The people were supposed to win prize fighting. At this distance, over five thousand people can see the evidence. For those who watch TV, the evidence more certain. February was one of those mornings where the patterns that were set from the beginning were passed up in favor of the new information which streams in to the consciousness from above. This shift of position proved rather interesting, as it caused a completely different outlook and led to much more precise understanding of the philosophical nature of being. This is what we had hoped for.

Be not dismayed by the lack of progress that is apparent, for it is illusory, and in reality there is great motion; it just might give you trouble when you try to view it through the context of all the immediate hardships that are placed before you. I would like to talk to you about some more things, but this might not be the best or the only time to do it. Therefore, let’s shift the focus as we are now going to probe into something different.

The Takla Makan basin is in fact a location of pyramidal sites. Now that you have begun reading Keys of Enoch, be aware that a lot of what Hurtak says was in fact accurate, but that it was filtered through the lens of what may well be a Mormon faith or at least a very strong Christian faith. Furthermore, his choice of words makes it quite difficult for the average reader to understand what he is saying. This only seems natural to him, as other spiritual documents he was familiar with used similar verbosity and caused similar difficulties.

Many times this week you have had to prepare for the Second Coming; that is, the revival and rebirth of your own personality. You can’t believe how enthusiastic we are to see that this progress is almost complete. The best thing we have to offer right now is for you to continue this path of inner reflection and absorption of material so that you may understand the true nature of what is going on in the present moment. [Then, you will] be able to transcend the difficulties and hardships inherent in the lack of finances that now faces you. We would caution you in making sure that you borrow money somehow in order that your bills may be paid, as this is of crucial importance. The job that you will have in the next cycle of employment will be much more to your liking than the one that just passed.

All those high data points on the spectrum have to be considered for what one might term spatial distortion; this is inherent in the process of receiving data, so it should not surprise you that there is more than one way to go about giving that information. These distortions and biases are very natural and practically unavoidable, so it is important that we try to work with you in a way that preserves the accuracy of information. This is why we have a desire for you to become more and more deeply involved in your spiritual growth process. This involvement will also lead to a greater ability to be a somnambulist, as you might call it.

[Note: And by default, this would mean my getting back in touch with similar abilities as Cayce had.]

The traitors will be squelched, stamped out by the breath of the Divine. You must keep this faith; you must understand no matter what you see happening, there is definitely a brighter side to the whole spectrum. And though what you are going to see is rather intense, it pales when compared to the overall light which is available. In the future, these distortions will bother you less and less, as we can see a great vertical increase in your overall level of understanding. We are not talking to you about matters of dullness, about matters of transient importance; these issues are quite vital. Therefore, inclusion to the book of said quotes is not at all a bad idea, for it should be representative of what occurs when contact with such a voice is made. It is this data now which has become your own unique information, David, and as we have already demonstrated our validity in the past, there is no need for that to continue as such overt methods of prediction as we have tried already. But don’t worry, we will let you know of anything in the future which is of questionable intent.

For Simone – [Note: This was a female who showed up at my house and we had some conversations:] The pathways to the light have been dimmed and marred by various obstacles along the way. As you have traveled your path, you have met these obstacles with a sense of balance and a sense of inner clarity that is quite exemplary. What we are now seeing is a situation where many of these struggles that you have already faced have been organized into a theme for you; this theme was presented in a very rapid way in order that you may realize that the struggles existed at all. By so many things happening in succession, it allowed you to perceive the difficulties that were really there that you weren’t completely acknowledging in the past.

Oftentimes, this is the way that the spiritual reality works. When it needs to give you a message of vital importance, it will organize information into a compressed form so that you may receive it at one, sudden, deafening moment, where all your former ideas of the proper way and the normal way of living are shattered by the immediacy and the urgency of these sudden catastrophes. However, whether these situations are viewed as catastrophes or as opportunities is entirely your own choice. You completely have the option to view this in one of two ways; it can either be a very wonderful thing, or it can be a very distorted and awful thing. We would suggest strongly that you choose to see these things as wonderful, for it will give you much greater fulfillment.

It seems that you might still have trouble understanding why I would be saying that this is a wonderful experience. Simply look at the lessons that have been provided already, and realize what was at stake. [It was] essentially the freedom of your own soul, by having been entrenched in practicing of an instrument so deeply. And by having such an antisocial nature, essentially walling yourself off from society, you were denying yourself the richness and the variety of existence that life provides. Furthermore, this intensity of focus was robbing you of a reliable self – assessment that would have produced information about where your blockages and difficulties lie. Now that these events have come to a head, everything that was before inaccessible has become quite readily available to you, and you are discovering that there is more than one way to live, and that the alternatives may well prove to be of a much more beneficial nature.

We scan your future at this moment. [Pause.] The forecast seems to indicate a gradual progression in the immediate term, and a processing of the emotions that are just below the surface. We must inform you that there is a great deal of unacknowledged guilt and unacknowledged anxiety and fear which is present just below the surface, and when you first acknowledge this, it may give you a sense of overwhelming angst and sudden, stinging depression. However, be aware, in the words of Kahlil Gibran, "Happiness is sorrow unmasked."

It is completely necessary to endure these periods of profound despair in order that one may emerge on the other side with a renewed understanding of self and of others in the environment. This will give you the ability to move more effectively through life’s challenges in the future. Once you have acknowledged the hurt and pain of another and the hurt and pain of Self, you then have the ability to look at it without fear and without the reserve that you had before. Once the fear and the pain becomes immediate and present, you are no longer walling it off, and [from] a part of your mind similar to an archive or a closet, it is brought out right into the open.

Though there is a lot of fear and a lot of immediate pain associated with this, you must realize that in the greater scope, that pain always existed, and it was causing you an exertion of mental energy in order to keep yourself from seeing it. So now, we must say that in the immediate future after this pain is processed, there is a renewal and a complete awakening of your own understanding of yourself. This will cause a great force and great vigor to influx into your personality; a force and vigor the like of which you may have never really felt before in your lifetime. If you choose to, the energy is available for you to become completely vital and completely aware and completely at peace with yourself. However, it is not as simple a challenge as simply walking into it. You have to make a conscious effort to acknowledge the parts of yourself that are hurting, and by experiencing that hurt directly, bandaging the wounds and allowing them to heal so that they do not continue to fester.

Be aware at this time that there are a variety of probabilities for how your future outcomes might occur, and thus that is why the Tarot reading focused on Wheel of Fortune, as it indicates the randomness of events that may transpire. We feel confident that you will make the right decision. These experiences are serving to make you aware of the role of divine guidance in your life, and of the fact that forces such as this entity exist to guide you through these experiences that you face every day.

This entity is not a being in the sense that you might normally think of another human being. It essentially represents a large group of personalities that are of David’s, both past, present and future, organized together as a group. These personalities, when organized together, have a singular identity in and of themselves; a one-pointedness. David is normally incapable of seeing and really contacting this singular point in his day-to-day living, but as we train him to meditate deeper and deeper, he is able to have more and more access to this source.

In the present moment, it is enough for you to just be aware that you are a conglomerate being. [Know] that there are many facets to you, and that they bring you information on a variety of levels, including your dreaming and including flashes of insight which you may feel to be your own, despite their sudden appearance in your consciousness. Once you step away from the limited conceptions and ideas of self and begin to try to fuse together various anomalies which should be relatively obvious, you emerge at the other side with a unified conception of the true nature of being, of the true nature of what it means to be human at this time. And that knowledge will imbue you with a renewed sense of purpose.

