One of the things my readings said is that there are various factions within the secret government, and in some cases they are violently opposed to one another. This opposition is what ultimately nullifies and purges the negative influences.

They compete for who gets to be top dog, and in the end no one wins but the people who want peace and prosperity for everyone.

Thus, the secret world of insider politics is far more complex than a simple case of "Us Against Them." I have studied and learned much more about these hidden factions since the days when I was first informed about their existence by the readings.

Two weeks ago, I wrote about how there are at least five major factions at work in the world, all of which remain shrouded in secrecy:

1. The European / Rothschild Illuminati — international bankers manipulating the financial system, following a Luciferian belief system, about to spin-control their name and identity to look like the "Good Guys" through Angels and Demons, the sequel to Da Vinci Code; 

2. The Republican / Neocon / New World Order (NWO) — a recent offshoot of the Illuminati, seeking worldwide power and American dictatorship, now opposed to Luciferian philosophy, allied with Israel and increasingly fighting against the Illuminati;

3. The "White Hats" / Templars / Ancient Royals or "Good Guys" — long-standing enemies of both the NWO and Illuminati, heavily (and secretly) infiltrated into both groups but sworn to defeat them (Rayelan Allan of Rumor Mill News has given me quite an education here);

4. The New International Group — an increasingly wealthy and powerful consortium of Russia, China, Southeast Asia, South America, et cetera, opposing the NWO / Illuminati — and prepared to wipe out the top members of these groups if they do not willingly change their ways;

5. The Middle East / Order of Assassins / Sufis — a Muslim group also now opposing the NWO / Illuminati, very well financed thanks to the growth in oil prices.


The ‘alternative conspiracy media’ tends to over-simplify the issues at hand, failing to see the subtleties at work. My piece on the five factions was excerpted and widely copied all over the Internet. At present there are so many comments left on the article that we had to create a second page just to hold them all.

Last week I highlighted some of the intuitive data I received and published in 1999, which spelled out precisely what would happen: namely that these negative groups would be defeated in the aftermath of an unprecedented global economic collapse, which would be considered the Next Great Depression.



Almost every intuitive reading I published in 1999 was predicting a major economic upheaval in our future that would directly lead to the exposure and defeat of the negative factions ruling the planet.

I don’t believe in "Take My Word For It", even though this data has been online for a decade and is only now coming true — I believe in proof.

In this article I’m focusing on the hard evidence that proves these prophecies are well on their way to coming true, as we experience a collective healing and purging of these negative influences.

I’m doing this for you, as I already know that everything is on track. There is still an incredible preponderance of fear and doom out there, as it has not yet become obvious to everyone that we really are pulling through this.

The change we have seen in American politics is not "more of the same". It is not "tyranny," nor is it "Business as Usual." 

Though the situation is far from perfect, and definitely has had its share of upsets, we are in a much better position — and a collective awakening is now well underway.



In 2008, the Neocon / Republican / New World Order faction was left humiliated and crushed in defeat, in the aftermath of an unprecedented public uprising against them.

Obviously, the key reason for this public shift was the economic collapse. As you are about to see, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld announced that the Pentagon had "lost" 2.3 trillion dollars of taxpayers’ money…

…on September 10, 2001!

Yeah, that makes sense. It’s a perfectly fair mistake. Anybody could have screwed up like this — so don’t blame "Old Mac Donald." 

9/11 "just so happened" to occur… the very next day.  It was nothing but a coincidence! 

And the 2.3 trillion in "lost" money was from just one year — the 1999 budget!

In 2000, they "lost" another 1.1 trillion dollars.

Bummer! I wonder where it went. It’s probably just some kind of bookkeeping error.

No worries. Anybody can lose 3.4 trillion dollars in two years. They ought to be a little more careful from now on, that’s all. 

"Old Mac Donald had a farm, ee-yi-ee-yi-o. And on his farm he had some cash. Ee-yi-ee-yi-o. With a trillion here and a trillion there, here a trillion, there a trillion, everywhere a hundred billion. Old Mac Donald had a farm, ee-yi-ee-yi… uh-oh!" 



The 2.3 trillion was announced on September 10, 2001. And both the 2.3 and 1.1 trillion-dollar figures were cited by Rep. Cynthia McKinney in a Congressional hearing in 2005. These numbers were not disputed by Rumsfeld, nor by the Deputy Comptroller of the Defense Department. 

For starters, here are two different videos featuring footage from the September 10th, 2001 announcement. The second video includes the ‘bonus’ fact that 25% of the US defense budget cannot be accounted for: 


Rumsfeld Before Congress, September 10th, 2001, on 2.3 Trillion Missing from Defense Budget


News Report on ‘Missing’ 2.3 Trillion — 25% of All Defense Budget Unaccounted For


The timing of Rumsfeld’s announcement — one day before 9/11 — is certainly interesting. You have to admit they were very lucky to have such a big disaster sweep in the very next day… you could call it a "Happy Problem".

No one in the controlled media or in Congress ever brought it up again… with one exception.

In 2005, Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney grilled Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld about these 2.3 trillion dollars in "missing" money from 1999, and the 1.1 trillion from 2000. Notice, again, how no one denied these figures in the reply to her question:


Cynthia McKinney Grills Rumsfeld About 3.4 Trillion in "Missing" Money



Although it did circulate in the alternative conspiracy media for a time, no one paid attention to these numbers back when they were originally announced, because we didn’t have such obvious economic problems.

Most people who are now awakening to what’s going on have never even heard of this before.

Obviously, it’s now a much bigger story given the wholescale collapse of the American economy that resulted. Let there be no doubt that the Republican-controlled "New World Order" military-industrial complex is responsible for this.

People are up in arms about TARP funds that will be re-invested into civilian programs to rebuild our infrastructure, whereas these "missing" amounts were well over twice as much — and the funds obviously didn’t stimulate any economic growth, as they couldn’t even say where they went.

Why? Because they were stolen. Completely, totally, and without any sense of shame, guilt or remorse.



Comedy, such as through The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, the Colbert Report and Saturday Night Live, may well have been the critical element that crystallized the New World Order faction’s downfall once the economic changes really started to hurt.

