Thursday 9 / 18 / 97 – 6:13 a.m.

The History of Pat Solvent, A Speaker For Change

Dream was about a political leader named Pat Solvent, also like the French souvent, meaning often. A lot of people were afraid of this guy, as he had some ideas about labor that were kind of conspiratorial. I stayed with the idea in this dream for quite a long time.

It started out with images of the upstairs bedroom of mine at 621, only it was different, perhaps bigger. An atmosphere of drugs, perhaps. There were also these gaudy white plastic chairs, and he had written the word "Think" on them with big black letters. It seemed that his ideas were so revolutionary that a lot of people were upset about it; he was fairly popular and people didn’t like what he was saying.

It seemed that people actually thought that Pat Solvent was evil, but I knew that he wasn’t. The part in my bedroom was also connected to Baner. He was definitely a renegade at that point, drinking or doing drugs or something.

After all this stuff, he was still socially ostracized, and there were these women in the room who I was talking to. There was another chair done up like Pat Solvent with the word "Think" written on it. I started to try to say good things about him, and these women were very derogatory. One of them was J, who used to live in Antonio’s apartment. She was really ranking him out, and I started forcefully yelling at her, telling her that she really didn’t know anything about him at all. I said, "I’ll bet you can’t even tell me one quote from Pat Solvent." She was able to quote something that he had said a long time ago, which was during a messed – up period with Don’s house and the 621 bedroom where he [I] was in a weird state. I just laughed in her face, because she didn’t know anything about him [me] now.

It seemed that I might have had my arms wrapped around me like a straight jacket while I was yelling at her, and I was being dragged away. Quoting Pat Solvent, I said, "It is better to work fourteen hours a day in a job which is a dismal hell than not to work at all." I had very strong images of Chris when I said this.

[10/18: Eric noted how similar much of this dream is to the same things he is studying, and he bolded the best examples. It appears that his own Dream Voice wants him to work to help people in victimized Third World countries, especially Latin America. Interestingly, the whole dream seems to imply political involvements on my part.]

D: Thinking about how revolutionary these ideas were, and then:

Sounds pretty annoying. We are glad that you are holding down a job.

[10/18: This also could be about Angelica’s entry into Mohonk as a worker, as her old boyfriend’s name was Pat.]

Same day 7:48

OBE: David Experiences a Disabled Body Form

Just got done with a very long dream where I was able to project out of body several times. It seemed to be more desire oriented, including one point in time where I curled up with a gorgeous brunette girl.

[10/4: In the taped version of the transcript following here, there were several times where the Dream Voice specifically dictated certain punctuation marks, including commas, semicolons and colons.]

D: What seemed to be interesting just now is that I seemed to be reading out of a book that I was holding, and I just saw this:

I have the books here. Forever, we should understand that a specific purpose exists outside the realm of the everyday people, and we would find it much better to exist in this state than in the daily imbalance and suffering which characterized our past experiences. Veritably, it may be said that there is no higher law than the Law of One, for when all is One how can there be any separation? Separation is a mystery into itself which can be solved when penetrating through to the unity of all things, but that unity is not easily attained at this level. So, it is necessary to strive further and further to look forward to other levels, and bring those levels back into the three – dimensional space.

It has been diagnosed in your people that you have a rate of expiration slower than the rate of birth at this time. This is a cause for great concern, as it will overpopulate the planet and squander its resources. A smaller society is more appropriate for what you now have, although your planet is designed to accommodate many individuals when given the proper chance to do so.

The general aspect of learning is an aspect of keeping oneself in true alignment with the forces that exist outside the personality. These forces manifest themselves in many different ways, such as this contact. It is usually never this easy or apparent, though; the presence must be carefully discerned through deductive reasoning, through looking at the situations that have transpired with a critical eye. Many of these synchronicities in whatever form are as far as most people on three – dimensional space can get in terms of recognizing the manifestations brought before them. They have to realize that there is more to what they see than what they currently see with their own eyes; that there are deeper realms of perception that they may go into freely.

Just remembered that in this dream when I was having an astral projection that it was all related and seemed similar. Sex seemed to be very important. At first I was trying to snuggle up with this girl who had dark colored hair, and she was pulling away from me and wasn’t sure what she wanted. I was able to hold on to her. I yelled "Clarity Now" several times, at the top of my lungs, and I didn’t care whether anyone heard it or not. I ended up trying to use my projection body for sex purposes.

