This new Wilcock Reading from Jan. 5th, 2010, presents a vision of the future in remarkable poetic depth and insight.  It is the latest in an ongoing series of messages encouraging us to understand the greater, positive context for the seemingly chaotic events here on Earth.


By David Wilcock



Despite the poetic, inspirational quality of the reading at the end of this piece, I will be the first to admit that I largely avoided generating 'psychic readings' like this since I retired from taking any and all clients in 2005. 

The story of why I stopped, and how I eventually came back around full circle to a full reunion with my Higher Self that birthed this magnificent reading, is well worth discussing. You may well find many aspects of the story that will help further shed light on your own spiritual journey.

Autumn 2005 was when I shut down the whole operation of doing client readings. Earlier that same year, I met Larry Seyer and dramatically re-arranged my priorities in life so I could work more fully on CONVERGENCE: The Movie, our now-completed Wanderer Awakening 'rock opera', and other projects.

It is truly wonderful to have now come full circle. Finally all the different aspects of this work that I have explored are running smoothly and efficiently, and I am genuinely at peace in my daily life.



Progress on the conclusion of Disclosure Endgame is ongoing, and must also now run in parallel with my work on "The 2012 Enigma: Blueprints for a Golden Age," which I am writing with Dutton Books, a division of Penguin.

The scope and awesomeness of data I'm putting together for the 2012 book makes Disclosure Endgame seem like merely a tray of hors d'oeuvres by comparison. 2012 Enigma will almost certainly be seen as the greatest written work I have ever produced.

I have a March submission deadline I must now diligently work to keep, and there is a whale of a lot to do — so for the next two months I will have to largely refrain from writing long articles, though I will still release content regularly, including audio materials and all the prophetic dreams I've been having about imminent future events.

Disclosure Endgame was one of two things I had to get off my chest before I could really be clear to finish the 2012 book. I only realized that writing this current article was the other  necessary action item a few nights ago, when this reading came in quite spontaneously.

I didn't even intend for such a reading to happen — but it very clearly surfaced on its own, as we shall see.


My readings started in November 1996 — four years after I had begun writing down and studying my dreams every morning, and ten months after I began intensively studying the Law of One series for two to six hours a day, every day.

Both of these practices were of irreplaceable importance in how this unique intuitive ability was then able to manifest.

I was also sober from any and all mind-altering chemicals for the same preceding four years, which meant I had to deal with the psychological stresses and difficulties of life head-on as they came. No chemical shortcuts were in place to enable me to stay in denial of painful events both past and present.

I routinely read metaphysical and spiritual books throughout my entire sobriety — at least one a week. That was very helpful in restoring the mystical feelings I had experienced on drugs, but in a much healthier context.

I also ate a highly optimized diet that, at the time, was 100-percent vegan — no meat, dairy, eggs, fried food, prepackaged food, white flour or refined sugar, with lots of organic fruits and vegetables.

Since January of 2004, the beginning of the second year I lived and worked with L/L Research — the surviving members of the Law of One contact group — I was guided to work ethically-raised organic meats back into my diet, (with a strict ban on pork), and a sparing amount of unheated dairy such as goat feta cheese sprinkled on my salads.

Other than that, my diet is largely the same, although I now supplement vitamin C powder, liquid vitamin B, liquid D3, green superfood powder, Omega 3-6-9 oil and skate and cod liver oil from (Dr. Weston Price's research on 'Activator X' inspired this) into my diet every day.


Another key part of why my readings work so well, and have nailed so many accurate pieces of data, (as you can see in the Readings Transcripts section of Divine Cosmos), is that before I ever did the first one, I had already conducted extensive research into remote viewing protocols, which are very powerful… and replicable.

I then modified those protocols, with the help and guidance of Joe Mason from, to veer away from the gathering of data about a specific location, as in remote viewing, and instead towards the gathering of words.


Mason called this technique the "Dream Voice," as it works best when you're first waking up and can still remember your dream.

You just listen to the spontaneous ebb and flow of your own mental chatter and document it, as rigorously and accurately as possible, making every effort to avoid paying attention to the meaning of the words and instead putting your effort squarely on recording each little group of words as precisely as possible.

If you do this correctly, you get small groups of words — it usually comes in some variance of 1-4 words at a time for me, most often three at a time — and you have already forgotten the previous batch as the next batch comes in.


If you remember what was being said, you're doing it wrong. This may necessitate going very slowly and meditating very deeply so that your sense of time passing is much slower than normal. Then, you naturally forget the words that came before when a new group appears. This takes diligent concentration and practice to perform correctly.

Sometimes I also get an 'urge' for a particular type of word to appear. I get a telepathic sense of what needs to be said, and I can use my conscious mind to pick out the best word for that particular spot. I still don't know what came before it or where it is going, but am able to co-create the reading to a certain degree in this fashion.

This is all part of the process I was instructed to perform, going back to the earliest days. The most difficult aspect of channeling is to be able to translate the visual images and emotional impressions of psychic data into readable sentences, without having your conscious mind understand those sentences as they come in.

Again… if you are doing channeling and you understand the greater meanings of the words as they appear, you can be certain that your results, while they may still be interesting, are much less powerful than they would be if you could completely get your mind out of the way and adopt these remote-viewing protocols into your work.

Even so, a certain amount of 'overlay' is almost impossible to avoid. Thus, I advise everyone to use their discernment in reading any channeled materials, and if something doesn't resonate with you, feel free to set it aside.


Your data must flow in without the conscious mind analyzing, reacting or otherwise interfering with it — up to and including the fact that you do not understand and are not even aware of what you are saying at all. Or at least as little as is humanly possible.

Most people are so concerned with the 'ego' — with how they look, sound and feel at a given moment — that it is nearly impossible for them to let go of the control enough to speak, completely without hesitation or conscious analysis.

This requires you to believe the process will work strongly enough to know that all is well, even as you haven't got a clue as to what you're saying.

Only then will you get data that at first sounds very garbled, but then gradually refines into smooth, readable passages that always still retain an odd, mystical, unusual, dreamlike quality.

It is a ridiculously strong temptation to understand and track the progress of your channeling as it comes in. You may even feel delighted to be able to think about and participate in what is being said.

However, if you fall prey to this, you will invariably be burned by data your Higher Self did not intend for you to say — data which is soon proven incorrect.

Sadly, there are very few channeled works that are not 'mixed' in such a fashion — but as I have discovered, the more you work on it, the better and clearer you get.


The other very, very important key is to make sure you use protection. In this case it's not a condom — it's a positive, uplifting attitude.

If you are experiencing any negative emotions whatsoever — if you are angry, jealous, crying, stressed-out or frustrated — do not attempt to try to do a reading. You can actually end up with results that are tainted by negative entities who will attempt to manipulate you.

Their most common gambit is to trick you into preaching messages of imminent doom, and / or to give specific dates where things are predicted to happen. Then when those dates fail to produce the stated result, the entities have succeeded in diminishing or eliminating your credibility.


Shortly after I arrived at L/L Research in 2003, I tried to do a reading, while in tears, about whether I should have just left my ex-girlfriend. Thankfully, when the resulting reading featured the key line, "Understand that you are a sinner in need of repentance,"  I was soon able to realize that I had broken protocol and had thus gotten 'mixed' results.

