Saturday 11 / 15 / 97 – 7:30 a.m.

I had this big dream that I was inside a health food store where there was a class going on, and it was an acting class. I had a small bit part that involved a little act that I had to do, and I had to run though it twice with a certain person. I had been rehearsing this, and it was the first time – I ran through the material and it was fine. There were not that many people in the store when I ran through it the second time.

There was a woman there who had just finished talking, and she was little bit heavier and had black hair that was straight. Even though it wasn’t part of the play, I stroked the back of her neck with my thumb, and she said that she really liked what I was doing.

Her statement was one of a total improvisation, as she whipped it out of nowhere to go along with the fact that what I was doing also had come out of nowhere. I said to her that I knew she liked it. After that I put my arm around the guy as we walked away, and as we walked through the aisle we were back inside the health food store. I also for some reason was taking my shoes off inside the store before I would act: it was as if I had a different pair of shoes from Colorado that I would wear. They were brown shoes designed for business.

The guy I put my arm around may well have been the guy from the Springtown Green Grocer with the blond hair. After that, someone came up and started yelling at us, and I told them that we were not gay, we were simply from Australia. I laughed it off and didn’t think anything of it.

Then we were in the front of the store, and suddenly college kids started coming into the store in droves, and there were just quite a bit of them. I was asking what the hell was going on, and someone else said to me that these were just new freshman students from New Paltz. They didn’t seem that young but were the same age as me. I then went back up to the front where the play was, and there were these new guys up there, and they were reading the script in a total monotone – a real drag. No emotion whatsoever.

I was really embarrassed at one point, because there were two guys sitting in the audience and their voices sounded really flat and dull, and it was really distracting to what I was doing. I ended up telling them to be quiet, and discovered that they were in the play, doing lines. This really offended me, and I felt that after I left, I was going to have to give them instructions on how to act. After I would these guys to be quiet, I got very embarrassed. I was sitting on a chair over by the meat section and was trying to change my shoes again, but now every one was looking at me and it didn’t seem right anymore – they were all stuffed in the aisles. There was a part after this where someone was trying to fight someone else, and I had to come in and tell this guy to get off of her and get away from her. There was a guy who was supposed to do this, but he couldn’t remember the lines, so I jumped in and ad-libbed his lines for him. I then sat back down and feigned anger.

Right after this, the action stopped, even though I had memorized my lines and knew what I was supposed to do. It was very awkward, and it seemed wrong – there was no rhythm and I could not remember what to say next. It seemed that they were telling me to take seriously the admonishment of the health food sore being not enough money for what I really want to do.

Saturday – 11:09 a.m.

There was a seduction involving a DJ, which in my opinion was something that they had done before, where they were trying to stimulate my memory of something that happened earlier through similarity and association. This was another example of how the earlier parts of the dream were summarized at the end so that I might remember them. This section seemed to involve Bill J, a drummer and former teacher of mine, and we were listening to a karaoke CD, also my brother, or someone like him. I believe the song was Alice in Chains – "I’m the man in the box, buried in my shit, won’t you come and save me."

The strange thing is that it was bring sung by someone else – the phrasing was the same and the voice was okay, but it didn’t have any of that nasal quality or rasp that usually characterized the real lyrics. I started laughing about this and explaining how the guy was falling flat. No sooner did I say this, but the guy on the tape started singing like an opera singer, and it wasn’t any good and it didn’t match the music on the tape at all. it was the same as my own comedy lip syncs, and it just got funnier and funnier and worse and worse at it went along, where I was hearing very doglike noises. I jumped out of the dream at this point.

This was an analog to an earlier section that seemed to involve Jude and some other people who were in a party area. It seemed similar to this house, in that there were three different trailers, and these trailers were spaced like a big triangle from each other in a big woodsy area. The trailer seemed quite similar to Jim’s on the inside. There was a big contrast, because on the one hand you had these guys with leather jackets, driving nice cars and trying to get together with women, and on the other hand they were going back into these trailers, which seemed to be too dirty. Needless to day, it was a very interesting contrast of lifestyles there. There was also a part where there was also this circus and carnival type of atmosphere, and I was walking though this area, and it was like we were looking at a memory of the past; it was pretty interesting. M, one of Jude’s female buddies in high school, was there.

