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Right now the insider chatter I am hearing, from both Western black-ops factions — Rothschild and Rockefeller — has raised to a fever pitch. Even some sources who usually don't hear the "bad news" are now being told that things are moving into a "red alert" phase.

There is every indication that all the things I have been telling you about, and forecasting for so long, are all coming to a head. The story is becoming increasingly complex, as each source has different pieces of a very big puzzle with many variables.

I have always said that Disclosure will not occur until there is a significant change in the way the global financial system runs. BRICS — Brazil, Russia, China, India, South Africa and others — is obviously going to be at the forefront of this shift, as I have said all along.

BRICS is a very substantial international alliance whose power and influence is growing by leaps and bounds. They already have nearly half the world's population numbers just with the combination of India and China alone.

These nations have already thrown off the yoke of Old World Order control to a large degree, at least within their governments. In order to finish the job, there has to be a very significant change to the international financial system.

If some of what I have heard is true, their terrestrial alliance is about to become a lot bigger — and the necessary treaties and agreements are moving into their final stage. When this will be announced I do not know, but it may be soon.


There is compelling evidence that the BRICS alliance has had extraterrestrial humans cooperating with them to defeat the Illuminati / New World Order power grid. I do not differentiate between "New World Order" and "Old World Order" — I merely have changed the languaging to reflect the truth.

China and India were approached separately. In the last edition of David's Blog, I presented an audio interview with Benjamin Fulford, detailing how China was originally contacted in the 1940s, apparently after ETs were taken prisoner in Roswell.

In an earlier article, I gave intricate, documented testimony from India that they were contacted in the 1970s after their first nuclear tests — and again much more prominently in the late 1990s after they detonated nuclear devices.

In my 2009 epic Disclosure Endgame, I gave extensive detail about a faction within Russia that some call the "New Kremlin" — and has been working to defeat the Old World Order / Bolsheviks for well over a century, using very sophisticated insider techniques.


Now it appears that the BRICS alliance is enjoying direct cooperation with human ETs — and has unified together for a common purpose. China has taken the lead in the political / military sense, through what I have been calling "China's October Surprise."

In my last article I posted a free CD-length MP3 discourse, introducing the Fulford material, where I attempted to summarize the main talking points surrounding China's October Surprise and how we are heading into Disclosure. 

All the documentation to back up the claims I am making here has been extensively presented in previous articles.

In short, the US owes China an incredible sum of money. The 2008 collapse was apparently engineered by BRICS to sway the election and insure the Republican axis could not remain in control of the US. It also forced the negative factions into bankruptcy.

The South Ossetia war proved that Russia was now a superior military power. The US faction had to flee Georgia and left behind a treasure-trove of classified documents. The exact day they fled was flagged, in advance, in an intriguing time-encoded crop circle.

A key "closed" meeting of Congress convened in 2009 — in which the legislative body realized that the bailouts were only a short-term band-aid, and the next phase would involve their complete exposure — forcing them to literally run to the hills and hide out.


China finally forced the Rockefeller faction to pay their debts with solid gold in October 2009. Desperately, they tried to pass along fake gold bullion — which was tungsten electroplated with gold, doped with a bit of lead to make the weights match.

The Chinese discovered the ruse immediately and demanded real gold — but there was none to offer them. There was a clock-ticking delay as China prepared their next move. 

The following July, China delivered a package to every major government in the world. They were ordered to open it as of October 13th, 2010. If they tried to move the package, or open it before or after October 13th, it would destroy a six-mile radius around itself.

Everyone opened their package as of October 13th. Each one contained a working prototype of a hydrogen cell that can be dropped into existing automobiles, so they can run a thousand miles to the gallon on ordinary tap water. The plans to build them were also provided.

Other documents were provided — probably including goodies that were seized when the US fled Georgia in the South Ossetia conflict.


China felt it should be obvious at this point that Old World Order defeat was inevitable. They indicated they had military alliance with ETs who would actively destroy Old World Order infrastructure if they did not comply.

Frantic meetings were held in China with all the top players.




The goal of this alliance is to defeat the Powers that Were enough to save the planet — releasing classified technologies for clean energy, and freeing the earth from poverty, hunger and environmental destruction.

This is all part of a script that needs to happen — in order to properly stimulate a mass evolution of consciousness on earth in time for next year's long-prophesied arrival date.