McCain and Palin were wiped out after waging a vicious "anything goes" election fight, and the Republicans lost their leverage, control and veto power in Congress. Even if they wanted to stop legislation to defeat their plans, the fair and democratic electoral process has now made it impossible for them to do so.

They are desperately in need of funds, having blatantly stolen enough to survive for a few more months out of the first round of TARP funds implemented by the Bush administration.

The second round, through the Obama administration, is being so heavily regulated that the big Wall Street CEOs are quaking in their boots: 



Think about it… if you need an ‘allowance’ of 3.4 trillion dollars in two years, half a trillion isn’t going to get you very far.

The Obama administration is systematically dismantling the architecture of control and dominance the New World Order / Republican faction had built to hopefully create a true military dictatorship in America.

They never got to achieve their ultimate goal, and now the legal machinery they could have used to do it is being ripped apart.

In short, the NWO are not happy about Obama’s administration taking office.

Not at all. 

This is no longer even a subject of debate; it can now be proven beyond all shadows of doubt.



Since they no longer have any political power left to use, and have hardly any money left, the Neocons are now attempting to incite a revolution, overthrow the government and take their power back.

That way, they can finally set up a military dictatorship, rule the world and get back to stealing — er, I mean ‘losing’ — trillions of dollars a year.

Best of all, they’re plotting their coup blatantly, openly and publicly, right before our very eyes, orchestrating mass "Tea Party Revolution" protests nationwide through their main ‘controlled’ media outlet, FOX:




Even more amazingly, this group has successfully infiltrated the vast majority of "alternative conspiracy media" websites. You have to admit they must be very proud of themselves for this stunning accomplishment, manipulating and betraying their own worst enemies in the mass public.

All the hate and venom they’ve experienced from this group in the last eight years is now being directed against Obama, by the very same people who used to be their mortal enemies. It must be very satisfying.

Using classic fascist techniques of infiltration, propaganda, disinformation, smears and lies, they have been able to convince the alternative conspiracy media personalities — and their readers! — that Obama is not only "More of the Same", but is in fact "Worse Than Hitler".

This recent cover shot from, a popular conspiracy site, is one of the mildest illustrations of this campaign in action:




If you have trouble believing the New World Order faction could actually be writing "fake articles" and submitting them to conspiracy websites in mass numbers, then you don’t have the facts.

Prior to last year’s election, published a stunning expose where foreigners with fluent English skills were paid to write fake articles — in this case Letters to the Editor — appearing to support McCain.

This Dutch woman, Margriet Oostveen, was told she could "make up whatever she wants". Salon discovered the article in the Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad, and translated it into English.

By using immigrants, particularly those from very poor countries such as the eastern Soviet bloc, the threat of deportation can be used to silence anyone should they decide to talk. (Emphasis added):

I Ghost-Wrote Letters to the Editor for the McCain Campaign

Sept. 24, 2008 | "You can be whoever you want to be," says an inviting Phil Tuchman. "You can be a beggar or a millionaire. A mom or a husband. Whatever. You decide!"…

The offer was too alluring to delay — they wanted to put me into action as a ghostwriter. Next to commercials and phone banking, writing letters to the editor is the most important method of the McCain campaign to attract voters. At least that is what’s written in the guidelines that McCain campaign worker Phil Tuchman presents to me.

Today he is training six ghostwriters. What on earth is the appeal of McCain for the former Soviet bloc? Last time I was here, an exuberant Polish guy was phone banking next to me. Today, a Russian in yellow suspenders is shimmering at the same table, looking just like an actor who is famous in the Netherlands for star turns as a genius who suppresses his dark side with painstaking self-control. 

The assignment is simple: We are going to write letters to the editor and we are allowed to make up whatever we want — as long as it adds to the campaign. After today we are supposed to use our free moments at home to create a flow of fictional fan mail for McCain.

"Your letters," says Phil Tuchman, "will be sent to our campaign offices in battle states. Ohio. Pennsylvania. Virginia. New Hampshire. There we’ll place them in local newspapers."

Place them? I may be wrong, but I thought that in the USA only a newspaper’s editors decided that.

"We will show your letters to our supporters in those states," explains Phil. "If they say: ‘Yeah, he/she is right!’ then we ask them to sign your letter. And then we send that letter to the local newspaper. That’s how we send dozens of letters at once."

No newspaper can refuse a stream of articulate expressions of support, is the thought behind it. "This way, we will always get into some letters column."


This is happening all the time. This did not end when the McCain campaign ended. It’s how the game is played. You lie, and submit the propaganda to various media outlets in the hopes that they will accept it as the truth. Make up whatever you want. Anything goes.



As the article continues, we get to experience a typical day on the job for Margriet. She makes up an outrageous story to tug on the heart-strings, and feels it is so over-the-top that she’s apt to be either laughed at or criticized.

Let’s see what happens to her when she takes this dive into the truly laughable worlds of Republican-loving fiction:

It is the day after Sarah Palin’s speech at the Republican convention. Today, she is our main subject. The others are already enthusiastically hammering their keyboards. I am struggling with a tiny writer’s block. "Dear Editor …"

Phil Tuchman has handed out model letters, and talking points and quotes from Sarah Palin’s speech. But whom do I want to be?

Let’s loosen up my fingers a little first — and my principles, too. Am I actually allowed to make up letters? At the moment, it seems to be the only way to demonstrate how this is done in a campaign. So yes. I start practicing attractive sentences about Sarah Palin:

"Her biggest plus to me is that, besides being amazingly smart and qualified, she managed to remain a woman like us. She is the PTA hockey moms. She is the working mothers of special needs children. She is every caring mother of a challenging teenager."

Her pregnant daughter Bristol (17) is not a talking point. A talking point is her son Track (19), who will be deployed to Iraq.

"And most of all, she is just like any mother of a child who deploys to Iraq in the service of this country."

Now we are getting somewhere. I look around. I type:

"My son, too, is there."

Oh god, you liar. Now build up suspense. New paragraph.

"And my heart needs him back safe so much."

Yes, yes. Well done. Another paragraph — why not? Now let’s pump some iron in that mother, for after all, we are not with the Democrats here. Look up the right, patriotic phraseology in the model letters.

"But when I see him again, I also want to see his face glow with pride. Just like the day he told me he enlisted."

Yes, like that. And now full speed in the direction of McCain’s plans to continue the war. Sell that war. With a mother’s heart.