This then segued into a section where my old jazz drumming teacher Bill J was on stage and was asking for a drummer to play on stage with him, and the requirements seemed to be that you had to dress up as a clown. It was a comical drum set, brightly colored, which had different drums that had hammers mounted over them, which you would trigger with pulleys and ropes. There was a theater performance going on, and I was excited about it.

D: Just thinking out how dreams take real events and convert them into metaphor – thinking about how the kernel of truth is there, but you have to dig for it through the parts that partially veil what is to be known. It dawned on me that the dreams might be a very interesting inclusion in the book in some ways.


Sunday 11 / 16 / 97 – 6:58 a.m.

An interesting dream. The gist of it was that there was a family thing going on with a lot of pastel colors – a room that was very feminine. There seemed to be a teenage magazine type of vibe going on for some reason. It appears that there was a policeman who would come into the picture, and once the policeman was gone, for some reason he actually took off a lot of his clothes somehow.

Charlie V was there, a saxophone player whom my mother has worked with, and he gets the idea that he is going to essentially try on all the police stuff. The interesting thing was that the cop had this big clamp that he would attach right to your leg, and it would swing out – it might have been a club, but it seemed to be a very high-tech cop suit. There was something where Charlie was trying on boots, and they went all the way up to his crotch – they were very thick, and the whole thing was very comically presented. We were talking about something that l had done, though I don’t remember what it was at this point. It was almost as though I knew we were on this teeny – bopper sitcom the whole time.

Another section having to do with some kind of silly, light – hearted thing. Anyway, Charlie was there trying on the uniform, and I was thinking that it might mot be a good idea for him to do that, because the cop might not be gone forever. It did seem that there was something that we were protecting against. All of a sudden, this guy bursts into the room, and I recognized him – he was a guy I knew from New Paltz who was also drunk, but didn’t seem to have trouble getting women. He was friends with my original roommate and came from his hometown. He was very attractive to the girls, but was just destroying his body through the use of drugs and alcohol. He showed up out of nowhere, and we realize that because Charlie was dressed up as a cop, he was supposed to fight this guy, even though he didn’t know how to use the strange – shaped gun. This drug guy pushes Charlie down, and it wasn’t even a hassle. I felt like I had to get in there and stop this. At the same time, it was almost like a familiarity, since I knew who he was and I did not want to hurt him. The way I decided to stop it was that I wanted to bite his finger to get him to let go of the guy. I was really clamping down, and there was so much force that I thought I would bite it right off, but there was no getting him to stop.

Then I was out of the whole thing, and watching it like a TV show, and I found myself with the girl who lived across from me when I lived on Innis Ave. right after moving back to New Paltz. We were commenting on the success and or failure of what I had done, and while going over it I woke up.


8:57 a.m.

Take him out to dinner.

D: Was using a lucid dream technique, and was doing that with the visualization of being back in the dream with the cop.

I wasn’t lucid immediately. My brother and mother and I show up at some sort of house that was very luxurious and Victorian.

I got the impression that we were on vacation in one form or another. Earlier, it might have started as a developmental disabilities group home. There were people working there, and there was some kind of function going on. I seemed to be working there, but I got lost doing something else, and my brother was more directly involved than I was. There was a point where I had gone to the bathroom and came back, and they were wondering what I could do and how well I could do. G from B G company was there, and he seemed to be impressed with the fact that I could dress up like a clown and blow up balloons.

My mother and brother and I saw this place, which was dimly reminiscent of Lake Piseco, and had very large and spacious rooms. I needed a shower right away, and I climb up the stairs and find this very large walk – in shower that seemed to be a lot like a gym room. I didn’t have to take off my clothes when I came in; I was already naked. While taking a shower, I realized that I did not have any clothes nor a towel, an this upset me as I would have to go out in front of the other people in the store / house. No sooner did I want these things, but what I found towels all over the place, wherever I started looking. Some looked the same as the towels here. I used one of them and got out of there, but I still didn’t have a shirt, thought I knew where they were.

