[Note: The following passage immediately below was written before I knew about the "Cayce connection" on any conscious level.]

* * *

David’s Note 10/7/97: Though there is a lot of interesting material in this section, the amount of usable Level 4 information that could go to print is quite low. It is clear that my mind was quite muddied during this period of time with all of the politics with my job and with Angelica that were going on at this time. I also was unable to get OBE’s to happen, despite my desire to do so. Throughout this period of time, I was working myself like a dog and largely forgetting about who I was or what I was here for.

I feel that it is evident that even at this early stage of the game, the plans for me moving were already being laid out. It really is remarkable to me now to see how much the stress I was feeling affected the transmission quality, as there really are no major essays in this whole block of time. This is clearly a lesson for me to try to be as calm and stable as possible during the day, not allowing negative emotions to permeate me. I really think that the references in the early dreams to negative entities causing trouble was true; in a very real sense, I was welcoming a wide range of negativity into my personality, and these dreams do indicate the degree of struggle I was going through at this time. It is very interesting to look at this with a fresh perspective of a few months of time having gone by.

* * *

Thursday 7 / 17 / 97 – 5:20 a.m.

D: [Thinking about how far I could go out of body.]

If somebody can tell me where I am supposed to go, from a parallel portal in a universe to meeting a man in a blue and green outfit, I would certainly like to see what is available.]


Saturday 7 / 19 / 97 – 7:55 a.m.

The Incredible, Time-Bending Future Prophecy, Phrased in a Foreign Language

I was traveling through some kind of city with a female who I was very deeply in love with, and I do not remember who she was. A train was involved in some other parts. It appeared and felt that we were both very interested in each other. We were making our way through a small urban area with short buildings.

[Note: Based on the context of everything else that follows, this dream could certainly be about Virginia Beach. In fact, it is almost certainly about Virginia Beach, since the rest of the synchronicity is so incredible.]

D: Just heard a last name spelled out that sounded like "Skar – stal – ded." There was a "G" at the end of that somehow.

[Eric’s German Translation:

    • Schar – group or company
    • Stahl – steel helmet]

[8/11/97: As per my housemate Eric, this passage may actually have been "Scharstahldig," which according to him sounds very much like the name for a militant group, or a skinhead punk band of some kind. The literal translation would be "A group of German steel helmets." The context of the rest of the dream makes me wonder if this is yet again a further indication of another past life, either of my own or Angelica’s.]

[Note: This turned out to be one of the most fantastic prophecies in the history of the Wilcock Readings. Perhaps it came through because of how little psychic work I was doing at this time. For starters, we have a complete phrase in German that I could not have gotten consciously. The phrase meant, "A group of German steel helmets." That is part one.

Part two is the date: July 19, 1997. At this point, I was living high on the hog at one of the best Victorian resort hotels in the world. I had no desire or plan to move in any predictable future time. A full three more months would go by before I would finalize my living arrangements in Virginia Beach, through the direct urgings of the forces.

I found the person I ended up living with apparently at random. How did I do this? First, in late September, I called the volunteer coordinator at the ARE, who faxed me a list of rentable rooms in Virginia Beach. Out of a list of probably 70 leads, I felt drawn towards a certain name on the list and made contact. Then, that person got me in contact with a different person, who was NOT on the list at all. I called this other person, named Linda, and finalized my plans to move somewhere in the midpoint of October.

Part three is my arrival. The house I lived in at the time was on Old Great Neck Road, which was off of Great Neck Road in Virginia Beach. Very soon after this date in July, we will see the readings make reference to the words Great Neck, which I obviously did not understand the relevancy of at the time. On the second night in Virginia Beach, I realized that the words "Great Neck" might have been a prophecy of my imminent arrival. I was totally entranced by the possibility that my readings could have made such an amazing prediction – which leads us to:

Part Four – This one is too hot to miss. I recognized that there might be other prophecies of my arrival that were time-encoded into the readings as well. I sat down at the sofa in Linda’s house, preparing to look through my transcriptions for more clues. My heart practically stopped when he looked up on the bookshelf from where I was sitting. There, in plain sight, lying flat and wide across the shelf, was a book that had the following title:

"The History of the German Steel Helmet: 1921-1945."

Part Five – If Part Four didn’t get you, this will. Linda’s other housemate, as it turned out, was a collector of German steel helmets! In fact, he had collected so many of them that he was preparing to open his own store!

