[Note: Section 13 contains the incredible reading that was produced when my friend Skip hypnotized me for the first time. That reading is included here, so don’t "skip" this one!]


Friday 5 / 15 / 97 – 6:30 a.m.

Dream Title: The Truth Must Be Known!

The dream was of working at the front desk, and there was some sort of accident that had happened involving a room, and people could see the room if they wanted to, even though there was an effort to cover it up. I was willing and wanted to take people up there, show them the room key and everything else. I wanted to expose the truth behind the cover-up. Signing off for now, as I have to get in the car in about five minutes and go to work.

[David’s Journal Writing:] This was one of the last sessions before the session with Skip, where the Three came through with more power than ever before. Since then, I seemed to get depressed, as soon afterwards, I realized that I was causing all this tension upon myself. In the second session with Skip, a name for The Three came through from a past life, where they were known as Hephaestus. An amazing synchronicity then occurred where I checked the Internet for that name, and came across a site that had Joe Mason’s posts on it. Not only that, but the site basically put Hephaestus in the position of Enki in the Greek pantheon; namely, that this was the soul responsible for the genetic engineering of humanity to its present form. This was highly interesting.

>>> Today, when Skip and I had our third session, The Three came out again. The male is Grandfather, the female is Lucia. The third is apparently a higher level being who has no name and is closely in contact with the One.

As I drove home, it occurred to me that images of old men have occurred at various times in my life, as have images of white-robed females. Thinking on the Masonic year AL, or Anno Lucis, I realized that this meant Year of Light. Therefore, Lucia could be the female form of Light. In the fiction story that I wrote during college, there were two higher-dimensional spirits talking, and one was named Old One and the other Light. Seeing the connection between "Old One" and "Grandfather" and "Lucia" and "Light" made me realize that this was probably not a conscious invention. This connection was a strong affirmation that I was not simply imagining things as I did this, that I was dealing with a real, verifiable phenomenon. I guess at long last, the voices have names! This only happened after Skip got me into a very deep trance. Also, there was no characteristic tension in the chest like there was the first time, and the tension in my chest that I had been carrying for the last week was dispelled!

I am currently concerned about something I heard this morning, which seemed to indicate that I might have an accident of some kind tomorrow. Thus, this particular session has a note of immediacy in it. I really want to know what is going on here. I also know that the session with Skip today was quite valuable, and that will need transcription as well. Here we go. [I did not end up having an accident. This all has been moved to its proper place in the chronology; the date is Monday morning. Included thereafter is the transcript of the writing I did that afternoon after the latest session with Skip, which will also get introduced here in its proper place. Remember that when I wrote that section, I had not translated anything below this point.]


Sunday 5 / 17 / 97 – 8:11 a.m.

[Seeing an image of the chakras in the body.] We can get them all to be spinning in the same time, in the same direction. It is quite something.

[Note: This was something that Skip had been working on doing for me in the sessions themselves.]

Your faith has expanded well into your job descriptions; we are pleased to see the acclimatization that you have undergone. This is a very positive development for your employment karma.

[Note: At this point I had just gotten the word that he was to be promoted from Front Desk to Reservations at the hotel.]


Monday 5 / 18 / 97 – 7:10 a.m.

I don’t understand; it seems that you have a lot of nerves in the end; you are too nervous. You just need to relax. Give yourself a chance to just really, really relax. You’re going to see yourself, remember. Write down any extra information or whatever you might find.

[4] The things we have brought to you will demand greater and greater concentration on your part. In order to keep you from falling by the wayside, we have specifically brought these things together in order that you may assemble them into a framework which will allow you to perceive greater and greater unity in your own being and in the world. We want you to be fully aware that there is a quite deliberate nature to what is happening, and there is no need for you to be afraid or to worry about what is going on.

Many times in the past we have been there for you, and that is not about to change any time soon. We want you to understand that in our heart and in your heart, the strength of being permeates through. In this manner, we are there for you, and we provide the strength and support that you need. Our main concern is that you realize the other responsibilities that you still have to uphold; that you recognize them and take it upon yourself to actualize them.

