In this section of our epic new report, we explore the hidden history of the BRICS alliance — and its ongoing attempts to reform the financial system.

This finally led to success on June 29th, 2015 with the launch of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, or AIIB.

We will also reveal the lethal behind-the-scenes battle that rages on in the fight for freedom.






In case you do not already know, BRICS stands for Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. 

BRICS is an alliance of countries working to restore peace on earth — standing up to the real villains in our global drama.

Hardly anyone knows their deeper story. In this section of our investigation, we hope to change that.

The "truth community" is being perpetually overwhelmed with "Information Saturation" that distracts us from the real issues.

BRICS was the original core of what we are now calling the Alliance, for simplicity's sake.



People have often said "there is no evidence" when attacking the idea that such an alliance really exists.

This is a very simple, careless statement that requires no homework to utter, and borders on a cliche' at this point.

Compelling evidence has already been provided in Sections One and Two of this report, sending shockwaves through the alternative media.



In less than 22 hours, our investigation already had over 55,000 unique views and 6,000 Facebook Likes.

That ratio — 55K to 6K — reveals over 10 percent direct engagement, which for traditional media moguls is almost unheard of.

More than one out of ten people who read our article were inspired enough by it to share it with all of their friends.

Traditional media calculations are based on one percent engagement… at best. 

The higher the percentage, the more powerful and influential the content is considered to be.

Then, when you consider the ripple effect of all the people who listened to our show, it becomes even more significant.

We are not sharing this to brag. Someone just died and it may well be a result of the popularity of this material. More on that tragic event in a minute.



The groundbreaking and hyper-controversial new insider Corey Goode and I went on the radio Monday night, coordinated with this article launch.

Goode has had direct contact with multiple insiders working for the Alliance. He has proven this to me beyond any shadow of a doubt.

Goode's insiders have passed along innumerable specific data points that other high-ranking insiders had independently confirmed.

This also included highly detailed prognostications of future events that later came true. BRICS is definitely a key element within this battle.

We are watching the "mother of all forecasts" coming true now — including the epic financial headlines that rocked the world this past weekend.

The recent market turbulence and the greater political issues that surround it are exactly what we were told to expect.

Everything we have been asked to reveal, and have shared on this website for years now, is coming true — right before our very eyes.



Monday night's radio show with Jimmy Church had well over a hundred thousand live listeners, rivaling the performance of top cable news shows.

Jimmy's server can handle 100,000 people without a problem.

We completely collapsed it for several minutes as the show was getting started.

This ignited a firestorm on Facebook, Twitter, blogs and chatrooms. Our Facebook page had over 210,000 views and 7.77 percent engagement:



You can help us fight the good fight by visiting our Facebook page and hitting "Like."

I am now interacting with you on the Facebook page and on our Twitter feed, which may now be worth your time to follow.



People eager to hear our show got a big nothing when they went to Jimmy's site, which temporarily strangled to death. 

This was the first time in the history of his show that this had ever happened.

He also had his radio broadcasting software completely collapse on him, and lock me out of the show at a pivotal moment, during my first appearance.

Here is a screen capture of what this latest crash looked like from Facebook user Rosie Haas:



This investigation is presenting a great deal of proof that the Alliance is real.

The evidence is utterly irrefutable. All you have to do is know where to look.

We have been quietly building up a collection of this evidence, waiting until global events moved in such a way to create the perfect window to release it.

This is the time. The window has opened wide. Talk is turning into action.

Before we get into the tragic death that just occurred barely more than 12 hours after our show, it is important to spell out the nature of the battle itself.



In Section Two we mentioned how the secret earth government syndicates, which many call the "New World Order" or Illuminati, use death to fulfill their plans.

Sometimes this death can be created on a mass scale — as in the case of "natural disasters" that, as it turns out, are entirely artificial.

The technology is classified but very simple, as we just revealed in Section Two.

It involves using powerful microwave beams to heat up fault lines, volcanic rock plugs and weather systems.

You can make a fault line slip, or a volcanic rock plug explode, by microwaving it until it heats up, cracks and liquefies, releasing the pressure.

In the case of a weather attack, you can microwave the air and create a high pressure zone, allowing you to create storm fronts — even on a truly epic scale.

Bear in mind that we are not just talking about one microwave antenna array doing this. Even if HAARP in Alaska were shut down, this would still go on.

There are multiple arrays like this positioned all over the earth, as well as in a variety of satellites.



