The Internet hit-man we are calling the Teddy Bear hijacked Robert Bauval at the same time he was attacking our own YouTube channel and Ancient Aliens as a whole.

Shockingly, Ted appears to have hacked and destroyed one of Bauval's personal Skype conversations with his webmaster, but got caught with damning evidence.

The Teddy Bear also hit Jimmy Church with a fake channel, and is now re-uploading his radio shows in reverse order without a single ad.

Jimmy's 32 most recent shows are already there and more keep coming. There are no ads whatsoever. So how could this be about making money?

These events strongly suggest the Teddy Bear is not just a "lone gunman" but is working on behalf of a greater agenda. It will not succeed. It is already too late.

If the intel we leaked in ENDGAME I and II is correct, this is exactly the type of blanket attack against "Ancient Astronaut Theorists" that we would expect to see.



Thanks to Pizzagate, millions of people are now becoming aware of elite satanic cults engaging in the torture, rape and murder of adults and children.

Shockingly, this conspiracy extends all the way to the highest levels of government, media, corporations, military and finance.

If we refuse to look at this, or if we ridicule the messengers risking their lives to bring us this information, we are helping ensure these crimes will continue.

It is the work of a secret cult some call the New World Order, which we have been calling the Cabal. As sickening as all of this is, the evidence has become undeniable.

The Wikileaks revelations triggered this new avalanche of truth. Everyone is being exposed to it, as it was the number-one trending search term online in early December.



Some people's natural response is to laugh in disbelief and attack the messengers, as if this story is actually true, it is far more horrible than they are willing to allow themselves to believe.

Yet, Wikileaks just announced that they haven't even released the most damning information yet — so buckle your seatbelts:

1/4: Wikileaks Hints at Huge Upcoming Revelations: "2017 Will Blow You Away"

“If you thought 2016 was a big WikiLeaks year, 2017 will blow you away,” WikiLeaks tweeted on Monday, giving no hints as to what may be in store.

The tweet, featuring a clip from a Clint Eastwood spaghetti western showdown, also included a link to its website’s donation page so people can help the site “prepare for the showdown."



…The emails relating to the US election rocked the Democratic establishment and delivered a blow to the Clinton campaign in the lead-up to the November election.

According to many, the Podesta revelations tipped the election against Hillary Clinton.

The outcry against the the two sets of releases was so profound, it sparked a global diplomatic scandal between the US and Russia.

As a result of Obama administration accusations that the leaks were orchestrated by the Kremlin, the US expelled 35 Russian diplomats and seized two Russian compounds last week.

Contrary to expectations, Putin refused to retaliate in tit-for-tat fashion, instead suggesting he is simply waiting for the arrival of the Trump administration to rebuild relations with the US.



We are seeing an unprecedented attempt by the Fakestream Media(TM) to try to staunch the bleeding.


Insiders are telling us the Cabal already knows it is too late. They are



Our own mega-summary of the new evidence appeared in ENDGAME Part I on December 6th, which has had over a quarter million unique views at this time.

In it, we directed you to a video done by Joe Biggs for Infowars, as well as the work of David Seaman and a girl named Tara with the "Reality Calls" channel.

All three of these individuals have had their videos attacked and/ or removed.

Tara received two copyright strikes and set all her videos to Private in order to avoid channel deletion.



This was followed by ENDGAME Part II just a few days later on December 11th, revealing a surprisingly bizarre salvage plan for the Cabal.

We then took the unprecedented step of having me narrate the entire ENDGAME II article and make a video out of it, loaded with images to support the data.

My version went online as of December 14th and was one hour and 52 minutes long.

A fake 59-minute version, with almost half of the content removed, appeared on a fake Ancient Aliens YouTube channel on December 17th.