[Art by Andrew Jones from an early draft book cover for The Source Field Investigations]



What is the meaning of Existence? And — is there an existence of Meaning in our universe?

What if the answer to both of these questions was systematically embedded in myths all over the world — beginning many thousands of years ago?

What if there is a Meaning that you already know, and follow, on a deep soul level — even if you are consciously unaware of it?

What if we were all given a grand puzzle of Existence to solve — by the universe itself, and its seemingly ancient emissaries?

What if this is the single greatest secret of the ancient mystery schools — and of religions and spiritual faiths worldwide?

What if the solution to this puzzle reveals the hidden truth of what it means to be alive on earth?

What if "reality" as we know it is purely an illusion — created by a Divine super-intelligence for its own growth and development?



What if all major historical events we have seen on earth are following a very precise script?

What if the events in our written history are, in fact, very tightly organized — following a single, unified, repeating pattern of story points?

What if there was a way to scientifically prove that this is happening — beyond all reasonable doubt?

What if this script works like an "operating system" that we all have pre-loaded, deeply inside our subconscious minds?

What if every myth that survived the passage of time reveals this same script — with varying degrees of clarity?

What if the vast majority of Hollywood movies follow this script — which includes a happy ending — since we all resonate with the truth when we see it?

What if this script is a fractal — appearing in cycles that can play out in weeks, days, hours or even minutes of our lives, as well as time units measuring thousands of years?

What if this script was written by a Divine super-intelligence — for the purpose of our own collective awakening?



Is time actually cyclical, rather than linear?

Do the same events — or at least very similar events — keep repeating in astonishingly specific intervals of time?

Is the 2,160-year cycle known as an "Age of the Zodiac" far more relevant, influential and fascinating than we'd ever dared to believe?

Is the Zodiac cycle caused by a very specific geometric pattern that we cycle through — as our solar system moves across the vastness of space?

Does this geometry represent a form of living intelligence — a complex cluster of thoughts that have "crystallized" into a vibrational pattern of energy?

Do very similar influences affect our minds, hearts and bodies each time we reach the same position in one of these cycles?



Is reincarnation occurring with far greater mathematical precision than most of us had ever imagined — if we even believed in it at all?

Do we have forensically-matching faces, and perform very similar actions at nearly identical moments as we re-appear in each of these cycles?

Did Dr. Ian Stevenson prove, with over 3000 examples, that reincarnation is real, and the faces match very nicely in each of the genuine cases?

Did Dr. Jim Tucker use police forensic facial-recognition software to prove Dr. Stevenson's hypothesis was correct — with modern technology?

Are there world leaders whose lives reveal this repeating pattern — with undeniable precision — even across thousands of years of time?

Do these leaders' individual fates also affect the ebb and flow of major world events — including political scandals and all the greatest wars?

Did Adolf Hitler, President Jimmy Carter and President Richard Nixon re-appear from one Age of the Zodiac to the next, looking almost exactly the same as their previous incarnations?

Did Joan of Arc and President Bill Clinton re-appear as characters who replayed very similar events in a cycle that is one-quarter of an Age of the Zodiac?

Can we prove scientifically that these people's biggest political moves occur only days apart — within the Zodiac cycle or Zodiac quarter-cycle?



Did the "mass karma" of the Roman empire in the age of Aries re-appear in American history, very precisely, in the age of Pisces?

Did the First and Second Punic Wars between Rome and Carthage precisely re-appear in the events surrounding World War I and World War II — between the US and Germany?

Did Hannibal, Rome's arch-nemesis in the Second Punic War, re-appear as Hitler, America's arch-nemesis in the Second World War?

Did Hitler bomb his own top radio station at Gleiwicz to seize power, by blaming it on Poland and declaring war on them in the age of Pisces?

Did Hannibal kill his own brother to seize power that very same year — back in the age of Aries? 

Did Hannibal blame his brother's death on Rome — and use this "staged terror" to declare war on them?

