Sunday 6 / 7 / 09 

In this section we decisively prove that the negative factions do NOT like Muslims at all, and would never have agreed to a speech like what Obama gave. Diana’s death and the Air France airplane crash are all part of the story.


The simple fact is that neither of the negative planetary elite factions — the Republican / Neocon / New World Order and the Rothschild / European / Illuminati — want to cozy up to the Muslims. They are hated within these secret groups for war crimes going back hundreds and hundreds of years. 

Don’t forget — for many hundreds of years the Muslims have had their own secret faction, known as the Order of Assassins. They were so good at killing off the high-level Illuminati players that a massive effort was made to infiltrate them and learn their trade secrets.

Today’s insider assassination manuals still contain many techniques that are nearly identical to the original trade secrets of this feared Muslim order. The elites at the very top of the pyramid were not safe from the Assassins, hence the ancient phrase: "If you wish to kill the king, you must have the assistance of the palace guards."

Thanks to this long-standing enmity, untold billions of propaganda dollars have been spent building up Muslims as the ultimate Enemy. The New World Order faction that controlled America through all Republican presidencies invested a great deal of money into making them the ultimate villain.

Their governments have repeatedly been infiltrated and overthrown by the Western factions, including the 1953 coup over the democratically-elected Mossadegh administration in Iran — which was directly assisted by the US. 

With evidence of nano-thermite appearing in every dust sample taken from the World Trade Center, there is now undeniable proof that someone with access to the security of the Twin Towers created a much more elaborate setup than simply having airliners strike the buildings. A massive elevator renovation project was the likely ‘cover’ that allowed this to had to have moved in a great deal of this material to create a ‘controlled demolition’ that would actually bring the  appearing given dramatic assistance to an existing plan that built 9/11 into the

All empires need such bogeymen in order to thrive on fear.

Princess Diana was assassinated in 1996 because of the fantastic hatred of Muslims within the Rothschild / Illuminati faction. Official British hearings in 2007 and 2008 consolidated many ‘conspiracy theories’ into inarguable facts. We will explore those witness testimonies, including unequivocal statements made by an MI-6 whistleblower. Almost every source we will draw from is mainstream media, which makes it all the more shocking.

Seen in proper context, the events of this past week — including the airplane crash, which was not accidental nor a vortex effect — are a major leap forward in the fulfillment of the prophecies we have given on this website about this administration. 

It has already been obvious for those paying attention, but as the shifts continue, we’re now entering into the timeframe where it will start to become really, really obvious that the Obama administration is NOT working on behalf of the New World Order nor Illuminati factions of the negative planetary elite.

I will tie in these epic global shifts with equally epic personal events I have been experiencing — which will easily explain why I needed to take a two-week break from writing here.


The implications are so vast, the potential good so incredible, that it is difficult to even wrap your mind around what has happened. I consider it a quantum shift in human consciousness on this planet as we now know it, and we should see some very interesting effects from it, as this is as much an energetic event as anything else, once you understand the science behind the ‘Consciousness Field.’

So imagine this. It’s the George W. Bush days. The sitting American President goes to the Muslim capital of the world. He then delivers a speech that opens right up with the sacred Arabic phrase "A Salaam Aleiakum", translated as "Peace Be With You".

He completely dismantles decades of New World Order anti-Muslim fear-mongering propaganda, bought with untold billions of dollars worth of "black budget" money stolen from the American people prior to the big collapse.

He points out the Muslims’ remarkable contributions to civilization as we now know it, and how worthy they are of our respect.

He quotes repeatedly from the Koran, as well as the Torah and the Bible. He respects each faith as pointing towards the same One God, and deftly points out that all of them call for peace, not bloodshed.

He calls for a complete halt to all hostilities. He says it is time for a world healing to occur, and that we must find a way to put these differences behind us.

He also sternly addresses the biggest hot-button issues, such as women’s rights in fundamentalist Muslim regions, and directly challenges Israel for building settlements on land all treaties recognize as being Palestinian. 

Can you imagine such a thing in the Bush era?

Honestly, it would be as completely unthinkable as to suddenly wake up one day and discover that every living person on Earth can now levitate effortlessly, by simply willing themselves to do it.

And yet, this is exactly what has happened. The speech part, I mean, not the levitation.

At least not yet.



