New insider information adds remarkable depth and clarity to a story that few may believe — but might just be what a small but powerful cult of world elites actually think is their own ancient history.

Now their time is almost up. And they know it. They are very angry, but they cannot stop the storm from coming.



Evidence of "The Illuminati", a worldwide secret society, has always been readily available — if you had the willpower to learn about it and keep an open mind.

High-ranking insiders have been singing like songbirds all along — for those who bothered to listen to them.

Now the fringe has become mainstream — and everyone is talking about it.



Russell Brand, one of the most visible male celebrities in our present world, has now verbalized the anger and frustration of entire generations.

Russell Brand May Have Started a Revolution Last Night
Russell Brand on Alex Jones: Humanity Coming Out of the Cave



On October 16, 2013, a stenographer bravely stepped up to the podium in the House of Representatives and aggressively blamed Freemasons for America's current problems.

House Stenographer Yanked For Talking About God, Freemasons
Stenographer Shouting on House Floor
Audio of Stenographer’s “Rant”


Transcript of Stenographer's Speech:

He will not be mocked. He will not be mocked. (Don’t touch me!) He will not be mocked.

The greatest deception here is this is NOT “One Nation Under God.” It never was. Had it been, it would not have been… NO! (She is dragged off, screams louder)….

The Constitution would not have been written by Free Masons! They go against God! You cannot serve two masters. You cannot serve two masters. Praise be to God – for Jesus Christ.



The Guardian newspaper published an extremely well-done summary of the NSA disclosures early this month, including a variety of video interviews.

NSA Files Decoded: Guardian Exclusive



Another intriguing whistleblower I just found out about recently is William Dean A. Garner — who uses the term "Jesuits" interchangeably with "Illuminati."



Garner is no slouch. He was trained as a research biophysicist, worked in Army spec-ops and military defense contractors on "black" projects. 

He is also a best-selling author of 17 ghost-written books, edited The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons, and has mentored six NY Times best-selling authors.

This radio interview from August 19, 2012 now seems very prophetic — but has only had 16,498 hits so far.

Wm. Dean A. Garner on Red Ice Radio – The Illuminati is a Jesuit Conspiracy
Garner argues that the Jesuits hold more power and influence over world affairs than any other group.
The Vatican has called for a reform of the global monetary system and a global public authority, a world central bank, to rule over the world's financial affairs.
We'll talk about the philosophy of the Jesuits and how they incorporate celestial physics into their model to rule the world.
Dean urges that "We the People" have one last golden opportunity to defeat the first sphere of influence —
[It is] a global dark and sinister cabal that rules together with the House of Rothschild and their extensive network of sycophants and minions.




More and more people are taking the idea of "the Illuminati" very seriously. Public figures now face serious backlash if they display these symbols, knowingly or unknowingly.

Kim Kardashian recently had to defend herself against a storm of hatred and accusations that she was in the Illuminati after posting an "eye in the triangle" image.



Kim Kardashian Posts Illuminati Symbol, Defends Self Against Attacks

Kim ranted: 'I posted a IG collage for my bff @BrittGastineau & people say its the illuminate! What is the illuminate? A religion?…I'm a Christian.'

'A cult?…not into that sorry! It had an eye on it, which reminded me of Britt bc her company "eye on glam" & reminds me of against evil eye bracelets we wear.'



Only a few weeks earlier, another story came out revealing that the Kardashian family has taken an active interest in UFOs — and even tried to visit Area 51.

Kardashian Family Visits Area 51, Hunting for UFOs



Fifty years after the Kennedy assassination, we are "learning" what we already knew. We are "discovering" information that was already available.

Paul McCartney believed in the "conspiracy theory" of government involvement enough to offer to write a complete musical score for a documentary on the JFK assassination — but was rejected.

Paul McCartney Offered to Score Film on JFK Assassination Cover-Up

(McCartney) asked if there was going to be any music, and I said that the director and I had not even thought about that yet.

"Well," he said, "I would like to write a musical score for the film, as a present for you."

I was astonished by that generous offer and speechless for a moment, but then I cautioned him that the subject matter was very controversial in the United States and that he might be jeopardizing his future.

He added, "One day my children are going to ask me what I did with my life, and I can't just answer that I was a Beatle."



Another increasingly obvious sign of trouble is the fact that both the far-left and far-right media are singing the same tune about Snowden.

Thankfully, this only strengthens the independent media as they look for the truth between the lies and propaganda.

How the NSA Exposed the Media’s Biggest Bias

You can be a hardcore liberal Democrat or a hardcore Tea Party Republican and oppose mass surveillance.

