Think about the fact that moments after he doctored this up, he started getting responses. I have to look him in the eyes and give him some money. With Edgar Cayce, what are we trying to do here? Some kind of phenomena? It only requires that you’ve opened the doorway, so stop by and say hello, and say that I told you so.

[Note: This is another encoded passage about my history as Cayce: "I have to look him in the eyes… with EC, what are we trying to do here?"]

D: Why do I have to put up with all the Christianity stuff [in the Cayce Search for God groups?] Is this part of the dharma of me accepting it?

Yes, of course; it should be readily apparent to you. [Notice] the synchronicity [of] the fact that you were just reviewing a dream about Christianity before you left [to go to the most recent meeting.] Who stopped the dinosaurs? The Holy Spirit. Who’s the twelfth house in each one? The breath of the Divine. In the process, the individual goes through a sticky-feeling process. It is sometimes difficult to readjust, as in your case. We consider it admirable that you are merely viewing the doctrines as software by which to experience the Creator, instead of offensive needling statements that only serve to enrage you. We believe in rhetorical questions, so then the question becomes, Why were you there?

[Note: I did not try to answer the question, and my thought tangent obviously gets them "mad:"]

D: Thinking about the fact that Christ might not have actually died on the cross, based on certain pieces of evidence such as the Dead Sea Scrolls [as well as "Bloodline of the Holy Grail" by Sir William Spencer, and "Holy Blood, Holy Grail" by Baigent, Leigh et al.]

[Frustrated-sounding male voice:] "He doesn’t give himself a chance!"

Regardless of whether or not you believe it, there is a surface in it there; and what you are seeing is the way in which this religion can be utilized in a more transcendental format that allows in all the other concepts that before were shunned. And that in itself is a quite resounding accomplishment.

A person paralyzed from the knees down may seek help from the Cancer Society, but he is still in the same state. Likewise, a person feeling unhappy may seek help from Christianity without realizing that there might be alternatives. You are now seeing people who are opening up to the alternatives, and this will be a valuable learning experience for you.

D: Can you speak on my job situation and tell me if I am doing the right thing?

Be aware that by your own efforts, many new possibilities have opened. We see the primary problem, which is not whether you get another job or not; it is how to handle the lack of money in the interim. There may be more than one way you can get around this. We will have to "play it by ear," as they say. Your government [tax return] checks may help, but you also may need another form of help. It’s a little too early to tell right now. At that moment in time, I am going to go away for vacation for a while, but it’s okay, as you always have a learning experience, regardless. I like that fact.

[Note 4/28 – Interestingly enough, what this vacation sentence seems to be referring to is the fact that I would not be given a solid message about what to do with the job front. As one can see below, the voice put me to the test to make my own decision. The dream with "Holiday" in it seemed to indicate that I should just relax and let the two – week period for Mohonk go. I didn’t have an answer from Mohonk either way when this message came in.]

[5/4 – Mohonk is now starting me a week earlier; it worked out even better than I could have hoped!]

H [your boss at E] sat down on a mat, listening to all of this. You might want to pay attention to what he hears.

[Note: H, the boss from the electronics place, would later advise me to take the Mohonk job after I had already stopped working there.]

Just a second; those figures [regarding Mohonk] say "Hard to deal with;" I am not sure of that yet. It will take some time. You might take some summer courses; I don’t have to agree with you. The important point is, yes, please, that they get done. You can Email me as you get them done and pass your arms around the circle.

[5/30/98: This is another early prdediction of the trouble that I would undergo once I started working at Mohonk — all the stress, depression, burnout, et cetera.]

D: [Reflecting on the symbology of the Great Pyramid, and how regardless of the distortions that were imposed upon Christianity, it is clear that the arrival of Christ is meant to be a preordained, extraterrestrial-involved event.]

Your job, David, will be to consciously separate the wheat from the chaff and not offend everyone else in the process. But you are seeing that it is a valid vehicle of exploration, and we are happy to see that change. We now see the Traf-Facts Command Center in your relation to Papa.

[Note: This is an 88.7 radio program that describes road conditions and accidents to warn the motorists that I used to hear on the way to my old job at the behavior center. I was running late in driving up to see him as I was dictating.]

Translated into English, this means that you ought to get going. Peace be with you in the Light of Everlasting Love.


[CONTEXT: By this point, a possibility of working for a computer repair shop had opened up. I was spending this weekend waiting for the guy to call me back on the telephone, and was strongly trying to decide whether it was really something I wanted to be doing or not.]


