Editing, compilation and commentary by David Wilcock, 11/11/06


This document summarizes research on one of the most fascinating topics of recent UFOlogy – the idea of something called “Project Looking Glass,” which is supposedly a device that allows the viewer to see into the past and / or into the future. A very recent video interview on the Project Camelot website with Dr. Dan Burisch, in the third of three sections, explains that ancient, working models of this device have been found, apparently around the Giza complex in Egypt, as well as plans for how to build them. Some of these plans came from “pre-Sumerian cylinder seals,” and others from ancient Egyptian diagrams.

Apparently the Looking Glass technology has been extensively used to verify and study a “converging timeline paradox” that occurs on December 21st, 2012. I have heard similar stories from my contact, Daniel, who allegedly worked on the Montauk / Phoenix III project, (the subject of a separate briefing document I have yet to write as of today’s date,) wherein people traveling in time would hit a “bump” or “discontinuity” as they reached December 21, 2012. A long 20-year sine wave of the Earth’s natural vibrations could be used to calculate the date precisely – it shifted forward only as the person progressed through time.

At this point of “discontinuity” on December 21, 2012, the time travelers would have a sensation of total ecstatic connection with the Universe that they called the Full Out. They could feel as large as a galaxy or as small as a subatomic particle, and all information that could ever be known seemed available at once. Graphs that normally gave their brainwave activity would mysteriously flatline for a few seconds as they went through this, causing great frustration to the scientists, who were desperate to see the results. Anything they viewed after December 21, 2012 seemed to be dependent upon their own expectations – nothing was fixed from that point forward.

According to Dan Burisch’s testimony, ostensibly gleaned from future genetically-evolved human beings traveling back into the past, primarily from P24 (24,000 years in the future) P45 (45,000 years in the future) and P54 (54,000 years in the future,) there is a major energetic event emerging from the Sun in late 2012, showering our planet and its people with “micro-wormholes” that have an enormous effect, akin to a dimensional shift. [Similarly, the book “Above Black” by Dan Sherman describes his training in an ET communications program that was apparently being set up, in part, to anticipate a complete breakdown of all electromagnetic forms of communication in the near future.]

The “history” of Burisch’s travelers, called J-RODs, said that on their timeline, called Timeline 2, the Looking-Glass-type devices on Earth, i.e. “artificial stargates,” interfere with the “natural stargates,” i.e. the Global Grid and its nodes (see my three-part Convergence series on www.divinecosmos.com), as the Earth shifts into this new frequency. This causes a cataclysmic pole shift as the Earth realigns on its axis after 2012, allegedly wiping out 90 percent of the Earth’s population on their timeline. They have apparently done lots of work to travel back in time and try to fix this problem, but in so doing have created additional paradoxes that may have made it even worse.  

As a point of important context, it is a provable fact that there is now an expensive, successful broadcast television show called “The 4400”, in which a group of 4400 people, who had been abducted by “aliens” over the last 60 years, all suddenly appear on a dry lake bed. They have no memory of any time elapsing since they left – so some of them experience strong culture shock. The story emerges that they were abducted by humans from the future, who are aware that some massive cataclysm occurs in the near future that wipes out life on Earth as we know it. I do not believe that 2012 is specifically mentioned as a date, though it would be implied by anyone surfing the Net and reading about such things.

In this story, the future humans have now sent the 4400 back in time to try to change this event so it doesn’t cause such a large loss of life – and many of the 4400 end up having special intuitive abilities. At the end of the first season, we discover that a psi-suppressing drug was being given to other 4400s, so by the second season we can expect that they will all start developing abilities such as telekinesis, telepathy, et cetera.

One girl in the first season – the same one who played a dangerous mind-controlled character in the movie “Serenity” and the Firefly TV shows – reveals that the “doctors” from the future are wearing single-piece metallic uniforms. The stage is being set, via this TV show, to reveal that what we think of as ETs are, in fact, future humans that have been through some sort of genetic evolution. This gives tangible evidence to support the idea that Burisch is giving real insider knowledge, not just fabricating a story. This show is slowly rolling out the point with great sincerity, only using a small portion of Burisch’s testimony (making it less likely that they just ‘stole’ it from him if it were all fictional), and given the times we’re in and the extent of secret knowledge, it seems that there are many such TV programs and films being put out there.

What is the ultimate solution that we can expect will be revealed in later years of the 4400 program? Burisch’s alleged future humans say this transition can occur in relative peace, and without apparent loss of life, if these “artificial stargates” – Looking Glass derived technologies – are de-activated prior to the shift. Based on his most recent testimony, this has now already been accomplished, as there is some trepidation that the danger zones may already be starting by the end of 2006. This may be why they allegedly gave Burisch until the end of 2006 to get his message out to the public. They have been told that the Earth will not realign on its axis if these artificial stargates are eliminated, and we head into a much more peaceful future they call Timeline 1. Our world elites, who apparently call themselves the Committee of the Majority at the top levels, have apparently bought this story and have taken the appropriate evasive actions.

Hence, a massive effort has been underway to re-capture and de-activate all artificial stargates around the world – and Burisch says this is part of what was done in the 2003 invasion of Iraq, as well as the seizing of the building plans from the ancient cylinder seals. Furthermore, Burisch’s video testimony suggests that they believe we might not even have until 2012 – this energetic event could happen even earlier – some time after 2006, as I said. Hence there has been a big rush to get this done now, and again, his current testimony indicates that all artificial stargates have been dis-assembled as of this time.

Based on the Law of One material, I have reason to believe that these alleged future Earth people may not be from Earth at all, and are almost certainly lying – or at the very least working off of poor information and conclusions. First of all, they say they migrated from the Earth to the Moon to Mars and eventually Orion. As every Law of One reader knows, Orion is said to be the center of all negative ET activity. It is POSSIBLE that the Orion group is actually the future evolution of negative entities that started out on Earth – we already see the seeds in these organizations – but the most suspicious thing about Burisch’s testimony (obviously) is that it tries to explain almost EVERY intelligent lifeform visiting us as having originated from humanity on Earth – not accounting for any TRUE extra-terrestrials.

Secondly, as I recently presented in Joshua Tree (for a video soon to be released,) there is a rich heritage of authentic, verified ET channelings going back to the 1950s which gives a consistent message about 2012. The idea is that the interplanetary climate change, et cetera is all a function of our movement into a more energetically charged region of the galaxy. According to my most recent interpretation of the Law of One philosophy, the first to address all the paradoxes, we go through a “quantum leap” in 2012 in which the vibrations of matter as we know it shift to “true color green” density – and EVERYONE on Earth goes through this vortex experience, which I call Ascension, “regardless of progress.”

Technically the body has died because it has warped out of 3D existence – though it is a painless process, akin to diving into a pool of cold water, and if 3D frequencies were to return to the Earth, you could re-project your body the same way. A majority of Earth humanity, though, appears to re-create the Earth on the astral plane, much in line with the idea of “The Matrix”. This creates a “transition period” of between 100 and 700 years as the astral plane – i.e. “The Matrix” – clears out.

Some will graduate to 4D positive as soon as the shift occurs and eventually stay on the Earth; some will graduate to higher positive densities and leave the Earth; some will graduate to higher negative densities and leave the Earth (ending up at Orion, though perhaps in a few steps as indicated in Burisch’s testimony); and others will stay in 3D, and reincarnate on a new planet that is being prepared for them. All of this is carefully overseen and guided by beings in higher densities, such as those in the Confederation of Planets.

Hence, I feel confident that the J-RODs, who say they are from Orion, are in fact the same negative entities described in the Law of One series. They have said that they are dying out because so few of them survived the Earth cataclysm of 2012 that occurred on their timeline, and they are trying to find a way to re-invigorate their own DNA. Burisch’s “Project Lotus” was intended to re-create the primordial seed of life on Earth, in the hopes of being able to correct DNA errors in the Orions’ cells.

However, this is another area in which Law of One philosophy suggests something different. Rather than this genetic problem being caused by a small initial gene pool, it is more likely being caused by what Ra referred to as “spiritual entropy.” Essentially, they said that entities on the negative path would increasingly reach a point in which their souls would literally dissolve away unless they turned to the positive. Only then is the “genetic problem” referred to in Burisch’s contacts actually resolved. I therefore believe that any other efforts are futile and represent a misunderstanding.

It does seem plausible that “artificial stargates” could disrupt the symmetry of the Earth’s grid as it reaches its crescendo into fourth-density vibration – but I still believe that the axis will shift either way. The axial shift is strongly implied in the simple change of geometry that occurs as we reach fourth-density. Just as we have seen in other epochs, as the Earth expands and energetically evolves, its underlying geometry increases in complexity. Each time the geometry changes, it has a small but definite angular rotation that is induced in the Earth’s axis as a correction. This explains many previous reversals in our Earth’s history, having nothing to do with the presence of artificial stargates.

Burisch said that the latest (and possibly last) use of the Looking Glass device revealed only a 19-percent chance of the cataclysmic scenario playing itself out. They calculated this based on a very rapid pulsation that occurred between the two possible future outcomes. Analysis of the pulsations revealed that the positive, non-cataclysmic outcome was visible 81 percent of the time. The Law of One series again suggests that this transition process is guarded and watched over heavily, and thus I do not believe we are in any danger – there is simply a misunderstanding around what is happening.

Anyway, this document deals with the particulars of Looking Glass, searching for more detailed investigation of the available knowledge. So let’s proceed…

One of my own contacts, a man wishing to be called Daniel, has indicated that he knew of a technology like Looking Glass (I’m almost certain it’s the same one,) which created a small orb of light where the viewing of the past was taking place. Some might see it, but others might not. He said that the orb was referred to as an Outer Bands Individuated Teletracer, or OBIT for short. Ironically there is an Outer Limits episode with this same title. Apparently this is a common tactic – to bury real information in science fiction, so as to discredit anyone who might try to come forward.

First of all, we will begin with an older post from Bill Hamilton, featuring an extended quote written by Dr. Dan Burisch that deals with the Looking Glass device – back when this story was still obscure, when I first found out about it years ago. Let’s not forget that Hamilton had specifically contacted me because the Looking Glass material suggested there was no fixed future past 2012, and he felt my material addressed that question more scientifically than anything else he had seen on the Net.

Burisch has also revealed, in writing and in private emails to me, that he is a great admirer of my work – though I see little evidence of him having co-opted it or changed his story to fit my material over the years, as we would expect if he were piecing things together to “make it up”. In fact, a piece I wrote in 2003 was directly linked in one of his reports to the Committee of the Majority, and actually helped him modify the protocols for his Lotus experiments, which created life from inanimate matter – specifically sterilized silicon and water with electrical current added. Let’s proceed…


With regard to LG: As I understand it, this device (at least 3-to-4 years ago) could not focus on a detailed sequence of activities in the Future. In other words, you could not see exactly what would happen like a series of events. I was told to consider the Multiverse [5] idea, combined with work by Richard Gott on cosmic strings [6]. The Multiverse apparently is accessed when the forward mode [of the Looking Glass device] is set. I was also told to consider the views provided by LG as one of many potential realities (at least in the 'Future view' mode).