Apart from BRICS, another level of the Alliance is called the CELC, or Committee of Latin American and Caribbean States.

This group effectively includes all countries in South America.

They settled decades-long animosities and formalized their alliance early in 2010.

This was a huge story, but not a word was spoken about it in the Western press.

The alternative media completely missed the boat on this one as well.



24 hours after declaring their partnership on February 26, 2010, and revealing that the presidency would be in Chile….

There was a massive 8.8 earthquake. 

In Chile. 

2 million people were displaced. Countless structures were damaged or destroyed.

This is only one of many hundreds of related events where epic disasters have been created by classified technology.

Any country or group that attempts to stand against the Cabal is punished with death and destruction.

This now includes a full-scale attack against America's food supply, through artificially creating the worst California drought in over 1200 years.

This was also covered in Section Two.

Weather systems do not sit in one place for three years, creating a "brick wall" that nothing can move past.



Monday night, Corey Goode and I appeared on Jimmy Church's radio show and discussed the vigorous war between this international alliance of countries and the "secret earth government syndicates."

I mentioned how I had gotten personalized death threats from the Rothschilds, politely delivered to me through four completely different sources.

On the air, I asked Corey to share the story of what happened when he flew out here to visit me the first time in late March 2015.

A bald man tried to pass him a shot of Jagermeister. He said he did not drink. The bald man was really pushy about it, but he continued to refuse.

A guy next to him perked right up and wanted to take the shot instead. Baldy said "No, that's for him."

The guy quickly grabbed it and drank it anyway. He projectile-vomited in less than 60 seconds. Baldy was nowhere to be seen.

The vomiting was so intense it came out of his nose and mouth, covered the bar and shot over to the floor where the bartender had to walk.



Two weeks ago, the woman I now live with was rear-ended by a hit-and-run driver. Both of her shoulders hit the steering wheel. It was that bad.

She is now receiving intensive chiropractic several days a week. We have an attorney. Her MRI revealed swelling in the left side of her brain.

She had a severe concussion, has been forgetful and experiences throbbing pain if she tries to walk too much. We are getting through it the best we can.

She did manage to photograph the guy's license plate as he drove off. We now know he bought the car from someone else and never registered it.

The last registered owner of the vehicle was furious when he found out what had happened. He is participating in our police investigation.

We now have the name for the driver he sold it to. The investigation is still open, so we do not know where this is going yet.

If her father had not insisted she get a car with an unusually strong steel chassis, it would have crumpled up like a wad of paper in the back.

The body shop said she was very lucky her car was so strong, as otherwise this could have been much worse — even lethal.

For privacy and security purposes we will not include a picture of the damage itself.



As anyone monitoring my communications would know, I have been greatly weakened and disheartened by this epic heat wave we are suffering through in LA.

I now feel as if I am on the front lines of a battle between the Cabal and the Alliance over the future of America. And it has made me quite grumpy.

The air handlers for our central AC system are in the basement, which is moldy. I have to run fans and ozone machines down there to fight it.

Since I do not own the house, I cannot get the countless moldy items from the owners properly removed and remediated.

Any time I try to run the AC, I am sentencing myself to an almost certain respiratory illness of at least a week's duration.

It already happened this summer when the heat was only in the 90s. I had to suffer through days of high-90 and even 100-degree heat without it.

The illness greatly weakened me and made it nearly impossible to get work done.

I was forced to work in maximum heat with nothing but a fan. I had to completely alter the way I sleep. It was truly horrible, and I indulged in complaining.



Then, the day before the single hottest day of the year, where it was forecasted to go up to 102 and hit 105, we had a very strange pipe breakage.

We didn't discover this until the morning of the 105-degree day, when we went into the basement and found water all over the floor.

A nine-foot vertical iron sewage pipe burst open, from top to bottom, behind one of the walls in our kitchen. 

I first noticed that there was a puckering of the sheet rock around a cable TV jack on that wall, forming a straight line.

We then discovered that sewage-infested water was dumping directly onto the electrical breaker box for our AC in the basement.

I had already decided I was going to have to use the AC again, even if it made me sick, just to survive. You can't run a 105 indoors, on the top floor, without it.

I told these plans to three different people via electronic communication. If I were under surveillance, someone would know exactly when to strike.

I have every reason not to believe this was a coincidence.