There was a long corridor or hallway, and I found a dirty magazine and was able to bring it out into the hallway and start getting off. I figured that since it was all a dream and no one was real anyway, it didn’t matter. The long story short is that two people in white coats walked up to me, picked me up by both arms and ended up treating me like I was developmentally disabled, talking to me in cooing, baby tones of voice. I noticed that the scenery was now identical to the Benedictine mental ward I had worked in before. They carried me and put a diaper on me, all this crazy stuff. I could hear what they were saying, but when I would try to answer them I would find that I could hardly talk. I tried to get away from them or walk on my own, but my legs were practically useless. I knew while it was happening that I was seeing it from their side, from being inside that body. I had my awareness, but the body itself was a great difficulty. I knew it was a dream, so it was okay. It was very interesting and a little bit frightening to go through it.

There will always be more on the surface than you perceive, and there will forever be additions, replications, duplications to the basic standing text which has been written in the book of your life. By being aware of this fact, you can nullify negative responses that you have to specific situations by aiming your focus towards the probable potentials for better, more fulfilling and satisfying events. This is the essence of wholeness and beauty: to willingly and knowingly step away from those aspects of personality deemed self-destructive and incontrovertible, and instead move forward into the realm of the elastic, flexible, supple; those areas more correctly defined as being part of the totality and oneness of being.

Once this alignment is realized, it is no longer necessary to cry or to wallow in one’s own pit of depression or sadness, because there is no energy holding that person back; there is only the full momentum of self-realization and of expanding awareness in each passing moment. With this type of realization and awareness, it is no longer necessary to revert back to former behavior patterns hidden under layers of the Self and the personality, to be redrawn in different cartoonish forms over and over again, re-emerging in pattern behaviors and self-destructive acts that are no longer necessary.

Instead, we would ask that this person be fulfilled by the everyday tasks of living; those everyday tasks of living can be much more than the mundane circumstances which often hold your people down. They can be vibrant and full of life, composed of an atomic molecular construction far surpassing the blockages that only exist in your atomic and molecular structures now. As the healing energy is brought in, there is a great attraction of positive forces towards the being in question. Hence, the being in question literally becomes a magnetic source which amplifies and draws in these sources of energy to itself.

And by the way, this endeavor is not a process by which one can expect instantaneous and immediate results; it is a lifelong process, designed to be in the nature of motivation, in the nature of self-realization. As this is your journey and your path through all the densities, you cannot expect to have a sudden, overarching and sweeping realization which will suddenly and permanently change everything about yourself; however, it can also be said that some very deeply entrenched behavioral patterns can be purged and rectified in short periods of time. While it is not necessarily possible to turn everything over in one day of sudden realization of one’s own Buddha-nature, it can be said that a person involved in these activities can completely unblock a large area of difficulty within the span of one realization. The distinction line is clear, then – golden.

Without these truths being presented to the self, many of the situations will continue to repeat themselves, presenting different metaphors, different situations time and time again. There is no need to repeat these lessons, as a lesson repeated is a lesson misunderstood. More accurately, it may be said that true self-realization is a re-cognization of Divine Bliss, and it is also a re-cognization of how that Divine Bliss permeates into the moment of the personality in question. As a second chance, though, the personality may recreate these situations again to test the new resolve, to insure that the progress was really made. Thus, even in the midst of sweeping and overarching changes, it is quite eminently possible to see the patterns resurfacing. This is not cause for alarm, as it simply indicates a greater need to address the situations at hand, and to make sure they are dealt with accordingly.

Mazes such as this are meant to be solved; they are not meant to be wandered through, aimlessly, endlessly looping around different corridors, painfully banging on the walls, not realizing that they are of your own construction. It is not necessary to keep forming these mazes.

As one begins to understand the true nature of suffering, one realizes how much it is a private, personal creation brought about by the very essence of living; brought about by the very realization of one’s own purpose. Suffering is, in its very essence, a byproduct of that which is not working; a byproduct of those areas of personality shunned by the conscious ego, shunted aside in the driving urge for further growth and further realization. Let it be said, then: One cannot progress without a realization of the fact that duality is illusory. The forward motion comes with the true realization that this is only delusion, and that the facts standing in the background permeate much deeper than the transient importance of these individual crises as they occur.

It is not always easy to observe these processes in motion within the gestalts of one’s own personality, as it is very difficult to have one foot directly in the etheric plane and one foot directly in the physical plane. However, this is not necessarily necessary.

[pause] Get the joke?

