[Note: This is the last "big" section for a while before the stress of the working world again clamped down on me and dampened my abilities. There are some very interesting things in here, among them more indications of the Chris / Morton connection, and their plan for my upcoming move to Virginia Beach. I still had no conscious idea about this plan at this point.]


Monday 6 / 16 / 97 – 8:00 a.m.

He asked me about this several times, and I come up with two things. I think that one, he is unhappy in some way, and two, he really needs to get out more.

You should struggle to understand John Mack. I actually grew up with him.

You know what? How silly you are for saying something which is a contradiction. This has never been there, with people. You’re starving yourself for one of these [telekinetic] things to happen, and that’s going to take a long time, unless you start working on this stuff now and really make an effort to challenge yourself. You’re going to be a very different person if you know who you are.

You need documentation to ascribe your sources to a causative factor outside yourself. However, you fail to realize the essential paradox, which was so eloquently described to you last night by Angelica [in conversation,] which is that you are the sum total of your experiences. If it is something really big, you can’t just hold on to it forever. You need to realize that other people are out there, too. Swimming under the lake is one of the last things we should be doing.

[4] It is so upsetting to me to see the structures of misery that you allow to be formulated in the dichotomy between your own self and the Divine self. There is a point that needs to be argued. The argument is that you need to understand that there is no right and wrong; there is no self and other; it is all One. If you prefer a more technical explanation of this, you can look to the Ra Material.

I’d like a Band-Aid; pull up a chair. Start pulling your chair up and many wonderful things will begin happening. You’ve already opened the doors up, and you haven’t taken any action.

If you are left in your apartment alone, we get concerned about you. Think about your grandchildren; did your grandchildren wait for you? No, they just emerged. This is all something that you have the control over. You see, what good is life without some sense of physical purpose as well as Divine purpose? Guard the old self that is already looking at me. Allow new information coming in to become new feelings. You are beautiful. You exist in a state of grace without this situation. I don’t care whether that is right or wrong; it is a fact of existence. You see the complexity of trying to embrace the Law of One, but you are doing well, and we know you will progress.

[Image of UFO.] I have to cause an erase back here; a cold crystal. You shouldn’t have to keep running away from the same things. We need to bridge the gap that has been constructed. When you finally got back to yourself, you realized that you didn’t have anyone, yet the richness got stronger and stronger. The variations for the same time exist apart from one another, yet somehow inextricably they are linked by an outside force unseen, which connects everything together. I’m gonna wait until I get my own place before I start thinking about all of these things.

[Female voice:] I don’t remember that. [Male voice:] You don’t remember that we evolved.

There has never really been a time like this before in history; that should be quite exciting to you. Similar things have happened before, of course, but never to the degree that they do now.

Everyone has their own agendas, which when compounded with the available information form a high level of understanding. It does not matter that each agenda is different from the next, for the sum is greater than each of its parts, and the understandings of beingness fused together are truly wonderful in scope.

11:04 a.m. same day

The elder succession greets us again. It will be arriving on a Thursday.


Tuesday 6 / 17 / 97 – 8:10 a.m.

[Image of Angelica doing her pendulum readings, and then the following sentence, repeated about four times in a row: "You should be a little more flexible with sound."]

D: What sound are you referring to and how does this relate?

The sound is always there, you just need to utilize it. It exists as a facet of the function of your existence, and without it you could not live. Therefore, we suggest that you expose yourself to more beautiful sounds to keep your body in the proper alignment. We are very pleased with what is happening here.

[different voice:] Yes, I understand that.

The case of these things inside your body is the same as the case of them out of your body. Thank God for your help, and thank yourself for this intervention. We have been working and testing for a long time in order to get you to the point where you could come to this essential realization of the oneness of yourself. This was not something we could have told you. We are happy to see you coming into this understanding now, as it is of extreme importance, in terms of you valuing yourself in the future.

David, we told you about this last time, and we are happy to see that everyone else agrees with us. You must get ready now. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love.