Did Hannibal and Hitler march over the same lands during the same six-year window in each cycle?

Did Hannibal and Hitler even use similar military strategies in each of these wars, in addition to hitting the same areas?

Did this include massive "blitzkrieg" strikes and huge, slow-moving transport weapons — elephants under Hannibal and tanks under Hitler?



Were we lucky enough to avoid Rome's Third Punic War — i.e. World War III — starting in 2011?

Or, more precisely, did we earn a better outcome for our present timeline within the great pattern of cycles that govern our reality?

Did this cyclically-scheduled turning-point shift from something negative to something seriously positive — for our own future?

Did we avoid World War III because we are finally learning the lessons these cycles are meant to teach us — on a global level?



Did 9/11 occur only days away from a highly significant battle that decided the fate of Europe in the previous Zodiac quarter-cycle?

Did President Clinton appear as Johannes von Baysen, the head of the alliance opposing the German Teutonic faction in the previous quarter-cycle?

Are there at least five cases where Clinton did almost exactly the same things von Baysen did, only a few days apart from each other in each cycle?

Did Clinton pay 850,000 dollars to Paula Jones to admit his guilt and settle a massive sex scandal — within four days of von Baysen's death in the previous cycle?

Did Clinton clear his "karma" by paying this lawsuit, thus sparing him from a pre-programmed timeline of death, and buying him more time in this cycle?

Were all of these interconnected events part of a greater, hidden battle to defeat the Cabal that reached its critical turning point in the events of 9/11?

Is the battle for healthcare reform much bigger than we think — a precise repetition of a war against unfair German taxation that was fought in the late 1400s?

Can we forecast the complete defeat of the Cabal by seeing how the players and events from these previous rounds have re-appeared in our own cycle?

If all of this is, in fact, true — and can be scientifically analyzed and proven — what does it reveal about the nature of free will?



Is President Carter the best, living example of how someone can jump from a negative to a positive timeline — and thus create a very different future?

Is Carter one of the reasons why we did not see World War III begin in 2011 — but instead began witnessing the accelerating defeat of the Cabal?

Did Neil Keenan's filing of the "Trillion-Dollar Lawsuit That Could End Financial Tyranny", on behalf of an international alliance, represent a new, positive example of a world war?

Was this another clear sign that the cycles finally shifted — as the vast majority of countries formed an alliance to take down their global nemesis?

Does this super-intelligent "script" include a mathematically inevitable happy ending — some time shortly after the end of the entire 25,920-year cycle in 2012? 

Was the Cabal pre-programmed by the cycles of Time — reaching all the way back to ancient Roman history — to reach a final, stunning defeat in 2014?



Will the exposure and defeat of the Cabal usher in the "Golden Age" predicted in over 30 different ancient cultures, worldwide?

Were these timelines written long before our planet was ever created?

Are we now seeing the unfolding of a perfect plan — despite how desperate, chaotic and hopeless things may currently appear to be? 

Will this plan ultimately result in our complete evolutionary metamorphosis — into a new level of human beingness?



All these questions are answered in The Synchronicity Key — which you can read in hardcover or ebook format, or hear me dictate in audio format, in 12 days — on August 20th.

This may not sound like "entry level" material to read, analyze and understand. 

Nonetheless, after 14 years of meditation on these cycles, and watching December 2012 come and go, I finally understood what was going on enough to write about it in a user-friendly way.

Here, I've only described the second half of the book. The first half builds very nicely into this discussion so it feels smooth and understandable in its greater context.

I honestly do feel as if I have solved the greatest puzzle on earth by putting all of this together — and there is a very deep sense of relief from doing so.

Much of my time lately has been consumed in working on a promotional video that will further explain and extend this fascinating and bizarre investigation.

Things will calm down quite a bit for me once the book comes out — as it has been non-stop intense all year. I look forward to resting in September!

Additionally, the very events I wrote about, and predicted, in the book are increasingly coming true — day after day — with stunning exactness.