I have also been told that recently there has been an effort made to outfit videotape recorders to be sent forward through the apparatus, thereby allowing the dark project people to gain some insight into what may take place.

When I heard about this, several questions came to my mind. The most pressing of which was if a camera were sent forward in time/space, would it be able to record anything other than what was immediately in front of its lens? I mean, what if LG were located in the middle of the Groom Lake facility and the operators wanted to gain insight into the outcome of a conflict – say – in the Middle East.

How could a videotape recorder – set to record what was right in front of its lens at that location – gather any data on the Middle East if it were still stuck in the middle of the Mojave Desert when it got to the Future???  Hell, something important could be happening right behind the camera, and it would miss it!  A couple-of-degrees change in camera direction allows one set of events to be seen, while another set is completely overlooked – much less events half a world away.

To answer this question, my contact was not specific, saying only that cameras did not move, as mass does not change in its perspective to space-time. However, such an item placed into the injected atmosphere might experience a different time, if only briefly. And cameras could film within the gas or see images in the injected atmosphere as though it were a 'lens', reflecting events in and around the column. I was given to understand that the tilt or positioning of the electromagnets would allow different views or positions in the environment to be reflected in the gas column.

I feel confident that at least 2 rings of electromagnets are employed, and that the rest of the device is composed of a barrel and the gas injected into the barrel. (2 different sources have indicated that these are the basic components.) These magnets spin in different directions, creating a charge of some kind.  Then the gas is injected into the barrel.

Depending on the direction of the spin (I am sure speed and tilt and a bunch of other factors must also have an effect), space-time can be warped forward or backwards by long or short distances, relative to the present.  I have reason to believe that the scientists have completed a map of the exact positions and speeds of the magnets necessary to reach targeted times both forward and back. Apparently, images of the events at different places – relative to the location of the device – can be picked up, and in essence 'reflected' off the gas, causing it to behave like a teleprompter (or 'crystal ball', for lack of a better example).

But I am not entirely sure that mass does not move, or that mass is not affected. I was also told many years ago about an experiment that went very wrong in the early years of the LG project, involving a test subject of some kind. As I understand it, there was significant movement of mass during that experiment and it ended up with a rather gruesome death for the poor test subject. (I originally thought it was a monkey. But I found out that there were many test subjects that got sent through, so I am not certain what kind was involved in the experiment that went bad. However, in my typical reverse-logic search for corollaries, this tells me that there must have been many test subjects that made it through just fine. So I am certain that any errors that were made or any miscalculations have long since been corrected).

I wish I could offer you more information. For what it’s worth, my sources have confirmed the presence of electromagnets and a barrel-like device which is injected with some kind of gas. These components seem necessary for LG to function as a viewing device. And as for any changes in mass – or movement within time-space – I really don't know, since my information sources would only tell me 'so much' about what they saw or experienced at the time they were involved.

But it can be reasoned – based upon what they did say – that there were significant experiments in the movement of mass backwards and forwards through time, many of which were successful. I am sure much has been discovered and/or refined in the process since then.

[DW: Next, we have an intriguing reply, posted to the same EndSecrecy discussion forum from a non-member, Thomas A. Cohen, to the forum moderator, Remy C. I’ve edited out his frequent and (to me) distracting habit of using three, four or more hyphens between words with no spaces—-like what I just did here—-and replaced them with conventional hyphens.]


From :
andytom@ earthlink.net
to SkyOpen List

In response to Bill Hamilton's very interesting piece on Project Looking Glass I hope you won't mind a bit of friendly debate to liven things up:

The concern I have about your source is that his statements are not entirely consistent with those of Robert Scott Lazar – substantially distinct, in fact. And if he is legitimate, is he being followed and harassed and terrorized as I have been? Did they put a gun to his head as they did to Lazar? The reason I ask is that I can guarantee (on which I can elaborate if you like) that even by use of purely conventional surveillance, the C.I.A. – the overseer of Majestic 12 – already knows who he is. If he is NOT being harassed, why not? One possibility is that he's being used – that at least SOME of his sources are feeding him disinformation. You said he has contacts. Are you able to interview HIS contacts?

Your source claims Project Looking Glass still can NOT know the future with any precision. As my essay, "The C.I.A., Quantum Surveillance and 9-11" tells, I am a personal first-hand eye witness that this assertion is absolute balderdash. And if, as I charge, the C.I.A. knew about 9-11 in advance, using Looking Glass time machine technology, then obfuscating and convincing the public that time machine technology is still only in the crude "experimental" stage, as your source claims, would be awfully convenient.

Your source also says Looking Glass is trying to send a video camera into the future. I believe this is feasible but entirely unnecessary, like trying to screw in a light bulb by having four people turn the chair you're standing on. To begin with, based on everything I know and have personally witnessed, sending solid objects through time should be feasible. And sending an intelligence agent, say, a day into the past would create two of him – better than cloning – identical even down to his training, knowledge, scars, fillings in his teeth. One of them could then commit a burglary or assassination while the other was at a party in front of lots of witnesses – the perfect alibi.

[DW: This makes it even more likely that the entire content of the movie “The Prestige” is based on suppressed science. In this movie, an early 20th century magician acquires a Tesla technology that allows teleportation to occur – but in the process it makes an exact duplicate of the object that is created, including any living organism.]

But in my essay I show that the same quantum principles involved in a person or craft skipping space (Lazar's craft) are essentially the same as those involved in skipping time. For instance, as I point out, Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle is a good example of space and time being distorted in unison. Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle says electron speed and location can not be precisely determined simultaneously – the more you pin down one, the more the other becomes plural and multitudinous. And speed is defined as "distance times TIME."

Hence, not only location but also really time is distorted in Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle. That is, time and space distortion are both critical to Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle. Like a balloon that bulges at one end when you squeeze the other, you can't pin down the location without the measured speed becoming "all over the lot" and vice versa – pin down the speed and the location is "all over the lot," because in Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle, space and time really function together. Since the electron is really behaving in a multitudinous fashion, the only way the speed can be clearly defined is if the location at which that speed OCCURS becomes multitudinous.

And vice versa – the only way the LOCATION can be clearly defined is if the other factors occurring AT that location – including time – become plural and multitudinous, because the whole electron is really behaving in a plural fashion and space-time is really essentially a single entity. Similarly, Lazar himself said there was apparent a tremendous time distortion underneath the spacecraft he worked on – even though its purpose was to move through space, not time.

Your source also suggested the possible danger of time travel, but the craft Lazar worked on – employing, as I say, very similar principles – carried people safely, without apparent harm or disruption of their biological integrity. The craft did not even produce audible turbulence – the craft moved silently except for a slight hissing from the electromagnetic charge. But that did not adversely affect the people or ET's inside.

Moreover, Lazar said that Looking Glass was concerned with "SEEING BACK" [Timothy Good's phrasing] through time. (See Timothy Good, "Alien Contact," p. 209, bottom of page.) I take this statement at face value. I take this statement literally. AFTER anything of interest has happened (e.g. 9-11), the government sends this information BACK to our present (not forward) – giving foreknowledge of ANY event of interest to them ANYWHERE in great detail. I.e. – the technology works RETROACTIVELY.

Creating a connection between the present and past is much more important than creating a connection with the future. We're already moving forward in time anyhow. Why send a video camera forward? Just leave it somewhere undisturbed, and it will WIND UP in the future anyway, just by our waiting. The real task is getting the information BACK. And you don't need to send an entire camera forward. You need to merely send something much less substantial – even just a few electrons carrying information by their sequence and spacing – BACK.

I could ask, do the government researchers your source describes intend to also RETRIEVE the video camera FROM the future after they send it there? They don't need to – they can just wait until the future and then be on hand for the video camera's arrival. Or – do they intend to merely receive a "telemetry" signal from the video camera they sent into the future? If so, which is easier, why is the information they receive back from the camera limited to a small location near the camera in its view, as your source suggests?

When the camera arrives in the future, why can't they just put a newspaper in front of it so the project would get advance knowledge of all kinds of future developments, not just what was physically near the camera? And if so, why send the camera at all? Why not just send a telemetry signal back from the future? (E.g., electrons weigh much less than a camera and would probably require far fewer resources to send through time.) In this way, a vast array of information of every imaginable kind could be sent back – conventional surveillance reports, digitalized photos or video, newspaper texts, super-computer solutions that took days to compute, and so on. Any information that could be digitally encoded.

My own experiences with the government convince me that even before they began using time machine technology on me, they were using the whole range of conventional surveillance on me (to harass me over my knowledge of crimes committed by my relative in the C.I.A.) – including wiretapping, video cameras, parabolic long-range microphones, gyroscopically-stabilized binoculars, the "Echelon" surveillance system, tampered mail, informers, planted bugging devices (one of which I found and actually held in my hands – which my relatives have also seen). And I have studied conventional surveillance methods in great depth. After the C.I.A. began employing time machine technology on me (in an effort to beat my increasingly aggressive surveillance countermeasures), a lot of this sort of conventional surveillance activity (bugs, binoculars etc.) stayed the same…

EXCEPT that now the C.I.A. showed that they had ADVANCE knowledge of my activities, often five days in advance (although it may have been a purely bureaucratic decision not to AUTHORIZE more than five days advance). They constantly indicate and show me that they know EVERYTHING I'm up to BEFORE I do it, in maddening detail. For instance, if an informant is stalking me, as has happened over and over, and I can impulsively enter a building by two different doors – and I enter without any forewarning – I'll nevertheless find him standing right behind the door I chose, even though I myself had not decided which door I'd take until that moment.

All my experiences tell me that the government is still using vast CONVENTIONAL surveillance technology and techniques on me – not just video cameras but the whole range – bugs, wiretaps, informers, gyro-binoculars, the works – and THEN sending the INFORMATION thereby acquired BACK through time, to increase their advantage exponentially. But I do NOT think they're sending all that equipment, cameras, bugs, mics, binoculars, into the future – and I don't think they need to at all.

This is consistent with Lazar's claim that the technology is "PAST"-oriented. Even the "chrono-cloning" of an object or person would be past-oriented – you send the object BACK a short ways to create two of them.

Also, sending an object back – not forward – makes it possible to manufacture it in quantity. If, rather, I send an object FORWARD, say, ten minutes, it simply disappears and reappears ten minutes later. But if I send it BACK ten minutes, then there are two of them.

[DW: Again, this validates the science in the 2006 film “The Prestige,” which is loaded with Illuminati content start to finish – so I’m really not surprised that there was something to the science in it. I doubt any magician ever did something like this, but it was likely a fictional screenplay that was written around true scientific data – much like what I’m doing.]

Reports have said UFO's are made in part out of materials that are extremely rare in nature – including rare earth elements. Also, element 115 – which is not found in nature at all and could be made at best in only vanishingly small quantities in the laboratory, according to Lazar.