The Old World Order is losing its grip on power. The battle has already been lost.

Now you could say they've moved into a bunker mentality. They are awaiting the final blows, and preparing whatever last-ditch defenses they can think of — but they clearly know it is too late.



I have heard amazing news on a variety of fronts lately, but I was specifically advised in dreams not to go into any details at this time.

I can say that if I did disclose what I heard, most people would be thrilled. However, the dream made it clear that there are groups within the insider communities that are fighting for humanity's best good, and leaking this info could thwart those efforts.

Furthermore, I know that if a plan is in place that will ultimately be good for everyone, and I were to leak the details, it could easily force the plan to be changed somehow.


The high-profile arrest of the head of the International Monetary Fund, Dominique Strass-Kahn, was a clear sign that the rules have changed and these folks no longer enjoy protection from the system itself.

The arrest of IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn was apparently just the beginning of a series of very high-profile arrests that are starting to happen.




Disclosure is a very key part of what is getting ready to happen. They know they are running out of time, and if they don't stage-manage it themselves, they will lose the opportunity to have any effect on how the public will view the outcome.

All these doomsday movies and TV shows you are seeing are working up to something. They are making their very best effort to prepare you to see Disclosure the way they want you to see it.

The preparations have become very obviously frantic — it has become an utter and total bombardment of propaganda that is so overt it is now laughably embarrassing to watch.

As one key example, "The Event" and 'V' turned out to be almost exactly the same show at the core, despite various structural differences. And there are truckloads of new "alien invasion" movies coming out — so there will always be at least one or two at any given time in the theaters.

Do you really think they are doing this because they know it sells? As soon as "The Event" became a story about alien invasion, their viewership numbers dropped precipitously.

And why did they wait an entire year before doing the second season of 'V' — after spending all that money to market it and build buzz for the first year? Was there some sort of timeline they were working with — and it ended up taking a year longer than expected?

Their ratings are drastically lower now — and the show appears to have ended as of March 15th, though no official notice of cancellation has been given yet.

If this was really about making money, they wouldn't be telling the same story over and over again.


Don't think all these billions have been spent just so the dance of "Gee, I wonder if any of this alien stuff is really true" can go on indefinitely. It won't. They want to rock you, shock you and shake you to the core with the ultimate element of surprise.

"The Event" is on its way… soon. The real "Event."

The buildup has now reached critical mass. The articles, news stories and propaganda in film and television has started moving so fast I can barely keep up with it. I could easily get lost in the minutiae of just summarizing all the cool new links for you to read.

Don't be shocked once something actually happens. They are counting on you being depressed, hopeless, sarcastic and weary right now, believing this is all a big tease and "there is no evidence" that UFOs exist, or that we will ever know the truth.

Every insider I know is saying there will almost certainly be huge developments before the end of this year — but of course, the minute you expose their plans, everything changes.

Nonetheless, there is redundant, compelling evidence that we will definitely get a full and complete exposure of our Galactic neighbors by the end of next year at the very latest. I have summarized it here, to a degree, as well as in my new book The Source Field Investigations.

Given how interesting the chatter is getting, though, I would be really surprised if we don't see something a lot sooner than that.



From the highest levels, I have heard that their hope is that the public will break into two categories:

1. APATHY — Once the initial shock passes, most open-minded people will simply say, "Deep down, we all knew UFOs are real. They're here, and we're here. So what?" — and go on with their lives.

2. RELIGIOUS RAGE — Right-wingers and religious fundamentalists will believe the ETs are demons, and will rigorously and violently oppose anyone who says otherwise.

By combining the thematic contents of ABC's second season of 'V', which ended March 15th, and NBC's apparently soon-to-be-canceled "The Event", we have a complete overview of what they expect to happen — and how they wish to shape these events.

I will present that analysis here — even though "The Event" has three more episodes left. They revealed there were "ONLY FOUR EPISODES LEFT" at the end of last week's program.

Again: you are the battlefield they are employing their tactics upon. Your mind. Your attitude. Your heart. Your emotions. Everything is about getting you to think and feel the way they want you to.



Before we get into these two programs, I want to talk about this issue with Obama's birth certificate a little more — as I feel it is far more connected to Disclosure than most people realize.