Part Six – Hold on to your hat – it just gets more and more incredible. This man didn’t even make his initial phone call to her until August, and didn’t actually move in until September. And yet, this prophecy came in July!

Part Seven – High Strangeness Indeed. The man’s entire "collection of German steel helmets" was stolen by an unknown party or parties from its storage place in Louisiana that following December, just five or six weeks after David’s initial two-week stay! It was coordinated enough that it had probably been planned some time in advance…

All in all, this has got to be one of the most incredible future-predicting accomplishments in the history of the Wilcock Readings. We just don’t see these types of things happening as chance. This example, perhaps more than any other, is conclusive proof that I have tapped into a higher source with the clear ability to manipulate linear time and perceive what to us is "the future."


Sunday 7 / 20 / 97 – 7:25 a.m.

This may sound stupid, but is he from afar? [D: Seeing the words online mistake in italics, and then:] Before you go online for the next time, be sure you cross the street.

[Note: Here, we have a small reminder, where the forces are urging me to recall who and what I really am, and why I am here on the planet. I could have very easily gotten "stuck" into my job at the hotel because of how much I loved the property. To not move to the Beach would definitely have been a "mistake."]

[Image of a train outdoors.] We have done this before. [Image of a long list of people, and an image of driving in a pickup truck.] I just don’t know if you are ready to have something else; I just don’t know if you’ll need it. But in the middle, let’s keep everything oriented towards a single. That would keep me the happiest right now.

[Note: Here we have yet another clear-cut prophecy of my move to Virginia Beach already being planned. I had already traveled by train in the past, hence the image of the train and the phrase "We have done this before." The long list of people in the next image would have been the list that the volunteer coordinator from the ARE faxed me before I arrived. The image of the pickup truck seems to be about how the move would require me getting all of my belongings into one carload. And finally, the last indications are that I should pursue a single apartment. Actually, that has not come to fruition until just now. I will start his new life in a single apartment after May 1, 1999. Today’s date is 4/13/99, and I do not yet know if his new place also has such incredible "preordainment" as something like this. Time will be the deciding factor.]

In a separate part of the dream, I put new batteries into the tape recorder, and it was working much better, faster and more vigorously.

D: Image of the words "Great Neck."

[Note: If we look closely here, we can see that the dream referred to my tape recorder working better. This is obviously a sign that my readings were now operating on a higher level. The very next image, "Great Neck," is the prophecy of the street that I would be living off of in Virginia Beach. I had no idea why I had gotten those words until I had already moved there.]

Big control is issued when these things aren’t worked out. [Image of a shark chewing on something.]

[Note: A shark, being an aquatic creature, could again indicate the Beach. The "big control" they are referring to here must be the fact that they engineered my move, essentially making it very clear that I "had" to do it. If I hadn’t have been pushed by the forces I would probably have never actually made the change.]


Monday 7 / 21 / 97 – 7:20 a.m.

[Image of the Face on Mars:] And what frustrated me is that there was such an inexpensive military restraint there. [Images of the movie Contact.]

[Note 10/07: This obviously implies that not a whole lot was really being done to suppress the information regarding the Mars anomalies, yet most people were still unfamiliar with it or in disbelief of it.]


Thursday 7 / 24 / 97 – 6:44 a.m.

D: I heard a title for this dream, and it was:

"Miserella, Cult of Misery"

The dream started in an auditorium; I had been invited on stage by M from the ARE to speak, and she asked me about this before and I didn’t really realize that it was going to go anywhere. It seemed that as it expanded quickly, a whole bunch of bands that were going to be playing there, and Buddy Guy was one of them. He comes up on stage, and I don’t know if any music was actually ever even played, but Buddy gets on stage and they had all kinds of trouble with the microphone. I gave him the intro., and talked about my father’s book a little. Once we had him on stage talking, it was sort of geared towards a religious conversation. It was like a whole musical festival. I was realizing that we were running out of time, and we wouldn’t be able to get any of it done. It seemed like there was a discussion that everyone was having. Todd from New Paltz was there.

[Note: My father wrote the biography for blues artist Buddy Guy. Note the fact that this dream has a direct reference to the ARE within it. If we look further down in this session, the reasons behind this will become very clear indeed.]

I felt in the seminar that I wanted to get into a discussion of the conscious energy particles of the universe, as seen through the crop circles that I had been working on. I could tell that it wasn’t the right time or the right place. My boss from Mohonk seemed worried about me, saying that the conference would keep me up all night and put "saddlebags" under my eyes. She said that it was an indication of poor health.

