[Note: This next block seems to refer to a Sumerian past life that I had at one time. The implications were that I was some sort of innovator in the use of cuneiform writing for things outside of trade, and that I realized its connection to an extraterrestrial source, perhaps.]

[One voice:] Can we do it without being a bother?

[Answer:] Oh, yes.

[Note: Someone else, perhaps a Sumerian self, now talking from his own perspective. Read closely.]

At will, it will make a waking statement about cuneiform. It seems that it passed twenty years ago; ten years ago, even. The coat of arms at that time was rubies, and they were as beautifully shiny as one gets. Every time I saw those figures, I was kidding myself, especially when I saw the first one, because I knew this had come from somewhere else. It was no garbage. People at the time only wanted to use it to trade, but there was so much more. I used it for the equivalent of magazines and stuff.

[Note: The implications of this are fantastic! I was completely unaware of what I was saying, yet it clearly indicates that a former self of mine was aware of a benevolent extraterrestrial influence that was "seeding" the Sumerian culture with information, here through the gift of cuneiform writing. It appears that I was an innovator in the use of it.]

The time is now twenty – three after the 11th.

[Note: This must be related to a cycle – based calendar system like the Mayans had; perhaps it indicates November 23rd, from his reality perspective. In the next line it seems apparent that he knows he is in contact with me somehow.]

I’m really programmed to record this in my apartment, but this will do for now; the flesh is funny. The experience of the different modalities, perhaps. It’s still there after all this time for the rest of us to see. When I describe to you what they told me, it will often come out distorted, as there are just too many pots and pans in there, in order to describe it accurately.

[Note: Clearly, he gained contact with this same source as well, and wants to tell me what he learned. Normally, he would record it in his dwelling, but this time it was apparently all happening on the energetic level. The modalities he refers to could be dimensions or spiritual densities of existence; therefore, he may well have been an out – of – body traveler. In addition, it seems that my own language is distorting and allegorizing some of the messages he is trying to convey to me.]

[And now, the dream voice returns to comment on this exchange of information.]

Your life should be one of greater purpose; greater complexity. Part and parcel of that is the ability for you to recall your past lives. Your subconscious is not fine – tuned enough yet for us to be able to slip solid factual information past you, which is why it comes in paradox, as you have seen. The problem is that other people get these paradoxical results, and they don’t know how to use them, and thus potentially incredible information goes unrefined and unsought for. But you are doing extremely well, and we are extremely pleased. As it turns out, many other people have used their Email before; their cosmic Email, that is. When I was driving and I was passing the surface of the vehicle, that’s when I knew the shift had begun; the transformation was made.

All these things that I might speak of require "diligent practice" on your part, as I have said so many times. But I cannot stress enough a word or a group of words which so adequately describes the conditions inherent in your training program. It is imperative to us that you begin searching deeper and deeper for more information of the personal nature, so that we may remove those blockages from you, [and] get down into the core. There will always be another way for you to act and respond; a way that exists outside your normal space – time nexus and your normal conscious focus. That way is illustrated by your propensity towards being involved in the space program, as we call it; your involvement with extraterrestrial species. This then becomes a key in unraveling the map of your psyche, for as we have seen, there are too many potentials that could be activated without the need for this other system in place.

So therefore, before we can transfer the focus away from yourself, you have to sufficiently clear your karma, so that you are no longer in dire need of it. This may take some time. In the meantime, we would caution you to not take yourself so seriously, as this is problematic, because it leads to depression: anxiety that is easily averted. We know that your times and your situations are difficult, but you are blessed; you can be firm in your understanding that there is a way out, and that you are approaching it now. Many times in the past we have tried to explain to you the power that your beliefs have to mold that which is reality. The reason why we don’t go into it in any great length is that you have a more than adequate source with the Seth books in order to unravel that information, however it is of crucial importance here. You only just now have decoded last night the fact that when you rejected marijuana, you rejected pleasure, and in so doing, cut yourself off from the third dimension as we know it.