First of all, I cannot completely rule out the possibility that Obama was born outside the US.

That's the point. No one can.

Any degree of fakery is potentially possible in this world — including the birth announcements, the original long form certificate, the witnesses, et cetera.

I would also say it is very, very unlikely that this is true.

However, there is plenty of evidence that the unbelievable presence and persistence of these rumors is the result of elaborate, expensive propaganda — requiring hundreds of people concocting vast amounts of deliberately false disinformation, and cranking out articles by the thousands.

Think about it. Out of all the different ways there are to criticize, attack and defame a world leader, why has this one idea been the ultimate staple of the conspiracy media the entire time?

Why not go for any number of provable  things that could be a lot more juicy — and actionable — to focus on?


Ultimately, the emotional core of the argument invokes nothing short of a metaphysical, occult conspiracy on a vast, almost unthinkable level — which borders on paranoid schizophrenia.

Obama's mother was a CIA agent who knew he was going to be President all along — because she did all the proper occult Illuminati rituals to bring him in. He's not just anyone, you know. 

She rushed back to Hawaii to send falsified birth announcements to the papers after doing the job in Kenya — all in preparation for the ultimate takeover of humanity for her glorious son… the Dark Anointed One.

He planned it all along. He wanted to be born in Kenya just to laugh in your face and prove he can do anything he wants to a country that is not his own. Kill Osama — oops, I mean Obama — NOW!

That degree of magical thinking is precisely why I believe this angle of attack was chosen. It appeals to the people who are looking for the Antichrist — and it gives them a convenient target for their hate that is just a flick of the remote control away.

Meanwhile, the real players remain safely hidden behind the curtain.


Some people believe that only the Devil could have magic powers sufficient to create such a vast metaphysical conspiracy — but of course, he's also sloppy enough to have left "layers" in the long-form birth certificate.

[Every document with unique and different type is broken into layers by Adobe software. Each fragment of different-looking text is independently scanned and OCRed so the document can be read by Internet search engines. Some of Obama's certificate was not OCRed and layered at all, because the Adobe software couldn't read what it said.]

What I noticed is that the minute Obama released his new certificate, no 'birther' ever even questioned for a second  that it was real.

Instead, they merely reveled in being handed a new puzzle to investigate, expose and shout from the rooftops about how everyone who doesn't see the truth is so lost and clueless — and worthy of their hatred, shame and severe condemnation.

It becomes a contest to see who can come up with the best expose' the fastest — to capture their own chunk of 'buzz' and attention on the Internet.


There is no point in arguing whether or not Obama was born in the US. This issue will never be settled.

Some people will never cease to believe that this is what happened, because it has been cultivated so redundantly that it has become a mystical religious belief.

The whole game is for you to hate the president. He's the fall guy. The scapegoat. The Sacral King.

The whole game is about hanging out this one person to absorb all your hate, and then ritually destroying him so then you feel like all is well — and the world is beautiful again.

For this same reason, I consider it a serious threat that Obama's character had a strong, nearly successful assassination attempt made against him in the last two episodes of "The Event" — given all the other tie-ins with real-world events.


I do believe the birther conspiracy theory is a very carefully constructed act of social engineering that, in a very real sense, is a stroke of genius. It has very little, if anything, to do with Obama. It has everything  to do with Disclosure.

Let's say you are the spiritual equivalent of a child having temper tantrums — except in this case they can cause serious loss of life.

You know your power is going to be taken away by "grown-ups" who are fully human beings and were not born on this planet. What can you do?

1. Convince the average person to be apathetic. On the surface they don't even care. Plague them with enough subconscious doubt that once the truth comes out, in the midst of great world chaos you deliberately create for the occasion, they cannot ever really trust these new people — and there is no way to ever completely change their minds.

2. Locate the segment of the public that is most prone to magical thinking. Feed them propaganda that convinces them you are on their side and think the same way they do. Speak their language. Honor their customs. Gain their trust.

Then, create an unstoppable wave of momentum to get them to believe that any and all extraterrestrial humans must be demons from hell.

Think about it. If you can get people to literally go into mass hysteria over their president allegedly being born in a different country on Earth, what happens when they are greeted by people who openly admit they weren't even born on Earth at all?



If you repeat a lie over, and over, and over, and over, and over again, people cannot completely rule out the possibility that it might be true. It's the illusion of Manufactured Consensus.

