Here we are, so close – so close to the edge of everything. But we still have to convince you not to do basic things like eat improperly. We really need you to sharpen up; it is very important. Timing is critical; they charge you more in the kitchen than you realize. When you eat these things, you are reducing your opportunities. That should give you something to really consider.

[woman’s voice:] I certainly believe you can feel better about this job. It’s certainly not the worst thing in the world you could be doing right now. That’s as high as it goes. You could say, "I wouldn’t like doing this" or "I would be on the floor," but that’s not appropriate here. You have been activated, and that is fantastic. Excellent, excellent.

D: She seems to be in a virtual space to my left and a little bit behind me right now.

Oh, I waited a couple of minutes. Since I’m going to be back there, I was going to ask you a few questions.

D: Go ahead.

When are you going to apply the combinations that you already know to the list?

D: Do you mean food combinations?

Not precisely. It is more than that. Combinations of thought and belief patterns.

D: Well, I feel like it is something that I have to do in a timely fashion, because it seems that without the proper structure, I don’t seem to be making progress. Now that I realize that I bring all this anxiety upon myself, I have to try to deal with it, just moment by moment and day by day, and not try to do things to create tension anymore.

Let’s go through part of the list today, such as filmness, for example. That is allegedly what you are doing; constantly constructing films and movies to entertain yourself, to maintain the tension and stress that had become so much a part of you; to live in the ambiance of suffering, for that is what you chose. You see how magically the world will align itself with what you choose? There is a good reason for this. Write your comment on the board and pass it in; we will sit it before the board of directors, and you will always get your answer.

[Note: This seems to give some clues as to the ‘administrative’ structure of these entities.]

Are you going straight back to the bathroom? No, you shouldn’t. A more balanced approach is better suitable. Go down to the kitchen and get something to eat; then we will be able to continue.

D: [Feeling tired and relaxed:] "I totally don’t feel like doing that."

But there is an opportunity there, you see.

[As if talking to someone else – the One:] "It is hard to interest him, so it is hard to get up somebody else to do it."

D: All right, I’ll do it. Sorry.

[Note: I went and ate, fell back asleep, and was rewarded with a huge dream and past-life flashback at the end that is quite curious. We have omitted all sections except those most relevant.]

Part Three: Explaining the Differences Between Star Systems

I went and sat down in front of a TV, and a whole subplot developed like an Internet discussion group. A lady was talking, and it was as if there was a discussion between someone else and myself, as if we were coming from two different star systems. She was getting into a big argument, saying how could there be a difference between them, how could they be so physiologically different? The guy was trying to explain all of this to her, and it turned out that she had her own stupid agenda of why she was asking the questions that was very flaky and missed the point. As soon as this guy realized that, he gave up and that led directly into a vision.

Immediately afterwards, I explained what she was asking about. I said that in any society, the creative force of the universe is trying to make the same being, but he uses different materials to do it. He has to have the right chemicals and such to do it; the product is the same, but the minerals could be different. I was saying to her that even though the chemical complexes might be different, they are all still brothers.

Part Four: David Regresses To Influential, Unusual Past Life

Then I lapsed into a vision of a whole different reality, where I was a younger black guy, and there was a father and a sister sitting at this kitchen table. It was a homey area, dark tones, stuff hanging on the walls that looked like metallic cooking implements. There was pottery, perhaps dirt or wooden walls. It was very earthy and spiritual feeling. There was a sink and kitchen area opening out into a rectangular room with a table that seemed to have natural edges on it that were not straight. There was possibly an open doorway behind where I was sitting, which was either at the middle or end of the table at the far side away from the kitchen. For some reason, it seems that I might have perceived a slight physiological difference in the facial features that might have been non-Earthly, or just different from what I am used to seeing. [Note: This might actually have been African-American looking people who had Asiatic eyes.]

There was some really bad tension going on with my father. He had constructed this panel that was made out of gold. It seemed to be of extreme importance, the summation of his life’s work. It was sitting out on the table. The top and left sides of it were square, and on the right hand side below the top, it came in on an angle and ended up looking kind of wedge – shaped. It was basically shaped as a triangle, but it had on the longest edge of the triangle where it came out into three sides, and these sides were organized at loose angles to each other. This seemed like it was entirely made of gold, and it had some highly bizarre, possibly hieroglyphic symbols carved onto it; at least one of which looked like the infinity symbol.

