Disclosure has been systematically suppressed for many years now — for reasons that are a lot more complex than you may realize.

Anyone who asks "Why won't the government tell us that UFOs are real" is a newbie — who has obviously not yet been exposed to the truth about the different, warring factions involved behind the scenes, and how long this has really been going on.


The oldest factions are also the most interesting. What I have been told, from very credible insiders, is that there are a number of ETs out there who look just like us, or very close — but have advanced spiritual skills including levitation, telepathy and telekinesis.

They visited Earth as 'Gods' and interbred with humans, creating "Heroes" or "Demigods" in the process — throughout a variety of different cultures. Their descendants are still around — and you may be one of them.


About 15 percent of everyone on Earth, in every race, has fairly recent extraterrestrial DNA in some form. This will make it easier for them to use the intuitive gifts we all innately possess.

As you go farther back in time, you find that almost everyone on Earth can be traced back to extraterrestrial human immigrants. The only races that appear to have evolved naturally on Earth are the Aborigines and the Africans. 

The insiders also tell me that there is a greater genetic difference between Aborigines and Africans than any other two races on Earth. Everyone else is somewhere on the spectrum between these two.

Again, though, every race on Earth has a fifteen-percent margin of people with "extraterrestrial DNA" in some form — so everyone's genetics potentially contian a mixture of terrestrial and non-terrestrial elements.

In my upcoming book The Source Field Investigations, I show redundant proof that DNA can shift from one configuration to another, thanks to underlying energetic patterns.

For this same reason, I believe that the "extraterrestrial DNA markers" that have been found in fifteen percent of all people on Earth can be switched on within one lifetime. Although it is often conveyed by birth, I do not believe this is necessarily a requirement.


Many of these ancient visitors created enduring religious and spiritual traditions that focus on positive, loving principles to live by.

The Eastern traditions tended to focus more on meditative practices that would cultivate a direct experience with Universal Awareness.

Many insiders consider it a given fact that Jesus and other great spiritual teachers were visitors who came here with all their abilities fully intact — on a mission of peace.

The insiders are concerned about what the effect will be on the world once it becomes clear that various warring religious groups were all inspired or directly created by humans who did not originate on Earth — but sought to steer our planet in a positive direction.



Other human visitors came here for less noble purposes, and wished to establish control of the Earth. What most people call "The Illuminati" is actually a diverse group that has been influenced by both positive and negatively-oriented ETs over time.

Some of these off-planet humans came here at least ten or eleven thousand years ago. Some of them never interbred with native Earth humans — and some of them never left.

When they first got here, they often had spectacular abilities that would easily lead us to consider them to be Gods.

However, even if they only bred with each other, the Earth's own energetic patterns did not support their advanced abilities — so as each generation passed, more and more of these talents were lost.

From what I have heard, no DNA test of these humans will ever appear to be more than two percent different from our own. They do not have the ability to shape-shift — what you see is what you get, and they are entirely mortal like the rest of us.

These groups still possess working stargate technologies that enable them to travel back to their own home planets and anywhere else they wish to go. They became the royal bloodlines — and there are five major "seed groups" that came here from different planets of origin.



In The Source Field Investigations, I present a highly compelling body of evidence that the US government was founded for a secret purpose — to pave the way for a sudden shift in human consciousness and evolution that is now upon us.

It appears that the "Founding Fathers" were keenly aware of these ancient prophecies. Apparently, most of them were direct descendants of extraterrestrial human visitors to the Earth — according to what I have been told.

I do not believe the original purposes behind the foundation of the United States of America were negative. There have always been negative groups, and there have been positive groups as well.

We can now scientifically explore the great secret they set us up with.



We now can prove that our DNA molecules form out of energy fields that are unknown to mainstream science. I have compiled a vast body of evidence to make the case in my new book, The Source Field Investigations.

Seemingly inanimate matter is pushed into complex DNA patterns by unseen energy forces that are all around us. Ultimately the design and propagation of life is a universal energetic phenomenon.

This also means that the human body is not unique to the Earth; it is, in fact, quite common throughout the Universe, and highly prevalent on all inhabited worlds within our own galaxy.