(For those interested, see "Scientific American," September '98 issue, p. 72, "Making New Elements," an excellent article about the theory, practice and potential stability of artificial trans-uranic elements, that SUPPORTS LAZAR'S CLAIMS about element 115.)

[DW: My first eyewitness contact back in 1996, Antonio, claimed to be closely affiliated with one of the top 90 secret (i.e. Illuminati) scientists in the world. The biggest event for him was in transporting 26 boxes of classified documents in a sudden emergency. He was allowed to open one of the boxes and briefly inspect its contents, which included pictures of autopsied ETs and a document from the US government to other countries, telling them to leave any UFO crash to the US government because it could be extremely dangerous and they were the only ones trained to handle it. Reading the above has suddenly triggered my memory – Antonio was VERY excited about trans-uranic elements based on what this guy had told him, and had actually gotten a physics book to study them. He urged me to do the same.]

However, if you send a tiny amount of a rare substance back, say, ten minutes, now there is twice as much. Do it again and you have FOUR times as much, then 8, then 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, then 1024 times as much and so. It's almost like "re-enacting Creation." You send BACK – not forward. (Sending forward is feasible, but much less useful.)

This also answers Lazar's own question. Lazar said he couldn't figure out how the ET's had so much element 115, and he speculated that it must have come naturally, perhaps from double stars. But UFO witnesses and abductees give every indication that the whole universe is teeming with interstellar-capable intelligent life, and most of it did NOT originate from double stars. So where did they get the element 115 needed for interstellar travel?

Lazar himself asserts that Looking Glass involved "seeing back." This "back" orientation helps explain how the ET's may have made rare materials in quantity – by "chrono-cloning" them, through sending initially tiny amounts BACK. Thus, I am using Lazar's own disclosures to answer his own question, which suits me fine, because my own experiences with the C.I.A., day after day, have convinced me – over and over – that Lazar was absolutely telling the truth.

Incidentally, on April 29 (2002), five days BEFORE I began preparing to put my essay into e-mailable form, my phone went dead and a telephone repair technician had to switch my phone to a completely different line and cable to restore my service. He said that somewhere between my house and several blocks away, the phone line had been damaged or cut. Then my plumbing was sabotaged, creating a flood in my apartment. And immediately BEFORE I began writing this very e-mail, I received a harassing phone call. In the past I also have been assaulted and threatened. As for Lazar, he said they put a gun to his head, and he left his job when he said that he feared he'd be killed if he went back to the isolated desert site to continue his work for the government. This is what happens to REAL black project whistleblowers.

I would also like to ask, does your source know WHY the UFO technology works? Or are you conveniently out of touch with HIS sources, and thus unable to ask them? Why are electromagnets used? Why is gravity important? In defense of Lazar my essay answers these questions: Lazar himself says he's really talking about a gravity-LIKE field, referred to in conventional physics as the "strong nuclear force" (which is much easier to produce than gravity itself). (See David Darlington's book, "Area 51: The Dreamland Chronicles," p. 72, top paragraph, which says this – that Lazar is specifically talking about the strong nuclear force.) This is important because a lot of people threw spitballs at Lazar over his gravity claims – but the strong nuclear force is, in fact, well known, and easy to produce in the laboratory in a nuclear reactor. There is a nuclear reactor in Lazar's craft.

I explained WHY gravity, or the gravity-like strong nuclear force, is important. According to "Scientific American," June '97 issue, p. 124, "Bringing Schrödinger's Cat to Life" (article by staff writer Philip Yam), mathematician and physicist Roger Penrose, one of the world's greatest scientists, and a collaborator with the great scientist Stephen Hawking, states that it is GRAVITY that triggers the transition between the dimension-distorting wave mode and corpuscle mode in subatomic particle behavior. (The article also explains the very subtle and complex workings of this – which, again, are consistent with Lazar's claims.) This is the critical mainstream scientific basis for Lazar's gravity claims.

As for the use of electromagnets and intense electromagnetic fields in UFO technology, I explain this too. Electromagnetic fields are needed to manipulate and control the gravity-like strong nuclear force, used in Lazar's craft, to distort space-time on a large scale. It was Nikola Tesla who theorized that intense electromagnetic fields could be used to manipulate gravity. Colonel Philip J. Corso, in his book, "The Day After Roswell", mentions this assertion by Tesla on pp. 272-273.

So: The electromagnets are used to manipulate and control the gravity-like strong nuclear force produced by the reactor. The large amounts of strong nuclear force are then used to produce large-scale dimension-distorting wave effects. These large-scale dimension-distorting wave effects are then used to send the craft instantly great distances, as in Lazar's craft, or to send something (e.g. a stream of electrons sequenced like binary computer code) a considerable distance through time, as in Project Looking Glass.

Moreover, in recent years we have been deluged by a series of "people in the know" who (like your source) describe dimension-distortion as a result of electromagnetic fields, but who seem to never mention the use of a nuclear reactor to generate the gravity-like strong nuclear force described by Lazar. They all seem to be strangely silent about this. Both Lazar and eminent physicist Roger Penrose emphasize the role of gravity or gravity-like fields in connection with dimensional distortion. You can have all the magnets you want, but without this gravitational field – "Do not pass GO, do not collect $200 dollars," as the saying goes. The electromagnets do NOT distort space-time themselves, but are used TO MANIPULATE AND CONTROL THE GRAVITY-LIKE STRONG NUCLEAR FORCE coming from the reactor, which in turn is used to produce the dimensional distortions.

In short, I believe a new "conventional wisdom" is being forced on us that carefully omits a critical part of what Lazar said. In the future, the Sam Donaldsons, Dan Rathers and other journalists of the world will be able to haul out prominent scientists to declare – correctly – that electromagnets alone WON'T distort space-time. And thereby the UFO movement will be embarrassed and discredited. In the bargain, Tesla will also wind up being discredited – the ultimate smear of everyone. As we move forward, it must never come to this.

The bottom line in what I am saying is this: Despite the denials of your source, Project Looking Glass has achieved complete success and has attained mastery of the most delicate and subtle manipulation of time. Over and over I have seen this with my own eyes. The essay I wrote explains this in intricate detail. It is essential that this technology be placed under the strictest control of Congress. And if someone comes to you "bearing gifts" of news that Project Looking Glass hasn't gotten very far, don't believe him.

Keep in mind that deception is EPIDEMIC in the intelligence world. For instance, prior to D-Day, the Allies absolutely DELUGED the Germans with CONSTANT false information, utilizing staggering manpower and other resources at staggering expense to convince Hitler they would NOT land at Normandy.

The scope of the charade (the full story of which was mostly suppressed until recent years) was absolutely colossal. For months and months, the Allies bombed where they didn't need to, gave German agents constant endless false enticing "tips," actually had German agents in England under arrest and forced to send back phony information. They had vast military operations, with serious loss of life, deliberately in the wrong places – where they never intended to invade – and they even left around dead bodies for the Germans to find with misleading fake documents on them. The result was that ONE MONTH AFTER D-Day, Hitler was STILL self-destructively holding back vital forces for the "main invasion at Calais” – which never came.

It is probably the greatest diplomatic fiasco in all of human history, but a lot of our military people really act as if we're at war with the ETs. It is therefore understandable that the power structure will go to extraordinary, subtle, grandiose lengths to confuse us about UFOs. As we necessarily weigh information and disinformation from the military bureaucracies that today hide the truth about UFOs, we should cautiously keep in mind the words of Winston Churchill: "In war-time, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies."

Thomas A. Cohen

Statement from Bill Hamilton on Thomas Cohen:


I have finally evoked some response from the readers by posting the article on UFO Day and had plenty of negative feedback and a few positive responses. Why would this article by Thomas Cohen evoke such a reaction?

After talking with Thomas over the phone, referred to me by Peter Gersten, I concluded that this person was an intelligent man that had rational thoughts on some matters and what sounds like extreme paranoia on personal matters such as surveillance. He has gone to extreme measures to elude people that he was certain were following him. This is not the first nor will it be the last time I have encountered people who have aligned themselves to UFO research who have brought up personal surveillance issues. There have been those who have approached me and asked my help because they were being targeted by microwave-induced voices because of their peculiar interest or curiosity in something.

[DW: Next, we have StealthSkater (whose website generated all these links in the first place) giving a brief description of Looking Glass. One of the links he mentions here is but one of a series of posts from Robert L. Howe:]

Dr. Burisch has confirmed that these exist:

(1) 'Sigma' – establishing communications/also satellite surveillance;
(2) 'Galileo' – propulsion system;
(3) 'SideKick' – "lensing" the gravity wave to act as a particle beam
(weapon) to focus on a target;
(4) 'Aquarius' – extraterrestrial biology; and
(5) 'Looking Glass' – the physics of looking back in time.

Project 'Looking Glass' seems to have evolved from an intelligence-gathering technology that has been in use since the 50s. It appears that some of the new ET-related stuff is giving it a 'quantum' boost (pun intended!). As near as I can figure, the goal is to "look" into the future and see what scenarios are likely. Then transmit the information BACK to the 'present' so the Powers-That-Be can take "evasive action".

This may coincide with what Bob Beckwith told author Chica Bruce that was the real reason behind the mythical "Philadelphia Experiment": to enable a minesweeper (not a destroyer) to go back and re-route its course to evade a German mine.

(see http://www.stealthskater.com/PX.htm#Chica ).

Unfortunately, this also leads to the highly complex subject of fracturing "time-lines" by "decohering" (i.e., the very act of 'observing' a future event) and — according to Burisch — has left us in quite a mess by careless "tinkering". He and Wolf wrote in their now-suppressed book "Eagles Disobey: The Case For Inca City, Mars" that NASA and JPL already know what they'll find. "We've been there before; the ETs are us!" Maybe there's something to the Montauk legends afterall!

(A) http://www.stealthskater.com/Documents/LookingGlass_1.doc
Bill Hamilton's notes on Project Looking Glass (PLG) from Dan Burisch and BJ Wolf

(B) http://www.stealthskater.com/Documents/LookingGlass_2.doc
A 'Net search uncovered this person's revelations on PLG and even suggests where "all that Element-115 came from"!

(C) http://www.stealthskater.com/Documents/LookingGlass_3.doc
A member of Bill's Skywatch Group contributed his personal experience with Project Looking Glass over-the-years. So, it has its roots in the CIA's "Quantum Surveillance" project, huh? Figures!

(D) http://www.stealthskater.com/Documents/LookingGlass_4.doc
One of Bill's responses on the massive 'Burisch' topic thread on the GLP board. Reported natural and man-made stargates are mentioned.

Coming from such level-headed and respected investigators as Bill and Robert, I would think Project Looking Glass this deserves a closer look. To all you physics experts: (1) I respect and envy your masterful grasp of science, but (2) Try to bite your tongues while sifting through the disinfo and what — to you, anyway — appears to be bogus physics rationale. I'm convinced the projects are REAL and happening. It's up to you to fill in the 'blanks'. It may even require you to "think outside the box" for once! Work backwards a la Kip Thorne to figure out what must be happening to make PLG work (under the assumption that this reports are true).