By now, you are realizing that the pleasure of female companionship is yours to gain; you can go further into exploring areas of your mind uncharted. Without the focus being on the need and the drive for survival, you relieve yourself of some of the greatest themes of struggle and anxiety in your entire life. You have inherited a whole system of acting and thinking and feeling which causes great limitation, and is inherently distressing. The system will not help you to expand anymore unless we transcend it. All things that I might speak on this topic are things that you should know already, but as you are now organizing your thoughts and putting them to action, the meanings become a lot more clear.

D: [A question literally introduced into my mind:] "Was I really born here?"

You have been born many times, and had many cancers. This is a fact that you should understand when investigating your issues surrounding anger. Be aware that in the present moment, you have not escaped from these systems; it is thus important that we get around to making sure they are purged and cleansed.

D: "Note: Switching to right side for less discomfort." [In reference to body positioning.]

It’s terrible that you would feel that way [a.k.a., angry] about yourself. We are doing all that we can to insure that it does not persist. The scientists are really, really mad, with all the advances in the information that is coming in around them – much faster than their ability to handle or control it. This will be more interesting for you to watch as things progress, because no one is an expert in anything anymore – the information becomes so diversified to many small channels, there is no other way for it to go.

Same day, 10:55 –

The Great Atlantis / Egypt Synchronicity Dream

[Note: We have only included the most significant parts due to size considerations.]

-Part Three: The Catastrophic Plummet into Death

This then segued into a Rescue 911 movie that I also seemed to participate in. There was a scene of police officers going over a bridge in a frantic rush to get to the scene of an accident. I was apparently with them. When we arrived, there was a lady who fell out of a window holding her baby, falling backwards off of a ledge. She hit the ground after falling off of this ledge, and you could see her feet trying to grab the pavement, but it didn’t work. Her body slammed down first, and then her head hit the pavement. Both the lady and baby died. The shot of her fall was endlessly repeated in the program in slow motion; it was quite horrible. The police were all laughing about it, which made me really nauseous. At the end, I saw the whole film at full speed, without stop motion, and it was singularly awful.

Inside the house, the new boyfriend was watching it and enjoying it, and that just made me more upset. The guys in the film talked as if there might have been something that could have been done; there was some kind of hope. As the conversation shifted to the growth aspects of the fall, the whole ambiance changed to a spiritual community of some sort.


-Part Four: Spiritual Beings Assess the Learning Potentials of Plummeting

As I looked around, I realized that the apartment we were in was now different, like an academic hall. There were all these academicians inside who were studying the girl falling off the building. I got the impression that these guys were monks of some kind. They were wearing graduation – type outfits. My mother’s boyfriend morphed into my housemate Jack, one of the monks. It seemed that they were very intent on seeing what could be learned from the fall. The TV room opened into a classroom with a chalkboard that was curved in a smooth circle around a 90 degree corner on the wall. They were trying to use an ancient building design and modernize it.

I seemed to have rebelled against the class. There was a hot water pipe in the corner of the room that reminded me of the time when I burned myself at a very young age while my mother was working in music.

Ikhnaton. You should be the first to know. Don’t you remember, David?

[Note: This was really the first time that I was directly exposed to the notion that I had been someone "significant" in a past life. Ikhnaton was a famous Egyptian figure during the mainstream, recognized Pyramid Age, and Ra associates him with being another soul who was able to contact them and spread knowledge of the monotheistic Law of One for a time. There is no data to confirm or deny that Cayce had any connection to Ikhnaton in the Cayce Readings; however, the readings did say that there were other lives of Cayce’s that could not be revealed at the time due to their sensational nature. I studied the Ra Material after this and discovered that Ikhnaton was very similar in many ways to Ra-Ta, in that he was able to hear the words of Ra and speak them to the people. It also said in the Ra Material that Ikhnaton was supposed to have a series of incarnations after this life in order to balance out his karma of wanting too much power. So, the future lives were supposed to be much more downscaled than what he had already been.

This sentence is so direct in how it is phrased that it strongly brings into mind the idea that this is another one of the personages in the ongoing Cayce saga.]

[Trans. Note: This is unmistakable. Directly after the passage in regards to Sumeria, there is a dream of an Egyptian / Atlantean life on the same day! The data also conforms with what was said to Skip in the Dream Voice interview.]