It is very difficult to wrap your mind around the idea that there are millions of inhabited planets, with human populations, just in this galaxy alone — but that doesn't change the fact that it is true.

This also means the Earth is far from the pinnacle of human evolution. We are, in fact, still working through the equivalent of kindergarten class. There are countless others out there who have progressed millions of years beyond where we are now.

They are speaking and guiding us constantly. If we raise the quality of our thoughts and emotions to a sufficient level of purity and strength, we can hear what they have to say. 


The energy that creates DNA is the same energy field that creates matter. It is the same energy field that creates and transmits consciousness. And ultimately it is the same energy field that forms space and time as we now know it.

Accepting and understanding the reality of the Source Field is undoubtedly the most important shift we can make as a global civilization.

Consciousness is the key. Once we understand that Mind is the Builder, the potential for seemingly Godlike abilities falls within our grasp.

Much like the original Matrix movie suggested, reality is a construct. It is not as fixed and immutable as our senses normally lead us to believe. Anything — and everything — is possible.

Time can be conquered as easily as we now walk through space. In a very real sense, this confers immortality — or at least a lifespan that is much longer and much richer than anything we now experience.

In order to step into this state, it is ultimately necessary to realize that the identity you have carried with you, all these years, is only one aspect of your greater Being. The more you allow this deeper, truer self to come forth, the more you will progress and evolve.


Most people on Earth are still heavily gripped by the illusion. They believe there is a material world. They believe that wrong could be done to them. They believe their waking, thinking mind is their identity. They identify with their pain as if it defines them.

They see the problems happening in the world — both geophysically and geopolitically — and feel anger, sadness, jealousy and powerful fear of these events.

They are willing to consider that these concepts are true — but only up to a point. They consistently let themselves slip back into the thoughts and behaviors that a lifetime of toxic conditioning has built up.

They believe that others are somehow separate from themselves. They fail to see how misery, sorrow, humiliation and defeat are spiritual gifts as valuable as joy, pleasure, honor and triumph. They refuse the idea that there is only Identity in the universe. 

If they could accept that there is only Identity, only One Mind, then that would mean each of us is the Creator — experiencing Itself through the lens of an apparently separate personality and human body.


No universal force will stop you from staying captivated by 'the illusion' for as long as you choose.

However, the conditions on the Earth have now created a window of opportunity where you can break free of the cycles of birth and death — and become an Ascended being as glorious and powerful as anything you've seen in movies or read about.

This is the real key that unlocks all the mysteries around the times we are in. Whether it be devastating earth changes, terrifying government corruption or UFO sightings, everything ultimately has a single, unified explanation.

Unfortunately, very few people understand that all these seemingly isolated elements are connected — thanks to the fact that we are being led through a Galactic evolutionary leap.

Whether you understand it or not, the transformation is still happening. The seemingly mundane, terrible and disruptive events in your own life are, in fact, the very tools that can liberate you from perpetually recurring sorrow.

An incredible number of other people have already done this. They have been through every conceivable form of madness, disaster, terror and misery you can imagine. And they pulled through. They made it. And now they walk the Cosmos with ease.


These people can, and do, walk right alongside you. For now, they must stay slightly out of phase with our physical reality — as powerful energy signatures are created when they consolidate into physical form.

In order to create solid particles of matter where none had existed, on a scale large enough to manifest a visible body, there must be a 'pull' from the surrounding area.

There are classified satellite technologies that can detect this 'pull' — essentially as a noticeable dimming of surrounding energy fields — and vaporize these people before they ever have a chance to even fully materialize. We would never even know anything unusual had happened — in most cases.

The technology is not perfect, and it cannot survey the entire planet all at once — but particularly in developed Western countries, the risk is serious. That's one good reason why these people don't usually make housecalls.

However, if you can shift your own consciousness "out of phase," you will definitely be able to see them and hear them. This is best done in the early mornings — and I disclose exactly how I do it in the epic four-hour "Access Your Higher Self" video series.


There is a big difference between training yourself to have momentary perceptions of this greater reality and actually existing in it — and bringing your body along with you.