If there really was nothing to it, then why does everybody keep talking about it? And even if there was video of Obama in the delivery room, that could be a fake too. There is no limit to how far you can play this game.

Again — it is possible, though highly unlikely, that Obama was born in Kenya.

Isn't it interesting that McCain may not be considered a "natural born citizen" either — as he was literally born in Panama?

Is it possible that the same exact game would have been played if McCain and Palin had won? Consider the evidence — and you tell me.


You have to see beyond what the magician is holding out in his right hand. Watch the left hand as it dips into his pocket to set up the next trick.

The whole idea is to get everyone constantly obsessed with the idea that "If you're not born here, you're an invader — a diabolical, evil monster who must be stopped at all costs."

By studying 'V' and "The Event", we get an excellent prophetic view of what the insiders know and expect is going to happen, and how they are preparing for it.

I covered "The Event" in detail when it first came out in the article you can read by clicking here. Much more is clear now.

I want to start this discussion with 'V', since it came out first and has now already ended — unless it somehow gets renewed, which seems unlikely.



The new 'V' is decidedly different from the original. In the first season, very blatant, even ham-handed attempts were made to make the female leader of the evil reptilian aliens look, sound and feel like Obama — and it debuted on Election Day 2009.


If you don't believe me, just pop in "V television show Obama" in Google and see what comes up — screen after screen of articles:

Here's just a brief taste of some of what you will find in the first link at the top:

Imagine this. At a time of political turmoil, a charismatic, telegenic new leader arrives virtually out of nowhere. He offers a message of hope and reconciliation based on compromise, and promises to marshal technology for a better future that will include universal health care.

The news media swoons in admiration — one simpering anchorman even shouts at a reporter who asks a tough question: "Why don't you show some respect?!"

The public is likewise smitten, except for a few nut cases who circulate batty rumors on the Internet about the leader's origins and intentions. The leader, undismayed, offers assurances that are soothing, if also just a tiny bit condescending: "Embracing change is never easy."

So, does that sound like anyone you know? Oh, wait — did I mention the leader is secretly a totalitarian space lizard who's come here to eat us?

Welcome to ABC's "V," the most fascinating and bound to be the most controversial new show of the fall television season.

Nominally a rousing sci-fi space opera about alien invaders bent on the conquest (and digestion) of all humanity, it's also a barbed commentary on Obamamania that will infuriate the president's supporters and delight his detractors.


On the "Frisk a Liberal" site, the author gleefully realizes there might be something to it — and articulates, in jest, exactly what the real purpose of this appears to have been:

Maybe the ‘birthers’ have something to go on now. Instead of not being an American born citizen… Is it possible President Obama is from outerspace!? Haha. :lol:



The comparisons between V and Obama were so blatant, so obvious, that the issue was actually raised in a White House press conference, as follows.

Notice how emotionally charged the atmosphere is. Robert Gibbs immediately goes on the offensive and tries to dodge the question as quickly as possible — before allowing it to be fully asked.

It is almost a certainty that Gibbs was well aware of what was going on, and understood that it was part of a propaganda campaign to paint Disclosure in a negative light — and accuse the president of being an evil reptilian alien.


Tommy Christopher: Robert, I have one question and one clarification. First, the new TV series on ABC, “V,” a lot of people are talking about how this show draws very strong –

MR. GIBBS: I got to tell you — I’m going to start with this: I don’t want to give anybody the impression I have time to watch anything other than what most of you all do each night. So I can’t even tell you what that is or what it’s about. If that makes me fairly un-cool, I tend to watch more “SpongeBob” than “V.”

Tommy Christopher: There have been a lot of news stories about this –

MR. GIBBS: Makes me a hit with one six-year-old, and that really is all that counts.

Tommy Christopher: You haven’t seen the news stories about how this show compares your administration to the alien invaders? (Laughter.)
Seriously, really, you haven’t heard about it?

Q He couldn’t admit it if he had. (Laughter.)

MR. GIBBS: Because there’s a chip in the back of my head that requires me — (laughter) — I don’t mean to — I honestly — I got to tell you, I spend — I watch a little football on Saturday, a little football on Sunday, and a lot of news every other time.

Q Get a life. (Laughter.)

