Even the most sarcastic, shame-dumping skeptics have had to admit they were wrong in the last three months. Day by day, the story is evolving.

Are the NSA disclosures genuinely upsetting to the Powers that Were? Or are they merely part of some sinister plan to gain further control?

Thankfully, we have real insiders with long-term track records who are publicly revealing what is happening behind the scenes.

As I disclosed in other recent articles, the "Voice of the White House" source on has provided very reliable inside intel, at least once a month, for an entire decade.

This insider claims to have worked in middle-management White House staff through at least two administrations. also had an insider who leaked internal Fox memos, where the staff were told how to 'spin', lie and distort public events for the elite agenda.

The latest update from "Voice of the White House", as we will see, reveals there is genuine panic in the government over the NSA disclosures.


A BIT OF THE HISTORY has records of TBRNews going back to its debut in 2002. The first fully-readable archived page was captured on November 19, 2002.

The Fox insider first contacted TBRNews in mid-March, 2003 — and soon provided a disk with 1,497 pages of internal documents dating back to 2001.

Due to a variety of interconnecting factors, it appears that this insider was actually the author, or at least one of the authors, of the memos themselves.

This quote from the initial debut of "Controlling the News," as he was first called, reveals key details:

During the middle of March, 2003, tbrnews received an email from a man who claimed to be a mid-level executive with a major American television network.

He stated in this, and subsequent, emails that he was in possession of “thousands” of pages of in-house memos sent from his corporate headquarters in New York City to the head of the network’s television news department.

He went on to say that these memos set forth directives about what material was, and was not, to be aired on the various outlets of the network.

This individual claimed he was developing serious doubts about the strict control of media events and decided that he would pass this material along to someone who might make use of it.

There was the question of his job security. If someone published his name, it would be certain he was not only fired, but blackballed throughout his profession.



As we read on, we see that Walter Storch, the head of TBRNews, did agree to the terms — and took possession of these incredible documents.

If would agree to protect his identity, he would send us these alleged thousands of pages of notes, going back to 2001.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating, so we accepted his caveats and he then sent to us by disk the pages he spoke of. 

All [1,497 memos] are on corporate stationary, signed or initialed by the senders and again, signed or initialed by the recipients in the news division….

Naturally, someone could easily have obtained correct in-house network letterheads, made copies of them and prepared false memoranda, but the sheer size and depth of the collection was impressive.

If these memos were true, they showed with a terrible clarity that at least one part of the American mass media was strictly controlled, and that the news was so doctored and spun that it might as well be official news releases from the White House and Pentagon.



The introduction and first nine installments of "Controlling the News", with dozens of leaked internal Fox memos, can be found here.

There are a total of approximately 36 installments of this series, dating to June 2004, before this insider left his job at Fox.

All of the installments can easily be read by looking up on the "Internet Wayback Machine."

The site itself does not have all of its archives available, since it switched over to a WordPress format as of April 12, 2010.

The former archives were not in WordPress format, and were never re-installed once the website changed — but they are all available on

There were multiple instances where data points that were leaked by this insider later became public news stories. This established genuine credibility.

I outlined and summarized the data on, under the pseudonym Art Aqua, on July 27, 2003.



Although there were many examples of these insider disclosures accurately predicting future news stories, one example was particularly noteworthy.

I wrote this up and published it on July 27, 2003, under a pseudonym and on a friend's website — for my own protection. You can read it at the bottom of this page.

The key memo appeared in Controlling the News, Part 11, which was first captured by as of July 1st, 2003 — as you can see at the following link:


At the above link, you can read the following entry from an internal Fox memo dated June 20, 2003:

(June 20) Continue with positive reports about the market upswings… no comment on the 10% unemployment rates.

Work up a treatment that stresses the problems newly-graduated high school students have in finding work. Thus, the higher rates.



This information was online as of July 1st, 2003, according to

The Cabal was instructing the media to whitewash and cover-up their ongoing destruction of the economy — which has now reached a peak crisis point.

On July 13, 2003, the New York Times published an article that precisely followed the directives given in the "leaked" Fox memo. 

In the very first sentence, this article blames the highest unemployment rates in a decade on newly-graduated high school students — just as the memo said.

The link I published in the investigation from 2003 is still active at this moment:


Here is a snapshot of the beginning of the July 14, 2003 article — in case it conveniently disappears from the New York Times website:



This really opened my eyes. The 36-part "Controlling the News" series was an incredible insider view of how the media was manipulated.

I was quite surprised to see this New York Times article emerge so soon afterwards, precisely following the leaked "orders" we saw in the Fox memo.

This was what inspired me to quickly assemble a vast collection of insider intel — and publish it all just 13 days later, under a pseudonym.



The announcement that this insider had worked for Fox was officially made on December 3, 2004:

The very popular ‘Controlling the News’ series has reappeared now that the author, who had worked for Rupert Murdoch, was hired by a real newspaper chain.

These entries may now be found only on our weekly Journal.



Most likely, the last memo this insider wrote before quitting Fox was on April 1, 2004, and was leaked in Part 36.

Here are some excerpts from this last, or next-to-last memo — expressing the insider's disgust at the job he was performing. He was totally fed up by this point.

