China appears to be responsible for a huge series of equipment malfunctions over the last three months, forcing the NWO to stand down. This is rapidly becoming the most incredible story in Disclosure history!




China and its allies — including Russia, Brazil and India — may well have just saved the world from the greatest crisis and loss of life in modern history — if not in all recorded history.

The scope of the disaster that was planned, and the potential loss of life, would have made any dictators' accomplishments — Pol Pot, Stalin, Hitler, et cetera — seem to pale by comparison.

As bizarre as this must sound to most people, this massive counter-insurgency against the New World Order apparently wouldn't have been possible without direct collaboration and assistance from extraterrestrial humans… who look and sound just like us.


Furthermore, these extraterrestrial humans wouldn't have been allowed  to intervene until very recently.

The fact that they have been allowed to intervene at all  is a seismic shift… sending incredible shock-waves through the insider world as we speak.

This analogy may seem laughable, but based on what has just happened, it is literally as if Universal Law was fundamentally altered: the sky just ripped open, and angels have now appeared floating in the air.

As you may already know, I have been fortunate enough to interact with multiple witnesses who have worked in various levels of the UFO cover-up — some at levels significantly above the need-to-know basis of the President of the United States.

When you speak with the top-level insiders in the black-ops community, you often hear them mention THE RULES.

These projects are so compartmentalized that only the high-level people are even aware that THE RULES exist — or of how far-reaching they are.

It has taken me years of interviews to explore and unravel this strange subject — particularly because of the potential for confusion.

Sometimes, when insiders talk about THE RULES, they are talking about guidelines their own group insists they follow — such as secrets they must keep, disinformation they are expected to pass along, who gets to know how much, what mistakes are bad enough to get you killed, et cetera.

However, over the course of many conversations, I increasingly realized there was another level of THE RULES — a level they have absolutely no control over. 


In this greater cosmic sense, THE RULES are a set of principles that the insider black-ops community has felt, for at least the past century, were as fixed and unchangeable as the Universe itself.

They also believed THE RULES would continue, unaltered, for millions of years. Apparently they have time-viewing technology that led them to believe this was the case.

The idea that this was a manipulated timeline, and not necessarily the real future, was far too mind-blowing for them to ever consider — particularly since you have people living within these timelines, and you can go and visit them and live there yourself.

Nonetheless, all ETs visiting the Earth must operate within THE RULES. It is impossible for them not to.


One day, only a few weeks ago, I finally got smart enough to bluntly ask one of my main contacts, "Who makes THE RULES?"

The reply was: "Who makes gravity? Who makes the sun rise and set? Who makes the Galaxy spin?

"We don't know who makes THE RULES, David, but we have no choice but to follow them. There is no workaround. There is no other way. That's why they're THE RULES."

This is a strange subject, and will undoubtedly lead to some folks laughing and thinking I'm crazy… but this is what you hear about when you talk to these insiders yourself.

At the highest levels of the UFO cover-up, it is well-understood that events on Earth, and indeed throughout the inhabited galaxy, are being managed and controlled — by unseen forces.

Some things are allowed to happen… and others are not.



As one key example of THE RULES, our Earth is under a 'Quarantine' that prevents most ETs from being able to enter our airspace in a way that would be visible to the naked eye — except in rare, unpredictable and brief bursts of time.

This is the main reason why we don't see more visible UFOs — particularly in the case of negatively-oriented ETs. In fact, without this Quarantine, negative ETs would have invaded and taken over this planet eons ago.

This Quarantine also appears to allow those planetary controllers here on Earth to do whatever they want. Or so they thought.

The Quarantine is maintained by a vast network of super-advanced, indestructible satellites surrounding the Earth — built by very high-level ETs. These satellites keep humanity locked in — and everyone else locked out.

The insiders do not know who built these satellites, nor precisely why they are there. It's simply another part of THE RULES.

When you view the patches of US Space Command or Navy Space Command, they picture the Earth surrounded by two circles, similar to the typical depiction of electron orbitals around an atom.