[DW: Since far more detailed physics data follows with Howe, let’s jump ahead to number 4 on StealthSkater’s list, since it gives crucial additional details I had not seen before.]

Microbiologist Dan Burisch's insights into Project Looking Glass

(Posted by Bill Hamilton on the GLP board regarding the "Dan Burisch' topic:)

(695)  skywatcher22  12/5/2003 12:47 pm EST

Meeting Notes


I am writing this from memory now. But I wish to summarize what I consider 2 primary topics that I discussed with Dan on my recent meeting with him.

One is a question about the 'Ark'. Initially, as I told him, I thought the 'Ark' was an underground facility.  And then from other messages, I thought it might be a spaceship. But Dan says neither. The 'Ark' is a device that might best be described as a time machine. The description of this device is very similar to what was described by abductee Brian Scott as “the rings of time” that he had seen on a spaceship back in the 1970s.

The 'Ark' is a scaled-up version of the machine used in Project Looking Glass. Dan said the rings in the LG device are around 30-to-40 feet in diameter, and the scaled-up version is much larger. I found it interesting that his device is similar to something referred to as the “Bell” by Nick Cook in his book The Hunt for Zero Point – an experimental device tested by German scientists to warp space and time.

"Project Looking Glass dealt with the physics of seeing the effects of an artificially produced gravity wave on time."  This – as with the other projects – all embraced gravity and the control of it, and therefore the control of Space/Time as the key element.

Descriptive notes from B.J.'s contact:

[start Burisch quote]

I feel confidant that at least 2 rings of electromagnets are employed and that the rest of the device is composed of a barrel and the gas injected into the barrel.  (2 different sources have indicated that these are the basic components.)  These magnets spin in different directions, creating a charge of some kind.  Then the gas is injected into the barrel. 

Depending on the direction of the spin (I am sure speed and tilt and a bunch of other factors must also have an effect), time-space can be warped forward or backwards by long or short distances relative to the present.  I have reason to believe that the scientists have completed a map of the exact positions and speeds of the magnets necessary to reach targeted times both forward and back.)  Apparently, images of the events at different places — relative to the location of the device — can be picked up and in essence reflected off the gas, causing it to behave like a teleprompter (or "crystal ball", for lack of a better example).

But I am not entirely sure that mass does not move — or that mass is not affected — since I was also told many years ago about an experiment that went very wrong in the early years of the LG project involving a test subject of some kind.  As I understand it, there was significant movement of mass during that experiment; and it ended up with a rather gruesome death for the poor test subject.  (I originally thought it was a monkey, but I found out that there were many test subjects that got sent through.  So I am not certain what kind was involved in the experiment that went bad. However, in my typical reverse-logic search for corollaries, this tells me that there must have been many test subjects that made it through just fine.  So I am certain that any errors that were made or any miscalculations have long since been corrected.)

I wish I could offer you more information.  For what its worth, my sources have confirmed the presence of electromagnets and a barrel-like device which is injected with some kind of gas.  These components seem necessary for LG to function as a viewing device.  And as for any changes in mass – or movement within time-space – I really don't know, since my information sources would only tell me 'so much' about what they saw or experienced at the time they were involved.  But it can be reasoned – based upon what they did say – that there were significant experiments in the movement of mass back-and-forward through time, many of which were successful.  I am sure much has been discovered and/or refined in the process since then. [end quote]

Dan said the device looked like a gyroscope.  He has been to the site of the new device, as he was asked to check out some biospheric components that were going to be sent somewhere, but they wouldn’t say where. He did not know the destination, but believed it might be the Moon. He said that physics was not his forte, so could not give me a technical description of its operation.

The second subject he discussed in some technical detail concerned his own work with the Ganesh particles, and using a conduit to stream these particles into certain selected cell samples. One of these cell samples was taken from sarcomas which – when bombarded – transformed into a mass of vibrating stem cells.

Stem cells have 2 important characteristics that distinguish them from other types of cells. First, they are unspecialized cells that renew themselves for long periods through cell division. The second is that under certain physiologic or experimental conditions, they can be induced to become cells with special functions, such as the beating cells of the heart muscle or the insulin-producing cells of the pancreas.

The Frankenstein aspect of this research is the understanding of how to program the stem cells to fashion a new part for the body.

Researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago have successfully turned adult stem cells into bone and cartilage, forming the ball structure of a joint found in the human jaw with its characteristic shape and tissue composition.

Tested so far only in animals, the tissue-engineering procedure to create a human-shaped articular condyle could be used one day to regenerate the ball structure of joints in the jaw, knee, and hip that have been lost to injury or diseases such as arthritis.

The leaps in biotechnology are extraordinary, and Dan is just ahead of the curve with his discoveries involving the Ganesh particles and their generated crossbridges.

Perhaps the most startling implication is that Dan and his team is on the verge of using his discoveries to make a change in human evolution. This is powerful stuff. Dan would just like to use his knowledge to cure cancer – a goal he had set for himself a long time ago when his grandfather died of the disease. His early research in college involved his study of cancer cells.

Let us hope we all are headed for a bright future, and that Dan is truly one of many geniuses that can take us there before the sociopaths put an end to life.


Bill Hamilton


(697)  skywatcher22  12/5/2003 4:14 pm EST

A "stargate" is actually a wormhole or Einstein-Rosen bridge that connects 2 points in space. It is surmised in theory that one can use a wormhole to speed travel to a distant solar system. A wormhole could also be used for time-travel.

From Dr. Eric Davis:

(a) Travel time through the wormhole tunnel or throat should be ≈ 1 year, as seen by both the travelers and outside static observers.

(b) Proper time as measured by travelers should not be dilated by relativistic effects.

(c) The gravitational acceleration and tidal-gravity accelerations between different parts of the travelers’ body should be ≈ 1 gÅ (gÅ = Earth gravity) when going through the wormhole.

(d) Travel speed through the tunnel/throat should be < c.

(e) Travelers (made of ordinary matter) must not couple strongly to the material that generates the wormhole curvature; the wormhole must be threaded by a vacuum tube through which the travelers can move.

(f) There is no event horizon at the wormhole throat.

(g) There is no singularity of infinitely collapsed matter-energy residing at the wormhole tunnel/throat.


The 'Ark' is principally a time machine, but it could be used to displace (teleport) material to another location.

I have not asked Dan why or which artificial SGs need to be inactivated.

The problem with this is we only get bits and pieces. No one has laid this all this out as you expect to hear at a science conference. Also, we do not know how much disinfo is mixed in or why. These are problems when dealing with black projects.

[DW: And now, finally, let’s dive in to Howe, and how his data ties in with all of this.]


From his first post:

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/endsecrecy/message/3082  Apr 27, 2002, 10:32 am

I was once an agent external for Special Division 4, in the old starry 'fbi'. (This means that no official part of the FBI knows about me, but I have access to almost every secret in the system, and a lot that aren't. I entered as a scientist working in strong AI.)


From his Amazon.com profile:

In my own words:

My name is Robert Lucien Howe.

I am a scientist working in strong AI, and I am that most unusual thing – the amateur scientist (professional scientists get free money and labs to do their work, while the amateur struggles). The professional usually doesn’t get to do much that’s creative, or at least their own creative, while I get to do anything I want. My work is in machine intelligence 'Unabridged' and this has fascinated me since 1990 when I first began realizing how consciousness probably works. My own work is now pretty advanced – I am working on machine vision and speech cognition.

[DW: It is clear that his exposure to consciousness science within the black-ops community, detailed below, created his fascination in wanting to create a conscious machine.]

The computer intelligence I am working towards isn’t Data, its more like the Enterprise computer – and the intelligence is deliberately designed so that it isn’t self aware. This is a very competitive race and maybe I will be famous in ten years, maybe not? It is certain that someone will win the race soon, as computers are finally approaching the quantum limits of human intelligence. AI needs a processing speed of 10 to 1000 billion operations per second, and computers are almost that fast now.

bla bla bla .. not finished

I bet your wondering about what I do in the ordinary world? Well, not a lot, I am permanently sick after suffering a severe nervous breakdown several years ago.

[DW: Later in his posts we find out that his breakdown was caused by his attempts to remove some mind-control programming that had been installed in him. The “shatter” programs kicked in – so he has left it alone, and says that it’s taken him 10 years to rebuild his psyche.]

Unfortunately for me, my doctor had over five hours training and prescribed me the wrong medication, making me much worse, and costing me three and a half years of my life. Like everyone who has experienced Britain’s mental health service, I now have a deathly fear of doctors and their drugs. I also like to compare the hospitals to Hitler's death camps, both full of shuffling, emaciated, living half-corpses.

I am slowly and steadily getting better, and have had my talents back for several years. My real problem is that I can't handle the stress of a normal workplace. My research is the ideal work for me because it can be done at home; all I need is computer and electronic components, which I have.

Incidentally if anyone is interested in funding my work I am looking for investments – anything from a few £100 to £200,000 plus. The rewards, if I succeed, are at least £1 billion and up to £100 billion. This is a big industry, and the field is still wide open (this is thanks to the poor quality of much AI research, especially in Britain.)



Into Rock and Goth… bands from Placebo and White Stripes to Marilyn Manson, NIN, Ministry, Metallica, etc…
I play guitar and keyboards, both badly
I am also a serious film and sci-fi buff
A side hobby of mine is model building, and this includes ships, sci-fi, and robot models
I also consider building electronics in electronics, I have a qualification in repairing TV and video equipment.
Am familiar with most aspects of computer games, from machine architecture and timing to direct x, graphics, and even music creation.
I am a good programmer, probably in the top 1-2% of all C/C++ programmers.
I have become extremely dedicated towards one particular interest – strong AI.

My most advanced system is a machine vision system. I am building a system that should be comparable in power with adult human vision once it is working. There are many levels – object and spatial recognition, self mapping, movement, and balance, camera feed-back and feed-forward processing, the convolution between 2d and 3d, the 3d processing format, and visual imagination.

etc. etc. *** FIRST DRAFT ***


From his Wikipedia self-portrait:


Lucien86 – 1986 was the year I discovered my first 'big' invention. The fact that someone else had already invented it (Laithwaite) and that it didn't work, and that it broke the laws of energy, were all irrelevant. I had already been obsessed with machines and invention since I was a small child – and (surprisingly!) science fiction. Oh, my obsession is "non-trivial" – I was particularly into space and spacecraft (both real and fantasy), and computers, and robots, cars, electronics, computers – all the usual things.

My early heroes, I’m afraid, include the Nazi rocket scientists – people like Von-Braun. Although the Nazis were politically questionable and did some very bad things, they were also the most pro-science political group of the 20th century, and an incredible number of Nazi inventions are still in use today. Even Israel uses delta-wing fighters and guided missiles, both largely Nazi technologies. Other heroic inventors include Tesla, Edison and people like Parsons, Brunel and Barns Wallace, and of course the wonderful Alan Turing, and George Bool – the real father of computing.