Obama’s very first action upon taking office was to revive the Freedom of Information Act and call all needlessly-classified material by the Bush Administration under review. The Secret Service’s code name for the new president is ‘Renegade,’ another of many signs that the insiders are well aware he is not "one of them."

The consistently-reliable "Voice of the White House" insider source on, writing from within the White House itself in an upper-middle-level management position, has clearly, abundantly and repeatedly stated that Obama is not under the control of the old guard. In fact, this is what he just wrote yesterday:

Washington, D.C. June 4, 2009: “The President is proving to be a most effective leader but in attacking the banking system, threatening the massive and very powerful drug companies and refusing to slavishly follow Israel‘s demands about spreading into Arab lands, he is causing a small panic in his Secret Service guards.

The majority of the masses, which are basically left of center, are fully supportive of Obama but the babbling lunatics of the far right like Limbaugh cannot abide the thought of a liberal black man in Reagan‘s office. They are verging on calling up a racial war, or attempting to, and have said in public that Obama should fail in everything he does.

By their attitudes, the far right is turning into a gaggle of lunatics that would grace a group therapy session in a free clinic in the Bronx. And their babblings can well encourage the rabid right to commit some kind of assault on the president in the same way a dedicated anti-abortionist gunned down an obgyn recently.

Nothing succeeds like success, and like it or not, Obama is a most effective man and a great contrast with his secretive and evil predecessors. ”




The negative forces believe themselves to be Gods on earth, and anyone who is not part of their ‘tribe’ is the enemy. Genocide is not only a good idea, it is a requirement to eliminate or extinguish their presence. You get the people so afraid that they believe the marginalization and ultimate elimination of an entire people is the only way they can stay safe.

Britain is one of the biggest centers for the European ‘Rothschild’ faction of the Illuminati. Progressive French president Sarkozy, along with his celebrity super-model wife Carla Bruni, threw a big party and invited the new American President, a Black Man, but snubbed the Queen. 

This was a grave insult to those who believe themselves to be Gods on earth. They are racist to an extreme, and Black people are right at the top of their ‘hate’ list.

Those dark forces behind the Queen — who merely acts as their figurehead and very likely would get out if she could — responded very quickly. 

They had to punish France for daring  to disrespect them.

Guess what they did. 

A mere two days after they were snubbed, an entire Air France jet was aced over the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.


We will probably never be able to prove ‘they’ did it, but just do the math. When the leader of France snubs and disrespects the Gods of the earth, they respond within two days by destroying an Air FRANCE jet.

The jet disappeared under very unusual circumstances, leading to the event being called a ‘vanishing’ until debris and oil slick was eventually found.



Magical ritual is very important to this group. It’s not enough to do something horrific and evil — you also have to leave clues, using symbolism and numerology, to brag about the fact that you did it. This also is done in the hopes of creating even more fear, so that no one dares cross them again. 

To underline the point with ritual symbolism, they made sure it was Air France Flight 330 — embedding their favorite numerical code, ’33’, directly into the act for those with eyes to see.

On one level this is another great humanitarian tragedy. My heart goes out to the victims and their families for being caught in the crossfire as pawns in this very cruel and very dangerous global game.

On another level this shows how petty and childish they have become. It is another great sign of their ever-increasing defeat. It also stands as yet another "proof of concept" that President Obama is NOT a ‘puppet,’ NOT "One of Them," but is actively despised, loathed and hated.

Let’s not forget that during the last election, Lady de Rothschild openly spoke out against Obama on American national television. Once Hillary lost, she spoke for all the Rothschilds when she urged the American public to vote for McCain rather than let Obama actually have a chance of winning:

At the Democratic national convention next week, Lynn Forester, Lady de Rothschild, one of Britain‘s most influential political hostesses, will be contemplating treachery. She poured her heart and money into Hillary Clinton‘s campaign and she is thinking of voting for John McCain, the Republican candidate, for president.

She is not impressed by Barack Obama and doubts he will reach the White House. “My loyalty is to the Democrats winning. Barack Obama is going to have a serious problem getting elected, for good reason, ” she said in an interview.

“The party needs to face the fact that without Hillary Clinton on the ticket, the Democrats will probably lose. ”

Rothschild, 54, is a New York businesswoman and top fundraiser for Clinton who married into the British banking dynasty.

