Monday 9 / 01 / 97 – 7:55 a.m.

David Prepares For Major Transitions

[transcribed 9/19]

In the dream I just had, it seems that I had to go to summer school in two different places. There were all these different kids in the room, largely burned – out people in the class; one of them was Mr. C, the English teacher I had in junior high.

[Note 9/19: Last night, our new housemate came in with all the stories she had of her first few weeks teaching Spanish to junior high kids. Again, it seems that the coordinates are well – matched.]

At the end of the dream, I was here at Bullshinski. There was a guy in the apartment who was showing me all these colorful patterns on the wall. They would change as you changed your own angle of viewing them. The faces and the features in the picture would change, and it was quite amazing; there were two different pictures that did this.

The apartment itself looked more like a rustic cabin, with more of a slope on the ceilings. I got the feeling that this guy was working on energy of mine in one form or another, though I am not sure how. There were definite connections of this place to where I had taken the IQ test. This guy giving me the exam was like Mr. C, my junior high English teacher. The kids in the exam looked like burn-outs, and there was a scene involving the outdoors with a bicycle where I was trying to go from one place to the other.

D: There was the image of [the hotel manager,] and the connection between driving up the gravel path at Mohonk, and the roads that I had to drive on in this dream.

[Note 9/19: Now that I know I am going to try to get a promotion and have a good shot at it, this dream is especially apropos. Not only does it have the images of the guy trying to work on my energy, it also has images of the IQ test and of Mohonk; I took the IQ test when I was trying to get a different job. Today, before I ever transcribed this, I was speaking to M in the Personnel office about trying to get a much more prominent position and mentioned my IQ scores as a way of showing the degree of talent I inherently possess. Also interesting is the image of the bicycle, which means spiritual progress and journey, and of going from one place to another, all nestled within the Mohonk context.]

It seems that at one point, the being at the end was describing how he was trying to clear the energy in the house that I was living in.

In the beginning, it looked like the class was going to discuss some rather interesting things that I might enjoy.

[Image of people at the Front Desk, and then:] Thank you for the opportunity.

[Note 9/19: I was just talking to Angelica tonight about her starting at the Front Desk tomorrow. Clearly the coordinates are very well set.]

[Image of a quote inside a book:] Where the world heeds, enlightenment dawns. I want to see if you have any more cancellations on the other side.

[Note 9/21: Cancellations are what opens up availability where there was none before. This may be an allusion to new opportunities opening when I ‘heed’ the messages that are around me in my physical world.]

It seemed that there was some pretty intense knowledge being given in this summer school class that the other kids were not ready for, literary in nature. There were some very vivid visual images associated with it.

[Image of a group of people holding hands.] Everybody join me here and bow.

[Note 9/19: This clearly indicates how the outside team working with my own Self was very proud of the progress I have made, both personally and towards this promotion!]

D: Idea just came into my head that my recent consumption of turkey / cheese is part of what was blocking the signal.

D: Image of my brother calling J in Reservations to see who was coming, instead of me for some reason.

The areas connected to this class were like urban cities. I was seeing these tall and tan buildings that seemed to be made of sculpted stone, with many long windows and a lot of stairs. The windows were parallel to each other and ran from ground to ceiling. [Also, there was a fountain and water courtyard in the center, and I seemed to be going over a lot of differently – sloping staircases.]

[Image of some kind of book with an eye on the cover, and then two simultaneous sentences:]

    1. I can see you in here, going blind.
    2. Inner, grievous lips.

[Image of words in italics:]

Let us stand up for a hypercraft.

[Note 9/19: The book with the eye represents knowledge; the message seems to be that in my current position, I am blind to my own true spiritual knowledge much of the time, and inside I am grieving. The second, italicized sentence seems to indicate that I need to make myself available for a new ‘bicycle’ to other levels, only this time it is a hypercraft; a very high and sudden level of progress indeed! (9/23: ) This could be in reference to a geographical relocation, if we look further down on this particular day and see what came in afterwards.]