Lucien – Dr Lucien was a genetic scientist in the Japanese manga "Dirty Pair", who indirectly created the Dirty Pair, aka Lovely Angels. I just liked the name. OK, I sometimes think the world should 'sometimes' live by a little of the Angels’ philosophy. J () (Lucien also wears dark glasses).

[DW: There is a decent hint here that he was exposed to Luciferian philosophy (the tenets of it show up later) and may be a mild Luciferian himself – “the world should sometimes live by a little of this philosophy” of “dirty… angels” from a doctor named Lucien.]


Particular loathes… Lies – this is my biggest hate of all, and I’m not talking about small lies like Bill Clinton's affairs. However, understanding something of the truth, I have decided to keep quiet, because I don’t want to go on a ‘Kennedy boat trip‘ at the moment, a long walk off a short pier, etc. (After all, I'm a hypocrite too, because sometimes I lie, and I would never really tell you my biggest hate. Anyone who doesn’t admit that must be a liar.)

Particular loves… Science – the search for truth, by far the most important endeavour in human society. If only the world was run by scientists, it would be a far better place. (Note: Thatcher was not a ‘scientist’ despite claims to the opposite.  Note: Politicians LIE.!!)

Science and inventing – because I have an IQ of 140, I find trivial pastimes like watching sports mostly just too – trivial, I need something more. Besides, inventing is the most profitable occupation ever – the big project I have been working for about 15 years has an ultimate final value that could be over $1 trillion per year – win that on the lottery.

Hyperspace – hyperspace is not just science fiction, in fact it is one of the most powerful concepts in science, and one that needs to be brought back into fashion. Once you understand hyperspace, the fallacies of General Relativity become laughable. The Emperor truly has no clothes. Sadly the real hyperspace is the opposite of the sci-fi one. Not only does it still basically ban FTL travel, it also stops tricks like wormholes or dimensional travel because it makes them 'impossible'.

[DW: Here he’s obviously working off of concepts of hyperdimensional physics where all higher dimensions are contained in a quantum of space at the Planck length of 10^-32 centimeters. This is flat-out wrong.]


From his second post – an interesting foreshadowing into the Looking Glass debate:

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/endsecrecy/message/3084  Apr 27, 2002, 10:36 am

One of the things I am working on is a book on psychic warfare. These are the general categories I have come across, under the heading of propaganda. Sorry, this is very dense: it is reduced from about 20 pages to two and a half.

"Basically the word propaganda means lie; to propagandize means to lie. But propaganda itself is a lie, because it has another even worse meaning. In fact there are four propaganda means:

  • Lie propaganda means controlling truth by subverting it;
  • Psychological propaganda;
  • Electrical propaganda means putting frequencies and noises into sound, which allows you to convey emotion;
  • Psychic propaganda allows you to invade people’s minds directly.

The basic evil in each is a power greater than the one above it.

Here is some material on psychic propaganda. One of the horrible things about psychic propaganda is that the machines themselves are made out of pieces of stolen 'spirits'. Incidentally, anything made out of water that is living and warm has a spirit.

[DW: Howe explains in his next post that the Project Looking Glass (LG) machine used water in the center. I have spoken with other former black-ops scientists who informed me that Looking Glass could be used to enter someone else’s mind directly, at any point in time – just like Howe indicated in the fourth example above. A black-ops scientist I met just recently said something about how the remains of certain dead ETs from the past were being exploited for technological means. The water inside the Looking Glass device must have these remains dissolved in it – and this would be the “pieces of stolen spirits” that Howe is referring to.]

Spirit exists because of the physical properties of water… created by a complicated piece of physics called fields.

[DW: This is actually a very profound sentence: Spirit exists because of the physical properties of water. The “fields” he is referring to are obviously what the Russians would call “torsion fields.” Of course, all the fluid-dynamics properties I’ve written about occur within water – and this shows us all the sacred geometry principles. The next passage seems to deal with what the Law of One series would call “negative greeting,” which could be caused either by a technological means such as Looking Glass, apparently, or by the focused mental effort of negatively polarized beings of third, fourth or fifth-density, which he gets into, to some degree, in later posts:]

The main side effect of psychic propaganda is usually:

  1. Feeling more and more drained, and having less and less energy,
  2. The world loses it 'spark',
  3. You get dyslexia,
  4. Something unpleasant happens mentally.

Anything you can experience whatsoever can be induced psychically.

[DW: Again, the means through which this is done could be via a technology like Looking Glass, but there are trained psychics who can “remote influence” to some degree as well. Negative greetings certainly have the potential to do this as well, and as I said above, he does cover this later. However, an important Law of One caveat is that these actions are ONLY allowed to occur up to the point at which infringement would occur, but never BEYOND that point.]

The biggest problem with spirit is that it is phenomenally hard to describe, and almost anyone who ever speaks on it gets it wrong – even the state. The only "goodies" here are from old America. The Hoover FBI and the Military Special Division both tried to publish quite openly about it in the 50's. The material got less valuable in the 60's and repression arrived in the 70's.

In the 80's and 90's, the state began covering it up heavily, as they used it to seize control of the planet. Why? The answer is simple – psychic propaganda is easy to defeat, if you know how. It’s so vulnerable, in fact, that a single psychic can defeat a whole country. (Duo!)

[DW: Although he may be talking about a politically polarizing character like John Lennon, he also seems to be talking about the Maharishi Effect – where a group of 7000 people meditating can reduce worldwide terrorism by 72 percent. The ability to create “coherence” in the mind seems to be the key that he is referring to here. The Cayce Readings did once say that a group of 40 people in prayer could bring an end to World War II. This does suggest that the material we’re putting out in the Convergence film is considered a “heavily concealed state secret,” specifically because they are aware of how easily it could defeat the elites’ control of the planet.]

Psychic propaganda kills people because it tampers with their transience.

[DW: Here, his definition of “transience” seems to be a person’s level of meditative focus and / or connection to the spiritual energy field within the mind and body. As I write in my next comment, there is research showing that you can kill someone by tampering with this.]

Transience is what protects you from cancer – directly, by reversing the damage. This is because transience protects your body from entropy.

Transience decides how long you will live, and how quickly you will age.

[DW: This is obviously connected to the concept of the Zero Time Reference, or ZTR – which one insider source told me is the moment at which your “spiritual” and “physical” bodies first join. It is your connection to “zero time,” the realm outside our linear time, where time reaches a moment of singularity. The point at which you dipped OUT of zero time to take on a body, during conception, becomes your signature – it keeps you balanced and keeps your body alive. If you dip into zero time and then dip back out from a different reference point, (instead of technically coming back in at the moment of time you left, so you re-enter your body in a balanced state,) it can kill your body or make you insane very easily. Hence it is very important for a typical Earth human to have a pulsing electromagnetic reference to Earth time when you go out into zero time, so you don’t lose track and re-enter at the wrong point.

Zero time seems to be the boundary between space-time and time-space. When you go into time-space, what we would think of as “time” is actually inverted into three-dimensional space. So, as long as you are careful to exit the vortex in exactly the same position and direction that you came in from, you should be fine – but undoubtedly without a strong degree of consciousness focus, you need an electromagnetic time reference from the Earth beamed through to keep you in balance.]

Transience also decides directly "how good a person is going to be" when they are born. Multi-cellular organisms can’t even exist (reproduce) without transience (and therefore spirits).

[DW: Again this relates to the ZTR concept – at the moment of conception, your ‘transient’ body (as these insiders might call it, though the word has a different context in the Law of One series) and your ‘physical’ body synchronize. As you age, it can be modeled like you are traveling across an expanding cone at an even speed, with, say, your physical age on the bottom of the cone and your spiritual age on top. The tip of the cone is your zero-time reference. The distance between the two points obviously increases as you age, and that distance represents your ‘absolute age’ in the body – your real biological age. Without this joining of spirit and matter, life as we know it is not possible. It is possible to manipulate your ZTR and thus change your biological age by moving your ZTR forward in time, thus reducing the height of the cone and time-reversing your cells.]

There is a very simple rule about transience: The future doesn't exist yet, so you can’t look into it.

[DW: This completely fits in with Law of One philosophy: “The future is not yet; thus, estimation (of how many will Ascend) is meaningless.” It is a difficult concept to understand, but TOTALLY in keeping with everything else I have studied. All you can see is probabilities until an event actually happens – time-space and space-time joining together in that moment. This is another perfect link between Law of One philosophy and real black-ops whistleblower testimony. I wouldn’t say, though, that you CAN’T look into the future – more that you can only see probabilities.]

Another rule is that time is not locally invariant.

[DW: In other words, the “rate” of time can and DOES vary in a local area. This is completely consistent with Russian physics, where you can change the RATE of time in a given area without affecting surrounding areas. It’s a decidedly different concept than is suggested by the periodicity of the Earth’s rotation being the final arbiter of time.]

So, if you get "pre-cognition" about an event, that event is always inevitable, because in the phase change of time from future to past, it has already occurred, even though you haven't experienced it yet.

[DW: Again, I would disagree with this, insofar as it seems that you can look at PROBABLE realities and there can be more than one probable reality in the future.]

The president once got a huge migraine trying to understand this, which is why it got banned. Time invariance follows the rules of quantum paradox, so it is incredibly difficult to observe.

[DW: In Howe’s next post, he says that these modified concepts of time explain all the mysteries of quantum mechanics. An atom only exists for a very short time in its own framework of reality, but to us its time passes so slowly that it appears to have a consistent presence. Again, this harmonizes with the Larsonian view of the atom – the electron in particular – as primarily a time-space phenomenon that projects into space-time as we know it.]

High frequency electrical fields can interfere with time invariance, which is why they can have so much power over spirits (and people). Unfortunately many metals can induce high frequency fields even without electricity, so it’s a good idea to avoid them and live in a wooden house. In fact, the effects from metal are usually much larger.

[DW: This is a perfect match with the laboratory results from Russia where metal absorbs torsion fields and interferes with their flow – which the Russians do consider to be ‘waves of time.’ Everything meshes together so well that it is really quite thrilling.]


From his third post – peering into the Looking Glass:

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/endsecrecy/message/3136  May 22, 2002, 6:23 pm

I DON'T KNOW THE SPECIFICS OF Project Looking Glass, but I do know quite a bit about some of its physics. It is almost certain that the device is based on the same technology that the Hoovers were using in the fifties.

[DW: Later he explains that the Hoover project dealt with various attempts at anti-gravity propulsion, most of which were quite unsafe.]

The machine can't actually see the future; it "accelerates" the current time, and looks at the potentialities it sees. The real problem with such machines is that they don't see the "future" the way a camera would; they feel it, rather like a hand, and the machine often changes the future it sees. If project Looking Glass did see September 11, then there is a very real possibility that it actually made it happen. It’s not surprising that the CIA are afraid of it.

The heart of the device is a machine called a "transiator", or time transiator. It does not work by looking into the future directly. The theory says that this is actually impossible, because time is not a dimension (i.e. it is not like a spatial dimension). A lot of what I'll say later will seem to contradict this, even though it doesn't.

