nothing she could do.


Friday 10 / 3 / 97 – 7:38 a.m.

Mohonk as School Exam, Purging Anger

DV: We are going to set up an additional parking lot next to the dining room.

In the most recent part, it involved a complicated computer program that was on a very simple computer, similar to an old Apple without the 8100 characters; it was the big boxy letters. This program was also being worked on with S from Reservations. At the end of the dream, we discovered that you could also take an exam from this instead of just getting information from it. But supposedly it was used for children during school; they could do a test with it and fill in the answers. I noticed that it was all stuff from elementary school; showing maps from Europe and trying to guess which country is which. Other people were saying that it was pointless for me to want to go in there and take this exam, but I said that I wanted to relearn these things that I had forgotten, including old school knowledge.

I remember seeing Mrs. T, a fifth-grade teacher from my elementary school, and reminiscing about how I didn’t build the electronics the way she wanted. Now just thought that I could have taken the same tin cans and cut them small to make it the way she wanted. Memories of the little blue light I made for my mother.

Before it turned into an exam, N and S were there, and I was trying to search through this computer for information.

I got a headache just watching it. [Floyd song:] Smash in their windows and crash in their doors.

D: Is there a probability vortex in the past where I never smoked marijuana?

Yes. 544-944-1212. It’s a telecaster saying that language. Let’s keep up with all these things as they progress. It’s the area and phone number and code in question, for Reservations.

I don’t think you miss me; I think I need a break from the house person. Someone else with the middle initial N, as in (N,) will be helping me shortly.

[Note: This N was my office manager, the woman who reprimanded me for the incident involving the disgruntled customer.]

D: Thinking it might be Angelica.

It doesn’t have to be this person. It is the difference between walking away and professional writing. You should do this.

D: Thinking about how I have to go back into the past, and then I heard:

He’s in the twelfth percentage; we’re very glad you have decided to do this.

[10/20: PROPHECY ‘HIT.’ This is remarkable, as it completely predicted this article that I would later read on the Monroe Institute home page where they discuss how only 12 percent of the people in society are reflective and oriented towards spiritual growth as personality type, and that more than 80 percent of their clientele fit that category!]

We’re on the lakeside; everyone includes that, I guess. There’s no other way to be about it. It shouldn’t be a problem if it is "Okay" more than "Kieu."

[10/20: Kieu (pronounced "Kay-oh") is a female Korean front desk clerk at Mohonk.]

Large section of the dream earlier that I seem to be missing; outdoor driving in a car, my brother.

D: Just started seeing the initials YHWH.

There were shades of my college time with S in there as well.


Saturday 10 / 4 / 97 – 7:50 a.m.

The Epic Trashing From Angelica: It Just Doesn’t Matter

Very long and expansive dream; a variety of plot segments. Early on it seemed to have to do with the hotel.

At the end, it seemed that I had met this girl who at first looked just like the girl from Dining Room Reservations from Mohonk with the red hair. We were talking and getting along; this was after a section where there were Korean people in house, and I was sitting there and I kept realizing that I was naked and trying to cover myself up with towels. It seemed that it was in my father’s house, and I could visualize where the TV was, and I was halfway towards the bathroom.

D: Seeing the word N (name of the woman who I wanted to work for at Mohonk) in big letters: "That is very nice of you."

D: Thinking about moving to VA as Lauran is planning on showing the apartment today in about an hour, which I am upset about.

It seemed that the sex energy between myself and this girl was pretty intense. She was warming up to me, and it was cool. This dream seemed to be about me dredging up memories from the girls I slept with in college.

Another section with a vending machine. Things were starting to heat up, and we spent some time talking in one location, and then we ended up going to this movie, and it was in a really strange movie theater in Downtown Schenectady. It was almost as if we were obligated to go to the movie. We sat up in the front, three rows back. There was a movie being shown, but it was really weird – an old-fashioned movie in black and white that was farcical and comedic. There was a guy with a microphone acting as an MC, scientifically analyzing the movie for how funny it was, which was pretty bizarre. The movie seemed to keep shifting in three positions, drifting along the projection screen. A guy was standing over to the left, just like Proctor’s Theater.

The lecture was really boring, so I started to focus my attention on the girl. She had crossed one leg over towards me, and I started feeling it. That was going pretty good, and she started getting into it and moved closer. Then all of a sudden, she started pulling away and said that it wasn’t what she wanted. The next thing I know, she turns to my right and Claire is sitting right next to her, and she and Angelica start talking about me, saying, "Oh yeah, he’s a pervert, that’s all he wants," and saying that I was chasing after them. Angelica was saying some really mean stuff about me, and I couldn’t stay there, I had to leave. As I do, Angelica says, "See, see what I mean! That’s it right there!"

I went out the front entrance to the building, and walked outside and it looked just like Schenectady near where my father works. I was walking like a tough guy and felt tough, walking very firmly. I didn’t mind whether these threatening black kids would see me or not, as I had no fear. I had to go around the corner to get to where my car was, and as I am walking towards my car and getting close, and I see Angelica with the same girl, only now the girl looks like Lauran, but her head has been shaved. Now both of them are pointing and laughing at me, telling me that I ran away. I didn’t know what to do, so I just walked past them and got into my car. I had started it up and had my feet on the right places, and then I notice that the car is already driving, as the stop sign was coming closer and I actually ran through it, which really freaked me out. As I went further down the road, I realized that I had to get control of the car.

[Note: In other words, I had to get control of myself…]

I now find out that it is winter weather, and I am trying to figure out how to get out. I find this road and take a left, and there is a loop going out, near some condominiums. I seemed to think I almost knew where I was. I drive further down the road, and after passing this complex I came up to this mall area; it was familiar from other dreams where I went to a pizza place. This time, I didn’t feel I needed to go there. I was worried about sliding in the snow. We are driving along and having a moderate amount of difficulty. I take a left-hand turn into this little lane of traffic, and come to Ponderosa, where I used to work.

I parked and went inside, and then I see that Ken, the valet, is there. I went to the bathroom for a while, and then came out and I told him what happened. He and I just started laughing about it and realized that Ã