We will also explore how Russia's mainstream news media recently verified much of what we wrote in Financial Tyranny in January-February 2012, and reiterated in The Synchronicity Key.

Some have asked for a hardcover version of Financial Tyranny, and we may yet produce that — but right now it is a free Ebook, hosted on this site.

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Financial Tyranny was made into six hours of documentaries and presented on Russian television in January 2013 — in two installments. 

I starred in both of these episodes, which aired on REN-TV during prime-time hours on January 16th and January 30th, 2013.

These shows broke new ground — exposing the truth about the worldwide theft of gold, and the Federal Reserve bonds that were issued as collateral.

Stunningly, Germany demanded its gold back from the Federal Reserve on January 16th — the same day the first of these two documentaries aired.

Now, the story has jumped from a fast-paced TV documentary to an exclusive news story, presented in the Russian mainstream media and shared in English.



Our current global economic meltdown is no accident. No conspiracy theories are required. Look around you. The evidence is everywhere.

This global crash was deliberately imposed upon us by the banking families and business cartels running the Federal Reserve.

The evidence is overwhelming. Sadly, the alliance that is working to save the day has had to labor almost entirely in secret — for their own protection.

Without clear leadership, a tremendous amount of fear has been generated in those who start learning the truth about the way the world works.

Now, we are on the brink of a spectactular climax to a war that has been fought, in secret, for many years.

The Synchronicity Key also reveals that the bulk of this war should be over by 2014.

This prediction can be made, in part, thanks to the unique science of time cycle analysis.

This science has remained almost completely unknown to the modern world — even though its effects are extremely powerful and significant.





These NSA disclosures have very seriously changed the game — transforming formerly taboo subjects into common talking points. 

There is overwhelming evidence that this did not happen because of a few loners like Manning and Snowden. 

As the Anonymous whistleblower said, many members of the US military are working together to expose and bring down the Cabal.

The biggest challenge the Alliance has had is the struggle to be heard.

The public has to be aware they are not free before they will support any significant action to restore freedom.

Many people have been conditioned to think that independent and / or internet journalism somehow lacks in credibility.

And yet, the death threats against members of the Alliance are so strong, and the risks are so high, that they have had to work very quietly.

In the meantime, the mainstream media continued aggressively fighting to maintain power and control over the minds of the public.



As recently as April 30, 2013, the "controlled media" released an article using astonishing trumped-up "scientific evidence" to try to crush the opposition.

The article argues that anyone who believes in "conspiracy theory" — or is "even merely exposed" to it — is a science-rejecting, cigarette-hacking redneck:

“Belief in Conspiracy is a Rejection of Science!”

Interestingly, belief in conspiracy theories has recently been linked to the rejection of science.

In a paper published in Psychological Science, Stephen Lewandowsky and colleagues investigated the relation between acceptance of science and conspiricist thinking patterns.

While the authors’ survey was not representative of the general population, results suggest that (controlling for other important factors) belief in multiple conspiracy theories significantly predicted the rejection of important scientific conclusions, such as climate science or the fact that smoking causes lung cancer.

Yet, rejection of scientific principles is not the only possible consequence of widespread belief in conspiracy theories.

Another recent study indicates that receiving positive information about or even being merely exposed to conspiracy theories can lead people to become disengaged from important political and societal topics.

For example, in their study, Daniel Jolley and Karen Douglas clearly show that participants who received information that supported the idea that global warming is a hoax were less willing to engage politically and also less willing to implement individual behavioral changes such as reducing their carbon footprint.

These findings are alarming because they show that conspiracy theories sow public mistrust and undermine democratic debate by diverting attention away from important scientific, political and societal issues. 


These studies were obviously conducted with subject pools from the "red states" — not representative of the general population, as they said — and were deliberately rigged to ridicule them over certain commonly-held beliefs.

We are told that anyone who does not trust the government is "rejecting science, disengaged from important topics, sowing mistrust and undermining democratic debate."

If this same article were published now — less than four months later — it would have been almost universally laughed at and lampooned by its readers.

Science tells us the NSA is intercepting and storing all Internet traffic. This is certainly an "important topic for democratic debate."



I believe Snowden came in contact with the alliance and is one of the first people to put a public face to it.

Bradley Manning was almost certainly aware of this alliance as well — and cooperated with them to produce the Wikileaks disclosures.

As a result of the alliance's ongoing work, risking torture, imprisonment and death, what was "conspiracy theory" on April 30th is now established fact.

The government has been forced to defend these invasive programs — only to be repeatedly hammered by revelations that invalidate their lies.

Events are moving really quickly at this point — suggesting we are getting closer and closer to major changes for the positive.

However, the "wounded beast" will strike at anything that comes near it — so this is also a dangerous time with the potential for some negative events as well.