Thursday 6 / 19 / 97 – 7:30

All the sons and daughters being charged up. I am going to run a progress report. I wasn’t asking questions, I was requesting answers.

All we have to do is see ourselves, and we will see the basics coming through. The sounds in the body react and correspond to sounds around us. The more you toss it around, the more you recognize its position, and as ability increases, the rate will decrease.

[Majestic image of the Great Pyramid and the one to the left of it blending together in green clay, and then:] You may blend them, just as you might cross one foot over the other. Their integration is your integration. Nobody seems to understand that the greatest builders on earth could also have been the greatest borers on earth, and the reports that you hear of underground tunnels are versed in fact, not fancy. That’s why we make sure that the prophecies always say something about that.

[One voice:] I want to learn more about that stuff. [Different voice:] You really do like that, don’t you. [Third voice:] Yes.

There’s all these other things you need to know about as well. By the time we get to the airport, you will need to have a full report in writing. I will send you samples so that you will know what you are looking for. [Image of a governmental center.]

[Note: The reference to the airport seems to be about Ascension.]

D: [Thinking about the article in USA Today with the picture of the flying wing UFO.]

Tomorrow it will be something different. You are about to see this unfold. This cannot go on indefinitely, though it may go on longer than you might think.

[D: Thinking about the curious manifestations of 7 and 3 in the lighting systems on the Arizona craft, and how well that corresponded to my reading of last night regarding the sacredness of 3 and 7.]

Yes, there certainly is a correlation. You want to have lunch first thing before you talk to me about this. By us having lunch together, you will understand many more things. When it comes to be family time, you will see what I mean. Everyone is now aware that each little thing, whatever possible, is going to have an overall effect on the structure of this whole system of unfoldment that you are now seeing. This is an historical moment for a major newspaper to have a story on the fourth page regarding these matters. It will be seen as one of the last major breakthroughs before the truth was to be known and accepted. You should never doubt the processes that are working to bring about the unfoldment of the prophecies. This is not something that you believe just for the sake of believing; these are things that have been predicted again and again all over the world, and you have no reason not to believe them. It is as inevitable as the setting of the evening sun, and as promising as the rising of the new one at dawn. With these integrations, there is a total upliftment of each person as they realize their true nature and destiny.

We are already prepared for this now, but in your terms it will take just a bit longer.


Saturday 6 / 21 / 97 – 7:18 a.m.

I think we have a twenty-year old; we have two twins in Arizona. I guess if you look at it from here, there is no such thing as October 17th; you listen to it. You bake inside. Everything we are working on is on a beautiful level, with stocks and bonds being signed by the company. I suggest you confirm it.

[Note: This enigmatic passage now seems to be related in a mysterious way. October 17th was almost the exact day that I was let go from my job at Mohonk, right before I moved to Virginia Beach. My friend Chris had just recently moved to Austin, Texas at this point, hence the veiled reference to the "twenty-year old in Arizona" and "baking inside." Chris complained incessantly about how hot it was in Austin.

What makes this so fantastic is the mention of "stocks and bonds being signed by the company!" In hindsight, it now appears that David’s friend Chris was Morton Blumenthal in his past life – the man who financed all of Cayce’s operations through his stock market earnings. Even though it would be close to a year after this time before Chris and David actually lived together in Virginia Beach, this seems to be a very loose prophecy about that event. Then, in the last sentence they urge me to "confirm" this information, which I would be able to do later on in time, once everything got sorted out.]

[Further Note: The case is even more strengthened by the content of the dream that I had the very next morning. It indeed featured Chris directly.]


Sunday 6 / 22 / 97 – 7:50 a.m.

Chris was in the dream, with puffy hair and sideburns; I passed him going up and down this hill in a car.

Especially in the summer, you might do that.

[Note: The following summer in Virginia Beach, Chris and I lived together on 70th street, right next to the ARE. This is a loose prophecy that could be about that event.]

We were driving down a road with roadblocks in the middle; he was going down and I was going up, and he had this really frizzed-out hair.