The main determinant of whether you are ready for this quantum leap of evolution is how loving you are towards others — and towards yourself.


Once you realize who you really are, there is nothing to defend. You are already perfect. You are already majestic. You are a full embodiment of the Divine creative power of the universe, just as you are, right now.

It is totally up to you as to whether you will choose to see this or not — both in yourself and in others.

Disruptive experiences will only happen for as long as they provide you with benefit.

Once you no longer benefit from these events, they will stop happening. This is true for the personal as well as the planetary level.

Again: Once you no longer benefit from these events, they will stop happening.

Obviously, that means the big question is, "How do you define 'benefit?'"

If disruptive events create movement in your consciousness — if they make you sad, angry, frustrated, jealous or fearful — then they will dutifully continue.


Anything that creates a change of state in your consciousness is ultimately a blessing, as it pushes you closer to full enlightenment and spiritual mastery.

At this time in our history we are all being presented with the maximum amount of disruptive events. It is an illusion to believe it is going to get worse than it is right now, but for the time being the intensity will remain very strong.

A temporary 'up' — such as many people are feeling with Bin Laden's apparent death — can easily be followed by additional upsetting events. There is time to breathe — but not a whole lot right now. New challenges — new opportunities — will continue to be offered.

Balance will always be preserved. You will always have the opportunity to view the glass as half empty or half full. You will always have the opportunity to see death, and completely believe it defines reality as we know it, or see life — and revel in its majesty.

The only chance we have to reduce the disruptive events is to move into forgiveness and acceptance — of ourselves and others. That includes those players on the planetary level whom you find the most upsetting.


Some readers are very upset by President Obama. To even write the word 'Obama' is to guarantee that twenty or more hateful comments will be sent in — and we do see and read them. If you are one of these people — and it's a relatively small number who keep writing in the same sorts of things — I want to speak to you about this.

Let's say for a minute that everything you hate about him is true. Let's say he was indeed born in Kenya, is not a "natural born citizen," and is therefore not legally qualified to be President of the United States.

Let's say Bin Laden died years ago, and the entire event is nothing more than crass political stagecraft, timed for maximum expediency.

Let's say Obama is indeed a shill for all the biggest, nastiest, darkest power players on Earth. Let's say he is a manipulative, deceptive, cunning and cruel tyrant, and wishes to steer the Earth directly into the diabolical hands of the Illuminati.


I ask you this: if you believe everything I've just said, can you love him?

[Bear in mind I asked the same question when it was Bush.]

Can you let go of obsessing on attacking, humiliating, denigrating and hating him — or anyone else, for that matter?

Are you aware that those who are on the negative path will ultimately have to balance everything they measure out to others — and therefore in the fullness of time, justice has already been done — it is a certainty — and you therefore have nothing to be upset about?

Can you see that ultimately every person, whether born here or elsewhere, has feelings, needs love and respect, and has an abundance of positive qualities — for they are the same soul that you are?

If not, then you may have just found the most important spiritual issue you are wrestling with in this lifetime.

And we are now in our final exams.

There is a fairly brief window of time remaining for each of us to change how we think and act. It's certainly not a bad idea to take this seriously. The rewards are well worth the apparent sacrifice. Ultimately, all you're really letting go of is the hatred of Self.



We have all been brainwashed our entire lives to judge, criticize, ridicule and condemn others — and feel a sarcastic satisfaction from doing so.

The people who ultimately taught us to think and act this way, and keep endorsing it on a worldwide level through print, television and film media, have enshrined this behavior as a religious belief. The proof is overwhelming, and there is no point in going into very much detail.

Literally billions of dollars have been spent trying to contort existing religious and spiritual beliefs into accepting that this behavior is not only acceptable, but genuinely hilarious and enjoyable.

What if Jesus had said, "Love thy neighbor as you love thyself — as long as he follows this new religion I'm starting. Otherwise, go ahead and kill him. You'll be doing us both a favor, believe me!"


It's very simple. The more you get off on putting people down, the more you will have events happening in your life that will increase your feelings of desperation, powerlessness, anger and sorrow.