This symbolizes the Quarantine — which protects us from the bad guys.



On this official military website, you can find a patch commemorating the 25th anniversary of Air Force Space Command — from 1982 to 2007. You can see the two rings around the Earth clearly depicted, as well as a stylized image of a back-engineered ET spacecraft in flight:


From what I've heard, these triangular craft are enormous in size — taking quite some time to walk from one end to the other — and are already in operation throughout the galaxy. The shape you see in these emblems is almost exactly what they look like.

There is an official website you can visit for the Naval Space Command and the US Space Command. There is also a Wikipedia page for the US Space Command, linked from an even more detailed Unified Combatant Command page.


If you read this US Space Command page, you will find very specific information about who was in charge, when they were in charge, and what they allegedly were up to… and it includes the following emblem, featuring hte rings I'm talking about:



Notice the crosses on each of the rings. We'll get back to that in a minute.

You can also read about US Space Command in this article on — in an interview with Gene McCall, chief scientist for the Air Force Space Command. Naturally, the article attempts to put a mundane spin on the story and does not include any real 'juice' of Disclosure.



You again see the rings around the Earth in the Air Force Space Command patch. This was originally featured on the official Air Force Space Command website, which has since been taken down.

However, at this website, there is a comprehensive series of mirrored links to what was originally on these official websites — along with the now-defunct links. I suggest saving your own copy in case it gets taken down.

When you go to this mirror site and sort through the images and text, this triangular metallic flying machine image appears over and over again on various badges and emblems — along with the two "quarantine rings":


Also, again notice the two crosses on either side of the delta-shaped spacecraft.

These, I believe, are meant to be Knights Templar crosses. In a Project Camelot interview, Gordon Novel revealed that these insiders like to refer to themselves as the Knights Temporal:

K: When you say “we,” who’s we?

The Knights Temporal

G: Well, I have a group of folks that I call the Knights Temporal.

The most prominent aerospace engineers and physicists in the world today are all part of a team we call the RAM group. We call ourselves the Knights Temporal.

We took a page out of the idea of the Templars who basically blackmailed the Pope to give them the fiefdoms over Europe. They created the banking orders we have today.

Since we believe the technology is rooted in time, we call ourselves the Knights Temporal. The alien technology, the UFO, is basically a flying time machine. That’s what we believe, and it’s all we know about it.


What Novel does not say here is that this is more than them "taking a page out of the idea of the Templars." These groups are the direct descendants of the Knight Templars — and have still kept all their secrets.



The same two "quarantine rings" appear in the emblem for the Naval Space Command, also mirrored at the above site:



This next patch can be found on the official Vandenburg Air Force Base website on Strategic Air

Again we see a cross on one of the Earth's protective rings. The sword, as we shall see, appears to be a Knight Templar sword.

With the line "Strengthen the Shield," there is a clear implication here that the two rings around the Earth could be some sort of 'shield' that we want to make sure stays strong.

Further, there is the suggestion that this shield may be at least partially enforced by that same weird delta-shaped craft:



Also check out this "AFSST 76th Space Ops" patch from the same site — the official Vandenburg Air Force Base website on Strategic Air

Again we see one of the "quarantine rings" as well as the same flying metallic triangle — this time with wings around it just in case you didn't get the point that it flies.

Two smaller delta-shaped craft also flank the AFSST acronym at the bottom:



Here's a shot of the original Strategic Air Command page in case it disappears. Notice the Knight Templar glove holding lightning bolts in the insignia at the top left:



The "quarantine rings" and flying metallic triangles show up again in the emblem for the Joint Functional Component Command for Space, which has its own official Wikipedia page here:

As it says on the Wikipedia page, according to Lieutenant General William L. Shelton, "Our prime mission directive in JFCC SPACE is to ensure our freedom of action in space, while preventing adversary use of space against us."



