[Weekend lost due to last big trip to 621 ever. Last time I would ever be home, and dictation fell off as a result. Completed the extraction of my entire archive of attic materials, which turned out to be quite huge. Threw away tons of old possessions hiding in the attic. Don actually manifested in the physical sense, coming over to help me after I called him, and he reeked of alcohol. Saw the new tenants as they took their pre – moving in house tour. Very tired, both physically and emotionally. Resumed on Monday morning before work.]


Monday 8 / 18 / 97 – 7:20 a.m.

See The Rage For What It Is: Self – Abuse

Really bad dream where I kept beating people up. At one point it was W. At the end, I asked what the name of the guy who I was beating up was, and the Dream Voice said, "Mr. David Stone Section, Room 4274."

It felt very precarious and dangerous; I didn’t know which way to turn or what to do. I kept taking out all my frustrations by slapping people in the face in the dream. I saw the keyboard player M P from high school at one point later on W. The situations kept on changing, but the rage kept on coming back.


Tuesday 8 / 19 / 97 – 8:33 a.m.

Predicting The Collapse That Would Crush The Woman

[Note: This dream is in the "Princess Di Prophecy" category. Read carefully.]

At the end of this dream, a big giant sign fell off the top of a building that had been attached to the side, over in the Rosendale market area by Fann’s warehouse and the laundromat. I had predicted this collapse in advance. We then found out that this woman was under there. This guy was trying to help her, and he kept moving her, which made me very angry and I tried to stop him any way I could.

Earlier, it involved being with various men and women inside a house, and they were trying to party inside the house. I remember very clearly the ritziness of the house, the white tones, and the toilet in the kitchen that they were shitting in. Also getting images of a dormitory like Bouton Hall, but different, connected to the same theme.

Once the sign fell, I went over and talked to a group of construction workers. I told them that I had just said it was going to fall, and they were amazed that it had happened. There was a big group of people gathered around, and despite the immense size of the sign, I was able to lift it up, and I discovered something underneath. There was this pile of dust and debris, and one guy tried to touch it and as he did, there was a body in the debris at the top. It was as if the debris itself was a stack, and once he touched it the whole stack fell, and the woman was on the bottom.

Before the sign fell, there was something where we were inside this woman’s apartment. It was really disgusting, and I remember that some of the floor was tile. She was telling me that inspectors had come in and told her that she couldn’t live there anymore. To her, it was fine, but she was really pissed off about the fact that they said that. The inspectors also said that the sign was also a problem, because it was only attached on one side of the building, and there was no way to go and get the sign down; it was basically like a time bomb. She was very pissed off about that and did not want to leave. When I saw the condition of her house, though, I said that she should.

[Note 9/17: Bearing in mind that this is another prediction of Di’s death, which is pretty obvious, we can clearly see the dichotomy between very rich living spaces and the dire poverty of the people and places that Di was visiting. It also seems to indicate that the greater part of Di that already knew this was coming was upset about the fact that it could not be stopped.]

[Image of a woman asking me to work for her, and having serious second thoughts, knowing that it is wrong for some reason.]

same day –

D: Just experienced success in out – of – body experience or lucid dreaming, whichever. I was able to keep transferring my essence from one body to the other.

It included a section between parallel universes now.

[tape cuts off – start of new tapes with hi – bias; a major shift.]


Wednesday 8 / 20 / 97 – 8:00 a.m.

The Spiritual Community Gathers To Find Out What Went Wrong

[Note: Another "Princess Di Prophecy" dream.]

D: The start of a brand new tape, on August 20th, 1997.

A period of financial panic challenges your resources, and makes you value deeper the internal guidelines for self – renewal that have characterized your past successes.

D: Thinking about the article regarding the Mexican kid being shot that was printed in Time magazine, and how they didn’t even seem to care.

All the lights and the Sanchez’s; this bothers me.

I think J R from Mohonk may have been in the dream last night for some reason; getting the impression that it was about money. G P from high school was involved, also Kevin, my friend from eighth grade. There was a conference of some kind, and we were all at a table and they were trying to get us to figure out some kind of problem.

This connected to an earlier section that had something to do with a sea area, and a walk – in resort type place.

D: Cueing on a wooden design with crossing boards that makes horizontal diamond shapes, like what you might see outside.

They had all the honors kids up on this table, and I was in control of something that was going on; working the lights, perhaps. I was at the corner of the table. We were looking at some stuff and having an important academic discussion about it. All of a sudden as we were all looking at each other, there was something that was associated with a bear.

[Note: Since bears hibernate in the winter, this could well be a reference to the next sentence’s contents; namely, death and rebirth i.e. Princess Di / Mother Theresa.]