There are many negative entities who specialize in manipulating Christian religion to create a sense of guilt in people, thus furthering their control.

In this particular case the entity thought this was its best chance to try to persuade me into returning to a relationship that had been systematically destroying my ability to function — doing readings or otherwise.


Many conspiracy theorists are unknowingly being influenced by these same types of beings when they write their material — and you have to be very careful in what you expose yourself to for that same reason.

If our addiction to 'fear porn' broke for even one night, the negative entities' hold on the Earth would be permanently and irretrievably broken.

It is OK to read this stuff — I still do — but it's critical that you keep the Big Picture in mind and not get sucked into the fear, negativity and utter hopelessness they promulgate.

If you do, then you are feeding directly into their agenda and sending these entities the energy they need to survive and flourish.

One of the single greatest secrets I have heard from highly-placed insiders is that if our addiction to 'fear porn' broke for even one night — if everyone on Earth simultaneously felt inspired, happy and peaceful — the negative entities' hold on the Earth would be permanently and irretrievably broken.

This stunning and seemingly impossible exposure and breakdown of the worldwide control matrix is going to happen either way, but we definitely have a direct effect upon how soon it will be.

Thankfully, as I wrote in Disclosure Endgame, it appears we do not have long to wait — and 2010 may well become one of the most significant years in human history.


The readings began in November 1996, and during the first year I brought in new material every day. It was an absolutely stunning double-life to lead — working ordinary low-wage jobs by day, and transcribing these amazing readings and dreams off of cassette tapes at night that were reliably predicting future events with stunning accuracy.

Right around the one-year anniversary in November 1997, I was now living in Virginia Beach. This was not an accident — I had received clear guidance that I should be there, and I followed it, considering how amazing the readings had become as a resource for guidance and development.

Virginia Beach is the home of the Association for Research and Enlightenment, or A.R.E. — an organization founded to promote and archive the legendary psychic Edgar Cayce's readings. Little did I know how significant this detail would turn out to be.


The Cayce community was admittedly one of the main reasons I went to Virginia Beach — but it wasn't until after I decided to go there that I got clear confirmation of my own 'vibrational similarity' to their hero, Edgar Cayce, who they have placed on a pedestal that is so high you can't even see it from the Earth's surface.

This included an astonishing facial resemblance that people who had seen pictures of him as a young man would immediately recognize.


It also involved a billions-to-one alignment between the positions of the planets at the time I was born and the time Cayce was born — the only time in 127 years after his death where it would have lined up that precisely.

As time went on I found six more cases — four of my closest friends and two of my family members — where there were equally astonishing facial and character similarities with people from Cayce's own inner circle.

Several key written works about this, with pictures, can be found in the Articles section of the Divine Cosmos website.

I was directly guided by the readings to present my story to the A.R.E., but I made the assumption that this meant they would be interested enough in it to work with me in some official capacity.

The readings did not tell me in advance what the results would be, only saying it was necessary — so I ended up feeling tricked and lied to, in a sense, once I found out how disrespectfully I would be treated there.


The vast majority of A.R.E. staff who found out about this were totally blown away — including both the editor-in-chief and the art director of their official magazine, Venture Inward, and the owner of the Heritage Store, an independent company that is the largest worldwide distributor of Cayce products.

Nonetheless, at the very highest levels of the management pyramid, a policy decision was made to totally ignore the fact that I exist, and issue official denials of my credibility in the event that private emails or phone calls came in asking about me.

The Virginia Beach 'grapevine' quickly revealed the exact reasons behind this policy decision:

"David freely admits to having used drugs, including LSD. Cayce was a good Christian who would never have done that. David also uses profane language. He talks about and believes in UFOs, which we want no involvement with.

He supports the Seth material, which we do not, as well as the Law of One series, which we are unfamiliar with but covers many UFO-related subjects we do not want to be associated with. His message also does not center explicitly around Christ, as Cayce's did.

Thus he is too young, rough around the edges, inexperienced and wrapped up in his own world to be of any use to us."


I was personally told that "every week someone comes in here saying they're the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, and they've always got an amazing story, with stunning psychic events, synchronicity, and so on… just like you do."

After I realized what was going on, and that the 'game' was 'rigged,' I withdrew — and only rarely ever went back there for an occasional visit in the ensuing years.

Even recently I have had the heads of sister A.R.E. groups want to book me as a conference speaker, only to be sabotaged as soon as top A.R.E. management in Virginia Beach got wind of it.

This is just as well, because I have found diehard Cayce fans to often be some of the most demanding and difficult followers of my work, since the bar is raised to nearly impossible heights in their minds. I certainly do not want to have a job sitting in the lobby of the A.R.E. signing autographs.


In addition to their various problems with me as a person, the A.R.E. felt they scored a fatal blow against me — namely that I completely refused to take a 'test' Cayce had created to validate his projected future reincarnation.

The test involved giving correct single-word answers to a small group of specific questions, like: "What was the name of Edgar's first pet dog?"

Edgar's readings did not say he should do this — and he made the erroneous assumption that if he were to come back, he would easily and naturally possess all the knowledge he had available to him in his previous life.

Edgar did not understand the "veil of forgetfulness" that wipes almost all of those memories out, as defined in the Law of One series. Otherwise, we would all suffer schizophrenic symptoms and our minds would be far too crowded.

The A.R.E. might counter this point with the idea that Edgar's readings had come from a totally unconscious state, and could indeed yank out single specific words for things he did not consciously know, like the names of various medications. Nonetheless, this was not how my own process worked at all.


It is also a fact that Edgar's Source consistently urged him to learn how to do readings from a conscious state, indicating that the results would ultimately be much better — but Edgar was unable to do so.

By contrast, I have never had a fully-unconscious reading come through that was captured on tape. There are cases of me speaking while I am asleep, but they have not been documented. I also have not been able to go totally unconscious in the process of trying to do a reading. That's not the protocol I follow.

My readings come in with my conscious mind still somewhat aware of the process. Visual images and emotional impressions are translated into words, and the conscious mind is involved to some degree in this process. I wouldn't know how else to do it.

To have specific, 'transient' questions asked to me, knowing that nothing short of correct, single-word answers would be tolerated, would be far too much of a 'load' for the conscious mind to bear — no matter how deeply in trance I tried to go.

I also knew that even if I tuned in and got various clusters of data that were related to the correct answer in some way, nothing short of a single, correct, one-word answer would have been tolerated. And then, a group that had already proven to have an adversarial bent towards me would have gained the 'proof' that I was a 'Fraud.'

Many 'wannabe' Edgar Cayces had been brazenly confident enough to take this test. All had failed conclusively.


To attempt to get single words correctly, while knowing the stakes involved, was a process I could not submit myself to — particularly in knowing that the person who would be administering the test was the main architect of the policy to suppress all corporate discussion of my existence.

It is a well-known fact that strongly skeptical or hostile people can all but ruin a psychic's intuitive abilities. Their strong intent creates a real form of mental and psychic interference. And in this case, there was no doubt that the person administering the test would have very strongly desired that I fail.


