We are now seeing the final moves in an international campaign to defeat the Cabal — an occult multinational secret government that has been strangling our planet for centuries.

The new X-Files is part of the "truth in fiction" stage of a massive Cabal counter-move against the Alliance. This battle will create Disclosure either way — and change the planet forever.

This is a time for celebration, not panic and fear. The Alliance has played a masterful game, the Cabal is on the verge of defeat and Disclosure is going mainstream.

You can do "research by remote" and see it for yourself on the couch. Here we will discuss The X-Files, Childhood's End, Spectre, The Blacklist, Hunting Hitler and Lucifer, among others.

Once this plan goes fully public, there are two timelines: a "Partial Disclosure" that is stage-managed by the elite or a "Full Disclosure."

We, the alternative media community, are the only chance that exists for the Full Disclosure timeline to be realized.

There is no other available source that has put all this intel together right now, so it is critical that we get this out to you ASAP.



Okay. First things first. Did you see it?

The new X-Files is so chock-full of Disclosure that the characters have to speak at rapid-fire speed to squeeze all the information into their monologues.

Some of the "documentary" sections move so fast that there are up to two video clips per second.

In television, the first episode is called the "pilot." This is the "pitch" that viewers watch to decide whether they want to start following the show.

Many people only see the pilot and then stop watching. You could feel that sense of urgency in the new X-Files pilot. It is jam-packed with information.

The fact that there are only six episodes in the entire miniseries is another indication that someone is delivering a concise, targeted message.

The show was dusted off and continued from where it left off for the first time in fourteen years.

The second episode wasn't loaded with documentary-style data like this, but the first one is quite astonishing in its scope and depth.

There is no way to talk about this without spoilers, but if you have studied the UFO field even casually, much of it will be familiar to you.



The first thing that alerted me to this event was an article linked to the front page of The Huffington Post on Sunday the 24th:

1/24: That X-Files Twist Just Changed Everything You Knew About the Show

David Duchovny told The Huffington Post that "My Struggle," the first episode of the miniseries, "starts with a bang," which it does when we see a UFO crashing in Roswell in 1947, but the end gets even crazier. 

It turns out all of Mulder's theories about alien invasions and the X-Files — everything fans have been led to believe about the series — are apparently wrong. 

"All these years we've been deceived," says Mulder.

Yeah, you can say that again, dude.

You see, all the abductions, the strange happenings, the impending invasions, it wasn't the work of aliens at all. It was the work of men.



Scully and Mulder are introduced to the idea by conspiracy-enthusiast Tad O'Malley, aka actor Joel McHale.

Eventually, they're both convinced that men have been using alien technology, such as that found at the Roswell crash, to experiment on people and create alien-human hybrids.

As a result of these experiments, Scully may even have some alien DNA in her body. 

Things like NSA spying, war in the Middle East, climate change, maybe even Pizza Rat — really anything you can think of — all seem to be part of an elaborate, clandestine government scheme.

The endgame? Everything culminates in the hostile takeover (and possible simulated alien invasion) of America, and then the world, by a secret group of multinational elites.




You really have to see it to believe it — and we will have some juicy video excerpts later in this investigation.

If you are still in the dark about the "secret group of multinational elites" just discussed on Huffington Post, mainstream TV and films are now helping you put the pieces together.

The reason why this information is now coming out in the mainstream media is the Cabal has run out of time.

They have no choice. And they are desperate to try to spin and control the disclosure narrative while they still have a chance.

As I have discussed in many articles on this site, a wide variety of insiders are passing information along. I do my best to analyze, integrate and share it.

The full scope of what these insiders have told me makes the Snowden NSA revelations seem like kindergarten class. The "learning curve" is huge.

Benjamin Fulford and I were two of the first investigators to call this shadowy group The Cabal. That name made its way into a TV show called Blacklist.



Fulford is the former East-West bureau chief for Forbes magazine, and has contact with multiple insiders whose data often lines up perfectly with my own.

I hear a variety of things Fulford's sources don't reveal, and vice versa, but the number of cross-overs has been astonishing me for years now.

Check out this video and see how this subject is making its way into mainstream television:




What you just saw is a short, elegant presentation of what is really going on. However, it is glaringly inaccurate in one key respect.

The Cabal is a confidence game, as I said in Disclosure Showdown. The narrator in the above clip says you are in "grave danger" as soon as you look into this.

BZZZT. Not true. At all. This kind of deadpan statement makes for great television and gripping drama, but it has no bearing on reality.

It is impossible for the Cabal to kill or even harass the vast majority of the millions of people who are finding out about them.

There are definitely people suffering from paranoid schizophrenia who interpret everything around them as part of a vast conspiracy against them.

I worked in different mental health facilities for two years and got to see what sufferers of this disorder are going through on a firsthand basis.

Others who do not have mental illness can easily become paranoid when they are introduced into this world, particularly in the earlier stages.

Some simple facts at this point are good to consider before we proceed — so you are less likely to suffer from the illusion of an all-powerful Big Brother.



As we revealed in Disclosure Showdown, assassinations are often made to look like suicides. These jobs traditionally cost 5 million dollars apiece.

That means even taking out 100 people who are causing problems for the Cabal requires half a billion dollars to be spent.

The most extreme focus of the Cabal on "targeted killings" at this time appears to be in the financial sector, as we discussed in Disclosure Showdown.

The clean-up of such killings, especially in the messiest cases, is outsourced to a separate group that specializes in this task.

This group will only accept payment in silver or gold. Cash is no good due to high-level counterfeiting, traceable numbers and the like.

Hence, insiders who are "wet workers" have a saying:

"Time to call the Silver Dollar!"