-Part Eight: The Abuse of Spiritual Gifts

This segued into a section where Sai Baba, the man who can create physical objects and teleport himself with spiritual powers, was the guru in question. I was sitting there and this female foot snaked out, and then it seemed that I became Sai Baba. There was a woman there, and even though there was hair on the leg, it ended up being a woman’s leg, a darker woman. There was a sex scandal regarding how he was trying to get women into his practice and have sex with them. He was crooked and dirty.

[Note: This portion of the dream appears to be directly connected to the lifetime as Ra-Ta. His main problem was being banished for having extramarital sex, and once he came back from being banished, he did end up with an entire harem of women.]

[Note 9/23/97: Could this actually not be Sai Baba at all, but a further viewing of a past life where I was a king, and some of the things I did wrong at that time?]

[Note: Cayce’s incarnation as Ujhltd certainly would fit the idea of being a king, but this particular passage seems connected to either Ra-Ta or Ikhnaton.]


Monday 3 / 18 / 97 – morning, time unknown.

Just as current records indicate, you are falling behind in completion of different tasks. It is very important that you realize that we have to work together, and that this is a crisis situation placed before you. Many times in the past we have been confronted with this, and have gotten through okay. This time shouldn’t be any different, but just be aware that the stakes are very high; we really need you to perform. As soon as you return back, you will need to really make an effort, as your unemployment cannot continue in its present form.

What we brought in just now was partially symbolic of you, and the war between the hidden part of yourself and the everyday part of yourself. Now you’re struggling to get them to cooperate with each other, and as you saw, it’s not easy. What concerns us right now is the condition of your mind as we move forward through these experiences. You have the right idea, in that you are not being overly anxious and fearful at this time, however, you must also, in this same context, be able to very strongly apply masculine energy to the situation, and take action in the physical world to an enhanced degree.

Also, when one feels impulsive, great strength is added to the personality; the characteristics of suffering that existed so prominently in the past are quickly overcome by the powerful energy of personal transformation. What we want you to do now is to be aware of your actions as they happen; be aware of the direction that you are heading in, and take conscious steps to make your transition as quick and as painless as possible. To that end, some temporary work might be most suitable for keeping the money in at a pace that is applicable to you.

Everything we have got is from a "feeling really horrible" status that we have for ourselves. These energies these times lead you to feeling horrible, which makes you press on further. If you can go through these lessons without attachment, then you have made significant progress.

[Little kid’s voice and the image of a beach like Cape Cod: "Raise the sandstone, raise the sandscreen, raise the sandstone." (Could this be a reference to the rising of Atlantean temples?)]

[Note at 7:23 p.m. 4/15 – Experienced the typical weird sonic ear pressure as the idea that the Japanese woman was the person in the flower patch in next paragraph, and that she represented my husband – killing simultaneous lifetime.]

[Image of someone in an area with flowers, and a Japanese woman’s (JW) voice.]

JW: Three things – the images, the sights and the sounds. They all converge here, and that bothers me.

D: On her word "here," there was the image of a tanned and muscular man.

Dave, it doesn’t have to be that way. I’ll send that to her now.

JW: No, it’s not true!

In the future, that’s how planetary our system gets.

JW: I have to do what is right, don’t I?

Yes, you do.

JW: I ate plants every day, and I walked around and I prayed. It was great.

D: (Here, there was the implication of the Japanese woman having done something with Mario in some sort of open area.)

After, she seemed to understand what I was getting at: "Now stop murdering. Mo yame koroshi."

"There is no such thing as time or money wasted; you can carry it back with you with your feet." That is what the Ancients say, but it’s to be expected. They knew of no other way, short of violent execution, to meet their needs. You are ready to dive in. See the treasures that await you.

So many of you have been around here before, and I have been there on a flight, across to San Diego and back. I feel that at the end of a scene, there are some interesting songs. "Thundery, you are the highest evolved" might be one example. [Note: This is the phrase that Carrie uttered when she brought in her own dream voice for the first time, as per David’s instruction. Pereira’s book on the Arcturians describes their channeled messages as songs. "The end of the scene" clearly relates to Ascension as the spiritual rebirth of society.]

If you ever get used to law, you might think it different.

D: (The voice is a little upset sounding in the next sentence.)