In the dream towards the end, there was a part where I became aware that I was dreaming. Not so much a lucid dream, as thinking that it was reality and finding a better way to deal with it. I was at some kind of a doctor’s office, related to earlier parts. It was also related to developmental disabilities, perhaps. It was a building, and I remember being inside the building. It looked like one of the houses on Albany Ave. in Kingston, like a private physician’s house with four stories. There were many interesting roof angles, and I was outside of the building and flying around from place to place, going up the (envelope) building. (I don’t know why I just said envelope.)

[Note 9/19: With the other coordinate matchings, it seems clear here that we have another definite reference to a promotion. I was literally willing myself up the ladder of this business in question. The word envelope is particularly apropos in this light, as it refers to the fact that all this progress is made by the simple act of writing letters in the beginning. The DD part of this section clearly ties this all to employment issues.]

[Note: The loss of this job would not be easy for me. Thus, you can see my desperate attempts to swerve the meanings of these dreams into telling me that I would get a full-time, year-round position there.]

As I went up, I kept landing on different ledges and felt extreme vertigo. I finally managed to will myself up to the top of the building, and every time I would will myself to a new location, I wasn’t actually flying; I would just want to be there strongly, and suddenly I would be there with no apparent motion. I was working my way up in this fashion. There was a black guy involved in the dream as well, somehow.

D: I am now using the crystals, and they seem to be helping.

Do you remember [when you were] at your old time plane? You’re more spiritual than that now. Whatever happened before is fun; living as the older sister. The difference is in the price, and the price is now over my head.

Q: What do you mean by "The price is over your head?"

Use the green arrow to point yourself in the right direction towards the proper seating arrangements. You need to work it out with S and yourself, that is certainly one thing.

[Note 9/19: I had no idea what the first sentence or the answer to my question meant, but now in the present it is clear. The indication here is of how much I have grown spiritually; my job at Reservations was with a bunch of women, and I was essentially like the older sister there in a way. This promotion will generate more income, and apparently my multidimensional self can’t get a track at this point on what amount it will be. Yet, the green arrow referred to in the next sentence appears to be both the heart – center energy being directed outward, as well as the flow of money being directed; the ‘proper seating arrangements’ obviously refers to a job more suited for me. The next sentence about S, though not directly related, clearly illustrates that work is the topic of conversation. Apparently this promotion was planned well in advance!!! Funny how these events always seem to come through in Level Two more than Level Four direct speak.]

[Note: Above here again, you can see how I was grasping at anything to make me think that I was going to be staying there. The readings had already written in the prophecy of my arrival in Virginia Beach.]

No wrong can be done; this will demand extreme vigilance on your part, bearing in mind the stresses that you are going through.

[Note 9/19: Clearly this refers to my own need to not get angry at S for all the competition we feel as the only two non – full time staff in Reservations.]

D: Thinking about the possibility of moving from Mohonk, or just of working there, and then:

The fitness center told me that after a time, you are going to have to do that.

D: Are you implying that I am not going to be continuing at Mohonk through the winter?

All things are possible. It is better if we let you know now what the chances are as opposed to later. This multidimensional phenomenon does not change much from Poughkeepsie year by year.

[Note 9/19: As I am now heading towards a one – year DV anniversary, it is making the comparison of how the phenomenon itself has stayed the same, despite the massive employment changes seen within my own life!]

[Note: The deeper meaning is that if I stayed near Poughkeepsie, New York and did not move to Virginia Beach, then my abilities would not continue to grow as much as they could.]

[4] The same forces intercede on behalf of different people in different ways. It is good to see you taking these courses seriously, as it is of paramount importance to do so. Without these truths firmly burned into your memory, it is so easy for you to slip back and to lose the progress you have gained. We are aware of this, and we would like to impress upon you the importance of staying clear and focused in the present moment. This necessitates also the clearing out of the hindrances and blockages that you create and present to yourself every day. The path that you are now walking with reference to the identification and cleansing of your shadow side is a very positive and healing one. We did not mean to chastise you with this dream, merely to show the amount of enormous struggle that you have gone through to get to the point where you are at now.

Take a moment here to describe what happened.

D: [agrees to this; continuing dream dictation.]