What is necessary is a moderately expanded view of what reality really is. Once that view is seen, it may be then discerned that many seemingly unrelated aspects of living are connected together through the common thread of the experiences which the being is having. These experiences are united, and are all linked together to serve one common purpose. That purpose is not easily understood, as in the third dimension, most of you do not perceive the connectivity of events, also known as synchronicity as per Dr. Jung. However, from a far, multidimensional perspective, it is quite easy to see how these different events are occurring, and as you know, it is our responsibility as your angelic messengers of light to construct these lessons for you.

But, with the appropriate training, which is actually more in the realm of teaching imagination first and foremost, it is possible for anyone to begin to understand the true nature of why certain events happen at certain times. These are not mysteries that need to be tapped and solved; these are facts as empirical as an algebraic equation demonstrated on a piece of paper. These facts exist as the outer products of the Law which is immutable and exists as the backdrop to these experiences; that law is the Law of One – everything existing in one single unity, one single moment of Truth; that one single moment permeating all structures of time, linear and nonlinear.

Thus, everything is related – every person is but another aspect of Self. With this energy inside the personality, with this realization of one’s own potential and one’s true beingness, it is no longer necessary to grasp or to strive for feelings of belongingness or for some semblance of order in the midst of chaos. The chaos is entirely your own creation, and it is not the nature of the One to be chaotic, except as that chaos is used as a temporal gestalt, a construct for further learning and awareness.

With these facts in mind, it is no longer necessary to struggle with the lessons that life presents, as you now penetrate through the core of the teachings. That is all for now.

D: Synchronistically, just as I clicked off the button, Eric finished his shower at the same moment. I really don’t want to get up or move now, as the feeling of bliss in my body is outrageous; very, very comfortable and very content. It is totally amazing. I will see if I can get a few closing words here.

As she thought about how she should end it, she realized that each ending is only another beginning, and that the truth of the matter is that there is no ending. Therefore, be not dismayed by the terminus of any one set of instructions, as the next set of instructions will come just as easily and as gracefully.

As a personal note here, David, we have now become aware that great amounts of energy have been moved in your personality. As you have seen in the dream most recently analyzed, it was necessary for a wall to be knocked down in order to remove you from the trap of the church masonry that you had been blocked into. This is related, of course, to very difficult memories from the period of time in your life when you were existing in a monastic order; but also, it referred to how close you were to a re-cognization of your own Oneness. We are working now with issues in the deepest parts of your past, so that you may not begin at the point in which you smoked marijuana, but rather see the formative aspects of fifteen years of linear time which led up to that fact. In so doing, it may produce great realizations for you. As the body is now becoming stiff, we will let you go. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love.

Other comments on today’s OBE:

[Note: I will insert a dictation I received here at the computer at 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday, October 7, after just reading Thessalonians and Mark in the Bible out on the porch. I was going to write a normal journal, but felt curiously tired, and realized once I sat down that I didn’t know what to write. I realized that I was in that state for a reason, and I closed my eyes and began typing what I heard. I corrected all spelling mistakes afterwards; none seemed to have any significance. All of this is about my possibly imminent move to Virginia Beach.]

I now sit here at the crossroads, between the world I once had and the world I long to have. In this point, there is no distinction between the before and after, or the here and the there. All exists as it was originally meant to be, as a fuller extension of the One that I know myself to be a part of. That which is not yet righted has yet to be wronged, and the fury of the Divine Will must be realized in the hour and the day of divinity as it reaches down from its lofty position in the heavens.

[10/12: This is a difficult sentence, and my impression of it is that since I haven’t yet moved, I also haven’t yet failed to move; the reason for why I must do so being that I am aware of the imminent changes facing us – the fury of the Divine Will.]

All too often there is the fear that one will become repressed, unwanted, unloved: that these transitions of mind and body and spirit posses their own internal cohesions at a place somehow separate from the passing stillness of each individual moment.

This is not so, for it is understood that he who follows the Word of God shall be forever lightened of the burdens of the earth. Without this feeling of compassion and forgiveness of self and otherself, one truly lives in the shadow of fear, never knowing the bliss that is that Divine sacrament of the enlightened. There can be no other way to a realization of one’s own true purpose but to be fully aware in the moment of what one’s own calling and position in life is to be. Once that calling has been received, there is no other choice but to go forth and bring it to fruition. This being done, there is great renewal and optimism, as the Word of God has been faithfully represented in the life of the being.

