The most important reason why you’d want to take the Vohs study to heart — and avoid obsessing on money like ‘The Secret’ encourages — is that it is graduation time here on Earth, and if you want to ‘make the grade’, you have to be above 50 percent interested in serving others. That means more of your thoughts and behaviors need to be about loving and helping others rather than separating from them, controlling them or manipulating them.

The Vohs study makes it very clear that when you get “your mind on your money and your money on your mind”, you also LOSE our positive polarity at the same time. Hence, the very teachings coming across in ‘The Secret,’ if turned into a way of life, could actually DIMINISH your ability to graduate into ‘fourth-density positive’, i.e. what the Earth is becoming, at the end of this cycle. That was the biggest reason for why I felt physically sick when I first saw the film.

The Law of One series aligns with many other converging threads of evidence to suggest that the time period of 2011-2013 will be THE critical turning point, in which EVERYONE will go through a major dimensional shift in every possible way. People who are expecting a pole shift, or huge cataclysms, or mass doom, or whatever are NOT getting the point.

The Law of One series said these Earth Changes are “very, very transient,” and it took a long time for me to figure out WHY they said that. We are already seeing the worst of it now. Sure, there may be MORE of the same things we’re already seeing, but don’t expect it to get a whole lot worse… just perhaps more frequent and of longer duration.

Rather than focusing on finding a ‘safety land’ or stocking up canned food and bottled water, the Law of One series encourages us to “seek the heart of the self” instead, as this is what this time in our history is all about.


WE GO ‘OUT OF PHASE’ IN 2010-2013

Now I feel we have successfully decoded all the passages in the Law of One series so we have a model of what will happen. There may be huge changes on the Earth, but most of us will never experience them… because we will have literally warped into a reality where we are ‘out of phase’ with the physical. That’s the staggering truth that emerges from the Law of One once you connect all the dots… EVERYONE is going to go through some sort of major vortex experience in this 2010-2013 time window. Soon I’ll post the quote roundup where we show how this all fits together.

Many other independent sources of data are coming together on this, and since most of the 2012 data out there is so far behind the curve, I’ve elected to make most of this data free and public. I will still write a book, but it will be more of a condensation of what I will release publicly.

I decided that this information is simply too timely, too unique, too all-encompassing for everyone’s lives for me to profit from it. What we DO intend to do is produce and release another audio series in the ensuing months… to cover aspects that I may not get into online, and put it all to a great soundtrack… so you can just listen and enjoy, like with The Science of Peace. So many of you have downloaded and raved about this that your voice has spoken very loudly… this is what you want more of, not paperback books or CDs in the mail.

I am aware that as soon as I release this material it will be co-opted and put into get-rich-quick books, CDs and videos… trust me on this… but I was told a long time ago that part of my job was to create material that seeds the collective consciousness in a variety of ways. We can’t stop people from ripping off our data but we really have no problem with you writing about it if you drop a link and fair credit, so your readers know where they can go to read more.

That being said, many people will “channel” this information within weeks of when it starts appearing on this site.  Unlike Ester Hicks, we don’t mind suing for copyright violations. Developing and enlisting healthy boundaries is one of the key shifts you make from the 4D totally-open-heart, unconditional-love approach to the 5D wisdom approach.



A three-way split is said to be the result of this 2012 episode. People literally have three different major realities they will experience when this happens, depending on their orientation.

  1. POSITIVE: Those who are above 50-percent interested in serving others, rather than manipulating them for one’s own gain, will stay here on Earth as it shifts into a new reality. Others, such as Wanderers or ET souls, may return to their own ‘home density,’ be it 4D, 5D or, in most cases, 6D.
  2. NEGATIVE: Those who are 95-percent or more dedicated to the negative, or service-to-self path, will be able to use this same vortex event to propel themselves into 4D negative, which as I wrote before is akin to stepping into a “Hellraiser” movie, and you always start out on the bottom of the pecking order since you’re the new guy.
  3. INDIFFERENT: The majority of people on Earth, at least as of the early 80s when the Law of One was brought in, were not above 50-percent service to others, and were also not 95-percent service to self. You could be 70 percent service to self and 30 percent service to others — essentially a troubled, selfish person who 30 percent of the time tries to ‘do the right thing’ for others… and you fall into this middle category.

The Law of One said Venus was far more harmonious than we are on Earth, and they only experienced less than 20 percent graduation to the positive at the end of their cycle. It has been speculated that we might only get 2 to 5 percent of our global population graduating to 4D positive, but of course that could totally change in an instant… if people have an opening of the heart.