These badges from Schriever Air Force Base follow the same theme — quarantine rings and peculiar aircraft operating far outside the Earth's atmosphere:



I have been told the Pegasus "Master of Space" logo you see at the bottom of this "Heritage" badge is worn by staff who have direct, high-level involvement with extraterrestrial human civilizations — typically those working for Space Command.


There are so many goodies on the third page of badges from the Schriever AFB site — delta craft, Templar swords, Templar gloves, quarantine rings, et cetera — that I had to just post the whole thing:

There are many, many indications of the Knight Templars here — and indeed, many insiders have said the Air Force is much more involved in the UFO cover-up than other organizations.

You probably caught the Masonic compass in the image on the bottom right. There is a Templar glove below it holding a sword of fire.

I was particularly fascinated by the Templar Knight gloves that had a mysterious energetic force coming off of them on the 310th Communications Flight badge — suggesting the mastery of hidden Universal powers:


The fourth page of badges from the Schriever AFB contains additional enigmas — including a straight-ahead Templar skull and crossbones symbol:

The 50th Contracting Squadron badge at the top left may be a nod to the fact that human beings appear all over the galaxy — hence we see the image of a human body away from the Earth, and the Pegasus logo alongside it.

The 50th Space Communications Squadron badge at the top right has the Templar glove, again with the suggestion of a "Thunderbolt" coming out of it.

According to the second episode of this season's Ancient Aliens, which I did plenty of research for but didn't get in fast enough to make the cut, the many ancient 'Thunderbolt' legends appear to refer back to a working ET weapon that was used in historic times.

Such a weapon then later became mythologized in such stories as Zeus' Thunderbolt, Thor's Hammer, Odin's Spear, Poseidon's Trident, Vajra's Spear, et cetera.


The nasty-looking hooded being on the 23D Space Operations HQ badge, second over from the bottom left, clearly seems to represent the "Thoughtform Entities" I have been told these guardians of Earth are actively defending us against.

Notice the being has at least two faces — one made by the two winglike eyes in the middle, and another in profile view on the left-hand side, where a pointy nose, brow and chin are all clearly visible.



Whether you agree with what they're doing or not, the people I speak to are absolutely convinced that the Earth would be much worse off if they were not doing their jobs.

This desire to protect humanity from outside negative forces is a strong rationale for why they continue to stay involved in these jobs, even though there are many questionable ethics involved.

It is certainly interesting to see a hooded being looming over the Earth on a badge dedicated to "space operations."



The fifth and final page of badges from Schriever AFB has even more goodies. First, here's the full view:

Notice the two stylized birds flanking the star on the bottom-center image. They most definitely appear to be depictions of the Phoenix.

What better symbol to choose if you're describing a journey through a stargate — where you appear to 'die' and disappear on one end, only to be 'reborn' from the other?

As you'll see in a minute, this was the original Air Force logo!

Now let's explore some more of these images in detail.



First of all, as we see below in its larger form, we have a badge that clearly and undeniably shows a pentagonal Stargate vortex emerging from the Northwest United States.

More than one insider has told me that the 'ancient' stargates look like tunnels lined with individual points of light, in a clear geometric relationship to each other, and which spiral in on themselves as you look more deeply into the wormhole.

The points of light may very well be in a pentagonal relationship to each other along the circumference of the circle, though no one has told me this. I also never thought to ask until now — but it may very well be.

A slight hint of this stargate pattern appears in the movie Minority Report, when you look off to the right in this particular shot:



Getting back to this 21st Space Operations badge, it even features the words 'gate' and 'star' right in the description — Gateway to the Stars:


The five-pointed star with a circle inside of it is a common feature of the basic Air Force badge, which went through two different stages of development. This is apparently another homage to the stargates or 'portals' being used at the insider levels.

I already pointed out the original Air Force logo, where the pentagon is flanked with stylized Phoenix birds on either side. This logo then went through an evolution into its current form, as these images depict:



Check this one out from the Air Force Communicators and Air Traffic Controllers Association.

In the center you have the pentagonal Air Force / stargate logo — flanked with the Phoenix birds of fire.

