The "crown jewel" of our scientific research into Ascension has arrived, quite unexpectedly, since coming to Canada on a writers' retreat for the month of September.

This new data, which will be fully presented in our upcoming 2016 book, lends powerful new evidence to the idea that a spontaneous celestial event will massively alter life on earth as we know it.

The timing of these events is fluid in nature and depends upon our mass consciousness — so even the best estimates are only informed speculation.

Nonetheless, a shocking new burst of prophetic data came through that indicated we are only looking at "a few" years after 2012 as our main window.

Hardly anyone is talking about this "energetic tsunami" and hardly anyone will believe it. That doesn't change the fact that the evidence in favor of this is staggering.

Some have consistently argued in favor of a "gradual" model, with no sudden event happening at once, but in light of the new data that is very unlikely.

So let's dive in and go for it! The water is fine… as long as you are not wicked!



This quest started by digging deeper into the Bible than ever before — and looking for every quote I could find that was related to Ascension.

What astonished me was that by simply reading the main books of the New Testament — Matthew, Mark, Luke and John — it became clear that references are consistently being dropped to a massive celestial event in our own imminent future.

Although "no one knoweth the hour, nor the day," there are plenty of signs that we are closing in on the "moment of truth" itself.

The prophecies clearly indicate this event is of profound personal and spiritual significance — tantamount to a transfiguration of what it means to be human.

It is a natural evolutionary leap, built into the basic design of the universe, intended to ensure we don't stay stuck in a negative rut for too long.

Your letters tell us one of the strongest points of our material has always been the verifiable scientific data we present in favor of this mysterious concept.

That case has now grown by leaps and bounds in only one month. It is going to take time to integrate it all together in a responsible, presentable fashion.

This is just a preliminary announcement that a major breakthrough has been made, along with a brief presentation of some of the new data.




With all that being said, it seems quite ridiculous to have 38,830 Christian denominations all fighting over who is right.

This may also have been deliberately engendered.

The Bible itself raises far more mysteries than it solves, and anyone claiming to have all the answers is just forming another belief system.

The story becomes a lot more invigorating once we apply new scientific research to these documents, which are usually only argued over as articles of faith.

In The Synchronicity Key, we devoted 250 pages to proving that historical events repeat in cycles. Many of the key numbers appear throughout the Bible.

This is a clear example of heavily scientific data shedding new light on old, often-forgotten texts most now think of as strictly mythological.

Few would ever step back far enough to consider that we have been forming opinions based on limited, imprecise information.

The true scope and power of whatever happened in these previous cycles may be vastly, vastly greater than most of us have been led to believe.



Although a majority of people in the Western world are not attending church regularly, most of us still feel that "something real" happened back then.

Far too many people witnessed these events, and were killed for their beliefs, for it to have all been fabricated by the Roman Empire.

Oh… but Ascension? Transfiguration? Light body?

Come on. Please.

Dude, you're a whacko.

You must be one of those Rapture-ready bible-thumping morons.

Crack yourself a beer and go watch the primaries. Who'll it be this time… Bush or Clinton?



This morning I had a powerful visionary dream that encouraged me to write this, even in the midst of a very intense creative development process on this new book.

In it, I was seeing an abundance of clear signs where the mentality of these secretive organized crime syndicates had dramatically affected how people think and feel.

While seeing this evidence, a police car was overturned and on fire and no one bothered to look or care.

One of the most prevalent symbol-sets in my dreams is where police represent the higher angelic forces that maintain order and stability in our world.



After seeing even further signs of the pervasiveness of this influence, and how much it has swayed people towards the negative agenda, there was a shock.

Right outside my window, about 12 police cars were totally smashed up and strewn about, some on top of each other, as if by a supernatural evil force.

It was totally quiet. No one was around. There were bloody, dead bodies of police officers in the cars.

The only thing that visually changed was the flickering flames.

One bloodied officer was right near my window. His eyes were closed, his car was smashed and flames licked out of it.