Let it be said, then, that whosoever heareth the call must abide by it; for in the moment of the hour of truth, one cannot sway from that knowledge which has been granted. With the truth firmly in hand, the recognition of purpose having been given, one can go forward, knowing that the will of the Divine has been given. It is not one’s position to ignore these requests, as to do so is to beckon the further karmic entrapments which must by necessity be created in order to insure that the progressive leap is still accomplished.

All of our lives we have stood and waited, patiently and eagerly listening for that final call, that final realization of true purpose and destiny. Once said call has been received, it is imperative that all possible steps are taken to insure that it is done in a prompt and efficient manner. The reader of this manuscript will know well of the time when said statement has been made, for with it comes a certainty and a realization of purpose largely absent from previous workings and understandings. The weight of the demand will become increasingly apparent, as all events and manifestations will seem to inexorably lead forward, farther and farther to a full realization of this purpose. The lessons and admonishments will be as obvious as the striking of the clock, and as final in their importance as the dawning of a new day.

Therefore, be not afraid of these changes as you dangle on the precipice of indecision; allow their truths to flood you with the understanding of realization, the knowledge of true purpose. Without this, you will know that you have failed in some way, and your future moments will be tainted with the continuing desire for there to have been a second chance for that ultimate moment to have somehow passed again. But there can be only one command given, and when the time has been allotted, there is no other choice but to go forward and become a part of it. Though the time can be delayed, the truth will stand fast as a testament to one’s own purpose. Once purpose has been established, action must, by virtue of the nature of things, follow soon afterwards.

Be not afraid in the final few moments of the collapsing of the former ways; instead, be true to oneself and revive with the knowledge that there is now a direction, a meaning, a purpose and a plan that has been carefully designed and properly laid out since the beginning. Rejoice in the fact that you have been shown the way, and make it your conscious duty to live up to the new standards that have been set. For to do anything other than this is to allow oneself to slip away from the truth of one’s purpose and meaning for existence. Relax, enjoy, and be alive. Do not look with fear into the eyes of your destiny; they are beckoning you forward, with the promise of a new tomorrow.

You are loved more than you could ever possibly imagine. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love.

Note: At about 4:35, after I was reading this through, the telephone rang and I knew that it would somehow be relevant to what I had published in this manuscript. I anticipated that it might have been one of the places I had called earlier this morning in Virginia Beach returning my phone call. Instead, it was my landlady Lauran, asking me how the interview went. I had to tell her that it wasn’t going to happen until this Friday, despite having had a date set before that time. I could hear the anxiety in her voice, and she also seemed to frown upon the idea of Eric and I sharing Jack’s apartment space for a short time, as it would be a big drain on the sewer and hot water systems of this house.

The timing of it all was too precise to be coincidental, and yet I found that I did not want to simply tell her that I was going; I was essentially buying time and saying that it might be nice if I got this Conference Coordinator position, as that experience would give me tremendous flexibility for the future. I think the real reason for why I am being influenced to move to VA is the ARE, not simply continuing a career down there. I have wondered if it might be more appropriate for me to wait a little bit longer, but there is another part of me that really wants to just get in the car and go.

About the only thing I can think of right now that is still holding me here is an unpaid speeding ticket that I have yet to go to trial for in Rosendale. But if I tell them that I am moving and want to hurry the process, I do not know how that will affect my standing on the case. The other situation has been rectified, and they will be sending me a bill in the mail this week, probably tomorrow.

There is a part of me that feels like I am just making the final preparations in order to get this to happen in the way that I want, and I am taking care of tying up all the loose ends. Yet there is another part of me that isn’t sure about all of this, despite the confidence with which I ‘wrote’ the above essay. Doubts creep into my mind and I wonder if it is truly in the highest good for me to be doing this right now, yet on the other hand it seems that everything is pointing in that direction. I tried to call Skip after this and didn’t realize that he had other things to do; after a monologue from me of what was going on, he politely interrupted and said that he would call me back. It isn’t easy to be in the position that I am in now, and there are times where I feel like I am grasping for any strands of sanity I can find as I go along.

I don’t know whether I should throw a Tarot or I Ching reading or not at this point to obtain further clarification. Part of what I feel that I must do is to transcribe all the tapes leading up to when the 9/24 request was made, and see where that leads me, as anything after that is after the fact that I was officially notified. I am more interested at this point in teasing out the details of the hidden hints that show the planning on their side leading up to this sudden new shift.