Then you've got a jet on the right and "something else" on the left — our delta-shaped craft once again — protecting a triangular-shaped Earth in the same 'quarantine loops' I've been showing you:


The triangle shape appears to indicate the tetrahedral energy signatures that run through the Earth and other planets, as Richard C. Hoagland has been asserting since at least 1993.

The tetrahedral energy appears at the 19.5-degree latitude, north or south, on any given planet. On solid planets it emerges as volcanoes, such as Hawaii on Earth and the enormous Olympus Mons on Mars. On gas planets we have the Great Red Spot of Jupiter, the Great Dark Spot of Neptune, cloud bands on Saturn, et cetera — all at the magic 19.5-degree latitude.



One of the most compelling pieces from Schriever AFB is this next badge below. 

Here, we see a simplified but undeniable diagram of the Global Grid I have written about for so many years.

The real Grid is not made of a square pattern like this, but is otherwise extremely similar — including the spherical 'nodes' where the lines cross.

We also see a Knight Templar in full royal regalia:



Even the clovers carved into the knight's mask are obvious, stylized versions of the Templar cross:


The official NORAD logo (NORth American Aerospace Defense command) also contains the 'quarantine loops' around the Earth. 

This time the loops appear stylized as wings — and we also see the Templar sword with stylized 'thunderbolts' coming off of it:


More goodies can be found on the official page for the 310th Space Wing:

This next badge from the above website caught my eye in particular.

It is a seemingly earlier version of the same 310th Communications Flight badge I showed you before. Again we see the delta-shaped craft and the Earth with quarantine rings in the middle.

We also prominently see the knights' gloves with thunderbolts coming off of the fingers.

Again, this badge suggests the Templar Knights may have possessed mystical capabilities to manipulate energy — either by thought alone, or with some form of 'thunderbolt' technology, as we see in many ancient myths:



Of course, none of this is absolutely conclusive proof that there is any off-planet work going on within Space Command, nor that they have access to stargate 'portal' technology or interstellar delta-shaped craft.

However, I have spoken to several different insiders who have given me various pieces of this puzzle — and they all fit together very well.

When independent witnesses keep telling you the same things, you start paying attention.

It is highly, highly interesting that we see so much redundancy in the symbolism of these various military badges — over and over again. I've only given you a brief sample of what you can uncover with your own research.


Everyone 'in the know' is well aware of THE RULES, and the Quarantine that exists around the Earth.

Apparently you can't just fly a ship out of Earth's atmosphere without opening a hole in the Quarantine first. This had to be done for all the Apollo missions, I am told, as otherwise they would have never made it out of here alive.

The ETs that have been working with the US and other governments for the past century apparently possess technology that allows for short-term openings to be made in the Quarantine.

Space Command is very glad we have the Quarantine, as it protects us from outside invading forces. When random holes occur, Space Command uses their own ships to further defend the Earth — as their badges indicate.

Another very interesting point I've been told is that Space Command and its affiliates have reason to believe the Quarantine will drop some time after 2012. This is a significant part of the transformation we are now going through.

At this point, the Earth will enter into open contact with its ET neighbors.

There is also the implication or suggestion that the dropping of this Quarantine will also enhance the mystical and psychic abilities of the average person as well.



The 'Quarantine' is one of a variety of very specific data points that were revealed in the Law of One series, most of which came through in 1981 to Don Elkins, Carla Rueckert and Jim McCarty of L/L Research.

The best way to introduce yourself to this staggeringly complex body of information — all of which is now free to read online — is to consult the Study Guide I have posted at this site. I highly recommend you explore this research, and feel it is one of the best possible uses of your time.

I have pointed out to several insiders now that everything they're telling me — all the most significant data points — can be found in this one series from 1981.

I consistently urge that they read it, as they would be shocked to discover how well the material lines up with what they already know.

However, everyone is 'too busy' — and the big discovery still remains waiting in the wings.


