The Federal Reserve Cabal has threatened to destroy the dollar and ruin the world's financial system if any of its key members are arrested or even charged. Now the BRICS alliance is creating an alternative World Bank that will be many orders of magnitude larger than the existing system. 

This could quickly lead to the most epic change in modern history — and there is nothing the Cabal can do to stop it. Hence there is true panic amongst the insider ranks at this time.



A massive geopolitical event was expected to occur on Thursday-Friday April 10th and 11th.

It was a big letdown. Or so we thought at the time.

During this epic meeting, the US was going to sign off on a new financial agreement with the BRICS countries — Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. 

This would have been the biggest geopolitical event since World War II — and would have reduced the Federal Reserve's majority share and veto power.

There has been intense pressure for the Fed to sign off on this new deal since 2010 — but they have continued lying, deceiving and delaying this whole time.

We have an 85-page document, last updated on March 24th, that is a series of links to stories about the then-impending meeting and its ramifications. 

Simply put, the dollar has lost 96 percent of its purchasing power in the last century since the Federal Reserve came into power.

The Fed-induced perpetual boom-and-bust cycles have led to enormous financial pain worldwide — a truly unprecedented financial crisis.

Many people still don't realize that the Federal Reserve is a private consortium of international mega-bankers who print the US dollar — and charge us interest.



The scope and power of Great Depression II, or GD2, is still largely not being talked about. It's like that old parable of the tree falling in the forest.

If a Great Depression happens but no one bothers to call it that, is it still a Great Depression? Absolutely.

A handful of "blue chip" stocks have been manipulated to fabricate the spurious "recovery" perpetually bandied about in the mainstream media.

In reality, GD2 is actually worse than GD1. As one example, 44 percent of Americans are living in poverty — paycheck to paycheck.

1/30: Nearly Half of America Lives Paycheck to Paycheck

As evidenced by a report out Thursday from the Corporation for Enterprise Development, nearly half of Americans are living in a state of “persistent economic insecurity,” that makes it “difficult to look beyond immediate needs and plan for a more secure future.”

In other words, too many of us are living paycheck to paycheck. The CFED calls these folks “liquid asset poor,” and its report finds that 44% of Americans are living with less than $5,887 in savings for a family of four.

The plight of these folks is compounded by the fact that the recession ravaged many Americans’ credit scores to the point that now 56% percent of us have subprime credit. 

That means that if emergencies arise, many Americans are forced to resort to high-interest debt from credit cards or payday loans.



This next statistic is just as shocking — if not more so. The actual unemployment rate in GD2 (37.2%) is significantly higher than it ever was in GD1 (25%).

1/21: Unemployment Rate 37.2% — Worse than Great Depression 25%
Don't believe the happy talk coming out of the White House, Federal Reserve and Treasury Department when it comes to the real unemployment rate and the true “Misery Index.” Because, according to an influential Wall Street advisor, the figures are a fraud.
In a memo to clients provided to Secrets, David John Marotta calculates the actual unemployment rate of those not working at a sky-high 37.2 percent, not the 6.7 percent advertised by the Fed, and the Misery Index at over 14, not the 8 claimed by the government….
“The unemployment rate only describes people who are currently working or looking for work,” he said. That leaves out a ton more.
“Unemployment in its truest definition, meaning the portion of people who do not have any job, is 37.2 percent… [according to] he and colleague Megan Russell in their new investors note from their offices in Charlottesville, Va.
The San Jose State University Department of Economics indicates that GD1 unemployment levels peaked at 25 percent:
San Jose State U. Dept. of Economics — Great Depression 1 Topped at 25% Unemployment
The economy descended from essentially full employment in 1929, when the unemployment rate was 3.2 percent, into massive unemployment in 1933, when the unemployment rate reached 25 percent.




Another casualty of GD2 is the astonishing wave of bankruptcies in the retail sector — of companies we have known and loved for many years. 

This is a partial list of businesses that are either closing stores, downsizing, filing for bankruptcy or going out of business as of May 27, 2014.

5/27: Major Retail Stores Going Bankrupt in 2014

370    Family Dollar

365    Coldwater Creek

360    Dots

300    Blockbuster

300    Sears

225    Staples (through 2015)

223    Barnes & Noble (through 2023)

200    Radio Shack

180    Abercrombie & Fitch (by 2015)

175    Aeropostale (“over the next several years”)

155    Sbarro

150    American Eagle Outfitters

150    Rent-A-Center

91      Blockbuster (UK)

76      Walgreens

74      McDonald's (Japan)

55      Sprint

33     JCPenney

26     Albertson's

25     Yankee One Dollar Stores

20     Barnes & Noble

20     SONY

15     Office Depot

12     Target

7      OfficeMax

5      Macy's

3      Ace Hardware

3      Books-A-Million

3      Williams-Sonoma

2      Best Buy

2      Kroger

2      Nordstrom



If you are still reading, and this makes you angry, then that is a good thing. We must first be aware of the problem before we can hope to solve it.