Here is a photo of what the burst pipe actually looked like. You can see the cable jack and the pucker line to its immediate right:




This reminded me of another highly bizarre event that occurred while I was attending a meeting with Pete Peterson and another very high-ranking Cabal insider.

These two guys had never met before. The Cabal does not like it, at all, when whistleblowers with differing but corollary information get together and talk.

While we were all sitting at the table together having dinner, at a poignant moment, I heard a sudden, sharp "tink" noise.

It almost sounded like somebody clinking two wine glasses together. Just one quick sound. It was quite loud enough for me to notice it while they were talking.

I had both hands on the table and was not touching my plate or glass at all when this happened.

Nothing changed. It was just a sound. TINK!

It was strange enough that I asked other people if they heard it. No one else noticed it but me.

This was surprising, but I was 20 years younger than everyone else, at least.



I didn't think anything of it. I was totally engrossed in the cosmic conversation and all the new things I was learning as they traded war stories.

I was eating a classic wilderness meal of elk sausage, rice and potatoes.

I lightly pushed my fork down on the upper left of my plate….

And it gently parted into two separate pieces.

No sound was made as the two sections fell apart.



Not a single extra chip or piece of the plate came loose. The break was perfectly clean.

The plate had been fine when I brought it over to my seat.

Three other people, including two top insiders, witnessed this event in real time immediately after it happened.

The pictures you are seeing were taken immediately after it happened. It stopped all other conversation — believe me.




Just hours after this happened, I got a call from home. What the f—?

Someone had flushed the toilet upstairs, just like any other time.

Water started literally pouring out of the ceiling like a waterfall.

Chunks of sheet-rock and chalk came loose and splashed into the pools of water on the floor.

The entire ceiling of the kitchen had to be gutted out.

All they had to do was pull on all the loose, saturated sheet-rock to finish opening up the wall, giving it a ragged, horrible look.

The pipe had suddenly cracked open across its entire length, end to end — just like what happened last week:


This next shot shows the ceiling immediately above the wall where the latest pipe suddenly decided to burst open, top to bottom.

These two pipes — the one you see here and the new one we just had to fix — were connected by the same elbow joint:



If you look at the vertical wall on the bottom of this picture, that is immediately above the area where the new shot was taken.

In fact, these two pictures were extremely useful to the new guy when he went in to fix the problem.



Just yesterday, my landlord discovered that another pipe in the house has also suddenly burst like this at the same time.

In this case, water is visibly splashing into the yard after we flush the toilet, rather than pouring all over the concrete floor of the basement.

The idea that all of this damage happened just by chance is ridiculous, particularly in light of the plate incident and the timing of the first pipe explosion.

The rest of the pipes in this house are PVC plastic. The pipes that burst are all made of iron.

The Cabal has "torsion field" technologies that can soften and break metal or ceramics, but cannot damage PVC plastic or aluminum.

The science for all of this has been thoroughly explained in The Source Field Investigations as well as in the Kozyrev episodes of Wisdom Teachings.

You can also read the highly-acclaimed Kozyrev chapter of my 2002 book Divine Cosmos, which is free online at this link.

Many have considered that chapter to be the single best summary of Kozyrev's research that has ever been written. I was honored to hear that so repeatedly.



The day before doing Monday night's show, Corey Goode returned from a much-needed family vacation to Florida.

When he returned, he discovered multiple, long cracks in the walls of his house, nearly an eighth of an inch wide.

They had not been there when he had left.

This again suggests the use of satellite-based technology to damage our houses and send us a powerful warning.

The space program insider I was talking to during the plate incident confirmed that they had technology that could do this, and that it was a threat.

Once I got the phone call and found out that water was pouring out of my kitchen ceiling, he said this was the same technology in action.

Corey and I have both decided not to listen to these threats.

However, the strongest message of all occurrred Tuesday morning — less than 12 hours after we did the radio show.



I checked Corey's Facebook page and read the following:

Everyone please take time to focus their healing thoughts and prayers on Julian from Stillness in the Storm.

Julian's Health Decline | Stillness in the Storm Announcements

Julian's health has declined over the past few weeks and is now in the hospital with a pulmonary edema; blood in the lungs.

This is a very serious condition…



Julian was only in his mid-30s. About 2:30 PM Pacific time, a commenter revealed that Julian had died.

I texted Corey and he sent Justin his condolences, which in turn confirmed that this had really happened.




Justin and Julian co-authored the Stillness in the Storm blog.

They have been covering our investigation so thoroughly that they wrote a post almost every day.

