Yesterday the woman living with David was struck in her car by a hit-and-run driver. She is OK. This is only the latest event in an almost daily barrage of intense "negative greeting" that has occurred before, during and after the space program insider Corey Goode went public in our new show Cosmic Disclosure.

It appears that this resistance is being "authorized" because we are on the verge of some very major breakthroughs that will finally free our planet from financial and spiritual tyranny.

In this post we will delve into the weird world of "negative greeting." Since all of us are experiencing this in our own ways, it is a useful examination.



If you are a regular reader of this site, you know our perspective on reality is very different than the mainstream view — to put it mildly.

After a lifetime of ESP, synchronicity, visionary dreams and other highly bizarre experiences, I was led to begin reading the Law of One material in January 1996.

This is a five-volume series of 106 question-and-answer sessions between physicist Dr. Don Elkins and an alleged extraterrestrial civilization of vastly higher intelligence.

The sessions can be quite difficult to read and understand, since a variety of new terms had to be created in an attempt to convey their perspective.

The scope of change in beliefs that is required in order to grasp what these books are saying is almost beyond the capacity of most people's imagination.

Yet, there are hundreds of specific scientific data points that can be verified with research that had not yet been conducted in 1981-84.

Ever since this site launched in 1999, our main mission has been to make this material more accessible — and flesh out the model with scientific data.

In those early days I never imagined I would end up on the front lines of humanity's struggle for freedom and disclosure — including exposing the Secret Space Program.

The resistance has massively stepped up since we started Cosmic Disclosure. I do believe we will be fine. However, there is quite a test of faith and stamina at this point.



The syntax of the sentences in the Law of One is very dense and the meanings are not always easily comprehensible. Most people would drop it immediately.

I was one of them. I first found Book III at Borders Books on Wolf Rd. in Albany, NY in early 1995. I opened it up, read the words and said "No frickin' way."

I did later read "From Elsewhere" by Dr. Scott Mandelker after buying it in November 1995 at the same store — and it had a tremendous effect upon me.



Mandelker's hypothesis was that some people have ET souls. On the higher level they volunteer to be human on a mission of service — to help us out.

Consciously they forget who they are. That is part of the mission.

However, it is indeed possible to have a full, waking memory recall, or at least to gain enough proof to know this is who you are.

I was skeptical, and laughed at the book when I first saw it, but his 12-part questionnaire in the back identified me better than anything else I'd ever read.

All these things about me that seemed so intensely personal were, in fact, common characteristics of people who were From Elsewhere.



These "Wanderers" are here on a mission of service.

They volunteered to forget their true identity and incarnate here to be loving, supportive people within an environment that can be depressing and spiritually stunted.

Their mission was often improvisational. As problems arose spontaneously, they would do their part to heal the wounds.

Much of the work simply involved maintaining a loving "frequency," as that had far more effect on our world than most people would ever believe.



The stunning mind-over-matter power that we all possess was later scientifically proven by the Meditation Effect.

7000 people were able to reduce worldwide terrorism and war by 72 percent — just by meditating.

39 different studies have proven this effect scientifically. All other variables have been ruled out.

This is discussed in The Source Field Investigations and The Synchronicity Key.

Other independent researchers such as my colleague Lynne McTaggart have replicated these experiments and obtained similarly impressive results.

Lynne's independent validation of this effect is summarized in her classic book The Intention Experiment.

We have always gotten along very well at conferences where we appeared together. I just love Lynne!



One of the classic Wanderer personality quirks is an almost complete inability to sense and properly defend against deception.

A seemingly endless chain of people circled through my life who bullied and took advantage of me.

In our desire to see everyone as positive and loving beings, we can be very naive — and overlook obvious signs that certain people are manipulators.

This can be healed, but it takes a great deal of work. Saying no to people is very easy for some, but historically for me it was very difficult.

This made it an extreme challenge to go public in the early days, because I wanted to personally interact with everyone who contacted me.

It took many, many years for me to realize that positive personality characteristics that were "no brainers" for me were actually very rare in many others.

Mandelker said you had to challenge this information on a personal level and find your own answers. Don't take his word for it. Find out for yourself.



Since you are probably wondering if these characteristics apply to you as well, here is the original list as I read it back in 1995.

It is OK if you do not fit these characteristics. However, the more of these statements describe your personality, the more likely it is that you are a Wanderer: 

1. You were often lost in daydreams of ETs, UFOs, other worlds, space travel and utopian societies as a child. Your family thought you were "a bit odd," without knowing quite why.