"That is why Senator John McCain could count on my vote from day one."

But whatever happened to Sarah Palin in this story? I gaze out of the window. This takes 10 minutes. Then:

"With Sarah Palin, I have even more reason to trust in victory. She represents my heart."

Hmm. Does that sound like total doublespeak? Or does it sound like logical reasoning to a McCain supporter? I cannot come up with anything better.

"Sincerely …" I leave the dots for somebody else’s signature.

Does Phil Tuchman want to read it?

Phil bends over my computer screen and reads. This takes a while. I am expecting roars of laughter or to be kicked out. Then he says drily: "I like that. It appeals to the hearts of people. Can you write more letters?"



Here’s another example from Salon of just how wild the ‘paid bloggers’ can get. In this case it was written by a public figure — none other than the former Vice President of the Christian Broadcasting Network, Jim Bramlett.

He begins by literally portraying Obama as the Antichrist, who despite having a graduate-level education in constitutional law and four years in the Senate, is said "not to have much of any kind" of experience (emphasis added):

Barack Hussein Obama has taken the nation by storm. From obscurity, with zero executive experience, or much of any kind, he has vaulted into the position of Presidential frontrunner. It is stunning. On the surface, it appears attributable only to his eloquent oratory and his race. 

But an invisible factor may be a strong spiritual force behind him, causing some people to actually swoon in his presence…

Last week at Obama’s acceptance speech, that spirit exalted itself in front of a Greek temple-like stage, and to a huge audience like in a Roman arena. Obama was portrayed as god-like. His voice thundered as a god’s voice.

At the end, Democratic sympathizer Pastor Joel Hunter gave the benediction and shockingly invited everyone to close the prayer to their own (false) gods. This was surely an abomination, but it was compatible with Obama’s expressed theology, and Hunter’s leftist leanings.

God was not pleased…


This is the classic ‘setup’ to create tension in the mind of Fundamentalist Christians who read the article. Once you build up the tension — i.e. "Obama is the Antichrist" — you need a release — "Sarah Palin is the Anointed One, Chosen By God For an Important Role in the End-Times":

Enter Governor Sarah Palin. With incredible timing, the very next day, Sarah Palin also appeared out of nowhere…

We quickly learned that Sarah is a born-again, Spirit-filled Christian, attends church, and has been a ministry worker.

Sarah is that standard God has raised up to stop the flood. She has the anointing. You can tell by how the dogs are already viciously attacking her. But they will not be successful. She knows the One she serves and will not be intimidated.

Back in the 1980s, I sensed that Israel’s little-known Benjamin Netanyahu was chosen by God for an important end-time role. I still believe that. I now have that same sense about Sarah Palin…

Only God knows the future and how she may be used by Him, but may this noble woman serve to bring renewal in the land, and inspiration.



On, the "Voice of the White House" source pointed the finger at these ridiculous "paid bloggers" a full FOUR YEARS before we got solid proof he was telling us the truth.

This is someone who is an upper-mid-level staff person within the White House, who has managed to retain his job from the Bush Administration on into the Obama Administration. This is not uncommon — there are many jobs that need experienced people to fill them, far more than simple cabinet positions.

His messages have remained extremely consistent, twice a week, since at least 2004. I have watched them roll in, twice a week, every week since then, and have been a subscriber to the private TBRNews mailouts, for five dollars a month, since 2003.

In many, many instances the Voice of the White House has telegraphed moves the Republicans would later make, well in advance. This incredible, ongoing redundancy is how real credibility is established.

Unfortunately, I know of no other authors who have tracked this story as routinely and persistently as I have. They only occasionally use soundbites from this source that feed into their own pre-existent agendas. 

So, in case you still don’t think the New World Order faction is creating fake articles and submitting them to websites, read the Voice of the White House’s groundbreaking testimony from 2004 — in which, among other things, he telegraphed "the even more serious financial crisis about to ruin all of us" (emphasis added):

December 23, 2004: “You all will be pleased to note, as was my wife, that I do not exist. I am merely another conspiracy lunatic badly disguised as a member of the White House staff.

This is the official line now being taken because it is evident to the snoops around here that this part of your posting is getting so much attention.  If you haven‘t already gotten negative emails from “viewers ” about this, you will.

We have a number of faked IPs that permit government stool pigeons to send out reams of pro-Bush and pro-government propaganda to sympathetic bloggers and right-wing websites. A false vox populi but sometimes effective.

Also, the psychology boys are now busy inventing weird conspiracy theories to put out to the boobery to keep their minds off of the growing and deadly disasters now beginning to loom over the heads of the Administration such as the Iraq mess and the even more serious financial crisis about to ruin all of us.

(Incidentally, I took all of our savings and put them equally into Canadian dollars and the euro. I am hedging my bets here.)

These bright boys, working with the Rove people, are starting stories about weather control, a new Ice Age, the spread of SARS, Mad Cow (but only in Canada as a way of punishing them for daring to harbor US deserters), weird plots to blow up US cities and so on.

These nut stories seem to have a life of their own on the net and are eagerly accepted while the real plottings can go on behind the scenes. There is no doubt that we are going to have a draft and after that, an invasion of Iran and Syria…if  Bush , Rove and the neocons have their collective, evil, way.

Bush is going to privatize Social Security so his stock broker friends can reap rich rewards with the usual kickbacks for Bush and his closest aides. So to cover up these nasty doings, we can expect to see a flood of camouflaging radar chaff pouring out from down the hall from me.

I advise to you be careful of biting on any of this. People like you will be sent reams of what at first glance appears to be a red hot story. It will be completely fake and easily proven as such. Once you bite and publish, a paid pundit from the New York Times will publish a devastating refutation of it.

Let‘s not limit paid pundits to the Times. The Baltimore Sun and the Chicago Tribune also have paid pundits on their staff as does the Los Angeles Times.

They are all paid for this, except for the dim-bulb fanatics whom we find on most editorial pages, but never by the local privy purse. They get fat checks from “Institutes ” and “Policy think tanks ” that are entirely owned and operated by the current Establishment.

Of course the Democrats do the same thing but the Republicans have ever so much more money from big business interests that they can afford to hire the bigger names and set up the more distinguished-sounding  “think tanks ” and “Institutes. ”

If you and your readers want to find out what is really happening in the world, I recommend the Asia Times, the Guardian and Reuters in England (keep away from the Times because it is owned by the Bush butt kisser Murdoch.)

