[Note: The following Level Two passages are apparently frowned upon in the next paragraph –

"Airport, airport. It fits right in as you log on. 7, 8, if you close the door. Stand back; stand the bags, man."

However, these lines themselves also could be significant. The "airport" is another metaphor for the "vehicles" of Ascension, the rising of the human spirit into the heavens. Plus, I was indeed "logging on" at that time, or starting another new session. The next line, "7,8 if you close the door," could mean that if I can stop the interference from lower sources, I could attain the seventh or eighth level of development to gather knowledge. The last sentence appears to possibly be a product of this "tampering."]

Why did you do that? I told you about that many months ago. Gossip destroys, my friend. How can you expect to make a living if you can’t control your environment? Trust what I have said from the past, and understand that what is happening now cannot be explained… something is going on which defies any rational explanation. I’m going into the future, and that’s why I brought you here; I wanted you to see what I might find. I forgot to do something, but it’s okay; you are here now.

We have had an absence of what to me is like several months of time, but to you it is only a few days. It is interesting to have you back. This whole work phase has been a very difficult period for you, and the dream is showing you all the different attributes of the experience you have had to grapple with. The many shards of learning and knowledge have come down and embedded themselves into your sphere of thought for the very purpose of allowing you to have a greater focus and a greater understanding of issues that are in place. There will be a time when you will no longer feel the necessity of translating these experiences as they happen, but rather you will simply trust the process and allow it to occur unimpeded as you are doing this moment.

I don’t need to remind you of the difficulties that are inherent in this arrangement that you now have. As you now realize, there are problems regarding scheduling and the eccentricities that occur with the sleep patterns. The remedy of the situation is for us to do more within the scope of our workings when we do have the opportunity.


Wednesday 2 / 19 / 97 – 8:03 a.m.


Earlier section involving my old Martial Arts teacher telling me how damaged his body was from all the abuse. He had a problem with his hip, and so he had to be careful about which side he allowed someone to throw him on because of that fact.

There was a long section involving a nursing home. There were two guys involved, one of whom was my jazz piano-playing friend Andy, but their identities changed as we went along. The thing with the nursing home involved me going through the woods at various points trying to find something. It seems that I had parked my car, or a van. It seemed to be about music, and continually trying to find the right place to play.

Something about talking directly with Nostradamus. I was actually doing this.


Good to see you again, David. It’s like years from now. To tell you the truth, I knew that staff would be coming. It was your grandfather. We successfully prepared me as best we could. [He is undergoing a] triumph – hear the sound. It seems impossible, but it is coming into focus rapidly. You are learning of your true past, and this pleases us.

The gist of it is for you to understand what is going on now through that lens. The cistern is full with a totally different personality from the one you now know; you should be aware of this. For you see, the last I knew, the materials were under my control. I told them about that, but often they won’t listen to me; only a select few. How about you?

The pyramids may be the only chance you have to see the training process in action while still on Earth in 3D. If you were to go inside, you would understand, and feel the shift.

[4] There are many others who have gone before with similar inclinations. You would not be the first nor the last. The seven wonders of the world contained great majesty, great understanding for the people of that time. Many people now are nonplused by the fact of their existence, but that is only a position born in ignorance, and holds no merit. And now it is time for you to ask me some questions.

We wish you the best of luck; your pulse is so low, you might disintegrate. A general amount of diversification in your life should be enough. When these truths are to be known, their revelation comes with great understanding. You screaming up there isn’t necessary. Inside you there are a whole range of possible actions. Watch the TV here for further announcements. It is amusing when you are sitting in that chair [transcribing these tapes.] A great deal of data is being implemented, and your mind is very receptive. We will use that to our advantage.

D: Are we accurate in ascertaining that [Eric’s girlfriend "Lisa"] was in a relationship with Eric in the past, and that [Shirley] was his sister?"

His sister, yes. You have seen the way the pieces fit together. Understand that their ramifications extend straight through to the present. I wouldn’t have had you ask that question, but it seems important. 17th Century Europe; a time of great troubles. Many things were happening to cause great pain in lives of individuals. He was a trainer and player of the lute in that timeframe. [Note: Eric was also a lute player in the present, and there seemed to be a very strange karmic connection associated with that.]