Because of that, media coverage of the NSA is a rare litmus test not for party bias, but for institutional bias—and as a Columbia Journalism Review study, proves, that bias in favor of power is severe.

To spotlight this bias, CJR looked at NSA-related reporting by America's four largest newspapers.

Aggregating all of the coverage, the journalism watchdog organization found that there has been a clear slant in favor of the government's defense of mass spying….

In light of the CJR study about the NSA, then, it is not surprising that the media bias toward the NSA has been consistently replicated by much of the national television news media.

Yes, in this action-movie-worthy story featuring whistleblower Edward Snowden and crusading journalist Glenn Greenwald exposing systemic lawbreaking, the most persistent media bias of all – the bias toward power rather than party – is so intense that it has presented Big Brother as the most credible source of all.


If this was an isolated incident, perhaps it could be dismissed. But as the defining events of the last few years prove, it is not the exception. The worship of power—not party—is now the rule….

The result of these trends is what Gallup recently reported: confidence in the media is hovering near an all-time low.

Basically, people realize that much of the information news organizations provide is just the not-to-be-trusted official line filtered through one or another teleprompter-reading Ron Burgundy.

Predictably, that has created a serious credibility crisis.

But if, as the old saying goes, every crisis presents an opportunity, then it is also a huge journalistic opportunity for outlets that have experience upending outdated power structures….



Another recent development is that Fox News was caught hiring its own employees to write propaganda comments in support of their political positions.

Fox News PR Used Fake Accounts To Attack Negative Commenters

Here's an interesting bit of Fox News skullduggery from David Folkenflik's new book on Rupert Murdoch's media empire, courtesy of Media Matters:

In a chapter focusing on how Fox utilized its notoriously ruthless public relations department in the mid-to-late 00's, Folkenflik reports that Fox's PR staffers would "post pro-Fox rants" in the comments sections of "negative and even neutral" blog posts written about the network.

According to Folkenflik, the staffers used various tactics to cover their tracks, including setting up wireless broadband connections that "could not be traced back" to the network.

From the book itself:

Fox PR staffers were expected to counter not just negative and even neutral blog postings but the anti-Fox comments beneath them.

One former staffer recalled using twenty different aliases to post pro-Fox rants. Another had one hundred.

Several employees had to acquire a cell phone thumb drive to provide a wireless broadband connection that could not be traced back to a Fox News or News Corp account.


Folkenflik's book has already roiled News Corp with its account of Wall Street Journal staffers who found their attempts to report on the company's phone hacking scandal met with roadblock after roadblock. (The company denied the account.)



This news story also caught the attention of Stephen Colbert, who lampooned it on his program — calling attention to a serious political issue through humor.

Colbert Blasts Fox For Using Employees to Write Supportive Comments



Just recently, Phyllis Hall revealed that she saw a bullet in JFK's neck that was covered up by the official government fairytale — while she was working as a nurse.

JFK Nurse Saw Strange, One-and-a-Half-Inch Bullet In His Neck

A nurse who was part of desperate attempts to save the life of President John F Kennedy after he was assassinated has claimed he was shot by a 'mystery bullet'.

Phyllis Hall, who was 28 at the time, says she was dragged into the operating room by a secret service agent as medics scrambled to help the president, who was fatally shot in Dallas, Texas on 22 November 1963.

While cradling his head, which had been torn apart by gunshots fired from the famous 'grassy knoll', Mrs Hall says she spotted an unusual bullet, which was promptly removed and never seen again.

She described the bullet in an interview with the Sunday Mirror, which she said looked completely undamaged, and bore no resemblance whatsoever to bullets later shown as evidence in investigations into the President's murder….

'I’d had a great deal of experience working with gunshot wounds but I had never seen anything like this before.

'It was about one-and-a-half inches long – nothing like the bullets that were later produced.

'It was taken away but never have I seen it presented in evidence or heard what happened to it. It remains a mystery.'



Even something as simple as wiring money to a friend overseas is being spied on — by none other than the CIA.

This only further eroded our already dwindling sense of privacy.

CIA Spying on Financial Data of Americans

The Central Intelligence Agency is building a vast database of international money transfers that includes millions of Americans' financial and personal data, officials familiar with the program say.

The program, which collects information from U.S. money-transfer companies including Western Union, WU -4.30% is carried out under the same provision of the Patriot Act that enables the National Security Agency to collect nearly all American phone records, the officials said.



Additionally, we found out that the CIA is paying off AT&T with over 10 million dollars a year to gain access to its vast database of call records.