The billionaire Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, 22 years her senior and former chairman of the family firm, NM Rothschild, will be with her in Denver when Obama is crowned the victor. She regards the presumptive Democratic nominee, 47, as something of a usurper.

In an interview with CNN this summer, Forester discussed her disdain for Democratic presidential candidate and Clinton rival Sen. Barack Obama.

"This is a hard decision for me personally because frankly I don’t like him," she said of Obama in an interview with CNN’s Joe Johns. "I feel like he is an elitist. I feel like he has not given me reason to trust him."

Forester was a major donor for Clinton, earning her the title as a "Hillraiser" for helping to raise at least $100,000 for Clinton’s presidential campaign, which she lost to Obama.

Forester is the CEO of EL Rothschild Ltd., a British holding company owned by a branch of the Rothschild banking family. She is married to international banker Sir Evelyn de Rothschild and splits time in London and New York.


Lastly, drink in this video if you haven’t already gotten the point: 




Let’s not forget that the same dark forces who likely downed Air France 330 appear to have been responsible for the murder of Princess Diana. Widespread evidence suggests that she was pregnant with her Muslim partner, Dodi Al-Fayed, and the two of them died together in a car that lost control at a very high speed.

It was all blamed on the driver being drunk, but if you were reading alternative conspiracy media back then like I was, you know there was much more to the story.

Diana and Dodi were engaged in a high-speed chase from alleged ‘paparazzi’ who were following them. As they passed through an enclosed stone tunnel under a bridge, eyewitness testimony reported that a white Fiat Uno sports-car passed them at an even higher speed. The Fiat was then seen to blast them with some sort of high-intensity white light. Their car immediately went out of control.

I was already documenting my dreams and getting intuitive readings every day when this happened, and I had numerous warnings in advance that this was going to happen, that it would be seen as a great world tragedy, and that it was, in fact, an assassination.

Whether you believe this was really her or not, I had a very vivid dream in which Diana personally appeared and thanked me for being brave enough to put all the pieces together and share them with the world. Here is the article I wrote, summarizing all the pieces:


Whatever was in the Fiat Uno and caused that bright flash of white light is probably a similar weapon as what brought down the Air France jet. It may use microwaves or some other powerful burst of energy to fry electronic circuits and quickly destroy a car or plane. There are increasing rumors of bright white light in the air around Air France 330 before it came down.  


Billions of dollars have been spent on pre and post-9/11 propaganda to build up Muslims as the Ultimate Evil. Any ‘Puppet’ who is "Working For THEM" would NEVER have a reason to suddenly nullify that multi-billion-dollar investment.

Muslims were designed to be THE key leverage-point to usher in a wave of fear so extreme that Martial Law, FEMA Camps and all the Internet Chicken Little scenarios could actually come true.

Muslim ‘terrorists’ were the Necessary Evil of the New World Order. Peace is to be avoided at all costs, as it is Bad for Business and stops them from being able to Reduce Population — not to mention that war is a mass human sacrifice ritual that they feel raises a great deal of energy for them to do their magical practices.

There is plenty of evidence that the ‘negative elite’ have an elaborate religious system of beliefs, and just a few years ago most people would have laughed at me and ridiculed me for insinuating that they used war as a mass human sacrifice to enhance the effectiveness of their practices. There is an overwhelming amount of evidence, from a variety of different sources, to show that this is what they are doing — and vast sectors of the Internet are dedicated to exploring this in copious detail. That is not my aim or desire here.

Racial and religious tensions have been THE polarizing factor on this planet for the last 75,000 years, according to the Law of One series. Even in our own recent history we can see how every major race or religion on this planet has been targeted by unscrupulous governments as ‘the enemy’.

People in the public have done what they were taught to do, thought what they were taught to think. Deliberate fear has been created from within their own leadership — often justified by the massive losses of wealth they suffer as the leadership plunders their assets — and then that fear and anger is re-directed towards an external enemy who can be labeled as non-human because they look or believe differently.

Native Americans were stigmatized as ‘savages’ by early American settlers. Africans were captured and sold into slavery. Japanese were brought into American concentration camps in World War II amidst a massive tide of public indignation. Communists were branded as the ultimate evil.