I began descending the stairs and walked out into this place with dark polished wood, hardwood floor, beautiful Victorian furniture. I walked over to a chest of drawers, and I was looking for a shirt. The problem was that there were a great number of people looking at the house as though they were going to buy it. This appeared to be in the context of an open house, or that the people were guests to a hotel like where I used to work. I was annoyed by this; I then opened up the bottom drawer of the chest and realize that there are all these black shirts in there which are similar to the ones I used to wear when I was in junior high and high school. Led Zeppelin, Hendrix, Jimmy Page, etc. Then there were other ones that I thought were my brother’s, including Peanuts and a shirt with a holy man standing with all these people standing around him, and he was standing right on the edge of a cliff with his back to it. I put it on as a joke. I then started to notice that the place looked like Mohonk.

[Trans. note: Just thought of OBE’ing some more, and I looked at the clock, and it says 5:55 still in this present moment.]

I walk back over to this table, and my mother and brother are there, and I suddenly said, "Wait a minute! This is an environment that I am in which is not my bed! I must be dreaming!" I was amazed, and at that point I started to really try to explore. I walked through the house slowly and would not focus on only one thing, and as long as I did this, everything would pretty much stay the same. However, if I tried to focus in too much on any one area, or tried to walk through the place with any kind of speed, then everything would immediately phase out and start to disappear.

It seemed that I could not stare at the objects while walking; the images appeared to be organized in snapshot format ad did not have three – dimensionality. Apparently the processing to handle the illusion of walking past solid objects was not present at that time. Things would blur while walking, but as soon as you would stop, they would come back into focus.

So, I had the illusion at this point that it was a real place, but it would dim out frequently and I would start becoming conscious of my physical body, which I did not want. Therein began this game that I would play; it was the most difficult dream landscape I have ever had thus far to try to keep in one piece. At one point, I touched myself and started to check to see if I had a second body, and that sent me back to my physical body. There was another point where I stretched out my arms and flew through a window, actually two times when I did this. There might have been a pause before I did it the second time.

I did try to keep everything in focus, and it was practically impossible. Very mentally exhausting, and there were a few times where I had to wait a good ten to thirty seconds to reenter it after coming back to the body. I was wondering and theorizing as to why I didn’t seem to have enough energy, and I believe I just stopped trying to get back in, and then entered a regular dream, which seemed to be when the DD stuff started. I do remember that at one point in the OBE section, I flew up to a second floor of the building and met a strange, business – type guy up there.


Monday 11 / 17 / 97 – 6:07 a.m.

Very early fragment – ended up taking place in a classroom from the high school. A girl from one grade above me who was very homely looking and Russ L was here, but she referred to him as Russell Sage (the college.) They were talking about this other kid from high school who happened to be one of the ugliest kids in the whole school. They were saying that because of the politics he had with girlfriends, Russell had feigned interest in one of his girlfriends in order to increase the competition, so that he would feel proud about getting her.

Going back to sleep.

8:54 a.m.

Spontaneously awakened by telephone ringing. There was some type of stage performance going on where they were going through all of these different and apparently historic theater acts. At one point or another the woman somehow loses track of her act and ends up showing her breasts, and this seemed to be the whole point of the play to begin with. Anyway, they had some really funny examples of this nudity in action, and it was a delight to watch. In one part, I was singing and involved in a performance on stage as well. There was one part that seemed to be a spontaneous singing improvisation on my part, and I was delighted to have the whole audience full of people singing the same song as me at the same time – to me, this was exceptional.

At one point I changed the lyrics, and the whole audience sang contrapuntally against me; what was so miraculous about it was that I happened instantaneously, and yet the audience rendered the other part of the singing perfectly. I don’t know how this could have happened.

After this audience was watching me go through these historic cases of these women losing something and then exposing their breasts and so forth, and even more than that – there were many examples. One was of a woman who was supposed to be covering them with a pair of feathers, and another case was where a woman came out and a balloon hit her and shifted her clothing after popping; they were all gorgeous. Angelica was involved somehow very deeply.

D: Keep hearing the song, "You are in my system."