Anyway, there was a summer school class with Mr. C. It was tying up my time in the evening. Then, I am suddenly getting roped into a different summer school class somewhere else, and it seemed that it had hours in the morning. All of a sudden, I realized that the hours of the one summer school class as opposed to the other would not coincide. [Note: More precisely, as I have just now remembered visually this dream, the room where I took the test was actually the large room where I waited for a short time, not the actual testing room itself. It felt very urban, yet I seem to remember that it was lovely stone architecture outside, like a French city.]

I realized this right after the first one that was earlier in the daytime. Then I was trying to find out which one I could do and which one I would have to get rid of, and the dilemma was driving me crazy. Then I went back to the other class and was trying to explain to them how hard it was for me, and that my IQ was off the scale and I was too smart for these classes.

[Note 9/19: This does effectively exemplify exactly what is going on right now with my job situation; I am coming to realize that my talent could stretch much further for the resort than it already has.]

[Note: Or out of the resort! I didn’t want to admit that I could use these gifts for good in a way that would become my entire lifestyle.]

Everybody was looking at me, and they obviously had a bad attitude about it, but I was totally firm in my attitude about it, and I said to them, "Nothing that you say or do is going to bring me down. I don’t belong here in these classes." I was pretty forceful about it. The teacher was pretty upset, because he wanted me to stay there; the students wanted me to stay there, but they were also obviously ranking on me and passing judgment in their minds, thinking half a dozen nasty things about me in their heads.

[4] It is interesting to see where the holes are, is it not? You are coming into a greater understanding of the meaning and purpose of your time here on Earth; and while you are there, we should remind you that you do not need to be afraid of the negative, or what you might call evil, energy that has built up. To recognize it and honor its function brings the very issues that it creates out of the subconscious realm where it causes problems that you do not directly perceive, and into the conscious realm, wherein you can begin utilizing the material as a much more advanced vehicle for total self – realization. Be aware in the present moment that there are many people out here who are standing behind you now, watching you and trying to help you. In this dream, you were given a glimpse of that to a certain degree.

We intended this dream to be very positive and uplifting for you, to show you how far you have come.

D: (Very blissful, quiet and slow – ) Currently feeling the – presence of the Dream Voice’s energy throughout my body – all of a sudden. It’s very relaxing – making me feel – like I’m levitating. I feel like – I am going to rise. – I think this is the vibrational state.

[Speed now becomes much slower- I believe this may be the first incidence of Level 5. No conscious knowledge of the sentence structure here at all, even minutely. Amazingly, it has excellent development of an idea, without any conscious part of me monitoring it whatsoever. Clearly this is the key – slow everything down, induce vibrational state.]

[5] It’s now time to go to your house, already.

[Note 9/24: This could certainly be a reference to a geographical move.]

[Note: By 9/24 I was starting to realize what I would have to do.]

Everything becomes truth after starting in the recesses of the subconscious first. The meaning of these experiences is colored by the passage of time, and all its many ramifications. There is no need to sit and worry from one moment to the next about the conditions of creation of reality inherent in your sphere, for these conditions arrange themselves accordingly. [9/20: "You know when it comes."] You do not need to exert effort worrying about them. The mind is a comprehensive instrument, and therefore is quite well aware of what hides within it, and of the challenges that present themselves to it. Bearing that in mind, it is important to keep clear the distinction between the mind and the soul, as the mind will continue doing its job; it will follow through on its work in the methods which it has been shown, which include creative illnesses, mental distractions, karmic alleviations through certain other physical events.

[Note 9/28: Tell me about creative illnesses! I have dislocated my jawbone from all the stress, teeth gritting and constant talking on the telephone. This, according to the healer I spoke to who does massages at Mohonk, is related to my feeling that my creative energies are not being properly utilized in my present situation. The dislocation manifested as a result of this inner dilemma. I will now have to go to a chiropractor to get it popped in. I feel that this is a forceful physical way to reinforce my moving.]