This is perfectly acceptable and perfectly OK. The Universe does not judge you. It merely balances you. Every single act of hate and shame you generate will be measured back to you. No exceptions.

Disruptive events will then occur. They are not random. They occur in direct proportion to what you have created. Once you master the art of being a loving, forgiving, helpful and courteous person — to everyone — your life will improve dramatically.

If you don't believe this, give it a try just in case. See what happens. Give it at least a few weeks. See how people change around you. See how your whole reality begins to shift.


If you don't really feel the forgiveness, and are unable to say you're sorry from a genuine place, then you won't get the results. Saying "I'm sorry" is definitely the most difficult part of the "I love you, I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you" formula of Ho'oponopono.

Saying you're sorry — particularly to someone you feel has greatly wronged you — can feel so hideous that you will literally want to throw up all over yourself. To spit like a serpent. To shiver like you just sat on a filthy, cold toilet seat with the lid up.

Guess what — most of the negative forces on this planet cannot do this one simple thing. Their egos are far too fortified from lifetimes of horrible abuse. It is much too difficult. But I do believe you can do it.

I'm not even talking about forgiving and accepting world leaders here as much I am speaking about apologizing and showing love to the people in your own life — even if ultimately you know you are right and they are wrong, and the injustice has been overwhelming.


Saying you're sorry in the face of injustice — and really meaning it — can be the ultimate humiliation. The ultimate sickening feeling.

However, once you understand your Identity, what could they possibly have wronged? Do you want to be right, or do you want peace, love and happiness? In some cases those are your only two choices.

What are you really sacrificing by dropping the need to maintain the higher ground and to guard your wounds? How can you be anything other than a pure and complete embodiment of love, wisdom and universal energy?

How can your wounds even exist if you step into your Truth — and begin living from that place?

If your body is a holographic projection of Spirit, then why can't these apparent wounds be released as quickly and easily as if you flicked off a light switch?

Watch and see how quickly those people around you will shift if you can lead the way. You may well be giving them the one thing they need the most in order to heal their own shame — and be able to finally drop their defenses and let the love in.


Once we learn to let disruptive events move through our lives without compromising the state of peace and harmony we have cultivated, those difficulties will no longer need to occur.

Every disruptive event is another test to see if you are ready to let it go, and stay in the love. Every time you react the same way you've always reacted, you've just sent in the instructions that will insure you get more of the same thing.

The key is in cultivating and manicuring a loving attitude. It's easy to pay lip service to this philosophy when you feel good. It's the most difficult task in the history of the Universe to seek that place of love when you feel bad — and your buttons have been pushed.

This is the real Jedi master school. As I said, very few in the Illuminati / New World Order clique, despite their massive strength on many levels, can tolerate shame to any degree.

Humility and genuinely loving acceptance in the face of hate and withering criticism is much too difficult for them to be able to produce.

So many negative events happen in their lives, due to what they are creating, that the holographic connection between these events and their own actions is obscured. Their entire religion has overlooked the basic nature of the Universe, which is unavoidable.


We are about to see a massive harvest of karma for these negative elites on a worldwide level. It will undoubtedly happen in a series of stages, but even the first major events should be quite stunning — likely making almost all other historical events of the past century seem to pale by comparison.

The indicators are at an all-time high — both on the intuitive level, through redundant dream data, as well as on the informational level.

It is hard to tell precisely when "IT" will occur, but the chatter is getting louder and louder — and the indicators more and more significant.

It's the most interesting game on Earth right now to try to anticipate this with greater precision than just saying "Soon." Laughingly, as soon as anyone, myself included, tries to pin it down and discuss specifics, the plans have to be changed.

As I've said many times before, that's what I'm counting on.


When I get good intel about something and it doesn't happen the way I was told, I don't mind reading the shaming letters that come in afterwards.

I breathe a sigh of relief — and marvel at how things continue to hold together in the face of what seems like impossible odds.

Japan was a very clear example of something I was warned about intuitively that did happen.

I posted my prophetic dreams for all to see — and it happened anyway.

The system is far from perfect — at least from a physical perspective — but a lot of negative events can be offset nonetheless. 