You disagree with me, and that leaves me no choice but to send it back to you. [Images of Sylvester Stallone.] Your father from the first time broke the pact – Father Perissi. Dealing with Peritos the second time; was he a rabbi?

[Note: Very, very odd – this next sentence alone, the voice gets suddenly deep on the tape.] What do you call those choices in your pocket? [Image of masturbation.] You knew that a long time ago.

I know my verbiage is bothering you; please bear with me. Part of what we are doing is gathering and reading the stored energy that you have put in this room, both in thoughts and actions.

[Note: This reading was perhaps the only time that I ever conducted this process in the room that I grew up in throughout my entire childhood and adolescence.]

You always wanted to have sex in here, and until the very end with Yumi, it never did happen. You have been alone all your life, and as you can tell, we want nothing more for you than to break the cycle. You could do this without straying too far from your initial intentions of getting involved right now.

Let’s bring the focus together. If you actually leave your childhood, you can become very effective. There is something I have to spank you about; that’s why I thank you so much about my eyes. [Implication was that they were nice eyes.] You had a fight, and we want that to be your excuse.

D: Excuse for what?

For not coming in on time; for not being pleased with what is happening.

[Note 7/17 – This clearly refers to a fight within myself that needed to be explained as the reason for why I continued in negative behaviors.]

Are you going to drink the same day? Water, that is. I don’t know, Dave; many people have been mistreated the same as you. It’s time to turn that into action. As soon as you become a man of action, your sphere of influence will spread enormously. You and he and everybody else is named after me; therefore that whole prospect [of sex] is rather silly. As you have found, it goes in, it goes out, and that’s it. [Image of really beautiful naked ladies, one of whom has a scarf on her head.] You know I like the musicians, but I am not in favor of women as objects.

You will climb your way to the top one day. Ah, now you are realizing how easy you could put [your book] together with the software that you already have. Isn’t it nice that you have been given this direction? Think on it. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love.


Tuesday 3 / 19 / 97 – 9:17 am

Involved women in a large shopping mall, and I was trying to coordinate it so I could eat with them. There was a lot of business going on in vacuuming; very, very huge mall. Also something involving music – some kind of outdoor concert, possibly involving Howard Stern.

[(4/15) Miraculous! The day before I started at the E electronics repair company, I went to see the Howard Stern movie with E F and accidentally left my electronics book in the theater on the way out. After returning to get it back and finding out that the theater and most of the mall was closed, I got stuck in the mall for an enormous and awful amount of time, and the only guy there was the guy who was vacuuming the floors! This prophecy came in several weeks in advance!]

[2] Why are you getting trashed, then? Your mother has a bathroom. You are upset because you’ve got a life, not just plug-in hearts. I am the functioner in your notebook. Capitalize on the intellect in your mind. The seven guys were very stoned; they made a point of it to be belligerent. Many faces are perverted and twisted; Macintosh and Apple. You must go this alone. If you feel you’d like to punch him right in the gut, go right ahead.

[Note: All of this turned out to be further time-encoded dream voice prophecy that illustrated what was going on in that situation. According to the forces, hanging out with this dysfunctional band of seven people was like "getting trashed," as they were very discordant. Furthermore, the reference to the Macintosh and Apple is even more interesting, as this is the kind of computer that E F uses. The perversion that they are speaking of is obviously in relation to E’s attitudes about sex, which are extremely open and represented our greatest point of disagreement. He felt that having more sex with different partners was the answer to all the ills of our society.]

[4] Enjoy the faith that will come to you naturally when you begin taking positive steps towards self – transformation. An assertive, positive attitude such as you saw last night is very important if you are to start your own business.

[Note: Here they are referring to a meeting between Jude’s cousin and friend R and myself that had just taken place the night before. When I last knew R, he was unmotivated, lazy and unsuccessful. When I met up with him again the night before, he was going on and on about this great sales job that he had, working with a company that sold thermal windows. He explained his sales training to me at great length, and the main point seemed to be that no matter what energy the potential client sends you, you must remain completely upbeat, positive and enthusiastic. He had very quickly become one of their best salespeople as a result of putting all of this to work.]