Simultaneously, there was a sudden explosion and everything flashed white, and then all of a sudden we had to figure out why the explosion happened. We had no clues or evidence, and it was a really strange game.

In our pursuit to try to find out what happened and what it was, after the explosion we all sat at this table that wrapped around. It was all the smartest students. No sooner did we sit down, but what suddenly these curtains open behind us, and we now realize that our own scientific group is now on stage in front of a huge auditorium full of people who are all watching us now, which seemed to increase the pressure. (The stage curtains could be a schema from a story Don told me last night about going to the grand opening of a new movie theater, and how the screen size doubled after the curtains opened the rest of the way for the movie.)

Anyway, the only piece of information that they gave us at this table was something that looked to be a calendar. As I looked at the calendar, I realized that there were black dots over certain dates, and there were about four black dots or perhaps a little more, and they were all clustered together within two weeks; in other words, Monday on one night was over Monday the second week, but then there would also be two days to the left and the right of that Monday on the second week, possibly one day apart here and there.

[Note 9/12: How can you not see it? Monday, September 1st was the day that the world first learned of Princess Di’s death, and then within the week Mother Theresa died, and it was most certainly tied up with the Moon Wobble cycle as well as the eclipses. (11:11 p.m. Thoughts on the Middle East situation being a further extenuation of this.)]

Anyway, at first from this information, I seemed to think that it was related to the moon, but I believe that eventually I ended up saying that it was a sunspot cycle that created so much radiation inside this telescope that was watching the radiation that the telescope actually exploded. I was discussing this with my other scientific friends, TJ M and G P, both former Honors classmates, and they all seemed to agree with me. I seemed to think that it was a summer calendar, like June or July, I’m not sure, but I know that it fell on a Monday and Tuesday of one week and then a grouping of more days the next week.

[Note 9/17: The groupings of dates and dark spots almost certainly refers to the pivotal event with Di happening first, the later in the week spot being Mother Theresa’s death, and then the clusters the week after representing the mass grieving as society tried to deal with both major losses.]


Thursday 8 / 21 / 97 – 7:30 a.m.

Relieving On – The – Job Tensions Through Play

Horses, theater, dancing to music with S from Mohonk, lots of people sitting around in a big room. Dark elements and evil. Front yard of 621 with the birch tree.

Big section at the end involving P from work, and how she didn’t want to be poor.

Earlier in the dream was this darker or evil type of location, like a big large room in the middle. There seemed to be plays happening there. It seemed that there was a friendly competition between people, to see how they could dance or do other types of theatrical activities.

S, the girl I almost got together with, might have been involved at that point, and P, but there were times where it switched from the front yard of 621 to this area; congregating around the birch tree. Once back in that environment, I remember finding S from work, and he was sitting inside an office that looked like the high school assistant principal’s office. I ended up getting him to dance, and we were boogying down. It was really fun and silly, and there was a joking homosexual vibe, but it wasn’t serious.


Friday 8 / 22 / 97 – 7:35 a.m.

Slow Down!

[Note: This is another in the "Princess Di Prophecy" series.]

At one point I remember Jude’s friend Jim driving recklessly on a road, and there were beer bottles positioned at different points along the road, and I was afraid that he was going to knock one of them over. He was clearly driving too fast.

[Note: Here we have indications of driving with excessive speed and alcohol.]

In the beginning of this dream, it seems that I was seated at some kind of large discussion table.

[Note: Once again we have the same discussion table that is trying to solve this mystery!]

Don’t you do that. [Note: This is clearly in reference to the speeding.]

It seems that S was there, and he and I were discussing rates in the hotel.


Saturday 8 / 23 / 97 – 8:35 a.m.

Bridging the Gap of Reincarnational Existences

[Note: This is another in the "Princess Di Prophecy" series.]

Summary: Early sections include a church; one kind of animal turning into a penguin, like the same reincarnational cycle again; finding the same friends. Playing a video game where you are falling.

Circles seemed to figure in predominantly; geometry of one kind or another; it must be related to the crop circle research I found last night.

In the earlier sections, Susie, the girl I danced with at Jude’s wedding, seemed to figure in.

Part One: David and John Bring Music and Laughter To Spiritual Growth

There was a section after this that involved John Travolta; this was after several earlier segments. There was some kind of church, and the people didn’t seem too happy to be there. Then, myself and Travolta decided that we were going to bring this really upbeat music into it; this got people dancing, and they felt much happier about being there. It was a really neat thing. Everyone was dancing in this room. After they were dancing, they all left. There was change in American currency all over the floor, and I was going around and picking it up. There was a part of me that just wanted to put some of the change in my pocket, but I knew that it would be helping the church that I was working in, and I did not want there to be any more trouble financially with the church, so I just stuffed it all in the collection box. Travolta was commenting on how much money he thought there was going to be.