The end of the play had a woman in a chair who was topless, and I was singing. I came up with this round ball that was about fist – sized that had a face on it, and for some reason I shoved it right between her breasts; though it doesn’t sound like it, this was a very loving gesture. I was singing whole doing this, and it was apparently the end of the show, as people were leaving. There were some foreign students, one of whom looked like Antonio, and after doing this, she rather violently threw it back to me. Immediately after this, the phone rang; it is interesting how the crowd left right before this happened.

There was an earlier section that involved this Jewish doctor, with a great deal of Jewish people and Jewish families. It was a very strange and unfamiliar locale. We, my brother and I, had this list of phone numbers, and my mother might have been involved somehow as well. We find out by someone that this Jewish guy, who was nowhere to be seen, was supposed to be having his teeth cleaned right then, but they could not find him. The man looking for him was obviously unhappy, so my brother and I panicked and decided that he wad to go looking for this guy. We started trying to page him through all of these pager numbers, and it was a real hassle. My brother looked like he did when he was about 12 years old.

D: Tried to incubate lucidity last night twice an was not successful. Obvious that the dream is telling me to get out of bed and look for work, though I am still tired.


Tuesday 11 / 18 / 97 – 8:21 a.m.

I was shown this weather pattern that organized itself into diamonds. It was shown moving up and down the Atlantic Ocean near the middle. I saw two white energy lines that crossed in an "X" shape as though marking the center of the hurricane, and it said that it was obvious to see from this that there was a hyperdimensional structure showing through the diagram.

There were a large number of fragments – graduation from high school, but discovering it suddenly in a hallway; a younger R P – kids having too much candy. Walking down the hallway. An earlier part where I was taking care of kids, and inside the store, my ex-marijuana friend Randy was there. People were bringing bongs into the store and were trying to light them. This was connected to even earlier parts having to do with C G. In the part after the store, with bongs and stuff, I went into another little room that was like a TV room in the New Paltz dormitories. People were saying that it was okay to smoke there as long as you did not smoke inside the store, which I thought was bizarre and did not agree with.

This weather pattern at the end was very complex and interesting. It appeared that there was a diamond shaped energy that came from the grid structure.

We just rescheduled it. Let us know what happens, even though you broke the number and did not have it written on paper.

Before this section with the candy store, we were in this section where we took care of little kids. As I came inside, my grandfather on my mother’s side was there, and I was surprised at how good she was at taking care of these little kids, talking to them and so forth. We were both doing the same thing.

Everybody realized that they were baptized; yes, they were diagnosed. To have died and come reborn again. "Well, it’s too bad that our friends can’t be with us today." Farm people.

[6/6/98: The enigmatic line "Farm People" at the end of this clearly indicates those people who are trying to prepare this planet for harvest.]

[Image of a woman:] That is billed to the first party. We have the final word on being alone, you know. ‘Tis better to organize the mind than to depreciate the body.

The struggles of the children seemed to largely have to do with candy and sugar. I was with Gray quite a bid before this.

[Image of someone talking to me from a complete dream state like Edgar Cayce, and then I heard:]

Where was that nonsense that I needed to learn?

D: Heard the lyrics to "Alouette, alouette." Also images of chiropractic adjustments to my neck. I was then thinking about Cathie’s grid vortex as being in Siberia, and I then drew a line down the middle and thought about what would be in the left of it, if that would be contemporaneous with Egypt – a voice then said that this would be a problem.

There was a section near the end where it seemed that my mother was getting ready to give me all of this stuff for my birthday or Christmas, and it included such things as a sound keyboard such as an 01/W. The only problem was that it had a cracked circuit board near to the power supply, which I could see, and I knew that I was going to have to repair that. There were two connections that were not quite touching, and I looked in my old closet at 621 and she had a stack of big boxes for computers or something, and I knew that I was going to be getting these for Christmas, and this made me very excited.

What we really need to do is change the way you eat. Such things as jalapenos are not going to help you.

D: I was about to say, "I was with Chris," and heard:

Chris was famous for the rest of his life. [tape ends]


Wednesday 11 / 19 / 97 – 7:39 a.m.

