I must say I am truly fascinated to observe Disclosure in progress. It is now happening at a slow, steady, inevitable speed, as we've been discussing on this site.

As you may know, I have contacts with a variety of whistleblowers who are much more highly-positioned than Edward Snowden ever was.

Some of these contacts were filmed in Project Camelot interviews, as I've shared in recent updates here at

This group of insiders has access to people at the very highest levels of this world of secrecy and intrigue.



As I've said before, there is a powerful, ever-expanding international alliance that is working to expose and bring down the Cabal, as we have often called it.

The most difficult part of understanding the Cabal, for the newbie, is to see how they owned, financed and controlled both sides of World Wars I and II.

The Cabal is based in the predominantly Caucasian countries in Western Europe — but their influence has extended worldwide.

At the highest levels, the US Federal Reserve, or "Wall Street," covertly financed the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 that created the Soviet Union.



The British began training and financing the Italian Fascist dictator Mussolini this same year — 1917 — as The Guardian revealed in October 2009.




The Federal Reserve also financed Hitler's rise to power. As I revealed in Financial Tyranny, the international version of the Fed is the Bank for International Settlements, or BIS.

Recently, the Daily Mail released one of the most significant mainstream media disclosures on the Nazi / Fed connection ever made public.

This is another sign that the Cabal is out of time — and the British want to distance themselves and their actions from the Cabal members within their country:


Daily Mail Reveals Bush Family Supported Nazis

America and its vast industrial output were vital for the Nazi war effort.

German companies ran extensive US subsidiaries and supplied the Third Reich with pharmaceuticals, chemicals and the latest technology, directly or through South American subsidiaries.

The Third Reich needed information, too. Long before the outbreak of war, German firms had placed networks of deep-penetration agents across the American business world.

There was open sympathy for the German cause and it extended to the very top of American society….



Standard Oil, founded by the Rockefellers, was entwined with IG Farben, Nazi Germany’s most powerful conglomerate.

Brown Brothers Harriman, the oldest private bank in the United States, was connected to Fritz Thyssen, the German steel magnate who had financed Hitler.

Thyssen ran his American business through the Union Banking Corporation, based in New York. Its directors included Prescott Bush, father of President George Bush and grandfather of President George W. Bush.

Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor Company, was the author of the anti-Semitic pamphlet, The International Jew. He received a medal from Nazi Germany in 1938. Hitler kept a portrait of him in his office….

Without IG Farben, Nazi Germany could not wage war. Hermann Schmitz, its CEO, was one of Hitler’s earliest backers….

Hermann Schmitz was also a director of the mysterious Bank For International Settlements, based in Basel. The BIS, which still exists, was a key point in the secret channels between the United States and the Nazis….


Neil Keenan has also found groundbreaking new information to prove the Fed / Nazi connection that we will discuss in future updates.

We now have a precise "audit trail" for massive amounts of American gold that were financing the Nazi war machine.



In order to study and understand this objectively, you need to analyze it like any other puzzle — and set aside the fear and horror.

Since I have written about this many times before, and the previous posts are part of an ongoing narrative, I will avoid going into detail on this topic.

The best "big picture" treatment of it, from a positive spiritual perspective, is in my latest book The Synchronicity Key.

Some people really do think and behave this way. They are called psychopaths or sociopaths. They see love, kindness and conscience as weaknesses that can be manipulated.

Technically, the terms "Cabal" or "Illuminati" can be misleading, as there are various factions within the Cabal that are now in a fight to the death against one another.



After World War II, German Nazis were brought into the US in large numbers — including scientists under Project Paperclip, as the BBC revealed here in 2005.

The Nazi plan continued forward in America, using the US as an industrial and political power base.

The Nazis were only a more open and obvious face of the Cabal — which is woven through the UK, the Soviet Union, Wall Street and high levels of the Vatican.

This same Cabal also created Israel as a sacrificial lamb to ignite World War III in the middle east.



The "Balfour Declaration" of November 2, 1917 was where Great Britain, through Foreign Secretary James Arthur Balfour, pledged the state of Israel to Lord Rothschild.

Notice the timing. This occurred precisely at the same time that the Federal Reserve financed the Bolshevik Revolution and Mussolini's rise to power.

Very early along, Israel decided not to play the game — and I don't blame them one bit.

The problem with trying to unify all countries under a "New World Order" is that no one wants to be the fall guy. Loyalty to the cult can only be stretched so far.