This next excerpt is from our 85-page databank, describing how there is no time in history where one entity controls the global financial system for long:

3/14: The World is Screaming for a New Financial System

One of the key lessons we can take away from history is that the global financial system changes… frequently.

In ancient times, Roman coins were used across the region by Romans and non-Romans alike who engaged in trade and commerce.

Given how destructively successive Roman governments debased their coins, however, the reserve burden eventually fell to the Byzantine Empire, whose gold solidus coin became the dominant currency in world trade.

Over the centuries, this standard changed several more times. The Venetians, Florentines, Spanish, French, British, etc. each issued the world’s dominant currency at one point or another.

But the fundamentals of those currencies changed. Governments engaged in wanton debasement, mismanaged their economies, and accumulated massive debt levels. And eventually the world shifted to new currencies.

Since the end of World War II, the US dollar has been the dominant currency in the world.

And even though Richard Nixon ended the dollar’s convertibility to gold and unilaterally abandoned the US government’s obligations under the Bretton Woods system back in 1971, the world has still clung to the dollar for the past 43 years.

But this is changing rapidly….



As this article goes on, we see how the current financial system has caused such great distress that the rest of the world is screaming for change.

3/14: The World is Screaming for a New Financial System

India. China. Just about everyone imaginable is pushing for major IMF reform. Everyone except the Land of the Free. The US government seems to like things the way they are. And Congress has been very intransigent in adopting any planned reforms.

These people have their heads buried in the sand so deep that they can’t even hear the rest of the world SCREAMING for a new financial system.

This is going to happen, whether the US wants it to or not.

And while no foreign government wants a collapse of the dollar, they do very much want an orderly rebalancing of the financial system. This is already underway.

The US government may pretend that everything is fine and dandy. But given the overwhelming objective evidence out there, folks who aren’t on board with this major trend are ignoring it at their own peril.



6/28/09: BRICS Throws Down The Gauntlet on Monetary Reform

On June 16, the leaders of Brazil, Russia, India and China met in Yekaterinburg, Russia for the first formal BRIC summit.  The issue topping the meeting agenda was reform of the international financial and monetary system.   The BRICs offered a counterpoint and challenge to the G7/G8, which has served as the world’s economic ‘steering committee’ for the past few decades and meets next month in Italy.   Though light on substance, the BRICs’ message was clear: these growing economies want greater voice and representation in international financial institutions, and to a lesser extent, a greater role for their currencies in the international trade and monetary systems.

Over the past several months, leaders from Russia, China, Brazil and other countries have expressed concerns regarding the value and stability of the dollar, and have called for reducing the world’s dependence on the U.S. currency.  As the BRIC countries account for 42 per cent of global foreign reserves (and amount to about US$2.8 trillion), their pronouncements have produced strong market reactions.   Russia’s leaders have offered the most provocative criticisms of the dollar: Ahead of the BRIC summit, Russian President Dimitry Medvedev said, ‘There can be no successful global currency system if the financial instruments that are used are denominated in only one currency.  Today this is the case and the currency is the dollar.’  The BRIC communiqué issued a more subdued call for ‘a more diversified international monetary system’ – no doubt reflecting China’s caution and concern for the value of its dollar holdings.

After China eclipsed the U.S. in April as Brazil’s largest trading partner, Beijing and San Paolo announced plans in May 2009 to settle their bilateral trade in renminbi and reals, bypassing the use of the U.S. dollar.   On July 17, on the heels of the BRIC summit, Presidents Hu and Medvedev announced a similar agreement to expand use of the ruble and renminbi in their countries’ trade. Today Russia accounts for just 5 per cent of China’s trade, but that is expected to grow: Russia’s energy exports to China are hoped to reach US$100 billion over the next 20 years, and Russian officials added that energy sales in rubles are a ‘strategic’ issue for Russia.  However, as none of the BRIC currencies are freely convertible, these plans are impractical in the short-term and their significance is more political than economic.

The most tangible manifestation of the BRICs’ growing financial clout is the IMF’s expected issuance of bonds denominated in Special Drawing Rights (SDR).  People’s Bank of China Governor Zhou Xiaochuan, with support from Russian officials, has been the most prominent advocate of an expanded role for the SDR, making the case most clearly in his March 2009 proposal to ‘Reform the International Monetary System’. 


An ever-increasing alliance of countries feel that this majority vote has turned into a stranglehold, preventing many positive changes from occurring.

The "global recession" we are now seeing is a completely manipulated, fabricated reality — and one of the most distressing aspects of this monopoly.