D: Thinking about drawing the pictures that I see in my mind, then heard this:

[Old woman:] That’s not a bad dish, believe me. The connection is instantaneous.

D: Hearing the lyrics for "Sister Morphine."

[9/23: Aha! Just figured this one out. My drawings of the shadowy beings was based initially on the lyrics from Sister Morphine, which said, "Why does the doctor have no face?"]

Part Two: Seedy, Stuck Energy In Rosendale: The Need To Cross The Bridge

There was a large shift, and then the scenery involved my mother and her boyfriend; motorcycles, leather jackets; going into the town of Rosendale for some reason, seedy types running around. It seemed to involve some sort of concert that was on the main street as well. I seemed to be hanging out with someone, and this person had a father who was very down on any real hanging out; an older man in it who seemed to be an antagonist. I remember a strange house that seemed to have very tall sections inside it, a very large staircase. It wasn’t a nice house, just very large.

[Note: This could be related to the excessive size and dark energy in the Royal palaces.]

Some friends and I had come into this house from this Rosendale area with these jackets, and we all sat down in front of this video game. I started playing it, and while I was in it, it seemed like you had to cross a bridge. I felt like I had done the video game before. I was having trouble getting across; there were little ladders you had to climb up, and things you had to run over; in a way, it looked like the Nintendo game Rush ‘N Attack. It was very difficult to make it through. I was able to get the little video game guy to fly, and so forth.

[Note: The crossing of a bridge is a universal metaphor for death.] 

Part Three: Further Memories of The Epic Plummet

After some difficulty, I had almost made it across, and suddenly the video game seemed to involve all this falling. As I was falling, I seemed to fall through this area eventually that just had ladders everywhere; it was really strange. I was just trying to grab onto the ladders, but I was falling too fast to grab them. As I fell further, there were letters there, all organized. The idea was supposedly that you needed to write your name by collecting the different letters as you continue to fall, but I didn’t realize this right away, and so I sort of botched the effort.

[Note: This is obviously about the loss of an identity: Princess Di was not able to maintain a "grip" on her earthly identity and power.]

[Note 9/23: Again, the images resurface of this tragic past life where I plummeted to my death.]

 Part Four: The Family Reunion Before Returning To The Light

I believe it was after the falling that it turned into a very interesting depiction of a group of friends, and a representation of them turned into animals at some point. It may have started out as puppies. It was as if they went through a whole cycle of life, a lifetime of friendship. There was some weird point in the middle where they died, and it seemed like almost an intermediate stage, like a void; there was no ground there. Then suddenly, they were in this strange, deep blue arctic area, almost a magical land, and now they were penguins. It was all really interesting, like inside a cave with snow floors, ice and water ponds and stuff. It was now as if they were finding each other again and banding up in the same way. It was very interesting. A group of penguins were going to go into this glimmering pool of water that was brilliant white luminescent, and it was as if the same friends were finding each other again in a different reincarnational existence. I myself was just watching with amusement, knowing what was happening already.

[Note: Penguins live where it is cold, and they also have their "tuxedo" bodies. The pool of light seems to be the Ascension. So, this might be about the "cold" world of the royalty, hence the tuxedos, being brought back into the Light through Di’s passage.]

This section was then connected to an old folk’s home, trying to get my car out, going backwards to get out, all uphill, pulling the car up [the roots.]

D: A very bizarre and interesting turn of events has just fallen before me. Last night, when I came home from Mohonk, I was sitting down at the computer, and I was preparing to send an Email to Clarence __. Before doing this, a fax sent out which was of my resume, and I figured that it would end up going to Mr. __, which really wasn’t good or bad – it just was. My computer dialed through and answered the call, no problem. Then, when I tried to dial Mr. ___ again, it didn’t go through, because I hadn’t dialed the 1. But, I didn’t think anything more about the resume part.

Things have been getting stressful there, I have had enormous problems with my eating, enormous problems with anger management, enormous problems with starting to not want to be there, because of the fact that the selling season is almost over and we are now heading into October, which is the fall foliage season. I have been thinking a lot about whether I can continue through after November, which is when I am supposed to go to; whether there will still be a job for me after that point, or whether I will have to fend for myself in the winter.