You are going to be seeing people who are very deeply aligned with the Orion forces – the negative energy that permeates in your sphere. You will have to become very good at dissipating that energy, or else it might affect you. We are concerned about the way that you have been eating, but we trust you behind this point that you will alter that soon enough. Just ask anyone about this, and you will get the answers that you need. There is a point where you have to just relinquish desires that you have had for various things and just get to a point of total self-sacrifice, which by and of itself breeds self-awareness and self-understanding. This is a delicate equilibrium that can be reached where you are balancing and juggling many opposing forces that are all moving in flux.

In order for us to be able to give you this information, it is important that you stay tuned and aware in such a way that we can allow the information to permeate through you. Thus, you are correct in ascertaining the need for you to try to tune in to what we are saying more often in the daytime. If you can keep your mind open and aware, that will be of great assistance. Furthermore, we also want you to be aware that the time is growing rather short, and it is essential for you to work diligently to work toward your other goals. We want you to be fully ready for whatever comes your way by the time the Mohonk season ends. This is definitely something that has a deadline, David. You need to be aware of that.

[Note: Little did I know that they were planning on having me move to Virginia Beach as soon as Mohonk ended. It worked, as I felt as if I really didn’t have a choice.]

Our guest speaker tonight is you; the topics are always of your own choosing. Therefore, we applaud your efforts of reading The Seth Material in your spare time, as this will provide you with a wide array of subject material that you can ask about. We have noticed that several questions have arisen in your mind as a result of reading these things, and as time goes by, we will answer them in turn with your own specific requests.

Recognize the barriers that have been placed before you, for when you come into a greater acceptance of the challenges you have chosen, you will recognize them and actualize them in three-dimensional space. You are now learning that there is absolutely no fundamental difference between past, present and future, and that the present is the only point of existence that you will ever have access to in physical matter. Physical matter simply does not exist except as a means for you to apprehend sensory information coming from the worlds of energy. The entire plane of physicality, having intelligent, spiritual lifeforms such as yourselves, is a giant experiment that was conducted in a way to see what would happen with such an extreme separation from the energies of the universe. The more that time goes on and you study and understand this information, the better of a position you will be in to really grasp and understand how this hierarchical structure works, and that is very important.

You will be going through many transitions, many upliftments, and many new faces as everything progresses.

The more you understand about the internal hierarchy and structure of the universe, the more you will be able to utilize it. For what is a trip without a road map? Once you have the road map, you can enter in to these states of being and know where you are going and where your destination point is. That should prove quite illuminating for you. You will survive this, and come out ahead. We have every faith in you, because we know that you have proven yourself in the past, just as you now have proven yourself here. The main thing we want to caution you is that you are going to be exposed to a lot more energy of different kinds, with all the people you will be meeting, and some of them will have very strong Orion energy. So, it is important that you keep your shields up so that even in the process of being friendly to them, you do not allow this energy to permeate into your own psychic structure, for that could prove to be quite detrimental to you. That is why we want you to try to maintain a point of meditative focus while you are there, as that will effectively block any chance of this happening.

Another point of inestimable value is you going through and recording your own written materials from the past, and recognizing the information that was contained within. Some of these things will prove to be of extreme importance to you. Documented evidence of you trying to do this technique well before you actually accomplished it proves to many eyes and many souls that what you are doing was something that was always intended and had been built up over a long period of time. That should be something of great interest to many of your readers.

D: Thinking about the detailed explanation in Philosophy class of the word fragments that I would hear, and my mosaic theory.

You can tear out the whole thing, the whole section, and bring it back to us later on in the program. Right now, it is important that you get the snapshot, and the reservations job will give you very valuable training that you will need. We are very pleased with your attitude. Again, we caution you to be careful with your eating, as this affects how deep we can go with you and how much we can do, as you have just felt.


The Tamuz Papers – 5 / 22 / 97 – Session One with Skip Weatherford

"If you are searching for God, what better way to find him than to have him speak through you? There is a whole spiritual network out here, and groups of people should be trying to gain access. David, as a side note you are also correct in assuming that your contacts might be strengthened if you had someone to guide you. We will have to wait and see what happens with that…."