10/8: As I looked to the clock window to bring up the right date to put in this entry, the time was 10:08 p.m. As today is 10/8, this was a most unusual one, the only time out of the whole day that it could have happened. Also, tonight as I pulled into the lot of the store to buy cat food, I was thinking about how Eric had ‘pierced the veil’ with his own Dream Voice, and as I got out of the car, the speedometer was at 143222 / 999. Once inside, I talked to a guy who looked familiar and ended up having been an employee at Mohonk, and told him about how I was moving. As soon as I got back into the car and drove away, the odometer flipped over into 000, representing the beginning of the next major cycle.

Also, today I was looking back at a canceled reservation, in order to mail out the cancellation slip. The reservation was under the first name of Howard, which I had humorously canceled using the name "Howie" in order to compress it into the tiny cancellations window on the computer, where you write the first name of the caller, followed by a slash and then your initials. As I was mentally remarking on my comic genius about this, I took the next call and the guy said his name was Howie. I laughed and told him what happened, but he was too wrapped up in his corporate hell to get the point. As I went to write it down, I realized that one of my most recent written synchronicities was a double-up on the name Howard, at 5:16 p.m., about four days earlier. The "Howie" synchronicity happened at 5:52 p.m.; during the exact same hour of the day.

And now on to the main topic of excitement here; the telekinetic event. We recently had one of the dimmer switches for our lights blow out, and I have been unable to find another one at the convenient places. So, I have just been pushing the two wires together in order to get the lights to go on. They have enough stiffness that I can move them apart and they stay apart, or move them together and they stay together. I went up to them tonight to ‘turn them off’ at about 9:55 p.m., and while I was there I was thinking about something that had happened the other night. You see, about six nights ago I had pulled them apart, but they were rather close. Then, I nonchalantly turned my palm towards them while talking to Eric and the lights suddenly came back on. I thought this was significant, but wasn’t sure, as I didn’t directly ask for it to happen, even though it was so well correlated to the timing of my hand’s motion. I did remark about it at the time, but wasn’t sure if it meant anything.

So, tonight as I pulled them apart, I remembered that this had happened. I wondered if I could do it consciously. There was a very thin distance between the two wires, and I held out my hand, palm outward, about a foot and a half away from the wires, closed my eyes and focused on the third eye. Within approximately one and a half seconds, the lights suddenly snapped on. I was so amazed that out loud I verbally remarked, "HOLY SHIT!" Eric was still joking around on his lute, pretending to play blues music, and he didn’t realize at first what I was exclaiming about. I decided to hastily make my way up and write this down before anything else happened, and suddenly I got this clock / date synchronicity. This is definitely an important sign; the first concrete validation that I have had where something happened as a direct result of my will, buttressed by a numerical synchronicity.

The electric sparks that shot out while I was holding my crystals at Skip’s happened on their own, and thus I didn’t consider it a conscious PK success. Another incidental PK experience was the one where both dimmer lights on the right side of the apartment blew out at the same second that I hung up the phone with my brother after a quite epic conversation. More recently, two nights ago we lost all power at the exact same moment as I was going to look up another URL for my brother while strongly feeling that we needed to stop. The lights had gone completely off for a few seconds, and my brother jokingly started screaming at the same exact millisecond that the lights just as inexplicably came back on, restarting the computer. He didn’t seem to notice the synchronicity of his yell with the return of the lights, but was aware that it was an indication for us to stop.

Interestingly, this is the exact same effect that stopped Skip and I from looking up a URL for crop circles as I was preparing to leave his house that same day; the same effect as with my brother, serving the same purpose. Another interesting one was on the day when I dreamed of the fire next door – at the exact second that I came off of hold with the power company’s answering service to complain about the lack of power, the lights came back on. Also, another interesting one that happened a little over a month ago was that at the exact same second that I punched out at Mohonk, all the lights dimmed out, many snapping completely off, and there were sounds of machines powering down. I was feeling very negative about the job that day and had cursed the place as I was leaving. As it was at the same exact second that I punched out, it freaked me out and I remarked out loud, "Did I do that?" It is highly unlikely that the power drain from the clock would have been sufficient to cause this effect, as people punch in and out all the time. The most recent Skip synchronicity of major import was that 5:55 was showing on his garage clock as I descended the stairs after telling him all about my consciousness unit / crop circle theory.

Interestingly enough, other small examples of this have been happening. The most notable one recently was that I was able to get the hard disk to start up on the second try by sheer intent; actually, I have now been able to do this more than once. If my mind is cluttered or blocked, it seems to take forever, and normally it takes a minimum of three and usually four tries to get it going. We have a problem with the system’s startup that we have not been able to resolve at this point. You might have to give it many tries before it will come on properly.