[DW: Of course, the Law of One series endorsed the Larsonian model of physics, in which time is actually a three-dimensional movement – a speed. My take on it is that there IS some sort of medium that moves within these environments – there has to be in order to explain all the fluid-dynamics geometric effects. One black-ops guy wouldn’t say what the insiders called it, but his own name for it was “Prime Matter”.]

It is simpler to regard time as an abstract concept that doesn't actually exist in reality, but does make it much easier for us to understand. Transiator theory changes a lot of other physics: multi-verses become impossible, because they lose energy into each other and merge into one. Einstein's theories become much stronger and simpler, but it corrupts relativity so it always allows FTL travel whatever (because reality itself only moves at the speed of light.)


About the Transiator:

The machine tries to transiate (make real) the future it wants, and de-transiates realities it doesn't want, i.e. tries to make them not happen. The common name for such machines is 'fate' engines.

The real problem is that the machine works like a rocket, creating a vector of thrust, and the vectors add together.

[DW: My insider contact “Daniel” asked me what “TVG” stood for, and in a very short time I replied “Time Vector Generator” – and was right. This was of great surprise to him, and constitutes another independent connection to what we’ve just read.]

If any other vector impinges on the machine, it changes its overall vector. Even worse, a special class of 'machines' have been developed that specifically subvert the vectors of other machines.

People all have a transiator sensor that tries to make our future better, looks for things that threaten us, and warns us. If we do a 'spell', our transiator is part of what does it for us.

Our transiator is very important, because it is what we use to protect ourselves from entropy, so we can live much longer. A human with no transiator at all might only live five or ten years.

Sadly, most of this is in the past, because human transiators can never generate more than about 5-10 watts, and often only milliwatts, while some machines have achieved 10s of kilowatts. We can still win here, sometimes, because 5 milliwatts can win against 5 kilowatts. This is due to the complex rules that transience follows.

A worse problem is that human transiators have been subverted by a simpler method. The electrical fields in the brain can be contaminated by electrical noise, especially of the energies and frequencies found in TV tubes – which is why most of us have become so soulless in the last 50 years.

If you feel ugly or weird reading any of this, then you are probably feeling a defense for something like Project Looking Glass directly.

The Looking Glass machine is actually a time accelerator. It works by creating a change of the momentum or energy of matter inside a 'Schrodinger' box. A peculiarity of many movies about time travel is that you often find some moving component in the centre: Back to the Future, The Time Machine, (V1 and V2), Dr Who, Time Cop… all of them seem to have read the same book of physics I have.

The box is actually very simple to make. Its heart is a very strong E.M. shield. It is electrically shielded, and inside there is a special box full of warm water at body temperature – 35 degrees Celsius. It is non-conducting and non-metallic, and should have a magnetic field of, or near to, zero. Finally, it should have little or no sound vibration, and the machine must generally not move in any way.

Extraneous pulsations of any kind will tend to stop the machine from working. The shape of the machine decides what it does, in the same way that shape decides the function of ordinary machines. The heart of the machine, though, is that it must survive into the future. If someone breaks it in the future, it will stop working now. They also work better the older they are, though this was apparently omitted from the CIA's version.

Such machines can be very dangerous, because they can emit enormous quantities of radiation and energy without warning. This is because the space inside the machine can reach 90% of crescendo. Crescendo theory says that all tardon matter is trying to spontaneously jump to light speed, in a special kind of superposition.

Matter is at crescendo when it has enough energy to reach light speed – the super-light part of its superposition has lower or equal energy than its tardon state.

There are two routes for matter to reach crescendo – 'zero' energy or total energy. The 'zero' energy state works by touching energy that is already moving at the speed of light. One of the most difficult parts of crescendo theory to grasp is that matter can be transient (at the speed of light) while not moving. This is not a contradiction, because crescendo matter can deform space completely on the atomic scale.

[DW: This fits in very well with what I’ve heard and believed for a long time – that the key to “warping” matter is to accelerate its atoms to light speed.]

The theory is part of a theory called Common Atom, which gives space a finite strength against bending.

On small scales, space is smaller, and so it has less energy.

At atomic scales it becomes deformed completely, and each atom is a tiny massed singularity with its own independent internal time-space.

[DW: My new contact said that an atom is like a torus, with “Prime Matter” enfolded beneath the surface of the torus. I’m assuming this inside-out nature has something to do with the “bending” he’s referring to here.]

An atom’s universe only lives for a few seconds, but this doesn’t matter, because its time is static compared to ours – thanks to space-time curvature.

The same theory allows photons to co-exist as real particles and waves, and greatly simplifies quantum mechanics and relativity by allowing all the different theories to co-exist together.

The graviton particle turns out to be physical matter itself.

[DW: I do believe that gravity is a representation of the flow of “aetheric energy” into an object that is sustaining its existence, moment by moment. Any object, such as a planet, draws off of this energy for its own continued existence. This is also mirrored in Law of One philosophy.]

If you can decode the above, you have the bare bones of about 80-90% of all the military censorship ever done to physics.

I'm afraid about half of it is my own work, because my copy of the original blue book wasn't complete. I started uncovering it when I was working on an advanced 3D machine vision system for strong AI. This was my personal route into hell, and was how I gained 'access' to the Hoover files and also how I learned about psychic attack – by being shot.

Transiator Theory says that the reality that sent the agent back [through time] would be destroyed as it did so. It would take a lot of energy to do this, enough to temporarily destroy everything inside the deformation in the light cone created by the time travel. It would certainly include the earth, if more than 8 minutes the sun, if more than a day or so, the whole solar system, if more then four years then the Alpha Centuri system, and so on.

[DW: As far as I can tell, the Phoenix III / Montauk project proves that this is not the case. Time travel is not an impossible paradox that destroys the reality the traveler came from. There are new timelines that are created, co-existing within the same reality. Furthermore, reality has a self-correcting nature to try to resolve paradoxes. If you go back in time and kill your father, you might come back and seem fine, but within a day or two you suddenly die – apparently by accident. Thus the temporary “paradox” you created is restored. I’m sure no terrestrial theory had ever predicted this type of effect.]

Of course, this would also include all the empty space as well as the full space – so you are talking a great deal of energy. The only thing I could think of that could power time travel of any length would be a super-nova, which might get you years or even decades into the past. Engineering on this scale seems ridiculous to send a couple of agents back though – even though they will get it all back when they reach the past.

There is a low-energy route into the 'past', but it requires low or zero entropy – so you won’t be allowed to do anything that changes the future beyond a certain point. People who have experienced this aspect of 'fate' transience often call it 'The Hand of God'. Also, no one else is 'allowed' to believe in it, including the CIA!

Put another way, tampering with time transience has made the 'dirty' bits of the secret police – and by contact, the whole system of the state – the enemy of time, transience, fate, and obviously, God! This is the real reason that everything everywhere has gone wrong. (Unless the KGB out-paced the West after all, and forgot to tell anyone…)

– Robert Lucien


From his sixth post:

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/endsecrecy/message/3319  Jul 23, 2002, 11:02 am


>From: "Remy C." <endsecrecy@…>
>Reply-To: endsecrecy@yahoogroups.com
>To: "End Secrecy List" <endsecrecy@yahoogroups.com>
>Subject: [endsecrecy] Area 51 Radio Interference
>Date: Sat, 20 Jul 2002 16:34:06 -0400
>FILER'S FILES #29-2002, MUFON Skywatch Investigations
>George A. Filer, Director Mutual UFO Network Eastern
>July 17, 2002, Majorstar@ aol.com
>Webmaster: Chuck Warren http://.www.filersfiles.com
>MERCURY — The exceptionally qualified witnesses were traveling in a two
>convoy on Highway 95 east of Mercury, NV on both June 23 and 26, 2002,
>14 channel handheld radios, for communication between vehicles.
>On both the trip north and on the return trip south we noticed very strong
>radio interference with both our radios for a period of tens of minutes 30
>miles east of Area 51.

WOW! Thank you for this.

The answer is that it’s not a radio at all. What you described sounded rather like a field engine.

[DW: This is not as in an engine you bring into a field situation, but rather an engine that generates torsion fields – an important distinction that I didn’t catch at first.]

One of their main features is that they transmit a lot of radio noise on all frequencies. They also use a lot of power.

Most of the noise is quite low-frequency, so you wouldn't be able to pick it up on radio. The frequency signature below 1 kHz or so is the area I would need to have a good guess at what it’s doing. Many field engines use frequencies as low as 1 cycle per day or so. With an atmospheric charge meter, you might just see the charge in the atmosphere going up or down.

There's a huge number of things it could be. (That I know of.) Field engines are involved in all kinds of ultra-high-energy things.

(I apologize that a lot of these things use the same terminology as sci-fi. It’s one of the things that are designed to make their documents unreadable. See my note at the end.)

– a 'psychic' weapon firing (there are over a hundred types)
– an arc furnace of some kind
– an experimental fusion engine, probably from a 50s design that uses arcs; this might well be in an aircraft
– a radio shield
– a gravity engine experiment of some kind
– some variant on the Hoover Teleporter
– a 'subspace'* destroyer or generator (used in 'psychic' weapons, usually for mass brainwashing)
– a jammer (attacks FTL/transient material, again for psychic attack)
– a very high energy plasma welder
– hundreds of other processes can use field engines / some kind of factory

– a spill engine or 'warp' engine (often illegal: used in psychic weapons.) Spill engines have a reputation for killing anyone who works near them, so expect Auschwitz-like conditions inside.


Lots of the machines here can be destroyed by ordinary radio. In the terminology I know about, they call it coherent radio. What you picked up might be just a shield, a radio 'decoherer'.


* Subspaces are actually quite simple things, but they are notoriously difficult to grasp. Like many 'FTL' properties, they are nothing more than shadows or ripples in space itself. Before that sounds too weird, you should remember that this includes all light, radio, and all EM waves too.

A subspace is everywhere inside the sub-light universe — inside the light cone of the radio. (The light cone here is half of one wavelength.) The 'FTL' particle for a subspace radio is really just an ordinary photon. Instead of going faster than light, it’s actually come to a stop!

FTL is the opposite of subspace:

FTL is even simpler. Light speed is the fastest speed there is – for space. Nothing can ever move faster, because at light speed space has become completely curved. However, there is a catch: light speed is a constant velocity, but (using a special math) this can include all faster velocities too.

Photons have a particular speed because they have a particular energy and mass. Photons always have a very precise space-energy resonance, which is probably a big part of what binds the universe together. If you have a higher mass, you will find it takes almost infinite energy to reach light speed. As you accelerate, your space curvature gets bigger and bigger, and you get decreasing acceleration and slowing of time as a result.

The solution is very simple. If you bend space artificially, you can easily cross this divide, and go faster than light. In fact, if you can bend it enough, you could achieve the kind of 'jump' to hyperspace or light speed that the sci-fi people envisage. You also get a free time-distortion engine and a gravity engine thrown in as well.

