Three weeks ago I published Part One of an article series entitled "This Week’s Quantum Shift in World Consciousness." I ran out of time to publish Part Two, even though I had put all the research together. That research discussed undeniable evidence that Di’s death was not an accident at all.

Very important new information surfaced in British government hearings on the subject in 2007-2008, and those findings are very relevant to the events that are happening right now.

So, I had already spotted a major ‘resonance’ between the death of Princess Di and the current events as of the last week of May, on into the first few days of June.

The closest I came to hinting at this material, and how it all ties together, was in my most recent post from nearly two weeks ago.

Continental Flight 3407 that crashed in Buffalo, the Air France Airbus 330 that crashed off the coast of Brazil, and the now-officially-recognized manner in which Princess Di’s car crashed all seemed to be related — not just in terms of how they were done, but why. 

Unfortunately I did not mention Princess Di in writing, but that’s where all of this was going:


Don‘t forget that Obama met with two 9/11 widows in private. You can bet that the rooms in the White House are tapped, and the opposition recorded and documented whatever they discussed.

It‘s very likely that they were planning on re-opening 9/11 hearings and bringing out undeniable evidence that it was not simply Muslim terrorists. These two women took a plane flight together a week later and the plane then went down under very suspicious circumstances. Past entries of David‘s Blog made the case convincingly.


Air France was a similar ‘hit,‘ it would seem, and I will spell out exactly who appears to have done it and why. It appears to be a direct hit against France by the British Illuminati, in response to the ‘snub‘ of Queen Elizabeth from attending D-Day festivities. The bright flash of light that was reported is consistent with technology that can destroy electronics.

I wanted to get that out this week, but simply ran out of time :