[Note: I had yet to work at Mohonk or know anything really important about what I would be doing there at this point. The content below proves that there is insight here into what I would actually be doing; there is also quite clearly a warning to keep me from making similar mistakes to what I did in the past.]

You have great confidence; whoa, whoa, whoa. Would you like that? It’s a shame; I find it disquieting. [Image of someone running and stopping on the "whoas." Also the image of a stairwell.] The religious cult is anathema to the normal functioning of the organization. Obedience falls cold and hard, and you want that energy even though there is pain associated with it. The same thing applies to our brothers in any other similar position on this planet.

[Jude’s voice: "I see this every day; it’s zero, goes unprocessed." [He was kind of floating, there was a mountain background and he was handing out a stack of paper.]

[Note: At work (at Mohonk,) there are a lot of zero balances at the front desk, which we do not need to process. We also hand out registration cards; stacks of paper. This clearly is an insight into the job before I started it.]

Well see, I didn’t know that. Is there anything else? If you’re feeling invisible out there, there’s nothing much I can do; you’ll just have to let nature take its course.

D: [Thinking of the possibility things going bad, and then of someone quite literally blowing their top; they had a top from a jar on their head that shot into the air when they tensed up their face.]

They knew that the moment they had to stop, they had to be ready to just jump out.

[Image of someone waving their hands out on the side in a "What the hell!" gesture.] Move from Taurus to Aries in the zodiac. In the end, someone goes from a position of greater need to greater acceptance, and the imbalances are purified. What we have really wanted is for you to exist in a plane of transcendence so that the issues that have plagued you be rectified by the interjection of Divine Will into your thought patterns. This dream is a caution in the way of alerting you of the necessity to thoroughly prepare yourself for what is coming. It is also alerting you to the fact that there are many other things that can happen in your future involving music and possibly theater. Now that you have a full-time job, as these things come up you might not be able to be prepared for them in the way that you might like. These are things you will need to think about.

The boy with the helping mind can be hard to reach at times. Sit here by me, and I will tell you the way. [Image of being inside the Crater at the woodsy Pines bike trails, my favorite childhood getaway, and of an old man with a beard and me kind of resting my head against his chest.] [Image of Big Bird and another large animal from Sesame Street, and then a woman’s voice: "I’ve got to show you."] [Note: Clearly this indicates the need for me to reconnect with my past.]

With almost religious fanaticism, they exclaim their drive towards service to others, and you are certainly not alone in that boat. What irks me to no end is that a meeting with my supervisor included the Tuesday; it was a point in time a little early for your needs and wants. Therefore, we have to jump-start you here to get you ready for this. [Note: Tuesday is when I was scheduled to start there, a week in advance from when I thought, and perhaps the dream voice also thought, I would be going in.]

Anyone, anytime, can learn to utilize the connections within, and realize their value for transcension. You need only see the habitual patterns in which you live your life and identify the causes. Many times, the causes might be stemming back to things that you had never imagined possible, but it is your duty and responsibility to search out and investigate these issues from your past. Past lives also affect your perceptions of the present, significantly more than you had realized in the past, David. That is why the investigation of that factor and that facet of your existence is also of paramount importance. For years we have tried to teach you about this burgeoning spiritual awareness, and we had to sit back idle and wait, for there was no positive motion in the way that we wanted there to be.

[Image of some weird metal thing that looked like an airplane as well as a guitar thumbpick flying over the ground, as if the wings somehow curved around in a big vertical circle. Definitely not an Earth aircraft.]

That was a craft you knew well, David. Do you see how easy it is for us to give you flashes in this state of mind? You should open yourself up to greater possibilities as things progress. Veritably, it may be said that the sky is the limit.

If you don’t like the same conversation, we can change it upon your request. [Image of a brown 18-wheeler with a white stripe about a third of the way up from the bottom.] I’ve got some leftovers from a day and a week ago. Some of them might interest you.


Tuesday 5 / 5 / 97 – 8:00 a.m.

[Thinking about spoon bending.] All your endless results are formed by your mind. Most people wonder who they were. That is for you to find out.


Friday 5 / 8 / 97 – 7:30 a.m.

[Image of someone looking at a type of room and screaming.] That’s another thing that’s going to stop you from doing this, is the grunt work and the mundaneness. You should be used to that by now. It doesn’t mean you necessarily need to do that, either.

D: [Considering going into Level 4.]

I don’t feel like thinking about this all day long. Your vortices are changing, as is the time for the morning reading. But you know that we can accommodate any such shift quite readily. [Image of tofu hot dogs. Image of Indian guy in a tuxedo.] There’s your nice day.

D: [Analogy just came into my head that the karma of my old female supervisor could be worked out with Jen, and that she was represented in the dream.]

Once you get through the politics, that’s it. Let yourself relax and feel the vibrations. Don’t try to stress on any one particular point of the experience. It is important for you to realize that what we want to do is to promulgate a system of checks and balances so that there is no point where you are deviating from the methods and strategies that we wish for you to implement.

Your life is a system of higher and higher learning. To that end, we can facilitate this by presenting you with opportunities and challenges for your own growth. In this particular case, you have a place where a lot of your needs will be met in terms of social needs and emotional needs and spiritual needs. It should be quite obvious to you that this is a form of epiphany; a renewal, coming back to something you had forgotten; that a job can be enjoyable, that your life can be enjoyable in a very physical sense. Do not consider it materialistic what it is you are doing; rather, this is the reward for all the hectic bullshit that you have had to go through.

Once you graduate from college, you need to form a team; a networked group of people who are committed to bringing about the conditions that will provide for a greater environment of sophistication and learning. It is imperative to us that you pride yourself on the knowledge that said kingdom is attainable, and you are heading in that direction now.