[DW: This all checks out with the physics models I give the highest credence to – showing the equivalence of gravity, time and aetheric energy.]

This once used to be called Hoover’s three-cornered hat. It is exactly the same as his teleporter machine. The teleporter is much easier to build, because it sits on the outside rather than the inside of the space it distorts.

Hope that helps.

Robert Lucien


From his seventh post:

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/endsecrecy/message/3399  Aug 13, 2002, 6:41 pm

>What happened to these earlier projects?
>What were the results of these studies?
>and Where are the documents?

>Bill Hamilton
>Executive Director
>Skywatch International, Inc.
>Fiat Lux et Veritas

There was a 'Hoover' project that looked into anti-gravity in the 50's. I don't know a great deal about it, but this is what I have. There were at least two potential technologies; one using enormously powerful radio beams to produce thrust, which I don't really know about, but was banned because it became too dangerous.

The second one worked by bending space directly, using curvature to create inertia-less acceleration. This was really a side-project of another, which was studying FTL phenomena also using curvature. Curvature-based machines are apparently quite simple. They use enormous electrical fields, special magnetic tricks and oscillation to bend the 'fabric' of space itself directly. The projects studied included:

  • 'sub-space' acceleration (shrinking physical objects to nearly the size of an atom),
  • creating a captured singularity,
  • super-light acceleration and deceleration,
  • a super-light camera,
  • gravity engines,
  • gravity-powered lasers,
  • site to site teleportation, and
  • siteless teleportation.

Almost every mad or quack idea imaginable.

I don't really know if gravity engines ever worked, but there is some chance that they did. The main rule of whether a project could succeed seems to be whether it could work inside an external box. It’s almost certain that the Hoovers achieved sub-space acceleration and site to site teleportation, but siteless teleportation and FTL engines didn't work. Siteless teleportation was the main goal, because it would let them teleport nuclear bombs into places like Moscow – the ultimate first-strike weapon.

Another machine that could possibly be used as a gravity engine was called a Coelith sub-space engine. This allowed its user to create their own laws of physics in a tiny artificially created bubble of space. However, coeliths can't do anything on a large scale without phenomenal amounts of energy – otherwise the (sub-)space runs out of energy and collapses.

If you are interested in coeliths, you might be surprised to learn you already own one – the human brain has a coelith inside it. Its heart is called a super-light tachyon singularity – actually quite a simple thing made out of water in darkness, vibrated by certain electro-magnetic fields. Water has very unusual capacitive properties, which can generate FTL phenomena if it is excited in just the right way.

[DW: This is a very important point that comes back into play later on.]

A lot of the terminology is still very famous: A light speed accelerator. A 'warp' engine. Sub-spaces and hyperspaces, even tachyons and tardons.

As for the project’s name, it was either the J Edgar Hoover Teleporter program or the FBI Science Division, or the better-known Project Blue Book. It was based at site 52. If you could get hold of it, a lot of the secret labs probably appeared on television in the fifties, when it was all still public.

As for why it disappeared? It was cancelled, probably by President Kennedy, after they estimated they were at least 30 or 40 years away from practical FTL and had spent (wasted) up to 30 billion dollars on it and other projects. Gravity engines made way for the Apollo program, and walking on the moon! (It is also rumoured that one of the labs was destroyed by an accidental nuclear explosion.)

[DW: My contact Daniel told me that gravity-altering devices were used in the Apollo moon landings, and the insiders express disdain for the common people’s inability to see the obvious – like the sudden non-inertial jerking movements they would make, or the way in which the probe lifted off the lunar surface at the end without any real sign of thrust other than a token blast of compressed air.]

– Robert Lucien Howe
Tech One – Machine Intelligence


From his eighth post:

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/endsecrecy/message/3532  Sep 5, 2002, 7:36 am

Re: Conspiracy 40,000 BC – 1987 AD

>From: "End Secrecy List" <endsecrecy@yahoogroups.com>
>Subject: [endsecrecy] Conspiracy 40,000 BC – 1987 AD
>Date: Wed, 4 Sep 2002 15:58:56 -0400
>The Occult Conspiracy: Secret Societies, their Influence
>and Power in World History

This history is interesting but it fails the capture the essence of occult history. You can say the word secret 50 times, and people still don't get it. A lot of these histories the author mentions originally encoded other secret histories within them.

This is why so much occult writing is gibberish – it is really just a cipher to something else.

For instance, the Catholic Church kept a filthy Roman tradition of magic alive, secretly, for 2000 years. This involved human sacrifices, among other things, simply because it gave priests power over other people.

A lot of medieval things about Satan or witchcraft are in fact corrupt versions of this tradition. People should remember Torquemada and his fellow knights bathing in a swimming pool of (female) human blood, after executing most of the population of a whole town as witches. Remember that Torquemada swore an oath to Nimrod, the god of blood?

Another example might be the Alchemists. If you study such things, you would find that alchemy is described as the most powerful form of magic. This is actually true. It is also the most dangerous. Did you know that without one of alchemy’s greatest secrets, it is impossible to make an Einstein atom bomb work?

[DW: Bruce Cathie’s work has demonstrated that atom bombs can only be detonated at certain places at certain times – everything has to be properly aligned for this form of fusion to occur. I’ve never directly heard this associated with alchemy before, but I’m not surprised. “Mundane” alchemy of turning lead into gold could be related to catching certain windows of time where the laws of physics would change in a given area of the Earth’s energy grid.

3/7/10: One of my insider witnesses told me that all the Bruce Cathie cycles mesh nicely with the Mayan Calendar, but he himself didn’t even figure that out.]

If you feel poisoned while reading the above, that is simply a sign of how much power psychic attack really has, and also how afraid the state is of people having things like 'alchemy'.

Critical Amendment:

Anyone wishing to study alchemy should beware that alchemical laboratories should always be equipped with special bags to collect the pieces of any experimenters killed in explosions. Alchemical researches have a tremendous reputation for exploding.

In reality, alchemy is so dangerous that you should never do it. That doesn't mean I don't want people to know about it; we should be allowed to know. Just be aware that it is very, very dangerous to do.

– Robert Lucien

The NWO always seem to want to maximize human reproduction. In fact, if you analyze their philosophy, you discover humanism – absolute humanism. But, there is one catch – this humanism seems to value the quantity of human flesh, and nothing else. They always want more people, more reproduction. They don't care anything for the human spirit at all; it’s our protein they seem to value, like a farmer trying to protect his flock. “One corpse swinging on its meathook in the cargo hold of one of the world order’s ships on the way back to their home planet says, "See, I told you Hitler was better.””

Robert Lucien Howe
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From his twelfth post:

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/endsecrecy/message/4407  May 8, 2003, 2:31 pm

spirit play – or mind that truck, what truck – splatt!

>From: "stealthskaters" <stealthskaters@…>
>Reply-To: endsecrecy@yahoogroups.com
>Subject: [endsecrecy] Consciousness Teleportation (pseudo- time travel)
>Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2003 13:18:20 -0000
>Another entrepreneur was suggesting teleporting "consciousness"
>rather than a physical body in a "pseudo" time machine. His ideas
>were based on entangled quantum bits in parallel worlds. Which might
>be the way to go, anyway, because our immune systems take too long to
>adapt to radically new environments. Sort of a mechanical way for
>the rest of us with under-developed remote-viewing skills to — at
>least "visually" and mentally — interact across space and time
>(shades of Montauk!).

At last a really interesting article!

Consciousness teleportation and time travel: been there, seen that, done that, but to me it was called spirit travel, or you might prefer the term ‘remote viewing’. To me, its danger generally exceeds its glamour.

The central rule of psychic things is that there is a psychic gateway in the brain, which shields us from others, and we must force it open to become psychic.

Once it is open, we can pay a very heavy price.

[DW: Based on Howe’s previous commentary, this gateway seems to be a tiny enclosed sphere of water in the brain that is powered by electromagnetic signals within itself – signals likely emanating from the neurons. If the Cayce Readings are right, this sphere is probably enclosed within the pineal gland – and apparently the Looking Glass technology is an artificial re-creation of this same concept, derived from an ancient or ET study of neurobiology. [Burisch said that all the basic plans to build Looking Glass were contained in pre-Sumerian cylinder seals as well as in certain ancient Egyptian diagrams – and at least one working prototype was seized from Iraq in the 2003 invasion.]

It would thereby follow that this sphere is electromagnetically isolated from its exterior environment in a normal, non-psychic person’s brain, and that how and where “cracks” form in this shielding has to do with the development of psychic ability.

Hence Ra, in the Law of One series, describes how LSD use burns a “random hole or gateway” into the “veil of forgetfulness” between the mind and spirit, which can later be used for spiritual work. That “veil” may in fact be, in the physiological sense, this shielded sphere of water in the brain. I’m not surprised, actually, that there would be a physiological connection to this “veiling” that Ra referred to, given how receptive human DNA is to consciousness. Without such a physiological shield built-in, we would be wide-open to all influences. It may be that after a lifetime of doing psychic readings and opening that same shield, Edgar Cayce had widened it enough that earthbound spirits became visible to him – since he was often seen speaking to ghosts near the end of his life.

I do believe that deep, meditative work “forces” the shield open in a gradual and controlled manner, over time, unlike the usage of drugs, including alcohol and marijuana – which very likely causes increasing fractures within it. Hence, Ra told Carla there was “absolutely no service-to-others value” in using marijuana. This would explain why habitual marijuana smokers and alcohol users seem far more receptive to ‘negative greeting’ than most people. (Though, to be fair, Ra did not explicitly say that the marijuana use would cause excessive damage to Carla either – perhaps because of their belief in the strength of her positive side.) From what Howe is saying here, the cracks might never heal. Based on what my contact Daniel said, it takes three and a half years of total sobriety for the “linkage points” to be restored enough to make CONTROLLED opening of the gateway feasible for intuitive work.

In some cases, if you overdo it, there may be little chance of turning back – some schizophrenics continue to ‘hear voices’ and see lower-astral spirits for the rest of their lives. Then again, R.D. Laing’s model of schizophrenia says that if you put people into a healing, pristine area in nature, and give them farm-labor-oriented tasks, these disorders naturally reverse themselves over time. Coherent torsion-wave oscillations, prevalent in sylvan environments, must repair the damage – which would explain why drugs like LSD do not cause hallucinations when in the presence of the Russian pyramids.

I’m also fairly certain that this sphere is the ultimate holographic center and joining-point of all the chakras, which are then spatially distorted into the positions most are familiar with so that they can be mirrored in the functions of the body. This would also explain the “rising of the kundalini” so that the joining-point is at the third eye – you “collapse the wave function” of the chakras back into their primary positions, to use an archaic quantum physics piece of jargon. In Daniel’s system this is the equivalent of reaching the “quiet point” within yourself, and accessing your zero-time reference. It comes across as the “mind awake, body asleep” feeling. I’ve had a series of readings where I’ve seen that this is going on, and it has been explained in some detail.