Monday 4 / 21 / 97 – 9:53 a.m.

[2] What would you do if [Hannibal] Lecter [from the movie "Silence of the Lambs"] rode by? You’d have to run, I guess. Mom – intent to try, hardly heard, and then they’re pawning me off the other side; that’s part of the problem. Who’s name is in capitals? That you’ll have to find out. Your tendency is to slink away when the truth connects. [Image of an animal slinking.]

[5/30/98: This could certainly be another veiled reference to EDGAR CAYCE, since most of the books feature his name in all capital letters. Obviously the next sentence illustrates my reticence in accepting the "truth:" "your tendency is to slink away when the truth connects."]

He begs from the closet to end this mess. Never mind the real, everyday steps to accomplish that solution. We know what you are going through, David. Fear not, as everything will be fine. The point is, you should still prepare for other eventualities.

[Note: Although the symbology of the writing is cryptic at this point, it seems clearly to be about my job situation. "He begs from the closet to end this mess" seems to indicate my worry about these things without actually taking action.]

[4] Your attitude towards the upcoming jobs is not yet where it should be, as you have a mixture of dread, foreboding and suspicion. We would genuinely like to see you get excited about the prospect of walking into a new place with open eyes and an open heart, without expecting to see harmony, but just naturally manifesting it as you go throughout your day. What we really want for you is to topple the barriers, the highways and byways of your busy mind, and in so doing uncover the lost self within you. That is what this dream is about, as you have seen; to alert you to the fact that you are a whole being, and that wholeness is contingent upon a recognition of the thought fragments of the self that have been distilled from the central core. Those distillations must be brought back and reunited, or else there is no property of the soul; the soul belongs to the different fragments.

[Note: This completely prophesies the reading that I would do with the Seth Material after finding it in the bookstore a few days later. I was quite surprised.]

We have been trying again and again to get you to a state where you were able to see these energies, react to them and have cause to allow them to happen and reinvigorate you. As of yet, this has not happened to the degree that we would like it to. So be patient and wait, and the future situations will be coming to the fore that will demand more of your conscious participation, more of your awareness and your focus. We can see these for you, but we are also aware that you need to work on the moment. You have a valuable opportunity here, as it gives you a chance to rectify the imbalances that plagued your employment situations in the past.

The only position we can sustain for you is a position where you are alone and against the forces that conspire to bring you down. We can take that position and transform it into something even more than just hermitage; we can take it and turn it into a global concept of self that extends through all the different levels, to bring about a united whole concept of your being. We expect great things from you, and we know that you will accomplish these things. It is our job in the meantime to assure that you are not grasping at strands of false hope, that you are not trying to build yourself up on clouds of hot air.

You have seen a very valuable lesson by getting Graham Mc Gill’s book [called "Arctic Rendezvous"]; you have seen how a person may be able to write about their life in such a way as to make it very readable and very sellable. You can also do this. Ultimately, David, it doesn’t matter whether you use the Convergence format or any other; the main point is that you allow other people to realize the Law of One, and realize the ways in which the human life is transformed as it begins and continues its quest for oneness within.

[Fast.] Your past lives and your psychic experiences with me and with the others are only the latest physical evidence on what it is that you have been going through. Time and time again, we have given you these messages to try to educate you, to try to enlighten you, and to possibly show you the ways in which future events are now casting their shadows. What we want more than anything is for you to come to a realization that there is no other point but the present, and that point contains all the information and knowledge for self-awareness. You are beginning to remember the parts of your life that you had forgotten, and we see this as a very positive step. Yes, you are correct that you should write about it. Yes, you are correct in realizing that it will be a quite riveting and intense story when all is said and done. That is what we want for you.

But right for now, the immediate goals are not for you to go pounding the papers and looking like crazy for something, as the probabilities are established; what we really want for you is to just stop hating yourself, to stop getting into these funks. Whatever job it is that comes your way has come as a result of manifestation coming from a higher level. Whatever happens to you is brought about by the forces of synchronicity inherent in the universe bringing these truths to you. Therefore, we can say quite honestly that when these things happen, you need to realize their purpose and meaning, and that they are created for you, not something that is happening to you.