80s TV in America stereotyped Russian women as all being ugly wash-women in gray, with giant, meaty, hairy hands, marching with their mops in lock-step to a brainwashed society utterly controlled by their totalitarian, propaganda-rich government. And this list can easily be continued, from many different countries and cultures around the world.

a dream few could have ever imagined would actually happen. It is a symbol of everything we stand for, and have stood for, all this time.

Don’t expect to hear this from the alternative conspiracy media, though — it is now obvious that they will stay perpetually locked in a blood-curdling scream of ‘fear porn,’ warning that Chemtrails, Martial Law, FEMA Camps, Mass Cullings and Luciferian World Government are already upon us, thanks to America’s Hitler, the Antichrist Himself, Barack Hussein Obama.

Since a substantial amount of the articles in the alternative conspiracy media are actually written by the Pentagon / NSA, it is very interesting and humorous to watch them literally frozen in their tracks, having no idea how to ‘spin’ this latest speech as a bad thing.

Thus, the conspiracy sites are all just closing their eyes, plugging their ears and humming, hoping that Obama will soon give them more fuel for the fire of hatred they have so carefully been tending with the help of their NWO-funded ‘paid bloggers’.

Very few have yet realized how much propaganda has saturated this media, but I’ve diligently charted it on this site — and I’m still holding back the final, sweeping proof data for the next big disaster that will inevitably be seized upon by the loyal opposition in an attempt to destroy everyone’s sense of hope.



The initiations just keep coming and coming. You work and strive to do your best, and still you get knocked down, humbled and humiliated.

Nonetheless, if you hang in there through the relentless trials that today’s life throws you, miracles will happen. That’s not just a good mental image to hold for the power of positive thinking — that’s a Universal Law.

Barring certain lapses, I have effectively worked 14 hours a day, seven days a week for the last eleven years to build the best content for the Internet I can. The vast majority of it has been entirely free for everyone. July 1st will be my 11-year anniversary of going completely ‘off the grid’ and becoming totally self-employed. 

During the entire last 11 years, I have never known exactly how much money I would make — nor whether it would stop, decrease or increase.

Up until the last two and a half years when we began selling downloadable products on this website, and occasional income spikes would occur, I hardly ever made more than just barely enough to pay my bills.

And even now, as this past week again proved, my very survival requires me to stay on task. If I get too busy with related projects and fail to update this site every week or so, orders drop off precipitously, and suddenly I have no income!

The last 4 days have been the worst of the entire year in that sense — totally unsustainable if it ever stayed like that — and it will be two weeks since my last update by the time this goes online.Thankfully, there is enough of a surplus from the last conference that this isn’t immediately dangerous — but it’s a healthy reminder that I must keep everything in balance, and that necessitates a great deal of focus and effort.

Trust me, there is a LOT to talk about, and I’ve never been busier than I am right now. Why have I been so busy that it has taken me two weeks to update? Read on and I will share it with you.

I finally feel as if I have reached the mountaintop I was always climbing towards. It hasn’t yet become obvious to everyone else, but every major goal I have worked to attain is now in the process of being realized — and that is a wonderful feeling after so much sorrow and sacrifice.

The changes I have gone through are so profound that it is like I have stepped into a completely different life. It’s still easy to slip back into convenient, habitual thought patterns, but now the egoic mind is confronted with far too many solid facts to maintain those negative views for very long. 

I do believe we are all going through this. I may simply have arrived at this stage a little earlier than many others will. And there are similar signposts going on in the world at large, if you can pay attention and "read the tea leaves".



My earliest self-employment job was as an intuitive counselor giving people ‘psychic readings.’ I continued that from 1998 to 2005, and was very glad to retire by then. Even at my maximum possible output, I made just barely enough to pay my bills and have a little left over for necessary equipment purchases. And it was all by choice.

There are so many adolescent hecklers out there who will attack and criticize you over the simplest things that I never charged a client more than 150 dollars for a reading. Even then I still had people attacking me, the most common assault being the widely-held false belief that "Edgar Cayce Never Charged For a Reading."

In case you are not aware, I have a stunning connection to Edgar Cayce that may very well indicate I am his reincarnation. I have wrestled with this, hated this, accepted this, hated it again and flip-flopped back and forth ever since I first started putting the pieces together in November 1997. That was a year after my own ‘psychic readings’ got started. 


 I had to go through