You see now that we are giving you all the information you will need to be a success; therefore you should pay very close attention to what is happening now. In competition with other groups, it is my hope that you will persevere, and by learning this technique of unwavering positivity as you have seen, it is something that can be taught and applied without necessarily actually feeling that way. That help was offered by someone who in many ways was even more unmotivated than even you were, and that in itself should give you understanding.

Never before have the tools for total self-transformation been so readily apparent to you as they are now, and as I go around speaking this way, I seek to bring your awareness into complete unity with all that there is, and that which you know is true.

[Note 7/18: This meeting with R was oddly prophetic of the sales job I would end up doing two months later with Mohonk Reservations. Reading this now is interesting, as I am finally absorbing how remarkable of a transition all this really was.]

You are learning to be at peace with yourself in the midst of adverse circumstances. What we wish for you is for you to overcome the impulse to drag yourself down, and instead you should be rising yourself up, going higher and higher, farther and farther, to deeper levels of understanding.

[4] [Image of my psychology books being able to be sold.] It is not worth it to you at this point. Follow the theme, which is renunciation. Why is this detrimental to you? There should be no deviation from an unwavering positivity. If the Seth books have taught you anything, it should be that you yourself create your own reality; therefore, your attitude has a direct bearing upon the events that will transpire. This is of crucial importance.

As an aside, I’d like to take the heat off and compliment you on how well you are doing in renouncing the possessions that you do have here. This is a very important step for you. [Image of Jude.]

The first Exorcist movie I saw, shooting to the left, to the right, it was crazy conditions. You needn’t live your life in fear. What will be one thing one day will be something else the next, and many capable people have spoken on this, yet you seem to ignore it. Six weeks have passed since you had considered yourself aristocracy, and now look at it in context of the ideas that are streaming in. We couldn’t have wanted anything more for you.

Driving through these highways and byways of life will give you a greater experience in handling various situations as they arise, so that you will consciously choose not to suffer anymore.


Wednesday 3 / 20 / 97 – 4:46 a.m.

It was too much to handle. This whole group of old people was trying to come after me, and they had documents and photographs of this person’s bloody eyelid, a person who I had beaten up myself. It was overwhelming.

We just need to know what you will be doing in the near future, for you will have to watch out with this one. A lot of energy surrounds it, and this bothers you, but it is natural; part of your overall process.

[Note 9/23: This is clearly indicative of the foreknowledge of the lawsuit that was coming, and that it was necessary for my own growth to have happened.]

[Image of my mother trying to get me to take out all my possessions from the house, and I was telling her to slow down, there was too much to deal with.] If you want more time, there’s some things in this gallery. The least productive will be a repeated experience, for that will prove to hinder future development. The necessity for greater forms of communication between people in society is now utterly evident.

I felt completely falsely accused. These people were completely plotting my downfall, as if I had been set up. I was screwed as a result of it.

If in the end you could have seen him, you would have seen that it was 20,000 years ago. 6782- that one was easy. [This was in the context of an elaborate code seemed to have been figured out with gematria, related to the whole code that I was talking about.] 1572 figures in very prominently as well.

[Note 7 / 18: I wondered like hell what this meant. Now it seems obvious that the 20,000 years could be about Atlantis, or some significant event. Also again, 200,000 dollars was how much Debbie ended up suing me for, as we have seen predicted elsewhere on this same day. 1572 could clearly be a year in question, not an actual gematric number. This might be a key to understanding the monastic life often referred to.]

[Image of my mother just heading out the door.] I just have enough to show everybody, if they come. She’s saying all this shit; don’t do that. The Air Force loses track of people moving from data entry into more creative levels.

[Note: This is a direct and clear – cut prediction of the A10 crash that happened soon afterwards, where it seemed that a pilot had stolen the plane.]

In this dream, I got the impression that I was totally screwed; they seemed to have a strong case. It was very vivid.

I will give you control. C. D.; she is going through a lot of changes. [Image of a grand piano with someone playing.] Cartoon changes. [Voice of someone – "Does he have a house?" and a voice responding, "Yes, he does, my dear."] Image of a strange house, setting up computers in the living room.

[Note: I checked on the name of the person in the second sentence, which was originally a full name that we have compressed for privacy reasons. This person was indeed moving from one house to another, and was a piano player. The second half of this paragraph was about E’s own new house. He did end up setting up his computer in the living room of the house when he finally moved in.]