It seemed that the metal was very ornately sculpted, some truly incredible craftsmanship. The clothing we were wearing was very strange, and the house itself was different. The clothing seemed to be composed of large pieces that were dark brown in color and definitely oversized; very traditional looking, also slightly monastic. There was a lot more cloth than was necessary just to minimally cover the body tightly. It seemed to be an almost boxy outfit. Apparently, I was so angry at my father at this point that I took something like a sledgehammer and slammed it down on his precious gold piece with the intention of shattering it! However, it didn’t shatter and when I brought it down again it didn’t shatter, and he was really, really upset and I explained to him how angry I was and that it was the last straw for me.

D: I woke up and as I was just saying this now, I had an image of the Olmec heads in Central America. I asked if this was a recall of a past life in Atlantis; I asked for a number indicating whether it was true or not, and I got three, with one being yes and two no, so that was a yes.

[Female voice:] There’s only two people who can get in there. You are one, and she is another. The last time I saw them, they were together.

[Image of a crane swinging back and forth holding a rock.]

[Note: This could be a metaphor for pyramid-building.]

[Note: The deeper implications of all of this are indeed quite fascinating. With what we now know from these readings about my connection to Edgar Cayce, we can clearly see that this could be the life of Ra-Ta. The only problem that comes to mind is that it says in the Cayce Readings that Ra-Ta was the "first white man" ever incarnated on Earth. The personality I assumed in this dream was clearly that of a young black boy. Therefore, this could be a separate life, also in Atlantis.

The paragraph about myself and a female being the "only two who could get in there" appears to be related to the story of Cayce and his twin soul, Gladys Davis, who was his secretary in the last life.]

Generally, in the last couple of days there has been a lot of work to do. We have arrived at a point where we would like to call your questions. This might speed this up for you if you begin asking us more things; asking us for assistance on different things that you are going through. Once you are up there that high, it is hard for you to come down and listen to us.

D: Do we still have an appointment for tomorrow with Skip, at about approximately a 10:30 to 11:00 to 12 or one o’ clock vortex?

Yes, of course we do. For what purpose is this but for you to grow and understand? It’s a wonder the hotel management still thinks of you the same way. This indicates great progress, David. Before, you had done things that would have gotten you fired in an instant. We admire your restraint.

[4] These weird sensations that you have affect the input-output level of the information that we are bringing in for you. It is well for you to concentrate on the third eye, as it increases the availability of energy for us to do this working. Signaling us with your own skills, we can find you in the matrix of being.

Your awareness has grown, and we are glad to be a part of that growth. It is our only wish to see that you progress in a nonlinear fashion. Your humanness often is your downfall; however, we do not want you to simply forget that you are human, as that is part of the process of coming to understanding. We desire for you to be calm, efficient and aware; to utilize your humanity in such a way that it does not become a burden; to utilize this contact to rapidly increase the efficiency of your life and of your workings in our levels.

We know how much of a challenge it is for you, and we do empathize, but it is not our position to keep pandering to your ego.

Read closely of the Ra Material and you will see, as you have now, that there was something that the Law of Confusion could not be broken about regarding Mars; now you have the answer. There is a perfect correlation.

D: What the hell is going on with this pyramid thing? Edgar Cayce says it was built at the end of Atlantis, however in one place Ra was saying that it was built by everlasting rock at that same time period, but then later said that it was built during the time of Ikhnaton. What is going on?

Do you not understand that simply calculating and perfecting the plans alone could have taken well-nigh 100 years? Hancock and Bauval are on the right track. Many of the pyramid forms were constructed later on, but everything that was behind their building had been stored and sealed by the priestly caste. Do you not see that you were there in the time of Imhotep and Ikhnaton, and that was why we wanted you to explore that area? You have seen pyramids going up, David.

Something else that might interest you is that instruments involved in the moving of stone had been saved and stored from Atlantis in order to aid in this building process, and thus the movement was not as difficult as you might think. Tools that used ultrasonic sound combined with thought; these tools have been safely stored away; but it is important that you keep that in mind.