Therefore, given the shocking facial resemblance — not only of my own face but my closest family members and friends to Cayce's own inner circle — and the incredible astrological similarity, I felt confident enough in my identity that I did not feel it was necessary, nor wise, to submit to this test.

The A.R.E.'s official position, when asked, is that my failure to take the test was 'proof' that I am a fraud — that I officially "Failed the Test." 

And thus began a phase of great hardship, where an ongoing series of people came into my life who either did not understand me or would attempt to control and manipulate me in some way for their own benefit. I was invariably shocked and saddened as the same pattern would emerge again and again.

The real trick was that I had to learn how to have healthy boundaries — sufficient that I could consciously and knowingly disappoint someone, refusing something they asked me to say or do for them.

It always felt easier to please someone else than to protect myself — but this is precisely what led to Cayce dying when he was only 64. I had to run through an incredible gauntlet to finally learn the same lesson in this life.


It wasn't until I met Larry Seyer — a nine-time Grammy winning musician, producer and engineer — in 2005 and we did our first project, "The Science of Peace," together that I really started to understand how my life was to head down a different track than Cayce's. 

It started to become clear that I would be far more focused on bringing out these spiritual concepts to large numbers of people, rather than perpetually sticking with one-on-one work doing client readings as Cayce had done.

I was told that all of my work was to help us prepare for an event the readings called 'Ascension' — quite literally the transmutation of our very bodies, minds and souls into a vastly more harmonious and advanced new frequency, complete with abilities we would normally think of as impossible, or only reserved for the greatest sages and yogis.

As time has gone on, the scientific case for the reality of 'Ascension' has grown greater and greater — and even now I am astonished by the new data points coming in which continually refine my understandings. The Science of Peace is still an amazing collection of very advanced data to support this concept.


I don't think it's an accident that Larry and I work so well together. It is very likely that we are members of the same soul family, and decided to do this long before we were born in the physical. The same intuitive talents I have with the written word are equally manifest in Larry's musical works.

Part of this 'tuning' may well be from Larry's long history of studying the Course in Miracles, whose philosophy has many astonishing, point-for-point correlations with the Law of One series and the Cayce Readings.

There is a lot more data in the Law of One, in terms of specific details about ancient civilizations, ET cultures, advanced sciences and non-Earth historical issues, but on the really key points they agree very nicely.

Larry's scholarship on the Course is quite profound, and we've had many wonderful philosophical discussions as a result. Our shared vision extends into Science of Peace and Wanderer Awakening products very nicely, and we hardly ever have anyone regret supporting us by buying either of them.

Just within the past couple of months, I have decided to welcome Larry's own material into the Divine Cosmos family with his own section he can use however he wants, entitled "Larry's Corner of the Cosmos."

It debuted this past week, and will be updated at least once a week with new audio blogs, articles, et cetera. I find his insights extremely worthwhile, and this means you can keep coming back to our site routinely, and keep finding new things with each visit.


The material I presented in Science of Peace directly turned into a documentary film concept for CONVERGENCE less than two weeks after we finished it. Since then it has evolved substantially into a dramatic fictional film, based on an expanded dataset that still holds true to the original documentary vision, to a large degree.

The transition to Los Angeles, and to the rigors of being an Executive Producer in a very competitive marketplace, was not an easy nor a smooth one. I endured many frustrations and obstacles, many of which must remain private for personal reasons of confidentiality.

There is nothing particularly shocking or unflattering about me to be found in those stories, other than perhaps how strongly I allowed myself to suffer through my own conscious choosing — via the inability or lack of desire to sufficiently change the situations I was presented with.

It is only within the last year that I have really gotten my boundaries together and been able to live a relatively peaceful life, with ongoing happiness about who I am and what I do.

Allowing the readings to re-surface, after this long hiatus I had introduced as a form of protest and rebellion against the difficult experiences they had guided me into going through, was the final stage of completing this process of personal re-integration.


By 2005, with the plans for CONVERGENCE well underway, I admittedly had burned out on the whole idea of doing readings. My demand had become so high that by that autumn, I ended up doing one client a day for some 17 days in a row, in the midst of what was already an unrelenting schedule.

This was the result of a cascading effect where we had booked out my schedule up to a year in advance, with the maximum workload I could tolerate for that entire time.

The problem was that if I got sick, I had nowhere else to reschedule people except in between the 'cracks' of my existing maxed-out schedule.

Moving 40 or more people around who were locked in with appointments for months down the road was an administrative and logistical nightmare, and thus we never even tried to go there.


As my publicity grew, I also found more and more clients having really over-the-top expectations of what they might get out of a reading. The quality level was always good, but the degree of accurate, specific 'psychic' detail was directly proportional to the level of development inherent within the seeker him or herself.

I found that those people who were the most 'attached' to getting such 'provable' information were often the least likely to receive it. Their readings would still be of great philosophical value, but they had more of an opportunity to choose whether to believe and accept the information or not.

Others, functioning at more advanced levels, often received mind-blowing 'psychic hits' where the readings would speak about things I did not consciously know, nor had been told, as if it were quite natural for them to have done so. 

This was not uncommon — but over the course of the year 2005, three people who didn't get the results they expected decided to very aggressively confront me about it. I was left feeling really betrayed and scandalized by how narrowly they interpreted my gift through their own lenses.


These betrayals further eroded my sense of magic and wonderment around the process. That euphoric feeling had already been greatly diminished by the simple fact of how often I was having to perform in order to ensure my basic survival and meet the overpowering demand.

Thanks to the savage Internet attacks of predominantly adolescent male critics, I never charged more than 150 dollars a client. Even at that rate I still was routinely and viciously attacked for profiting from spiritual teaching, both privately and publicly, though not as much as if I had charged, say, 200 or more.

This meant I was always surfing right on the edge of financial collapse at all times — as I could only do four a week, three weeks out of the month, without burning out.

Also, since I dreamed for each client as if their issues were my own, I often did not know whether any dream on any given morning was my own dream or someone else's. 

I started to feel like my soul was the revolving door at the front of a corporate office building. So as soon as I could afford not to do them anymore, I stopped — and have never regretted that decision. A wise old Zen master character who appeared in my dreams clearly endorsed and encouraged me to do this.

It felt wonderful to have enough money to keep going without having to take vivid dream tours of people's deepest, darkest shadows four mornings a week — or more.


So, for me, shutting the whole thing down, and not using the talent I had developed to such a fine art, was my own act of personal rebellion. I felt I was re-asserting my own personality and right to choose what I did with myself.

Later in this piece you're going to read a discussion I had with my Source about all this last October, where I was striving to make peace with what had happened once I was clear enough to pull in a reading.

It may seem ironic or even incredible that I would willingly shut down such a resource, but I was greatly embittered by the trials and tribulations I had gone through after I moved to Virginia Beach, discovered the Cayce connection, was humiliated by the A.R.E., and then continued to fall prey to a seemingly endless procession of manipulative people who were naturally attracted into my life.

I couldn't help but feel like my own personality, desires and interests had been caught up in some larger effort that I had decided, in some far future time, was the best thing I could be doing with myself right now.