In order to bridge the gap between the mind and the soul, it is necessary to see the soul as the force that is programming the responses of the mind. This approach is obviously a more enlightened one, and necessitates a serious look at the images that present themselves. Without this opinion, without this belief in place, it is easy to have a rather pessimistic viewpoint of the reality structure that you are now encompassed in, because without these realizations, many of the processes of living and the various events that occur during the course of living could well seem to be unpredictable and random. The goal here is to perceive the direct meaning behind every event that occurs, including all the physical events in your life.

By understanding the origin of these events, it becomes much easier for one to pick up on their deeper meanings, and to realize the metaphors that are being shown. It does take a great deal of effort to utilize this system properly, as it forces one to focus on all of the convenient blockages, convenient hindrances that the natural process of relaxing into your set patterns causes. To see the full life that you are actually leading is not beyond possibility, but you must realize that the full life you are living incorporates these aspects of personality that are often never seen by the daily integrated conscious self; they are only glimpsed in part by most people during the dream state. [9/19: 12:12 during thought of how this is the most accurate / deep I have gotten yet in translation.]

The dream that you had this morning, David, is certainly indicative of these realizations. As you remember, at the end of the dream you propelled yourself off of the top of the building, and before doing so, you were standing there and looking down at the ground and remarking on how accurate it looked, although you were aware you were dreaming. And as you propelled yourself up into the air, you wanted to be a member of the clouds, part of the clouds: What you failed to realize was that the reason why everything got dark is that you actually became a cloud, or more precisely, you merged your energy with that of a cloud. That is why everything became dark, but you had the presence of great motion, great feeling.

D: What were the classes supposed to represent in the dream, and why did I have two of them back to back that didn’t even intersect? Why did I feel so obligated to continue in those classes?

These matters have been set in stone in the Pyramid, as you are well aware of. We are impressing upon you the need to continue working on issues such as this, and have your writing prepared. With the kind of schedule that we are on, and the time quotient that we are working within, this is a process that by its very existence must take a very large amount of time. The other people in the class in the dream were ridiculing you for how much time you chose to spend working and studying, and you were surprised to find yourself in those classes at all; but the purpose and the nature of being in these classes is learning through example, learning through physicality. The reason why the classes didn’t intersect is that you have created too many of them for yourself right now. We need you to focus in on your duties and responsibilities here, and alleviate the physical distractions that cause further problems for you, such as unpaid loans and bills, et cetera; traffic tickets.

Without this system of checks and balances in place, you could easily get distracted. As you remember, in the dream there was one point when you were inside a house similar to this one. There was a strong temptation on your part to partake of an addictive type of substance. That you did not do so in the dream shows great restraint, as you are more susceptible in this state to begin with. You must now go to the bathroom for us to continue.


Same day 11:30 a.m.

Musings Over Mohonk: Is It Really Right For Me?

Big dream about Mohonk; I was going to bring my father down for the Mohonk experience, I believe. It started with the three of us trying to stand in line for the dining room. There was a big trampoline in the middle of the room, and there was a hallway at the edges of this big square room, all the way to the far end like what you might see at Ponderosa. At one point, this girl who worked there seemed aroused by me; she had some underwear on with very little pubic hair, and as I sat there talking to her, she was pulling up on it and masturbating; it was strange and I didn’t understand why the girl was doing it, as her facial expression never changed. There was a mock seriousness to her approach throughout the whole experience.

It seems that my father was coming along for the trip, and he was arrogant about the fact that he was going to be staying there. We were waiting for dinner while this girl was doing her thing with the underwear, and I suddenly remembered that there was a dress requirement for dinner, where we both needed jackets, and we did not have them. So, we realized that we were dressed inappropriately and had to go back. As I was standing there, I was staring at the ceiling, and there was a geometric grid with circles inside the boxes, and it seems that they kept expanding and contracting as I looked at them. It also seemed that Dad’s wife was coming as well, but we had to arrange the time properly.

While we were still in the dining room, I got visions of this pool, and thought that we were going to be swimming in it; I didn’t think that the swimming was in the lake. Once I remembered that this was where the swimming was, I got images of the lake, but it was more like the lake from my childhood, Collins.