Let us make one thing clear; the environment of your future is replete with mistakes and ill-wrought ideas. It is important that you try to identify these so that you do not slip behind our agenda for you.

[Note: I was quite surprised to hear this first sentence come out of my own mouth. I did not expect it at all. It happened as I just let go and tried to stop thinking.]

Every day we are working towards bringing you into greater and greater harmonization with the universal energy patterns, and this job will help you enjoy your life and realize what it is like to be on Earth while you are still here for such a short time. You are now living in the type of community which was created around the very ideas and models which trapped the [human] souls in matter in the first place. We know you enough to know you will not be trapped.

D: Thinking about what mistakes I might be making.

It’s not really that difficult to investigate people’s dreams. Think about what happened at [your winter job] and some of the attitudes you have had towards jobs, and realize that you will need a very concentrated amount of focus to do this job in some cases. The mistakes are only as bad as you make them out to be, and it is good that you have the dedication to learning the job well enough so that these mistakes hopefully will not occur at all. The present configuration of probability vortices shows us that there is a tendency towards these fallacious actions. You should not be afraid of this fact, merely know that it is there now. You can switch it around by trying to focus more and trying to learn more. That can take you quite a long way. Your idea of trying to have lucid dreams is a good one, and you are certainly bringing in lots of schema for very interesting dreams by working at this hotel.

We like the fact that meals and midnight snacks are provided, because this will help ameliorate some of the problems we have had in the past with your improper dieting and employment situations.

The next thing I know, I will be hearing myself telling you that I am disappointed with what you are doing, as this has been your pattern so many times in the past. You are really at a "make it or break it" stage of your karma, where you need to take these things seriously. Hence that is why we may refer to it here as a school. It is important that you are aware of the fact that you have had a tendency to not want to be in your other jobs, to not want to remain focused, to allow your pride to get the better of you so that you do not feel that it is something worthy of what you are doing. We cannot allow this to happen in this case, and we feel confident that you will make the appropriate adjustments.

You can start to work on that today, just by being happy with everything in your situation. It is the energy of fear, the energy of worry, the energy of loathing and dread in any of your thoughts whatsoever in relation to the job itself [that drags you down,] and these emotions can bring up disasters that will later occur to you, and misery while you are there. This is not what we want. We also like the fact that you are in a place where service to others is valued very highly and is the axiom of all axioms, and that is something you have been working on yourself. Therefore, this is a good opportunity for you to rise your karma and to make good with the people of this planet. It is interesting for us as well as for you to see that many of the movers and shakers of these large corporations are showing up here at Mohonk Mountain House, so that in effect, your love and your light will be able to reach them. That is precisely what we want, and maybe you can make something move a little bit more in the direction of positive progress for them. It is hard to tell at this point how much you can really do there; just know that it is happening.

[2] Buddy Holly will see. When the world is still here with me, he is going to still be here with me.

D: Requesting assistance in having a lucid dream.

I think that is entirely possible. Let’s try that now. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love.

[Note: That time it didn’t work.]


Sunday 5 / 10 / 97 – 7:54 a.m.

A group of people, able, talented or gifted, is the focus here. There is occupancy. There is a dishwasher back there. I don’t know what else to do, they have charged everything to my name. We get incoming phone calls every now and then.

[Note: This really starts to look like a prediction of my promotion into Reservations! We were always talking about our occupancy, and the whole thing was about taking incoming phone calls. At this point I was working Front Desk, and doing a tremendous job even though I was getting very tired out from all of it. Reservations proved to be much better, and a little more money to boot.]


Monday 5 / 11 / 97 – 9:30 a.m.

[Transcription Note: Last night, I was in a dream, and Eric walked in the house and said something to me. At first it seemed to be happening in the dream, and then it seemed that I just started speaking out loud, and the dream scenery became the house, and it was very weird. Not really knowing what the hell was going on, I looked at the clock and it said 1:11. At that same exact moment, the phone started ringing and Eric picked it up. It was very highly unusual. Then Mario came into the apartment. All those things combined together were quite important somehow.]


Thursday 5 / 14 / 97 – 6:30 a.m.

D: An entire night of well grounded, disciplined, organized and concise information, mostly from my mother, all related to this crazy person from last December’s car crash who is trying to sue for $200,000 dollars.

[4] My mother made fast copies of this encyclopedia in the auto biography, and I discovered change in the working principles of the sciences I was led to believe were always infallible. As a result, my conditions changed; I found myself floating into realms of understanding far different from any that I had understood before. As the progress was realized, great change infused my body, as I had physically propelled myself into deeper levels of being. This caused me great delight.

Yes David, as you should know, this is a period of growth, not a period of setbacks, and our hand has been in this one all along, so just stay calm.

If I try too hard, he spiritualizes me; look at the code I found on that phone number. Let’s keep it down to basics for now. You can see we are pleased in your conscious decision to once again begin unlocking the doors to your past, and beginning to try to regain the fragments of self that you might have lost. That is a very good thing for you to be doing right now. The Divine dimension and the Earth dimension cross so that they might overlap a wee bit. There is some sort of congruence there, and it would do you well to look for it. No, I don’t have a NYS driver’s license, but from my perspective, that’s not a bad thing at all.

Sweat feels like flying through barriers of unexpected transformation, and in so doing transforming the conditions of life around me. David, what happened to you last night was true. You are seeing your dream about the hotel coming to fruition seven years later. This is definitely an extended-term synchronicity on your part, and it represents the fact that all the real work you will be doing will happen at this hotel.

[Note: This came in while I was still at Front Desk and was trying to make the most out of it, despite the agony of standing for eight hours at a time. In this last paragraph, they are indeed referring to my amazing discovery that I had a dream in my junior year of high school that predicted my job at Mohonk seven years later. This dream had been so incredible to me at the time that I actually turned it into a short story.]