By this creation and this process, you are made aware of our presence here and of the presence of the greater whole. Do you understand and realize that no job is forever, and [that] you should be excited, not chagrined, about what is coming up, because therefore in the excitement you can begin to enjoy living? This job will be enough to pay your immediate bills; this job will be enough to sustain your existence, and it will not be unusually bad for you. We also suggest that you continue with JTPA and see what they have to offer, as this may also prove to bear fruit.

[Note: JTPA was a government program that I eventually realized was connected to welfare. The most interesting thing that came out of it was that I took an older IQ test, and scored so high on it that they couldn’t grade me. Based on an extrapolation of the grading intervals, I calculated my IQ to be 180 for a person my age. That was cool, as I did ‘cheat’ with my developing psychic ability in order to solve some of those problems.]

[Note: A little taken aback by the whipping speed, I tried to slow it down to see if it would get deeper in content.]

[Much slower.] The time to change is now; the place is of your own choosing. The yearning characteristic of previous experiences is purposeless, and it defrays any attempts to strive towards oneness. The solidarity of your experiences gives us pause, and makes us realize the degree of responsibility to which we have to be concerned for your welfare. We don’t want you to be worried; we want there to be a complete understanding of self and of the situations that abound, so that by doing this we can bring in greater levels of understanding and comprehension for you. That is happening now, but also in the meantime there are other concerns.

You are beginning to recognize ways to get your work out to larger audiences, and it is important that you continue in that. Idle speculation and sorting through the newspaper looking at other mental health jobs should be something that you devote a certain amount of time to; we are not saying not to do it. The point is that you should spend the majority of your time focusing on the tasks at hand, which include preparation of self for the next phase, preparation of your reading materials for the understanding that they will need to convey.

Yes, you are accurate in discerning that you have to make a rescue mission to go back to those parts of your life which were lost, symbolically and on your Appleworks computer disk, and reinvigorate them and reinstate them with new energy.

[Note: I had indeed lost an entire two-sided floppy disk that was filled with writing from the crucial period right after I got clean. That was a bummer.]

[We want you to do this] so that there is a living document to your college experience and to the path of karma that happened with your drug experiences, including the highs and the lows. As you never seem to reflect on these things during the day, it makes it very hard for us to utilize them as metaphors in your dreams. The more you allow yourself to remember, the more we can use.

[Note: Heard the word "Japanese" during transcription after typing "parts of your life which were lost."]

It is okay for you to go to the bathroom now.


Thursday 4 / 24 / 97 – 7:49 a.m.

Alien Implants?

I witnessed some sort of in vitro fertilization taking place on what started out as animals with this long needle. I also saw a close-up of a very small computer chip that was golden and had small springs on it and was very detailed. In the in vitro section of the dream, it was as if it was for pregnancy. These long, long needles were going up people’s sphincters.

A Direct Meeting With The Guide

It seemed that I met some sort of special figure. It might have been in disguise, but I knew it was a very powerful guide. It seemed to impart a whole bunch of dream voice type stuff, but the most noticeable thing it said to me was that I was very soon to achieve the number 25. I realized what that was, with Pyramid numerology – symbolic of the highest level of spiritual initiation – the new evolution in the human organism. I was so surprised that I woke up.

[2] All a numerological book might do is tighten and solidify your prophet. I’m going to put up a sign that says, "Spiritual Messages," and hang it outside on a banner. There is a continuous act of learning that unfolds as we do this, and you can go into trance as easily as you can type on a computer. To move ever forward is your goal, and we realize that. But there are deeper goals, which incorporate the widespread dissemination of the very truths that you are being led to. We do feel that you are worthy of doing this; do not be discouraged.

We dropped you off at [the electronics company] for a reason, David. Let’s not keep thinking in those terms. There is something more that we wish for you; to live alone and unfettered by the concerns of finances; the concerns of employment. We only wish for you to embrace these ideals and utilize them in such a way that you may find yourself traveling forward through greater densities of existence in the spiritual realm.

We would also like to make a statement regarding the fragmentation of your being. We were waiting for you to adequately read this in the Seth material so that you could see a good explanation of it, because we know how revolutionary and uh, shall we say, unstable of an idea it seems to be.

The point is that you yourself interact with the world, and you produce replicas of yourself to show yourself from the world what you are doing. The replicas often take the form of interacting with the consciousness of the surrounding entities [people / animals] that are already present, but in this case with Jane and Rob [featured in Seth Speaks,] they actually projected an entity into physical space. [Jane’s consciousness apparently produced two ghostly apparitions which exactly resembled herself and Robert, in order to give her a powerful lesson about enjoying life.]