[10/7: Somewhere in an article on the Atlantis Rising website, there is an article about an obscure Pyramid researcher who discovered a secret chamber on the south side of the Pyramid with Flinders Petrie. This chamber supposedly had ancient writings as well as machines capable of moving large stones. Apparently, they decided that the world was not ready for this yet, and now these things are probably stowed away in a Masonic vault somewhere. It is interesting to see the possible corroboration that is starting to emerge for some of these things, as it increases my confidence even more in the process. These sentences also might indicate that others have yet to be found, and are still safely stored at this point. The fact that Ikhnaton and others may have had these machines could be the facts behind Egyptian legends of the priests moving stones by blowing trumpets; this could be a machine description.]

You seem to have some sort of prohibition at the Pyramids having been built at their accurate date. If you look at the puzzle and put it together, you would realize that the remnants of Atlantis may not have had the ability to do all that building all on their own, yet they did certainly have the ability to lay out all the plans. It is good that you are thinking of these matters.


Monday 6 / 2 / 97 – 8:00 a.m.

Since I feel that this life leaves the Seth channel, so that the entity can enter; this is a most positive way to get what you need to happen. What you need to do is to solve problems tacitly before they become a big ordeal.

If soil were conscious, what would you like to say about it? It is possible that the grass knows who you are, just by feel. An American born condition of reincarnation with Alzheimer’s disease can be cleared up. Let’s all work out a solution. The best thing for you to do now is to be in advance of the dishes. Monitor your stress levels constantly, and any time that there is a situation where you normally would go into that mode, just simply begin breathing.

[Note: When they make mention of "An American born condition of reincarnation with Alzheimer’s disease," they are almost certainly talking about my connection to Cayce and the fact that I had not yet realized it yet. They speak of working on a way to make this knowledge become available to me consciously, and it would still be several months before this happened – although the initial clues were dropped to me from Skip in early October. Skip saw the cover of Venture Inward magazine with an older picture of Edgar Cayce, and realized that the two faces were almost exactly the same in appearance.]


Third Wilcock Session with Skip

Monday 6 / 2 / 97 – 11:00 a.m.

SW: As we open the doors to these past lives, perhaps you can look back across them from the present time and see the similarity of the experiences that draws you from one lifetime to another.

It doesn’t seem to be in this lifetime. And now the vortex is open and twelve thousand years have passed; we are at the end of the next sunspot cycle.

SW: What preparations need to be made?

There are but a few uinals left. We are in the last katun, in the last baktun; the cycles of the Mayan calendar completed. To carry on with this, we must clear out all the detritus that has kept us back. We must open up the thousand-petaled lotus in the heart.

SW: You mentioned the lotus; what does it stand for?

You pluck any of the parts in that mosaic and plant them and transform them into another lotus. Each portion constructs a geometry that is indicative of the whole, just like the hologram.

SW: How many lifetimes are expected this task?

David has been working on this for a long time, as Christina has, which is what we choose to call her. There are many cycles, many reflections. The point of entry was in the Atlantean sphere; the objective was to help out; the objective was not met unless the reincarnational cycle had to be utilized; it was not part of the original plan. We had to accept the manifestation of a mortal soul, the manifestation of cyclical existence. The separation at the time of Atlantis caused great distress. That is the nugget you are so patiently seeking. It is the crucial life that hinges upon all the others. Christina was never intended to stick around in the first place. She is actually more useful here than even she was in Atlantis.

You could call me Grandfather if you wish. I am the one who stands to the left as we approach him. I am the overseer of the manifestations of karmic balance. It is the goal of Lucia and Lucinda, she who stands on the right, to carry forth these propositions and arrange for their manifestations in the physical sphere. Hephaestus can be likened unto the whole of which we are a representative. The third who stands between us is not of the same density as we are; it is a higher consciousness gestalt of the One. That is why we do not choose to name ourselves. The One who is with us contacts the higher levels and brings down the information that we need. We have worked with the idea of a committee, and it is myself and Lucia who must submit the ideas that we have to the One, and see if we can get them approved.

Karma is a delicate game; it is not as automatic as you might think. A lot of work is involved, both positive and negative. The neurological capacity that you have would not possess the speed and accuracy and the ability to assess and maintain complicated structures in order for you to be able to actualize this process in the way that we do. Your neurological functions are basically designed for one track, one existence, one lifetime. Though you can perceive the others, it is not in your nature to be able to live in them and experience them in parallel. You are provided with a three-dimensional structure of past, present and future for your convenience. As we move forward through those lessons of experience in this density, we prepare ourselves for higher levels.