We will now enter into a different phase of this working. Since we are doing this reading for you, this is a phase that may not be completely understandable. What we will be doing is bringing in information in more of a metaphorical and allegorical context, and neither you nor David may know what is coming through, but it is through this manner that we may get the future concepts through. The reason why we use this is that there is a difficulty in getting these things through David’s mind without at least some level of distortion; however, we present these matters in a simple way, as a puzzle. His mind is not immediately able to discern the nature of the puzzle, and the information arrives. Let us proceed.

Anonymous friends. I’m going to take my time. There is more than one answer to this perplexing problem. The future is a series of promising events. You have been lost at sea. These events are traceable, however. Mercury figures in very strongly. Your music is one way in which you communicate your true spiritual reality; that is the influence of Mercury, as you are now using this influence to extend into the art realm as well. We note that you are quite fascinated by David’s information. You will have one job that lasts more than an hour, wherein you will have to change the focus away from yourself and onto the immediate present moment of who is around you. Take solace in the fact that when this happens, it will only be for an hour. Grit your teeth and resolve to get through it.

Wow; a batch of predictions. Neither guy is called Sam. The opposing forces cancel each other out, and the blockage is removed. Wednesday will provide you with the chance to reflect on all these matters deeply for the first time. Cherish the time that you now spend alone, as it will be so beneficial that we can see enormous expansion in very short periods of time. That is all for now. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love.

11:36 a.m.

You’re fighting at base camp; can’t you give somebody else a chance?

D: [This was as I was thinking about the job that I had at the time.]

[Note: Here, the predictions are as strong as ever concerning the imminent firing that I would suddenly experience Friday afternoon.]


Wednesday 3 / 5 / 97 – 8:20 a.m.

[Note: I was so far out while doing this one that at times I slurred the words. It started quite slow.]

One single graph on the Mayan calendar is all that it takes to convince you that the times are about to change. You now see that they are mapping out objective scientific phenomena with the sun. The periodicity of this fluctuating rhythm is so constant that no one can undermine its existence. In the meantime, we want to point out that it is very difficult to think of any other way to look at this problem but to be completely at peace with oneself, and to recognize the structures from which things emerge. The technology of those times vastly exceeds anything now present in your sphere, and that gives pause to many people, as they must stop and reconsider their attitudes and their opinions regarding this phenomenon.

They will never experience the purity of insight until such time as these truths are made public; that the access points to the inside is with their minds, and [they] are understood similar to this access point now. [Note: In other words, the access points that each person has to the spiritual realm must be realized in a similar manner to what I have done with my own in order for there to be a similar level of insight in these people.]

One of the three most fulfilling aspects of doing this work is seeing the effect that it has on our people. Even though we were trying to fix your life, David, in the process, it’s the other people who very naturally experience upliftments of their own when reading about this. A new light is dawning, and the times of oppression and tyranny are over. There is a greater joy in the moment; an expanded awareness is through these changes which are occurring. All people of all creeds and faiths are all feeling it in their own ways, and the spirit world, as you might call it, is doggedly seeking methods to provide manifestations of events that will lead to a greater seeking.

Unfortunately, most people never make a connection between these outside events and personal growth; that is where your book comes in, David. The work that we make in the process of transforming ourselves is directly relative to the distinct imbalances that are now present and our efforts to change them. The first thing you must know about the other side is that it is a whole; it is whole in the sense that the separation and the duality that you perceive now does not exist; everything is unified together in a One. There is no privacy of thoughts; there is no repression of emotions. You simply are. You exist in a more naturalistic state.

My world is a world where time is not linear. You may then ask, "How is it that one can function in this environment with no time?" The fact that time is not linear does not change the fact that psychologically speaking, I / We experience a moving forward to greater breakthrough to the deepest levels of being through experiencing a linear progression of events. There is a path forward; however, that path forward can be chosen by snapping into a variety of different time constructs, and that is very important to remember. As we said, the lands of understanding [in] the higher octaves of vibration become less and less dualistic, and the available information is quite high. All one must do is think, and the collective consciousness will answer that thought. All one must do is make a decision as to where they would like to be, and they become in that position, and it is a beautiful place.

One of the purest ways to begin understanding is by casting away one’s ideas of what reality is for them now. In your terms, we are always working, therefore we are always involving ourselves somehow with the activities present in your sphere and others, and this is quite an involved task. If there was actually a way for us to project this social memory complex onto the Earth as a being now, it would be very out of place. Though we can experience your sphere, it would be extremely difficult for us to compress ourselves into a form that you could see and interact with, and the form would not represent us.

The horizon line is fresh with the ideas of the past as they sink, and as another day goes by. However, it is the dawning of the new day that also appears on the horizon, and it is that which we are here to protect you for. All we can do is to continue to urge you not to be afraid of that which is happening, but just to understand that it is all part of a greater process, and everything is working on schedule. Way down inside, there are so many of you who would wish to have this availability of purpose and availability of understanding, however be aware that with this availability there comes a great deal more duty and responsibility that might not have been present in the past. It does, in a sense, raise the stakes, and the processes of karma may well be more intense afterwards.

D: I wanted to know why my dreams have indicated me going back to high school.

You are correct in discerning that the movement of your mother and her reestablishment in another geographical area closer to where you wish to go greatly increases the ease with which you could make such a move, just by giving you the psychological feeling of comfort more than anything else. The reasons for the image are three:

    • One, it reflects an issue going on with your friend Carrie.
    • Two, there is no other way to penetrate through your mind to try to give you the lessons about the need to motivate, and
    • Three, you are at a point where there is a necessity for this.

No longer can we stick our heads in the sand, David. The time is now to integrate, to reinvigorate, and to uplift. We need you to have the kind of "grandules" that will make you a significant figure, and we want you to be aware that the next phase of the program is snapping into place.

You should look upon this with excitement and not fear, for this is truly something that you can hold with you forever. In the meantime here, the high school analogy is also definitely a reflection on these jobs that you are taking, and on the nearly inevitable collapse and upset that appears to occur from them in whatever form. However, the idea of returning to high school is not at all bad, for there is another reason too, which is that you are thinking yourself back into a frozen period of time that you had all but disowned for yourself. When you reinvigorate and reconnect with this time, you are giving yourself much greater freedom and liberty to actualize these potentials in the Now. We hope that you are aware that trapped energy from your high school period is considered one of the single greatest stumbling blocks that we have to getting through to you. There is no other period of your history more frozen in linear time and disallowed than this.

Under certain circumstances, we might have even asked you to willfully, knowingly smoke marijuana again, just to stop you from being so hard on yourself and from having such a dogmatic structure to your life. We appreciate the fact that you are doing this to a smaller degree with your diet, however use discretion and try as much as possible to eat things that will be healthy if you are going to make this choice, and not things that are simply pointlessly unhealthy. The least you can do is try to progress in a direction that is vertical rather than horizontal, and we don’t want any sliding back.

If you wanted to go in for a deeper contact, you will have to meditate more. That is all. We want you to try an experiment in out-of-body perception now, so turn this off and go ahead and try.

11:57 a.m.