Best of all, AT&T is handing the CIA this data voluntarily — without any court order forcing them to do it.

CIA Paying AT&T Over $10M Per Year For Access to Call Data

WASHINGTON — The C.I.A. is paying AT&T more than $10 million a year to assist with overseas counterterrorism investigations by exploiting the company’s vast database of phone records, which includes Americans’ international calls, according to government officials.

The cooperation is conducted under a voluntary contract, not under subpoenas or court orders compelling the company to participate, according to the officials.



This wave of disclosure should be attracting a great deal of attention and interest from journalists.

The truth, however, is that writers are feeling terrified — and intimidated — about coming forward.

NSA Has Chilling Effect on Writers

American writers are increasingly fearful of government surveillance in the wake of Edward Snowden's revelations about the National Security Agency and have even started to self-censor their work, a survey released by the writers' group PEN on Tuesday found.

Eighty-five percent of PEN's American members are worried about government surveillance, the group's report found.

PEN is best known for standing up for the rights of writers internationally….

Twenty-eight percent of PEN's members have curbed their social media use, 24 percent are avoiding certain topics in phone and email conversations, and 16 percent have avoided writing or speaking about issues, the survey found….

Many now assume the government is listening in at will.

Writers reported being fearful about discussing military affairs, the Middle East North Africa region, mass incarceration, drug policies, pornography, the Occupy movement, the study of certain languages, and criticism of the U.S. government.



These writers have a good reason to be afraid. NSA whistleblower William Binney was aggressively threatened in 2007, as this article reveals.

Former NSA Codebreaker Blew the Whistle, Was Threatened and Harassed, No One Listened

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A former NSA codebreaker reveals that more than a decade ago, he tried to expose government spying on every day Americans.

The Maryland man tells Mary Bubala he blew the whistle long before anyone heard of Edward Snowden—but no one would listen….

After 9/11, Binney and a small team created a computer program constantly scanning data from cell phones and emails aimed at finding terrorist activity….

“The data that was being taken in was all about United States citizens,” he said. “They’re destroying our democracy is what they’re doing.”….

Binney resigned in protest—and that’s when his problems really started.

“That was 2007 when the FBI raided me,” he said.

“They pushed their way in with guns drawn and pushed my son out of the way and came upstairs and pointed guns at my wife and me.

"They took our computers and all the electronic equipment we had.”….

“I think they’re violating the foundation of this country. The thing that makes this country strong are the rights and freedoms that we have in the Constitution,” he said.



It was also announced in October that Glenn Greenwald found evidence that the NSA is involved in targeting dissenters for assassination.

Glenn Greenwald Working on New NSA Revelations: US Assassinations

RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — Two American journalists known for their investigations of the United States' government said Saturday they've teamed up to report on the National Security Agency's role in what one called a "U.S. assassination program."

The journalists provided no evidence of the purported U.S. program at the news conference, nor details of who it targeted.

Jeremy Scahill, a contributor to The Nation magazine and the New York Times best-selling author of "Dirty Wars," said he will be working with Glenn Greenwald, the Rio-based journalist who has written stories about U.S. surveillance programs based on documents leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden.

"The connections between war and surveillance are clear.

"I don't want to give too much away but Glenn and I are working on a project right now that has at its center how the National Security Agency plays a significant, central role in the U.S. assassination program," said Scahill, speaking to moviegoers in Rio de Janeiro, where the documentary based on his book made its Latin American debut at the Rio Film Festival.



Insiders who were threatened, humiliated and utterly ignored are finally getting widespread publicity and attention. This is only going to keep increasing.

Just this past week, it was revealed that only about half of the information hidden in the Snowden documents has been made public so far.

Snowden Docs Only 50 Percent Revealed, More Whistleblowers to Follow

Glenn Greenwald, who took hold of Snowden's documents (Snowden has said he no longer has them), estimates that he and other journalists are only about halfway through the release of Snowden's trove of exported documents.

And some of the most shocking revelations, I am told, are yet to come.

The revelations likely won't end there. The ex-spooks tell me, with scant detail, that more whistleblowers have begun to come forward.

There's a sense now that dawn is breaking in the Information Age, revealing a staggering new horizon.

If information is power, Snowden has helped foretell a decade of unprecedented public empowerment, his supporters say.

He may be called an idealist for wanting to change the world, but in the eyes of those who have dared to tread a similar path, he already has.



Thanks to an increasingly powerful series of events, particularly in the last two years, almost everyone now has at least a vague idea that something is going on.

The economy is in serious crisis — particularly for the "millennial" generation.