Vladimir Putin spoke of the need for this change in 2013 — as just one of many examples:

2/15/13: Putin Discusses IMF Reforms in 2013

PUTIN: The global economic situation clearly calls for our responsible and consolidated efforts. The time when crises were local and isolated in nature is in the past now….

It was the G20 that… drafted new financial regulation rules, and began talks on reforming the international financial organisations, in particular the IMF….

We will continue to implement the agreements on creating a fairer and more risk-resistant financial system. In this respect I think that the Seoul G20 summit’s decisions on reforming IMF voting quota distribution should be carried out. 

We hope that the G20 will agree at the upcoming Russian summit on a new formula for calculating quotas that will fully reflect the balance of power in the global economy today.

Other important steps include introducing new banking standards and tightening supervision of financial institutions of global systemic significance and the shadow banking sector, and also developing the Financial Stability Board’s potential as a full-fledged international body…. 



The US was a powerful economic engine during World War II, when the current financial system came into being. It was a major industrial base cranking out automobiles and many other profitable goods.

Since that time, things have strongly changed. Emerging economies from Brazil, Russia, India, China and elsewhere — the BRICS alliance — have risen to much greater size and significance.

These countries carry a sizable majority of the world's population and are also going through a massive boom of economic and industrial expansion.

And yet, the financial system has still remained exactly the same — firmly in control of the US and Europe.

The global community has realized that these countries are essentially acting as a single voting bloc.

Mass surveillance and targeted assassinations are being used, in part, to ensure that no threat to this power can ever be successfully mounted.



As you may know, we have had intensive contact with insiders who are positioned at a variety of different levels in this global game.

We only work with people who genuinely have humanity's best interests in mind — even though some of them are still working within the system itself.

A few days ago we published a validation of insider info we had leaked about the government being able to drive your car by remote control — if it was made in 2008 or after.

Remote-control car hacking was demonstrated in a Motherboard video that went viral on the front page of, and we covered it here:

This shows how serious the stakes are in this global game. This system creates a totally 'clean' way to eliminate any opposition to the Cabal.

Mass surveillance reveals who is rising up against the power structure — and car accidents are one of the preferred ways to take them out.

However, the story behind this technology, why it is there and how it is being used, is much bigger than what we just covered.



It appeared the US was going to be forced to sign a massive deal to reform the global financial system as of April 10-11th — but they refused.

Although it should have been obvious that they would never sign, we honestly didn't see this coming.

The problem was that the international community had no means to immediately force them to change their minds. Instead, the response is taking more time.

However, we are now seeing very tangible signs that a major response is being prepared.

If the Cabal refuses to reform the existing financial system, then a new one will be created to replace it.



If you say to yourself "how could a new financial system be created when there is no money anywhere," you would be incorrect.

There is a massive, spectacular, awe-inspiring amount of money — in the form of hard assets — that has been hidden away.

This was a story only covered by a few authors like David Guyatt before we broke it beginning in 2011, culminating in Financial Tyranny in 2012.

What we found out was that World War I and II were elaborate con jobs — the biggest robberies in human history.

The "right hand" was fighting wars, while the "left hand" was grabbing all the cash out of the central banks each time a country was invaded.

Secretly, both sides of both wars were actually working together. As they grabbed all the cash — mostly in gold — they pooled it all together and hid it away.

The Germans, the Italians and the Japanese appeared to be on one side while the US and UK were on the other. Yet they jointly controlled the money they stole from everyone else.



It is astonishing that this story still has never become public — but then again the most extreme and terrible punishment was threatened if anyone leaked it.

We decided to step up and tell the truth after being given extensive, hard proof that this really happened — proof that was never before seen by anyone publicly. 

The current financial system was created after all countries had surrendered their gold to the Federal Reserve cabal — either willingly or through violent bloodshed.

The world leaders were told that the only way to have a fair, equitable and secure financial system would be to seal away all the gold.

As long as the people didn't realize it was there, everything was fine. It would be kept safe and secure.

Each country would allegedly share credit in the world's financial system that was proportional to the "deposit" they had made into this secret world bank.

If a group of soldiers show up in your office with riot gear and machine guns, and tell you to open the vault or else, you will be making a deposit, all right.



The Cabal literally conquered the planet through this elaborate, orchestrated deception — and it took years for the world leaders to recognize it.

Skeptics can argue "there is no evidence," but the Swiss scientific team led by Dr. James Glattfelder proved that 147 corporations now earn 80 percent of the world's wealth — either directly or indirectly.

Two-thirds of these companies are financial institutions, and the top 50 reads as a Who's Who list of biggest banks.

This has all been extensively discussed in Financial Tyranny. To streamline this article, we refer you back to that book for the references.