[tape ends]

D: New tape, on September 1st. Things certainly seem to be lining up quite well and getting organized here.

My father and brother were there in this dining room area. I went off by myself after we decided we needed to get the jackets. As I was going along, I was thinking about the swimming pool, then the lake, only it was a much bigger lake. Then I had a vision of all these people who were waiting for the food at the Granary outside. It was like an outdoor festival, and they were all black people. There was an enormous line of them, probably about 100 people wide and 700 to 800 feet deep. They were all standing in this area near the lake and waiting for a meal for the outdoor cookout. It was a scary image, from the perspective of the people who would be responsible for serving food for all of them.

I am then walking along trying to get back to the room, and suddenly I realize that all I had on was boxer shorts and socks, and I had my headset on and was walking around like that. I was out by a Stewart’s, and there was a group of guys hanging out by the building, and I was worried that they were going to laugh at me for my obvious lack of clothing. I said to myself, "Since I feel so comfortable here, I don’t even notice the way in which I am walking around in my underwear."

This seemed to segue as I went near a pay phone. I went inside the building, which was different. There were some black girls there who seemed to be referring now to a KRS – One music video that had sexy black girls in it and the image of a beach with a crashing shore. There was a line being sung by both men and women in the song that I could hear. There was a discrepancy between the male and female lyrics in one part of the song, which implied that the male vocals were a lot more nasty. I almost don’t remember what the female vocals were, but they were approximately close. Here is my best approximation of the two differing parts:

"Some kinda lonely night, your friends are only white."

"Or have a foamy fight, some kinda blow me right."

The male lyrics seemed a lot harsher than the female lyrics, which were tied in with images of the ocean; the foaming fight was in reference to dogs foaming at the mouth. The blow me part seemed to be tied in to images in the video of people driving in BMW’s.

[Note 9/23: Now that I have gotten word this morning from DV that it may be in my best interest to move to Virginia Beach, I can read into this symbolism more. The female lyrics came to me just now as I sat here, and with them, I can now decode the message of the rhyme. I think that the "friends only being white" refers to the fact that I am not currently surrounded by very many others who are initiated into the hidden, mystery side as I am. This is an isolating thing. Mohonk might not be the best for me, as even though sometimes it ‘kinda feels right,’ there are a lot of times where I am pretty miserably stressed out, most importantly yesterday morning. This is what brings out my violent side, as illustrated by the ‘foamy fight’ part.

While I do not think all of this is going to happen in one month, I got a rough bead on a time in bed this morning as approximately six months – next March. I do not consider this accurate yet. 9/24: Four and a half months may be more accurate. 9/28: I am now considering / deciding doing this as early as November. 10/4: This may be unrealistically soon and not part of the overall plan. I am now starting to think it could be early next year.]

[Note: Within less than two weeks of that last entry, I would be in the car and on the way to Virginia Beach!]


Tuesday 9 / 02 / 97 – 8:45 a.m.

Get On The Bus To The ARE; It’s Your Choice

Long and very involved epic scene, where it seems that early on I was waiting at some sort of bus station. The meaning seemed to change a little from time to time. There was an event in the dream that I kept thinking of referring back to. I was standing at a bus station, and the ARE group was involved in some way. It might have been some kind of blackboard there with writing on it, and it seemed that with whatever I was standing in front of, there were two alternatives. As I chose one of them, the chalk rose up and began writing on it, and I knew that because of the work that I was doing, a channel for my own awareness was being opened for me to be able to do things like that, so I was open – minded about it and was trying to tell everyone I could find that I could do it.

[Note 9/23: Wow! Look at what just happened here. I myself had completely forgotten that this was the next dream, and after my ‘decoding’ of the last one, you can tell that this is directly the next one in the series. How could it be more blatant than waiting at the bus stop for the ARE group? Also, note closely the clear illustration of two alternatives being chosen; literally two different probability vortices. I really guess I have to start thinking very seriously about these matters.]