Pravda has good articles but they are badly translated, Le Monde in Paris is good as are several of the Arab outlets. Also recommended is AFP.

If you read these daily news postings (and all are in English) you will very soon discover the degree and extent that the US media is completely controlled.

Your habit of mocking Pentecostals is not making you any friends in that bitter and unproductive area either. 

Another ploy is for bogus “Veteran‘s groups ” and people who sign themselves “Patriotic Ex-Marine ” who will write hundreds of emails calling those who object to the mindless bloodletting in Iraq as “traitors ” to the American people  (for ‘American people‘ read, ‘George W. Bush‘)

Unfortunately for the activities of these proto-fascist creeps, the actual truth is so pervasive and so compelling that their effort only seem to influence the feeble-minded.


I hope you really did read this far, and paid attention to what you just saw. A massive amount of the news stories published on alternative-media websites have been written directly by the Republicans themselves.

This source called our current economic collapse three and a half years in advance. They all knew it was coming.

Even better, he said they were writing these fake articles to throw people off from the real crises — including the impending financial collapse.

By distracting them with reams and reams of disinformation, the real problems went largely unnoticed.  

This entire craven system has now reached its climax in the systematic and total attack of Obama and his administration within the alternative media. I have waited patiently, for quite some time, to lay out the proof this plainly, as the risks in doing so are now much, much less.



Here’s an example of a disclosure from the Voice of the White House source that has not yet become common knowledge, but may act as further validation in the future if the story breaks. Again we see how "paid bloggers" are used to cover up the alleged truth:

Washington, D.C., June 18, 2007: “In the last four years of war in Afghanistan and Iraq, the unreported death toll of American military personnel is in excess of 20,000  (20, 871) and the wounded who had to be evacuated from the combat areas for out-of-theater hospitals are in excess of 56,000.

This is from a highly classified report sent by the Pentagon to the White House and is of a severely restricted circulation.

This is entirely logical based on the number of troops engaged in both theaters and the duration and increasing deadliness of the bombings, snipings and clandestine mortar and rocket attacks.

There is growing public disbelief in the 3,000-plus figures given out by the Pentagon and their paid bloggers, but the press steadfastly refuses to even question this issue or even dare to hint at the truth.

Eventually, it will break and when it does, Bush will join Blair in Tanzania and raise elephants.

Families of the dead are always notified but the public is only shown the (circa) 3 per day when the actual total runs between 9 and 20.

This is probably the best-kept secret of the war, and God help any reporter in the national media who prints any of this or any member of the DoD who even hints at knowing about it.



Here’s another instance of the Voice of the White House mentioning "paid bloggers," and again telegraphing the impending financial collapse well before it actually happened:

Washington, D.C. September 1, 2007: “With a transparency that is awe-inspiring, the Administration is cranking out the scare stories about invading Iran.

Paid bloggers and a very obedient press are flooding us with ‘confidential‘ and endless ‘inside leaks‘ that yes, children, we are going to invade Iran any day now.

Stories about massing helicopters, serious secret ship movements, new shipments arriving every hour in Baghdad of bunker bombs and so on pour forth from the word processors in the Pentagon.

The problem is, these pathetic liars have been shrieking ‘wolf‘ for so long that at this point, while the ‘red alert‘ days and the ‘duct tape‘ warnings have faded away into humorous myths, now they rattle a broken saber in a tin scabbard.

Israel sternly mentions her non-existent horde of atomic weapons, the U.S. Navy is sending eleventy thousand aircraft carriers to the Gulf , Cheney is tittering in his office, Bush is crying all the time in the Private Quarters because all the original worshippers of Bush, the new Son of God, have gone away, never to return…

If they weren‘t so dangerous, these people would be pathetic. The Brits are leaving southern Iraq but very little in the captive press about this slap in the face. And in the north, we caved in to Turkey and let their troops come into that area, without any publicity, to track down, and as the Turks like to do, butcher the local Kurdish population. 

And most important for Americans to note: The vaunted Bush ‘surge‘ is a total failure in spite of media attempts to portray it otherwise. It is not a surprise that the print papers are rapidly crashing as tens of thousands of subscribers, tired of the canned pap, are turning to the internet for accurate news…

And when our National Kindergarten packs its tattered rucksacks and crawls off into the dawn,  the Pentagon myth makers can always get jobs writing puff pieces for all the CEOs and hedge fund leaders who have fled to Israel or Brazil taking hundreds of millions of stolen money with them. 

And that scenario is about to be reenacted any day now as all the ‘leverage buyouts, ‘ and ‘private equity‘ people join the fleeing ‘sub-prime mortgage‘ thieves who are now sunning themselves on the beaches in Aruba, lighting Cuban cigars with hundred dollar bills.

Will Congress go after them? Of course not. If they did, they would have to surrender the mattress covers full of such bills they have hidden in their freezers at home.


This last excerpt again reminds us of the extent to which the media has been targeted for manipulation by the Republican / Neocon / New World Order faction (emphasis added):

Washington, D.C., October 14, 2008: “It doesn‘t take a Rhodes scholar to realize that we are living in an era of tighter and tighter governmental control of the public.

The Bush Administration has deliberately embarked on a course of greatly heightened surveillance, or potential surveillance, of a public that might, at some future point, wish to physically become in open rebellion against governmental institutions.

In this study, I am going to consider one aspect of this control: The influence of the American military over the American press and other forms of media.

As a legacy of the Vietnam War, the politicized U.S. military of the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries became ever more deeply engaged in "perception management."

Convinced that hostile reporters harmed the war effort in Southeast Asia, buoyed by favorable public reaction to its domination of the press during the First Gulf War, and capitalizing on the media’s own negative public image, the armed forces has come to regard the media and information more generally as something to be manipulated for the military’s own purposes.

The current American military has devoted enormous energy to learning how to manipulate the media.

As a measure of how far the armed forces are willing to go, consider the following 1993 statement by a military instructor: "Learning to deal with reporters is just as important as learning to kill the enemy."