[Note: While Eric was downstairs, I tried to have an out-of-body projection, and what seemed to happen was that I went into a dream.]

David’s First Willed Astral Projection in the Dream Realm

It started out with me lying flat on my back, and I believe that Eric was already almost awake downstairs. I began to try to roll out of my body, but there were times where I was trying to roll out and it seemed that I moved my physical body in the process. Somewhere in the middle of all this, it seemed that I actually did slip into a dream; perhaps the actual motion in the out of body state might have been psychological, but it did work!

It seemed that Eric and I were in a larger house, a really nice house. I kept trying to roll out of my body and I wouldn’t be able to completely do it. Once I could get out, it didn’t seem vivid enough, it seemed kind of loose. Someone told me that since I was rolling into a dream state, it wouldn’t be as vivid as I expected. They told me that I might experience part of myself outside and part of myself inside.

I floated out of my body in bed and thought that I heard Eric downstairs. I jumped out of my open-air loft window, flipped in the air on the way down, and landed on both feet. I then floated over to Eric, who apparently could not see me at first. I was trying to tease Eric as a spirit by grabbing his head, and then he realized I was there and told me not to bother him. I then floated outside one of our main windows and I wanted to have an experience.

I flew out and immediately came into a strange tropical area with a built-up wooden deck that people were eating on, with white tables and torches ringing the trees. For some reason, even though they seemed to be dressed normally, there was something weird about it, and I felt it to be Atlantis. I came up to them and told them that I was from 12,000 years in the future, and that the situation they were living in at that time had collapsed and I was from the next one. They had a hard time believing me, but I tried to explain it to them and told them about the sunspots. After a while I flew away, over some bushes. In the woods, I saw a ring of fire on some sort of square platform. Then, I wanted to fly up and away from the earth, but I was anchored in and couldn’t go too far. I came back down and found Eric Francis walking along in an area with strange scenery. I was looking at him and said, "Don’t you realize that we are dreaming right now?" but he didn’t realize – he was frustrated about his own scene.


Thursday 3 / 6 / 97 – 5:38 a.m.

[Note: This entire dream and reading turned out to have an amazing level of correspondence to predicting the upcoming Heaven’s Gate mass suicide. Everything that was said in the Dream Voice state, as well as the content in the dream itself, seems to be related to this disaster. Therefore, we have left it whole.]

A change of scale earlier indicated war and bullets.

Greg C. had called to let me know that something big had happened in the UFO biz. There was a section involving a beach, and there was a shipwreck there. I was with my brother and we walked out to this beach in the middle of the night. It was so black you couldn’t even see, and yet there were all these kids out there partying and so forth. There was a ship that was docked there, and they seemed to think that it had ghosts on board it. I boarded the ship and it seemed that we were trying to stir up paranormal activity.

Am-ma-ri. [Image of someone clapping their hands with a tambourine.] You want bullets, you’ve got them; how soon can you do that?

[Note: This is a rather curious comment after what appears to be a dream prediction of the mass cult suicide that was upcoming – a boat indicating travel, with dead souls, and Greg C. taking me to see it and indicating something big happening with UFO’s. In the dream voice comment, the tambourine image could evoke images of Hare Krishnas, another group commonly referred to as a cult. The bullets could be the violence surrounding what they did, or of the fact that they had stored guns. Obviously I had no idea of any of this stuff before reading about it in the news a week and a half later.]

[Note 9/23: This was the pivotal line that had Am-ma-ri in it; I found out about a week ago that this is how you pronounce Amargi, the name of a guy who runs a very influential website on Egypt and Atlantis information.]

My father was in the dream too, I am not sure what capacity. The boat may have had Atlantean connections. It was very strange.

Earlier, I was in this hotel going from room to room.

Stevie Wonder was singing earlier, with bizarre eyes where the irises were wider. His face looked very young, and some people wondered why that was. I thought that maybe because he couldn’t see, he didn’t understand facial expressions.

We’ve had such high levels of the practical institution rate. Aw, I got out of bed – little or no effort.

[Note: It sounds like a stretch at first, but this perplexing sentence could refer to the high levels of people who are "crazy" (institutional) in regards to UFO’s. The second line is interesting in the fact that the cult died in beds; as if implying that they expected to leave easily in this manner. And the sentence just before this indicated a blind, delusional person.]

At the end, the dog turned into this black guy in a wheelchair who looked like Jim. The dog totally wouldn’t let up on me. I tried to explain to him that we had no business with each other. I told him to stop before it got worse, but he kept coming. Then, I had to piss, and it seemed that I was in this bathroom. He was coming after me and was going to pee on me. I ended up fleeing and found different rooms. I found a room that was far enough away that hopefully he wouldn’t be able to find me. I found a toilet, and everything was covered with menstrual blood everywhere. I realized that I had to pee in real life, and woke up.

Realize the basic tenets of your existence – peace and happiness. We can’t stress enough that we want you to live in a state of grace, so that you have a natural tendency to feel happiness all the time. These problems you have had with women reveal part of why it is that you haven’t been happy in the past. You push away that which would make you happier.

The drive to succeed will be superseded by the drive to live as you have seen. The drive to succeed is very lonely. You can last for a long time without ever producing results, because once a person chooses to go in that route, there is never a completion point, they’re always stating another one; there’s always more to do, more to send, more to live and understand. Therefore, most people don’t get sick these days because if they do, it runs a great risk for them.

Out in the woods in Pine Bush, people have seen things. It is important that you read in writing something about this. Everybody was crying, but the sights were unusual. [Image of a round porthole window with white stuff coming out of it.]

[Note: Again, this could be a reference to the angst the public felt and the strangeness of the event. The image could be a distorted view of the now-famous photograph of the bodies loading into the ambulance by the house, including a combination with the porthole window image that is associated with the windows on certain types of UFO’s. This possibility may be supported by the mention of the Pine Bush group in the immediately previous sentences.]

We went through this hotel and found this sliding door areas several times. One time, Pat was out there and wanted my attention, but I blew him off. These kids knew about the ship we were trying to go on; perhaps we were trying to photograph it.

D: Image of myself in a cop suit with the idea of the house I grew up in – taking off our outfits outside – it might have indicated that I was going to move in there somehow.

[Note: Since my mother is selling the house, there is another possible analogy here; of cops entering a "dead house", and the previous line indicating that we wanted photographs of it.]

I wanted to do the science.* I wanted to reach staying at home, and you know, writing things down and so forth; but now I realize identical in this sphere to the path of the mind is the path of the body and the soul; both of these pathways need to be addressed to you.

[* Note: This is a possible reference to the electronics job I would pick up two and a half weeks later.]

You are in the perfect mood; this is absolutely perfect. I want to make sure that no other mood creeps in and dominates, as it effects the effectiveness with which you work. I have seen others do that, and I have seen what you are capable of. Don’t let them bring you down; at this job, just continue to do what you want to do. [Image of Stonehenge missing half of one of the lintels. Seeing this next to a street with a car coming up the hill and its headlights shining.]

"It’s a little off the subject, but as far as I am concerned, aliens are real." That is a quote that you may be hearing from more and more of the everyday people. Don’t let it bother you that they are coming to an understanding so slowly; merely put yourself in the framework of trying to help them change it.

[Note: This again may well be an indication of the fact that this Heaven’s Gate cult event may well raise the overall awareness of the existence of extraterrestrials, however slowly. It also sets the stage for some of the predictions that would be contained within these passages.]