This means if a "staged suicide" goes badly and makes a mess, they need to call in a clean-up crew who must be paid in silver dollars or gold.

For this same reason, these five-person assassination teams invariably travel with a large cache of silver dollars.



This crime-syndicate world was portrayed in the hyper-violent film John Wick, after the lead character kills twelve people in his home.

He calls in a clean-up crew by saying he would like "dinner reservations for twelve," while counting out a stack of large gold coins.

He encounters no trouble from a police officer who arrives at the door, and then pays the clean-up crew leader with the gold coins.

Here is the scene where the police officer Jimmy replies to a "noise complaint," sees a body behind him and leaves John Wick alone:



If you can stomach scenes of gun violence and the disposal of bloodied bodies, here is a link to the full six-and-a-half-minute sequence.

The part where the police officer appears begins at 3:50, and the "Silver Dollar" clean-up crew — or in this case gold — arrives immediately after he leaves.



The latest James Bond film Spectre is another film that is astonishingly revealing, and is introducing mass audiences to the Cabal.

In this case, the group is called Spectre. Their symbol is the octopus — and its tentacles are woven into all aspects of our society.

Their members wear a ring with a stylized octopus on it, evoking memories of the "Ring of Power" from the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

In this case, they are a multinational elite group, infiltrating and taking over mass global surveillance for a nefarious agenda.

Their plan includes overhauling the intelligence services and terminating the 007 spy program, which they see as a threat to their power.

The opening credit sequence of the film is a remarkably slick and disturbing presentation of images related to this "octopus" of multinational elites:



Scholars such as the author of the Vigilant Citizen website could have a field-day with all the occult symbolism in this opening sequence.

As an example, the image of mirrors shattering into pieces has to do with the shattering of a personality into fragments, as in MK-ULTRA mind control.

Those fragments can then be given individual identity and amnesic barriers, so the other partitions are unaware of what it has done.

Real-world assassins akin to 007 may end up having this done to them so they do not consciously remember the jobs they carry out.

This technology requires a "core split" of trauma to work, which must occur no later than age 3 — so they can't create multiple personalities in ordinary people.



In our writeup of the Olympics opening ceremonies, we described how a giant octopus was rolled out as a symbol of the Cabal and their global reach of power.

Yet, in a hilarious twist of disinformation, "Her Majesty's Government" comes to the rescue and defeats, or at least cripples, the Spectre group at the end.

The truth is just the opposite. "Spectre" actually IS the British aristocracy and financial elite — or what Fulford's insiders call the Rothschild faction.

Once you put all the pieces together, you can see what is happening here — but it does require some explanation.

Very few people are aware of the inner workings of this secret war, or of how close the Alliance is to making its final moves. The story has become very exciting.

If you are lucky enough to gain actionable, firsthand evidence and testimony, it can be deadly to try to share the truth in a public way.

For that same reason I have never spelled out the "big picture" quite so directly as I am about to do now.

You may know almost everything I am about to share. I am just going to do my best to assemble all the pieces from what I have heard and studied.



There are three cities in the world that exist as nation-states separate from their parent countries.

You have Vatican City in Rome / Italy, the City of London in England, and Washington, DC in the United States.

These are respectively the spiritual, financial and military centers of the Cabal that is discussed in the video clip from Blacklist above.

The Cabal wants you to believe that they control the world and have limitless power.

The reality is that a powerful, multinational group has risen up against them — and their plans to bankrupt and expose the Cabal are nearly complete.

ISIS is actually a Cabal "proxy army," as discussed in Showdown, and has now been almost completely wiped out.

The current collapse in gas prices has nothing to do with a "glut of supply," and everything to do with the final end-game moves to defeat this Cabal.

It is difficult to "prove" that anything is going on until it actually happens — but the evidence of this war is becoming more and more blatant.

We are going to get disclosure either way at this point. However, the difference between "partial disclosure" and "full disclosure" is quite extreme.




The truth is that since the 1930s, Earth humans have been colonizing our solar system, beginning with the Moon and Mars, and have ongoing interactions with thousands of different intelligent civilizations in our own neighborhood.

Corey Goode is the first insider I have spoken to with knowledge on these issues who has been willing to fully step forward, risk his life and share, in complete detail, what he knows about this world on camera — in Cosmic Disclosure.

There are several others I know who have corroborated many aspects of Goode's testimony but were completely unwilling to step forward in any way due to their extreme fear of exposure.

"Full Disclosure" is by no means a guarantee. We all have to pull together if we want to segue into a dream-come-true Star Trek-type civilization.

The illusion is that we are alone in the universe — or if there are others out there, they are far, far away.

The illusion is that the best technology we have for transportation is a century-old system that burns petroleum products.

The illusion is that "the government can't keep a secret", that there has been no true mega-evil on earth since Hitler, and that voting in an election can somehow improve the situation we are in.

The new X-Files show has shattered these myths so conclusively that it has become the focus of this entire investigation you are now reading.



Cabal members trace their lineage back to the Roman Empire. That is the first critical piece of information to grasp.

The Vatican amassed incredible wealth over centuries of time. They were very good at what they did.

One of the most bizarre aspects of Roman strategy, still kept secret from most people, is how they fought their wars.

The key is to infiltrate both sides of a conflict, such as through bribery and blackmail of foreign leaders. Years could be spent building up to moves like this.

As I wrote in The Synchronicity Key, evidence of this treasonous back-door bribery emerged with Emperor Scipio Africanus in 187 BC.

He was caught sending bribery payments to Antiochus, the leader of a country Rome was supposedly at war with. 

Instead of admitting that he did it, when Scipio was presented with the books that had the damning proof in the coliseum, he ripped them up and resigned.

Remarkably, this same event played out exactly 2,160 years later — one Age of the Zodiac — with Richard Nixon in the Watergate scandal.