Very interesting karmic dream involving Eric L through many different phases. At the very end, I walked into a store and I was going to buy some magazines, like rock and roll culture for teenagers. It didn’t seem that it was going to be all that bad, but I then opened up the magazine and saw a biker woman giving a biker guy a blowjob, but it looked like a fake penis. As I continued looking, the pictures got more real looking, and I then found a page in the front that actually became real. They went through the motions and stuff, and it turned into a sort of movie. I was watching the movie for a while, and then I started hearing song lyrics, and they said, "I’ve got a lot to lay – behind her."

Suddenly as he has sex with this woman, a penis shows up on her that looked exactly the same as his, and it looked very strange and I awoke suddenly.

Another things that happened before I woke up was that I had a tape recorder with me and I was walking through the halls of Sacandaga Elementary School. J W was walking down the hall, and there was something going on with B R, and W was pissed off enough to fight him – interesting in the fact that I also fought R. This rivalry with Eric L lasted for a long time, and it was most unpleasant.

The most recent one before the dream ended seemed to be that I was in my room at 621 or a close analog, and in my room I find out that through listening that there was this firm guy who also seemed to live with us. He had all of these fruits that he was growing in his garden, and they were all getting to be a good size. If he didn’t eat them, they were going to go to waste. I thought that I should eat them. There was also this green thing that was Velcroed up at the top corner of the room, and as I pulled it off it seemed to have little fruits inside. There was also a tape machine in the room, and it became like this tape recorder, but also like a telephone. It was after I had heard about these fruits and was going to go grab some that I got this telephone call, and it was from this guy whom I might have interacted with before. It seemed that I asked him for something in the beginning. He calls me up and started with the typical conversation, about jobs.

It then shifted over into a conversation about the facet that I played jazz drums. He was very surprised that I was so good, and was very enthusiastic about hearing me play some more or possibly getting me involved somehow.

Right after this, I walk out of the room and there is Eric L again, and we still had the same animosity. I was looking for the fruit, and I ended up in the Sacandaga cafeteria. In the beginning there was fruit in there, just cantaloupes and stuff, and this was after I heard W say that he was going to fight R. I walked into the cafeteria and the cantaloupes looked old and watery. I was surveying what was available in the line.

This was the old lunch line that you would go through before entering the cafeteria, where I hardly ever went, because my mother would rather make lunches for me. It was just the same, with the kitchen background and the funny old ladies. It was laid out buffet – style, and as I continued looking there were more choices that I found. This included strange onions chopped into the shape of flowers horizontally. There were also baked potatoes in the middle, and I knew that it was fifteen minutes before 11:00, when lunch was supposed to start. Inside I was wondering why I was so hungry now if lunch hadn’t started yet, but I didn’t think that much more about it. J B might have been involved.

There was a Latino girl and guy both looking at things as well. Anyway, these people came up and said that they didn’t know whether these things were safe to eat. I heeded their advice, and just didn’t get involved.

As I walked out, the next part of the plot started, which I have already described. Before going inside the house and seeing the green Velcro in the top corner of the room and the farmer guy, I ran into Eric L again. It seemed that he was mock wrestling and playing around with this black guy who looked the same as him, very tall and skinny. This black guy seemed to be K J, a friend from when we were really young. I was very excited, because we hadn’t seen him in such a long time. He looked a little like C G as well. Eric and K were pretending that they were karate guys out in front of 621, in the front yard with the birch tree and the dip in the yard.

I wanted to get involved as well. I came up from behind Eric and got him into a hold with both of his arms behind his back. He was really pissed off at me as a result of this. Again, it was a very lousy feeling between him and me, and I wasn’t sure why.

D: It is interesting how now that the DV has announced that my high school dreams are over, I seem to be getting pulled even further back into my own past. This is illustrating the blockage that was created when I started to get high and broke off from Eric L.

The main thrust of the dream took place in a really large house that might have had a built – in brick fireplace that was connected to these rolling green fields outside, beautiful land that was apparently being farmed. It was a really lovely rustic place. It seemed that there were repeated sections where I was with these people, and in order to go off with them I had to break off from Eric L. It seemed that all of these people were trying to be cool, and I was trying to be cool with them.