His dad’s a Jazz major. You spin it around and it changes the focus. [Image of a guy gesturing towards a round object spinning vertically up and down against some kind of wall.] Carrie is now beginning to search; for this we are pleased, and we hope that she will continue to do so, as it will prove to be a magnificent benefit to her.

They don’t look that good. [Image of a bluish – white yogurt with blueberries in it covering something. Image of a calendar with the numbers 12 in red on a white page.]

[Note: First, the spinning object might be in reference to a UFO. This cult "spun it around" and put their own "spin" on it, "changing the focus." The line "they don’t look that good" was followed by a very gory image of purplish-white slop indicating death, covering something; the cult members were covered in purple cloths. At this point, (4/5/97) I don’t know if the 12th of the month is related to this cult or to myself in any way; I will have to wait and see. It could also be numerologically significant in some way.]

Hotel, Greg C.; black kid in the Greg C. part was once I had gone through the doors to the back part where the ship was, for some reason the doors and ship felt like Atlantis. It seemed that it was very dark, but flashes of light illuminated a pathway to the ship. I got the idea that it wasn’t cool to mess around with ghosts, and I believe that I actually spent very little time actually on the ship. There were all these kids partying on the beach.

I’ll watch the first beginning. At what age did you tune in to Channel Four? You see the force involved; you’re in trouble now.

[Note: This too is curious. The first beginning of what? The trouble that would be caused to the UFO community by Heaven’s Gate? There is a definite association here with television and of a great force involved. Could the "trouble" part refer to the difficulty that this event will place on people such as myself?]

A friend of my mother’s was getting into a car at the end, and I was trying to hug her, but she said that she didn’t like to do hugs because it enabled the other person to steal energy. It seemed strange, but I went along with it.

She’s got the look. There are different ways to approach different paths, I know.

D: [In reference to my thoughts about whether the Ra Material was accurate about the possibility of channeling the negatively based Orions, I had a passage before this which sounded pretty negative that I didn’t document. Right after this I got the image of a flat plane and a black background and something going up in spiraling curves and coming back down in spiraling curves.]

[Note: Here, I might have picked up on negative, Orion – type beings momentarily, and the passage before this seems to indicate that some people do use these beings; case in point, the cultists. There was a duplication of the image from before, of a spinning object on a black background, possibly indicative of UFO’s.]

You better understand the truth quickly. We don’t have all the time in the world, anyhow.

D: I know what you are talking about; the fact that it represents spiraling pathways of light, correct?

You see, we believe that all knowledge is gainable from within, and there are many sources. You can tap into this on a variety of levels. All we are suggesting is that you make an effort to try to update yourself in order that the information is relatively correct.

Listen. I don’t want you to have to feel any trouble. I don’t want you to have to grow in steps imperceptible to others. I want you to make rapid progress, and understand the wisdom of the ancients with enough time to become of great assistance on the planet. The ARE in Virginia Beach IS quite the metaphysical think tank, and your talents would be used well here. The probabilities have changed somewhat since the last time we told you to stay where you are. There may be some benefit in you doing this. We will have to wait a little longer and see if it solidifies.

You’ve seen me naked; what else is there? The photographers will understand. I peek, so to speak; I am being clumsy.

[Note: This is an exceptional case of the readings making another prophecy about my past life connection with Edgar Cayce. They essentially tell me that it might be in my best interest to move to Virginia Beach, to be near the ARE, which was Cayce’s organization. They then say that I have "seen them naked," meaning that they are giving away the whole story right then – the "naked truth." Then immediately afterwards, they say "The photographers will understand. I peek, so to speak; I am being clumsy." Indeed, Cayce’s main source of income for a good portion of his life was photography!

So, when they say "the photographers will understand," they are slightly hinting at my connection with Cayce. This is further strengthened by the next line, about "peeking" at the naked truth and being clumsy about it. The forces knew that it was not time to tell me yet, and thus this little "pun" was possibly a little too big of a "clue." Since so many sentences were strange and hard to understand, I never did "get" this one until after they had already told me the truth.]

[Man’s voice -] It’s amazing.

[Kid’s voice -] What does it do in that setting?

[Eric’s voice -] It’s AT&T, looking at me.

[Note: This continues directly after the Cayce section and makes the whole case even stronger. They make a statement saying how amazing the naked truth will finally be when it is revealed. Then, statement about AT&T seems to metaphorically tie all of the above in to a very strong "connection" to the spiritual planes, as AT&T is still the largest and oldest telephone company. The telephone metaphor for psychic communication is often used in these readings.]

You know OJ Simpson will wash my feet. They have him on a special set of social programs on Larry King Live.

[Note: Again, in reference to Heaven’s Gate, even greater predictions here of a media storm – photographers and talk shows. All of this together is too strong to ignore. Notice as well the statements about corporations watching the event, and the parody on OJ Simpson being a quasi-religious figure in our society. This paragraph is replete with references to our media-driven society, which the cult was quite obviously attacking.]

8:10 a.m.

 Then I would go through this country where the entity was there, and that was where I met Greg C. There is more than one model of understanding to choose from, so recognize that the options exist.

Enormous Predictive Dream of Heaven’s Gate Disaster

The dream involved a guy who was trying to outfox the military. There were two trucks that were parked and filled with sleeping bags that had guys with machine guns inside. This guy was almost baiting them and trying to run past the trucks. At more than one point, he was riding along with them – there was a point where he jumped in and was trying to burrow through all the sleeping bags despite being an enemy, and they were trying to find him but apparently they couldn’t.

At the end, I was with someone and they were trying to tell me what happened to the guy. As they said this, I saw him walking out as a really small and obnoxious midget. He was taunting me, saying that I couldn’t hurt him, to go ahead and shoot him, he didn’t care. I wondered quietly to myself what would happen if I pretended to shoot him with this little gun that I had. I mockingly pulled the trigger while aiming it at him. There was an ever so thin sound, and he started laughing, acting like nothing had happened and it was no big deal. All of a sudden blood appeared on his stomach and he started collapsing – I had shot him. Even as he went down, he was in denial of what was happening to him. Everyone was so happy that this guy who was trying to deceive everyone had died.

[Note: How the hell can you get more convincing corroboration than this? I go back to sleep and have a specific dream concerning a boxlike truck filled with "sleeping bags," which was how my subconscious interpreted the bodies in the truck in that ever-so-evocative photograph. Only further corroborated by a mocking death that was quite real, and of people being happy that this deceiver had died.]

[Antonio’s Voice:] To us, they were [ready for this] three or four years ago. They had three or four guys in them." [This seemed to be mentioned in the context of discussing dwarves.]

[Note: Notice that the man antagonizing the vans in the last paragraph turned into a midget before I shot him. With that context in mind, this quote may indicate that the group was ready for this as early as four years ago, with three or four men all the way involved in it. That is about how many of the men were castrated in the clan!]

In the parking lot, I found my car to be parked in between two really skinny white cars, and my car was also really skinny, so it seemed that I actually had to pop it into neutral and pull it out of the spot in order to make it work. It seemed that one of the keys had broken; the metal part had come away from the turning part.

[Oriental voice:] How are you studying?