2. You always felt like your parents were not your true parents, that your real family was far away and hidden.

Perhaps you thought things around you were somehow "not the way they should be," and reminded you of life somewhere "far away."

These beliefs may have caused you a great deal of pain and sorrow. You felt "out of place."

3. You've had one or more vivid UFO experiences (in a dream or during waking hours) which dramatically changed your life: they helped resolve doubts, inspired confidence and hope, and gave you meaning and greater purpose.

From then on, you knew you were a different person. Like a spiritual wake-up call, it changed your life.

4. You are genuinely kind, gentle, harmless, peaceful, and nonaggressive (not just sometimes, but almost always).

You are not much interested in money and possessions, so if "someone must do without," it is usually you — such is your habitual self-sacrifice.

Acts of human cruelty, violence and perpetual global warfare seem really strange (shall we say, alien?). You just can't figure out all this anger, rage and competition.

5. You have a hard time recognizing evil and trickery: some people call you naive (and they're right!).

When you do perceive genuine negativity in your midst, you recoil in horror and may feel shocked that "some people really do things like that."

In a subtle way, you actually feel confused. Perhaps you vaguely sense having known a world free of such disharmony.

6. The essence of your life is serving others (be they family, friends, or in a profession), and you cherish great ideals, which may also be somewhat innocent and naive (in worldly terms).

But you sincerely, deeply hope to improve the world. A lot of disappointment and frustration comes when such hopes and dreams don't materialize.

7. You completely embrace the scientific temperament, with a cool, reasonable, and measured approach to life.

Human passion and red hot desire seem strange: you are baffled. Romance and the entire world of feelings are truly foreign to your natural way.

You always analyze experiences, and so people say you're always in your head — which is true!

[Note: This type of Wanderer is less common, and probably wouldn't be reading this book — their skepticism would be too great! Such an "odd bird" is probably a brilliant scientist.]

8. You easily get lost in science fiction, medieval epic fantasy (like The Hobbit) and visionary art. Given a choice, you'd much prefer to live in your dreams of the past or future than in the present.

Sometimes you consider your Earth life boring and meaningless, and wish you could go to a perfect, exciting world. Such dreams have been with you a long time.

9. You have an insatiable interest in UFOs, life on other worlds or previous Earth civilizations such as Atlantis or Lemuria. Sometimes you feel like you've really been there, and may even go back someday.

There may be quite a few of such books on your bookshelves. (Actually, this question is a give-away, since only Wanderers and Walk-ins have profound, undying curiosity about worlds beyond — and for good reason!)

10. You have a strong interest in mystic spirituality (East or West), both theory and practice, with a deep sense that you used to have greater powers and somehow lost them.

You may feel it's unnecessary to discipline yourself since "you've already been there," but somehow forgot what you used to know. People may doubt your resolve, but you know it's not that simple.

11. You have become a conscious channel for ETs or some other non-Earth source — and you realize that the purpose of your life is to help others grow and evolve. (Most likely, you're no longer sleeping, Wanderer!)

12. You feel, and perhaps all your life have felt tremendous alienation and a sense of never quite fitting in.

Maybe you hope to be like others, try your best to be "normal," or imagine yourself like everyone else — but the bottom line is that you simply feel different and always have.

There is a very real fear of never finding a place in this world. (Which you might not! Note: This is the classic profile of Wanderers.)



Everything on this list fit me perfectly except for number 11. I had never made any conscious contact with ET intelligence. That was obviously the next step.

My first attempt to confirm whether I was a Wanderer was through doing "automatic writing" with my friend Jude, near Lake George, New York. 

I held a pencil over a piece of paper in my non-writing hand, meditated deeply and just let my hand do what it wanted.

I had read many paranormal books. I knew this technique was fraught with danger of negative spiritual influence, but I was willing to try it this one time.



I went to a very deep and pure meditative state and asked that only the highest and most positive sources possible come through me.

I had taped the paper down to the floor so it wouldn't move around if any writing started to happen.

After loosely writing the word "Chasten" three times in a row, which I was dimly aware of, I went deep enough that my hand started doing its own thing.

First it looped forward and backward over the same line. Then I meditated even stronger. Suddenly my hand jumped to life!

Eleven characters shot out in a few seconds, without any conscious involvement. And my life was forever changed.