I was talking differently, reading special magazines, traveling, driving, but also there was a lot of smoking cigarettes. I don’t remember tasting them, but they were definitely there, and I remember enjoying them. It seemed that M L was there, but it was almost like she had a younger sister. M was one of the most beautiful girls in high school. Her sister was really hitting on me big time. S C from the hotel was playing some jazz, and she had heard my drumming. This and my personality seemed to draw her to me. She was hugging me from behind, very affectionate, and gave me her number at least two or three times. I thought that I wouldn’t call her, but then I also thought that maybe I should. I continued smoking cigarettes while this was going on.

T E, the kid who used to live across the street, might have been involved somehow too. This party group of people seemed to drift around from different places, and there was definitely an earlier section involving Don T and Eric L. that emphasized my social awkwardness at that time. It then transferred over into the party crowd with Don – we were in an analog of his house, but quite different – bigger and more urban. Eric was involved right from the beginning. This all looks like a gigantic metaphor for my original entry into my former years of drug use when I was younger. I kept asking myself when I woke up why I was so angry at Eric L. and what it meant. I did tell M L that I did not want her as a tactic to make her more interested.


Thursday 11 / 20 / 97 – 8:09 a.m.

Interesting and very long dream. It was very connected. Attempt to reconstruct it from the beginning.

It involved L, my former landlady at the Schoolhouse, and a few others and was dealing with issues of employment. Flashing on a section with J B. A machine that was broken. Flashing on M W and standing "trial."

D: Image of a picture sitting face down on a chair, and also Duane standing in the middle of the room with his arms crossed – then heard, "Are you familiar with that picture?"

Length of stay involved needs adjustment. I need to get certified so that I can get a new job. [Image of a hard cover book:] The Humanitarian Cosmos.

Early on in the dream, I was hanging out in an outdoor park environment like SPAC. I may have been making gay jokes or things like that, but there was the feel of the hotel too, and I knew that Angelica was in the vicinity. I was joking around like I was gay and doing things along those lines.

I can see what you mean. We used to demonstrate what she said, and she referred me to someone else. [D: this was after thinking about stopping masturbation.]

What I considered to be harmless joking around in an early section which took a good length of time turned into a spectacle where I am all of a sudden in the gym in Sacandaga School in the far end. M W was there, and it then turned into Eric, and there was a big spotlight on me and him, and it was almost as if I was standing trial for homosexuality. Eric was there asking me these questions, an the first thing I said was, "Well, first of all, I’m straight," which I knew would shock many people who seemed to really be wishing that I was not. I proceeded to answer the other questions, but that was the crucial answer. Another question that was asked of me was whether I could do body flips for them. There was a mat nearby, and I went ahead and flipped and rolled around, basically trying to get people laughing and stuff. I did get the feeling that several gay people were watching me, but the audience was more college – aged.

The Tao of Physics – do you want to share with us? Each year we see people in the same predicament. Let’s not allow this to cloud our opinion of ourselves. This is in reference to your employment search. Your certainly do have a good application right now, and this will help you immeasurably in terms of your records management. Not all people have obeyed the same rules that you have, and their results may be vastly different.

[Jet plane flew overhead:] Test Europe.

After demonstrating that I was straight, I felt that I needed to get out of there. I may have gone up to the front of the auditorium or just exited a door on the side.

[6/6/1998: Just heard the words "Oven Cleaner."]

Once outside, I came up to this van which somehow I also knew was associated with me. It started out with a great deal of garbage that was being loaded into the van, but it was as thought people were throwing away really good things. This happened again with SUNY at the end, with TJ, an employee of BG, digging through garbage, who found a big plastic bag full of peanuts for packing, which he thought were vitamins. This first scene was an analog of loading the BG van, although it seemed that I had a job related to sound. The outdoor area that I was in was also reminiscent of the hotel, and I believe that what happened around this point was that Angelica came down the stairs. What was immediately noticeable was that she did not look good at all – her skin tone was white, pockmarked with many small red dots, and she looked very sickly. She was going up a large staircase, and she told me that she was too busy to talk to me. I accepted this, but I felt very hurt. I believe that this part happened before the gym. Anyway, she came down again later and there were other people I was talking to who where interested in seeing her.