"Spin control" was critical as well. An Army instructor, for instance, insisted that soldiers tell not just any story, but a "positive Army story."…

A participant in a 1996 Army survey glumly reported that "telling the truth ends careers quicker than making stupid mistakes or getting caught doing something wrong."…

In October 2006, Defense formed its New Media office, to explore collaborative tools with government-friendly blogs or outright controlled outlets. The push to experiment came from the 2006 Quadrennial Defense Review, which says the department operates in a 24-7 new media environment.

Defense officials have found that blogs, along with wikis and social networks, promote collaboration better than traditional communication methods such as e-mail…

When Defense assembled the new media team, officials first considered creating a blog, but then decided to rely on the network of bloggers who already were writing about Defense operations, including Doc in the Box, The Long War Journal and Andrew Lubin’s The Military Observer.

The office began including the bloggers in discussions about operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, veterans health care and other military issues, similar to the way the department talks with the media – setting up conference calls with traditional bloggers and top Defense officials.

The access helps bloggers write about the topics in-depth and gives the department more opportunities to get its perspective out on the Web.

Defense hosted its first roundtable for bloggers in February 2007, with Lt. Gen. William B. Caldwell, then-head of communications for the Multi-National Force – Iraq…             

We also have the example of The Lincoln Group (formerly known as Iraqex) that is a Washington, D.C. contractor with operations in Iraq hired by the United States military to perform public relations.

They operate from the Green Zone at Sector 222, 34th St, Bldg 5 Karatet Mariam, Baghdad, Iraq and 1130 17th St. NW Suite 400 Washington, DC.

On November 30, 2005, the Los Angeles Times revealed that the company had been paying for news stories in Iraqi newspapers.

Prior to that report, Lincoln Group of Washington, DC was awarded an indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity contract, with a potential maximum value of $100,000,000, for media approach planning, prototype product development, commercial quality product development, product distribution and dissemination, and media effects analysis for the Joint Psychological Operations Support element and other government agencies…


That’s right. You just saw that a 100 MILLION dollar contract was awarded to just one group for "media approach planning", "product dissemination" (the ‘product’ is the fake media stories written by ‘paid bloggers’ posing as ordinary people) and "media effects analysis" for psyops (Psychological Operations) and other government agencies. 

Translated, this again means that huge amounts of money are being spent to manipulate the media and write false articles to spin the public discourse in favor of the Republican / NWO faction.

We should all be very grateful that these people did not win the 2008 election despite the massive dirty tricks they have been using — including creating a massive Internet uprising in the conspiracy crowd against Obama.



Thus, the ‘dirty tricks’ that were used to try to win the 2008 election have continued without interruption since Obama’s victory. The NWO’s current plan is to create, nurture and foment this single-minded Obama hate, and channel it into a revolutionary overthrow of his administration through propaganda on FOX. 

But will it work? 

Not a chance.

The problem is that they’ve run out of time. This lame attempt at a revolution is their last chance to avoid their own karma coming back to haunt them. 

Things are about to get a lot more interesting.

As we head into the second half of this article, I will share a personal example with you that I feel is relevant… and we will dig into the story much further.



The shrill, high-pitched, ear-splitting scream of a child in agony cut through our serenity with the cold efficiency of an assassin’s dagger. 

My brother ran screaming towards my mother and me, surrounded by a cloud of angry yellowjackets. He wasn’t more than seven years old. On an otherwise fine summer day in our grassy-green backyard, he had just stepped on a big underground hive in the garden… and created Chaos.

Now Michael was screaming. Furious yellowjackets were buzzing throughout the backyard trying to find him. They knew that some enormous creature had just stepped on their home, and they were very, very pissed off. 

Michael ran towards us, screaming, and the angry horde followed him. In a blind panic, we dashed inside the house and slammed the back door shut, hardly paying any attention to what was going on.

To our horror, Michael still had two or three attackers planted on his arm, jabbing away at his flesh.

The yellowjackets did not budge when Mom tried to wave them off. Like bumblebees, who must knowingly disembowel themselves to successfully sting a perceived attacker, this was a kamikaze mission they would see through to the end.

Mom ran outside again, risking further assault to grab handfuls of dirt. She brought them inside, wet them into mud in the sink and poured the mixture over the whole area… a home remedy for insect bites. In so doing, she literally engulfed the remaining attackers on Michael’s arm.

And thus it ended — though my brother carried the scars for several days afterwards.



Honeybees are larger than yellowjackets, and their brains are but one cubic millimeter in size and one milligram in weight, with less than a million individual neurons.

Nonetheless, that is more than enough brainpower for them to target an enemy, and get everyone they know to attack it — mercilessly and relentlessly — even sacrificing their own lives in the process.

Instinctively, they do this to protect their family and community — the greater whole of which they are a part. Undoubtedly there is a sense of righteous anger, revenge and protectiveness in their swarm.



It is well known that our human ‘brain stem’ is essentially reptilian in structure — the "Reptilian Brain." Evolutionary biologists concur that its presence is a genetic holdover from our distant ancestors.

Its only desire is to survive. That gives us sexual arousal to procreate the species, and fear and anger to protect ourselves, our families and communities.

The ‘Reptilian Brain’ struggles with the higher mind, or cerebral cortex — and I agree with the author at this link that the cerebral cortex wants to evolve, acting as a counterpoint to the reptilian brain’s desire to survive. 



Just like a nest of angry hornets, the New World Order has invested millions of dollars in writing propaganda articles that are eagerly reprinted by the alternative conspiracy media.

When you pose as an "average Joe," you can write anything you want and completely bypass the standards of journalism. You don’t have to prove anything. You don’t have to attribute sources. You can concoct elaborate fantasies, and if you do it in sufficient quantities, people might just believe you.   

If the personalities in this field, and their readers, don’t think this is happening, then they truly need to take several steps back and think again. 

It would be ludicrous, preposterous and insane for the New World Order not  to throw massive resources into a disinformation / propaganda campaign through the alternative media.

Unlike the tired old standards of print and broadcast media, in this unregulated Internet "Wild West," they can write whatever they want — using any degree of spite, nastiness or profanity they choose.

They never have to worry about such trifling details as journalistic integrity, fact-checking, honesty or telling the truth… they can be just as "Fair and Balanced" as Fox News, but have even more fun by avoiding all the rules the FCC would have limited them with otherwise.