The first part of the message was "Christ Cometh." This was what my hand spelled out in two passes, first left to right and then right to left, over a single line.

I had never expected something like this to appear, since I did not consider myself a Christian.

I had been to the Union Presbyterian Church in Schenectady, New York a few times in my life, usually around Christmas, and that was about it.

Yet, my hand had somehow scribbed forward and backward over one line, and the sum of those squiggling lines clearly wrote out the words.

I knew there was no possible way I could have done this consciously. I had no idea what my hand was doing at that point.

The "th" in "Cometh" also looked like "Ra." This was a mystery my friend and I did not understand at the time.



Then when my hand jumped to life and scribbled out eleven characters, the first part of it turned out to be a Bible quote.

Whoever did this obviously knew the Bible intimately. The citation led me to a passage that precisely described what I had just gone through.

"EC 40 57" turned out to represent Ecclesiastes 2:22-3:13. The numbers I was given were the absolute number of verses from the beginning.

2:22 is 40 verses after the beginning of Ecclesiastes, and 3:13 is 57 verses after the beginning.

I had just lost my job working in a mental hospital for being "too friendly to the patients." Mandelker's book was helping to soothe my wounded emotions.



Mandelker said most Wanderers awakened through some sort of disappointing break from mainstream reality. I just had a very major one.

I had never read the Bible. Yet, this quote started out by saying, "For what hath a man toiled and labored under the sun? This too is meaningless."

The final part of the passage read, "To eat and drink, and be happy in one's toil: This is the grace of god." [For non-native speakers, "toil" means "work."]

I was being given a clear message. The job I had just lost was ultimately "meaningless." My main objective, for now, was to find a job I could be happy with.

I had been very unhappy working in the mental hospital and seeing how abusive the nurses and techs were to the patients.

So this immediately resolved my concerns. It also was a surprisingly powerful answer to my question of whether or not I was a Wanderer.



Weeks went by and nothing else happened. I started to wonder if it was just some kind of a mistake. Where was the magic now? Everything seemed very dark.

In the midst of a gripping financial crisis, I again asked the universe, "Am I a Wanderer?" with intense emotion.

I begged for an immediate answer. Nothing happened. However, I was intuitively guided to solve my financial crisis.

I realized the phone company had drastically overcharged me. I called them up and got it reversed. I had almost forgotten my prayer by the time I went to sleep.

The next morning, my housemate and college buddy Eric had a massive UFO dream.



Eric's dream featured an incredible event. It was the day where UFOs appeared in the skies. In mass numbers. People were screaming and ducking for cover.

I was there with him. One of the craft stopped and hovered over where we were standing. 



A beam of light came down and a man in a white robe, with gray hair and a gray beard, was standing there on a round, levitating platform.

The man told everyone that they were our long-lost brothers and sisters. We were now going through a mass spiritual evolution they called Ascension.

People were so traumatized they couldn't hear the message — but Eric was standing there, with me, and he was listening.



The man motioned me to approach him. In shock, I recognized him and we hugged each other. 

The man then put his arm around me and said to Eric, "It is very important that you know that he is one of us."

Eric knew nothing of the prayer I had made the night before. He wasn't into "the Ascension" at all. He thought I was "into some very weird stuff."

This event changed everything. Eric has still not wanted to come forward about this because of the damage it might cause him as a professional.

He did, however, go on one of the sacred tours with me in the earlier days of my career and gave a speech to our small group about these experiences.

After this stunning event, in December 1995, I realized I needed to take this seriously — and read the Law of One material.



Mandelker spoke very glowingly of the Law of One. It was the centerpiece of his book, which had now caused me to have these amazing psychic experiences.

After studying deep Eastern mysticism and actually getting a Ph.D in it, he felt the Law of One was the most valuable spiritual text out there.

By this point I had already read over 300 books on UFOs, ancient civilizations, metaphysics and spirituality — emptying out the 000 section in the local library.

I had already reached a point of saturation, where most of the books I read were copying data from other books and there was little new information left to find.

Mandelker also cited a quote from a scientist saying the Law of One was "like reading a Ph.D. thesis on epistemology."

If that sounds like a scary prospect, beyond most people's intellectual capacity, that is exactly what he wanted you to think.

Since Mandelker's book had awakened me and the Law of One was its core teaching, I knew I needed to roll up my sleeves and get in there.