About two days ago, I had asked that if I was really meant to move, I would need to see a synchronicity involving me consciously using psychokinesis. It appears that my wish has been granted. What is interesting to me is that Seth claims that it is entirely contingent upon the focusing of very strong emotional energy. This closely parallels the work of Russian PK researchers, who seem to have discovered that stress in the body releases chemicals from the pineal gland which seem to trigger or activate a mechanism in the body which allows telekinetic functions to be expressed. The only thing that I see in this is that adrenaline and stress may be a more blunt way to do it, whereas this deep meditation, Dream Voice trance like what I did seems to be a way to get your pineal to work for you, without having to goad it.

This does lead me to speculate that there may be some actual reaction formed by the crossing of the eyes that helps to release the chemicals. I almost always close my eyes and cross them while looking up when I do anything strong with the third eye, as it seems to draw the energy in. I wonder if this helps to ground the location of the pineal to the nervous system somehow to help get the chemicals secreted.

As DV has already suggested that I try spoon bending, this seems to be a validation that I should go ahead and progress further with this. I am quite excited by this recent development, especially in light of all the other wonderful things that have been happening recently. Another major event in the physical world mirroring the dream world was that after the entire summer of having to deal with a blockage of not being able to cross the bridge without waiting for an agonizing traffic light, finally, this morning, both lanes were opened and the light was gone. It was also an event of major significance, as I felt that when the bridge was complete, I would be ready to move, and on a symbolic level, it indicates that all preparations are complete.

On the moving front, I have found out today that The Cavalier Hotel is very interested in interviewing me for a sales position down there, and would like to have an interview with me as soon as I can become available, as early as next week. Plus, my grandfather supports my move, as he sees it as the opportunity for me to start my own career; I never expected to have his support in this. In addition, I found out that I most likely will never have to testify in my pending court case. Furthermore, I now have gotten the fine for the first speeding ticket sent to me, and it is the minimum fine. On the same day, I received the court date for the second ticket: I am going to see now if I can get it pushed ahead. These few things were really the last traces of anything that was holding me back, and as they are now out of the way, I feel that all preparations have been made.

There has been a massive weight to these synchronicities that is as strong or stronger than the energies that surrounded me when I was told that I needed to stop getting high. I think it very significant that my interview for Conference Coordinator position got pushed up to Friday all through its own circumstances, Saturday being the last day that I am going to be working there. What was even funnier than that was that today in the office, an event happened surrounding a guest I had spoken to by telephone some time ago who had really liked me in the conversation. We both had gotten talking about what he did for a living, which was owning a winery; he had promised me a bottle of wine when he came to Mohonk, and today, he delivered. I did not remember at all when he was scheduled to arrive. I couldn’t help but see this as a further gift from the spirit world, literally a token gift indicating that the time of celebration is upon me; the wine turned out to be champagne!

The timing with Lauran was too precise as well. [Clock just hit 11:11.] She came to get us to sign the lease at basically the exact same moment that I was first thinking that this was what I was supposed to do; this enabled me to be able to set all of this up without hurting anyone, as she and Eric both have already made the full preparations for my imminent departure as we speak. I know that I must change the oil in my car before I go, and I feel that I must let go of many material possessions that are only weighing me down anyway. I have decided to pack most of my books into boxes and have Eric ship them to me via surface mail once I get an address down there; I have yet to decide whether I will bring my drums or not. If I do, [now on pg. 11 /11] I could compress their space by taking off the heads on one side. This may well be a good idea; I could probably fit all my clothes, my drums, the box radio, computer equipment and a few other things in one load.

My dreams have clearly indicated that I am to do this, as there was a significant one that I had the other day, where I was already at the Oceanside and I was with W, the cold woman who lives next to me in Lauran’s shared apartment. In this dream, we were getting together beautifully, kissing and spending time together and laughing. [And now in this present moment, I have realized that Eric is talking to C, the girl who has studied Seth Speaks considerably and whom I targeted as a Wanderer, and his own Dream Voice has given him a bright green light on. Also, Wendy came out to reprimand him for the noise while he was involved in this conversation; very interesting.]

Another interesting parallel here is that Eric has been fairly reliably getting his own transmissions every night recently. While consciously he seemed to want me to prolong my stay here in New York, his Dream Voice was telling a different story. One of his earlier quotes was, "Have a truck pull it from West PointÃ