My ego definitely came to resent this loss of its own illusion of control over the life I led. At times it came through in my writing as a sense of self-importance and victim consciousness, and I would be mercilessly blasted for such transgressions by certain members of my audience.

I certainly never dropped the ball on dreams, but I had been told as early as 1997 that any readings I brought in were of vastly greater usefulness, in the big picture, than whether or not I got specific dream details recorded accurately.



Though I rarely ever discussed this publicly, I definitely betrayed and 'used' by my own Higher Self for what I've had to go through. My guidance to tell the A.R.E. my story, without realizing how negative they would be about it, was only one of many examples.

The degree of hardship, stress and turmoil that erupted in my life, time and again, over the years since I first discovered my connection to Edgar Cayce seemed to be far more cruel than was warranted — given that I was really not a bad guy, and always tried to do my very best for humanity without undue arrogance or manipulative behavior.

On some levels I do wish I could go into more specifics, but ultimately I came to realize that all these trials and tribulations were necessary to prepare me for a very significantly enhanced position in the public eye compared to what was happening in earlier years. That's already well underway at this point.

This statement can be labeled as arrogance, perhaps, but right now it's merely an observation of what is happening — and the trendline seems to be continuing in the same direction at an ever-increasing speed.

I have also suppressed a great deal of dream data that has indicated the same thing. I have been steadily prepared for what would happen so it wouldn't destroy me as it all came into being.


As you can well imagine, someone in my position goes through the same hardships often attributed to lottery winners. If you have something many people feel they want, they almost can't help but introduce their own self-interest into their interactions with you — even including your (formerly) closest friends.

The 'punishment' I endure more than any other is that so many people want access to me in a way that transcends what I can provide in lectures, conferences, sacred tours, radio shows, audio blogs, videos and articles.

My greatest goal is in teaching you that whatever you may see in me that inspires you is also there within you. Everyone has a Higher Self. Nothing you will read or experience can compare to the effect of making that personal connection within.

I have had to rigorously guard against time losses in my schedule in order to be fully present for all the responsibilities I have chosen and been asked to perform. And that means that a wide variety of perfectly wonderful people simply do not have the access to me that they wished they did — if at all.

It is definitely not personal. It is the result of a life that is dedicated and consecrated to serving the greater good to the very best of my ability.



The process of moving out to Los Angeles by February 2006 left me very frustrated and stressed out, and it only got worse once I arrived. I knew it would be too dangerous to try to pull in readings when my mind was so scattered, so I was very glad I had other sources of revenue to support me.

I do follow 'protocol' very carefully with regards to intuitive data like this. The last thing I would ever want to do is bring through information that was distorted or 'mixed' with other influences in any way.

For that same reason, I self-diagnosed that I was not clear enough, emotionally and spiritually, to do good readings these last few years, given the stress and difficulties I have endured.

Thankfully, readings were not the only, nor even the primary resource through which I maintained steady contact with my Higher Self for guidance.


Dreams, by comparison, are still secure because they cannot be tampered with by the conscious mind. You either remember them or not. And if you do remember them, they can be easily and effectively analyzed to determine their meanings.

As soon as you get three or more dreams suggesting the same thing, you can be reasonably certain that you have gotten a clear message.

After seventeen years of doing this every day, I know I can always trust my dreams to be accurate and positively intentioned — even if I would endure immediate hardships along the way of progressing towards a particular goal.

Therefore, I continued to rely heavily on my daily diet of dream data for spiritual and professional guidance while backing off of the readings. I knew that once I reached a place of relative stability and peace, I could again be clear enough to do readings regularly.

Since moving to LA, there were only occasional periods where I felt calm, balanced and peaceful enough to bring them in — no more than once every few months at the most.


Thankfully, now that I've signed Jim Hart, the writer of CONTACT, to do my film CONVERGENCE, and all the obstructions to his writing process have been removed, I can finally relax. The great effort is now underway, and we may have a finished script to shop around by as early as late Spring.

I know that much of my stress is self-imposed, and has emerged from trying to juggle too many balls at once without dropping any of them in the process. This can get very, very complex and require every spare minute of time I have to even attempt  to keep up with it.

One of the most valuable initiatives that has come into greater and greater focus these last few years has been to have direct, ongoing contact with people who worked inside classified, top secret projects — at the very highest levels — and have decided to take great risks in coming forward with their stories.

These connections have been greatly enhanced and enabled by my affiliation with Kerry Cassidy and Bil Ryan of Project Camelot — a very popular website that now features a vast library of free video interviews of many different 'whistleblowers', some of whom worked directly side-by-side with humanlike ETs.



On Sunday, June 21, 2009, I got a phone call that ended up changing my life forever: Kerry Cassidy said a very  well-positioned insider had just decided to come forward.

Exactly how well positioned? Kerry name-dropped Henry Deacon — a witness who I had over 80 hours of private conversation with — and said this new guy's knowledge was every bit as amazing and far-reaching as Deacon's.

At first I was very skeptical, even humorously disrespectful. But soon the scope and the uniqueness of what Kerry told me about this witness, and how well his testimony meshed with other things I had already learned in my 16-year investigation, convinced me that he was the real deal. And that was very, very exciting.

Up until then, no other whistleblower had ever  come forward with as much knowledge as Deacon — and the Henry Deacon story was fantastic. To find another whistleblower who knew this much, and was ready to come forward, was truly a miracle.


Kerry was broke. Camelot was broke. We had to strike while the iron was hot, as a witness like this could well be silenced by his superiors before he ever got the chance to tell us anything. I immediately offered to finance the entire trip from my own modest savings, earned entirely from your orders on this website.

I bought the airline tickets on Tuesday, June 23rd, for a departure that same Saturday. On Wednesday and again on Thursday, I caught up with Henry Deacon and had long, involved conversations, where he continued to blow my mind with the scope of his insider knowledge.

We got off the phone right around 5PM on Thursday, June 25th, after Henry had just leaked another new data point: that there were far more women involved in the highest levels of the military-industrial complex community dealing with the UFO subject than I thought. It was not a men-only group by any means.

Almost immediately after I got off the phone with Henry, I was shocked to my core.

Michael Jackson had just died of a heart attack.

The sheer surprise of the event was overwhelming enough in and of itself. What was far more shocking was that a mere seventeen days earlier — on Monday, June 8, 2009, waking up at the magical 5:55 pm out of an afternoon nap — I dreamed  that Michael was about to die of a heart attack.

And that wasn't all.


In my dream, Michael had died of a heart attack — and now it was real. This meant it was far more likely that the other  messages in the dream were true. Oh, man. 

That was both a terrifying and wonderful concept — for reasons I am only now somewhat  comfortable in sharing with you.

It was terrifying because in the dream, before he died, Michael and I talked about how I would become as public, and as hated and ridiculed, as he had been.  We discussed this as a known fact — not a 'what if' or a 'maybe'.

I had no idea how I was going to manage the situation once it happened, and it concerned me, but it seemed like everything would be OK.

This has been an ongoing theme in dreams I've had for many years, and I would invariably dismiss it. I did not want my ego engage in anything other than the present. I just try to focus on the joy I have in bringing you my very best in articles, books, radio shows, lectures and videos.