If you feel you have the time, here's a full list of all the places where the 'quarantine' is discussed in the Law of One series — and it is a fascinating read:

These two sets of quotes from Sessions Six and Twelve really stand out for me:

6.25 Questioner: Do any of the [positive Confederation ETs] come here at this time in spacecraft? In the past, say, thirty years?

Ra: I am Ra. We must state that this information is unimportant. If you will understand this, we feel that the information may be acceptably offered. The Law of One is what we are here to express. However, we will speak upon this subject.

Each planetary entity which wishes to appear within your third-dimensional space/time distortion requests permission to break quarantine, as you may call it, and appear to your peoples.

The reason and purpose for this appearance is understood, and either accepted or rejected. There have been as many as fifteen of the Confederation entities in your skies at any one time; the others available to you through thought.

At present [1981] there are seven which are operating with craft in your density.

Their purposes are very simple: to allow those entities of your planet to become aware of infinity, which is often best expressed to the uninformed as the mysterious or unknown.


12.3 Questioner: Is there any effort on the part of the Confederation to stop the Orion chariots [piloted by negative, "service to self" ETs] from arriving here?

Ra: I am Ra. Every effort is made to quarantine this planet.

However, the network of guardians, much like any other pattern of patrols on whatever level, does not hinder each and every entity from penetrating quarantine — for if a request is made in light/love, the Law of One will be met with acquiescence.

If the request is not made, due to the slipping through the net, then there is penetration of this net.

12.5 Questioner: I don’t understand how the Confederation stops the Orion chariots from coming through the quarantine?

Ra: I am Ra. There is contact at the level of light-form or lightbody-being, depending upon the vibratory level of the guardian.

These guardians sweep reaches of your Earth’s energy fields to be aware of any entities approaching. [DW: The satellites I have heard about from the insiders appear to be the automated detection system that alerts these 'Guardians'.]

An entity which is approaching is hailed in the name of the One Creator.

Any entity thus hailed is bathed in love/light, and will of free will obey the quarantine due to the power of the Law of One.

12.6 Questioner: What would happen to the entity if he did not obey the quarantine after being hailed?

Ra: I am Ra. To not obey quarantine after being hailed on the level of which we speak would be equivalent to your not stopping upon walking into a solid brick wall.

12.7 Questioner: What would happen to the entity if he did this? What would happen to his chariot?

Ra: I am Ra. The Creator is one being. The vibratory level of those able to breach the quarantine boundaries is such that upon seeing the love/light net it is impossible to break this Law.

Therefore, nothing happens. No attempt is made. There is no confrontation.

The only beings who are able to penetrate the quarantine are those who discover windows or distortions in the space/time continua surrounding your planet’s energy fields.

Through these windows they come. These windows are rare and unpredictable.


This is only one of many hundreds of examples where I have found a perfect correspondence between what the top-level insiders tell me and what we find written in the Law of One series.



I have worked for years to flesh out the Law of One's cosmology into a scientific thesis — with stunning results, as you can find in my videos, conferences, radio shows, articles and books.

A window of 2011 to 2013 was given in the Law of One series as a time where a 'quantum leap' would occur in Earth's history, propelling us into an amazingly beautiful new Golden Age.

Once this shift fully takes place — which may involve 100 to 700 years for the full transition to complete — the average human being will have all the abilities attributed to Jesus and other 'Ascended Masters' — and more.

Even though it may take some time for this transformation to occur, there is no question that the initial 'quantum leap' in 2011-2013 is something absolutely remarkable, breathtaking and unprecedented in Earth's history.


This 'quantum leap' is the result of our Solar System traversing into a more highly-charged region of the galaxy — wherein the actual physics of matter, energy and consciousness irreversibly shift.

This galactic transformation propels the Earth into an energetic state called 'Fourth Density' — as opposed to our current 'third.'

These same energy states appear in the human body as the seven chakras. They also constitute what most people mistakenly call "dimensional levels", which apparently exist as planes of existence throughout the entire Universe. 