They were fully active in this pursuit before any of Justin's obvious health problems had started happening.

No one else on the Internet was as engaged in writing about our story as they were. I was frankly stunned that they were cranking out an article a day.

The second place for frequent writing was Dr. Michael Salla with, followed by third place with Kau'ila Pele.



Justin wrote the following to Corey in a private email, which I do not feel he will have any problem sharing with us:


On Tue, Aug 25, 2015 at 5:05 PM, Justin ___ wrote:


No intrusion at all. Thank you so much for reaching out.
Thankfully we both had well-developed spiritual practices, and I know all things happen for a reason.
This just makes my zeal for what we are doing all the more strong.
Thanks again for for personally contacting me. It means a lot. 
Much Love



The simple answer is "We don't know."

If Julian's death was deliberately triggered, it may have been "authorized" due to pre-existing conditions that were going to claim his life anyway.

In that case, it may well be possible that the timing could be "nudged" to line up precisely with the morning after we did the show.

That way, it was still within the "rules" to take him out, while also attempting to send out a powerful threat to others not to cover our material.

So far, although Corey, his family, the woman I'm living with and I have all been hit hard, none of us have died from it.

However, during our most recent Cosmic Disclosure taping, my female friend's dog got stung by a bee and went into convulsions.

This is the same woman who got hit by a car soon after I came back.

The next morning after her dog had been stung, the head of production came in to work wearing sunglasses and was completely withdrawn.

His dog had to be put down the night before. His dog died at almost at the exact same time that our dog was convulsing in shock.

Corey and I have had hundreds of outrageous "negative greeting" events just since we started doing this work together.



One of the weirdest and wildest examples yet occurred on the first day of our second round of taping.

Corey was about to be in the studio with George Noory for Beyond Belief.

I ordered take-out from a restaurant. I parked behind a dumpster in the alley because all other spots were unavailable. I left plenty of room for cars to go by.

Yes, it was illegal, but it was only a minor parking violation. 

It would be little more than a 50-dollar slap on the wrist if they were even fast enough to get us.

A huge white pickup was pulling up behind me and honked its horn. I ignored it, as I had left plenty of room and we were in a hurry.

I ran inside, grabbed our order, paid and ran out. It took less than 2 minutes.



Immediately after I left the vehicle, a large, aggressive woman reached in and opened up my driver's side door. 

She climbed into the vehicle, put both of her knees on the driver's seat, and screamed in Corey's face.

Inside the car. Jabbing her pointing finger at him.

It was all curse words and screaming with maximum intensity.

Totally aggressive and raw. Red face, both sets of teeth, spit flying out of her mouth.

People have since advised us that we should have held up a camera phone and said "Smile. You're on YouTube!"



It was her pickup truck and her house we had parked in front of. It "just so happened" that she came home right at that exact moment.

Apparently this parking stunt had happened again and again to her.

Corey became the lightning rod for years' worth of pent-up rage.

She repeatedly stabbed at the POWER button on the car with her finger, screaming "ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS TURN IT OFF! OFF! OFF! OFF!"

She then withdrew to "call the police" — for herself? — when I went back out there.



I sensed serious trouble, ran over the car, started it and locked the door.

She rushed over and was screaming in a rage in my face through the glass.

Her face was barely six inches from my face. Totally red. Utterly primal. Unhinged.

It was the wildest, most intense "stranger rage" I have ever experienced in my life.

I smiled at her as she literally tried to smash out the glass on my window with her knuckles.

Without even doing my seatbelt, I waved at her, said "We love you!" and started driving off.

She backed away from the vehicle and eyed my license plate as we started to go, as if she was going to call in the "big bust." Nothing happened.



Corey was very, very shaken up by this, and it carried directly through into the show.

I personally have been through so much wildness by now, for so many years, that I hardly felt anything except some adrenaline.

Someone screaming in my face is just another experience I can have as a human being. And have had. Many, many times.

I have learned, through repetition, to be completely free from fear, anger or sadness as something like this happens to me.

I mentioned some of this discipline in our radio show, regarding the dream where a snake was being shoved in my face over and over again.

This was another opportunity to practice the Law of One discipline of allowing experiences to move through me without sticking along the way.

I genuinely felt compassion for her as I told her that we loved her. To me she was just a child and posed no threat.

More than anything I laughed in amazement at what had just happened, and cheered for the fact that we would never need to see her again.