Young and Educated in Europe, But Desperate for Jobs

Five years after the economic crisis struck the Continent, youth unemployment has climbed to staggering levels in many countries: in September, 56 percent in Spain for those 24 and younger, 57 percent in Greece, 40 percent in Italy, 37 percent in Portugal and 28 percent in Ireland.

For people 25 to 30, the rates are half to two-thirds as high and rising.

Those are Great Depression-like rates of unemployment….

Dozens of interviews with young people around the Continent reveal a creeping realization that the European dream their parents enjoyed is out of reach.

It is not that Europe will never recover, but that the era of recession and austerity has persisted for so long that new growth, when it comes, will be enjoyed by the next generation, leaving this one out.



The median or average American wage is now less than 28,000 dollars a year — and most of the growth is among the top 25 percent.

Median American Wage Falls to $27,519 Per Year

When the average wage grows but the median wage stagnates, it means that, statistically, only workers in the top half of the job market are experiencing increases.

My analysis of SSA data shows the growth is mostly in the top quarter, which starts at just under $50,000 in annual pay.



The number of highly intense historical events has dramatically increased — particularly this year.

There seems to be something big, ugly, hidden and frightening that is lurking behind all these seemingly disconnected events.

The confidence in mainstream American television and newspaper media is down to 23 percent — and approval of Congress at an astonishing low of 10 percent.

American Confidence in TV and Newspaper Media Down to 23 Percent!

[Confidence in military at 76%. Confidence in media at 23%. Confidence in Congress at 10%.]



Another astonishing statistic emerged in October — where fully 60 percent of Americans suggested firing every single member of Congress.

60 Percent of Americans Suggest Firing Every Member of Congress

Throw the bums out.

That’s the message 60 percent of Americans are sending to Washington in a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, saying if they had the chance to vote to defeat and replace every single member of Congress, including their own representative, they would.

Just 35 percent say they would not.



People may not want to believe in "conspiracy theories," but public anger is at an all-time high — as is the level of suffering.

We may not know exactly what is going on, or how all these "islands" connect, but we do realize there is an organized, negative force manipulating the world.

It has become too obvious to ignore.

The NSA surveillance disclosures have eliminated any and all sense of personal privacy — as just one prominent example.

Partisan politics in the USA created a government shutdown that could have created a worldwide economic collapse, with a default of the dollar — as another example.

Everyone ended up breathing a huge sigh of relief after they "raised the debt ceiling" — even though this was just another way of saying "bailout."



The "monster under the bed" that may be doing all these things seems so terrifying that we ignore the truth — and stay firmly in denial.

If we only close our eyes, cover our ears and hum loud enough, we can force these ugly things not to be true… or so we think.

This is the exact same behavior we use in order to maintain the illusion of a happy life — while we are suffering with a powerful addiction.

There is a holographic relationship between the personal and the global — and right now the world seems to be breaking free of a powerful addiction.



I celebrated 21 years of sobriety from any and all mind-altering drugs as of September 21st.

I still make sure never to take it for granted, and I do know that I have no interest in "using" ever again.

Addictions are not necessarily restricted to the regular consumption of alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine, drugs or fatty foods.

Gambling can become an addiction. Sex can become an addiction. Anger and complaining can become an addiction.

Codependency — where we need constant validation from others to feel good about ourselves — is another powerful example.

Breaking free from an addiction is a complex and painful process — but in exchange, you get your life back.

Almost every addict has to "hit bottom" before there is even a possibility that they will actually seek help.



The "bottom" is that point at which your life seems to have become utterly horrible.

You have been lied to. Betrayed. Dumped. Fired. Kicked out of your home. Impoverished. Assaulted. And you are an open wound.

You feel you are the victim. You know you are. You become obsessed with complaining to anyone and everyone who will listen.

One of the most common slogans you hear in 12-step meetings is, "I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired." That sums it up very nicely.

The "bottom" can be different for every person. It is by no means an absolute, except in the most extreme circumstances.

Some never see that they have hit bottom — and they end up with "diseases, institutions [or] death," as you hear in recovery programs.

Our addictions can literally drive us to the end of our lives — or even to take our own lives.

We first have to recognize that we have hit bottom — a point of no return — and see it for what it is.



Until you actually go through a recovery process, it can be very difficult to recognize that "the bottom" is actually the most beautiful point you can reach.

To truly hit bottom, and identify it as such, is to jump on the fast-track to healing, freedom and peace.




Addiction does not arise in a happy, emotionally healthy life.

In the case of a group like Overeaters Anonymous, the first question you get asked is "When did it happen? When did you start eating the pain?"