Anyway, in the section with Angelica, she led me down a set of stairs into a lake area. At first I thought I saw a luminous cloud on top of the water, and I exclaimed to her how unusual it was. I quickly realized that someone was building this structure on the surface of the water, on a dock. It had a garage type of roof, but it was three times taller than a garage, though very narrow. Inside, there were all these fluffy pink clouds that looked like cotton candy, and there were all these angels inside that were apparently paper cutouts. There were people with wires and cables, and looked as though they were in the last stages of building this show or exhibit, which would promulgate these topics but would also be fun. It was near the waterfront, where a lot of people could gather around to see it. I was really excited about the fact that it was happening.

In the section with the van, in the process of loading the garbage into it, I find out that they, in the van, had killed someone. It was a girl, and B from the house here was in the van. He had this really strange look on his face, because all of a sudden he know that he was going to have to go back to prison; even though there was no one around as of yet, they new they were caught, and it was only a matter of time. B had a very strange look on his face, and as I watched it started to change into a very rough and rugged – looking criminal’s face, similar to some of the most severely lost head kids I had seen in high school. His jaw got bigger and blunter, and he looked very evil. They also seemed to imply that I was involved in the crime somehow as well, and I wasn’t going to have any of that. Before I had time to think any more about this, there was suddenly an announcement over the loudspeaker that was paging me to go back inside the building – it said, "David Wilcock, we need an urgent repair on a window in the main auditorium."

Somehow, I know knew that I was plugged into this system where I was the main person to do repairs. I rushed into the gym, and next to the state was this whole setup which included audio equipment, and I then saw J B, who was also working on sound for a performance soon to be happening. I found the machine right away, and though that there was a vibration that was causing the problem. I saw that there was a little metal label on the top of this machine, which looked like an amplifier. The metal was apparently cracked – it was a brass nameplate. I had decided that I was going to tape it back down or glue it. I was then checking the underside to make sure that there were no other problems.

Right in the middle of this, I was told that there was a different emergency that I needed to attend to immediately. There was this man who had apparently had a heart attack, and they wanted me to get in the van and urgently drive him to the hospital – he was only minutes from dying. Suddenly, almost before any time had elapsed, I was driving in the van with the man who is dying, and was hoping he would live. I was driving down roads that looked like Kingston. There were people outside who were seedy, and I didn’t even care that they were there. I hadn’t even strapped in because I was in such a rush. I was so worried about getting there that I wasn’t being very careful, and at one point I actually hit the curb while I was driving. Interestingly, I hardly ever looked at him, though he was sitting right next to me in the front seat. The drive was very short, only about three blocks. The driving naturally morphed into the interior of the hospital building, and by this point I had already lost track of the old man. I was still rushing around, trying to find someone. I noticed how much the hospital looked like an old school, like the VLC at New Paltz.

[12/6: As a very interesting side note, I have had two dreams today which featured this same building. The first was a lucid dream, and I only saw it from the outside at that point. In the second one, I was inside of it, only I was with a team of people who were trying to take it over and conquer it. I inadvertently ended up setting people free when I was planning on detaining them in an elevator – without realizing it, I had hit the button which sent them up to the third floor – no. I went to the third floor, but I sent the first group up to the fifth, which was the level where all of the corporate executives were. It is highly interesting that this dream had me as part of the group that was taking over, and in the other dream I was in the building, trying to outrun the people taking over. Interesting that these would correlate together on the same day – another example of the power of the subconscious to organize information.]

The walls were white and possibly marbled, and the stairwells had black metal railings going down. There was definitely a feeling of antiquity, and it was not very new. The next thing I know, there was an alarm and a sudden panic. All the people who were there were running all over the place. At some point, the perspective suddenly shifted. I was now watching James Bond as Pierce Brosnan. There was this band of robbers on the building who were gassing it out in order to kill all of the people. They had these strange headset devices that apparently were enough to stop them from asphyxiating from the gases inside. They all had guns as well. This guy realized what was happening and started running, but they had not found him yet. At one point, a guy started to come near to the staircase, so he needed to run in there to get away. Each flight, they would walk down two thirds of the way and then slide down the rest of the way using one leg and his butt. It was a very smooth, very practiced looking movement, and he did it exactly the same way for each flight of stairs. It was a movement that was very fast and very quite.