Some people might be put off by the name of the source, "Ra."

The source explained that they were responsible for "the management and transfer of planetary populations." Earth was one of their key assignments.

Positive efforts to help us have been made all along. It is not easy to imagine intelligent groups that oversaw our entire evolution over vast periods of time.

The story in the Law of One is much, much bigger than most people's imagination could tolerate — but the scientific data was provable and highly consistent.

Ra had attempted to bring positive spiritual information to Egypt, by manifesting in physical form, and said their teachings were quickly distorted to the negative.

This all may seem very hard to swallow. I get that. People with a heavily religious mindset often cannot tolerate this stuff, even though Carla herself was a devout Christian.

Hence at the beginning I said, "our perspective on reality is very different than the mainstream view — to put it mildly."



What many people now call the "Illuminati" was the direct byproduct of this negative influence contaminating the original, positive effort that the Ra group made.

In the Law of One, what most people now would think of as the Illuminati or the New World Order is referred to as the "negative elite."

The Law of One also clearly stated that the "elite" were ultimately under the control of a negative extraterrestrial group.

These bad guys were called the Orion Confederation.

Their craft were referred to as "chariots," in a direct allusion to their warlike, conquering nature.

It was also clearly stated that the Orions had to worry about beings that were even more powerful, and typically worked alone. 

These entities were said to be in "fifth density," as opposed to the Orions being in fourth. The 5D negatives fed on the Orions like parasites.

No details were given about what the Orion groups looked like or exactly where they were from — only their behavior and their role in the cosmic drama.

It was clear that they had secured a significant amount of territory in planets orbiting stars in the constellation of Orion, as well as other nearby areas.



All the classic Illuminati symbols — the Great Pyramid, the All-Seeing Eye, the Masonic square and compass, the double-headed eagle, et cetera — were originally from Ra, and were meant for positive purposes.

Ra had directly intervened in our physical reality as well, creating the Great Pyramid.

The Orion group then gained the opportunity to sweep in. They instituted policies of animal and human sacrifice, ritual trauma and black magic.

Ra was now karmically bound to heal the damage they had inadvertently created here.

Despite being a highly advanced civilization, in their own naivete, they did not realize the people would go negative enough to authorize such an intrusion.



The pyramid with the unfinished capstone was originally intended to symbolize our current, imperfect civilization.

The return of the capstone changes it from a six-sided object to a five-sided object.

Ra used a numerological system where six means "imperfection" and five means "divinity."

The All-Seeing Eye is a symbol of the pineal gland, or "third eye," which is "awakened" at the end of a vast, 25,000-year cycle that is widely discussed.

This event is the trigger for Ascension. The end of the cycle roughly corresponds to the Mayan Calendar end-date of December 21, 2012.

This is the moment where, symbolically, we go from a "6" civilization to a "5."



Despite the damage that was done to the original teachings, a great deal of interesting information was hidden away in secret societies.

Not long after the signing of the Declaration of Independence, most remaining secret societies with this "Tradition" were co-opted by highly negative forces.

These negative forces have since been responsible for the vast majority of all the wars, economic catastrophes and problems in the world.

Some call it "the government" without having any real understanding that the Western world is being run by a deeply occult group.

Everyone is now having the opportunity to learn, at their own pace, that these people practice a religion they call Luciferianism.

They honestly believe Lucifer is the good guy in our cosmic drama, and everything associated with Jesus' teachings is evil and must be violently eliminated.




I get it. This sounds like some hokey Christian B-movie plot. Direct to video, with acting so wooden you either cringe or drink some beers and laugh at it with your friends.

A group like this seems just as exaggerated and surreal as any of a variety of weird cults we've learned about and laughed at over the years.

However, these secret earth government syndicates are deadly serious about their religion.

In more recent years they have become far more blatant in advertising this symbolism. We have "outed" their work here on many occasions.

It is truly incredible, and even laughable, to see how strongly they are pushing this message on us now through mass media, films, music and video games.

This next photo was cropped from the original, which featured the child star Miley Cyrus completely topless.



Most people bury their heads in the sand no matter how blatant it gets. This is upsetting stuff. Maybe if we forget about it, we can just "make it go away."

However, if you go to a website like Vigilant Citizen and start reading the articles, it won't take long before you start to see what is going on.

It seems that most people are aware that these negative groups exist, but "don't want to deal with it" and quietly ignore the information.