Long story short, I am sitting in my bed this morning in a deep meditation, and the telephone rings and it is Dan ___ from the computer place. The fax that I sent last night had gone to his machine, and he calls me up and says that he is interested in an all – around technician who could possibly work on monitors, printers and perhaps computer repair. He saw that I had worked at E and remembered who I was, and he said that they were going to have offered me a job because they thought I was skilled enough to have been able to do it. This also came in the midst of talk of electronics that I had the day before with a technician who was working on the telephone system inside the Mountain House. I am now remembering that we are in a Mercury Retrograde, and not to start new projects, because they can fall apart. However, since I was born under a retrograde, that might alter things.

Bearing all this in mind, I decide to do a Tarot reading, which had some quite interesting indications.

The significator that I drew was Strength, which in this case seems to symbolize the strength to overcome all obstacles.

    1. Death – change.
    2. Knight of Cups – a messenger bringing this change, or a possible journey over land or water.
    3. Four of Swords – highest dream / ambition is for solitude.
    4. Ace of Wands – unconsciously motivated to new enterprise.
    5. Eight of Swords – indecision and bondage is now passing out of my life.
    6. Three of Wands – New business and enterprise soon to be coming.
    7. Page of Swords – Being on your guard in the midst of adverse circumstances.
    8. D: Am I really considering doing this? [Leaving Mohonk?] Christ, it is a bigger change than I ever thought I would have done.

    9. Knight of Swords – a bold new message coming crashing into my future.
    10. Analyzing these three cards together, the environment of my future includes new business propositions, keeping on my guard, and having bold new messages crash in as a result.

    11. The Lovers – the position of duality – I want the ability to do this channeling process, but I am also scared by it at the same time.
    12. Eight of Pentacles; working hard to accomplish a new goal, setting new heights.


Two cards to the right, of most interest to me now:

Key 16: The Tower – Lightning strikes and tosses off the crown of materialism; disastrous change.

Key 7: The Chariot – Mastery over mental and physical level; total attainment of mastery.

There seems to be a battle here between mastery and destruction. [Also, the breaking down of old barriers to make way for this transformation.]

Let’s realistically think about what happened here – (reviews reading.) I now feel it is quite necessary to go back into the logs and see if there is any prediction about this upcoming event, and if so to get greater meaning out of it.

[10/4: It is now quite obvious to see that this initial synchronicity with the two faxes and thinking that I might leave Mohonk was a preliminary seeding of my subconscious mind to get me ready for the fact that I was going to be asked by my higher self to move to Virginia Beach quite shortly. Most interesting is the quite accurate drawing of the Tower card at the end; things certainly seem to be that way now.]


Sunday 8 / 24 / 97 – 7:05 a.m.

Preparing For the Big Trip Into the Subconscious

[Note: Possibly another "Princess Di" prophecy dream.]

Triple series at the end of people being inside fish; a woman inside of a shark. The shark would kind of retch to get her out, but it seemed like a friendly shark. Then the same thing, but a different kind of sea creature, and then the same thing but it was inside a person. Somehow, it was all happening in a body of water. Some people were saying that if it was a shark, it couldn’t do that; it would be very dangerous, and that these animals were very tame.

[Note: The woman in the shark could be Princess Di. The sea represents the spirit world, and a shark would be commonly associated with threats to the physical body. So, Di would enter the spirit world, but she would still have a life afterwards.]

[Thinking about the consciousness units of creation, and discrepancies between different camps as to its size. Thinking about the tetrahedron.]

The gist of this dream seemed to be that there was some kind of big trip into the wilderness that I was getting ready to do, and all the preparations were being made in a variety of forms. This may very well have involved Lake Piseco. I was seeing images from a variety of ways, including hotel imagery, which seemed to yield this type of result.

It seemed that I was late, and I was trying to get a call through to Nana and Papa, but the phone lines were not working; I ended up calling a Bed and Breakfast place, and was trying to leave a message there, but all I could hear was the sound of kids screaming in the background.


Monday 8 / 25 / 97 – circa 7:00 a.m.

David, Again Stressed Out In Reservations

At the end of this dream, Nana and Papa had called me up at work for reservations, and I was telling them about the lunch reservations. There was a total air of professional distance in the way in which I was talking. In the dream, I got the feeling of having to do too many different things at once.

D: I keep getting images of the alphabet crop circle. Thought just occurred to me that since the rows are 26 on a side, it could be related to the Mayan numbers, which are based on 260.

D: I was thinking about all the crop circle diagrams, and how to work them into my text, and then I heard this:

As I help my associates, my desire is not to prepay as much as possible. I have gone through and made adjustments. Many of the problems of the past will no longer have an effect now. All exists in one present moment of an expanding consciousness, and you are ready to receive that now, as the time is approaching closer and closer where you will need to use these skills on a daily basis. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of being crystal clear in your thought patterns and responsible in your dietary patterns, as this is what gives us the opportunity that we need to make the appropriate adjustments and insure that you continue to go forward. Were it not for us now, you probably would not have come as far as you have, and we are very proud of you; do not forget that.