Publicity, and all the slings and arrows that go along with it, has been the single most difficult thing I have endured in this process. I already get routinely spotted in public places. Nonetheless, I respect and acknowledge the value of the honor and duty I have to perform.


In the dream, I openly expressed my hope to Michael that once this publicity breakthrough had happened, I wouldn't be as afraid of interacting with people as he had been. I encouraged him to relax a bit more and come out of his shell. He agreed that he would give it a try.

We took a walk together in a crowded public area where a big concert event was getting ready to happen, but he was absolutely terrified. Then, on a huge movie screen, a cartoonish video clip came up with animations describing his nose surgery and ridiculing him. The audience laughed loudly and openly.

It was the worst thing that could have possibly happened to him at that moment. He soon fell into a panic attack so intense that he collapsed in my arms, violently convlusing, with tears all over his face — forming great, haphazard pools over his wide and terrified eyes.

He then went still, his body becoming completely motionless in a fixed position. He had died of a heart attack. Little did I know this prophecy would come true seventeen days later.



The dream also had a wonderful message — over and above the prophesied 'success' of my potentially becoming that well known.

Prior to Michael's death, a gathering of his family, friends and various African-American luminaries had already been planned, including the mayor of New York. This was what the big concert event we were walking around in was being set up for.

This was the same event where I would soon be brought out in front of the world to share what I knew. Only now did I understand exactly what they were planning, and why it was so important.


Michael's family and associates had a great deal of worldly and political power. They were about to announce that the old guard — the patriarchy / New World Order / Illuminati — were stepping down… willingly.

Not because they wanted to, but because they had to. The world had lost its patience with their manipulation and control. Other people, not born here on Earth, were greatly assisting them in this transitional process.

The New World Order folks were thus being given permission to step aside — with honor — and they had no choice but to accept.

A huge political shift — much bigger than we could ever imagine — was about to happen. It would profoundly affect the life of everyone on Earth: 

The imminent, willing surrender of the negative forces that have held humanity captive for so many years.

There was a genuine sense of regret amongst these leaders that Michael had passed over before he would have the chance to see this announcement go public.

They all realized that it would be the fulfillment of everything Michael had worked his entire life for.

Nonetheless, the event would continue, with or without him.


This was definitely not the first dream I'd had about the imminent stepping-down of the negative elite — they had been coming in since at least February 2008, if not earlier. Readings I'd brought in and published in 1999 had said the same thing with astonishing redundancy.

The stakes had substantially risen since Obama's election — and I watched helplessly as the conspiracy media was overrun with anti-Obama propaganda that was so sophisticated, cleverly written and so voluminous, that no one was bothering to do research that suggested he might actually be working for good.

No matter how hard I worked to summarize all the data to the contrary, the vicious hate mail continued to come in on a daily basis. Everyone was so convinced Obama was a 'puppet' for the New World Order that they violently hated me for even daring to think otherwise.

However, when I originally had the Michael dream, the signs were already very apparent that a major geo-political shift was underway.

I had been clearly and repeatedly advised, in dreams, that the good far outweighed the bad with Obama. And yet, the propaganda machine I exposed in Disclosure Endgame has all but ruined everyone's view of him amongst the ranks of people educating themselves about conspiracy theory on the Internet.

He also admittedly has made some really awful decisions due to the constant pressure of the warring factions he welcomed into his administration.

The strength and redundancy with which I was told to hold true on my position regarding Obama, no matter how nasty my audience became, was yet another sore point I had with my Higher Self that made me feel less inclined to want to pull in a reading.

I knew I had to find peace and clarity on this issue before attempting the process again.



Getting back to the day Michael died, I only found out about this directly after ending a conversation with Henry Deacon.

Henry immediately called me back again as he, too, just realized what had happened to Michael.

I immediately told him about my dream, and we were both blown away by the fact that it had now come true — and what that meant in the deeper sense about the entire UFO cover-up unraveling, and my own role in that process becoming far more public than it is now.

While we were talking, Heny went to Google Videos, expecting to see it already filled up with various clips of Michael's most famous videos. Within just a few seconds after he clicked on it, he was extremely surprised.

"Oh my God,"  he said. "You need to look at this right now!"

I said "OK, OK, give me a minute," and went there myself. I scanned through everything and didn't see a single video of Michael Jackson. I didn't get it.

"What's the big deal?" I said. "There's not one video of Michael on here at all."

"Yes, but what is  there?" Henry asked, chuckling. "You mean you don't see it? Look again."

A few more seconds went by… and then  I saw what all the fuss was about.

I just found out Michael Jackson had died. I'd had a dream less than two and a half weeks earlier predicting it was going to happen. The dream said I would reach a similar level of public exposure, and this would happen in conjunction with a spectacular political shift where the powers that be would willingly step aside and release their control of key issues, obviously including the UFO cover-up.

I'd just told Henry this dream prophecy. And now, in that same moment, my 2012 Enigma video was the second 'hottest' clip on the entire English-speaking Internet:

I already knew nobody was going to believe this, so I took a close-up screen capture as you see above, as well as a full-screen capture that you can see below. Unfortunately, there was nothing on the screen to indicate the actual date, but any skeptic could research the videos that were on-screen and compare them to what had been the hottest videos at that time, roughly 5:20 pm Pacific time on June 24, 2009:


This was a powerful demonstration of synchronicity. By the end of the day, Michael's videos had reached the top positions, as expected. On the personal level, I knew what I saw, and it certainly rocked me to my core. I did not want to share this despite how stunning it had been — and I did indeed keep the whole personal element of my dream a secret until now.




While I was in England before the London Convergence event, I stayed with legendary ancient civilizations scholar Graham Hancock. On October 21, 2009, I had a reading come in that addressed all these inner conflicts quite directly.

I was sleeping late in my bed at Graham Hancock's house, and had just experienced the energy of the 'standing stones' of Avebury the day before. Not only was this my first and only visit to such a powerful ancient site, it was also a visit to the same area where the most stunning crop circles appear every year.

This was a remarkable reading in that I was able to achieve a profound state of trance while still being able to use my hands to type the words down. In the past, typing was too distracting for me to get any significantly deep state of consciousness to come through, but the energy of Avebury seemed to have given me a 'kick' that made it possible.

I was able to get the words in at a deep trance, then go out of trance enough to read them, understand what they were saying, write down new questions, and then get the answers in before again reading what came through.