The sad part is that ‘The Secret’ tempts more people into the “vast sinkhole of indifference” that exists when you are somewhere greater than 50 percent service to self (STS) but less than 95 percent. Here’s the equation:

95% STS > YOU > 50%STS @ 2012= REPEAT 3D



This is going to go a lot farther in ensuing updates, but now that I’ve decided NOT to hide all this in a book you have to pay for, I’m going to start talking about it. I’ve had some new breakthroughs in trying to make sense of this category.

First of all, whether you believe such an apparently outlandish-sounding notion or not, an accurate meta-analysis of passages in the Law of One series reveals that everyone in the ‘indifferent’ stage will most likely find themselves back on Earth after 2012, in a “Matrix Reloaded,” as if nothing had happened. What they probably won’t realize is that their physical bodies have Ascended, in one sense, making them indestructible and vastly more powerful than they were as physical humans… and they’re now existing in a plane where thoughts will far more readily create physical manifestations.

This is a state we can enter into and then come back out of with our bodies fully intact. This happens to people moving through ‘natural stargates’ like in the Bermuda Triangle, and also with ‘artificial stargates’ created by advanced ancient civilizations that are still being used by secret aspects of our insider circles.



This is a technology that goes back to the same ancient advanced civilization that built the pyramids — which do a lot more than simply provide cool-looking tombs for dead pharaohs. They are actually energy-harnessing devices, strategically placed on the Earth’s geometric energy grid. This grid is not measurable, for the most part, with magnetic or gravity readings… but it is VERY measurable if you have a torsion-field detector.

The grid-lines literally represent gateways between dimensions… and where the lines cross, you have ‘natural stargates’. Whatever you think those words might imply, guess what… you’re probably on the right track. Let me explain, even though I know most people will dismiss this out of hand, and I will take criticism for something a good number of insiders already know to be a fact.

During certain favorable planetary alignments (I do not have knowledge of what alignments work where and when, at least not at this point,) if you build the right structures to harness and focalize the Earth’s torsion-field energy at these crossing points, (such as a pyramid, a stone circle like Stonehenge, a steep tower structure, a circular stone cave, et cetera) you can literally walk through time, take your body with you, go to a whole different point in history, interact with people there, and come back to our own reality.

Sometimes these ‘natural stargates’ open without the use of a special structure. There are certain places, at certain times, where simply being there will cause you to warp out of our own time and into another, depending on a variety of factors. The Bermuda Triangle is the most obvious one, but as I wrote in the Convergence series, there are twelve such “Devil’s Graveyards” for missing ships and planes all over the world, according to the research of Ivan Sanderson… and when you connect the dots, it forms one of the basic Platonic Solids known as the icosahedron.

This is not to imply that these are the ONLY places such anomalies may occur —

Similarly, you can build an ‘alchemy’ lab at one of these crossing points, and use the same favorable alignments to transmute elements, such as lead into gold. However, this is very dangerous and frequently results in an explosion, making it a very unwise path. Gravitation can also be altered in these locations, and that appears to be part of what Ed Leedskalnin was doing in his inexplicable moving of huge stone blocks in Coral Castle.

As of last night on the phone, I now have full clearance to publish diagrams of what these man-made stargates look like at my discretion. Until I publish them, several others in the UFO field who either know about the diagrams or have SEEN the diagrams are being ordered to wait.

I had no idea I was holding up the whole train until last night on the phone, so I’m going to be releasing the pictures a lot sooner than I thought.  They certainly blew me away. I need to do it in an embedded context with other data, but it’s coming soon. I can tell you that what you see in Stargate SG-1 is only very vaguely similar to what it actually looks like.

[There are two major insider groups… one centering around the NSA called “Majestic”, and the other centering around the CIA and associated with the “Illuminati” mythos. They are not fond of each other but do work together in certain cases. Both sides have good people in them who want to see the truth get out, and personally I’ve had better success and a better feeling with the Majestic folks. The very top levels of Majestic have cleared this diagram to be released, making sure that enough technical detail was withheld so it could not be rebuilt.]

This in-between stage will take between 100 to 700 years of our linear time, in the best estimate, for people to experience. Hardly any of them will realize at first that they’ve entered into a giant lucid dream — that they are now collectively re-creating the Earth from their own memories, but that everything has become much less physical.

It gets even stranger when you realize that not everyone will create the same reality. Some groups of people may so believe in the ‘Armageddon Script’ that they will actually create the same Earth Changes that they were fearing would come — even though their physical bodies are indestructible in this stage. The Earth, in its astral form, can have many sub-domains that are partitioned from one another… so just because you’re there does NOT mean you know where everyone else is.