Tuesday 8 / 26 / 97 – 8:05 a.m.

A Celebration Of A Famous Life, Both Good and Bad

[Note: In this dream, I myself get to play the role of Princess Di. This prophecy seems to be more centered around the celebration of her life that would occur after her passage from the physical plane.]

A lot of this had to do with these exorbitant hotel rates being very high. At the end, there was an auditorium, and Elizabeth Taylor was dancing on stage, but it also was on TV. As she kept on dancing, she started changing into a much younger woman. The woman was looking at me while she was dancing. Then, right at the end as she started to dance, all these women got up out of their seats and started dancing. It seemed that I knew that my mother was about to sell the house, and there was a huge party where all these adults started coming over and smoking pot. In the room that I had stayed in, my brother was in there and there was a whole bunch of friends up in that room; friends of mine, friends of his perhaps. They all set about to drinking and smoking marijuana. I also saw G in the dream at one point.

The partying in the room seemed connected to all these old friends that I had. At one point in the room, my brother was in there, and I find out that he has completely written all over the door on the inside. There was no time left to alter that; no time left to paint it; he had made a big huge mess of it. He had drawn the creature from Space Invaders in black, and I was very upset at him for having done this.

[Note: The malevolent creature could well be the imminent threat to Princess Di’s health. It also relates personally to what I was going through at the hotel, as is illustrated in the passage below. These fragments seemed to mirror my desire to get a higher-paying job in the hotel, where I would design theme programs and write up the brochures for them.]

Do you have any theme programs this weekend? They are going to be arriving at 5:38. What happened to the first one that I did last year? You can go around it and walk around to the side; I have a brochure.

Anyway, I ended up going off with these friends, and we ended up at this hotel. Even though it was not really like Mohonk, it was still a really nice time that we had there. A woman on stage at the end of the dream seemed to be completely dancing there just for me.

Mom’s boyfriend seemed to be involved in this party; all these old faces of my parents’ friends, such as M and Bob D. They all seemed to be getting high, and I felt very comfortable being in the middle of that. I seemed to have friends there too; there was a big reminiscence of some kind, and they were all celebrating me. There was some TV watching going on, some kind of card game or a list of cards, and some kind of reminiscence. They were reading off a list of all these things that they were reminiscing about me, and that was pleasing as well.

Just apart from the everyday concerns of life are other, more pressing issues not readily apparent. To see these issues demands a concentration and a focus on areas of reality not normally perceived. These areas are inherent in the search for wisdom which every person must maintain in order to go through their lives with a sense of balance and of purpose. We have spoken on these matters before, and it is important for you to realize that the adjustments can be made appropriately, in a timely fashion. These adjustments will help to balance out the constant, raging war between positive and negative. These adjustments can be made on a level of energy separate from the physical, but obviously interconnected with it on a higher level.

[Note 9/23: This is clearly in reference to the energetic adjustments referred to in the earlier paragraph, and also connected to other dream images I had thereafter of a being working on me energetically with paintings.]

To be present in the moment of this is the crucial issue, for without that presence, without that stability of mind, there can be no forward motion; there can be no progress. Time is a slow – moving metaphor designed to make examples out of those inherent struggles of life, but as you know, time itself does not exist except as a mode of perception for you.


Wednesday 8 / 27 / 97 – no dictation.


Thursday 8 / 28 / 97 – 4:00 a.m.

Old Energies Not Purged Lead to Entrapment

[Note: This is a very substantial dream prophecy regarding the imminent passage of Princess Di. I again got to be in her shoes for this dream. As we will see, I realize that there is a conspiracy against me and become extremely frightened. The dream ends with me being trapped in a wall of stone and not knowing how to escape – very similar to Di’s passage under a stone tunnel.]

Very interesting dream, where I was first taken to this house. It was at first as if we were going to a museum. I was with a client from my second-to-last MR job, S. I had her and went inside this museum. For some reason, I knew that this was the museum that had the mystifying earth energy vortex in it, featured in David Childress’s article.

We walked inside, and it looked partly like a church. The ceiling was quite tall, had beautiful lights and marble floors and very expansive and echoey. There were some interesting exhibits, but I was looking forward to the Earth energy room. There were a lot of exhibits set up, and we were walking around to see them, and I was really trying not to let S get too far away from me.

D: Just thinking about how my mother said I could be with her down in Florida:

In some cases, you can get so poor that you can legally be living on liver stock. [Image of a bottle.]