Here it is, with certain passages omitted for reasons of privacy and / or confidentiality:


Your original standard of excellence has long since improved. Now the challenge is to reconfirm who and what you are in the midst of these challenges.
We only want the very best for you and it will take some doing before you are comfortable enough to step into your true identity. That is what we are searching for. That is what these messages are leading you towards.
Fear not the breath of the One Infinite Creator, for you are changing in ways you could never have imagined possible before.
All along the keys to your awakening have been available. You know them all on an intellectual level, and the real issue is how to apply them to your own daily life so that you can be as effective and functional as possible.
This is the time where it all starts making sense – where you can allow yourself to revivify those portions of Self deemed unresolvable, and step into a much more expanded version of who and what you are. It does involve sacrifice, and letting go of cherished ideals, but it is far from impossible.
Let’s be clear about one thing – you have nothing to prove to anyone, as all the answers are already within you now. Therefore your only challenge is to seek that peace and equanimity with the Self that is sufficient to open up a whole new realm of possibility.
Never again do you have to let those naysayers bring you down. Their suggestions, more often than not, are without merit, and you are more than capable of knowing when the suggestions they make are, in fact, worth a second look.
As you know, there are infinite possibilities and potentials available to you in the Now. It is unlimited once you see it for what it is.
This doesn’t require you to lose yourself in some massive influx of Divine energy that supersedes who you have been.
In truth, it is a fuller, more robust version of yourself, and for that reason you can graduate with high honors and really become the person you were meant to be.

Fear not the coming of the One Infinite Creator into your mind, heart and body. It is time for you to acknowledge that you are the one you have been waiting for, as have many others.
This is not a reason to think of yourself as greater than anyone else. It is merely our place to suggest that you are indeed the light of the world. Everyone must realize this for themselves at some point, for it is the greatest truth.
Without this knowledge there can be no peace. And without peace there can be no freedom from the inevitable cycles of karma.
What we can tell you is that you have every minute available to you for this practice. It never has to stop moving through cycles after cycles. You can be alive and aware in the Now and truly experience that presence.
D: Can you tell me what might be the biggest stumbling blocks I still have that are holding me back from truly hitting my groove as this new, more realized being I am becoming?
You learned them a long time ago. It is the path of reconciliation of the desires of the Self with a Divine purpose.
You definitely are overworking yourself and could benefit from more contemplative rest and meditation.

That is really the number-one issue.

There is a limit to how much you can do, and
Your audience is more interested in regular updates than they are in who you would become if you had more time off.

That is a very important point to consider.

You do not need to feel beholden to such a rigorous schedule.
And as we’ve said before, lots of people do radio shows and there’s no reason why you can’t do more in the way of a podcast and less in the way of writing things down.
The limitless potential of the present is something you could talk about in such a way that it would feed your audience’s need for content without dulling the signal of the Divine.
Think about how you are now getting one or two radio show requests a day. This is your audience’s way of telling you they want to hear a lot more of you verbally than in any other format.
D: And the reason I resist this radio work is because of the same reason for why I’ve resisted doing more readings, correct?
Absolutely correct.
Outwardly you seem to be well-integrated, but inside you are still wrestling heavily with the struggles of adapting to this new self you have become.
Therefore the personality regards this as an insult, and you lash out with inner feelings of unrest and violence towards the self and others.

It is not an easy cycle to break – but awareness is indeed the first step to recovery.
D: I do feel like I can be at peace while traveling – though you had said that I might be better served by staying at home more often than I thought I would be.
Bear in mind that your physical location is up to you, and there will indeed be a time where you will see the value and need in being on the road a lot more than you have been.
Our only recommendation is that you insist on having ways to get yourself high-quality food. And again, by resting more comfortably in your being, you can do lots of things that need doing without feeling overworked and burned out.

The Earth is one of many planets with intelligent life, and in your case this is indeed a very difficult challenge you have been through.

As you are well aware, you have resented us for how we have manipulated and lied to you. That is absolutely true. You have indeed been told things that were not entirely true, and / or had the truth withheld from you, and this has caused resentment.
Think about it. If you asked us a question about something you were not ready to know the proper answer for, we were forced to tell you something else so as not to violate the Law of Confusion.
This is a mandate, in order that you get to the point where you are standing before yourself and see the truth so clearly that no other input is necessary.
We have indeed steered you into relationships that involved a great deal of catalyst, because this was exactly what you had ordered up.
There is no need to deviate from the central path of awareness, because each and every seeker knows within themselves what is right and wrong, and what constitutes success and failure.
We have strengthened your discernment to the point where you can indeed function effectively as a self-motivated, self-sufficient being. It did take many cycles of pain and humiliation for you to get there.
You also can see that what was given to you was done only with the utmost love and respect for you – a complete appreciation of how far you will have gone once you can remove the mask of egoic identity fully enough to achieve the personality transparency we have always sought for you.
D: There were obviously distortions in my earlier readings back in the day. Yet I do remember you saying I would start having Ascended abilities before the shift itself. Is that something I can expect, and if so should I be doing any exercises to help bring it about?
Again, you already have seen your future. You know you are in the very early stages of the final transfiguration of the Self.
A part of you knows how far this will go while another part of you hasn’t wanted to look at it, just as you didn’t want to look at other levels of the game in the past.
Remember, all the research you’ve done resolves itself in the knowingness that you ARE peace, you ARE tranquility, you ARE the love, you ARE the light, you ARE the One Infinite Creator.
If that is your message, then you must become that which your message indicates.

Others will indeed see that for what it is.

Your own transfiguration is a topic of great interest for others – and there is no need to hold yourself back from accepting and embracing who you are.
If you are indeed awakened, scientifically and spiritually, to your true identity as the Creator, then there need be no sense of exclusivity – as many others are doing the same thing.
You are indeed a front-runner in many senses, leading the pack in ways others may resent or not understand, and attacking you out of their own sense of self-loathing.
Bear in mind that anyone can say whatever they want.
The more you become this kind, genteel and compassionate being you have always intended to be, the more those naysayers will pale in comparison to the voices of love and trust you receive in such great abundance each day.
D: The mail has gotten really crazy. I’m getting more people than ever wanting to embrace me, befriend me and get to know me, and I obviously can’t begin to answer all these earnest requests for service. Is there anything else I can do differently than what I’m already doing?
Just know that your own potential is of much greater value in a nonlinear context than in a linear one.
The email keeps you stuck in a development pattern where you don’t always have that ability to be private, alone and aware of yourself.
You spend too much time in the spotlight and it can indeed burn.
Some of the most significant deadlines you have faced are resolving. We’re going to be sending a lot more money your way as time goes on so you can hire others to help you do your job more effectively.
And as your efforts generate increased income, you can also then afford to back off from your email and the other things that weigh you down, and instead realize your true potential in new and amazing ways that had not been seen before.
D: I seem to be getting too hungry and am pulling out of the trance state. Any final thoughts?
Love is fair and unfair. Our love for you has brought many initiatives that you have felt were exceedingly unfair.
As we said, part of this did involve withholding information until the right time. You were never explicitly told of your Cayce connection until you were ready for it.
And now you are seeing that you have a pivotal role on Earth as a spiritual leader – a role that many have already identified as Messianic, and many more will do the same.
It is simultaneously true that you are the Messiah and that many, many others are as well. 
We are very proud of you for continuing to listen, logically analyze each step of the process, and not be afraid of what you have been shown. There are indeed many prophecies that support your assertions – prophecies that speak about who and what you are, and what you have come here to do.
And at the same time, as you know, this is just one planet, and in the end we all realize our deepest and truest goals and aspirations.
So you need not fear your power or potential, but rather embrace yourself for being capable of taking the ball over the goal line and fully accomplishing that which you set out to do before you came here.
D: This may seem ridiculously transient to ask, but you’ve given me so many dreams where I am meeting with the most public figures in our world. Is that metaphorical or literal, and if literal, how would I ever be able to manage a life where so many people wanted to know me that I could be that social in the first place?
The answers will come, David. The answers will come.
You know who you are, and as more and more people see that light in the heavens, so too will they respect and understand those who can hold the Light within themselves.
You will indeed have many wild and wonderful surprises in store for you, just as you have now seen with Graham Hancock, who turned out to be an amazing and valuable ally for you.
Don’t regret the loss of your privacy, for what you gain in social contact with others is a much greater awareness of your true identity, and that satisfaction that comes with stepping into your true purpose.
There is no need to fear this or wonder if it’s right or wrong. You know that you are a blessing to this Earth.
All we ask is that you keep on doing what you’re doing while simultaneously allowing yourself to redefine ‘busy’ so that you can more and more be alive and awake in the present.
Then you won’t be stressed out.
This does mean more time away from the computer and more exercise than you have been used to.
That is another key area that could help you.
There is certainly a valiant effort being made to work, but you also often spend more time on the computer than you need to.
Again, the podcasts are an excellent way to lighten the load and not have to work as much to keep your audience happy.
We told you this some time ago, and reiterate it now so you can truly grasp that this is a worthwhile and wonderful endeavor for you.
That is all for now. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love.