This holographic, cyclical repetition of history is given extensive documentation in The Synchronicity Key, and is quite amazing.



A war is much easier to fight if you have already compromised the leader of the opposition. Especially if they are secretly a member of your same occult group.

Rome fought and defeated Carthage, absorbed their priests and secretly began enlisting the help of their bloodthirsty "gods," such as Baal and Moloch.

These are actual extraterrestrial beings that feed on human agony, misery and fear, which they call "loosh". Without it they will become weak and will soon die.

These beings were illustrated as being significantly taller than most people and having elongated skulls. They also required human sacrifices.

The Roman hierarchy discovered these beings are very real. The beings would use their technology to help the Romans amass incredible power if they did their biddings.

The Roman mystery cult of Mithraism is also very key, as it formed the prototype for modern Masonic lodges and secret gatherings.

Additionally, Rome invaded and conquered the crumbling Egyptian dynasty, and secured their most prized possessions — ancient documents in the Library of Alexandria.

Those documents were seized and relocated to the Vatican Library. Census and tax documents were then burned, and we were told all the books were lost.



Insiders reveal that the documents now sitting in the Vatican Library trace back to multiple intelligent civilizations that came here from elsewhere.

This story is significantly larger and more interesting than just the allegedly "mythological" lost civilization of Atlantis.

One of the great mysteries is that there are many types of humans out there — including those who are almost indistinguishable from us.

Every race of human on earth has multiple corresponding extraterrestrial groups in our neighborhood that look just like them — or very similar.

Many of these groups have reached staggering technological heights, only to be reduced back to Stone Age conditions by wars and natural catastrophes.

Our insider Pete Peterson personally handled books with highly detailed blueprints of craft and space stations in them while he was at the Vatican Library.

Some of the books had pages made from an indestructible Kevlar-type material. Some were made of metallic plates. Others had nothing but barcodes.

In some cases, these ancient "books" were full-color 3D holographic projectors revealing the history of the civilizations that migrated here.



It would be nice if there was one neat and tidy story, with one civilization that came here from one place, but the truth is far more complex than that.

NASA has now publicly stated that 20 percent of all sun-like stars in our galaxy have watery, earth-like planets orbiting around them.

This now makes it a certainty that we are surrounded by a multitude of intelligent civilizations, even if we postulate that life evolves "randomly."

In my books, conferences and TV shows I have extensively proven that life and consciousness is written into the basic quantum essence of the universe itself.

Life forms wherever and however it can — and particularly in the presence of liquid water. There are millions of intelligent civilizations in our galaxy alone.

We have been routinely visited by a wide variety of different civilizations, and our DNA is an amalgamation of many different genetic lines.

The Egyptian priesthood deciphered some of what the ancient books held. They believed — or were told — that they were direct blood descendants of human "gods" who had come here.

These "gods" had advanced spiritual and technological capabilities, giving them the ability to levitate objects, communicate telepathically and command the forces of nature.

Yet, these "gods" could also be exceptionally cruel, evil and ruthless — seeking to feed off of the energy of human misery, fear, selfishness and pain.



The Roman Empire made a classic mistake that occurs cyclically in history. They were so enamored with the quest for power outside their borders that their homeland collapsed.

Furthermore, the Roman Empire was tremendously damaged by the arrival of Jehoshuah, known as Jesus of Nazareth.

In many ways, they never really recovered from this event, and have been fighting a losing battle ever since.

This makes even more sense once you understand how this conflict is a spiritual battle and not just a physical one.

I am well aware of all the data and through-lines suggesting these events were invented or fabricated by various entities for various reasons.

My own research has left me satisfied that these events did take place — though I believe there are heavy distortions to the core of what went on.

I believe religious fundamentalism is another form of elitism, and runs completely counter to the message that was being given — as one example.

However, once you see how strongly the Cabal hates Christianity, you have to ask yourself why they are still so angry.



The arrival of Jesus was predicted in advance, through prophecies such as the Book of Daniel and the Sybil of Cumae.

Both sides are forced to work this way by Universal law. They have to tell us what they are going to do before they carry out the plan. 

This is due to the fact that the universe itself is conscious and alive. It has a singular identity — a Oneness — and we are all co-creators with it.

The best source I have found that explains all of this is the Law of One series. It is intuitively derived and can be thoroughly validated with follow-up scientific research.

Both of my published books, The Source Field Investigations and The Synchronicity Key, give voluminous scientific evidence in support of the Law of One.

We are told free will is the most important law of the universe after the concept of Oneness itself. And it is a law. Free will is rigorously and meticulously enforced.

Since we are all ultimately the same being, we are fully accountable for every experience we create for others — either positive or negative.



The universe is a teaching mechanism and karma is ultimately intended to break down the walls that cause us to feel separate from others.

After enough repetitions of the same lessons, we realize it feels much better to have an open heart and a forgiving, accepting attitude towards ourselves and others.

We only demonize those who remind us of something about ourselves that we haven't been able to accept.

If we secretly feel we are ugly, unintelligent, weak or unworthy of love, we will criticize, judge and lash out at anyone who seems to mirror these qualities.

Thinking negative thoughts creates some degree of karma. Acting on them, and causing actions that harm others, creates much more.

We are not hated by the Universe when our karma comes in. Each one of us, even the most sadistic and brutal, are truly loved and are One with all the cosmos.

The "left-handed path" types come up short in their spiritual philosophy by failing to realize that the universe is steering us towards love.

If we move far enough away from love, we are subject to extreme karma that can include physical death. The universe makes its point very clearly.



Negative forces are allowed to exist in the universe. They are tightly controlled in ways so advanced they do not realize any such control exists.