I had an experience similar to yours in China once before. They are closely connected, as you will see when you work with pen and paper. You’re not supposed to get a big-screen TV in order to find out these things. Just a couple days ago I was cutting down many of the plants to prepare for the new ones that are coming in. It’s an experience that few others can provide. That is what I hope you will do.

[Note: The purpose of this paragraph seems to include several possible references to the loss of my current job followed by the upcoming electronics / TV job. Cutting down the plants could also be a reference to the deaths of the Heavens Gate cult members. There is also an obvious connection to a past life in China.]

Guess what? Your coordinates are good today. Just get your mind in focus.

[Note: This certainly could be a reference to how well the information is coming in, which we can clearly see at this point!]

Something involving Prince and his music.

D: [I am getting a description of a guy who goes to work and stays there while he is sleeping, then comes home and does it again. A circle diagram with the two places the guy lives as opposite points inside the circle and this energy going back and forth between them – in reference to my job.]

[Note: This undeniably could be seen as a prediction of schematic diagrams and of the need for me to study outside the job environment! Remember that the job was still almost three weeks in the future at this point, and I hadn’t even gotten fired from the other one yet.]

[Slow.] Many times you will find yourself investigating other forms of reality by perception and intuition. We want to clarify that there is no better way to proceed than to know the true nature of what it is that you are proceeding towards. To this end, we suggest that you make a strong effort to utilize the third eye, as you are now doing, and to move forward in the work that you are doing with trying to have an out-of-body experience and/or lucid dream. One or the other are sort of the same, on relative levels, so it is important for us that you try.

I know that you are making an effort to transcribe as well, and this is important. We suggest in all seriousness that you may want to transcribe just the dream voice to bring that up to date, and then go back to the dreams. This might speed up your process considerably. We are not staying on for long because you need to sleep. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love.

10:26 a.m.

[Thinking about one of the clients at my old job. I then see two people who work for the agency sitting there and saying, "I want to see if I can do a phone check and verify his files."]

[Note: Boom! The definitive predictive statement of my job collapse. It was this checking and verifying of my references, which was done Friday morning, which was the death knell to my job there. They apparently saw that I had difficulties with my previous supervisor and realized that I was the best person to let go of in the midst of all of their cutbacks. I did not know that this was going to occur at this point.]

Third dream seemed to be about repairing wheelchairs and fixing them somehow.

[Note: Again, the electronics / repair / fixing metaphor here, predicting the next job that I would take.]

And once you can combine wealth and understanding, many issues are resolved, and many questions need no longer be asked. The suffering that characterized the present becomes a figment of the imagination.

[Note: Here, the obvious message is that I was about to be released from the suffering of working incredible overnight hours and being totally sleepless.]


Friday 3 / 7 / 97 – 3:54 p.m.

[Note: I did not even go to bed this morning until 11:00 due to the overnight shift that I had worked.]

Much of the dream had to do with people in diapers. There was a lot of concern about the acquisition about the diapers. There were television reporters involved somehow.

[Verbatim note off the cassette at 4:30: Remember that I was a full month behind on dictation, and at this point had no idea of all the prophecies indicating the imminent collapse of this job.]

D: "Something strange has just happened, where they called me from work and indicated that there was something wrong with my application, and until they fix it they can’t have me on, so they canceled tonight and tomorrow; all my hours canceled. Very odd. Apparently the forces of manifestation have arranged themselves accordingly. Despite overwhelming odds, they somehow have devised a way to relieve me of these shifts that I was so dreading. I guess I need to be careful what I am wishing for."

"Also, I was trying to get full time through carefully manipulating my boss. Since I negotiated those extra two days for the third week of the month in March, a little complacency had set in, where I felt that I could keep on going without having to get a different job. This seems to be kind of a shot in the foot against that. The timing of it is especially apropos. I can’t ignore the meaning of this one."

"Further note: They must have run my license and saw the violation that hadn’t shown up yet. They asked me to tell them all of my traffic violations in the interview, and I didn’t mention the most recent one from December since I hadn’t paid the fine yet. Since I haven’t paid the fine, it is possible that there may be a warrant for my arrest."

[Note: I paid the fine soon after this and there were no problems.]

"Final addendum at 12:35 a.m.: Within less than 25 minutes, I received a call from J from the Chronogram, a local spiritual newspaper, and I realized that F C and Chronogram and the institute and the Esoterica bookstore are all involved. I really impressed J, and was invited to go to their lectures as well as to write articles."

"It seems that the further meaning of all this is a massive restructuring of the overall protocols with which I am living my life, bringing in much more of the kinds of things that I enjoy doing and will make me money. These things include fulfilling my role on the planet, and building up the credentials I need. Therefore, it seems that this is just the beginning of a long upward phase. Tonight is just before my birthday, which is also a New Moon, which is also a total solar eclipse all in the same day, and tomorrow is when I will transcribe these tapes. I was shocked to rewind a bit and read the quote about people calling and verifying my files. This illustrates the preordained quality to all of this."

[Note: And how much more preordainment would become apparent later as well!]


Saturday 3 / 8 / 97 – 7:24 a.m.: Birthday / Eclipse / Conjunction

Alien realms; we didn’t save this, did we? You just bought a chair; now you will have to use it.

[Note 3/27: I would end up getting a new reclining chair from my mother quite soon after this quote – that very weekend. The quote might refer to all the books I would need to read in order to learn the trade. Further note 4 / 5 / 95 – the earlier sentence indicates again something about there not being a way to save something concerning alien realms – another possible Heaven’s Gate cult link. And with the recent acknowledgment of another suicide cult that did the same thing in Japan, the timing of this sentence after the last dream paragraph is even more interesting. The dream that morning was about myself discovering that I had past lives in Japan.]

[D: Thinking about the Chinese Pyramids, then heard the following:]

So, you make me go down there, right? Naturally corbelled surfaces are a boon to publishers. The similarity to the Great Pyramid should be inescapable. Whenever you find that you meet someone in the house for the first time, keep your perception very aware, as you will need to discern motives at a rapid speed. The mammy or grand-mammy won’t have the kind of hold on you that she did in the past.

[Note: I had read an article about the black women on the psychic hotlines being grand-mammy figures – dark and mystical.]

Everything that we have taught you implies a certain degree of need for oversight. As you have seen, we can provide that for you, but you need to be aware enough that it is happening in order to be in a position where you can receive the messages in a timely matter. So, I should get to the truth of the matter. Once you are laid back, totally relaxed, we can proceed.

Just think what $25 dollars an hour for two hours a day would mean to you, Dave. All your work problems solved in a jiffy.

D: I am still thinking about the mechanics of how they could set up this transitory move out of my job by seeing what was available and then manipulating people at the right time to do it. I am still reflecting on how amazing it is that it came through with the dream voice so accurately.

She never felt that way, or at least I didn’t think so. Considering that I can see things from a much more expanded perspective than you can, that discernment should hold great weight with you. She’s been to the abduction, and handled herself well. There’s more of a UFO community there than you realize, Dave.

[Note: We have omitted a few sentences that were about my mother and her dysfunctional relationship at the time. However, this content came in before I asked the above question. So, the person being abducted could be my mother. However, it could just as easily be referring to me, since they often refer to him in the feminine. That then means that I was the one who "went to the abduction." Much more information about implants in my body would come in later on.]