[Note: This obviously indicated that moving to Florida was not in my best interest!]

At first it seemed like a really nice museum, but I was having a hard time keeping track of S, because she kept going for all this sugary, nasty food that was absolutely everywhere. Finally we head over towards a little stage, and one of the other employees with me decided to give her something. We saw these strawberry or cherry pastries, and once we get there, we realize that there are these strawberry – frosted cookies. S gets one of these cookies, and then there was a bad guy there, the short guy at Mohonk who acts like he is a black guy and has a lot of negative energy in his personality. He came up and ripped off a large part of her cookie and walked away with it. S got very upset about this, and I told her that I understood and that it shouldn’t be any big deal to her; I told her that I would get her some more.

After the situation with me talking to S, the table that I was near became closer, and there ended up being a group of people there, and we started talking about some kind of game that we were going to be playing in this place which was gradually morphing more and more into a large house. There were all these people coming up from when I was really young, like second grade. At one point, I was introducing P H to all these people who I had also known from that same time period, and that was pretty crazy. The guys D K and J S were both there, a few other girls from when I was really young. I remembered at that point that the whole reason why we came there was for some type of game or adventure that we were going to be playing.

S was gone by this point. As we were sitting at the table talking, this woman shows up, and she has a dry – ice fire extinguisher and starts fogging up the whole place, really thick. She said after a while that it was part of the game, and I said okay. I realized at some point that it was going to be some kind of haunted house game. Everybody was out to scare me. As she is misting and fogging up the place, it got very dark and all the other people ran away, which was no good. They left me in the middle of this place, so I freak out and start running. I run up the stairs and through these rooms, and I see different people’s stuff in the rooms; it was this huge house. Some of it reminded me of M C, our neighbor from two doors down at 621, and some reminded me of the cluttery aspect of Allen’s stuff in this house.

There was the underlying background feeling of how I was going to handle the situation with M, my manager at Mohonk, arriving late and trying to get my car fixed.

D: Thinking about how I was going to get my car fixed, and trying to figure out a way to get through this, then:

I thought I’d save you something; something besides pot.

Now everything is dark and I am going crazy and running through this house. There was dark blue light in a room, and I grabbed a red plastic sword that didn’t seem to work.

[Note: This clearly could be the sword of power that comes with royalty, realizing that it means nothing in your protection.]

[tape flips]

Anyway, I started to think that maybe I could find this group, and it wasn’t such a problem. I was going through the house and trying to do that, and finding a whole bunch of things along the way. Very scared, very nervous, didn’t understand why they all of a sudden were playing this game with me; it was all dark and I knew they were going to try to scare me somehow. As I was continuing to run, I ran into this area that looked like an electronics studio straight out of E. I was surprised to see this; it was all dirty, and I didn’t want to go in there; it wasn’t the right place.

[Note: This was the first solid confirmation that I was not to end up working for the computer place after all.]

I had grabbed a very long staff with a knife on the end of it in one hand, and in the other hand I had a regular knife. I was trying to carry these things around, and the long staff was very cumbersome. This was somehow connected to J F, a drummer I knew in college, who I ran into along the way. M W (male) and S S (female) were in the group as well. (Note: I knew SS in second grade and had a crush on her. She moved soon afterwards. MW was one of the guys in my little "psychic club.")

[Trans. note: Could this staff be a past – life memory? I remember seeing pictures of such a weapon.]

The next thing I know, I hear people coming. I ended up running into this really strange area, which ends up getting me stuck inside these passages, stairways and so forth. One thing leads into another, and the passages go into the masonry of the building; they run through something, and suddenly I am stuck in between the cement walls of the building, right in the corner. I keep trying to find a way out, and there are all these pipes in the way, brick walls and so forth. I couldn’t even figure out how I could get back out, and I was scared to death. I knew I had to be dreaming then, and I had reached a point of no return, so I consciously pulled myself out of the dream. Before I did, there was a commentary about this.

[Note: If we look closely, we will realize that this entire dream is yet another prophecy of the upcoming assassination of Princess Di. We have a scary, shadowy plot that develops, the desire to try to escape, the futility of the "royal" weapon or the sword, and ultimately getting crushed in an area with lots of rock. Di’s death occurred in an underground tunnel.]

These outside entities were saying that this guy had gotten himself stuck in the masonry of the church, right near the main prayer room, and he was calling for help and they were trying to figure out what to do. The only thing they could come up with was that they were going to have to knock down a wall or something, which was really strange. The thought just occurred to me that the schema of the hall into the inside of the building came from when I was inside the cramped space of the attic and then looking down the cramped space where the chimney was and seeing how the bricks of the chimney interacted with the masonry of the building. It was pretty crazy. Time is now 6:55.