They do not see that the collapses and setbacks they experience are very precisely guided into being — and are actually cyclical as well.

These mysterious forces also manifest as synchronicity, dreams, visions, karma and "coincidence" in our own lives.

The negatives understand that there are "rules" in the universe, but have failed to grasp why those rules are there — on the most fundamental level.

They can only ever do what they are "authorized" to do by our own free will.

This means they can only create whatever level of karma the individual or collective has invited.

Hence, they attempt to sway the public into negative behavior that will then authorize far more aggressive acts of destruction.

Having been on the front lines of this battle for two decades now, I have had to suffer countless setbacks as each area of weakness "authorizes" more karma.

Yet, we are taught to see this as a blessing and embrace these challenges as learning experiences. It can be very tough, but it is necessary.



One of the most important "rules", in Universal terms, is the protection of a developing planet from knowledge of the greater community that surrounds them.

If an indigenous people are visited by an advanced race, they experience "enculturation" and quickly lose their individual characteristics.

For this same reason, a given planet is kept under strict management, preventing any knowledge of the "big picture," until they collectively authorize the truth.

We have to actually ask for help, such as through prayer or meditation, in order for the higher forces to be allowed to act on our behalf.

Since the Cabal is profiting off of our ignorance, they do not wish to have this truth emerge. It will collapse their ability to control our planet.

They had a role to play in keeping us in the dark, but now enough people want the truth that the "big game" is being authorized to change.

You, as the reader of these words, are a front-runner in the disclosure process. You are ready for the truth before many others will be.

The disclosure process is one of the most involved, fascinating and convoluted stories I have ever investigated. It is evolving on a day-by-day basis.

Understanding the history of the Cabal, and its enemies here on earth, is critical to seeing where we are now, and what insiders tell us is about to happen.



When I went to Canada this past September, I realized that the spiritual message I have been teaching all these years is Christian at its core.

Carla Rueckert, the woman who brought through the Law of One, was a Christian, and had an open Bible above her head during every session.

This may seem simple to many of my readers, but abuse from countless fundamentalist Christians over many years made it almost impossible for me to see.

Thus I am not going to throw capital letters on words like "he," "him" and "his." Nor am I going to disrespect the beliefs of others.

The Law of One explains that Jesus achieved "personality transparency" and became the living embodiment of the consciousness of our galaxy.

Blessed are the peacemakers. Wouldn't it be something if that Bible quote from the man himself was highlighted as one of the most important ones?

What finally bridged the gap for me was asking a simple question: "Why does the Cabal hate Jesus so much? Why are they constantly attacking him?"

If there was no "juice" in the Christ story, then why can't they just leave it alone?

As I wrote in an article while I was out there in the mountains, organized Christianity is now down to single-digit numbers of support. So why beat a dead horse?



Let's paint a picture of a Cabal-type global supervillain for its time — the Roman Empire — humming along and doing whatever they wanted, conquering nations.

They did not realize they were being kept on a tight leash. They did not understand they could only succeed as much as they were authorized to.

They were aware of the "rules", but didn't understand the ultimate purpose for them — nor that it would lead to their total and utter defeat.

Part of what keeps them engaged in "the game" is the belief that they can truly win it — not that they are playing in a tightly-controlled sandbox.

Imagine now that a supernatural being crash-lands into their world, with all the abilities of their own revered ancient gods — and much more.

Imagine that they had secret teachings they believed would give them these same abilities — but the magic had long since stopped working for them.

Imagine that this being lived and walked among us and was absolutely real. Roman society wasn't that different than where we are now, cyclically speaking.

Imagine that this being was teaching love, patience, forgiveness and service to others — qualities that they found utterly disgusting — while displaying these abilities.

Imagine that their own "gods" were heavily threatened by this being, and saw the possibility of their own total defeat through this initiative.



If you treat the Bible as a historical document, Matthew 2:1-16 is revealing about the nature of the Roman government at the time.

Herod, the king of Rome, heard about the birth of the "King of the Jews" from the three wise men from the East, who were on a long journey looking for him.

Herod asked the men to return and tell him where the baby was — if they were successful in their angelically-guided quest to locate him.

The wise men were led by a moving "star" of light to where the boy was. After they arrived, they were told in a dream never to return to Herod [Matthew 2:12].

The baby's terrestrial father Joseph was visited by a human-looking "angel of the Lord" in a dream and given powerful advice.

He was told to flee to Egypt, as otherwise Herod would come with an army to destroy the child [Matthew 2:13].



Now check out what happens in Matthew 2:16 after Herod realized the wise men had located the baby and were never coming back:



Then Herod, when he saw that he was mocked of the wise men, was exceeding [in] wroth [anger], and sent forth,

and slew all the children that were in Bethlehem, and in all the coasts thereof, from two years old and under,

according to the time which he had diligently inquired of the wise men.



Think about what you just read here. This atrocity is right there in the New Testament but is rarely ever discussed.

The Roman king Herod was so threatened by the arrival of the prophetic "King of the Jews" that he ordered a mass genocide of infants.

All children who were two years old or younger were killed — in every possible place where Jesus could have been hiding.

This mass atrocity would have created a wealth of "loosh" for the ET gods the Romans were secretly working with at this time.

Hence, the "angels" told Joseph his family had to flee all the way into Egypt — on the far outskirts of Roman territory — to avoid the baby's murder.

Why would someone create such a massive atrocity, involving the complicity of potentially hundreds of soldiers, to try to kill one baby?

If you can look beyond religious elitist talk, this is a very revealing historical event that has direct relevance to what we see today.

No level of violence, murder and sadism was held back in an attempt to destroy this benevolent plan — but it still succeeded.