I often get criticized for bringing it up.

The problem is that we cannot successfully oppose this influence by pretending it isn't there.

The Law of One source did its best to thorougly identify and counteract this influence by attempting to restore the original teachings they gave us 11,000 years ago.

Ra also said they were karmically bound to every living person on earth until everyone, down to the last man, woman and child, had a complete spiritual awakening and was freed from the negative.



Nothing in my experience could have prepared me for the incredible transformation that occurred over the next 11 months as I digested the words.

I had studied "government conspiracy" and the Luciferian beliefs of the elite, and everything I was reading fit in perfectly.

At times I would spend 45 minutes without turning the page, ensconced in deep concentration and working to understand and integrate the information.

Hundreds of connections were pouring in from all the research I had done in the preceding years.

I was astonished that no one had done anything with the Law of One yet. It was so profound it deserved intense scrutiny and respect.



Finally, on November 10th, 1996, I broke through to a direct telepathic contact with my own "Higher Self."

This is a part of us that creates our dreams, knows exactly what our ultimate spiritual goals are, and administers whatever "balance" is necessary to create both positive and negative karma.

My life became quite fascinating as this source repeatedly and profoundly predicted the future, proving it couldn't possibly have been my imagination.

Best of all, it was telling me we were all moving through a massive quantum leap in human evolution that most people call Ascension.

All of this has been discussed repeatedly on this site, so there is no point in re-telling the same story yet again.



This is very contentious and controversial information.

For most people the phenomenon of "trolling" is fairly recent, but I have had to go through it constantly since I first got involved online in 1996.

However, putting myself out there with a website also led to various insiders coming forward who could verify that the things I was saying were true.

By the time Corey Goode opened up and began sharing what he knew in October 2014, I had enough of a background to realize he was being truthful.

Neither of us ever expected him to reveal his identity. In fact, he ended up crashing into this, having his identity revealed without his permission.

Only then did he eventually decide that the genie could not be put back in the bottle — and he became willing to step forward.



I brought him to Gaiam to tape a few episodes for my show Disclosure, only to have the head of the company ask us to do an entire year of weekly half-hour episodes.

As of this time, we now have roughly 36 of them already taped. Every single one is quite fascinating and unique in its own right.

What we find out is that history as we know it is completely a lie. It is a belief system, nothing more. All the most important details were left out. 

Extraterrestrials have been coming and going from Earth all along, and cooperating with governments since the very beginning.

Some areas have worked with positive beings and other areas have dealt with the negative Orion groups.

The military-industrial complex ultimately struck a deal with the negative, gained technology and were able to colonize our solar system.

This has now become the big lie that Corey Goode and others are revealing to us. We are expecting additional insiders to come forward as well.



The group that channeled the original Law of One series had to endure strenuous, ongoing "psychic attacks" from negative forces.

It was explained to them that doing this work opened them up to these influences.

There were cosmic rules at play that they could not circumvent. If they "invited" negative karma through their behavior, it would appear very swiftly.

The problem with this is that it is extremely difficult to avoid the type of behaviors that allow negative greeting to occur.

Once you become involved with work as spiritually significant as the Law of One, you become vastly more accountable for your karma than most others.

No matter how polite, loving and forgiving you may try to be, there are always character defects and idiosyncrasies that can create new karma.

As soon as you leave an opening, which the Law of One called "a chink in the armor," the negative is allowed to conduct a "psychic attack" or "negative greeting."



The entities that are doing this are ultimately disembodied in our reality.

There are rules they must follow that prevent them from directly appearing, either in our skies or in material form.

The "rules" state that in order for them to achieve anything negative, they have to tell us what they are doing.

This is the core of why we see these negative syndicates advertising their religious beliefs so heavily at this time.

If they did not do this, spiritual interventions would ensure that none of their plans succeeded in any way.

These "rules" are designed to ensure that they will be defeated and exposed once we finally grow strong enough to oppose them.



The negative entities discussed in the Law of One are able to create electromagnetic disturbances that can mess up or even destroy our electronics.

This was why L/L Research had to use three different cassette recorders every time they did a Law of One session.

The negative greeting was powerful enough that they needed to guarantee, as much as possible, that none of the words would be lost.

Additionally, the negative is exceptionally talented at jumping into people and influencing their behavior.

This can seem like some sort of schizophrenic fever dream, but it is a basic part of how the rules of the universe work.