[9/23/97: (At this point I didn’t realize the Di connection in this dream.) Perhaps this knocking down of a wall was what they referred to by energy work. I know that I went through a very intense and excruciating period where a lot of buried issues came to the surface very quickly, partially through the work I was doing with Angelica, where I could see more grandiose examples of this than what I usually would do myself.]


Friday 8 / 29 / 97 – 7:30 a.m.

Mystery and Bondage in Mohonk Situations

[Note: The main body of this dream is yet another very clear prophecy of Princess Di’s passage.]

D: For some reason, the word Ju Ju keeps going through my head.

It seemed at the end that I had four fake vaginas, all covered by cloth. There was a woman coming up, but for some reason she had a penis and she was having sex with one of the holes covered up by the cloth, and I was sticking my thumb in her mouth and she was sucking on it. It was very pleasurable.

50 cents, 50 cents.

D: [Idea here is that Ra is speaking the following.]

We will speak to one of your people. Is this okay?

D: Yes, of course.

[Note: Obviously they are speaking about the imminent assassination of Di. The dream has even more details this time.]

In the beginning of the dream, there was a plane that got crashed. It seemed that it was related to Mohonk Mountain House, and it seemed that it was taking place in my house, which was in the same approximate location as 621, but inside the house it was a mansion and more modern than Mohonk. It started out with Mohonk theoretically holding some sort of retreat there, some sort of summer arrangement where there would be these interesting activities to do. It seems that there was some sort of mystery – type program going on at the house, and there were different things that you were supposed to be doing, perhaps trying to solve a mystery of some kind. As I went through these different activities, I got a good idea of what they were going to be. After thoroughly going through and seeing all this stuff, it seemed that it started to turn into more of a festive party – type atmosphere there after I had seen the structure of the whole thing. At first it was daylight, and Jude and his cousin R were involved.

There was a stereo playing music, and all these people were from high school and they all wanted me to get involved in a party of some kind, but I didn’t show any interest in it. This upset them, as they wanted to hang out. There was a rather small stereo there, with only one speaker on the right. Just cueing on the fact that theater was involved, tied into acting, stage and all that stuff.

Most business integrated is their business, so it should work very nicely. Sometimes they will nickel and dime you to death, I am afraid.

After seeing the underlying structure of what this mystery stuff was going to be about, everyone started partying, and they had a radio. I somehow took the radio, and it had a scratchy noise. I ended up telling people I was trying to fix it, when actually I was trying to find an excuse to get away from them. I had some kind of feeling that I was supposed to be involved in the actual mystery part, and participating somehow.

D: Thinking about the fact that Ra may be responsible in part for the messages I am getting, and then:

There’s a lot of trouble coming in on my line, David, but we can work on clearing this. We are a god, plus you. We are bringing a king over. We are walking the gardens, most exactly.

[9/17/97: Again, could this be an eleventh – hour prediction of Di’s now imminent demise? She already was referred to in these transcripts as being masculine, and when they put the stress on MOST EXACTLY walking the GARDENS, it seems clear that they are "bringing a ‘king’ over" into the garden holding area where people go after they have died. Also, earlier in this dream there is reference to a plane crash.]

[9/23/97: The multidimensionality of dream voice statements should not be forgotten. This may also refer to them allowing me now to remember my own life where I was apparently a king.]

After this, the people were partying and the mystery sort of waned; it got dark, and then all of a sudden I was at the front of 621 again, and I realized that a police officer was there, and he looked like somebody from the high school a couple grades over me who had actually beat me up at some point. He looked like he had a Mohonk nametag, and he was very enthusiastic about going back there and seeing this. I had to let him go, and stayed with him. He was trying to point out where it was happening. He ended up scaring me, but he never actually busted anyone. He ended up hanging out inside the house next to where drinks were being served; there was a very surreal atmosphere. There was a bar there with a girl in the middle, and strange hallways which seemed to have a curve to them. There was one room in the house where they were really worried, because the ceiling was leaking quite a bit and there were big water stains on the floor, and they didn’t want it to happen anymore, so they were trying to figure out how to fix that.

D: Thinking about the possibility of all intelligent life looking humanoid.

There are still dimensions with sharp discursions.

[9/21/97: This is a very interesting statement, as it flies directly in the face of the theory that I was working on; it does indicate that this may be true for our own dimension, but that there are others with different forms. The next sentence remains unclear at this time; that is okay, as I don’t always see it right away.]

D: Image of someone gesturing towards a hill, saying, "Horses up here will do the same as horses down there."