[4] In reference to this process, it is more like interpreting and listening as well as formulating. You should strive for emptiness of mind, for that will provide the clarity that provides the vehicle for the expansion. The expansion occurs as the truths filter in, and you begin to read and understand them. As you have now seen, you do not really remember what you say here on any given morning. And sometimes in the middle of one of our discourses, by you not following the thread of thought fully consciously, you can be saying things and completely miss them. This is of interest, as it should prove to you that you are not really creating this on a conscious level. If nothing else, it proves that the subconscious is equally capable of speaking on its own, but as you well know, it also proves much more. It proves that your identity, David, is extremely interlinked and made a part of by intelligences which extend well beyond the current range of focus, and have access to information significantly more than that which you now have access to.

With these factors combined together, one may see clearly that there is never an ending point without a beginning. Everything in between consists of the whole and its parts. Though we do mention time to time our own sense of identity, and the individual sense of identity of the different players in this game on different levels, by the very nature of the Law of One you should come to an understanding that not only are we the same as you, the same source, the same identity on the global sense, it is also the entire universe. You can tap into the I AM on any level you wish, and it is a moment of extreme understanding to realize that everything around you is a function of that greatest identity; that you are the identity of all that you are surrounded with.

You have perfect access to this system all the time, regardless of whether you are displeased with yourself, regardless of whether you do not feel worthy of having such a title. It is nothing more than the very essence of your own being. Your essence and the essence of the One have no fundamental difference, and as you probe and explore deeper and deeper, you realize that the very consciousness that expresses itself through you is abundant in the universe that surrounds you. Therefore, since that consciousness around you is compatible with your own, you by that very fact are a fully functioning part of that identity. Thus you can identify yourself completely with every other person and everything around you, and realize that all that you see, whether the physical universe, the faces of others, or your own face, are a perfect manifestation of the creating force in action. In that sense, you are looking into the mirror and seeing the Creator; you are looking at other people and seeing the Creator; you are looking at what is around you and seeing the Creator.

When you see polarity, when you see negativity, you must just keep in your mind that all of this serves a purpose; to bring people who are involved into a higher concrescence of mind and spirit, so that there is a fusion and an interlinking of that which was forgotten. We are pleased that you have found the story in Monroe’s second book regarding the descent into the physical plane. Your instinct is right; we want you to go right on ahead and start reading this book, as this will give you a much deeper view on what you have done so that you will start to remember. We also want to interject here that we have been pleased with your efforts to try to induce out-of-body experience. It seems that before you were rejecting your creaturehood, as though you were waiting to go back to that which you came.

We have mentioned before that you feel that you were trapped into this system, and to a large degree, that was true. The karma that was accumulated was sufficient so that you could not immediately exit the system; however, by the same token, this was something that you wanted when you came in. You wanted to experience humanity; you wanted to experience the many diversities of physical experience that you have. As you now are struggling to remember the fifth-dimensional identity that you had before this, by the same token you are finding out that it is quite difficult to remain stationary. Motion is always imperative in this process, and you need to move through all the different layers of experience. These layers of experience include, and are very much interwoven with, the very nature and notion of having a physical form and of enjoying the physical world accordingly.

As you struggle to remember your fifth-dimensional identity, by the very nature of that, it was the right thing for you for that time to reject the fact that you are physical. We have been trying to bring you back into an understanding that you chose to be here precisely because of the benefits that physicality gave. Bearing that in mind, you should remember that while you are here and have this body, it would be in your best interest to utilize it. In fact, as you begin to do this and embrace your creaturehood, this will be the fatal flaw that you needed to release that will allow you access to higher and higher mystical states and higher and higher levels of energy. You are already feeling it now, and it sort of frightens you. Do not be dismayed, as it is very natural, and it represents your unfoldment.