[To better explain what they are getting at here about these fragment personalities, let us say this. Your own consciousness is able to use the environment around you to attract living metaphors for the issues that you face in your personal growth process. These living metaphors are often our friends and families, and we attract them to us because we can learn from them, and vice versa. They will often demonstrate qualities in us that we do not want to acknowledge in ourselves, while also possessing good points that we could also learn a great deal from. The whole game is to try to accept and forgive them for what they are doing that annoys us, as this seriously aids in one’s ability to forgive the self. Interacting with them is sort of like a waking dream, as there are many symbolic archetypes playing themselves out in these situations.]

You are probably wondering if you have ever done this, David. One of the best examples we can provide is [name.] While he is physically real, he was a projection of your addiction, as was [Randy.] We feel it is important that you write about both of these people, as you are seeing the process of unlocking your past can be quite joyful, and there is a lot of material there to write about. You saw the definite allusion in the dream this morning of [third name] inside the plants, he being the one who tried to steal them in real life. The more you open it up, the more we can do.

People’s thoughts and feelings produce a lot more power than you realize, and these fragmentary selves are just one way in which that might happen, as many of the poltergeist hauntings is another. The only difference is that poltergeist activity is a very specified psychokinetic act, whereas the projection of aspects of oneself into other layers of reality is quite common. When you did the, what you call "Party Pass Out" at 621 with Jude, you projected an aspect of yourself into a parallel life that you were having at that time. [You did this] in order to have somewhere to go while that particular body was experiencing, shall we say, a very difficult time. You brought it back when the body had started to reinvigorate.

If your soul had tried to stay in that body itself without going anywhere, it would have been extremely difficult; extremely difficult. The experience might have been something like a death, or a feeling of death, and you may very well have projected out, because the consistency of being inside wasn’t that strong. This may have definitely scared you too much, which is why you suddenly popped into the other lifetime. The ingestion of lysergic acid makes these fragments and projections much more visible, and on a higher energy level, the hermit that you saw inside the pizza place is one such example. I must go, as must you. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love.


Friday 4 / 25 / 97 – 10:00 a.m.

[Note: This particular morning, I had a very intense and complicated experience as a conscious OBE or lucid dream. There were two significant events to report from this. One was that I tried to fly as fast as possible through the apparent world that I was seeing, and I ended up in an area that was simply gray and formless – I seem to have crossed the boundary. The other interesting thing was that in a dreamlike section, I smoked a marijuana cigarette, which then led to some sort of very dramatic dimensional vortex opening. It was obviously about my overcoming of these patterns within myself, and how this would lead to Ascension. Contextually, it is also important to know that there was a part where Prince, representing myself, had to come face-to-face with his own inner predilections towards vanity. My next statement is my own way of trying to understand how I might have brought this experience about.]

D: Thinking about how I had gotten up, gone to the bathroom, drank water, eaten and then gone back to sleep, and that it might have helped [bring on this experience.]

That’s why you were able to do it. There will be a discourse at some point. As you now see, you have to be responsible to remember the thoughts that you are having, as from time to time I may very well respond to them. Congratulations here on a job well done; you did that all yourself and we are very proud. [Time 10:31.]

We’re not necessarily down with what you are doing. You need to really think about this [computer job] before you get involved; maybe that answers your question. There are a lot of different things that are available for study, and we would be the first ones to admit that you have chosen certain ways that are very positive, and certain ways that may make you unhappy.

The point is, getting my adoration wouldn’t do anything for you except allow you to slide back. Getting strong suggestions such as the ones that we have given are much more conducive to gaining friends in higher levels, and preparing for journeys into these levels.

Isn’t it funny how the more you read the Seth material and understand what we tell you, the more you see the connections to Carlos Castaneda’s Shamanism? There is a reason for that. The only difference is that we give it to you in non-symbolic terms. The shamans chose to name what they saw based on natural objects and things that they studied and knew in their time. If you had studied those symbols, this dream might have been a lot different, as that was part of your religion, that is.

If you are searching for God, what better way to find him than to have him speak through you? There is a whole spiritual network out here, and groups of people should be trying to gain access. David, as a side note you are also correct in assuming that your contacts might be strengthened if you had someone to guide you. We will have to wait and see what happens with that.