Q (Inaudible).

MR. GIBBS: Pardon me?

Tommy Christopher: Fourteen million people watch it, and the show –

MR. GIBBS: And clearly, me not being one of them. Again, I –

[Cross-talk.] (Laughter.)

MR. GIBBS: Hold on. I’m not entirely sure who I’d check on since I don’t watch the show.

Tommy Christopher: Well, check with the President, see if he has a reaction –

MR. GIBBS: I will assume that the President watches –

Tommy Christopher: – comparing him to a space alien.

MR. GIBBS: What’s the — which would probably, like, be one of the least worst things he’s been called today…. Is “V” on — what network?

Jake Tapper: ABC.

MR. GIBBS: Okay. Can I get a little briefing after this from the –

Jake Tapper: We’ll send you a tape before the end of the day.

MR. GIBBS: Excellent.

Tommy Christopher: It’s serious.


This next piece is about as extreme as it gets. People who read things like this day in and day out end up internalizing the sarcastic, snickering personality presented in it. Some readers will feel right at home when they get into this excerpt.

There is no way to be certain, but I wouldn't be surprised if this article was actually written by someone who knew exactly what this show was for, and what its ultimate goals were — namely to poison the well of Disclosure.

The idea here is to blame a delay in the show's release on the Obama Administration — when in fact, the delay may have been specifically to insure that the comparisons would be even stronger. The show itself certainly didn't pull any punches.

This is interesting…ABC, fresh on the heels of refusing to air commercials criticizing Dr. Utopia’s Deathcare Plan (after giving the White House an infomercial not that long ago to push Deathcare), has ordered production on the fall TV remake of “V” shut down for two weeks to give the producers time to retool the series…
This is a very unusual move… and could have something to do with bad feedback the series received, especially for its special effects, from the footage presented at the Comic Con Convention in San Diego a few weeks ago.
Or, ABC could be doing this because network execs realize a series about charismatic hucksters rolling into town, plastering everything with propaganda posters, and promising idiots Hope! and Change! to hide more sinister agendas sounds a lot like, oh we don’t know, you fill in the blank…
“V” is a remake of the 80s show that had Nazi/Soviet lizards invade Earth, promising miracles in exchange for our water, but creating a totalitarian state instead.
The “V” remake was essentially supposed to be Dr. Utopia’s 2008 campaign, only with lizards (and a short-haired butch white woman instead of a short-haired fey black man).
The Visitors come out of nowhere, promising hope and change, telling us they are going to fix the hole in the ozone, lower the oceans, and guide us into a post-racial world with free healthcare for everyone, environmental protections, and a redistribution of all wealth (just don’t ask any questions about how they can do it or challenge their “change” in any way).
People flock to the promises made by the Visitors, calling them Lightbringers, and thinking they are angels sent to solve all of our problems from some unicorn-infested planet far above. 
And then someone rips off one of the Visitors’ faces, revealing the rodent-eating lizards beneathe, and all Hell breaks loose as so many millions of idiots realize they were duped by that Hope! and Change! baloney. 
We’re suspicious of the shutdown in production because the trailer for V that we’ve seen looked pretty good… it really feels like ABC is telling these people to tone down the references to Dr. Utopia and his Golden Era of Hope and Change and Rainbow Smiling Unicorns… lest anyone out there wonder what’s really behind the push for Deathcare… and Cap and Trade… and what lizards like George Soros lurk below the surface of everything Democrats are doing these days.


As the show went on, it was obvious that the comparisons to Obama and his administration were absolutely intended to reach the maximum possible level.

Episode IV of 'V' went even farther to tie in the concerns of present-day "conspiracy theorists" with the extraterrestrial agenda — even though these plans were thoroughly exposed as very terrestrial in nature, and had to be abandoned when too many people found out.

The leader of the V's, Anna, recommended that everyone on Earth get a 'vitamin shot' for a massive health boost.

The Resistance tracked down what was really going on, as this following sequence revealed. The vitamin shots were totally normal — but the Vs secretly added lethal ingredients to the normal flu vaccines everyone was told to get.

Erica Evans, FBI agent in Resistance
Ryan Nichols, 5th Column Reptilian V
Father Jack Landry, Catholic priest

Ryan: R6 —

Erica: What the hell is R6?

