The Panama Papers were an obvious attack against the Alliance. We just had a detailed briefing on Putin's impending response and you need to hear it.

The insider kept using colorful language to describe the profound ignorance of the Panama Papers strategy.

He kept using the phrase "You moron a-hole piece of s-t" to describe whoever thought attacking Putin this way was a good idea.

Translated for the rest of us, we are about to see some action.






This is an update, not a stand-alone, so if you are fresh to this story, please read the other article first or you might feel a little confused.

What is the Alliance? It is a multi-faction, global effort to defeat the "New World Order" / Cabal that seeks to "depopulate" our planet by the billions.

No one country is controlled by the Cabal. It is a group concentrated in Western countries, run by multi-generational occult groups with extreme wealth.

The Cabal does not put their own high-ranking people into positions of power. Politicians are controlled through vicious threats, blackmail and murder.

Almost the entire rest of the world has now joined the Alliance, and there are also strong Alliance factions in Western countries, including the US.

For this reason, the behind-the-scenes battle we are seeing now, including staged terror attacks and massive computer hacks, is considered a "Shadow WWIII."

Is the Alliance unified in its goals and efforts? No. There are a variety of factions working out their differences.

Nonetheless, the Alliance has given the Cabal an ultimatum: Either you do Disclosure or we're going to do it for you.

The astonishing foolishness of the Panama Papers may have just been the tipping point in that entire negotiation.



As we described in the previous article, the Panama Papers was an obvious, clumsy attempt by the Cabal to attack the Alliance.

The strongest enemies of the Cabal were immediately attacked, including the Prime Minister of Iceland, who jailed 29 bankers, and Vladimir Putin.

Putin is the most knowledgeable politician in the visible world about the Secret Space Program — in every aspect.

His faction has always been pushing for Full Disclosure in this war, which would be the best possible outcome for everyone.

If you read The Panama Toilet Papers from earlier this week, I made a significant prediction.

I will highlight the parts we have now confirmed in red:



As I said in our last article, the Cabal very recently struck a deal that allowed them to avoid financial collapse of their mega-banks.

The full details remain classified, but the gist of it is that they accepted a disclosure process in exchange for a smoother exit ramp for everyone.

The problem with these people is they have the classic personality traits of the sociopath — and that means they can't help but betray their own word.

The "Panama Papers" are a very obvious attempt for them to slam the Alliance with at least some of the damaging intel in the full disclosure data dumps.

This seems like a chaotic and ridiculous move, as it effectively nullifies the deal they just signed to avoid the collapse of their own institutions.



Furthermore, since Putin is a judo master, you'd better believe this is going to swing around and kick the Cabal in the ass.

Therefore, we are probably just now seeing the very beginning of a bare-knuckle "Disclosure War" that could get really violent, really fast.

We thought the Cabal was going to avoid the collapse of their institutions, but that may well have changed in the aftermath of this very brazen move.

They must clearly believe they are going all the way down, and want to try to take everyone else out along with them in a blaze of glory.



The insider I was speaking to is a member of the Pentagon portion of the Alliance, which is now a significant, if not a majority faction within the US. 

This insider was recently approached by the Trump campaign for high-level advice, and he has worked directly with multiple US administrations.

Anyone who tries to visualize this battle as if it were like sports, where each country is a "team" with a particular "side," does not understand how it works.

The Cabal had compromised many countries outside of the Western world. The vast majority of those assets have already been exposed and purged.

There is a powerful counter-insurgency against the Cabal now raging within the US, Great Britain, Germany and France, among others.


Cronkite was saying these people were saviors. As were Clarke. Most trusted man in America, All-Seeing Eye.

Panama Papers front operation out of Langley. Run by Soros. Most frequent private party guest at the White House in the first term.

Real stuff in there and there is piles of it.

Corporations used to take down the Ruble. 25 percent went through that law firm.

Shot across the bow. Can take anyone out at any time.

Putin warned this could get nasty fast. Gang war. Hillary from Chicago, Rockefeller is New York.

Hot Springs, Arkansas was the Las Vegas of the 20s, hot spot for mobsters.

Putin taking over removing of secret files from the Kremlin since before WWII. Personally supervising the release.

Took out Gorbachev by removing his people. Paid Yeltsin more than Gorbachev. Became more favorable, could pay bigger bribes. Even with loyalties it was only a matter of time.