I had never thought that it would actually converge on a physical gland in the brain before, but the Cayce Readings did imply this – as did Harold Sherman’s channeling of Sir Hubert Wilkins after his death. Wilkins was describing what it was like to try to get telepathic messages into the brain. It looked like a series of spheres within spheres, and he had to try to find a stable hole to get from the outside through to the center. The aetheric/energetic oscillations of the sphere of water would almost certainly create “nested spheres” of different densities of vibration, corresponding to the different chakra centers – with the highest chakra being the closest to the center. This explains Wilkins’ vision from the 1950s.

Furthermore, this idea of a sphere of electromagnetically-shielded water being a conduit for consciousness also explains Dr. John Lorber’s work with hydroencephaly. These patients had their entire mass of brain tissue compacted to a millimeter or two in thickness against the skull, with the rest of the interior being water – but a fair percentage of them were still able to lead normal, thinking lives.

Wow, this is really putting it all together for me… let’s get back to Howe’s own material now.]


The problem is that inside this psychic gateway, there is a wonderful, tasty 'goodie'… namely you, full of fat, juicy spirit energy.

The main rules I will give you about psychic energy are:

1. Almost everyone is capable of making a psychic attack;

2. If someone is already drained spiritually, they will tend to try to steal spirit energy off other 'weaker' people automatically, without knowing they are doing it.

[DW: There is an important point here – spiritually drained people steal energy off even WEAKER people. So, if you do the work and stay strong, you can’t be affected.]

The worst psychics don't know and never know that they are psychic – they are simple people, and target everyone they hate or get prejudiced to.

Psychic power is determined by:

  • The force of will (the more dominating the personality, the worse);
  • The physical work done – physical energy from the muscles and blood.

This is what powers spirit – and conversely, the more spirit energy you have, the stronger you'll become physically. (ALL the old Superman stuff has its origins in this knowledge.)

  • Fast-twitch muscles – unfortunately this means fight or flight. Even more unfortunately, fight always wins. People who fight a great deal will always be very strong psychically, even if they are not psychic.

The best thing for psychics is to avoid aggressives and all 'physical' people if they can. Otherwise, they are likely to be destroyed. But aggressiveness is the main problem, (up to 1000 times worse,) and comes into its own when hate becomes connected too. (This is also why aggressives tend to hate easily, and don't like letting go of hate either.)

A person’s psychic 'ugliness' to others is determined by:

  • low compassion
  • low 'imagination'
  • high aggression
  • hate
  • low intelligence, i.e. below 70 IQ
  • unreasoning prejudice
  • physical violence
  • low morality (often accompanied by moral blustering)
  • internal refusal to admit they are hurting others

Children are often voracious predators, psychically speaking. You will often find the full force of their parents’ aggression and protective will behind them. This allows them to hurt and feed off others without mercy or pity. If they have no moral governor, they can be truly awful.

[DW: Here, and in the next paragraph, he is clearly speaking about ritually abused Illuminati children who are victims of mind control, with multiple fragmented personalities. I have heard that black-ops psychics are trained in psychic killing. Tough stuff to read, but I’m not editing anything out here – just improving the grammar here and there, in cases like his frequent use of commas where periods should be.]

The advice for psychics concerning children is simple – if they attack you or drain you, kill them psychically. There can be no mercy, or it is you (your soul) that will die. The only hope most of these children ever have, anyway, of being good people is if their spirit is thoroughly beaten, and kept beaten. The more stolen souls that are in a child, the dumber and more aggressive (and stronger) and less moral they will become.

Sorry if this is rough around the edges. Several of my previous posts were mangled slightly the same way… it comes from being tired, carelessness and the fact that I am often condensing ten or twenty difficult pages into one or two.  🙂

Robert Lucien Howe Excuses 101

Robert Lucien Howe
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From his fifteenth post:

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/endsecrecy/message/4817  Oct 13, 2003, 8:44 am

Re: Arnold and the Looney Left by Jay Berger

I know quite a lot about the research on some of these "UFO" machines. Some of them are probably the most environmentally unsafe things ever invented.

Others were banned because they looked dangerous.

A lot of field machines emit exotic radiations. Field aperture engines can generate singularities, and although these are not really dangerous, the idea of them is very frightening.

[DW: Again, field aperture engines are what the Russians would call torsion-field generators. Singularities refer to vortices somewhat like the idea of a black hole.]

Yet others can explode like bombs if they receive too much coherent radio noise at the wrong frequency. Gravity engines create gravity tidal effects. Although probably not really dangerous, these can put extra stress on buildings, and can be so frightening to people that they cause mass defecation.

Involuntary Presidential defecation is apparently one of the main reasons they are 'banned' *.

We'll probably get these machines at the same time we get uranium powered cars, and are allowed to buy weapons-grade plutonium over the internet.

I can list about five or ten people who have an infinitely bigger impact on scientific suppression: John F. Kennedy, Stalin, Hitler, Harry Trueman, Oppenheimer, Marvin Minsky, and Ronald Reagan.

[DW: I believe the misspelling of Truman is deliberate, since he created this last name as an anagram of True Man. I do not know of Marvin Minsky.]

More responsible than any of them is a group of generals in the US military – the real dead hand of secrecy. They are a group of people Hoover had wanted to send to Russia, "so they could destroy them instead of us."

The final group, long connected to scientific suppression, is of course the [Catholic] Church.


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From his twenty-first post:

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/endsecrecy/message/5102  Mar 14, 2004, 12:53 pm

Laithwate’s gyroscope doesn’t work

The main problem with Laithwaite’s gyroscope is that it doesn’t work. I know because I worked on it for years. The worst thing for me is that I didn't even know about Laithwaite (this was long before the days of the Internet), and thought I'd actually invented it myself, until I saw him on TV in the late eighties or early nineties.

I know a lot more about relativity now than I did then, and one of the main reasons Laithwaite’s gyroscope doesn’t work is because it requires relativistic change of inertia. In fact, there are other changes (problems) connected to relativity that make the device impossible. The real problem with the device is that it uses a Newtonian view of the world rather than an Einsteinian one.

In fact, I can make an addition to the description of the pendulum (gyroscope) experiment in the Royal institution. The device works for a short while when first made, and then mysteriously stops working. This always happens, and it’s as if a kind of inertia has built up in the gyro and it simply does not work again.

[DW: This seems somewhat related to the Aspden effect, where a magnetic gyroscope will take 10 times less energy to spin up to a given number of RPMs if it has been previously spun up to that same speed within the preceding 60 seconds or so.]

The real truth of the device is that relativity and time are connected together in a way that makes gravity non-time reversible. So when the Laithwaite machine tries to reverse gravity, it tries to reverse time as well – and no matter how big the thrust, the two forces eventually cancel out, creating no net effect.

The only real way to create a gravity engine is to deform space itself directly, which is extremely difficult. (However, it can be done, and probably has been done in the past.)

The ultimate proof that the Laithwaite pendulum doesn’t work is that if it did, it could be made to run in reverse, generating power from gravity. Without the argument about relativity, it becomes one of the few machines that could potentially destroy the whole planet or maybe even the sun, by draining the gravitational fields that hold them together. Relativity makes the argument quite different. If you want to extract the energy from mass, the relation E=mc^2 applies, which ties mass and gravity directly together at an enormous energy level. This time, draining the gravitational field of the earth is ‘impossible’, and if you could do it, you would create an explosion big enough to destroy the whole galaxy.

Even worse, (for Laithwaite), the above makes it clear that the universe itself cannot (could not) exist, because gravity will always find some way to undo everything. In fact, the universe exists, and it is probably Laithwaite who is wrong.

Sorry to be a downer, but I prefer gravity engines that work.

There is a machine with does exactly the opposite of the Laithwaite machine. This is called a ‘Glisten’ or 'Time Accelerator' or 'Fate' engine, and is one of the real secrets behind things like project Looking Glass and site 52. Humans and animals also possess an electromagnetic version of this ‘machine’, and use it to try to look into the future and give them a warning of danger. Some theorists also believe it’s the basis of all biological memory, as its final mechanism is quite simple (which is good).

[DW: By now we know exactly what he is talking about, thanks to the context.]


From his twenty-seventh post:

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/endsecrecy/message/6358  Feb 7, 2006, 6:54 am

[DW: Debunking of religious ideas, including their criticism of theory of evolution, but nothing new, except for the below tidbit – which certainly is a mirror of earlier levels of Illuminati philosophy:]

“Spirit and human will”. Here is the place where the religious always think they have unique power. Well, science might choose not to look at anything “beyond the material”, but what most people don’t know is that it was actually the religious right who were largely responsible for stopping scientific research into “the psyche” and “psychic phenomena”, sometime in the 1960’s or 70’s.

It’s highly probable that understanding this “spirit” is very closely related to ‘brainwashing” and “propaganda” – without which that same religious right would have about five followers today. Saving the world from Islam and Christianity in one blow, you can understand why they hate science.

The truth is that science believes in truth above all things, but scientists are moral people, and science is a moral pursuit. If you compare science and religion, religion has been largely an enslaving force for humanity, while science has lifted us out of the mud and the cave, and helped give us freedom, justice, mercy and equality. It’s no coincidence that the rise of science occurred at the same time as the invention of things like human rights and modern democracy. Science questions – the religious serve. In the Christian period, utter brutality, merciless cruelty and torture were the norm. It’s no coincidence that the Cross is really a device for torturing people to death. The worst thing ever done by science was the Nazi holocaust – little more than a children’s tea party compared to the worst acts of religion.


From his twenty-eighth post:

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/endsecrecy/message/6376  Feb 22, 2006, 1:44 pm

Having studied Tesla radio

Remy and all, I find this difficult to describe, but there is a certain amusing irony in Tesla’s work and its failure. As I have said before, if it had worked, Tesla radio would probably be one of the most environmentally unfriendly things ever invented. Environmental issues were something Tesla simply didn’t think of – we must remember that he was working a good 30-40 years before concepts like ‘eco-system’, ‘environment’ or ‘Gaia’ were even invented.

The problem with Tesla radio is that it would electrically affect the whole atmosphere. In fact, I think there are already minor “Tesla” problems caused by ordinary power lines today, and this is one of the things damaging the world. It may even be that things like the HARRP project are actually trying to correct a problem the military have secretly known about for many years.

Among the things that Tesla radio might achieve is the complete depolarization of the atmosphere, leading to catastrophic environmental damage through solar radiation, or huge damage to the ozone layer the world over. But perhaps worst of all, a chemical reaction could turn the entire atmosphere toxic – which could wipe out most life altogether. Another thought is that the electrical fields above them might actually kill people directly, creating a weapon of mass murder. I suspect that fear of this was one of the real reasons that Tesla’s work was really brought to a stop.

– Robert Lucien

A suggested slogan for Tesla radio might be:

“Tesla Radio, it’s! less environmentally friendly than the oil, chemical, and coal industries combined.”


“Tesla Radio, it’s! less environmentally friendly than a nuclear war with dirty bombs.”


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