I don’t know if I could handle the ARE; [I felt] separate then. 1879 to 1890, you were an artisan then.

[Note: AMAZING indeed. Cayce was born in 1877, and thus the indication is that he was an "artisan" from ages two to thirteen. This does fit nicely with Cayce’s passion for photography in his earliest years. It is interesting here that this prophecy associates my term with the ARE as being one of struggle. This would certainly bear fruit, as they were not at all ready to see Cayce reincarnated! My "public exposure" with the ARE ended up being nothing more than a job selling candy bars for one of their plays, without ever mentioning who I might have been. After this, I cut off contact with them.

Now the readings were taking much more risks in telling me who I was in a past life. But, believe it or not, I still remained oblivious. Again, the idea of having been Edgar Cayce in a past life was just completely outside of my universe. Since it wasn’t even remotely possible, I never bothered to speculate on it. However, once I put the pieces together, I was indeed very grateful for all the foreshadowing that they gave me in the readings themselves. Remember that I would often get a wide variety of cryptic sentences, most of which we have deleted. And thus, I never really knew whether to take any one sentence seriously or not. I simply ignored the above sentence, for whatever reason; it wasn’t time for me to remember yet.]

Vitreous [or clear] actions make vitreous actions. All the while, we are getting the core of his very being. Exhausting; I was going to class, but it would take a long time before I would get home. Well, you have seen us, repeatedly, many times before.

[Note: This is more corroboration for the above prophecy. As I became more and more clear in my channeling work, I was getting to the core of my true being – the same entity who had incarnated as Cayce. The last sentences indicate that it would still be some time before I actually moved to Virginia Beach, where Cayce spent the entire second half of his life. But once I got there, I would be "seeing them repeatedly," as Cayce lived there as well as one of the John Bainbridge incarnations.]


8:15 a.m. same day

There was a house where I was going for repeated meetings; more ARE schema. Having to drive to get there and getting lost. This weird town, like Skip’s place. Driving all over the place. Then it was winter, and my car was stuck between two other cars, and I had to do a really weird maneuver to get it out.

You’re not supposed to catch it enough to do that at this point. Yes, it is not time for you right now, but we will be in touch with you on this issue soon enough.

[Note: Here we can see the forces telling me that it would not be time for me to move yet. The dream schema had to do with getting lost while driving and the ARE.]


Saturday 7 / 26 / 97 – 7:55 a.m.

David Brings Knowledge of Complex Issues To The Masses

I was called upon by an educational institution at the last minute to be a math teacher for this class, and this was after I had already found out that friends of mine were teaching other classes, and basically they were up against the wall. The only requirements were that I pass an Algebra level two class. I had to start to think about how I was going to take all these scientific concepts and equations and present them to the people in ways that would be readable and understandable.

I was shocked to get the gig. Once I started teaching the class, the students became unruly, and it seemed that they really didn’t want to learn anything; it was hard to control them. The class was quite short. Just as they were getting ready to leave, I realized that I had a loudspeaker, which amplified my voice considerably. As soon as I started to amplify my voice, I knew I could get through to them, but as soon as this happened, the bell rang and they left, even though it didn’t seem that it was time for them to go yet. I wrote down the only people who stayed, who were a few of my fellow honors students whom I recognized from high school.

The building this class was in was interesting; it was old – fashioned and Victorian.

[Note: Since the previous days had a great deal of "Cayce content," we can see here that this dream might also be referring back to my speeches in my past life as Cayce.]

D: [Thinking about honoring my early-morning trance state and not waking up so fast, and then:]

A piece of cake, with all of our pieces. [Image of someone laughing.]

[Note: This implies that it is easy for them to do a reading – I am the one with the "problem."]

D: [Thinking of how much noise Eric is making now, and how disruptive it is to my sleep.]

You need to just sit back and talk the whole thing out.

[Note: There were a whole complex of tensions and issues between us, and I was not addressing them to Eric directly. Antonio finally forced us to talk it out, after which things were much nicer.]

D: But you know I don’t like confrontation!

But look at what is happening to you here! Clearly, you understand that it is healthier to say something than not to.

[Note: Even though I was in the depths of poverty and Eric had extra money, I seemed to be buying all the groceries at the time.]


Sunday 7 / 27 / 97 – 7:48 a.m.


I was able to induce the vibrational state and began to separate from the top half of my body, panicked and came back into my body. In this case, I had part of myself out already, and it suddenly seemed so strange and unusual that I had to cancel out the experience. I wasn’t able to keep my shock away, and once I came fully back in, I was unable to reach the vibrational state again.