Sure, they may not get every single article published — but once one of their "paid bloggers" becomes a regular personality in this community, every new thing he writes is almost certain to go online immediately. 

Thus, Obama becomes a Crack-Smoking Homosexual, secretly born in Kenya so he is not a "Natural-Born Citizien" and therefore cannot be President — an Insidious, Evil Dictator, groomed from birth by a CIA mother to be the Black Messiah, taken under Brzezinski’s wing right out of college (in truth he only met him a year and a half ago), using mass mind-control techniques to serve his New World Order masters and enslave the public.

There are now millions of people out there who believe this, and are attacking anyone who thinks otherwise. 

The negative power groups are well aware that human beings can be inspired to act exactly like an angry nest of stinging insects. It’s the oldest trick in the book, known as the Sacral King.

Turn the people against their leader, rather than the hidden powers behind the scenes that are the real cause of the problem. When the leader is sacrificed, hence the term ‘sacral King,’ the public’s anger is satisfied. For a time, peace seems to be restored — but the deeper issues go on unchecked.



This campaign of "paid bloggers" was exposed by a highly credible insider source on, who goes by the name "Voice of the White House." Some of the propaganda is so laughable that it amazes me to see smart people buying into it. 

Thankfully, Obama’s administration has acted so rapidly to dismantle the New World Order / Neocon faction that this rogue group is now risking everything to save themselves from the "fair and speedy trial" they are promised in the Constitution.

Out of time, out of money, and with no real political power left, their final kamikaze move — the equivalent of Napoleon’s Waterloo or Hitler marching on Stalingrad — is to attempt to create their own worst nightmare… a public uprising… against Obama’s entire administration.



The top alternative-conspiracy-media sites — run by Alex Jones and Jeff Rense — are very important resources that must survive and prosper in these times. Both of these men are highly intelligent, courageous and hard-working, and have earned my respect. I pay membership fees to access their archives, and have read both of them routinely since I got online in 1996.

Nonetheless, both of them are unilaterally promoting a ferocious opposition to Obama that even eclipses the anti-Bush rhetoric of previous years. In so doing, they must ever-increasingly overlook data that counters their established position.

Though I value the free flow of information, their sites have both become so negative that I can barely stand to visit them anymore. Many, many people have written me to express the same feelings, and thank me for presenting an alternative viewpoint in the midst of a very real and very nasty Internet war.

Jones and Rense have become the key ‘opinion makers’ in the "alternative conspiracy media," and their opinions shape the minds of millions. They have now created a massive Internet army that is absolutely, totally and completely opposed to Obama.

This army overwhelms blogs, comments sections and discussion forums with scathing criticism of anyone and everyone who doesn’t agree with them.

As another sign of trouble, the conspiracy community is turning against itself. This is a screen capture from a link on Rense’s site to an article accusing Alex Jones of being "One of Them" — a "Zionist Media Shill" — because he — GASP — is a Christian and has a Jewish wife!

The article claims that Jones has a filter on his site that automatically removes any comments with the word ‘wife’ in them because it has become such a problem for him: 




Now we’ve reached a critical point. The New World Order will fail because of their lack of patience.

Obama’s administration is closing them down. They’re just about out of time. Facts, not speculation, prove this very nicely, and that body of data grows by the day. Now the New World Order wants you to join them in a revolutionary uprising against the elected American government that just defeated them 11 weeks ago.

It’s their last chance. Rense hasn’t mentioned it once, and we only found one mention of it on Alex Jones’ site. We will now share this excerpt, but remind you that this writer has not seen the research that proves this ‘revolution’ is entirely financed by the corporate empire of the New World Order (emphasis added):

I went to the Orlando Tea Party a few weeks ago. I was really encouraged to see thousands of people show up to protest the bailouts and stimulus packages. I came away from the event discouraged, though. It was essentially an Obama bash fest.

Most of the people there were Republicans that seemed to have short memories. I guess they forget that it was their man George Bush that started all of this mess. They spoke of liberty and the Constitution, but they didn‘t seem to know what it all meant.

Then there is Glenn Beck. We‘ve all watched with suspicion the “awakening ” of Glenn Beck. Is this a move by the establishment? Sean Hanity, Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin, and Newt Gingrich are now jumping on the Tea Party bandwagon. It seems apparent that this is a move by the right to hijack the message of liberty and steer it into a dead end.

The more I ponder this move by the establishment, the more I come to realize that they are making a huge mistake. THEY ARE DELIVERING MILLIONS OF PEOPLE INTO OUR HANDS!

If Glen Beck‘s message really is controlled, then they make a huge mistake by letting him bring up subjects like FEMA camps, globalism, and the gold standard. As people look into these topics on their own, they awaken and start the strange journey down the rabbit hole.

As they do independent research on the internet, they arrive at sites with links to other liberty sites. These are OUR websites! This is OUR message. We OWN the message. We dominate the market, so to speak.

There are thousands and thousands of liberty websites, thousands of YouTube videos, and thousands of liberty minded folks on social networks. The establishment might own the airwaves, but we own the internet.


For the exact reasons this writer gives us, the NWO-controlled "anti-Obama revolution" will not work.

And if Obama’s administration was working for the New World Order / Republican faction, as the Jones / Rense conspiracy media continue to claim, then why would Fox, and their backers, literally be trying to overthrow his government?



Jones and Rense have been a steady presence in the alternative media, and in my opinion they have been misled about this administration. Of course, we shouldn’t write any government a blank check, nor worship at their feet with childlike fealty, but we also should maintain an open mind and not rush to judgment.

Real skepticism is good — and skepticism means that you consider the data, the solid facts, the real information that will either confirm or deny your theories and suppositions.

The information presented on Jones and Rense’s websites is increasingly filtered by their existing beliefs, thus denying their readers the opportunity for truly skeptical analysis. Genuine racism and hatred is being fueled by images such as the following:




The media used to be so controlled, and the public so brainwashed by the elite, that Jones and Rense were literally the only sites you could go to for any type of realistic perspective on what was going on "behind the filter of the mainstream media," as Fox itself now routinely says. This is no longer the case! 

Free and open alternative media sites such as Huffington Post, Daily Kos, Politico, Digg and Reddit have grown by leaps and bounds. Arianna Huffington’s website has 200 different articles appear a day, from a huge body of independent journalists.