So again, insiders have revealed that the Roman government formed partnerships with very real ETs who were assisting the Carthaginians — such as Baal and Moloch.

They gained great power from this deal, and were told where to find priceless ancient artifacts — including books with elaborate hidden truths.

A strong effort was made to kill Jesus as soon as he appeared. This accounts for why his family fled, and why he had "lost years" before re-appearing.

Jesus came in with all the miraculous abilities that Cabal members felt could only be attained through the practice of black magic, and / or by their gods.

The message Jesus gave was the exact opposite of what their own gods were teaching them. This caused them great upset and extreme rage.

In fact, the crucifixion, resurrection and ascension of Jesus was a tremendous blow to Roman power in its time.

They eventually got what they wanted by killing him, only to have him transform into a mysterious light being with even greater abilities.

They sought to quell the rebellion by controlling and stage-managing the religion that then resulted. This distortion was authorized to occur.



The likelihood that Jesus actually did go through an ascension is made much greater when we realize that 160,000 people in Tibet, India and China achieved a similar feat.

This is the "Rainbow Body" activation that results when you are able to spend 13 years in a meditative state where every thought you have is loving.

Religious fervor can make people feel their "team" is the only one with the truth, and all others are doomed — and therefore expendable.

If Jesus is the "real deal," the message should be universal in nature. Those who receive the message and diligently practice it will get results.

In Law of One terms, the universe itself is Christian. The qualities we see in Jesus are a reflection of the universal mind. It will appear again and again.

If the great religious leaders and prophets of the world came together at a single table, they would probably agree on the vast number of all their talking points.



I have always felt that Jesus was meant to be a mirror of the intelligence of the universe — a messenger of the Oneness we all share.

The original Aramaic was "Father-Mother God." The Romans stripped out the feminine and called it Father. This was only one of many distortions.

Thus, Jesus comes across as patriarchal, when in fact the message he conveyed was far more balanced.

Since Jesus repeatedly said he was the son of man, not the son of God, I do not feel he ever intended to be worshipped or seen as different from us.

In Law of One terms, our idealized view of Jesus and his message is a reflection of the mind, heart and "personality" of the identity of the universe.

All of us ultimately share this identity. The more we heal from our pain and move in that direction, the more Christ-like we become.

I would love it if we could apply the teachings of Jesus to how we treat others, without thinking or acting as if this makes us superior or elite.

If we are too immature to have a basic appreciation of one another here on earth, how are we expected to be ready for a galactic community of civilizations?

The racial differences we will encounter will be vastly greater than the skin-color differences and subtle variations we see here on earth.



Arguably, Jesus' most significant public speech was the Sermon on the Mount.

The beginning of this speech clearly spells out what really counts in this world, in universal terms — and is still relevant today.

It starts in Matthew 5:1:


And seeing the multitudes, he went up into a mountain: and when he was set, his disciples came unto him:

And he opened his mouth, and taught them, saying,

Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted.

Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.

Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.

Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy.

Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.

Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

10 Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness' sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

11 Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake.

12 Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you.



This may seem like a simple, even pedestrian message by today's standards of glamorized Hollywood violence and "might makes right."

It is only when we read the metaphor of Harvest later in Matthew 13 that we understand how the Cabal would be allowed to continue for 2000 more years.

Here are key passages from Matthew 13, sorted by verse number, which reveal the same mystery I have been investigating all these years.

The most important thing to remember here is that "tares" are weeds that make wheat taste so bad as to be inedible:

Matthew 13: The Parable of Harvest

24 Another parable put he forth unto them, saying, The kingdom of heaven is likened unto a man which sowed good seed in his field:

25 But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way.

26 But when the blade was sprung up, and brought forth fruit, then appeared the tares also.

27 So the servants of the householder came and said unto him, Sir, didst not thou sow good seed in thy field? from whence then hath it tares?

28 He said unto them, An enemy hath done this. The servants said unto him, Wilt thou then that we go and gather them up?

29 But he said, Nay; lest while ye gather up the tares, ye root up also the wheat with them.

30 Let both grow together until the harvest:

And in the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, Gather ye together first the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them:

but gather the wheat into my barn.


36 Then Jesus sent the multitude away, and went into the house: and his disciples came unto him, saying, Declare unto us the parable of the tares of the field.

37 He answered and said unto them, He that soweth the good seed is the Son of man;

38 The field is the world; the good seed are the children of the kingdom; but the tares are the children of the wicked one;

39 The enemy that sowed them is the devil; the harvest is the end of the world; and the reapers are the angels.

40 As therefore the tares are gathered and burned in the fire; so shall it be in the end of this world.

41 The Son of man shall send forth his angels, and they shall gather out of his kingdom all things that offend, and them which do iniquity;

42 And shall cast them into a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.

43 Then shall the righteous shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their Father. Who hath ears to hear, let him hear.



Remember the rules: both the negative and the positive sides of this conflict have to tell you exactly what they are going to do.

If you don't understand how this parable was phrased in terms the people of the day would understand, it can obviously seem harsh.

Karma is only meted out to whatever degree is authorized. Therefore we cannot assume that people will be literally burning alive.

This may happen in certain cases where people enacted the same or similar violence to others, since that is how karma works.

I think the key in this passage is in 13:41, where we hear that "all things that offend, and… do iniquity" will be exposed and cleansed from our world.

Hyper-advanced beings or "angels" assist us in this process. It is the "end of the world" in the sense that things completely change from this point forward.

This appears to be what is now happening. We are heading into one of two major disclosure timelines. One will get us results much faster than the other.

In time, it will all work out either way.

I for one would vastly prefer full disclosure — regardless of the bumps and dings we will get along the way.



From our perspective, 2000 years seems like a very long time — and the words have been heavily altered from their original structure.