Ryan: It's what they put in the vitamin shot.

Jack: They're experimenting on people.

Ryan: Is that the vitamin shot?

Erica: No, its the flu vaccine.

Jack: Human vaccine?

Erica: They're not mixing their drug into the vitamin shot — they're mixing it into our flu vaccine! They did everything from here. Tested it, packed it to look like the flu shot.

Jack: When this shipment mingles with the real shots, no one will be able to tell the difference.

Ryan: And no government agency will be worrying about a flu vaccine when they've got a new vitamin to evaluate.

Erica: Which in all likelihood is nothing more than a vitamin shot. They know EXACTLY how to play us. The media bombards us with stories of epidemics, pandemics. So we run out and get a shot to protect ourselves.

That's what the Vs are counting on — our predictability, our human nature. It's very calculated, isn't it?

Ryan: Everything that Anna does is calculated.


Writeup of ‘V’ on Hulu
A new day has arrived for the people of Earth just when they need it most. A race of beings mirroring ours in appearance, the Visitors – or V’s as they are called – have come bearing a universal message of hope to the world. There are those who quickly accept them with unwavering devotion, but others who begin to question what their mission really is. As the truth unfolds and the V's loyal masses grow, people begin to realize as long as the Visitors are here, no one can be sure what tomorrow will bring – good or bad.
Ratings Plunging for ‘V’
Latest ‘V’ Episode Writeup
Episode 1:
Today’s forecast: Cloudy with a chance of red. Actually, that’s been the forecast for about four days now thanks to Anna. In what appeared to a fit of human rage, she released Red Sky. What’s Red Sky? No one on Earth knows. Make that no one “from” Earth knows….
It’s a red rain. Blood red.

Much to Erica’s surprise, Anna agrees to reveal the meaning of Red Sky. She says, “Red Sky is a gift to mankind. A gift of a new beginning. Red sky will heal your oceans. Make fertile your barren lands. And reverse global warming. It will undo a century of damage and give Earth a new beginning. We came in peace as you welcomed us. We will not betray you. We are of peace. Always.” Uh huh.

Anna released Red Sky because she plans to breed V’s through humans.
Episode 2:
You know how children sometimes have to find a new home for their folks later in life? Well, Anna found a cozy spot for her mother, Diana (guest star Jane Badler), deep in the bowels of her ship. This mama V has been stuck alone down there for 15 years thanks to her daughter. V kids today! They never call… They never write…
"I did what I felt I had to do to protect our species."
Diana’s been wrestling with human emotions since she came to the planet after the first atomic bomb. It shined across the universe like a brilliant flare. She saw this place as a potential home for their species.
Anna’s not playing games with her mother. She’ll shove an immolation pill down Diana’s throat unless she spills the beans on how to quash human emotion. All Diana wants first is to listen to some beautiful music that moved her inside. Anna now knows that in order to destroy human emotion, she must crush the human soul. Piece of cake if you’re a Cubs fan. But how will Anna destroy the souls of ALL humanity. Diana says she’s running out of time.
Episode 3, Laid Bare:
"Anna only tells you what she wants you to know. You have no idea what she's capable of."
Malik has a file filled with people who have disappeared. Anna’s currently snatching up even more folks because Joshua has developed a machine to extract the human soul. He needs test subjects to see if the thing works. No one will survive the experiment.
Episode 4, Unholy Alliance:
"In the short time that I've been among humans, I've come to understand the simple power that faith holds. But its simplicity is also its weakness."
Episode 5, Concordia:
“Welcome to the future, Chad. Our future. Man and Visitor. This is Concordia.” These are Anna’s words as she tries to sell our favorite newsman on a venture that’ll create a harmonious coexistence. It’s a worldwide urban renewal project, creating jobs and prosperity.
Anna’s hosting a gala to announce her plans. Of course, those plans also include creating landing sites around the globe in preparation for an invasion and breeding….
Episode 7, Birth Pangs:
Anna is harvesting the best DNA out there to fast-track the evolution of her species….
Episode 9, Devil in a Blue Dress (3/8/11):
Anna’s Concordia project is moving ahead as planned. The Blue Energy reactors are now functional. Sidney realizes the reactors at the 538 Concordia locations are there to power Visitor motherships. The Vs are building landing sites for their invasion.