The shift into fourth-density is essentially a graduation from the yellow, self-oriented center to the green, heart-oriented perspective.

No mention of the Mayan Calendar ever occurred in The Law of One, as Dr. Don Elkins knew nothing about it — nor the importance of the 2012 date in many ancient prophecies.

It is highly ironic that the most accurate and comprehensive body of 2012 prophecy information makes no mention of the Mayan Calendar whatsoever… nor any of the other common talking points related to 2012.



Obviously, until this shift actually happens, we cannot be certain of what will occur — nor of exactly how it will occur.

Nonetheless, there are hundreds of specific, highly technical scientific data points in the Law of One series that have since been proven correct. 

This makes it highly unlikely that the whole model will fall apart when it comes to the Fourth-Density Shift.

I have yet to find a single contradiction or error in the Law of One cosmology. In fact, the more I follow up on the leads we were given, the more advanced and beautifully perfect the model becomes.

I struggled for many years with the frequently-mentioned concept of a parallel universe where time is three-dimensional — but finally this year I solved this greatest of all mysteries, and truly understood how and why it was the key to everything.

My upcoming book The Source Field Investigations — due for release next May — is significantly more evolved than any other presentation I've given on this subject.

The CONVERGENCE film script has now been brought fully up to date with these latest breakthroughs as well, and we hope to have a finished draft ready to show directors, actors and investors by early January.


The insiders I have spoken to do not realize the Law of One series was written by the group that directly enforces THE RULES.

The authors of the Law of One claim to be at the "Sixth Density" level. After this point, there is only one final stage remaining before you fully reunite with the One Infinite Creator.

Those at the Seventh Density level usually only work as teachers and mentors for the sixth density folks — and otherwise do not get involved in most cases.

Therefore, what the insiders call THE RULES is not some impartial, detached universal law.

It is a carefully orchestrated and maintained series of principles — designed to steer human spiritual evolution, and enforced by groups such as the authors of the Law of One.

As you saw in the above quotes, these groups are called the 'Guardians,' and can exist at different levels. As we saw in Session 12.5, "There is contact at the level of light-form or lightbody-being, depending upon the vibratory level of the guardian."

Most likely, the 'light-form' refers to a piloted craft, whereas the "lightbody-being" is a higher-level entity that does not need such equipment to travel.


Another key 'surprise' the insiders should consider, within THE RULES, is how such a comprehensive disclosure as the Law of One would ever have been allowed to occur in the first place.

The insiders still believe many of the things they know and deal with every day are secret — but that hasn't been true since 1981.

I found the Law of One series in 1996 and am still learning new things from it all the time. No other source I've ever found is this much of a "gift that keeps on giving."

Should the insiders bother to consider how the Law of One was ever permitted to occur in the first place, they may realize that they have been greatly mistaken about many things — and that all of this is by design.


Let's get back to the worldview held by the insiders, at the greatest levels of world secrecy, for a minute.

Within their own understanding of THE RULES, our ET visitors — the vast majority of whom are known to be benevolent — would never be allowed to directly intervene in Earth's history — in any way.

Thus, if the New World Order / Illuminati groups wanted to destroy the planet, these ETs would simply have to stand by and watch — shedding tears in disbelief and horror as it happened.

Yes, they keep all the bad guys out, thanks to the Quarantine — but what occurs under that roof is Earth humanity's own business.


Multiple sources have confirmed their belief that this non-intervention policy was an absolute Universal constant — never to be changed. These power groups could basically do whatever they want on Earth, with no restrictions whatsoever.

We now know this was merely what they were expected to believe.

The truth is far more shocking.

Unbeknownst to them, these great manipulators have been kept on a very tight leash this whole time. It clearly states in the Law of One series that they are only able to do what they are allowed to do.

However, the level of sophistication with which they have been "kept in line" is so high that they themselves never even realized it was happening.

Until now.


My position on these matters has always remained consistent — and it's straight out of the Law of One series.

Events that happen on Earth are not random — we are living in a highly structured illusion, designed to promote our spiritual evolution.