How could this have happened? The answer is simple. The Federal Reserve prints dollars out of nothing and it becomes money.

They can limitlessly finance their own companies and drown everyone else.

And, since the end of World War II and the Bretton Woods financial agreement, no one has had any tangible money to oppose them.





Now it appears that the massive equity in the Collateral Accounts is going to be used to create an alternative financial system that will dwarf the IMF and World Bank in size, with the full backing of BRICS and other allies. This will be a gold and commodity-backed currency. Once people start using this for international trade instead of the dollar, it’s curtains for the FRN.

Also, perhaps the single biggest reason we haven’t seen arrests yet is the Cabal will destroy the financial system and thus take the planet down with them. There has been an urgent need all along to figure out “how to pay for it” once the hammer comes down. That’s why this new bank is so significant. The Cabal knows they’re out of time.

It is not clear how this will all manifest and time estimates are inherently risky — but it does appear that the alliance intends to have the bank launched by some time next month. I have other sources independently saying Germany will be a part of it as well as potentially France, right from the start.

It also appears the US is in position to make a switch from Federal Reserve notes to Treasury notes. The new money keeps getting counterfeited by the Iranians almost as soon as they design it, and apparently fully eight different designs have been made and printed only to have to start over yet again — just in the last 2-3 years. This means 1s, 5s, 10s, 20s, 50s and 100s have been made on eight completely different occasions with different designs for each, only to be shredded and to start over yet again.

There was talk that a one-time devaluation of US currency would occur, where if you were stashing cash (and only by amounts up to 10K per day), you could trade in FRNs for TNs if you did it within a week, and not lose any value. The gossip was that after a week the FRNs would be worth 35% less and then after 6 or 8 months they would drop by another 35%.

All money actually held in the bank would just convert from FRNs to TNs with no devaluation whatsoever. This move would convert the “black cash” held by criminals, drug dealers, et cetera into worthless paper and also eliminate what is apparently a massive problem with Iranian counterfeit, of very high quality. Apparently 2/3rds of all 100s in circulation are Iranian counterfeit bills and it’s a huge problem.

The latest gossip I’ve heard is that the FRN to TN conversion will not involve any devaluation — at least for those with their money in the bank. I am not sure about any of this — it’s only what various credible sources are reporting.

The US signing this deal on April 10th and 11th would have been a nice, neat, organized story, and instead what we have is a lot messier — a financial war reaching critical mass, where we really don’t know precisely what will happen or when it will happen. However, I do believe we will see the dam break and a great deal of suppressed knowledge will come out all at once.

It was just revealed that FOX only has 177,000 people watching in the key 25-54 advertising demographic. MSNBC is only getting 103,000 and CNN is down to 99,000.

Literally, some of the articles and videos we are doing in this community are actually surpassing corporate media in terms of visibility. And yet, FOX is still routinely discussed in mainstream media as if it were significant. 177,000 people is such a small number I was gob-smacked.

Television Viewership Numbers Continue in Free-Fall

Jimmy Kimmel is a one-man truth squad each year at ABC's schedule presentation, puncturing the promises of network salesmen, and was particularly sharp this year. He spared no one, not even his bosses, and may have effectively killed a lackluster new ABC comedy "Selfie" with a single barb.

He also zeroed in on ABC entertainment chief Paul Lee's boast that ABC was No. 1 – in brand identification or some metric. In the Nielsen ratings, ABC is No. 3.

"The ABC I work at is not No. 1," Kimmel said. "In fact, we might have to crash on your couch for a while."

He reminds advertisers the majority of new shows presented to them as surefire hits won't last more than a year. "Don't get attached to our new shows," he said. "It's like adopting a kitten with cancer."

TV Networks Bloodbath – Many Shows Canceled

New York Times Paints Dire Picture of Digital Competition

New Media: First Look Media, Vox, Huffington Post, Business Insider, and BuzzFeed.

The “left versus right” paradigm is ridiculous, and was a corporate manipulation from the beginning. As I’ve said before it’s basically Town vs. Country — an archetype that is very ancient and undoubtedly plays out in many societies all throughout time and space.

People in the Town are exposed to a variety of cultures, ideas and philosophies. They see different races routinely, are less likely to have prejudice, and are more likely to depend upon others for a variety of their basic needs.

People in the Country typically live on a private farm, are extremely self-sufficient, and are much more apt to adhere to traditional, old-fashioned beliefs.

Essentially what has happened in America, in the simplest terms, is the coasts have become Town (other than below the Mason-Dixon Line on the EC) and the middle has become Country.

However, it is safe to say that truth journalists like Alex Jones are now being seen by far more people in the Country than Fox. They are waking up very quickly. This is a truly exciting time — if you can handle it!