‘HuffPo’ has now become the largest single resource for honest investigative journalism, even eclipsing the Drudge Report in the number of hits it receives per day. The alternative conspiracy media doesn’t like it because it doesn’t completely conform to their views, and the mainstream media doesn’t like it because it is not being controlled — but it has nonetheless become the dominant Internet media source.

Admittedly, sites like Huffington Post haven’t quite caught up with the full depth of what there is to know about the various factions at work in the governments of the world, or of the scope of evil some of them represent, but if you look carefully, you find they are very  well on their way.



Groundbreaking researcher and activist Naomi Wolf released her new documentary film The End of America just before Obama’s inauguration. She produced her documentary film after discovering that video could reach far more people than writing an article ever could.

This film effectively proves that the Neocons were following a systematic, ten-step program to create a totalitarian dictatorship in America. Wolf is a regular journalist on the Huffington Post, sharing the full breadth of her knowledge there, and also has been interviewed by both Jones and Rense more than once.

This ten-step plan is identical to those followed by Stalin, Hitler and other fascist regimes that rose to power. The entire film can now be watched freely online, and we link to it at the end of this piece. Here are the ten steps: 

1. Invoke a terrifying internal and external enemy.

2. Create a gulag — a prison system outside the rule of law.

3. Develop a thug caste — paramilitary groups to terrorize citizens.

4. Set up an internal surveillance system.

5. Infiltrate and harass citizens’ groups.

6. Engage in arbitrary detention and release to scare people — creating ‘lists’ of dissidents and opposition leaders.

7. Target key individuals. Threaten civil servants, artists and academics with job loss if they don’t toe the line.

8. Control the press. 

9. Dissent equals treason, and criticism equals ‘espionage.’

10. Suspend the rule of law. Use martial law — military troops as a domestic police force.


Thankfully, the plan was never able to be successfully completed. The New World Order did not maintain their grip of power, and the Obama administration is now hunting down and eliminating all the tools they had created to ‘legally’ achieve their goals.

This cannot happen overnight, particularly in the midst of a "Global Economic Meltdown", but substantial steps are being made. On Obama’s first day in office he vowed to shut down the NWO’s systems of secret prisons and detainment camps:

Jonathan Beale: In what appears to be his first decision since taking office, Barack Obama has made clear that he wants to put a halt to the controversial military commissions taking place at Guantanamo.

On his request, the prosecution in the US military trials has issued a motion requesting the suspension of the process for 120 days.

The purpose of the order is to give the Obama administration time to review the cases of those detainees being tried at Guantanamo.

It also provides the new administration with an opportunity to re-examine the controversial legal process which has been widely criticised because it allowed the US military to act as jailer, judge and jury.


And just yesterday, success in this endeavor was announced:


Naomi Wolf’s "The End of America" film targets Blackwater as the NWO’s own version of a ‘secret police’, akin to Stalin’s "Black Shirts" and Hitler’s Stasi, or "Brown Shirts." Even the name "Blackwater" was borrowed from Nazi Germany. Obama’s administration no longer permits this secretive, extra-military entity from conducting interrogations:

During his first week as president, Mr Obama ordered the closure of the black sites, as well as the prison camp at Guantanamo Bay, as part of an overhaul of US detainee policy.

Key issue

In his letter, Mr Panetta also stressed that the CIA no longer employed controversial "harsh interrogation techniques", like "waterboarding", or simulated drowning, which have been widely condemned.

"CIA officers do not tolerate, and will continue to promptly report, any inappropriate behaviour or allegations of abuse," he said.

He also announced that the CIA was no longer allowing outside "contractors" to carry out interrogations.

But the CIA retains the power to detain suspects "on a short-term transitory basis".



In case you have any doubt the Bush Administration was pursuing this agenda, Naomi Wolf’s article from March 3rd reveals declassified internal memos that prove it:

If history gets this recent era right, future textbooks will have to show that the US narrowly averted a carefully planned but thorough and unmistakable conspiracy to subvert the rule of law and the process of democracy from 2001-2008…

…the release this week by the Justice Department of the "secret memos" sought valiantly by the ACLU confirms that Bush’s legal architects were building up the framework for something even scarier than our most anguished projections…

Most dramatically, one memo asserts that Bush can deploy the military within the United States — all of the military if he so wishes — overriding Posse Comitatus, which has kept us safe from military policing for over a century.

As many heard me warn in October and November of last year, when the first troops were sent to US streets, history shows that once the military is deployed domestically to "keep order" in a civil society, it is over…

This memo shows that Bush sought the power to deploy any number of U.S. military into the U.S. itself for any reason he chose; direct them to rip through your home without a warrant, even if you have not been charged with anything; seize material and documents; and even gave Bush the power to use deadly force against you — yes, you, innocent US citizen — "in self-defense."  …

Another memo would give the power to Bush — at his discretion — to close down or censor newspapers, radio and the Internet – override the First Amendment in the interest of "national security."…

Yet another memo gives Bush not only the right to call any US citizen an "enemy combatant" and hold him or her indefinitely… this memo asserts Bush’s right to do whatever he wants to innocent US citizens in this kind of custody, and rejects the notion that Congress would have any role in how US citizens are held or treated — say, by the hypothetically deployed military – on US soil…

[This administration] ok’d the discretion for interrogators to use tactics such as electrodes attached to genitals, sexual assault, threats against family members, suffocation, the beating of prisoners’ legs to "pulp," and in some cases the covering up of their murders. This memo gives Bush the authority to do those things if he wants to innocent US citizens.

Still another memo gives Bush the right to ignore any international treaties — to take over any country, say, or render and citizen anywhere, and do whatever he wants to the citizens of any country against any law, without consent of Congress.

The Washington Post called these memos "legal errors." We need to stare them in the face and understand them: they are evidence that the groundwork was laid out that gave the president the legal power effectively subvert the Republic.

We need to understand the full darkness of what we narrowly escaped — for now, our work is hardly begun.

We need to build these lessons into our history and to use the terror they represent to dismantle the last of Bush’s evil legacy — a legacy that could have been activated by any US president in the future, including Obama or McCain — and see these memos for what they are: the revealed architecture of an intended edifice of what amounts to treason again our republic and against all of us, regardless of belief, station of life, or political party.