David, David, David. We are willing to take the risk of sitting you down and explaining these matters to you. In order for them to hold greater validity in your life first, we want you to see that no matter what you choose to do, there will always be a part of yourself that is inherently spiritual and inherently focused on helping other people, and if you choose not to use that part, you are fundamentally denying one of the basic parts of yourself. This dream indicates the problematic quagmire that now stands before you; you have a situation where the energies of the universe are not in support of this. You also have a clear indication of continuing tax trouble that’s following you. [Image of my voice: "Oh well, I learned how to do it."]

Every donor in society wishes to make contributions of himself of a sound nature. [Violently:] DEFY MY URGE TO WIN! However, in the meantime, there is a focus that stretches beyond the mundane world, into the world of greater light and greater love. It is through this system that people may attain wisdom and salvation. [Image of the fact that what I just did there in the church could have been blasphemous or degrading to the spirits that were there or they retaliated against me somehow; or maybe it was just a bad karma thing to do.]

[While asleep downstairs, Eric suddenly whispered some phrases here, and I got quite scared and freaked out afterwards.] Now she decides to go to Florida all of a sudden; this is causing you more hurt and pain than you realize. Something in your past that is not your fault that you now have to deal with very suddenly. Do you see the theme? [Remembering being in the backyard and having extremely transcendental feelings with one of Mom’s friends.] That was pretty good. A young, personable guy you are.

[Louder:] Where do we go when there is no energy? They think they’re that strong, but they’re really not. You better make a point of transforming all of this into an April Fool’s joke, for this is something that is happening to you, not by you, and you need to adjust the flow of your life accordingly.

I had been involved also with a young baby who I had shaken a few times. The nature of the crime seemed to change as I went along. I was in front of these people, and there was a woman in particular who had all the tools they needed to destroy my life; it was really awful.

Why is it too hard for him to stand up for himself? He doesn’t want to stand up for himself. The experts say, "Try to think a little harder." The answer is, try to think a little clearer. Politics can overwhelm you, those bastards! Get online with the real story, which is what is happening to the planet. It seems it is very easy for you to get diverted off the track, and in one day, you can switch everything around. We need to keep you in line.

The destruction of your child represents you not allowing that part of yourself to come through; by getting involved in this corporation, you wouldn’t be allowing that to happen. We caution you to always check both ways before entering into a situation, and we understand that your being unemployed may lead you to react suddenly and grab a job without thinking through it any further. A little more discrimination is necessary at this point. This dream really is a response to a variety of stressors in your life, and it represents another facet in the Beat Up Doll situation, which indicates your rejecting of yourself again and again.

Rather than us worrying about it, we simply accept that this is what is happening now. You should be aware that the turbulent times that you are going through have to be balanced out through the dream plane. This therefore makes it imperative that the dreams cause physiological reactions in order to offset the various chemicals [that stress creates in the body.] You were carrying a lot more stress and frustration than you realized, and the chaotic and disorderly conduct of the house was not indicative of clear thinking on your part, when you had this decision to call and talk. It cannot be right for you to lie and say all these things that aren’t true in the pursuit of a job. You will inevitably find yourself miserable in the end if you continue to do those things. The opportunity is now here for you to have exactly the kind of business that you want; in order to meet those ends, you don’t really want a job that is going to become all-encompassing.

It’s time to work carefully; don’t start doing that again.

[diff. voice:] "Oh boy – I seldom receive an answer when I am going nuts."

This is supposed to represent the one true love. It is a very involved and very necessary process. We will navigate you through this, David. Give S E (at Mohonk) a call. Stay away from the bureaucratic machine; you know it’s not right. There is a green light, a green lamp, right now. It is shining brightly; do you not see it? Don’t let the little things suck you in along the way.

I felt guilty, trapped, like they had really caught me, no way out, being pursued, danger – it was very unpleasant.