To roll in the thickness of [name of health food store] might be good for you. You would not be alone, [as your friend Chris is already working there;] it would be like Siskel and Ebert. Plug in the early stock exchange. You will see a forecast you hadn’t planned for.

D: Could I have some clarification on Early Stock Exchange, please?

It’s a technical term, posed in order to be a riddle. Think about the way you exchange dollars and cents. There’s a lot of information in there for you.

[Note: This would later turn out to be the single most definitive proof in the readings of my close college friend Chris having been Morton Blumenthal in his past life. Blumenthal made oodles of money on the Stock Market through Cayce’s readings. Chris actually came to live with me in Virginia Beach at a house that was only two streets away from the Cayce Hospital site. We had our first full-blown fight only an hour before I had decided to go into the ARE and announce my identity. The stress of that fight was hanging in my mind as I went through the Cayce Hospital for the first time in this life. Little did I know that in my last life, the same hospital would have the memory of the same stress for me, caused by a fight with the same person! Amazing!]

I’m glad that you can feel that the connection isn’t as strong. That partly explains the difficulty that we are having trying to get these things through. If we took a holiday and turned it into a fancy restaurant, what might happen? Are you prepared for the eventualities that will occur? Have you really thought about it too much? Don’t look too many gift horses in the mouth, including the Copy Shop.

[Note: The highlighted sentences above seemed to be about my imminent hiring at the Mohonk Mountain House. The copy shop job had been offered to me through the JTPA agency, and I did not want to take it. It was like a "Job Gestapo" where they would check on you every week to make sure that you were still working. The money was dismal for someone who had a BA in psychology such as myself, and I wasn’t about to have Big Brother looming over me for whether I would keep a dead-end job or not!]

D: Is this dream voice stuff telling me that I shouldn’t do anything today, just take a holiday, is that the message? Be frank and speak in paradox; I will figure it out later.

Your eventual life is determined in the next few days. What you do is very important; therefore, you need some time to think. So yes, we recommend that you do not make any more solid promises until you have had a weekend to think about this all; we realize how overwhelming it can be for you. We also might suggest you contacting [name of staffing agency] just to see what might happen.

D: This resort hotel dream seems to poo – poo the whole Mohonk thing. The computer place, I don’t know, it’s already 10:30 and they haven’t called, I can find out about that. The copy shop, I don’t know anything, [health food store] has had two negative dreams about it, so what else is left?

Like I said, things are very complex. Some of your dreams manifest as a result of your own feelings about a situation, and those feelings intersperse themselves in the symbology; so do remember that not everything is of the highest level of guidance. However, another aspect of this is that you need to realize that there are problems. $6.50 an hour at [health food store] is not a high enough salary for you at this point. Despite the health food atmosphere, we would rather see you get booted up to $7. Plus the simple fact that more contact with Chris would mean more energy drainage as a result.

D: [There was a sudden, very strong skin pain on my leg as I said this, and again on my inner thigh while transcribing.]

[Note: This pain flare was a clear indication that the information was being distorted by my own overlays, especially when viewed in context of the previous information that was more veiled regarding Siskel and Ebert. The readings themselves considered my working with Chris a good idea, but on the more conscious level I was against it because of the lingering tension between us.]

D: So maybe this dream represents the loss of vanity, through the character of Prince losing face, and the buildup of other contacts and things.

Very perceptive, David. So you see, there are two sides to these dreams; not everything is all bad and horrible. Do you not think that we have thought through Mohonk? There’s more than one way to look at what you are going into if you choose to go there, and the positives may well outweigh the negatives. The big question then becomes, what about those two weeks in between? Think about it. It is this contemplation of what you will actually be doing that is what we call preparation of the self. Do you understand?

D: Yes, I do, it is just hard for me sometimes.

Well, we realize that, but we want you to know that our love and our light is with you; we will guide you through this process, through the decisions that you will have to make, so just relax. Those call-ins that you get might also be overtime, so think about that, too. We do admit that the 10:00 bedtime would be very problematic, [in order to insure that you would get there at 7 AM,] and we would strongly urge you to try to get the 3 to 11 shift if you did go that way. Why don’t you type this all up and we’ll think about it, draw some cards. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love.


Saturday 4 / 26 / 97 – 8:00 a.m.

I sat across from you the other day. I stand on your feet, sometimes with no direction. You knew better than to eat that sugar last night, and we strongly recommend against that type of behavior in the future. We have our reasons for running you through a technician course.