Desperate, grandiose plans have been made, and continue to be made — all in the hopes of manipulating how YOU will see and experience these events once everything breaks open… and we see all the nasty creatures that have been hiding in the closet of filth.

For this same reason, I will get into some specifics in this article that may help shave off a great deal of distress in our future.

Even though everything is perfect in an ultimate sense, it can also be perfect to take action and help make the sorrow not last as long.



Regardless of what karma may produce for you, the Universe is not sadistic. Your Higher Self knows what you are going through and understands how difficult it is. The things you are going through are precisely calibrated for your maximum benefit and evolution.

As soon as you master a particular area — whatever it may be — it will greatly decrease, if not disappear entirely. The Universe must present you with experiences that will create movement in consciousness.

The desired outcome is movement towards greater love, greater acceptance of yourself and others, greater humility, greater honor, greater integrity, greater strength, greater endurance, greater passion, greater inspiration, greater abundance and a greater quality of life.



Neither space nor time actually exist as a genuine reality. Both are the result of an intriguing and little-known physics system that ultimately reveals the entire Universe is much like the reflection from a holographic movie projector.

This means that events we consider to be "in the past" or "in the future" have, in fact, existed all along. The insiders I have spoken to call this "Layered Time."

Ultimately all probable realities do exist, at some level. Simply thinking of a reality creates it as a tangible fact — on some level of existence. This is because consciousness is ultimately the author of reality.


The people who are visiting us from beyond the Earth have, in many cases, conquered space and time — and can move through either reality with equal efficiency. They see what can happen, what the potentials are, and they want to help.

In one sense, nothing really exists. All possibilities are out there, and anything is possible.

And yet, in the greater sense, we are collapsing various timelines into a final outcome by the choices we make each and every day.

Hitler creates a world dictatorship and everyone speaks German. Hitler is defeated. A child is born. That same child's parents never meet.

All these potential realities exist. However, one of the seeming paradoxes of the Universe is that we consolidate and collapse the timelines as we physically move through time.

The past can still be changed after we do this — but the 'weight' of the events we created in our own linear time become the strongest potential realities that will exist in those moments.

The "2012 window" represents a nexus point in time — an event that all different potential timelines will experience, no matter what. And until we step into this event in our own 'illusion' of linear time, no one can be certain of the outcome.



The future is not yet determined — but once we have chosen what we will do, and how we will act, at this critical time, a new reality will consolidate around those decisions.

The positive ETs now visiting us are trying to help steer our evolutionary path in the highest and best direction for all involved. And by "highest and best," I mean the course that will create the greatest degree of spiritual insight, love and harmony for the Earth.

This change is happening whether we like it or not — and whether we want it or not. It is ultimately energetic in nature — and the ETs are only trying to help improve the outcome of a change that is inevitable. A quantum leap. 

This quantum leap is the result of galactic energy fields that intelligently reprogram DNA in fixed intervals of time. These cycles can last millions of years. They are easily identifiable in our existing fossil record, as I have shown.


Now, as of August 18th, my 'magnum opus' on this subject will be released to the world as "The Source Field Investigations: The Hidden Science and Lost Civilizations behind the 2012 Prophecies."

None of this needs to be based on channeling, 'fringe science' or starry-eyed speculation anymore. Not after this. I've done the homework and it's now something we all will be able to use as a vital resource to help transform our planet.

I got these gorgeous galley copies in the mail last week — right as I was finishing a very intense final proofreading process. It is absolutely stunning to hold the book in my hands and know that I made this. It's real. It exists. And it cannot be stopped.

I humbly request your help in "voting for Disclosure" by pre-ordering this book. That way, as soon as it comes out you will get your copy in the mail.

More importantly, we have to hit a minimum sales target, in advance, in order to debut on the New York Times best-seller list. The reason why this matters is it generates credibility and 'buzz' that will get people talking.

With your help, we've already started. We broke into the mainstream media and were given coverage by CNBC.

There can be a lot more of this kind of mainstream breakthrough — but the way to make it happen is to speak in the only language the 'real world' understands: strength in numbers.