As David returns with us, he will be taking on these tasks. These trials and tribulations that he has experienced in this and previous lifetimes will not possess the hold over him that they have before. He will reunite with me, Grandfather, and with Lucia, and with the One. We want David to understand what our existence is like here. As he came from a fifth-density orientation, he was familiar with what it meant to have a body of light, a body of energy, which in our terms is much denser than your bodies, but it is denser in terms of the compression of intelligence, intelligent infinity or light. Much, much lighter in terms of physical matter, or what you would think of as physical matter.

What you see as your bodies are composed of atoms, and they are mostly empty space; a light body possesses much more in those spaces. The neurological capacity is greatly expanded. It would be difficult for someone on your level to even be able to conceive of the kind of work that has to be done to coordinate these events. For so many of you, so many of them go by unnoticed, unaccounted for, and it is our job to keep providing symbols again and again, and we continue to search for ways to do this regardless of whether it would have an effect on you or not. Therefore, it is in your best interest to pay attention.

In this focus of reality, the perspective is always forward, never backward. There is no linear time as you think of it, yet we do perceive a hierarchical system of events. The differentiation between this system and your own is that we can choose any focus, any intersection or nexus of space and time, in which to experience this. It is very difficult for the human intellect to conceptualize multiple existence, and the ability to enter into or out of any focus at any time for the purpose of growth. You inherently want there to be a beginning, a middle and an ending. That which exists before the beginning confounds you. In the higher densities, there are not such problems. If we wish to have a place to think, a place to see, or a place to be happy for a short time, we simply create it.

It is much too limiting to think of one body in one chair staring out through one set of eyes at one room, one environmental surrounding. As you enter into this level, it would be more of what you consider as a free association. It would be as if you were standing in a room with a matrix of televisions, and you were watching all of the televisions at the same time and comprehending each image, and your neurological capacity is such that you are following each program, deducing complicated arrangements between them, analyzing. It is almost as if you could animate the transits of your own solar system, witness the changes in the Sun’s neutral sheet, in the Sun’s consciousness as they affect the signs, as you understand them, and the houses. As the planets moved, you could perceive their relationships relative to each other, and calculate those aspects as they are happening. Speed it up, slow it down, reverse it or see it all as happening at once.

It is convenient to find the places where there are intersections. Coordinates for us are difficult. It is necessary for us to triangulate on a certain date, on a certain time in a certain place, and we often use planetary configurations in order to insure that those arrangements are made properly. The Full Moon is perhaps the easiest one for us to use. We can simply enter into the space of your atmosphere on any given night, analyze what the position of the moon is relative to the Earth and how the magnetic pole is, see the structure, see how much light there is on the moon, and wait until it’s full. It is a quite easy visual trick. As we triangulate on the full moon, it is quite easy to just stop at that particular moment and just stop the hologram. From there, we may enter into the physical sphere quite easily. Other conjunctions serve equally valid purposes.

It has been spoken of as well that the crop circles exist as maps that we send out for ourselves that we may use to triangulate on certain points. As we get closer and closer to the close of this particular cycle, of this particular breath of your solar system, it is necessary for us to enter in more and more, and thus you see the increasing complexity of the crop circles as they now manifest. David knows that he is ready for this; David knows that it is time. He has the option of leaving this density at the time of the first great harvest, which is centered around your year 2000. That is when the fifth dimensional, as you would like to think of it as photon belt, first becomes directly accessible. Just the fringe energies of it alone passing into this sphere will be enough for him.

What we want for David to realize at this time is that he no longer needs to be upset about what happened to him in Atlantis. He needs to realize that the value that he entered for is now reaching its completion, and that he actually has the capacity to do even more this time than he did in Atlantis. In your case, Tamuz was different. You voluntarily chose to remain; David did not. David was trapped as a mosquito in amber would be, frozen in time to be rediscovered. The available catalyst was there for him to be able to come to these realizations in different cycles, yet the grand cycle would not be complete for the twelve thousand-year period.

SW: Why was David not given a choice?