D: A voice came in that said "She is a slut," which didn’t seem loving or appropriate to me. Thinking that I was under some sort of psychic attack, I then went through a big fantasy sequence of trying to dispel negative energies, envisioning a Christ figure shooting light at them out of his hands. After I started this, I heard crying and felt the negative voices being blasted by my actions. Then, suddenly there was a big, booming voice like Obi Wan Kenobi: "There is a lesson for some people." The whole thing was pretty damn incredible.

We have watched you for some time. Understand that we see no contradictions in your daredevil personality. [Image of a weird UFO craft.] I don’t want to sound sedated, but it appears to me that you now sound so much better.

[Image of the "consumer" named A. lying on the floor from my most recent job.] The Hepatitis B vaccine is put into a concentration so intense as to be the equivalent of smashing one over the head with a club in order to cure a headache. It is also highly unnecessary, and would only serve to your detriment.

[Note: For some reason I was always very against getting that vaccine and never accepted it.]

[Image of touching consumer R. on the back of the neck, and of talking to her.] We’ve already handled this before. We appreciate your drives towards service to others, but we need to expand the scope so we can help in getting more people off of this planet in the coming harvest. You are now entering the space where your efforts will begin to have long-standing ramifications.

He wants you to say the same thing on Monday. The astrology is hot tonight, David; very hot.

[Different male voice:] If you say so.

D: Anyway, continuing dream dictation.

D: I keep hearing these words coming into my mind: "Marvin Gate." Like Watergate."

Alt.paranormal.crop circles. This is an important site that you should visit.

[Note: This is absolutely fantastic – I got the "-vin Gate" portion correct, sounding like the cult’s name, Heaven’s Gate, then followed by the admonition to visit a website about paranormal and UFO-related information!!! I notice that it also was phrased like Marvin Gaye, a public figure now associated with sudden and traumatic death. That just makes it all the more interesting. I checked the Crop Circle Connector and found that this exact address is the location of their crop circle newsgroup. I probably already knew this subconsciously, but it is quite interesting.]

D: (Responding to their suggestion to visit the crop circle site:) Okay, I will.

D: [Pause.] Question, which you just fed me: What is the biggest plan at work in my life right now?

The biggest plan is for you to become a director of observations rather than an overseer of menial tasks. We want the absolute best for you, and we know that any suffering you must endure represents karma, so we are enacting processes to make you no longer have to be bound by karma. Just wait and see; it’s going to open up like a beautiful flower very soon. You can end your money problems as soon as you begin meeting with people. It is that simple. You already have the framework; now go ahead and apply it.

D: Just had a whole sequence of thought regarding the possibility of including being a Wanderer into the article I am writing.

It is very explicit to us right now, but it is also very valuable, in terms of the lens through which it enables other people to view the events that transpire.

D: This quote seems to be in relation to UFO information.

We don’t need people considering firearms lovable anymore. A more balanced approach is far more suitable. You wouldn’t know this to watch television any day this week. Perhaps they are hoping that some people won’t see the comet, because they are inside their houses all night. I doubt it. You are correct in ascertaining that the Hale – Bopp Companion is earthborn, manmade technology. It is essentially a space station created by the survivors of Atlantis. Whenever you meet someone in this area, be very careful what you hear. The data on Mars may be worth a second look, though.

[Note 5/30/98: This entire paragraph is utterly fantastic. The parallels to the Heavens Gate suicide are so massive that it does not even need to be explained. The first sentence about "considering firearms lovable" seems to indicate how this whole event is a continuation of the American society’s fascination with violence. Even in the cult’s attempt to protest the violence, they were supporting this same fascination by what they actually did. What is most interesting is the fact that this account confirms the reality of the companion object. The media has almost totally convinced everyone that the whole thing was a fraud, and now no one realizes how compelling the original story was.]

We are coming out of the most direct range. But don’t get me wrong; the phase shifting of being slightly off like that lends itself to many unique distortions in and of itself. Don’t be so surprised when you find yourself transformed. You are ready to lay the foundations for a building that will stretch all the way to Heaven. Tune in on the air now and realize that the power for you to change your life exists in the moment, and not in some far-flung future which you are anxiously anticipating. Just simply do it. It is very simple.

[Note: The emergence of the word "Heaven" only further confirms what "they" were trying to do in this reading. Even though it doesn’t seem to fit in directly, the important thing for them here was just getting the word out.]

The disjointed and apparently contradictory information, which comes through early on in the process, often acts as a stumbling block and detriment to the people involved. The conscious mind, which is already knocked down several notches at that point, disregards the information as being of transient importance, not enough to merit waking up and recording. In the more extreme cases, it is completely ignored. The fascination that you instill in other people comes from the realization of the fact that it is precisely in that mode that you receive the most powerful guidance.

That is all. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love.

D: I was getting impressions of how to write the advertisement, saying that dreams were messages from the higher self. I would then say that I would train the people to remember their dreams every morning and learn how to analyze them, and then once that state was perfected, teach them how to use the in-between point to get even more direct messages.


Sunday 3 / 9 / 97 – 9:17 a.m.

The dream from yesterday involved a video game that I got from a kid that you could play on the TV. I bought him two video games – the kid next door. I bought him one that was more elaborate, which also included an amplifier. When I tried to fix the amplifier, I realized that the speakers were not put together properly, and I would have to tinker with it in order to fix it. There was a weird feeling like it wasn’t even the right time period somehow, and the technology didn’t seem to fit somehow.

[Note: Again, this paragraph is a clear prediction of my going into some electronics repair work later on. The solar eclipse, and its precision of landing directly on my birthday, hence directly on the position of the Sun in my natal chart, certainly seems to have opened the doors during this time period.]


Wednesday 3 / 12 / 97 – 9:08 a.m.

In this dream, I was again back in high school and taking classes. Even though I had a class of my own that was older, I followed my brother, who was a black kid, into a fourth-grade class. All the kids in the class were wearing diapers. There was a device on the floor that had a mirror on it, and you needed to look at the mirror to figure out what the others in the class were doing. I looked into the mirror and saw my hair at one point, and I looked like Emo Phillips – feminine.

We had pyramid ascension dreams, we just didn’t believe the content.

[Note 5/30/98: I just had this face emerge in a dream this morning, and it also emerged two other times. Once was during an OBE, where I seemed to see a higher representative of myself. Another time was in a dream where there was a big face-off between a very large monster and myself. The monster then changed into the cartoon character Pokey, and the character representing me had this exact same enigmatic face. With all of this attention on that face, I am starting to wonder if this might be the actual face of Ra-Ta. I say this in light of the reference to Pyramid Ascension here, as I have since discovered that this was how Ra-Ta left Earth at the end of his life.]

[Quite slow.] Feelings are important in this business. The more you understand their meaning, the less you know their purpose. Deeply embedded in the thoughts and philosophies of all those involved are the constraints inherent in the lifestyles many of you must lead. Therefore, we would make a point of it to illustrate the depth of the environment through an example showing you some of the many possibilities that will open up when you begin to come into a truer understanding of yourself. In the meantime, one must persevere through the lessons of karma and in so doing, recognize that these are struggles which can be overcome.

