Friday 9 / 4 / 09
Our own prophecy data is increasingly converging with provable information and insider testimony to suggest that we are on the threshold of an amazing shift before the end of this year!

A massive parasite is about to be torn out of the world by force.
Flesh will rip, blood will flow and the process will not be without pain.
Many will not understand what is happening and see it as a disaster.
Lives will be lost in the poorest areas due to temporary but inevitable disruptions of goods and services that will result.

However, the healing that will occur in the aftermath is so extraordinary that if you could see it right now, and really understand the truth of it, you would burst into tears of relief and wonder.

In September the signs become increasingly obvious that the economy is collapsing.
Somewhere between October and November, with events clustering around the 16th to 19th of the given month, the collapse actually happens, causing real fear, panic and unrest.

The angry public exposes and confronts the negative-elite power brokers’ plans like never before.

The ‘negative elite’ make one last major attempt to harm humanity, but it fails miserably.

The Federal Reserve, and their bank allies, are targeted, exposed, audited and dismantled.
The CIA — one of the strongest centers of Illuminati power in America — is targeted, exposed and dismantled.
A massive international Ponzi scheme, worth 100 times more than the combined GDP of the world, is systematically destroyed.

A new international financial arrangement is made that is actually a good thing, since most countries are not NWO / Illuminati compromised.
The wealth of the people is preserved, since their accounts are much smaller than the hyper-inflated values within the international Ponzi scheme.

Amazing new technologies are released to the public that will help solve the energy crisis and alleviate poverty and hunger.
The public learns and accepts the truth of the UFO presence for the first time in modern history.
Massive shifts in consciousness occur as the truth strikes through mainstream denial like a lightning bolt.

The value of the average person’s money dramatically increases due to the collapse of the international Ponzi scheme.
The initial way is paved for the "Golden Age" so many ancient prophecies spoke of.
Drama continues as fear-brokers attempt to paint every new development as a negative catastrophe.

I have not wanted to write this article.
The longer I put it off, the more intense the dreams and synchronicities became. Everything in my life was telling me the same message:

I have documented my dreams every day for 17 years — often in astonishingly extensive detail. Even in the first year I became aware of how incredibly accurate they were in foretelling future events.

I have since published prophecies online for 13 years, the last 10 of which have been here on this website. Not all of them have come true… yet.

I now feel that everything I have written in the last two years in particular has been leading up to the moment we’re now approaching.

Only in the last two days have I fully understood how positive this event will be, even though most will see it initially as a shocking and depressing situation.
There was only one other time in my life where this much data came in before an event actually took place:

I’ve never been particularly good at catching these mass event prophecies in advance — but in this case the data is so strong that I’m putting it all out there now, before the fact.

The American society, and to a lesser but still-significant extent the world at large, will experience a Dark Night of the Soul before the end of the year.
Again, let us be absolutely clear in saying that we feel these events MUST happen in order for the positive shifts to result.
Last year’s economic collapse set the stage for many positive changes to occur. However, the bad guys bailed themselves out and almost all of their corporate structures have remained intact.
Therefore, if you read this article and really ‘get it,’ you can feel a sense of profound relief when these things begin taking place — even as the people around you get despondent, angry and fearful, or just go into denial and addictive behavior, trying not to think about it.

– Obama dream with enormous hogs — work around them and distribute the food they’ve been guarding
– Obama dream about Obama leading to mass healing of Civil War
– Obama dream about apparent social collapse leading to new international order, people freak out and do not realize it is positive
– Michael Jackson dream about his death before it happened — major power shift, too bad he was leaving before he could see it
– Scary dream about Illuminati’s final attempt to destroy humanity — Mother Mary’s hand intervenes and stops the asteroid from coming in
– Raft on ocean — massive tsunami, all I can do is brace for impact, miraculously it never hits, everything transformed
– Boat and trailer on Saddle Peak Road
– Padded cell and cafeteria opens out to view of ocean, I can turn water pressure on and off like a spigot, similar to hand of Mary
– Dream the other morning again suggested imminent change — Mallove and his morning announcement, Daniel going into classes
– This morning’s dream featured Godzilla / Trojan Horse / Burning Man made of straw, time coordinates were Christmas

– Figure-8 crop circle last year in response to my Hoagland piece, Dr. Eugene Mallove’s "infinite energy"
– 777 on biggest single-day drop in Dow Jones history
– 333 electoral votes during Obama’s victory on Election Day
– Miracle on the Hudson – holographic connection to the Titanic, Obama’s inauguration
– 3:33 at exact moment all lined up on wings and picture became iconic
– 9/11 widows aced on a plane as ‘response’
– Obama’s Middle East address – initial two-week window, major changes would occur, Neda Soltan
– Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett – holographic connection to Princess Di and Mother Theresa, Muslims
– Asteroid collision with Jupiter — connection to SL-9, anniversary of Apollo, PTB trying to tweak energy field
– Kennedy’s death within a week and a half of 40-year Woodstock anniversary — prophetic of Fed destruction
– Personal touch with Sharlet media breakthrough, David Crosby, kids new face of Woodstock, Henry Deacon

– Spitzer writes incredible article Feb. 14, 2008 — then ‘exposed’ for prostitution scandal
– Incredible MSNBC video detailing takedown of the Fed (link)
– Bloomberg investigation of the Fed leading to lawsuit demanding disclosure
– Fed replies by saying disclosure will destroy economy
– Fulford testimony of what disclosure will reveal
– Rolling Stone Goldman Sachs exposes showing collusion of Fed, banks and investment houses (pics)
– Voice of the White House statement about coming storm against CIA — headlines follow days later
– Increasing momentum of mainstream articles about CIA (pics)
– Vaccination scandal — Nature writer Burgermeister reveals Baxter vaccine actually had bird flu in it, major media fear-mongering about swine flu, call for mass public vaccinations

– Dr. Pete Peterson — insiders expecting total anarchy from economic collapse late this year — exact date given
– Said it was definitely possible vaccinations could be used as weapon
– Henry Deacon — confirmed Report from Iron Mountain is true, definite attempts to reduce population
– Benjamin Fulford — major sequence of posts regarding upcoming collapse post-September 30th
– Peterson testimony regarding exact time booked for disclosure before end of the year — six ET races
– Greer hot and heavy on the trail of pushing a mainstream disclosure — may be connected with Peterson’s data

– Mitch Battros betting everything he’s got on massive earth changes before the end of the year — Native American Elders prophecies
– Yesterday’s dream — last-minute, Mallove gets to make morning announcement and I help, multiple copies of Daniel going through and educating children in school
– Reading data from 1999 – closes out article