One of many moves Obama made to dismantle the New World Order agenda was to legally nullify ALL of these memos and ‘signing statements’.



Naomi Wolf is an incredible voice for Truth in these troubled times, as we’ve just shown. You would think her groundbreaking, free video would be immensely popular right now. However, the Jones / Rense alternative conspiracy crowd has almost completely overlooked it.

Why? Well, she has one critical flaw — she doesn’t hate on Obama. And the ‘army’ of online conspiracy theorists has poured in to attack her as savagely as anyone else they might disagree with.

As one example, in one video where Naomi Wolf where she supports Obama’s candidacy as a positive move in the right direction, over 75 percent of the 73 comments currently listed trash her — even though she has appeared on both Jones and Rense’s programs, and has compiled some of the most impressive data ever put together to reveal the true face of the Republican / Neocon / New World Order. Here is a sample: 

777LucKee777 (1 week ago)
Obama is just the our newest Pinocchio, the elites (Bilderberg Group) are pulling his strings just as hard and as much as they did for Bush. Obama is just the best liar, and the most realistic puppet we have ever seen, and Naomi Wolf fell for it as did many other Americans.

cclodfe (1 month ago)

I use to think Naomi was really trying to wake up young Americans. I mean one year she is talking about the coming police state and facism. She even wrote a book about it called The End of America ,and all of a sudden Obama gets elected and the threat is over. We are still at war with Iraq, the war on terror still rages on, Gitmo still isn’t closed, media is still spreading fear and corps are hijacking our country. Dumb @#*% lost all credibility with me. Sounds like she is part of the propaganda

ninammam (1 month ago)

I thought she supported Ron Paul! What happened i missed this one. Wow i had a lot of faith in her i dont know what to think anymore. I have to say Dennis Kucinich asked everyone to give Obama his votes another one i had total faith in and it swayed me towards Obama to, but i feel i have been duped.

conspiracy777 (1 month ago)

This woman is really ticking me off. She wrote a book basically declaring that Bush was going to declare marshall law and there wouldn’t be an election in ’08’. Then along comes a REAL dictator and she SUPPORTS HIM?

How wrong can she be before she loses credibility? Obviously it doesn’t seem to matter to the left wing loons. She is a total socialist who tries to redefine what the founders intended. I’m sure she likes Obama’s idea of "REMAKING" America.

rgrant (5 months ago)

she supports Obama and Paul? Odd. Omama is no different to Bush. Obama wants to attack Iran. Paul doesnt.

durtyfc (5 months ago)

i lost all respect for her if she’s gonna endorse Obama. really? how can you talk about this paramilitary force only answering to the president and endorse Obama? the man said he wants a domestic military force as large and as funded as our standing military.

Obama is NOT the answer. if she was trying to stir up resistance, why would fox news let her on TV?shes just bashing bush to promote Obama as our savior. Bush, Obama, Mccain, theyre all the same. hey that rhymes:)

haansgruber (5 months ago)


she is a zionist jew and a Rhodes Scholar; protector of the english crown of zion. She is also CFR; thus the reason she backs Obama. Remember, nothing is left to chance people. She is a shill with an agenda, and freedom is not it. Suddenly some CFR, Rhodes Scholar becomes an advocate for freedom and liberty. Be suspicious, be very suspicious.

alvincay100 (11 months ago)

She is just another whore for patriarchy. Obama? gives her the hot flashes, so she endorses him. What a weak minded bitch.


The last comment barely begins to touch the kinds of personal character assaults I’ve gotten for sharing my own views on this subject. I have received hundreds of outrageously negative and hateful letters from these guys, and undoubtedly will get many more by writing this article.

Nonetheless, I have continued to provide fact, not opinion, countering the view of the anti-Obama conspiracy brigades.



As I wrote last week, this was the graphic that launched the "Fox Nation". Alaska, an obvious Republican stronghold and the center of Sarah Palin’s state government, is lit up, showing they are part of the "Nation". However, many of the reddest states, such as Texas, are NOT lit up: 



This poses a clear challenge to the disenfranchised voters in those states. The Fox Nation is forming… and you’re not part of the team. You haven’t done enough. You’re Not One of the Good Guys Yet.

This initial image of a fractured America — strongly suggesting a revolution where states break away from the Union — has since been replaced by an all-blue America in Fox’s images. Nonetheless, we grabbed the proof for you for the very short time it was online — just long enough for the Neocons to get a message to the faithful.

The Drudge Report is now running ads promoting the revolutionary overthrow of the US government in regular rotation. The Boston Tea Party was the spark that incited the American Revolution, which overthrew the British government, and these posters clearly say "The Revolution is Brewing": 



In this next snapshot from Fox News, we clearly see a corporate-made protest sign saying "Impeach Everyone" — i.e. overthrow the elected government — in the midst of the rhetoric about the many "Tea Party" protests all around the nation on Tax Day, April 15th:




The 2000 election results were suspended well after Election Day in a major Constitutional Crisis. The Republican-led Supreme Court intervened and declared George W. Bush president, even though subsequent vote tallies revealed he had not won in Florida, and thus was not the winner of the election.

Extensive proof of ‘vote tampering’ was uncovered, revealing that the election had been stolen by the Neocons. Bush’s popularity quickly plummeted, and along with it the economy was heading into free-fall collapse.

On September 10, 2001, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld announced that 2.3 TRILLION dollars was ‘missing’ from the US defense budget in just one year. Most of us were distracted by a much larger news story on September 11th.

The 2004 election was similarly astonishing. How could this President possibly have maintained power for another term in any democratic process? Again, after the election, an enormous body of evidence surfaced to prove that the election had been stolen once again, through a wide variety of dirty tricks and vote tampering.



In a truly astonishing move, the New World Order are now blatantly, openly and unabashedly attempting to incite a massive public uprising — to literally overthrow the democratically-elected President of the United States and his entire administration.

It’s happening right in front of our very eyes. And hardly anyone is taking it seriously, or even talking about it — most surprisingly including the "alternative conspiracy media." 

Everyone is taught in school that the Boston Tea Party was the final spark that ignited the American Revolution, where the colonial settlers overthrew their existing government.

Now, Fox News — widely acknowledged as the media mouthpiece of the Republican / New World Order faction — is making a