As these life cycles progress, you gain a deeper and deeper understanding of what is involved to succeed, and we will see to it from this end that you meet those needs, through a variety of tasks including meditation and spiritual growth and enhancement. The probabilities are very strong that if you were to take a job with Fleet, the work would be overwhelming, and the stress would be not very good for you. But when you decide to spontaneously do something in one day, it makes it difficult for us to communicate this clearly, unless you stay in a constant state of meditation. We know what you are going through, David, and we want you to understand that we are here for you, and you will persevere through the situation that is occurring with your mother just fine; you will persevere through everything just fine. You have to keep the faith of that.

I know it’s going to be an exciting time; a time to explore yourself and a time to explore others, both literally and physically. She wants some company; she wants you to come and chat with her. I will cover it up until she comes back. Do you see how the stress in the people around you last night affected your own mood? That is something very important to think about. It’s my wife and kids now, and all the kids along the scale. [Image of how this whole family was on my ass about what I had done to wound the kid.] This is also relative to the spiritual family of the souls in that church, who very clearly heard what you said last night and were offended. Keep that in mind for the future.

That sounds so true. Put me down in the social work chair; that is where I will do the greatest good. You merely need to wait for the appropriate moment, and act. You will see exactly how everything progresses. J from the Chronogram; he has changed it to the eleventh. His place is really busy.

8:52 a.m.

There was a long section involving some rather upscale living situation, and lots of women involved.

In my opinion, this takes great wine and survival; that’s when there are no guests. [Thought that if I had a group of people and wanted to take them into a cave or something, that I would want to have them all sign a waiver first.] How about, "I’m about to escape right now?" A box of turnovers.

[Note: The Mohonk prediction here, especially the wine and the word guests, is unmistakable; then, see the very next line from the dream below. It is also interesting that the word ‘turnover’ is used, as I would certainly become one of the people who creates a ‘turnover rate’ at the other jobs I had worked at. At Mohonk, I completed a full season.]

This hotel had all these people there. It had a feel to it that was very similar to the crisis hotline that I worked at. People were staying up late, and a lot of people were going to bed.


[CONTEXT NOTE: This next event took place while I was up in Albany at my grandparents’ house. I reached for the book explained below and psychometrized it open. The results were better than I could have ever possibly hoped for!]

Saturday – 9:15 p.m.

The Great Who’s Who Psychometric Synchronicity

D: Saturday night, approximately 9:15. I have the book with my grandfather in it; Who’s Who in America, 1982 to 1983, 42nd edition, Vol. 2, L – Z. (He got into this book through his work with lubrication or "tribological" engineering, related to bearing design and analysis.) I tried some divination, holding the pages together and concentrating. With eyes completely closed, I zeroed in first on where to open and then what page to open to, and did it. In my mind’s eye I saw a portion of that page that had a golden square of light around it. Feeling the page with my hands, I placed my fingers directly over where I thought the square to be. I opened my eyes and realized that my fingers were directly over the beginning and ending of one of the entries. As I first looked at it, it didn’t seem like much. I was dead wrong.

Page 2378, heading under Morris –

Robert Lyle Morris: Communication researcher, born Canansburg, Pa, July 9, 1942, son of Robert Neil and Lyal "Bisch" M., B.S. University of Pittsburgh, 1963, Ph.D. Duke, 1969, married Joanna Du Berry, July 1, 1966. Children: Lila and Vanessa, twins. Post – doctoral fellow, Center Study Aging and Human Development, Duke Medical Center, 1969 – 1971. Research coordinator, Psychical Research Foundation, Durham, N.C., 1971 – 74, Trustee, Gardner Murphy Research Institute, Chapel Hill, N.C., 1971 – present. SEC., 1971 – 74, Eileen J. Garrett, lectr. in Parapsychology Tutorial Program, University of California at Santa Barbara, 1974 – 78, lectured at Sch. Social Sci., University of California, Irvine, 1978 – 80; Senior research scientist, School of Computer and Information Science, Syracuse, New York University, 1980 – present; Research coordinator, Communication Studies Lab, 1980 – present, Representative of parapsychological association to AAAS, 1970 – 77. Recipient, MIDS Weiss award, 1973, fellow AAAS; member, American Society for Psychical Research, trustee 1979 – present, secretary 1980 – present; Animal Behavioral Society Parapsychological Association – President, 1974, treasurer, 1975, author of numerous publications in the field. Home – 330 Buckingham Avenue, Syracuse, New York.