Free will is abrogated when karma extends beyond a certain level of rectification. In David’s case, he accumulated karma that was insufficient to be released within that space. He did this by his pride. He did this because he wanted to be the best scientist. It is because of the way that he was competitive with his cohorts; he wanted to excel over them. He did this because he took it upon himself to be the one who could single-handedly capture the Atlantean legacy. He did this because he had his own ideas and did not want to share them with others; he felt that some of the information that he was bringing through possessed an exclusive character, and that he wished to have it all to himself. He began to see himself as more than his associates. He began to see or perceive things that he thought his associates were missing. Not everyone wished to agree with his ideas or with the ways in which he chose to implement his concepts.

In that lifetime, he knew he was doing this, and we tried to get through to him. It is kind of an interesting parallel to see this happening again.

[Note: This is overwhelming confirmation of the Ra-Ta information in advance. Obviously, my conscious mind and individual personal issues distorted it somewhat at the time. If we look closely at what they are telling us here, we can see Ra-Ta’s problems emerging. Ra-Ta had made a rule that set up monogamous marriages as being unbreakable, but then later on his scientific interests took hold. He became convinced that it was possible to construct an even more perfect human being than what already existed. He was set up to act on those wishes by those who wanted to see him get banished. The design was for Isis, a woman whom he was very attracted to, to tempt him with the idea of their sexual union creating the perfect child. He fell for it, and his banishment resulted.

Here, we can see the same information coming through, with only a very slight level of distortion. There is repeated mention of my having scientific ideas that I felt were exclusive, that I did not want to share with others. We also can see how I say that this was my downfall, exactly as was the case of Ra-Ta. Plus, there could obviously be more to the Ra-Ta story than the rather small amount of data that is given in the Cayce Readings.]

SW: Are we on the right path?

We are navigating through the blockages as best as possible; so in short, the answer would be yes.

SW: Will the holographic clearing procedure [that I do] be useful?

David has more buried underneath his consciousness than he realizes, and this will provide more of a cathartic release than he might imagine it would at this time. It is of extreme benefit, although we can give you some pointers for that session in particular which might help you.

SW: What would that be?

David does not yet perceive himself as an adult, and this extends back to what his ideas of adulthood were as they were impressed upon his consciousness at a young age. Adult living was his father, in a corporation. His father managed an incredible amount of stress and an incredible amount of tension. So to David, in a sense, adulthood is having a job, being upset about it, yelling about it, getting frustrated, being tense. David also perceives that a relationship with a female is a necessary component to an adult existence at an adult level of functioning. Many of the issues that are inherent within the adolescent growth phase are still having an effect. It is that which we wish to clear. David needs to have a different model of adulthood, a model wherein the spiritual understanding is the coming of age, not the manifestation of corporate tension.

SW: What would the most recent experience be from which we can begin the clearing procedure?

This morning, as he drove here, knowing that he did not have insurance coverage. He has already made the proper arrangements and the insurance company is aware of this, but as he drove today, there was a state trooper hiding in a place that he did not expect, and this caused a huge surge of paranoia. This is just the most recent example of the manifestation of David’s difficulty with Saturn, being in this case the trooper. Saturn is giving David a lot of difficulty right now, as it is squaring his natal Mars. It is excruciating for him.

SW: If this is a restrictive complex, will it help to reverse it?

David’s restrictions are self-imposed, as he can choose at will to shift the hologram. The Saturn-Mars square is there for his own use. As you are aware, it can lead to very constructive energy, very active energy, which David has difficulty with. He fears that if his personality is too energized, that he will not be able to handle the energy as it comes in. He is afraid of letting go of that which holds him back, because it acts as crutches. You have worked often in this room with people who are overweight, as was David up until the age of fifteen or sixteen. So when you are dealing with him, you must remind yourself that all the complexes associated with weight are equally applicable to him now, except that what we have worked with is that they have transferred over into other eating disorders.

David was, up until recently, what you would have termed anorexic. It was a difficult balance for us, as we wanted him to eat healthily, but at the same time we wanted him to eat enough. Now we have him eating enough, but he is not eating right; but he now has the availability of finance to have healthy food and an abundance of it. He now feels himself worthy of eating, so this will change the process.

SW: It is necessary now that we end this session. Is there anything that you feel is necessary for us to know now?