A lot of people have gone into great depth on this subject, and it is important to familiarize yourself with the concepts, as they will revolutionize the way you go about your life. The easiest thing for anyone to accomplish is a reassessment of one’s priorities. A far greater task is the prospect of acting on those priorities and involving them in change of the lifestyle. Many people are constantly reassessing and reassessing without making any progress, and this in turn becomes detrimental, as the mind continually chews on one thing without ever experiencing retribution in the end. All of the other things we discuss are merely tools so that you might overcome the balancing processes of karma. The more your life falls in line with these guidelines, the less there is a chance of there being difficulty in the structure.

It is a fact that many others have taken this same route before, and produced spectacular results. This is a case where the first one to break through is the first one to withdraw. As you can see, the conditions on the Earth are so harsh and severe right now that it is difficult, if not impossible, for the average person to break the karmic cycle completely. However, great progress can be realized in a rapid timespan, and it is this that is important.


Thursday 3 / 13 / 97 – 9:12 a.m.

I’ll talk to you when I can. In the meantime, let’s keep things going. Do not embrace a path that is fraught with disaster and denial, for it will lead to your misery and downfall. You have several viable options here, and you need only to exercise them. We are standing behind you, and we know that although it is not easy, you will persevere. The need for you to keep up with your dream journals should now be readily apparent, as you can see that if you had been following them, you would have noticed all along that very strong doubt was being cast on employment at The Agency. Try to get some more dream dictation for now.

The symbolism between you and your father should be all too obvious for you to ignore or cast aside the information.

I am looking forward to it, hence tomorrow will be empty starting tonight. [D: All this came through after I was musing on the idea of making connections and astral projection that would be good until after I died.]

This stuff is hard. We expect one thing, and we get something else. The children will have even more difficulty understanding the new standard.

D: Thinking about my idea of joining a monastery.

A stereo and a TV there will not be. We empathize with your thoughts. But before you finalize any decision, there are a few points that need adjustment. What’s your name, anyway? This process will involve a great sacrifice on your part. You would have to sacrifice such things as your music and some of the comforts of living that you have become accustomed to. We are not sure whether this is right for you or not. It is still imperative to us that we get you out of this geography before everything goes; therefore, were you to take a year term at a monastery around here, that might impede our abilities to get you somewhere you need to be.

[Note: Obviously, the question about my name had to do with the Cayce connection. I think that the admonitions about Earth Changes were distorted, i.e. coming from my conscious mind, as I do remember saying those words as they came out.]

You might not want to cast away the idea of a monastery in Boulder, for example. Your concentration is bad this morning. [Image of a turtle.] If you want to stay off the crisis right now, that’s fine; you’re not going to be adopted, or anything.

[Images from a dream that was very powerful when I was quite young involving stone buildings like a church or cathedral. A cylindrical passage upwards. Dark outside. Some sort of tense plot going on.]

Q: "What are your impressions on the _____ Home for Children?"

I like that. It might seem rather bizarre, but it would help to move you in the right direction. [4/8 Images of D R’s house and of her mother-peeing my pants when I couldn’t get in there and couldn’t get home-definite past life flashbacks in that moment.] You need hands-on experience working with real people. Isn’t it funny that now that you are in charge of this process, you see so many opportunities, where before it was null and void? That illustrates the progress you are really making here, David.

If you’ve got one leg in the astral plane, don’t refuse it. Pushing the gap in the physical world is part of your duty and responsibility here.


Friday 3 / 14 / 97 – 9:30 a.m.

Once you get past the initial stages, there should be no doubt in your mind as to the nature of the experiences that you are having. These experiences will draw off of the deepest upwellings of creativity and energy that you have, forcing you to expand in new directions, new paradigms unlike anything you have experienced in the past. The horrors that you have seen before [which] have characterized so much of your suffering in this lifetime are situations that are instigated by choice and can be easily usurped with the proper mindset.

We are at our most active points when everyone else is at their least active points. The dream plane is where we have the greatest opportunity to be of service, and there is a great deal of planning that goes into the experiences that occur in that mode. Were it not for the amount of focus placed, there would be no need for us to continue in these matters, for the simple reason that no other technique would be necessary.

You are very accurate in seeing that dreams are a method of alleviating karma for people – it is a method of cleansing all of the issues that have held them down in the past. No one else claims such independence from their natural processes as the people of Earth right now. Their resiliency makes it all the more difficult for you to be worked with.

The esoteric science of dreaming is in fact a misnomer, for there is nothing unnatural about it at all. It is a simple process of the body and the mind and the spirit regulating itself every night through direct contact with the Source of all that there is. This source defies any attempts to explain it, therefore suffice it to say that it is an intelligent source that automatically knows what is right. In your local section, this source operates through the intelligence of the sun. So as you see, there are various hierarchies.

The sun and the solar system has encoded a certain set of mythology into the mass collective consciousness as you might call it, and that technology, that understanding of myth, extends through the spiritual lives of every individual who incarnates on a planet in this solar system. Therefore, the myths that you use are the same as those of Mars and Maldek, and Venus, for that matter. The language of symbol stretches far back in time. Because some of these members of the other systems have been familiar with them, they may also be able to use them for greater understanding, and use them in ways that show you information; thus, the crop circles.

Let us speak for a moment on the Barbury Castle pictogram that Joe Mason has identified. This pictogram is an image that basically consists of a triangle that has a series of concentric circles inside of it, and at each point of the triangle, it has another circle or circle-shaped object. It is meant to indicate a three-dimensional depiction of the fundamental energy constructs of the universe. It is from this image that the All-Seeing Eye of Egypt in the triangle was developed, thus the importance with the Masonic order of said symbol, which you now see on the dollar bill, and is also repeated throughout the world in various ways.

It is a graphic depiction of that which can not be graphed, but the essential point is that it goes from the spheroid form, or the form of pure essence of spirit, [through] the tetrahedron form, the form of pure matter. This is effected by a "breathing"; by a pushing in and pulling out. As you have learned from the Seth books, the various points that it goes through in the breathing process represent other levels of reality. The existence that you consider to be solid now is but a chain of snapshots of one picture, the same that a fluorescent light bulb is a series of rapid pulsations of light, but is not actually constant. You can discern that a fluorescent light bulb is pulsating rapidly by waving your hand in front of your face and observing the strobe effect.

In the case of the consciousness units in the universe, you need only adjust your focus to a point in between realities to see that there is no distinction between your reality or any other but one of perception. Through greater and greater work, it is possible to easily extend your consciousness in various directions that it would not have otherwise gone. These distinctions are important to keep in mind when you are doing your spiritual growth, your spiritual work – progressing towards anything that you want to achieve, for when this progress can be made, the universe is open to you, and the other realities will fall into your hands very naturally.

We suggest the best way to contact these other realities is just after awakening in the morning, if you can awaken very slowly. Keep your mind in a position of very little thinking; keep your body on its left side, lying in bed, or on your back, and allow your mind to float into the images that present themselves. By actually experiencing a sense of projecting oneself into these images, you can quickly enter into other systems and catch glimpses of them. This is an important step in your work.

Right for now, the real issue is one of preservation. It is important that everything that we talk about be transferred to paper, David, as you have seen this month, your dreams warned you in advance of events that were soon to transpire. It is good that you now realize that to be that far behind is a very imbalanced state to be in. There is no other way to the Light but through a series of incidents such as the one you have been through, for they serve to promote an understanding of one’s own karma in a very rapid timeframe.

