Thursday, 7 / 3 / 97 – 7:45 a.m. [transcribed 8/03]

D: Image of me teaching someone else to write a book at work, and then Nancy coming in and saying, "In handwriting, you don’t even know if it is your own handwriting or if it is somebody else’s, so please be careful."

D: Is this last sentence implying to me that I am still bringing in sentences that are below the level of what I want?

Yes, the answer should be quite obvious to you.

D: Thank you.

How could you possibly hide anything from yourself, you say? 21 years ago, the same thing happened, so here I am now. You are entirely alive in the moment right now. [Image of a weird scientific instrument in my hands with weird symbols, somewhat similar to a calculator.] All these spirals and gestalts of thought awareness will coalesce in the future.

Let me ask you a few simple trade questions.

D: Okay, go ahead.

When something sells big as opposed to selling narrower, do you limit your thoughts to the perception of largeness or narrowness?

D: A lot of the times, yes. Perhaps that limitation is what held me back last night.

[Note 8/03/97: I tend to get emotionally involved in how many sales I get, and it affects my perceptions of the relative success of the whole day. I also get frustrated with callers who try to get bargain – basement rates to stay at Mohonk.]

Precisely. Now you see my point.

[Note 8/06/97 – Had a big dream about this very issue this morning, as competition in the office seems to have peaked since the manager called the spare desk "David’s Desk," implying that I might be the one to win the full-time year-round slot that is available.]

What plans do you have to improve with your engine?

D: Well, I know I have to get these things out in the mail for the car, if that is what you mean.

Yes, that is what I mean. We are trying to find more and more ways to improve your condition, and this demands participation and awareness on your part. This is by no means a simple process; it involves multiple calculations and looking over things again and again.

If I were to disappear altogether, you would have to undream the world, and you see the fallacy of that statement, do you not? How can your Self disappear? Well, not in a matter of weeks it doesn’t change, but over time you will see enormous differences. [Image of someone licking food off of their fingers.] You are full of many new ideas, which will come to the forefront with time. So be not afraid of where they are leading you; we have taken great pains in the work that has been performed to insure that you arrive at a place of stability and serenity. And yes, you are right; there are bigger and brighter things awaiting you in the future, in terms of what you will be able to do in your work with us.

I will talk to you about this when we are in a more stable location. Right for now, just keep it clear in your mind that there are three main distinctions; the distinctions of the mind, the body and the spirit. There is no need to view these as separately; therefore, what you hear in your mind is arriving from your spirit, and your body is your own living sculpture, and now your body feels as a direct message as well.

Thus, there are more things you can learn to do, but we can work on that with you; do not worry about that.

In the dream, it seems that there was a new flight strategy being introduced that was based on UFO’s, undoubtedly triggered by Colonel Corso’s book, which I am reading right now.

Many people have terrorized, with groups like the third Reich and so on, using methods such as this; the slow, psychological buildup of certain existent conditions into the belief on behalf of the people that the popular condition was at work. What you see in [Colonel Corso’s] book is a lot of negative publicity about the role of extraterrestrials here on the planet. She will reluctantly display this possible future; most reluctantly. Yes, I urge you all to do this. I have been thinking of getting something to help you simplify the process.

Stand up, stand up. In the book, gosh! – So many things become so clear. It is dangerous to publish the wrong things, though. You don’t want to reveal too much at one time if it doesn’t adhere to the party line. That is part of the reason why intelligence was developed in the first place; there are national security issues on matters such as these.


Friday 7 / 4 / 97 – 7:00 a.m.

[Note: Dream dictation not included here, as usual.]

8:12 a.m. – Possible telekinetic synchronicity: At the exact same moment that I just shut off my recording machine, one of the windows in the house mysteriously slammed down about 1 Ã