It suddenly appeared that he was in big trouble, and there was no way out. He did have a red toolbox with him, and there were a number of tools inside, thought none of them seemed to be anything useful for his own defense in the situation. There was a great frustration that he displayed at the lack of a gun, et cetera.

There was suddenly a perspective shift away from him to the outside of the building. There was a certain degree of suspense there, as though you didn’t know what was going to happen. You knew that there was a criminal coming up the stairs from below as well as another who was coming down from above. Suddenly, there was the sound of a gunshot going off, then there was a gunshot type of explosion that was of a much louder variety. With the second blast came an image of him, rocketing out of the building and directly up into space, with a long cord of fire streaming out from his back. It appeared that in the short time since the perspective shifted, he somehow had created a makeshift gun with which to defend himself as well as a rocket pack to blast out of the whole area. Upon discussing the symbology of this dream with J, it became apparent that this was a metaphor for the Ascension, and of overcoming the inevitable problems, despite their apparent hopeless natures.

The next scene took me to the New Paltz college campus. I apparently was now appearing in the form of an angel, and I found myself approaching TJ, the guy whom I had worked with when I as on the radio program. He was very intoxicated, sloppy drunk, and falling all over himself. He was positioned near an outdoor metal garbage can, and was amazed at what he had found inside. In the back of my mind, I felt that there were laptop computers he was going to find in there as well. It was apparent that he was finding valuable tins, and I admired what he was doing, despite the fact that he was in such a strange position.


Friday 11 / 21 / 97 – 7:51 a.m.

Thus, the networks were gathered.

In this dream, it involved Victorian scenery, and there was some sort of museum that I was walking through. There was a female there, possibly L, my old landlady, and Brad W, and we were looking at this exhibit that was on display regarding UFO’s. This included such things as crop circle photographs. While we were looking at all this great stuff, Brad decided that he was going to get drunk. One thing leads to another, and several different situations took place where Brad and others were really hurting themselves. One was a contest where they were in a bar area and would just bask each other’s heads from behind. P K from high school was the other one doing it, and he was getting really hurt, but was acting as though everything was fine. I tried to intervene and tell them to stop, but they were very driven. This happened many times and was rather painful to watch.

This then segued into a section with professional wrestlers that got quite bloody, where they were stamping on each other’s faces and stuff – it was horrible to see. I think the whole purpose was just to illustrate self – defeat.

Angelica was in the UFO part, involved in some antics related to music and theater.


Saturday 11 / 22 / 97 – 6:24 a.m.

Confrontations with decades begone!

In this dream, a great deal of the action took place around Mr. L, my sixth – grate teacher. He was competing with another teacher for my attention who seemed to have a more famous class, full of grown adults who were layers, perhaps, or famous football players and the like. At the very end, these guys were joking around with other senators, and this leading guy was pretending like he was going to pat one of them on the ass with a cupped hand.

Earlier on, it seemed to involved these different classes, and I had my choice of which one to go to, and there were pros and cons of each one. It seemed that I saw my brother when he was younger, without his height and skinniness.

There are many cases – many divisions.

There were a lot of girls in the dream early on. They may have been my brother’s friends, but they all needed a place to stay. At one point I had all of these girls over in my room, and they were very gorgeous. One of the girls called for a naked – body comparison, so we can "compare and talk about how we feel." A few of the other girls started to lift up their shirts and stuff, but it ended up basically being me. I showed them how my hip bones stuck out from all the weight they had carried, but they didn’t seem to mind this in the least.

At one point, my brother and I show up in Mr. Lee’s class, and there was a very small letter indicating that the class was going to be meeting outside, but we never saw the letter. So we walked in and no one else was there. We realized that he was taking these kids outside of the room and yelling at them about how bad they were – he was very pissed off about their behavior. I remember seeing I S, a very old friend from childhood, in the dream, and it was very surreal. There was a lot about doors and weird parks and stuff – (10:10 upon looking at clock just now Ã