We are enthusiastic about the direction that you are heading in, as we can see clearly the map of your future, and the ways in which everything is unfolding. This gives us great joy. We are also happy to see that you are handling the situation with Angelica well. It is the relative level of light in both of you that drew you to want to spend time together, and we are pleased to see that this is moving along. Now that you have gone back and analyzed your dreams, David, you are aware that her hand and our hand was in this earlier than you thought it would have been, and there is nothing random about it at all, but we are assured that you already knew that already.

Okay, let’s get this morning stuff done. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love.


Wednesday 6 / 25 / 97 – 7:00 a.m.

Get on the train and head for South Carolina, honey!!! [Image of someone holding a coin.] This is my third time this year. I am free, I am smart; I hold a lot more than you do. I woke up in the morning and I was daydreaming, and I realized that I just needed to give myself a break until I had more information. I am sorry for coming down at you, but it is necessary sometimes. Inspiration’s apartment is just next door.

[Note: This was another early sign to me that the forces might want me to move at some point in the future. The next reading later on that day made the point more clear.]

8:21 a.m.

Look at the surroundings and tell me what you see in New York. Beautiful, lush trees and green valleys. It is quite the circulatory system. One can just watch it and be in awe of it, and we are going to have to figure out a way to do something about that. You don’t like to touch people while they are still married, but don’t get me wrong, she is very happy to be here.

[Note: Here, they are commenting on how much I liked being in New York, and then they say, "We are going to have to figure out a way to do something about that." Then, they say that they "don’t want to touch people while they are still married," meaning I was still "married" to my life at Mohonk in New York. The last phrase, "she is very happy to be here," seems to indicate that once I actually did move to Virginia Beach, I would enjoy myself, which was true.]


Thursday 6 / 26 / 97 – 8:00 a.m.

I woke up, and suddenly I found myself sleeping. You need to catch these things while they happen. While everyone else is adding on, you must take away. Here is the description for you; you shouldn’t be nasty about it. Whatever is most suited to you, that is what you should be doing. Not this week, we have special news for you. It will be forthcoming. Right now, let’s see what you have got to do. I am not just talking about parts, I am talking about wholes. If you are trying to intrude in with your own remarks, it is just not working.

[Note: Obviously, the "special news" being referred to here was of my move to Virginia Beach, which the forces engineered.]

Your lovely office setting can turn into your own business. I have many things on hold for you; you need to be aware that they are there. In other rooms, it would have been the same, but with different levels of stability. We are glad that you have found a situation here that is quite to your liking.

[Note: The "other rooms" they refer to here seem to be about other jobs. This paragraph again shows us that the forces were preparing me to become a professional psychic.]

D: [Thinking about how late I stayed up last night talking.]

Your tongue is attached to your brain; don’t forget that. If we try hard enough, we can make joyful things happen. In the meantime, you are meant to hear these wonderful tales of adjustment. Spending money is something you don’t want to do, as this will create problems unforeseen in the present circumstance. It is important that you keep your expenses low still. Our business students and teachers think that they would like to match stuff up here. As the Lord has given them the ability to do this, they will be slain accordingly. Okay, as these documents go through their lives, they feel a misalignment with a sense of purpose not directly affiliated with the highest ideals and aspirations of human spirituality.

Thus, it seems that all is One when the Other does not intrude, but the Other is merely a manifestation of that greater whole which lies veiled in the distance, yet in another sense is always available. We must go now. Keep reading the prophecies, and do not get irate at what you hear, as the times of change are upon us.

We are happy to see you becoming more healthy, and this will have a drastic effect on what we are able to do, as you will continue to see. For now, the most important thing is to concentrate and focus on living each moment of your life in the fullest, whether you are talking on the phone with a customer, driving home or doing any of a number of other things. Keep these concepts fresh in your mind so that you do not stray from them in your day-to-day activities. Remember who you are, and remember the connection that you have. With those things combined, those elements, you will be transformed as you will begin to realize that you can live every moment in comfort knowing this presence exists, and by doing so, you ameliorate the struggles and the longings of the past. We will be in contact with you again very soon. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love.