(April 1, 2004) It seems that we have reached the watershed. This relates to the relationship between us (our organization in specific) and the Administration (that is the White House).

Serious questions about the stolen election (obvious fraud) but a general agreement to try to live with the situation. 9-11 and a strong, unqualified support of the President. He made a strong case for being a serious leader and we all followed him….

Then the Iraq business. Some questions: Is this really necessary? Is Daddy behind this? No, we did not question our Protector and so we went to war but voices were warning us. We did not listen and gave him all the coverage he wanted.

Another brief and successful Gulf War. All Power to the Wartime President!


Then the doubts. Stories about “substance abuse” and worse stories about who knew what and when about 9-11.

Emergence of the fact that there were no WMDs and finally, that Bush lied about everything all the time and was really a very stupid person.

At least a thousand dead (but not admitted) and over ten thousand badly wounded (but never talked about.)

Questions about his fanatical religious beliefs; questions about the Israel-supporting neo cons.

Questions about the real control exercised by Cheney (who makes a good appearance but is as crazy as a loon) and on and on.

A war we cannot ever win; mounting casualties; increasing resistance at home; ugly revelations of moronic and ideological incompetence at the highest level.

The gross and very dangerous incompetency of the President now becoming more and more revealed.

The frenzy on the part of Rove and other nuts to stay in office.

Obvious attempts to establish a theocracy (“faith based ideals”) in America and to establish a religious police state backed by a rabble of raving nuts from the Religious Right.


Bush has so f-ed up the economy that even if some intelligent person with complete control tried to straighten it out this very moment, it would take years.

Stories that Bush is loading us up with so much internal debt that all the welfare programs like Social Security, SSI and others will have to be scrapped for lack of money.

The Bush Administration wants, no, demands, that we support them. We cannot. He will fall and we must not fall with him. He wants to replace the Constitution with the Ten Commandments!

In the end, we will be rid of him and all of his people but the damage they have done will take years to repair.

Bush wants to put Christ in the White House, and he will only turn the public against his Pentecostal friends who now control the Republican Party.

The economy is totally f-ed and the only thing the media can do is to report on it.

The average American is so goddam stupid that many of them believe even the crudest of official lies so we wonder if anyone out there is actually reading, and watching, any kind of objective news.

It’s not God Bless America these days but God Save America!



The "Voice of the White House" updates — which are probably from the same person as "Controlling the News" — began on TBRNews as of Part 38.

The snarky, sarcastic tone remained consistent between Voice of the White House and Controlling the News, and there was a seamless transition between them.

I have been subscribed to the weekly journal ever since it started, and both the public and private updates seem to be written by "Voice of the White House."'s earliest capture of the dawning of "Voice of the White House" dates back to July 8, 2004.

No one has been able to figure out who he is — but he very much has his ear to the ground and is apparently still working full time in the White House.



Let's read what Voice of the White House had to say about the NSA in his most recent journal entry from August 21, 2013.

Washington, D.C. August 21, 2013: “From the moment that the Guardian started pubishing the devastating inside intelligence material about the enormous domestic spying programs now working full tilt inside the country, there has been frenzy, fury and fear manifested in the higher levels of government.

The President, according to a friend in the White House, is screaming for Edward Snowden’s head and various other agencies are working over time with the burn bags and egging computer geeks into greater action in cleansing their computer files of damaging information.

Obama, furious at being balked by Putin in the matter of getting his hands on Snowden, is ordering his minions to terrify anyone remotely connected with him.

From the Oval Office, calls have been made to try to pressure the judge in the Manning case to put him in prison for as long as possible.

The Department of State is still pressuring both the British government and that of Sweden to get their hands on Julian Assange so they can try him for treason and put him in prison for life.

This is rather interesting because Assange is not an American citizen so the question of treason is of a kindergarten nature.

What all of this motley crew is terrified of are future revelations about their misdeeds.

They reason that if the American public gets wind of everything they did, and are doing without interuption by the way, there will be a revolt not seen since 1776."



The stunning, ongoing NSA disclosures appear to be one part of a much larger, long-standing plan to restore freedom, peace and prosperity on earth.

Earth has been suffering under an artificially-created belief system that there is no money. As a result, people are hurting everywhere.

The idea that "all the money is gone" is simply not true. It had to go somewhere. And it's still there now.

Economies never need to be subjected to such vast boom-and-bust cycles.

Corruption and greed are what has caused the problems we are now in.

The solution can be much simpler, and far more dramatic, than most people realize.

An international alliance has been steadily working to break the stranglehold over the creation of money — particularly since 9/11.

Much of this plan needed to be carried out in total secrecy — so as not to alert the enemy to the objective, thereby ruining the element of surprise.



As of August 20th, 2013, thousands of readers are now enjoying The Synchronicity Key, which boldly predicts the sequence of events now taking place.

Furthermore, I use intriguing scientific data to forecast that this is all leading up to a spectacular exposure and defeat of the greatest financial tyranny on earth.

I took great risks with my personal credibility to put such time-sensitive prophecies into a mass-market hardcover book — but I was confident they were correct.

Multiple events have already taken place that validated what I wrote in the final draft — which was submitted in April 2013.

It is surprising and gratifying to see how thoroughly and effectively these prophecies are coming true.