Implication is my survival. [On] the two sides of the trees, I feel an inner glimmering not easily seen from the roadside. You must focus on the awareness of personality and property so as to better navigate these situations. We would like for you to comprehend the mysteries of what is happening around you, so that you may see the rich complexity and integration of these disparate elements.

Go ahead; we toast you in a jovial mood. There are many reasons to do this. You have overcome many things; you have broken through many barriers and you have achieved much. For this we are grateful. It is our only hope that you will continue striving for directions of greater light and greater love, so that you may be at peace with the circumstances that surround you, with how close you are to fusion and connection in this manner.

Everyone on your planet shares a common bond of karma for learning experience, and that pressure on your ears represents part of the new energy that is coming in, which is changing all of that. The psychedelic-type experience is also an approximation of, however poor, starting to understand what the mind is like when it reaches faster-than-light speed and increases in that manner.

You have a lot to say, and we don’t want to see you have to strain to do it. Therefore, it is important that we keep you abreast of the latest developments. This [morning’s] dream had elements in it that were telling you very clearly how not to eat sugar. Again, it also reflects various inner parts of yourself in conspiracy with each other, and your urges for integration.

[Image of a UFO or a covered bubble-type terrarium area.] Let me see them; then we might have them – the [Biblical] scriptures, that is. The precise round numbers contained therein might be of use. We are very interested with your unraveling of the code of Gematria, and that is one area in which you might want to continue your research.

D: Flashing back on the Search for God group last night.

They are a good bunch of people, sometimes a bit too far into Christian dogma, which is not necessary, but they understand; they understand quite a bit. We are very pleased to see that you have aligned with a group such as this, and we hope that you will continue to go and not break off the contact, as the effect of it has and will extend through various spheres of influence that you have. It essentially is what will start you in the process of building the kind of network that you really want, and we can think of no greater thing for you to achieve than that.

[Note: The statements about Christian dogma were definitely conscious mind overlay, as I knew exactly what I had said at that point.]

What brings you through the hard times, David, is the faith that you have to be in at-one-ment with the Universe. As you harmonize with celestial energy, we desire for you to be present, aware and enlightened, and now we see these things happening as you go throughout your day.

D: I just heard something about the dimensionality of the Earth and how they have to get through it.

Okay, I go for one thing about the [Hale-Bopp] comet. It indicates cleansing, and as you have seen, the events that transpire haven’t been as catastrophic and as sudden as some people expected.

[Sudden change in voice tone, possibly body position. A haunting difference, almost sounding like an advertisement:]

The dream voice. It is idea, and light.

[Note: Pay close attention to the next few paragraphs, as there are many "gems" buried within it about the "Cayce Connection" that we will discuss below.]

Suddenly, everything seemed so huge. Oh my God, it was the huge part. Under penalty of perjury, I can’t say the whole thing. You will have to do some of the close encounters by yourself. While your body is paranoid, it is hard to address, and if you are too relaxed, then you need an escape. Sanskrit, sandstone; do you see the connection? I bought, and bought and bought and bought until I lost everything, and then I had to sell.

D: That’s the second time you’ve referred to sandstone. Does this have anything to do with pyramids or megalithic buildings?

That’s a family type system; a family reaction. You want to know how many cases we have got of MVP’s in there; you’d be astonished. (With a hint of sarcasm in voice -) It’s more than we have any right in telling you, just bluntly, that is. We can only give hints along the way. If the rest of you feel that much about playing games, then maybe we will try something more direct, but there are universal laws I must work around to do this.

Our service is available to those who seek, and then you have to ask them if they want me for it. Let’s get you back asleep a little more, David. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love.

[Note 9/23/97: (*Note: At this point I still did not know of the Cayce Connection, and was trying to sort it out based on other information, suggesting that I had a connection with Ikhnaton.*) This is an extremely valuable set of paragraphs, as it illustrates that I have immense standings in other lives; that I was a king in Egyptian or Sumerian culture who obsessed with pyramid building and squandered his resources, perhaps. It seems here that this other self in this life does not want to be exposed, or that I was not to know anything about it at this point, due to my imbalance. I have started to consider the possibility that I may have, in fact, been Ikhnaton, the Egyptian pharaoh.]

[5/30/98: This puzzle was finally laid to rest when the Edgar Cayce information broke through. It is very interesting how this all came through right after the topic was focused on the Search for God groups. There were so many clues coming through these readings that it is indeed quite amazing that it passed me by.]


