In other articles, we have touched on the difficulty of getting information past the conscious mind. The forces in the readings could make prophecies, even as specific as an exact indication of the circumstances surrounding the Heaven’s Gate suicide, but I had no idea what they were until the events themselves happened. This was also the case in a long series of dreams and readings that predicted the death of Princess Di. Like Heaven’s Gate, this event also happened around a major astrological event that included an eclipse. The date is now August of 1997, and by this point the process had become more refined, the messages longer and smoother. Here is the first prophetic dream that occurred, written here in condensed form. The dream starts with a few sentences from the psychic source involved in the readings.

Sunday 8 / 10 / 97 – 7:08 a.m.

Title: "The Death of an Important Governmental Figure"

Reading: "I really could answer the phone right now. Though lines are busy, I can take the call. You need to work with us on this. You didn’t notice we were talking about that before. "

Right away there is an indication of a desire on behalf of these forces to communicate something to me, something that apparently is very important. It also indicates that in the past, I didn’t notice what they were talking about. They obviously wanted to draw my attention, but I didn’t get it.

Reading: "We almost forgot about you. On Sunday, we went down to a nice beach in the Rocky Mountains. In New York, the attractions are the same; the climate just isn’t as nice. Right now, some Norwegian snow steps might be in order. It could snow during the week; you can’t explain that one."

Right away, I realized when transcribing this that it was about Earth Changes. I immediately responded to this part of the reading by strongly thinking about moving to a safer location. I wrote the following note below in September, one month before I moved.

[Note 9/17: "As spooky as this may seem, these sentences seem to be discussing climatological changes as a result of Earth Changes, including such things as there being ocean near the Rockies, more inward ocean encroachment on New York State, and a suddenly much colder environment in New York. The Norwegian snow steps must refer to eventually having to wear snowshoes to get around in New York. This seems to indicate that the New York area will have moved further north, possibly dangerously further north. In light of the accuracy of the rest of this session, I cannot ignore this message. It might be in my best interest to relocate."]

Dream: "I found out that Allen Epstein had died, as if he had been alive. It was a shocking event, almost as if he was murdered. He was murdered; he was involved in some governmental businessÃ