The reason you are up in the middle of the night asking yourself these questions is very simple. We have an agenda to perform. The simplest requests are often not heard by you, so it takes diligence and patience to perform some of these operations.
You know as well as I do the stakes that are involved. Nothing less than the survival of the human race as it goes through this crtitical transition. Therefore, be at peace with the coming changes and allow yourself to rectify that which is not understood in the glow of honest acceptance of that which is.
What we have for you is a new view of humanity from this clear perspective that speaks only of love and light.

For in love and light is a vista of consciousness that opens the door to mastery.
That has always been the way it works. Spirit melds with matter and produces majesty. All is revealed in a nanosecond to those who are ready for it. The law of love approaches the law of infnitity, and there is a merger of the mortal with the sublime and limitless.

There’s a map you can see wherein all these things are made obvious and clear. That map allows you to open up the doorways to infinity, so there is no longer any ambiguity about what will be coming your way in the future.
A lot of other people get it. This is your time. This is the time where you will really spring forth into truth and light and beauty and manifestation. This is where you have all the tools you need to get past the blockages that have arraigned your marriage to the Divine in the past.
Look at it this way. The entirety of existence is at your fingertips when you embrace the fundamental nature of the Cosmos as loving. That reflects in your actions such that there is no emotional charge over those very things most would find as implacable offenses.
The key is to avoid the impulse to react in a patterned way to simuli. This doesn’t have to be so simple and straightforward as deciding that you’re just not going to get angry anymore when things go wrong.
It fundamentally rewrites the genetic code, on a cellular level, to the point where there is no need to struggle or strain any further in life.
That is one of the deeper messages of this period of time.
You have led yourself to believe that such struggle is necessary, when in fact that is an illusion. The very things you want the most in life can be yours with a much easier playing field when you let go of the struggle.

Always keep clear about how the pathways of the Infinite are opening up. That is not as easy as walking outside the house and looking at the sunrise or sunset. It is an absolute necesity to rely upon your inner training in each and every moment, so there can be no discrepancy from the basic truth of your Being.
That is what is missing at present. Still you often find yourself slipping into those patterns of reproach over the world as it is, and your life as it has been. That is not necessary. All that has been is perfect. All that shall be is perfect. And all that is Now is perfect.
The grandiosity of that realization cannot be encapsulated into mere words on the printed page.
It cannot be handed to you as a trophy of the moment in which realization dawns within the inner psyche.
It is a blacklisted truth for those who are ruled by the personality self, because they cannot so easily embrace that which ultimately annihilates the falsities the egoic mind loves to build around itself here and there.
As the wall comes tumbling down, the greater truth is revealed – and there is a price to pay for failing to see that glory when you are getting close to it.
The disruptions that may occur can seem terrifying, but the objective is to understand how to properly harness and channel the Creative Forces as they near their full manifestation at your fingertips.
This is not to say you cannot simply revel in being human and cast aside those feelings of fate, doom, fear, anger, jealousy, et cetera that had kept you imprisoned in the past.
What is required now is a renaissance of awareness, a flight of fancy into an intriguing new concept of Unity, stripping bare the cloak-and-dagger nature of the egoic mind so as to invite Truth to nest within the habitat of your delicately engendered emotional field.

Long gone are the times where the appreciation of inner mastery must be done at a distance, alone in a solitary cave with one candle lit and burning.
This is a world in which the great initiation chamber need not be built out of massive stones into some such shape of transformation.
Rather, the world of the psyche is the very playing field in which day by day, moment by moment, time after time, the Cosmic Awareness opens up its mighty doors to you and the sunshine gets in – at last.

Let there be no doubt that the path of self-mastery relies upon the individual self – the identity – to make the changes manifest.
This is what so many of you are missing when you relax into the obvious cushion of expecting someone else to solve your problems, rewrite your history books, open your doors of reality, or otherwise imbue you with the very qualities you innately possess within.
I liken it to a massive army that has stormed the balustrades, forcing a deep inner retreat to a place of relative solitude and quiescence, even amongst the grand storm that rages outside in the world as it is now known in this very pivotal moment in time and space.
Opening your heart to the beauty of true self-love, true attainment, is a mesmerizing process that engrosses you into the sacredness of each and every aspect of your own life.

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For the personality integration is not done with static textbooks, spelling out each and every new decision you make line by line, point by point, bit by bit. Rather, it is a living awareness – an organic truth, a Divine perspective that transcends mortal reality and physical (apparent) limitations.
No – this is a deeper layer of the onion, a curious new trinket on the mantelpiece, a souvenir from a battle you don’t even realize you’ve been fighting all this time – the serious journey of the seeker to love the self as he or she loves others.


So let’s realize that the scope of what we are seeing emerge here is nothing more than the fundamental transformation of life on Earth as we know it. The complete and total revealing of the veiled mysteries of cosmic existence, made plain for those willing to pay the price.

And the only money that must be spent in attaining this rare gift is service.
To love one another as you love oneself.
To resonate with beauty, glory, majesty and truth as easily and repeatedly as you once looked away from it.
To absolutely know, in your heart of hearts, that this is a joyful, positive and uplifting universe to be in, and it can be nothing else – since all is One, and the nature of that Oneness is to Be Love Now.

It doesn’t involve waiting in a long line for a ticket on board a cosmic love machine that rockets you throughout the cosmos with nary a whisper of sound.
This is a megalithic consciousness complex that takes root in the deepest levels of the unconscious mind – to the ego, that is – and gradually rises from the depths, like the semi-mythic Atlantean legends made real.
The stench of ocean waters falls away as the glorious hidden sculptures are revealed.
Think of the clear-cutting going on in the Amazon which has now revealed such majestic land sculptures underneath. Even your most precious resources, at times, must be sacrificed for the hidden truths of who and what you are to burst through the pale shades of yesterday’s remembrances.
Only then do you know the wisdom of the sages and master teachers, who spoke of a world to come – a world of grandeur and bliss, triumph and sacrifice, pain and love, where the oldest books in the world were proving to be the most correct, now and forever. 