However, if the angelic beings described in the Bible are actually benevolent, hyper-advanced extraterrestrial humans, they may well have time-travel capabilities.

In that case they would be able to skip ahead, manage the final defeat of the Cabal and encode it perfectly into this prophecy of Harvest.

Obviously symbolism is being used here to convey a powerful message.

The insider data has now made it clear that although there are indeed benevolent "angelic" ETs that are helping us, we still have to step up.

They cannot finish the job. We have to do this ourselves. That is how the cosmic free will principle works.

The international alliance has almost finished the job of exposing the Cabal on a global stage like never before — but the battle is very hot right now.

In order to understand this final phase, more back-story on the Cabal — the weeds in the garden that have grown for the last 2000 years — is required.



The Cabal didn't just end as a result of Jesus arriving, delivering his message and departing in such a dramatic fashion.

The dramatic life and teachings of Jesus presented humanity with an opportunity to embrace a positive path while the negative still continued to thrive.

This is precisely delineated in the metaphor of "harvest" in the Book of Matthew, chapter 13, where the "wheat" and the "tares" grew together.

Shortly before Jesus arrived on the scene, the Roman elite relocated to the island of Great Britain as a staging area to take over much of Europe. 

This is why you can read about Rome migrating into England and building Roman baths there.

This began with an invasion led by Julius Caesar in 55 BC, even before Jesus arrived on the scene. The Roman occupation officialy continued for 400 years.

It is also interesting to note that all historical records of the Celtic civilization that existed before this time were completely wiped out.

The lethal effectiveness of Rome moving to Great Britain may have been so high that it "authorized" the arrival of Jesus on the world stage 55 years later.



Insiders tell us Rome worked behind the scenes to infiltrate countries, create wars and consolidate power in Europe throughout the first millennium AD.

The ultimate goal of these wars was to unify all countries into a "New World Order" where they had centralized control.

Celtic priests and mystery-school teachings were co-opted into their group during this time, as well as their ancient documents.

All of the surviving secrets of Stonehenge, ley lines, vortex points and other ancient mysteries were now hidden away and highly classified.

Insiders told me the same old tricks of blackmail, bribery and secret infiltration were used to conquer and subjugate Europe.

Before most of their wars ever even started, the Cabal had managed to invade and control the leadership of both sides.

Therefore, regardless of the outcome of each battle, their overall power continued to increase, and they were on the winning side.

This was not always how it occurred. Some countries could not be compromised from within. The Islamic nations were one such example.

Either way, the wars stimulated massive economic growth and industrial expansion, speeding up and enhancing the Cabal's overall power.



Their main enemy during this time was Islam, a religion that started with the teachings of Muhammad, who lived from 610 to 632 AD.

By 962 AD, Rome had openly established dominance in Europe through the Holy Roman Empire, which continued publicly until 1806.

Notice their symbol was the double-headed eagle — a common Cabal symbol even now, representing their full embrace of good and evil.




The Crusades arose out of an attempt to use Christian religious fervor to recapture Jerusalem after Muslims had gained control of it in 638 AD.

Countries throughout Europe were enlisted to fight. The Crusaders were soon protected along the way by a group known as the Knights Templar.

The first Crusade recaptured Jerusalem after 461 years of Muslim control in 1099.

The Templars are thought to have originated about 20 years later in 1119, and were officially endorsed by the Roman Catholic Church around 1129.

The Templars were given diplomatic immunity to travel across national borders without immigration papers or taxes.

They created the first international banking system, where people could deposit their wealth in one country and withdraw it in another.

The interest accrued from this practice and freedom from taxation caused the Templars to amass incredible wealth.

Insiders and scholars also reveal that the Templars came into contact with Islamic secret societies, such as the Order of the Assassins, and absorbed their secrets.

This gave them powerful new technology to use against the old-school monarchies that had no idea how to defend against such sinister tactics.



The Templars became so powerful and wealthy that Pope Clement V and King Philip IV of France teamed up to bring them down in a bloody, sudden coup.

Many Templars in France were captured in 1307, tortured, forced to give false confessions, and then burned at the stake.

This occurred on Friday, October 13th, 1307, and is where the legend of Friday the 13th being unlucky and deadly came from.

This systematic search-and-destroy mission proved to be very successful in scattering the Templars, a group with up to 20,000 members at its peak.

Pope Clement V officially disbanded the Templars in 1312.

Multiple insiders have revealed that many thousands of Templars survived. They moved their main headquarters to Scotland and still had massive power.

Once there, they revamped the ancient Mithraic practices they learned from Rome and ultimately formed the beginnings of Scottish Rite Freemasonry.

They were very, very angry about the defeat they had suffered and vowed to reclaim power at any cost.



One of the most hilarious and effective Cabal disinformation strategies online now is convincing people the earth is actually flat.

This is intended to discredit the truth movement and make us look ridiculous to the people who are now awakening.

Columbus disproved the "flat earth" model in 1492 by sailing past what was considered the edge of the world and finding new lands.

Massive quantities of gold were quickly discovered and stolen with ruthless force and superior weaponry.

The negative ETs secretly guiding these "conquistadores" helped the effort by encouraging their arrival time to coincide with a prophecy of gods returning.

By this point, advances in marine technology had already led to a booming trade system that flooded Europe with wonderful and expensive new goods.

Intense wars were fought behind the scenes between Portugal, Spain, the Dutch, the French and the British over who got to control this incredible money-making business.

The Cabal managed to successfully infiltrate and absorb each of these empires in a campaign that took hundreds of years to complete.



This same breakaway group appears to have re-infiltrated the Vatican through the Society of Jesus, otherwise known as the Jesuits, in the 1500s.