Erica believes they can halt construction of Concordia sites by sabotaging the reactor at the New York site. It’s all part of a Three Mile Island mentality. If one place is deemed unstable, the entire program would grind to a halt. First thing they need to do is get their hands on some of Anna’s Blue Energy.

"We need to get into that reactor and destroy it before Anna drops 500 ships on our heads."
Erica and Hobbes have a chat about their night of passion as they wait for Lisa to swipe some Blue Energy. Last night was nice, but they can’t lose focus on the war. Sidney believes the Blue Energy Lisa scored from the mothership will cause the necessary meltdown. Diana realizes this act of sabotage will actually turn the reactor into a weapon that could destroy everything within a hundred square miles. Not good.
Lisa reaches out to Ryan to stop Sidney from messing with the reactor. But it’s too late. Sid releases the Blue Energy causing everything to go haywire with a massive power surge. Ryan begs his ex-friends to let him stop the process before it becomes a real bad day for everyone in the immediate area. Erica reluctantly caves and Ryan is able to shut the whole thing down. Whew!
Tests on Ryan’s daughter reveal that Anna can use her Bliss on humans. It takes a lot out of her and even causes her eyes to bleed. But at the end of the day, Bliss works.

Anna uses her Bliss on Tyler. Lisa gives Erica the 411 on all that’s now happening with her son. The fact that Anna can Bliss humans is a devastating blow, but not a final one. Lisa says, “There’s still a way we can win, if you’re willing to take a risk.”

"Their invasion ships aren't on the way. They're already here."
Episode 10, Mother’s Day:
Diana addresses her children to tell them that the human soul is a gift. Diana says, “Together humans and Visitors can live side by side in peace. Your rightful queen has returned to lead you on a new beginning. From this moment on…” TWACK! Diana’s voice is silenced as Anna’s tail skewers her from behind. Moments later, Diana is dead. Anna steps over to a horrified Lisa. She says, “Now that’s how you kill your mother.”
Amy is growing up so fast. No, really! She’s jumped several years in just a few weeks. Ryan won’t leave the ship again without her. But Amy doesn’t want anything to do with him. Anna has her convinced that she’s her mother and that Ryan had abandoned her. Amy wraps her scaly tale around Ryan’s neck until it snaps.
Anna then tries to impose her Bliss on all of humanity. But the blood coming from her eyes are a sure sign that this act will kill her. Amy steps in to do Anna’s work for her.

There are a few humans who haven’t been affected by the Bliss. That’s because they are in an underground command center about a mile below Manhattan. Lars Tremont informs Erica that Project Aries is a cabal of high-ranking military and government leaders who have long suspected the Visitors are not of peace. Lars says, “This, Agent Evans, is humanity’s last best hope for a future.”

Erica is relieved to see that Paul and Chris are part of this project. When alarms sound, Erica heads back up to the surface to see white beams enveloping everyone in sight. Humans everywhere are in a trance from Amy’s Bliss. Erica is devastated to see that Jack is among those being held spellbound. Back on the ship, a bloody-eyed Anna holds Amy’s hand as they gaze out into space, where many other motherships are now on the move.

Personally it's going to take some extra special creative writting to bring back the 5th column and Im hoping they all (even ryan) get back together and to attacking anna……but what I really don't want is "project ares" in the show !!!!!!!!!!
Man the addition of some governmental organization is lame and was not needed at all !!!!!!!…
This show was about a bunch of everyday people who band together to save humanity, there lack of military expericance is what makes the show intresting, and to have some super government agency written into the show who will save humanity, is an absolute kick in the guts to the shows appeal….and indicitive of the uncle sam, patriotic garbage that is force feed to the american public.
(I know people are going to reply that ares is world wide … but remember this is an american series and the writters first and foremost cater to the american viewing public.)

I Seriously hope the writters of V quickly get ride of project ares and let the 5th column get back to taking care of anna…I mean the season was building nicely with the additon of eli kohen's rag tag army and the world wide 5th column movement, this I didn't mind…. but this project ares plot development does not make any sense…

The 5th column already have the reble v's on there side they also have hobbes, they have eli kohen's right hand man and erica has been put in charge of the world wide 5th column resistance army…why the writters felt the need to include an area 51 government agency is beyond me ?????…….The quicker they get ride of this government nonsence the better.