That which is inspired is of truth – and truth is merely a collection of bits and pieces that can point one in the direction of the Great Mystery itself. Who are we… why are we here… and where are we going.
I don’t profess to have all of these answers either. We are seekers as you are. We learn from you as you learn from us. We have our faults and weaknesses as do you.
At times our errors in judgment have been lacking, and at times they are glaring. Nonetheless, it is this vision – this absolute knowing of our cosmic nature – that impels us forward on this quest to revivify the deleted portions of Self so as to open up that Divine gateway to the Universe within… and without.
All along the tools have been lying in wait for those who know what they are looking for. And we would ask that you keep it that way. Keep that knowledge precious, and keep it hidden from those who are not ready to hear your messages of deep, cosmic esoterica.

Focus instead on the goodness you can manifest in people’s lives.
If you have troublesome family members, rather than inculcating them with various morbid conspiracy theories or elaborate UFO storylines, show kindness to them.
Let your skills as an esoteric artist bring forth true manifestations of Divine fidelity that reveal your allegiance to the Everlasting in such a form as no mere mortal can be swayed by the illusions that would tear you away from that mirror.
For the first time you can gaze within your own eyes, and really see who and what is looking back at you.
For the first time you have every reason to celebrate your life, and claim the power of knowing, deep in your heart, that you have won the game, crossed the final threshold, and opened the doorway to the Infinite.

It’s never been complicated. It appears that way to those who love puzzles, challenge and intellectual quibblery.

Let’s be faithful to the core principles that life has been built from in its primordial essence – to respect and venerate the
free will of others while simultaneously protecting our own.
This is a very difficult lesson to grasp, for within such a process lies the keys to all manner of gateways – but the doors themselves are often hidden in the darkness of the mortal Ego and its mental gymnastics.
No one needs to question the Now. It simply is.
The opening to Infinity need not happen in one single rushing moment of Truth – it often is a gentle quilting of the various shards of pain and misery that have made up one’s life from time to time: the harvest of bitterness, the seasons of discontent, the onus of responsibility, the glory of sacrifice.
Let it be known that the past is but prelude to the Now.

Everything you know, everything you trust, everything you believe to be ‘reality’ can change in a snapshot – a microscopic instant of awareness of the Grand Mystery that sustains us all, and within which we move and have our being.

I wouldn’t liken it to a chicken factory, where you’re being cruelly kept in little cages, stacked one on top of the other, so that your entire world is one of confinement and the perpetual awareness of the excrement raining down upon you.
Those cages of the mind are mental prisons wrought by the exercising of free will to engage the negative, to believe the lie of imperfection, to betray the truth of Eternity in thought, word and deed, and to rebuke the knowningness of the Everlasting Love that always is, and always will be.
No mere sideshow, this is the Grand Performance of the Universe – the ballet dance of Foreverness that jumps the needle off of the gramophone, playing the same old songs year after year, and instead pulls its musical sustenance from the air around you.
The kind words spoken to a stranger. The feeble weakening of the perpetually angry and jealous Ego as it dies away, only to be reborn into the open-hearted embrace of others’ flaws and impediments as truly being their gifts, their honors, their joys to live with… just as they are.
For you too have walked in the valleys of pain and dismemberment. You may very well be heading into a financial and spiritual crisis the likes of which you had never before imagined. You may have already endured such a crisis. Or a number of them.
You may already be at a point where you can see that none of it really matters – that your Divine protection will always be there to guide you through even the darkest of nights, on a personal and a planetary level.

The timelines for such an event, or events, are of less curiosity than the end result, which is nothing short of your immortality finally being embraced for what it is. 

IMG 10
Without flaws, without imperfections, without hindrances, the Great Mystery sheds light upon your core essence as the very being who made the Universe to begin with.
You are the physics of sunlight, the glimmer of hope in a child’s tears, the love lost in an epic brouhaha of discontent, the smallest, weakest person becoming the most enlightened being of all – the Cosmos itself.
So fear not the coming of the Golden Age. Rest in the forethought that your true Identity brings.
There need not be any false illusions about who and what you are. This is your time. This is your day. Embrace truth. Embrace wisdom. Embrace love. Embrace your immortality. And become the Now, rather than merely seeking it.

That is the gateway. That is the path that lights up the stars and shows the map to Eternity.
No distance must be traveled. No time must be elapsed. No struggle must be expended. No glory must be sacrificed. No heartache must be endured. Only love, beauty, majesty and triumph.

It is amazingly easy to deny this transcendence – to refute the perfection of the Now and turn away from it much as the petulant child refuses nourishment. The Now will spoon-feed you its greatest mysteries if you simply allow it to exist.
For never has there been an easier nor more poignant time to awaken the slumbering self within.
Never has there been a more appropriate moment for you to pull back from the mundane routines of corporeal existence long enough to find the intervals between rational thought – between the conscious co-creations of the world you already have – to embrace the possibilities of what can and will be in the not-too-distant future.

You are not standing on the periphery of a great football game, cheering for one side and hoping the other side loses. You are out there on the playing field yourself, right now. And what you have is an endless opportunity for growth and development springing from the very core of your True Self.
Take the ball and run with it. This is your Now. This is your Moment.
The glory of the oft-prophesied Golden Age is attained one person at a time, through the transcension of the doubts and fears of the mundane self, the egoic construct that clings to its identity fiercely and passionately, never daring to slip the bonds of its control long enough to reveal that it is a shadow master – a chimera of illusion fed by the larder of doubt, fear, hostility and amnesia.
It would be so simple for you to embrace this practice, and therein lies its complexity. For what staggers the rational mind more than all else is the ease with which its greatest paradoxes glide cleanly into transparency and irrelevance once the Great Mystery is beheld, even if but for a moment.
I wouldn’t ask you to do this if I hadn’t already done it myself, gotten a good look at it, and come back with notes from the oblivion of the cherished mundaneness that sustains the egoic mind in its quest to know and control all things.
All is truth. All is beauty. All is wisdom. All is love.
And the Everlasting is available to those who make still the presence of the Great Being within, so that this sleeping giant may again emerge from the cacophony of distrust that marks the function of the rational, conscious mind, and walk freely amongst the flowers and fields of the Infinite.

Let yourself not be troubled by the coming changes, and those that you have already seen manifest. Let the path be clearly seen for what it is. Let the awareness of your own Immortal Self carry forth as a shining beacon unto others, lest they not be capable of seeing it for themselves.
And again, you need not go on an expository rant about this and that cosmic conundrum that your research has rectified into a boilerplate statement of what is.
Instead, simply become the awareness of love, the presence of Peace, the stillness of Eternity. And that will shine through all the veils and layers of grime that would have obscured all others who wish to speak to you from ever even getting a foot in the door.

This is it – your time, your moment, your Foreverness. Do with it what you will. The choice is not easy, but it is unforgettable.
That is all for now. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love. We now return this instrument to the conscious control of the one known as David Wilcock. Be well, and know you are Love.