I was convinced that this was the physical materialization of the expanded abilities that the DV said I would have, and assumed that this was the next phase of growth; that as I became more unblocked, my body could be used for telekinetic events much more easily. Long story short, the dream seemed totally jam – packed with synchronicity, and a lot of it centered around the group with Skip and stuff, telling them what was happening. Amazing things seemed to keep coming in greater and greater numbers. Seeing the chalk stand up by itself on the board was amazing.

Same day 12:38 p.m.

Reintegration of Self Through Acquisition of New Job

Some dream involving a basement area with geometrically-arranged cubicles. I was talking to a group of people and floating at one point. There was a whole group in the room, and I was showing them how to fly, soaring up and around. I drew a whole crowd, and everyone was amazed. It seems that I was working in some kind of bank down there, and LB, an old female piano student of my mother’s, was there. It seems that I had gotten some new job to do involving this accounting process. There was one point where I was trying to see myself flying in a mirror, and it seemed that from the perspective of where I was watching, that I was walking on my legs and leaning forward, not actually flying. It surprised me, as it seemed so real.

The others I knew from work were coming up and were surprised and happy for me that I had this new job. There was a definite theme of the reintegration of my shadow self with my inner feminine, symbolized by the fact that at one point while I was walking down the hall to get some new papers that I saw C G and M M both hanging out together as lovers; G being the burnout guy, M the shy intellectual redhead. They were kissing and were very happy.

[Note: This is obviously about the reunion of my inner feminine that would occur when I got this "new job" of doing readings!]


Wednesday 9 / 03 / 97 – 8:08 a.m.

The Crushing Weight Of Astrological Events at Work

I elected to try to sleep instead of dictate this morning due to health. The first dream this morning was totally tied up in politics between rival groups of people, and the entire issue of the politics was astrological cycles. It was interesting.

[9/20: "Good morning, Mohonk Reservations."]


Thursday 9 / 04 / 97 – 8:04 a.m.

Getting Angelica Into Mohonk And Confronting Father Energies

This dream was centered around me trying to get someone into Mohonk, and there were a lot of politics; also, the locale seemed to be different. In the other part, there was something with my old Chamber Jazz teacher where he was talking to me and leaned right in on me, and his nose was all greasy.

[9/23: 2:22 on father issues being the accurate interpretation with the teacher.]

[Note: Much later I would realize that the music dreams were related to my future as a channeler. So, this was about my own Higher Aspect "bullying" me into doing this work.]


Friday 9 / 05 / 97 – 6:30 a.m.

Moving To The Monastery

The earliest part of this dream seemed to be a metaphor of my brother coming to visit me, except it was Baner. He arrived at 621 with a huge van full of his possessions. He wanted my help and wanted to move in, and I was overwhelmed by the amount of stuff that he had; there was a fan that seemed to look just like my mother’s boyfriend’s. While Baner was at the house with me, he was telling me about his sobriety, and how happy he was to have done it. We hadn’t really unloaded all of his stuff, and ended up an a Grand Union type of area.

In regards to the issue with Angelica, we have to decide what we are going to do with this.

D: I was thinking about whether things were going to work out with her or not.

Oh, so what? His computer is down now. He is between menses.

I come to find out that Baner has been through a rehab center, so one thing leads to another and I decide that I wanted to go see it. I walk along and see a huge, castlelike wall with red bricks and a lighter cement at the top coming up to points. It looked like there was a large athletic field on the other side. I was walking up a dirt pathway to get to it, and I perceived that there was a fence there and I would not be able to get around.

Then, I heard a voice that said that all I had to do was keep walking and I would find the entrance very quickly. Suddenly, I find this outrageous – looking entrance to a Buddhist temple. The sculpted stone was very ornate, and it was mostly grey and red in colors. There were images of Buddha on the walls and windows; very stunning – looking and old.

[Note 9/20: Again, coordinates look good, as Chan came to visit last night right after I finished typing and ended up giving me a very old picture of Buddha, as well as a tapestry with ancient Japanese characters on it. Also, it seemed well – timed when it first came in; this was one that I remembered all day after it happened.]