Monday 7 / 28 / 97 – 7:30 a.m.

D: Thinking about the fact that Eric might be oversleeping.

The wind times at these flames are real. Your instinct is the best course of action. A few will feel that new shift beginning soon; in the meantime, we want to be certain that you understand what it is. All manner of extraterrestrial beings are visiting as you now can see, and you are correct in deducing that they are all of humanoid forms. This is an important point.

[volume lowers:] Her part in all this will become readily apparent. We are looking forward to you catching up with us on these transcripts, David. It will definitely be a rewarding experience for you.

The other night, I was overcome with sadness… (drum roll…) I had a secret. [Image of James Brown song, talking about getting dumped. Some of the lyrics include, "I had a secret… somebody dumped me."]

[Note: I was simultaneously the lead singer and drummer in our "house band," and this was our showcase tune: "Mother Popcorn." A depressing confirmation occurred between myself and Angelica the night of the concert, which showed me that the situation was not going into a relationship. I have decided to delete most of the dreams and material surrounding my difficult relationship with Angelica. I don’t feel that it is necessary to expose all personal details of these readings and of my life. The relationship with Angelica never went beyond the friendship level, even though there was a great deal of intimate sharing. We have chosen to include this passage here because of how interesting it is.]

D: So obviously, what you are telling me here is that you think that some kind of contact with Angelica should continue, as in the dream it seems in the end that we were hanging out and having a good time together.

Things should not be left the way they are, as you are currently incommunicado. This is not the preference of beings on our level, nor should it be the preference of beings on your level. We like to foster independence from tension and conflict as much as possible, and it is not necessary for contact to be broken at this time.

[4] [Forcefully, almost yelling:] I have done what I am supposed to do! You have one of these needs at this time; a need for self-acceptance and recognition. When you begin to understand that, the different pieces of the puzzle will quite naturally assimilate themselves together. In the present moment, we are well aware of the differing circumstances that surround your inhibitions, and the games that you play with yourself and others.

We consider it imperative that you recognize the discrepancy between images and ideals you held as being most important in the past to the concepts of selfhood which are now becoming interrelated into your personality. With these other, older ideas, we recognize the difficulty in this process of integration, and we want you to be aware that our hand is behind this. You can feel alive and happy with the sense of peace and serenity that will surround you when you begin fully comprehending these messages.

Many other people such as yourself have done what you are now doing; you make a point of it to keep us in the loop and to keep yourself informed about what we are telling you. Your copious notes are truly a special thing, not shared by many others. You are ready to expand to new dimensions, new understandings, and we are ready to see you do so. We are very pleased, and we commend you on your efforts towards out-of-body experience. We have waited a long time for you to try doing this, but now as you are aware, you are already quite close in the state that you now are dictating in, and it is not that hard for you to go the next step. Your ability to focus will also drastically increase the amount of work that we can do with you, and the scope and complexity of what we can bring in. This work that you are doing is a necessary component of us bringing in deeper levels of information for you.

As you are now seeing, the situation with Mohonk Mountain House merits some sleep. You are getting a lot stress there, but you are also learning some very important aspects of functioning on the planet.


Same day 12:09 p.m.


I again experienced partial success with the separation from the body. I was simultaneously aware of my body being in bed, and at the same moment I had an experience of sitting at the computer on the Microsoft Word screen. What was so interesting was that the experience on the Microsoft Word screen became very real. I started to hear some kind of very loud sound coming out of the computer speakers, which at first seemed to be the opening theme music from the ZZ Top album, taken from the horror movie From Dusk Till Dawn.

As I listened to this, it became more poignant, and at the computer I realized that something was happening and that I might have been experiencing an out-of-body separation. I was typing, and I was frantically asking "Is this really you? Is this really you?" by typing it into the computer. Paradoxically, I was typing into the gray part at the top of the screen where the taskbars normally are. I was having a hard time typing, making tons of mistakes in my sudden excitement. Then the answer came through as a voice, clear as a bell, that I could hear in the room: "Yes, we have been here since the beginning."

I would like to report that I was able to achieve the vibrational state here, and I experienced extreme mental and physical strain right at the point of separation and was unable to get out. I am probably directing too much attention towards my physical body, and I must request awareness and try to get to another location without strain. I think I am trying too hard in the wrong way. It seems to be more of a letting go and relaxing process than it is a physical exertion to get out of the body. We’ll have to see what happens.