"Officer, are you okay?" I asked him. "What the heck happened here?"

I was shocked as his eyes opened and his face came to life. He gave me a knowing look and let me in on the big secret.

"This is a film shoot. It's all being staged for the movie. We're fine!"

He then winked at me and went back to pretending to be dead. I pulled my head back in the window so as not to ruin the shoot.



Although I do not actively promote Christianity or try to steer people towards the Bible, the whole root of our message is service to others — and that has always been my focus.

These powerful historic events led to 38,830 denominations of Christianity. There are only about 10,000 additional religious sects of any other type out there.

People who supported these teachings were violently martyred for their beliefs. By 325 AD, the word had spread so far and wide the Roman Empire felt the need to infiltrate, own and control the message.

In the Council of Nicaea they brought together all the scattered documents that various guru figures were using as their core texts, and integrated them into the New Testament.

In the process, a variety of books were completely deleted — including the Gospel of Judas, the Gospel of Thomas and the Gospel of Mary Magdalene.

It is a historical fact that the books we now read were altered as well. However, what still survives is very compelling when you actually read it.

There are dozens of references to a very major event in the future that will involve a tremendous flash of light and a Christ-like transfiguration of life as we know it.



Intrigued by this wealth of new data I had somehow missed, I went back to the ancient Hindu teachings.

In the classic Hindu texts, there are multiple references to a solar event that happens at the end of an age — which is often called a Great Year in ancient documents.

Once again, this solar event is clearly stated to have a massive, irreversible transfiguring effect upon all life as we now know it.

Many scholars, including Graham Hancock, have established that the Great Year is the 25,920-year earth cycle known as the "precession of the equinoxes."



Walter Cruttenden is the star athlete telling us this cycle is actually caused by our sun orbiting a failed dwarf star. It takes 25,920 years to complete the orbit.

This again is not a matter of conjecture, but of multiple documented scientific facts that have been conveniently edited out of our common discourse.

We know the earth is wobbling for this period of time, but arguments that this is only happening to the earth itself fall apart under a variety of data points.

Here is a short 10-minute summary film of the case, excerpted from the PBS special The Great Year — narrated by James Earl Jones, the voice of Darth Vader:



Here is a YouTube radio interview of Cruttenden laying out the basic points that are delinated in his lectures, books and videos:




As we move through this orbital cycle, we are also transiting through invisible geometric energy forces that shape and structure the planetary orbits.

These structures have been meticulously documented by John Martineau in his epic A Little Book of Coincidence in Our Solar System.

This data is all prominently featured in The Source Field Investigations, which is still by far our premiere collection of scientific proof in favor of Ascension.

There are multiple, concentric, intersecting geometries that determine the different orbits.

As we cross over the corners or "node points" of these geometries, we get energetic surges that affect our entire solar system quite dramatically.

At the end of the 25,920-year cycle, multiple node points all converge within the same area of space.

This creates an extremely high-energy cloud of charged plasma that has an irreversible effect upon our sun and planets as we transit into it.

In short, it appears that the sun releases a full-halo coronal mass ejection — a very bright flash of light — which also has decisive energetic qualities.



Soon I was diving down rabbit holes, reading dense scholarly works that require you to understand the Greek alphabet and have only had 321 views.


War-hardened intelligence veteran Pete Peterson informed me



Corey Goode has come forward with remarkable new information that expands this insider war into a cosmic context.

Now you can watch the highly-appreciated Episode #5, entitled "We Are One," free of charge on the Gaiam site.



Here is the link where you can experience this stunning new information, and ensure Corey and his family get credit:

This episodes has been released in addition to the first two episodes already being available free of charge on the site. For 99 cents you can see everything for a month, with no cancellation fees.

"We Are One" explains the cosmic context of angelic ETs who have come here to help ensure that we get through this transitional period with a minimum of damage.

The events happening to Corey have radically changed the scope of this work, and the structure of our in-progress third book, due out August 2016.