Highly painful and traumatic events lead to a change in our psychological and emotional state.

We become depressed, weary, anxious and terrified. We surge with stress — and launch into "excited misery."

Our hearts race. Our skin breaks out in a cold sweat. We feel deeply, horribly tired — and we will do anything, absolutely anything, to get some energy.



Getting free from alcohol, marijuana, nicotine and caffeine doesn't necessarily stop the process of addiction.

Until the core wounds are healed,



When I first went to "the rooms" of 12-step groups,


Multiple insider sources have revealed that a comprehensive plan is being implemented to expose and defeat this worldwide cabal.

This plan involved the widespread, coordinated international effort of a majority of countries in the world.

These countries have not been treated favorably by the traditional Western powers — and now they are fighting back.

Key elements within the US military have also been of invaluable assistance in defeating the Cabal. This struggle is now reaching a critical mass.

Much of the battle involves financially choking off the Cabal until it becomes totally bankrupt, while exposing more and more of its workings at the same time.

It is very likely that we are heading into some sort of historical mega-event — and things will not continue the way they are much longer.



Major developments have occurred since this comprehensive plan to defeat the Cabal was first announced. Many more surprises are still on the way. 

Alliance-led events included the following public developments — which will likely be seen as far more significant in the fullness of time: 

  • The LIBOR scandal,
  • the Pope's resignation,
  • the Fox phone hacking scandal,
  • the BBC pedophilia scandal,
  • multiple Justice Department lawsuits against top banks, and
  • the NSA surveillance disclosures.


As all of this has happened, the pace of chaotic and upsetting global events has dramatically increased — particularly since the NSA disclosures began.

These include the Boston Bombing, multiple mass shootings, Fukushima toxicity, the Syria conflict, the government shutdown and major earth changes, including the massive Philippines typhoon.

In time, much of the confusion and mystery of the events now unfolding will have cleared up — and we will have a remarkable new view of life on earth.



Most of our sources are people who, at one time or another, had high-level, above-top-secret security clearances — giving them access to classified information.

Anyone who was caught knowingly passing along lies, disinformation or Cabal propaganda has been eliminated from our list of contacts.

We also have had many insiders want to step forward and add more details, but we simply haven't had the time to explore most of these opportunities.

Some of these contacts came our way from Project Camelot, where many top whistleblowers were interviewed on video.

I am featured in the vintage Camelot archive co-interviewing Jordan Maxwell, Pete Peterson, Henry Deacon and NASA astronaut Dr. Brian O'Leary.

Additionally I have had private conversations with Camelot insiders Elizabeth Nelson, Dan Burisch, Sgt. Clifford Stone, Bob Dean and Jake Simpson.

I also interviewed Daniel, who allegedly worked on a time-travel program, (also see here,) Svali, a prolific whistleblower from within the Illuminati, and Bruce, who I met through Richard C. Hoagland in 2005.

Others approached me independently and haven't even been assigned pseudonyms at this point, but have proven to be very helpful. (The last four insider names I listed are pseudonyms.)


3 or 4 Asian / Polynesian / Pacific Rim

2 that are American Indian / darker skin – black hair, black eyes

1 that is Scandinavian type – thinner and lighter hair, blue eyes

2 look like Greys

1 looks like something straight from Star Wars

9 or 10 feet. Light Hispanic skin color. Large person from earth. Interesting racial mix. Dark Hispanic, dark Polynesian, dark Indian.

Have to run off reptilians from time to time.


I recently reconnected with Bruce, who I first met through Hoagland. Bruce has had top insider contacts all the way up to the US Presidential level.

These new conversations with Bruce are a key part of what sparked this update — as the scope and depth of the truth became even clearer.

Bruce picked up right where we left off in a long and complex conversation that had faded out about three years ago.

I remembered what we had been talking about — and it was as if no time had elapsed.

One of the key things Bruce told me is "people are not thinking big enough to understand what is really going on."

Fear is the most significant factor that motivates people to reject any information like this.

It is much easier to sarcastically attack the messengers than to see the truth.

We all have a natural instinct to seek out flaws in our environment — and we get a biochemical high when we think we found them, creating laughter.

The younger "millennial" generation has a much easier time accepting this knowledge, having grown up in a world of decentralized internet media.



The Cabal controls much of global media and finance. This is now an established, scientific fact.

The Cabal also has a strong influence on the governments and militaries of the top Western countries.

The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology study, led by Dr. James Glattfelder, used supercomputers to prove that the top banks do control almost everything.

Bear in mind that the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology is often considered to be the single most prestigious institution in all of Europe.