"Publish when you really have something to say. Take the time to learn how to write first. Count on being wrong occasionally and be ready to admit it. Be prepared to be unpopular, at least for a time. Any true advance in knowledge sooner or later involves telling a large group of involved people that they have been wrong about something of major importance to them."

[Note: Obviously, this was an incredible synchronicity, one that hit me on a very personal level. That last part, where Mr. Morris is quoted, seemed to be directly targeted at me, with my ideas of doing a writing project in the future. After this point on the tape, I put in a very deep-hearted soliloquy where I wondered why my life was so impossibly difficult from a financial sense, even in the midst of having such a fantastic psychic ability. I was about to ask my grandparents for money the next morning. This obviously is part of my Cayce financial karma!]


Sunday 3 / 31 / 97 – 9:37 a.m.

[Note: This is the morning after I had left my new electronics book in the movie theater when I went to see the Howard Stern movie with E F. I had ended up sitting for an unbelievable amount of time, waiting to get into the theater which was wide open. The security guard told me that he did not have the access to go in and get it for me, and the temptation was enormous for me to go and get it myself. I eventually did a very strong remote-influencing session to attract people to this situation, and the first time it drew the guard, and the second time it drew the guy who let me in. I also checked earlier to see how long I would wait, and I instantaneously got that it would be at least 45 minutes. One of the strangely prophetic elements of this whole thing was the incessant drone of Oldies 97.7 over the loudspeakers, which began to drive me insane after two hours of sitting in the dark on a metal-grate chair in a big, empty mall, half awake and helpless. It prophesied the agony of hour after hour of this same music at E electronics co., and it happened in context of me losing the book for that very job!]

[Also, it is important to keep in mind here that I was about to do a show with E F wherein I was going to pretend to be a "Meatatarian," a person who eats only meat, as a satire. When I did the show, I had the same tension over my heart that I did when I first did the Dream Voice with Skip; at the time, I did not understand why it was happening, and speculated that it might have been nerves. It was probably a lot more than that.]

Dream Title: "Sealing Damage to Sacred Spaces"

Very long spiraling dream.

20 to 30 thousand lines per day; a day of screw, where the streets are true.

[Note: Again, a prediction of an upcoming lawsuit against me, which is borne out in a part of the dream where I was pursued by Arsenio Hall for his car. "20 to 30 thousand" and "a day of screw" are the key lines here. (The lawsuit never went anywhere, but it sure did scare me!)]

At the end of this dream, it seems that there were these windows that had been smashed in a church. I was implementing a plan to seal up the windows and put some sort of urethane back on them to hold them in place. I can see the analogy to my car right away, and how I was going to fix up the area where I hammered out the dent.

We are not in lower – case positions anymore.

D: I just got a message about someone called "The Controller." I then saw a piece of paper with a maroon headline being put into a box. Then, I saw the image of me taking it out and reading it. So, let’s see what The Controller says.

[4 – slow.] Since the beginning, man has strived for perfection in all its forms. Various different methodologies have been developed to bring about changes in the overall structure in which life is carried out. Now, you have a system easily duplicable, and this is important. Without a system that is easily repeated, there is little hope for a true epiphany of understanding amongst self and others. This is what we have hoped for, and everything is going right on schedule.

[2] You want to hear the latest this evening? We finished second place in the act. You said, quote, they were chasing me. [Image of changing the oil on my car.] [Thinking about E F and his friends:] They have no respect for you. We apologize for last night’s lesson, and if you could view the different time cycles as we do, you could easily see how the ramifications of doing that as opposed to not doing it could extend through to the overall success and / or failure of the enterprise.

[Note: The lesson was that I ended up getting lost on the way home.]

We know that the lesson was difficult and profound, but one of the reasons why we wanted you to go through this is to briefly reacquaint you with the exact same types of karmic repercussions that you used to experience. This includes such cases as getting locked out of your dorm rooms in New Paltz or getting locked out of your house at 621, and many other things along those lines, where you were stuck in a position and you just had to sit it out and wait under extremely adverse conditions.

More than a century ago, you had the same problems, interestingly enough. A few minutes ago, my father said that to me, too. [Image of Papa, my grandfather.] We wanted to tell youÃ