You need to be aware that these experiences are presented to you as gifts, not as burdens. We understand the frustration that this causes, but the Light is on your side. The powers of manifestation will do everything in their abilities to protect you and insure that nothing goes wrong. You will still need to borrow some money, but it will not be as bad as you thought it was. We encourage you to contact S E at Mohonk again, as well as the people at ___ Home for Children.

We want to make a distinction clear; we have not said that you need to abandon the mental health field per se, we have only said that working with DD people is a class or a school of thought that you no longer need for growth. You have learned what there is to learn. Being of assistance to the "emotionally maladjusted", and I put that in quotation marks, is a whole different story; it is a vastly different paradigm for you. It is a vastly different means of understanding the experiences that you are having as you are incarnate in a physical body.

There is no reason to feel that these experiences would be too much for you to handle. Quite to the contrary; as you have repeatedly demonstrated for yourself, you are aware that you still need lessons in assertiveness. As we have seen the _____ Home already, we can tell you that it strikes a nice blend between where you have been and where you are going to be. Make the call. Take a chance.

We are extremely pleased about the articles that you have written for the Chronogram. We would encourage you to write as much as possible, to organize it into chapter format. The UFO information is blooming inside of you like a thousand-petaled lotus waiting to be plucked and explored for spiritual growth. Don’t worry about the footnoting in the beginning, just write. That is the best thing you can do. Don’t worry about brevity, either. That is something you can deal with later, as you have seen from your own recent article writing experience, something which was very lengthy can be carved down very quickly once you realize what it is that you really need and that you don’t need.

As the information regarding the pyramid is so important, we would encourage you to focus the details, get the specific facts, build them together into a synopsis. What you have done is fair, but what we want you to do is make something acceptable. We see that there is a possibility that you may be able to be on the Chronogram staff, but by no means should you expect any kind of financial stability or even income from doing that. It is a situation where the experience would be the payment, more than the actual granting of financial reimbursement in any form.

[Pause.] David, you know that we don’t really enjoy talking about this very much, but you are now aware of the magnetic pole shift is essentially more or less inevitable. It is inevitable because of the succession of sunspot cycles which the Maya have charted, that Maurice Cotterell has rediscovered. It is basically a necessity, because the population of Earth needs to be reduced in order for us to survive in any form. There is karma on mass levels that needs to be worked out, and it will be worked out. You will remember previous transmissions where I hinted at some of the things that I will be doing very cryptically. This was to slip them past your mind, so that your mind would not be able to grab them.

Now, in the present moment, the event is continuing to get closer, and we continue to see a vast level of unpreparedness for the harvest of souls which is in the process of being accomplished. Many people have experienced times of great difficulty, and it is important that we had you go through these experiences now so that you would be able to handle the events that transpire in the future.

The real issue is the personal growth, not the condition of the earth. The conditions of the earth are merely used as vehicles for the personal growth, therefore the growth is what is of paramount importance. Many other people have spoken of this, and it is an accurate statement to say that the Earth is providing a great sacrifice for the people. [This is done] by allowing the trees to be destroyed, and the animals to be destroyed in the way they are. What your friend Patricia Pereira said in Songs of the Arcturians is also applicable; you don’t deserve them anymore. Their sacrifices are actually caused by your blunt unwillingness to change, and they will always exist in spiritual form, therefore it is just simply a case of them not appearing in the physical until a later time. However, we do want you to be aware that your physical sphere does affect the other bodies in the solar system, and by no means do we want anything extreme to occur, such as what happened with Maldek.

We want you to be acutely aware of how strong these events are that are happening. There is great force behind what is going on now – a great push, and articles such as the one you are writing, just getting them out is very important. You may want to form a more complete article for a magazine that describes the Wanderer project and incorporates it with other data. That should be a goal of yours. We now want you to try to do some dreamwork. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love.

D: The time is now 1:23, and this represents another of many synchronicities that have happened. It started out by me calling E F and trying to obtain information from him regarding the eclipse that happened right over my Sun – truly a once- in a lifetime event. Later on, I looked at my birth chart and realized that the 11:11 "Four Beasts of the Apocalypse" chart was directly relative to me in an amazing way. My sun is at 18 degrees 22 minutes, and the quintessential eclipse is also happening at 18 degrees 22 minutes, almost impossibly in sync.

You have to add that to the fact that this ‘birthday eclipse’ I just experienced occurred at 1:23 and 50, GMT, 123 meaning steps to completion and 50 meaning halfway complete. The apocalypse chart with the Four Beasts is a very tight conjunction, a grand cross. Saturn and Mars are conjunct with only one degree apart, directly opposite each other, and the eclipse is directly opposite Neptune, and the signs that they are happening in correspond to the eclipse in Leo, Neptune in Aquarius, Mars is in Scorpio, and Saturn is in Taurus.

As I looked at this chart, I realized how perfectly it conjoined my sun. I then realized that my entire birth was geared towards this alignment in 1999. I realized the connections that it had to the dream that I had with the light coming around the moon, which I just realized tonight symbolizes an eclipse. The references that were made to the eclipse – conjunction on the very first day I started channeling were also obviously a part of this.

As I progressed, I realized that the ideal time for me to ascend would be at the precise moment of that eclipse, where everything gets dark and the moon blocks the sun. Just as I had this thought of my essence changing at this moment, the clock said 12:12. I went to the bathroom and called Jude, and I was going to get the Nostradamus book. The Beatles song, "She’s got a Ticket to Ride" had come into my head, and it seemed synchronistic. I went to grab the Nostradamus book, thinking that it would be important, and the clock said 1:11. Then I came upstairs and was thinking about it even more, and was even more convinced that I was shown real synchronicity in action, and I then came up here and the clock said 1:23. A very stunning set of synchronicities that serves to dramatically underscore the importance of what was shown to me here tonight.


Saturday 3 / 15 / 97 – 8:38 a.m.

As I ate in this dream, I noticed that the bowl had grooves cut inside of it that went up and down, with rounded corners, that actually looked like the sunspot cycle graph.

Go to the main floor. That was in Level 2.

We are happy to be communicating with you again, David. It gives us great joy to be of assistance in these circumstances that you go through. We want you to feel completely at peace, and be aware that all the proper information you need is coming in, and you need only sit down and sift through it in order to make sense of it all and put it into a framework which you can use. The breath of the Divine exists now in order that you may find it and transform it into useful, workable energy which later becomes projects and endeavors that you apply yourself to.

In another section of the dream, Demi Moore and Mel Gibson were both getting ready to ride some sort of device that was going to fly up into the sky.

Last time we did this, this thing was out of control. Let’s keep the priorities straight by breaking them down into each piece one at a time. You have challenges presented to you in the present, and these merely provide direct vehicles for you to continue searching towards greater and greater integration in the end. The energy vortexes that exist in the present look very good for you. That should give you peace.

D: It seems as though there is a very strong astrological connection between the eclipse that I experienced on my birthday and the 11:11 Aug. 11 eclipse, which is also the day of the crop circles; the Mandlebrot set and so forth. The ultimate question is this. Is that the pathway for some sort of spiritual ascension, or what?

We have spoken on these matters before, but we will do it again. That is a very precise time-locked date, which is [partly] indicative of the strife and struggle in that time. As you have seen, the capacity for transformative energy growth is equally great. [Image of May 5, 2000 lineup.] This lineup also holds weight. While I was in Europe, I had some ideas. I will share them with you when things are less distorted.