Albert Einstein failed to get accepted into the Federal Institute of Technology in 1905 — but was later welcomed in as a mathematics professor in 1912.

These Swiss scientists found that 80 percent of all the money being earned in the world is going into the hands of a "super-entity" of the top 147 corporations.

Yes… 147 corporations secretly enjoy 80-percent control over a database of 37 million different economic actors — and 43,060 trans-national corporations.

The FIT scientists were shocked to discover such a tightly-knit web of control within the global economy.



You can see these words and never actually read them.

You might end up glazing right over them if you're not taking your time.

It is all too easy to overlook the scope of what this information has truly revealed.

There is nothing random about this global network. It is not an accident. It is not a myth. It is not a "conspiracy theory."

It is a scientific fact that a very, very small group of power players have secured control of the world — through its trans-national corporations.



The highest, most powerful corporations within the "super-entity" are all the top Federal Reserve banks and financial institutions — Barclays, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, et cetera.

This next diagram is from the Swiss study, and reveals how the top players were secretly interconnected within the global database.



These institutions only appear to be in competition with each other.

In truth, there is really only one bank — creating an umbrella of centralized control.

What appears to be a complex, multi-national corporate community is really a hall of mirrors.

One central "super-entity" is moving its arms and legs, orchestrating various events — and its many reflections dance in response.

This was widely exposed in 2012 with the LIBOR scandal — and again more recently with the far less-reported ISDAfix scandal.

We now know the entire 800 trillion-dollar global economy is a con job.

LIBOR revealed that it is a rigged game — in which these institutions are secretly colluding with each other to manipulate their own credit scores.



In Bruce's terms of "thinking big enough," our next step is to realize that a single, organized power group is responsible for this massive, global monopoly.

This same insider group is responsible for orchestrating and profiting from the widespread surveillance of our society.

[Surveillance, by the way, is some of the least-significant and least interesting material there is to know about in the classified world.]

The primary purpose of this surveillance is to identify and out-maneuver any potential opposition to the group's control.

It has very little, if anything, to do with stopping terrorism — particularly since most of these catastrophes are being secretly orchestrated by this same group.



If these concepts make you suddenly feel tired, and wanting to go click on hot models or the latest celebrity gossip rather than continuing to read this, then the Cabal agenda is working.

We have been trained, through fear, to overlook the Cabal. Such a pervasive, worldwide threat seems far too overwhelming to comprehend.

We have jobs to do. Pets to feed. Bills to pay. Children to raise. Relationships to maintain. And responsibilities to perform.

We try to enjoy a comfortable life — and go to sleep each night feeling relaxed and peaceful enough to want to get up and do it all again the next day.

Ultimately, the question of whether there is, in fact, a "global nemesis" brings us face-to-face with issues of faith.

Do we believe in a loving Creator? Or do we reject spirituality and believe that no one is looking out for us, and we are hopelessly doomed?

There is comprehensive and persuasive evidence that this is all going to work out, and we will get through this crisis just fine.

If I didn't honestly believe that — and have mountains of evidence to support it — I wouldn't bother to share any of this information with you.

Knowledge is power. The fastest and best way to defeat this group is to release the denial, face the truth and understand it.


Could All the World’s Armies Shut Down the US?

The thing about the Republicans is that when they have a tantrum, they really have a tantrum. Right now, somewhere in Washington, DC, there are a bunch of rich men with white hair, white skin, and black hearts screaming and stomping around in their suits because they don't want poor people to have affordable healthcare. Fortunately for powerful people, just as you can boycott your country club if it decides to admit a foreign person, so you can shut the government down if it decides not to listen to you. Who cares if doing this might throw the world into a “deep, dark recession”? You can just move to your ranch in Texas and ride out the storm. The upside will be that your servants will probably work for even less because, guess what, there aren’t any jobs and they really need the money for healthcare.

God. Deep, dark recession. Didn’t the planet just come out of one of those? Maybe it's time the rest of the world said enough is enough. The rest of the world let these stars-and-stripes bastards walk over us for too long. Let them goose-step around the world, killing millions and stealing resources. Let them go on and on about the land of the free and the home of the brave while they systematically take away the freedom and the bravery of others. Fuck these flag-waving, God-loving psychopaths. It’s time for the rest of the world to get a great, big army together and attack the US. We need boots on the ground on the White House lawns. If they can’t look after their own economy, we need to invade and look after it for them. So let’s fucking get them!

But can we get them? Is that even an option, or are they really harder than China, Russia, Iran, the UK, France, Germany, Iceland, Belarus, and every other country put together? In order to find out just how possible a Rest of the World versus America revenge fantasy invasion would be, I got in touch with Dylan Lehrke, Americas Armed Forces Analyst at IHS Jane's….