The life was surrounded with riches and abundance. He wanted to do a lot of things by himself, but then this woman came along. They lived a happy and fruitful life for quite a time in the midst of the full-scale oppression that surrounded them. Even Sundays at Church couldn’t have been better, but she had some interests that laid outside the spectrum as we knew it. You are very correct in ascertaining that she was burned [at the stake] for her beliefs, physically and metaphorically speaking.

[Note: This came through in large part from bits and pieces of "memory" that were floating around in Eric’s mind, which he and I had discussed the night before.]

It was actually good for him that this happened, though he was unable to see it. The distance he had placed from his emotions was immediately brought back to no distance. It was necessary to feel some of the hardship of the others that he had been insulated from, and had insulated himself from. I know exactly what you were talking about last night, and you are putting the puzzle pieces together very eloquently. He himself committed suicide a short time later, which was not a very wise decision.

D: [Feeling surprised at what I just heard:] Are we absolutely accurate on that?

Yes, of course; the handwriting is on the wall. Whether you choose to read it or not, it doesn’t change the facts. He couldn’t live with himself once he started feeling that he could have prevented it. So, it was necessary to cut things off right at the base in the hopes that by martyring himself this way, he would be absolved of the guilt he felt for having not prevented the death of his loved one. These feelings will be coming to the fore again in the present timespace with great fullness and vigor. His life was full of passion in that life, but the passion was largely from novels, and much of the life itself was very cold and analytical.

It took an event of this magnitude to propel him into the very realms of being of the characters he had been reading about so emphatically in the literature he studied. No one else in his history had undergone the severity of trauma of this particular lifetime. Not knowing what to do, he plunged into a great despondency. Many people milled around him to try to give him support, but it was useless – he didn’t want them around. He was a man who was accustomed to living alone. His spiritual beliefs at that time made me think that he could reunite with her in this manner. His romantic passion for life coupled with the strength of the bond made him feel that there was no recourse for his love to be saved except for to join her on the next level.

And now, as we are in a time of cleansing, it was necessary for him to reunite with his lost love again in the present moment. How surprised that personality fragment would be if he had learned of parallel lifetimes and of the possibility that he could be born again with her into a physical body – that is to say that he could be born into a physical body in the same timespace with her. The area that they lived in was mountainous. It was a small village, not very large, and the house was made out of a light gray stone with a whiter-colored roof; a simple house. There was a rather large tract of land in his possession, however he did not choose to build an overtly large space, which was indicative of his frugality in this life. It was this event that finished him, at only 37 years old. It was an immense tragedy. The property holdings went to his sister, and to a brother not yet accounted for. That in itself was also unconventional for the time, and had to be kept a close secret.

It was at the conclusion of this lifetime that plans [were made] for both of these souls to incarnate again prior to the Great Shift, in order that they may rectify the karmic imbalance that was created by the overinflated passionate drives which fueled this double climactic death. Part of what she needed to learn was to be able to keep her beliefs a secret instead of the stubborn insistence of trying to work it into conversation, and not wanting to hide about it despite the danger.

As for the present meeting, [Eric,] knowing that this event or one similar to it was planned out from birth should help you to feel less uncertain about its purpose. The shared karma that you two possess will draw you to each other like magnets, despite the distance and the disposition. Why else would you have been drawn out of the relationship that you had? Your ability to leave this situation with Chan without having an emotional upwelling is indicative of the progress you have made, and we are rallying behind your efforts. There is no need for advice to be given in reference to [your meeting with her] this weekend, as the antiquity of the challenge will reinsert itself rapidly. Intuitively, you will know exactly what you are doing and what the proper steps and motivations are. To shed any light further than this onto this situation would actually be detrimental, because there are actually several valid probabilities of ways that it could actually occur. The objective will still be met in the end, no matter what, however. I must go now. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love.

D: The country this happened in seemed to be England.

[Note: Eric did not end up reinstating the relationship with Lisa.]


Thursday 2 / 20 / 97 – 8:00

This one’s for you. Please check the orange juice. It is taking longer than we advised. You need to get some rest. We will go over the different parts at a later time. I was here one day and gone the next. This problem is about this big. Because of how active you have been, it is difficult to get a bead on you. We will be giving you new software often enough.

[Note: Miraculously, yesterday March 11, 1997 as I type this now, I was deeply influenced by a strange hippie – type dude I met in a cafÃ