May 2nd. Day all the union people protested, Soros funded thing in the Ukraine. May 1st. Putin can fire the first shot across the bow, release things, talk to journalists.

Information war. Collapse of the currency. November 11 of 2017. 2018 is when we get the new currency. 11:11 is all over the place, 11/11/11, 11/18 is also a key insider number.

Three new products released on the 17th, one will be red hot. 51 percent of people have a deep dark secret.

Won World War III. Soviet Union no longer in existence. WW IV is what we are in now. Fought over who owns the information.

What on May 1st or 2nd? Stuff out of the archives. Possibly stuff about Soros. Tit for tat. He has personally taken control of the National Archives to declassify information. Who is it going to hurt? Langley is orchestrating the Panama records. Bunch of idiots.

Countless insiders pissed. Not everyone is in the loop. Getting towards the end of the game. All of the pieces have to come together.

Apollo did not go to the moon at all. Drove Hughes crazy. The Hughes lander went before anyone. Had to fly the planes himself before a test pilot. Had to be personally in control.

50,000 reasons why Apollo vehicle didn’t work. Didn’t have cooling systems for astronauts. Kaku asked this question. Simulate lunar environment and cool the suit using a device no one can see the internals of.

The stuff that went to the moon was robotic. The Nixon plan was totally robotic. This was presented to Kennedy. It was back in the Eisenhower era. Kennedy heard Germans were working on it. Wanted man to go to the moon.

Mr. Van Allen said we could not get through the Van Allen belts. Can do it at the poles. Why is Antarctica so important? Couldn’t do it with that vehicle. Cover for other stuff.

As a kid, Russians are actually our friends. We coordinate our activities with them all the time. We are working on a bigger plan.

What is happening with Putin is getting the masses ready for war again.

TV show aimed at Russian kids. Orthodox church kids and adults in battle against wizards from Scotland who are trying to use occult magic and wizardry to fool Russia into submitting themselves to them. Weekly cartoon series.

Very accurately showing Prince William and family in an occult magic way.

Four generations of disclosure has led to almost instant acceptance of new ideas.

Panama was a clearing house for back-room dollar stuff. Target is Western banking. The people who use it, not the controllers.

Panama group got to see the leak a year ago and sort through it.

Deadman switch in the hands of Putin. Attacked it goes off automatically. Don’t use guys on the payroll to do this stuff. Proxy operation run by the US.

Incredibly stupid. This is someone putting Claymore mines on the highway and hoping it might get him. “You moron asshole piece of shit.” You start finding stuff I found back in the 80s, showing who we paid off and how we did it.

Soros paid people off to go rabble-rouse in Iceland. Protest was in the works for weeks.

We lost 19 guys to try to send them through the Van Allen belts. Couldn’t figure it out. There are several ways to do shielding but it’s not stuff anyone talks about in the open. Not once, ever.

Not going to disclose space stuff because they are working together.

Loaded two Suburbans with magnetic tapes for the Chinese of all missile tests and research since Trinity. Needed readers at DOD auction, half-pennies on the dollar. Tied them up for 10 years in looking at a technology that has its limits.

Parallel civilizations. Breakaway civilizations.

World runs on energy and we made it run on dollars. We are the brokers for it.

Familiarize yourself with Bix Weir and the Road to Roota stuff.

Public is an annoyance, not a threat at this point.

Stalin made it illegal to plant seeds at the right time in Ukraine. Within two years, 50 million people were dead.

Cossacks collectivized farm equipment. No one knew how to use it. People didn’t plant on time.

Disrupt the internet at just the right time of the year. Collapses the economy.

Chinese missile launch took out banking satellite. Indigo system. Golden BB hit, one in a billion shot. Had to re-orient.

Satellite’s lifespan is based on fuel. If you need fuel to get out of the way. Cascade effect, satellites get taken out, system is delayed. World shuts down for a few days. Lights went out during the super bowl. Everything stops.

The next big 9/11 is the lights going out. They are queuing you up with the EMP thing and all that.

Tholian web. No way out. Not breakable. Technocracy.

More Washington under Washington than above it. Flood it out and it goes out under Maryland and all other places you’d never dreamed of.

Washington is already fixed. You can’t fix it anymore. As fixed as it can get.