The US is the sole country in the world that has the capability to project force across the globe on a large scale. The combined military air- and sealift capability of the rest of the world would be insufficient to even get a foothold on the continental United States. The amphibious assault capability of the world's militaries, excluding the United States, is simply too small….

The world could, for example, certainly contain the US as the US did the Soviet Union.
 But the question you are really asking, if I am correct, is: Are the world's combined forces enough to conquer the United States? Here the answer is no, for it is much harder to project force. It requires logistical resources that the rest of the world simply does not have….

Could we find a work-around?

The solution for the invading world armies would be to negate the importance of geography and technology. This means not relying on armies and navies and air forces but instead targeting the US in the space and cyber domains. By defeating US satellites and attacking US networks, one bypasses geography and eliminates technology, both that of the military and within the industrial base that is at the core of that military might.

Cool, so we'll just get the hackers onboard.

However, one still does not conquer the soil. So we arrive at the same conclusion: as the world military balance stands today, even in the unlikely case that the entire world aligns against them, the United States could not be conquered. It can only be defeated. I suspect you had hoped for a more Red Dawn-type possibility but I can’t offer one without stretching reality beyond the point of reason. We would have to bring in pure science fiction to make it feasible.


Oh well, I guess that's pretty emphatic. Thanks for humoring me, Dylan.



As we drill deeper into the nature of this problem, and how it got to be this way, we have Howard Hughes — the father of modern aviation — to thank.

If you would like a quick and predominantly accurate class on Howard Hughes, you can watch "The Aviator" with Leonardo DiCaprio.

There is a lot missing from that film, however. Once we have this information in place, the story grows significantly larger and more powerful.

Howard Hughes was not a member of the Cabal. He got where he was through hard work, and became a serious industrial kingpin.

The military-industrial complex became heavily involved in the aircraft business early along — including commercial jetliners.

President Eisenhower called out the military-industrial complex by name as a massive threat to our society in his closing Presidential address.

Part of this was because of the spectacular technology they had acquired by that point — and how they were using it.

There is compelling evidence, from dozens of eyewitnesses, that the Roswell crash was real — and was "not one of ours."

Technology was obtained from the Roswell crash that dramatically advanced the power of the military-industrial complex.



There is equally compelling evidence from multiple insiders that Eisenhower actually met with human-looking ETs in 1954.

Apparently, Ike was offered a treaty that would allow these people to openly help us transform our society — but there were conditions. only in return for nuclear disarmament and a





the Roman empire.

As most high-school students know, the Roman empire ruled much of the known world in and around the Middle East — prior to the time of Jesus.

The stunning events in the life and ministry of Jesus further collapsed the Roman Empire's waning power — according to our insider Bruce.

Furthermore, we were told that since Rome had become too exposed and weakened, they transferred a central nexus of power to Britain. 

This ultimately became the British Empire — continuing the same agenda under a new name, and dramatically widening the global reach of the Empire.



Bruce also told me that the phoenix, or Bird of Fire, symbolizes the death and rebirth of the Empire.

Over the course of many centuries, this power group systematically set up large-scale empires and dominance over other lands.

However, an empire can only last so long before its social and political power is drained, and the people it ruled over become bankrupt and destitute.

At this point, the group burns down its former center of power — literally or even figuratively — and relocates to a new era.

This is one of the key, hidden meanings behind the symbolism of the phoenix — the magical bird that dies in fire and is then reborn from the ashes.



A naturally abundant island, surrounded by navigable ocean waters, created an ideal central base of operations for the Empire. 



The complete isolation of the island by sea made it utterly impossible to be invaded by land. 

With enough Roman soldiers and coastal defenses in place, a marine invasion by any foreign power would be difficult — if not impossible.

Best of all, Britain was the largest island in all of Europe.




From this point, with almost limitless financial resources, the Romans were able to make a far greater push into pagan Europe.

This included the Holy Roman Empire, which openly ruled central Europe under Vatican control for almost a thousand years — from 962 to 1806 AD.


Holy Roman Empire, Circa 1600 AD, With Modern Borders Included


Notice that the Holy Roman Empire was right next door to Great Britain on its northwestern border — forming a key link between Italy and Britain.

As marine technology improved and the true size and scope of the world became clear, the British Empire ultimately seized worldwide control — so the "sun never set" on it.

Under Julius Caesar, Romans first invaded Britain in 55 BC, and again in 54 BC, forming treaties with Celtic tribal leaders.