Who really wants to see their own people used as sacrificial pawns in some greater agenda that they themselves do not rank that highly within?

Foreign Policy magazine recently broke many taboos by revealing Israeli infiltration and terrorism against the UK after World War II.

According to multiple insiders, Israeli spies, keen for revenge against the Nazis, also infiltrated the US — and used their same bag of "dirty tricks" to fight against them.

There is enough solid data on this to write a huge investigation — I just haven't wanted to do it yet, quite honestly.



The British / Wall Street / Soviet / Nazi faction is often called the "Rothschild Faction," since this is the top family involved.

The Zionist / Israeli faction thoroughly infiltrated the Republican / Neocon / Bush party, through bribery, blackmail, death threats and coercion, and is often called the "Rockefeller Faction."

It deeply bothers me to see people use anti-Semitic "hate speech" and blame everything about the Cabal on Jews. There is a great deal of this kind of material online.

The Israelis did not want to die for the Cabal. However, in fighting back, they ended up using similar tools — in the name of self-protection.

US elections are one very open and public way to witness this war between factions playing out — in the battle for control of the power of the United States.

Someone will invariably call me "anti-Semitic" just for mentioning this at all.

That's not fair, nor accurate, considering many of my best friends are Jewish, as well as one of my ex-girlfriends.



As seen in news sites like Haaretz, Israelis themselves are becoming increasingly concerned about their government — and want to restore honor to their country.

This neatly and firmly debunks the idea that "they're all in on it."

A very under-reported part of the Snowden story, from the very beginning, was that all the NSA surveillance data is flowing in, unfiltered, to Israel.



On June 9, 2013, a journalist for The Times of Israel wrote that the surveillance state they've built in Israel is far worse than anything in the US:

Israeli Authorities Use Far Wider Surveillance Than US

If, as is being alleged in some circles, Israeli companies were involved in helping the US National Security Agency implement its PRISM data-gathering program, it stands to reason that those companies would have “practiced” their techniques on Israelis first in order to perfect their methodology and technology.

And whether or not the two companies that are being cited did indeed work with the US government to gather information, Israel would have been a perfect “sandbox” (virtual practice zone) for the companies to perfect their technology surveillance, according to attorney Jonathan Klinger.

That is because the laws regarding privacy on the Internet and electronic communications in Israel are much more “liberal” — for the security agencies, that is – than they are in many other democracies, notably the US.

Indeed, Israelis can only envy the uproar among Americans over the PRISM program, says Klinger, an internet privacy expert.

Compared to the extremely wide powers of Israeli police and security organizations over electronic data, “the powers of the American agencies are a joke.”

According to an article in online computer magazine Wired, published last year but now again making headlines as the surveillance controversy unfolds in the US, two companies with Israeli connections or roots, Verint and Narus Systems, helped the NSA with its wiretapping and online surveillance activities.



The positive Alliance includes a majority of the US military, defense and intelligence community — at least 65 percent, if not more.

This is very real — and up until recently, there was hardly any information about it available to the public.

Russia has had a key, coordinating role in this alliance — and has since Putin came into power.

The work they have done has required absolute secrecy, even from their own peers — but it has continued with extraordinary precision and efficacy.

The Snowden disclosures are not the work of one man. Even if he did this on his own, which is unlikely, the enormous media support is no accident.

Furthermore, Greenwald is on public record saying that other insiders are leaking information and disguising it as "Snowden documents."

The Alliance's plan is not fixed in regards to any exact date. Any attempt to pinpoint when something will be done, or what will be done, is doomed to failure.

There have already been some very powerful "windows" that came and went without incident, and that I did not speak about on this site.



More than one insider has confirmed that the Snowden documents will include plans to massively reduce the number of living human beings on earth.

The Cabal reasoning is that humans consume and pollute, and are therefore bad for the environment.

Therefore, "reducing the Earth's flea problem" is considered a positive, planet-saving move.

The Alliance has worked diligently, and sacrificed many lives, to stop these plans from succeeding — and so far, none of them have.

The Alliance insiders are now saying that we are on a "collision course" with the pace and severity of disclosures that are coming out.

They feel it is only a matter of time before we reach a tipping-point — where the public becomes so angry that major changes can and will occur.

The Cabal will be exposed — fully and completely. It must be. It is now utterly inevitable. And its top leaders will be arrested and tried for high treason.

Imagine what will happen if / when "Agenda 21" — an openly-revealed UN plan to greatly reduce population — starts being talked about as commonly as NSA surveillance.