I would like to report that I was calmer, and I didn’t go into such a panic rush as I did before when I realized what was happening, and that was a sign of progress.


Wednesday 7 / 30 / 97 – 8:21 a.m.

[4] Confront all these probable realities head on, and there will be no need for confusion. Part of the paradoxical nature of the statements that present themselves is born in the duplicity between the known and the unknown. The only way to resolve the duplicity is to be alert and attentive to the discrepancies as they appear at any particular moment. It is not necessarily important for you to focus in on all these differing fleeting voices, but it is a topic of interest, as you are documenting everything that happens to you, and we like that fact.

There have been so many different forms of life that have been astonished to find out these things, and as we have said before, the human form is rather unique in this area of the universe, in terms of how deeply the separation was made. But, it is interesting to see how the results of that separation have led to increased spiritual awareness which is now trickling down through society as a whole.

[Old lady with European accent:] What I would like to know is, what benefit do you get from being a soldier? A soldier of virtue?

[Note 8/11/97: I am openly speculating that this might be a further reference to the apparent German quote discussed earlier.]

[Note: As we shall see below, I started to speculate that the German phrase could have been about my own mysterious past life that the readings were alluding to. This only shows greater evidence of how blinded I was to the truth of what I was being told. The "soldier" actually seems to be a reference to John Bainbridge.]

Well-to-do; the differences between being subconscious about these things and conscious about them is quite enormous, as you are learning. We are happy to see the gulf widening, the expansiveness becoming more expansive, and your comprehension rising as well. This is very pleasing.

[Image of a guy out-of-body, floating over a town and eating something, with his mouth totally full. They were trying to talk to him, but he couldn’t talk.] That last one was by me, and it was in reference to the maintenance guy. We do need to work on your karma, and this was a representation of such.

[Note: Here the language sounds very familiar to the Cayce Readings – "a representation of such."]

[Image of a woman from my job.] Okay, I am all mixed up. Yesterday, you said you didn’t want a career in this field, and now today you seem very enthusiastically moving towards it. We want you to be aware of the degree of responsibility that you have in terms of constructing your own reality outside of any of the work that we do. If you are visualizing things that are not in your best interest, we have to work that much harder with your energy fields to insure that the transition is not made. This is crucial in terms of its importance.

[Note: In other words, they were trying to get me to see that this job was not a long-range proposition, as I had more important things to be doing with my life.]

We need you to be focused in the present moment, which is related to the expansion of these faculties, and of you learning the material with the same fervor that you now work on many of your other books. In order to resolve the discrepancy of which book you want to write, we simply suggest two different proposals. You could try to get them both published, and you know that you could write either one without a great deal of hassle, as the information is so present within you that once you got the motivation, it would just flow right through.


Personal Addendum to July Section 2: (8/11/97)

[Note: Again remember that I was unaware of the "Cayce Connection" when I wrote this.]

The German synchronicity appears to hold greater merit than I thought. You see, yesterday morning I felt the strong urge to listen to Pink Floyd’s "The Wall." This, as most people know, is about a descent into madness that ends in a grand delusion of being a leader in Nazi Germany. Just now, as I was planning on writing this, I was hearing the lyrics "I’m crazy" from the last big song on the album where he goes on trial. Just as I went into this document, I immediately came upon the sentence "I told him I was crazy" without even trying. It seems that there is a correlation between members of Kiss being bald and the statement "Steel Helmet Group," as if it was some sort of military organization. The fact that I would have been led to hearing The Wall after seeing this transcribed is interesting, as I obviously have no conscious knowledge of German whatsoever and have never been exposed to any teaching materials about it in any capacity.

Angelica had mentioned the possibility that she had been involved in Germany in some capacity during WWII. I have always assumed myself from what I have been presented with here that I died in the early 1900’s and did not come back until 1973, but there was definitely time for a life in between, if there was a high priority to run it through. It is certainly possible that something like this could have happened, as the issues surrounding past lives are so veiled.

The most interesting thing about the entire experience is how neatly the statement fits in with everything else. This is perhaps the second time that a foreign language was used in a way beyond my comprehension to instruct me about past life existences. I can’t say that this is on the same par as the one involving Japanese, but I definitely like the feel of this synchronicity. Intuitively, it would make sense, as the dream voice has now established to me beyond any doubt that it is a credible hyperdimensional source.

[Note: Again, based on this journal entry, it is easy to see that I was obviously not aware of what I was going to be told about myself.]