Jesus of Nazareth created a widespread rebellion against Roman power and control — with many believing he was wrongfully persecuted and crucified.

Ten years after the climax of these events, with their power increasingly exposed and threatened, Rome made a much stronger push into Britain.

Emperor Claudius invaded and secured control of Britain in 43 AD — establishing the Roman colony of Brittania.

It is a widely and openly-accepted historical fact that Brittania remained fully under Roman control for the next 400 years.

Most of the settlers were Roman soldiers, garrisoned in Brittania.

What is not so commonly known is that the real Roman power was hidden within the secret lodges of the cult of Mithras.

The Mithraic mystery schools were the original prototype for what later was re-worked into Freemasonry — beginning in the 1700s.



Why all the surveillance? Is it really just to protect us from "Arabs with Box Cutters" who hide out in caves in the Middle East? 

Almost all insiders we have spoken to agree that the surveillance is used against anyone seen as an obstacle to the plans of the Cabal.

Nonetheless, so many people are simultaneously "waking up" at this point that the risk profile for the average person is very, very low.

We are getting multiple reports coming in from all across America that high schools are now in an "Illuminati craze" — and everyone is talking about it.

Undoubtedly part of this is due to the fact that popular music videos are now literally bursting at the seams with Illuminati imagery.

The blow-by-blow of this process is being tracked nicely by the author of, amongst others.



A powerful alliance led by Russia, Germany, China, India, South Africa, Southeast Asia and South America has been working extensively to defeat this plan.

Russia has taken the lead, in many ways. A typical Russia Today news program is now presenting information that was only relegated to YouTube videos and radio shows until recently.



The biggest problem with the articles, books, radio shows and videos on this topic is the almost-inevitable sense of doom and hopelessness they convey.

Very little of this information has broken through into mainstream media — or received enough funding to be presented with conventional media production values.

Certain maverick filmmakers bridged the gap — such as Dylan Avery's Loose Change series, the films of Alex Jones, Foster Gamble's Thrive, Amardeep Kaleka's Sirius and Jeremy Scahill's Dirty Wars.

Russia Today — at — also deserves special mention. There are hundreds of programs, all in English, interviewing top scholars in this emerging field.

I feel very privileged to be part of Gaiam TV, an entire network which features a wide array of informative content in this and other progressive areas. 

My show on the network, entitled Wisdom Teachings, has a new half-hour episode every week — with absolutely zero censorship.

Once the veil of illusion is torn away, and you finally "think big enough" to see the truth, most researchers conclude the plan is far too vast to be stopped.

Thankfully, there has been a steadily-rising tide of opposition against the Cabal since at least the 1700s.


As a journalist and investigative researcher, I was highly honored to be given original, unique information to publish online — and help this positive global alliance achieve its goals.

The results have been agonizingly, if not paralyzingly slow for those who have gotten past the "fear curtain" that limits our ability to objectively survey the evidence.



The first phase of "The Revealing" could be seen in the 2012 Super Bowl halftime show — on February 5, 2012.

This performance was viewed by a staggering 114 million people, worldwide — and was considered the most-viewed halftime show in Super Bowl history.

This elaborate ritual was covered in Section Seven of Financial Tyranny, which now has had over one million, 200 thousand views, and over 16,000 Facebook Likes.

Madonna was portrayed as an extraterrestrial human goddess, symbolically flying in on a winged craft — and worshipped by the native Romans.

The Sumerian / Egyptian symbol of the winged disc was openly used, as well as the All-Seeing Eye — in a highly blatant fashion.



The second phase of "The Revealing" began less than a week later — on Saturday, February 11, 2012 — the day before the Grammy Awards.

That Saturday afternoon, the top female African-American pop star of the 1980s, Whitney Houston, died under suspicious circumstances.

Whitney was staying at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, and scheduled to perform that same night for a star-studded pre-Grammy's party.

Whitney's body lay in the hotel as investigators combed the room for evidence. Simultaneously, the stars filed into the downstairs lobby for the celebration.




The death of a major celebrity icon is always traumatic for the public, who invariably sees such people as a part of their extended families.

13 million more people tuned into the Grammy Awards that year — obviously reeling in the immediate aftermath of Whitney's loss.

African-American pop star Nicki Minaj, who had performed in the halftime show a week earlier, led an elaborate satanic ritual before the eyes of 40 million people.

This included her becoming possessed by a demonic spirit, shattering stained-glass church windows, and levitating in a hail of fire and brimstone.




The third phase of "The Revealing" began on July 25, 2012 — and completed on August 12, 2012.


Our st