[Note 8/17/97: What an interesting way to begin this section of my writings. At the exact same moment that I opened up this program, after a good hour of net surfing, I spontaneously felt a very strong pressure in my ears; the pressure came back again, a little less intense, as I started writing this, and I notice now a slight pressure in the solar plexus as well and a little pain, perhaps in the stomach. While this information might properly be delegated to Section 2, this block of time all represents the end of a big phase; I have just been through a quite involved situation, going to Jude’s wedding, being completely sick the first night and having a fantastic time the second night.

These forces can manipulate me in ways that I do not yet fully understand, but this was a quite dramatic and personal example that really drove the point home. I distinctly heard an amplification of sound, felt dizzy and felt a very strong pressure in my ears. Also, just today I have realized that many of the situations that I feared were to come raining down on my head are no longer things I need to worry about.]


Friday 8 / 1 / 97 – 7:30 a.m.

Stress and Repetition

This dream seemed to mirror the stresses I am going through, and parallel the ever – changing circumstances. Remembering that Sue from Reservations was in the dream, as well as the kitten. The dream seemed to mirror the stress and repetition. This is triggering feelings in me now of remembering this guy who fought with me so vigorously once he saw the package rate offered in the New York Times.

Synchronicity note: Asking Eric about whether he would work at the monastery again or not, and at that exact same moment, they called.


Saturday 8 / 2 / 97 – ~8:00 a.m.

Warning: Speeding Ticket on the Way This Morning

Long and complex dream. Remembering some kind of legal trouble; a very long thing involving something like Mohonk. There was something I wanted to do, and these people were blocking me from doing it. This turned into a law case where I had to stand in front of a judge. I felt that it was unfair and that I had no legal representation. E F was involved at one point, and I was inside this room, and there was a conspiratorial atmosphere towards me. Faces from high school, and Mohonk. They were about to get me in trouble for things I was doing wrong, though now I do not remember what those things were. One thing leads to another, and I find out that E F is planning on going on a trip. At first I thought he was going to see Stonehenge, and I got excited and wanted to go too.

I ended up on a tour bus that was intended for Stonehenge, and also felt like the Amtrak train. Once I actually left for the long ride, I realized that we were not going to Stonehenge at all, but to a place I had already seen, even though consciously I didn’t remember. I got the impression it was downstate, near New Jersey; these megalithic blue stones with ancient inscriptions carved into them. I had some very vivid mental pictures of what they would see when they went there, but I never actually ended up going. I think I might have started to be on the bus, but I never ended up there.

[Note: Further investigation of these readings has shown that there is a direct connection between EF and the Ra-Ta period. He himself had stated that he felt that I had been his teacher at one point. The megalithic stones seem to be the key here.]

The legal pressure that was on me was enormous; people kept coming after me for things and bothering me. This segued into Jason B playing piano and the girl who was harassing me playing bass. They started playing this music which crescendoed and got very psychedelic and intense, and after a long crescendo they brought it back down. I was really amazed at what they had done.

Two more of them; I can’t believe it. I actually slept last night. [Image of white rice in a bowl:] You know you shouldn’t be eating this, as this has a clogging effect as well.

[Note: Of course, almost all references to music have to do with my channeling work.]

After the music, I went back up inside the bus and found an old computer that I knew was Eric L’s. It was very old and looked like a crappy computer, but I dragged it out and turned it on. The letters for typing were one inch wide, and quite obviously archaic. I dragged it out anyway and started looking at the files, and at first it was obviously inferior in terms of programming.

[Note 8/17/97: Quite obviously, this is a predictive reference to the fact that about four days ago, my mother spontaneously offered to give me a computer system that she was no longer using when she found out that I might be able to use it for my writing. In the next paragraph, the full ramifications of this gift are brought out, indicating what it makes me capable of doing as a result; it also seems to be in sync with the severe health problems that I would have when I went home two days ago.

9/01: More accurately, this may be simply a reference to getting back in touch with the technical – scientific part of my personality from early childhood and integrating it. ]

Miraculously, I then opened a file in the computer, which somehow caused it to go into this other thing that turned out to be these vivid, three – dimensional looking full color maps of various organs inside the body; it was a black background with green – colored grid lines and vividly realistic 3-D renderings of organs that you could scan from different angles.

[Note: This is obviously a dramatic indication of the Cayce incarnation, since medical readings were his big thing. I was moving closer and closer to remembering that I had once used this diagnostic capability very directly.]

Other people might have seen me doing this, but I was paranoid that the people coming after me legally might see me doing this, and I decided that it was better just to hide it away and not let anyone see me; I quickly shut the computer back down and put it away again.

[Note: This need to hide would have obvious connotations once I learned of the Cayce identity connection.]

[Note 8/12/97: Very interesting, in light of the fact that I was just thinking before this paragraph about the need to keep much of my UFO studies under concealment.]

D: It seems to be that the prosecution this dream was showing me was, in the real world, my own prosecution of self.

[Note 8/12/97: Obviously, there was more. This morning, I would get snagged in a speed trap and get yet another ticket, this time for 49 in a 30. It was early on a Saturday morning, and no one was on the road. I will have to deal with the consequences, but I have decided to stop speeding and take this all as a very intense karmic statement that this is not a behavior that I can continue in any fashion if I am to make further spiritual progress. I am happy about this decision, as it liberates me from the stress I felt of always feeling a restless urge to go faster than the flow of traffic.]


Sunday 8 / 3 / 97 – 6:45 a.m.

Don’t Fear The ET’s

Quite the epic dream. I ended up in some kind of building, a sprawling educational or office type building connected with working at a desk and J P, who was there. During the course of this dream, it appears that an extraterrestrial presence was going to land and make itself visible, and there was a great deal of tension and apprehension about this. It built up for quite a long time, and it was extremely scary when it actually happened. There was a big huge crowd in an auditorium, and when the aliens came, they looked like parodies of Greys, with oversized heads. They were very, very large, far too big. They seemed at first to advocate violence and other unwholesome things. They weren’t all formed right; they had dents in their heads that made them look phony; they looked like marionettes or giant puppets of some kind.

[Note 9/23: After Chan’s return, I now have a key chain that she bought me before she left Japan that is the image of a Grey with a severely oversized head. The time she bought it may well have been around this same date.]

There was a lot of fear when they first arrived, perhaps encouraging violence. I was quite scared by them, as were other people.

The conventional wisdom is not "scared," but afraid.

It turned out that they ended up being jovial and friendly, even thoughÃ