[9/23/97: With the previous reference to "We are bringing a king over" also being about myself, this may well be a memory of battle plans, trying to get an advantage by attacking from higher ground.]

The party seemed to wind down after this. Later on, I was in the front yard of 621, trying to pick up all these empty bottles and cigar wrappers. I remember how nervous I was about the fact that my mother was going to come back and see the mess that had happened.

The thing is, it is a man – made object; the post office.

[9/23/97: I didn’t understand this one either, but it seems that ‘the mess that had happened’ was something I had created, and the line about the post office could indicate how strongly they are now sending me a message about it.]

Addendum; just now remembering a different part of the dream, sitting outside by the steps on the front, watching a guy levitating ball bearings by thought and how amazed everyone was that he could do this.


Saturday 8 / 30 / 97 – 5:40 a.m.

The Whole Mohonk System is Breaking Down

[9/18/97: The day after titling this dream, I would realize that my time with Reservations is over in October; S ‘won’ and I will not get the job. I have now realized, though, that it might pave the way for promotions far better than what I was starting out with.]

Remembering an obnoxious old lady with a little poodle dog that turned into our kitten. She said he was pure bred. We were going through Mohonk, which seemed like a series of administrative buildings, and there was a master list made of the number of sales. S was the second down on the list out of everyone in the whole office. They all were getting dairy of one kind or another, and the whole system broke down; they had to be buying [burying] it from a new place that was a lot more expensive.

[Trans. Note 9/17: Interesting, how I was just visualizing a goat cheese sandwich strongly before this passage here. Note 9/18: During transcription, the misspelled word "burying" instead of buying turned out to be quite apropos for what happened the next day; burying my position.]

At one point, there was an old lady on the phone talking to me. I was dumping all this peanut butter or dairy into the sink. It was like eggs, something for like a French toast mix. I was pretty upset that S had gotten a higher score than me in terms of dollar amount. I think D had the lowest score, I wasn’t sure. Not everybody was on it, it was only about five or six people.

7:53 a.m.

D: Only thing I remember now is a very clear Dream Voice message that I had which was based off of a dream that I was having regarding the hotel business, and the dream voice message was very clear in telling me that I have to learn that it’s okay to tell people that we are sold out, and that there is nothing bad about that, including the difficult weekends.


Sunday 8 / 31 / 97 – 7:35 a.m.

Not All ‘Fake’ Crop Circles are Fake

[Special note: This is the morning after Antonio came into my apartment late last night and told me that Princess Di had been killed in an auto accident.]

In part of my dream, there were three crop circles; the ones that looked like a vesica piscis that appeared to be fake on the Crop Circle Connector. There were now three of them, and a big triangle connecting them. Everyone was really excited about this, as it looked a lot more genuine now as a result. Someone was sitting there talking to me about this, telling me not to always believe what I read when people declare certain crop circles to be fake.

D: Experiencing stomach pain from hunger. Heard DV say, "Can I ask a question?" but I didn’t dictate it. Then, I thought back, "Yeah, go ahead." The response was, "I get a lot of resistance from you."

My fortieth birthday is in August. Everyone is happy about something; what is the name on that?

7:59 a.m.

The Need To Restart At the Job; Finding Great Beauty in the Process

Just remembered a big section of this dream that I missed. It seemed to involve two different handicapped people. At first, I was bringing them into this big room and trying to give them a bath or something. I was going up this flight of stairs, I get to the top and I see where I wanted to go was a stairway on the other side. There was no way to jump, it was far too dangerous, so I would have to go back down and around. Then it seemed that there was a chair like at the behavioral residence home that I worked at that you could jack people up on, except that it went really, really high. I had D on there, and it was almost as if I could talk to the people I was working with. As time progressed, this turned into a lakeside area. I was determined to go swimming, so someone else may have been with me; I am not sure.

I was going to go jump in this lake, and as I was running along and looking at the ground, I was seeing these absolutely perfect and gorgeous double – terminated quartz crystals, about a foot long and an inch wide, perfectly formed, lying all over the place on the ground, just dumped there – tons of them.

[Note 9/17: I would later find a nice quartz crystal in the gravel of my brother’s driveway on the day that he moved in there and I helped him with the mattress.]

I grabbed a couple of them as I was running and splashed into the water. As I came back out, it seemed that they were there again. It was a really nice water hole I was going into, almost surreal in its paradise qualities.

I do believe the showers I was supposed to be working on did get done. The room had a very high ceiling, and they were working on it.

D: Thinking about the spiritual forces behind these dreams and their manifestations:

[Voice of young kid:] Spooky friends. [in a comical tone]