Wednesday 4 / 30 / 97 – 10:43 a.m.

Long – winded dream. Dragging, drudgerous, no real intense positive or negative. I kept going back to the ARE meeting, and was accused of grasping for power and only trying to use them as a stepping stone. I was shocked by the accusations from the group.

You know everything else.

Cement A to Memphis B equals seventies that way. He is moving farther and farther away from you.

[Note: The day before I transcribed this reading, I had to wake up early to go in and work for my father, and there was a possibility of him taking me to Memphis with him if his wife didn’t want to go. This didn’t end up happening. The purpose was for him to win a "Keepin’ the Blues Alive" award; a definite epiphany after his many struggles. Dad’s office is in the middle of Downtown Schenectady is surrounded by cement. The chances are that Dad was actually in flight while this all came in.]

[Note 9/23/97: An even more interesting idea here is that this might be a continuation on the pyramid theme, as Memphis is also an Egyptian city.]

Go ahead and swallow. An amazing protection awaits you on your shoulders. You want things to happen without knowing their purpose; vegetarians do that. Amazingly, inexplicably, the cycle is completed, though nothing appears to have been done. This leaves us open for greater opportunities in the future, and also opportunities to be upset. When we take ourselves too seriously, there can be disastrous results.

In reference to your dream this morning, no punishment was intended. The purpose was to make you more curious about the things you are heading into, but also to realize that if you talk too much or try to focus too much attention upon yourself, there could be negative consequences. And that probability vortex exists now, so that is why we are giving you some advance notice. This is clearly not the direction you wish to move in, as it will not make your term with ARE any easier. There is peace in this process, in that it is guilt-free; that should ease some of your consternation. We know what is right for you, and we will always try to move you into those things.

[Note: This was certainly an advance prophecy about the fact that things with ARE would never work out when I finally got to Virginia Beach. It is seemingly too much of an adjustment for the organization to make – and therefore this work is either ignored or attacked.]

We’ve even tried things like charting your future for the next ten years; you’ve just got to get out there. No one else can make this work but you. We hope that you see from working with your father yesterday that you have inherited a legacy of self – maintained business. Even if the success there is not what you might think it would be, you are now seeing in your father’s case the spoils of victory; the reward after years and years of unsubstantiated labor. That was more important than the trip, and that is what you needed to see.

Everybody thought that I am a saint or something; I am just occupying a natural place in the hierarchy of intelligence. You should go now. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love.


Same morning, time unknown:

New dream. Real funny one. I was at 621, in Mom’s room. There was medieval content for some reason, perhaps Pagan. It seemed that there were some elaborate rituals having to do with swords; there was this golden sword involved with how I positioned it on the wall. In relation to a couple other symbols on the wall, more of like a crux-shape.

[Note: This dream symbol seems to work further on the idea that I had been involved with some sort of kingship in the past. Now we know that this is related to Ra-Ta, Ujhltd or Ikhnaton.]

Another part of this seemed to be concerning dog food. We had gotten some kind of order by mail, and as a result we were getting tons and tons of dog food, even though we didn’t have a dog.

D: Image of my mother bringing in something from the side door into the kitchen and putting it on the stove, maybe like a big turkey. She then said, "I expect her any minute, I really do."

[Note 9/23/97: This clearly links together the dream imagery with the idea that part of what happened during this kingship was the inappropriate use of resources, as illustrated in the messages from a few days earlier – too much money spent on foolish things.]

A lot of open plains-type land as well. There was a certain tedium with the continuing arrival of the packages in the mail; it seemed like it was too much. The words "I’m the King" from the Kiss song keep going through my mind. What was interesting was that the position of the golden sword was very important, and it had a small circle near the bottom. It was positioned in relation to two other objects, and at one point I positioned them so that they were all forming a rectangle, as if they had bent into that position; it was very odd.

D: Thinking about the black man and the difference between when he was on the plains and then coming to America, and how he still might have wanted to keep some of that heritage. Then the image of him trying to swallow something and it getting stuck in his throat, and of him covering his mouth.

Traf-Facts Command Center. Hello-o! How are you doing?

D: Thinking about the fact that I might have lived in Africa, (i.e. Egypt) after this movie last night triggered my memories.

I have seen that so many times before. You were unprepared, and that was your fault. Don’t expect any extreme change from one moment to the next. The March file came and went with as much energy as we could spread immediately. You should talk to Jim, [your upstairs neighbor.] [Image of the ocean and some weird little square thing, like two pieces of sandwich together, and then this [person] was right there with me, all the time.]