In my show Disclosure, I have a detailed interview with William Dean Garner that covers the data in far more depth than I can do on my own.

Pete Peterson was told that "one of the greatest secrets is that the Jesuits have up to 25 percent alien DNA — significantly more than the rest of us."

We have also heard from insiders that the people with the highest amount of "alien DNA" had elongated skulls, like the tall "gods" Baal and Moloch.

Fossil remains of these skulls have been found all over the world — in Boskop, South Africa, in Siberia, in South America, in Egyptian murals and in France.

The extended hat priests wear in the Vatican, known as the "miter", effectively concealed these people so they could walk amongst everyone else.

I highly recommend the ET skull episodes of my show Wisdom Teachings on Gaia if you haven't already seen it, as the evidence is undeniable.

Whistleblower Karen Hudes revealed that one of her insiders had a face-to-face meeting with a human who had an elongated skull at the Vatican — just recently.

Other insiders I have had personal contact with have shared similar stories. These people do still exist and are one of the human ET groups that are here.



Another key phase of Cabal history occurs with the rise of Henry VIII to power in 1509.

Magellan didn't circumnavigate the globe until 1521. The "New World" was just beginning to be settled at this time.

Henry instituted the Divine Right of Kings, ripped England away from the Catholic church and declared the British monarch to be in control of the Church of England.

He also used surveillance and terrorism to murder anyone who got in his way, including some of his own wives.

He was originally lean and attractive, but a jousting accident created a wound that never healed and caused him to gain significant weight.

With all his wives and his inability to have a male child, ultimately Elizabeth ascended to the throne through a complex rite of succession.

It was Elizabeth who enlisted the official court magician and astrologer John Dee's services.

Dee is of critical importance since he rediscovered the practices necessary to court negative ETs and get them to do their biddings.

I covered this extensively in an earlier article. Dee was the original 007 and the inspiration for the legends of Merlin the Magician.



Insiders tell us the negative ETs must be accessed through a very specific and very precise protocol.

It is much like accessing the Internet with the right IP address. If you learn the protocol, you can make a connection and gain the benefits.

The key that John Dee rediscovered is you have to tell the public what you are doing in a symbolic form.

This could include something that appears to be fictional, but which exposes what you are actually doing.

If you do not follow this protocol, your plans will be interfered with and they will not succeed.

In order for people to be successfully manipulated, deceived and conquered, the "rules" require you to reveal your plans in some form.

Only then will your actions have a chance of succeeding — where they then create "loosh" for the negative ET "gods" in the proper manner. 

The ETs will then assist you to enhance your wealth and power.



Dee's practices apparently led to two different cases where a massive Spanish invading armada was utterly wiped out by storm activity.

In both cases, Dee told Elizabeth not to worry and not to mobilize any troops, as the whole thing would be taken care of.

Extraterrestrials with gravity-controlling ships would certainly be able to move storm systems around and create severe weather to benefit their allies.

These defeats, and others like them, prevented Spain from gaining the upper hand in the highly competitive maritime trade business.

Most likely, these destructive acts were authorized in part because Spain was no less ruthless than England at the time.



The next critical piece of suppressed history is that Elizabeth had an illegitimate son with her secret mate, the highly disliked Lord Dudley.

Elizabeth's child was handed off to one of her ladies-in-waiting and raised as Sir Francis Bacon.

He felt sexual feelings towards the woman who was actually his mother and was horrified when she broke him the news as a young man.

He realized that he had every right to become the King of England — but Elizabeth absolutely refused to allow his true identity to be known by anyone.

In the fight that ensued, he was banished from England but given privileged access to the Vatican library — where he discovered many suppressed truths.

It appears that Bacon also came into contact with the surviving Templar faction that had infiltrated the Vatican and re-branded itself as the Jesuits.

Bacon was furious about having had the kingship of England stolen from him. His rage and betrayal was equally shared by the surviving Templars.

Bacon was a strong scholar who could gain a lot more out of the books in the Library of Alexandria, i.e. the Vatican Library, than others before him had.

He took the Roman Mithraic tradition, its evolution in Scotland, and blended in more of the ancietn teachings to form modern Freemasonry as it is now known.



There is reason to believe that Sir Francis Bacon also originated the secret religion of Luciferianism.

His mother was now the English equivalent of the Pope — the sovereign ruler over the church, and therefore a direct conduit to the Christian God.

Yet, he knew she was working with John Dee in summoning spirits that demanded human sacrifices in order to help them out — which is the definition of evil.

In the meantime, he was discovering all these incredibly amazing ancient mystery school teachings that had been suppressed in the Vatican library.

Bacon also appears to have taken psychedelic drugs, such as the bread mold ergot, which is what LSD was patterned off of.

This is where the Cabal code-phrase "Blue Apples" appears to have come from. Certain rotted apples would cause a powerful "trip" to occur.

These drugs may also have been located in South America by the earliest explorers and brought back for the elite to experiment with.

Psychedelic trips can cause you to look at seemingly disconnected things and find a way to link them together that feels mind-blowing and life-changing.



Imagine Bacon having a wildly intense trip from "blue apples" and drawing a direct connection between his own story and that of Lucifer in the Bible.

Lucifer was said to be the highest, brightest angel in the pantheon — only to be cast out for questioning and disagreeing with God.

Bacon was clearly the smartest, most talented man of his time — and also the rightful heir to the throne of England — but he was cast out.

His mother was the Church of England's equivalent of God incarnate on earth — yet he knew she was involved in the worship and practice of evil.

Therefore, Bacon identified with Lucifer, and felt that Lucifer was actually the good guy, and the Christian God was evil.

This then led him to associate all the ancient mystery-school teachings and gods he had rediscovered as being embodiments of Lucifer.