The main purpose of The Illusion is to insure that you always have equal opportunity to seek the positive or the negative in any situation.

Third-density is called "The Choice" because this Illusion is highly manicured and orchestrated — so you have fair and equal opportunity to seek either path, and find the apparent truth in whatever you choose to believe.


In order for The Illusion to work properly, there have to be highly negative power groups who firmly believe they will be able to succeed in their nefarious plans.

However, this is only allowed to occur for a finite time — and ultimately the Law of Karma is very much a part of THE RULES as well. No souls are exempt from this process.

The Illusion is being carefully and rigorously maintained by beings much more evolved than extraterrestrials who travel in UFOs.

These beings would be called Seraphim and/or Cherubim in the Bible — the highest-level beings in the Old and New Testament — and, as we are discovering with so many other ancient legends, this too is not a myth nor a superstition.

I prefer to use a more neutral term and refer to these "sixth-density" groups as Management.

The Law of One was written by a sixth-density Management group. In this series, they chose to use the same name they gave themselves when they contacted the Egyptians.

At that time, they were known as Ra — in honor of the Sun, which is an intelligent super-being within the Law of One cosmology.


I have been fortunate enough to make direct contact with Management over the years, through dreams and direct verbal messages I bring in with as little distortion as possible.

I have to be in an exceptionally pure state of consciousness to do this technique properly.

I am now ready to teach you this technique directly — and the first online seminar I will offer is this Saturday — tomorrow! — at 5PM Eastern time.

You can also catch one of our all-weekend Convergence conferences for an even more comprehensive presentation — and we now have a variety of tour dates listed on this site. 

Due to all the stresses and pressures I've taken on as a public figure, I only have brought through a few messages a year in this format — particularly since 2001.

However, I was very active between 1996 and 2000, when things were much simpler in my life.

Now that I have had a massive breakthrough in my personal life, leading to much more privacy, freedom and flexibility, I hopefully will be able to bring in direct messages from Management a lot more often.

The results of this contact have already generated an enormous body of free information I have published on this website since 1999 — with a vast amount of scientific research to back up my assertions.


Most of the readings I published in 1999 — averaging at least once or twice a month — now appear to be much more relevant to our current environment than they were at the time.

Many, many prophecies I was given by Management have come true.

I have boldly told you not to worry about things that were causing paralyzing fear of imminent doom throughout the Internet — such as the swine-flu vaccine, the BP oil spill, imminent martial law, FEMA camps, total economic collapse, et cetera.

You are certainly free to choose fear if you want to. That's all part of The Illusion.

Nontheless, if you bother to seek the positive, you will be amply and comprehensively rewarded for your efforts.

I am only interested in telling you the truth. Not lies.

I cannot support a perspective of fear and doom, as it is simply not factual.


Management's primary responsibility is to steer the evolution of a 'planetary population' such as we have on Earth.

When a given planet reaches the end of a 'Cycle', as we now have, Management's main responsibility is to never let the planet tip too far into chaos.

Now that the New World Order is desperately struggling to make its endgame maneuvers, and literally kill billions of people by destroying the ability to produce and distribute food, the level of intervention that Management is allowing to happen has dramatically increased.

Once you put the pieces together, this may well be the most fascinating and important story in human history — and it's happening right now, in real time.

I can't prove that all these ET intrigues I've told you about are true — but there are many other data points that are quite shocking, and all play their parts in revealing the Big Picture.

Once you see how all the dots connect, many seemingly mysterious things that have recently happened on Earth suddenly make a lot more sense.

In order to make the case, we have to deal in far more mundane topics than what I've been discussing thus far — but these are the specifics through which this great global game is being played.

Since these specifics affect everyone's lives on Earth, they are worthy of a detailed examination. That will happen in the next section of this piece, which I hope to post here very soon on a sub-page. Keep checking back for the update — you do not want to miss this!

Sorry if you're just now finding out about tomorrow's conference — but there is still time to sign up!