I walked up to the place, and I went inside. The two people who were working the cashier looked burned – out, as though they were rehabilitating. I told the girl who I was, and that my friend Baner was getting clean there. She seemed that she really wanted to help me, and went into this closet. She was looking for something, and was never able to find it. She didn’t remember his name, and we ended up going inside to this room with very high ceilings and dim lighting, similar to theater lights.

[Note 9/20: The answer was popping right out of my mind as I typed everything in, now in retrospect; the whole time, I was thinking about Eric’s friend C who was here. After she was already here for a day or two and I hadn’t said anything to her, they ended up going to a Buddhist monastery and afterwards, I gave her a huge conversation about being a Wanderer and what life is like for a fifth – dimensional being. Clearly, this dream predicted all of this in advance, only a day or so ahead of time. That is amazing!]

Each object is four and a half hours before it needs to be developed; I need to know that. Let me tell you this other lesson, then I will give you time. It is always hard for some reason, and I have been over this with you already.

[Separate voice:] I’ve got money.

But we can reverse the charges until Monday; do you have a charge card? [Images of people flipping through IQ files; one was at 98%, another less than that, and it was as if they were trying to find the right one.]

[Note 9/23: Jesus! This quite literally looks like something where they may be urging me on to do this move in four and a half months, and to try to get a credit card perhaps in order to cover my butt.]

Anyway, I get into this room with all these kids and became an instant hero in a very short time; my popularity just took off. These kids were very enamored with me.

[Image of the woman I talked to while working at the Front Desk, flirting with them and thinking about the lesson I learned from the one woman from Prevention, about how I really needed to lighten up; she was poking fun with me and I took her completely literally. Then, an image of an old woman confronting me. She was making a point, as if I was now ready to deal with that issue.]

D: Thinking about the fact that the woman Lucia is the one who manages all my karma, then heard:

Would you be upset if your brother shot himself?

D: Are you implying by this that some of the slight hostility that I feel of him moving in for more than a few days could be related to the fact that I myself had some hard experiences, and don’t want him to get stuck here?

Yes. The point will get a little closer tonight. He needs to rely on you right now, so keep that in mind.

[Note: He ended up getting himself situated into a new place very quickly, and thus there was never really a problem at all. It was all in my head.]

[Two words came in simultaneously, second one Oriental – sounding:]

    1. Bishop’s head.
    2. Ah, Inanna.

Q: What’s happening in your writing?

A: It’s the astronomical me.

[Note 9/23: These two sets of quotes seem to illustrate different past lives that I have had, Sumerian / Atlantean and the monastic life, and an expression of how these personalities are expressed in my writing. Also, Inanna was part of the extraterrestrial team working with the Sumerians; the ‘astronomical me.’]

Anyway, this group of kids were all in a rehab, and I decided to become the center of attention for them and provide stories and anecdotes from my own sobriety. They really enjoyed my presence and were all enamored by it.

D: Thinking about how nice it would be to do spoonbending.

Benders love senders.

These kids really liked being in my group, and were laughing, singing and jumping around. At the end of the whole thing I was standing in the mirror with my hair pulled back. I said that even though I still had pimples and my hairline was receding, I could honestly say that I was happy, because I was not doing things to myself that I used to be doing. The kids were delighted by this, and when I realized that I was closing in on my five – year anniversary, I broke down into tears. They were all around me and hugging me, and it was very intense.

After they were all hugging me, the thing with Baner was connected to a blockage in the grocery store, with something that we couldn’t find. This segued into a very bizarre section with some kind of station that produced gasoline, which actually seemed to be feces processing. It was a brick building with a huge wall, covered with all these thick black rubber pipes, and you could climb on them; a big matrix of horizontal pipes. We drove up in his van to fill up our gas, and just as I was about to do so, another guy came up and was filling his car first, and that was the end of the dream.

[Note 9/23: As Seth often refers to it, this is a "summary dream" at the end which compresses the meaning of the whole thing into one event. It shows that this dream is literally about processing the crap out of my life. [Just looked at my room clock, as I am typing just now, for the first time since I have started, and it is at 2:22 as I continue to write these words right now. Clearly, this was a big message that I needed to open up, regarding the prospect of movingÃ