"[Flashing back on the group last night.] They are a good bunch of people, sometimes a bit too far into Christian dogma, which is not necessary, but they understand; they understand quite a bit. We are very pleased to see that you have aligned with a group such as this, and we hope that you will continue to go and not break off the contact, as the effect of it has and will extend through various spheres of influence that you have. It essentially is what will start you in the process of building the kind of network that you really want, and we can think of no greater thing for you to achieve than that."

"[Images of getting things started in the business, talking to the people by the fire, and then talking to Skip and asking him what he charged, and then him telling me that it all depends.] A couple days ago you would have seen this right along the same lines as school. We are glad to see you open up to it. Your progress must be realized."

Journal Note 5 / 22 / 97 – I have just returned from Skip Weatherford’s house, wherein we went through a very strange set of experiences. The most recent of which is that I was unable to start this computer at all without it being in safe mode, which was a recurring problem but never to the degree that it was today, where there was a total block to the entry. Then, once the startup screen came on in safe mode, the time was exactly 2:22 and stayed that way for the better part of the entire minute.

On the way home from Skip’s, I noticed that I got stopped by a police officer for speeding. This seemed so apropos in lieu of everything else that I wasn’t even very upset about it. Since it appeared that my karma was being cleared, there was no need to worry about it; the message was simple – this was the end of bad driving.

When I went to his house, I had to fill out some paperwork. We talked for a while, and he had the picture of the new Cabbala crop circle on his desk. He told me some general metaphysics – type stuff about holographic theory, which I was quite accustomed to hearing by this point. I went to the bathroom and then into his private room to start the reading. At some point I told him about how I could seemingly affect electromagnetic fields by thought alone, and explained the drops in computer noise and the telephone hanging up spontaneously once I got revved up in a conversation.

There was a tape recorder, a square metallic space heater and a light with a timer connected to the outlet that he was using. I was already meditating, and I sat in the chair and brought out my crystals. He leaned over me to plug in the tape recorder, and then all of a sudden, from underneath the table where the cord came down, there was a bright yellow flash, a slight zapping noise, and then a thin plume of smoke. It suddenly was obvious that the cord somehow shorted out, even though it wasn’t touching anything; it just did it on its own. Both of us realized what must have been happening; an outside force seemed to have caused the short – circuit, an outside force connected with what we were doing. Later on, the cord would prove to be fine.

Then, we proceeded. I held the dream voice crystals in the usual left hand, and reclined his chair all the way back, and he put a blanket over me, just on my arms and chest. He started telling me to relax, and I began doing so, though I felt I wasn’t going in as deeply and as quickly as I wanted to. This sort of caused me concern. Then he asked me to visualize my fourth birthday after a good bit of time, and I didn’t remember anything of it. That was frustrating as well, though I did remember some Christmas images.

Then, just as I had asked, he brought me right into the out – of – body experience at age five. He asked me what was happening and how I felt. I realized I now needed to speak, and opened my mouth. As I snapped into the image, with fleeting shots of it in my mind, my heart suddenly started racing. I was totally afraid! It seems that I relived the anxiety that I originally felt, which crescendoed into absolute panic as I started to go down the stairs at the end. I didn’t remember the fear like I did at this moment by any means! I was freaking out!

The next thing I know, he is asking me if there is anyone else there with me who I can sense. I told him that I could hear voices in the background and that I felt I was being watched. Then suddenly, the Dream Voice came through with a passion. The weird thing about it was that there was a huge, clamping pressure on my heart through the entire time that it happened. Now in retrospect, I remember other times when it happened, quite often when I smoked pot after I had largely stopped doing it. This was the time when I went through all the profound upliftments that led me to quit; powerful spiritual upliftments seemed connected to the strange pressure. I also felt the same pressure when I did the music with Jude in the winter which later proved extremely prophetic. [Note: I would later find out through Monroe’s books that chest pressure as well as electrical anomalies were part of the experiences shared with the OBE’rs at the Monroe Institute.]

Furthermore, according to Greg C, the UFO researcher from Pine Bush, certain extraterrestrial beings frequently use a technique of slowing the heart to elicit communication in whatever form. What makes this even more strange was that when I was with Yumi in the theater at New Paltz, and the shaman singer who was performing gave me a Ã