[Note 9/23/97: Perhaps the early lines in this last paragraph seem to illustrate how I had not yet figured it out at that point, despite the fact that Egypt technically is a part of Africa.]

D: Thought that Jim and I might have been together in a past life in Africa.

Why ask questions when you already have the answers? TEACH! I can’t tell you enough to teach. Outside of here, it takes no sudden insight.

D: Remembering that in the riverside life that I had, I did in fact look into the flower and find out that I was a black man with the nose and the lips.

A core of creative people is all you need in order to seek higher service. You don’t know how to stop again, and you aren’t ready to tell them the truth. This is something you found out about earlier.

D: Image of a large hole in the woods, like a natural sinkhole.

[Note: This hole is indicative of some sort of disaster. Look at the next paragraph and tell me that this doesn’t reek of some sort of post-Earth Changes message.]

Just sit for a moment and think about this; no rascal-minded smoking people. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? The natural order of events prevailed. I heard the gunshot killing tens of thousands of people as you wrote. He’s asking me that question again. Have a seat; yohimbe bark. If you want a lift, you’ll have to wait till after sunset. I’ve got too many things to do between now and then.

[Note: The last two sentences could be about Ascension, implying that I might need to wait for others to Ascend before I go myself.]

Hints of restoration, hints that go by every single day. [Image of a woman walking down this abbey, smiling with long black hair.]

D: It was the image of a black woman’s breasts and the images from Africa last night that triggered all of this.

D: My mother’s boyfriend’s alarm just went off, he will be getting up soon. Thinking about Joel Cohen and the Internet.

The worst times are between 5 and 10. [Image of an electronic component -] It’s what you watch and what you don’t watch that really makes the difference. That was a statement associated with TV, of course. There is enough there for you not to just reject it out of hand.

D: Image of a penis, then of a man standing in front of a wall with a triangle mounted on it with a circle in the middle; the man had his hand up and said, "When there are no jobs in the community, what is to be done with your people? It’s the same situation over and over again."

[Note: This triangle indicates the symbol of the energy of the universe, possibly correlated with the two golden swords in the dream, and this could be an African king speaking, who the dream voice "prohibited" me from learning about directly, if you read the last few days of text.]

D: Thinking about how that past life had to be nearby to the Middle East because of the irrigation channels. Voice said "To Europe," implying that this is where it was closest to. [Note: Could this be something like Morocco, perhaps?]]

[Image of an asteroid tumbling over and over in space.] Let’s say you’re head over heels in love. It was good quality. [Image of a song: "Remembering how it used to be." Something windy and wind like in a bluish background.]

We are glad that the area of pictures, which you had largely mothballed, is now coming to light. That was nothing more than a print shop; check out the samples. [Image of someone being grabbed and getting shocked, jumping.] You see, when you believe, it goes so much faster. Look at the time. It’s 2:30 when we left off last. We love you so much, David, and we know you are going to succeed. So don’t worry, David, we will call you as things progress.

[Images of getting things started in the business, talking to the people by the fire, and then talking to Skip and asking him what he charged, and then him telling me that it all depends. Image of 29.95 an hour.]

[Image of a stained glass window, and of someone masturbating:] Do not fall prey to the forces that conspire within you to bring you down. You had to be the first one to know that you had a life as a monk, David. We will quote you up to date on this one.

There are many different ways to actualize your potential, and this is certainly one of them. Life continues along in a misadjusted spiral. [Image of someone trying to rotate and bounce up and down an apple on their fingertip like a basketball, and then of a really fat girl looking around with innocent eyes, a smile and a backpack.] That’s right, David, you’re starting to use everything around you; your own eyes and your own aspects. Before too long you will be a prince in the same inner circle. These nodes of play are an inch deep; we’re in deep shit.

[Note: Using my aspects obviously involves getting comment from various reincarnational selves. The prince part may mean that I am to become like the dream voice to others. The third "crucial" sentence seems to indicate how close to the surface the dream voice [nodes of play] really is. I am starting to be able to tune it in very frequently.]

[Image of something like a passage under the mountain, on the left.] Those were three sentences, serious sentences. The problem is you get the fragment form first. This is something you’ll have to discipline yourself with.

There are many different ways to get where you need to go, and we won’t be the first to tell you what is appropriate.