Ultimately, Bacon's idea of Lucifer was his own version of the Infinite Creator — but by associating it with the evil in the Bible, it opened up a very dark path.



Bacon also disclosed a variety of truths about the monarchy in a series of highly popular plays, using the illiterate William Shakespeare as the fall guy.

Shakespeare couldn't read or write, had no books in his house, signed his name with an X, and yet somehow published six plays after his death from poison.

There is an entire drawer in the Library of Congress card catalog of books just proving that Francis Bacon was the author of the Shakespearean plays.

Bacon was undoubtedly educated by John Dee in the protocols for accessing negative extraterrestrials, which is akin to dialing an IP address, as I said.

If this technology existed, he would need to use it in order to compete with his mother's empire. And that meant his team had to tell the world what they were going to do.

Hence, the Shakespearean plays are littered with ciphers, codes and clues that Sir Francis Bacon was their actual author, and were riddled with leaks of intel.

This included the inclusion of the ridiculous fake word "Honorificabilitudinitatibus" in a play, which de-scrambles to "These Plays Authored By Francis Bacon" in Latin.

Hamlet was apparently a retelling of Bacon's romantic fascination with his mother, not realizing who she was until their epic confrontation.



Another piece of insider history we hear is that the Templars were conducting secret expeditions to the New World, since they had the best marine technology on earth.

They had explored and even made small settlements in areas of North America well before the public was let in on the secret with "official" discoveries.

I was told that Bacon traveled on one of these top-secret expeditions to the upper coast of North America.

This harrowing journey nearly cost him his life — and it led to his authoring of the Shakespearean play The Tempest.

A tempest is a terrible storm, and this was one of many problems he encountered on this highly classified journey.

After seeing the New World himself, Bacon shared his fellow Templars' belief that it was a perfect staging area for the next phase of their plan.



Templars needed a huge base of new land to develop their infrastructure and fulfill their plans of global dominance. The answer was in the New World.

Bacon branded it as the "New Atlantis" in an epic work for its time, published under his real name — and convinced people to go there with lies.

They were told the streets were lined with gold.

Once they arrived and found only a hard, survival-oriented life, they were apologized to for the "misunderstanding" and that was the end of it.

This plan was very likely guided and scripted by the negative ETs that John Dee had re-established contact with.

In time, the "New Atlantis" formed the military power base for the Cabal — which became the United States.



Meanwhile, the Jesuits used the "confession" to create an early version of NSA surveillance, and gain blackmail-worthy intel on just about everyone.

This proved to be very effective in recapturing and conquering the Vatican, as well as territories well beyond its borders.

Jesuits were missionaries who traveled on the boats to all the new lands as the rebooted Roman empire continued growing.

At the same time, the Templars were working in secret to steal the majority of the gold and treasure being extracted from South America.

Much of this gold was being melted down and minted into coins before being shipped back to Europe in wooden chests.

The Templars had the best marine technology. They flew the flag of the skull and crossbones and became the pirates that are so well known in our history.

The pirates used surveillance to systematically detect and infiltrate the gold shipments coming out of the Americas, and steal the assets from their competitors.

They were so feared that most ships gladly gave them the gold rather than having to fight and be killed.



Most people are still unaware that the pirate trade was run by the Templars, who became the Cabal we are now learning more and more about.

Bear in mind that they were still a secret faction at this point, and had not yet openly recaptured full control of the Vatican and European monarchies.

This intercepted and stolen gold gave them a massive financial base which allowed them to grow by leaps and bounds, and become far more effective.

This pattern of finding the wealth, seizing control of it and harnessing it to expand power has continued ever since.

Insiders revealed that at some point the Templars / Jesuits were able to fully recapture the Vatican by striking a deal with them at the highest levels.

Both sides agreed to work together and share common goals. This created a massive expansion of the Cabal's power and reach.

Secretly the Luciferian religion was accepted as being the fully-realized embodiment of the mystery-school teachings held in the Vatican Library.

Bacon designed the Masonic Order to build its adherents towards Luciferianism if they made it through to the highest degrees.



The year 1666 would obviously be of extreme importance to a Luciferian religion.

This is the very year that a derelict area of London was set on fire, in a massive inferno that killed many people and leveled the entire area.

Officially, this was nothing more than a tragic accident. Secretly it was a well-orchestrated plan by the Cabal to advance their agenda.

They bought up the destroyed land for pennies on the dollar. This was where they built the City of London — their new financial capital.

Their suppressed ancient Celtic knowledge of "ley lines" told them this was the key power spot they needed to build on to maximize their potential.

By doing it in the year 1666 and framing it as an accident, they were following "the rules" and leaving a signature that they were actually behind the attack.



At this point we are now up into the 1700s. It is a well-known fact that the Rothschilds are one of the wealthiest and most powerful families in all of Europe.

The insiders tell us that the Rothschilds started out as low-level hired guns for the surviving Templars.

They were given knowledge and support to see how they would do with it — and ended up being wildly successful.

The Templars had huge wealth from the pirate-ship business and the spice trade. They had overtaken the Vatican but still needed to recapture the monarchies.

Great Britain was one of the most important prizes of all. Recapturing it would satisfy Sir Francis Bacon's long-standing dream of revenge against his mother.

As I discussed in Financial Tyranny, the Rothschilds emerged in the late 1700s and were given secret backing by the Templars.

Each of the five male children went to a different country and were very successful in helping conquer these lands.



In the case of Great Britain, Nathaniel Rothschild used the defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo to seize control of the British commonwealth.

He had intel from high-speed couriers that Napoleon lost the war, which was great news for England — but no one else knew about it yet.

When he started selling off everything he had, it triggered a massive panic sell-off, as the market believed he must know Napoleon had defeated them.

At the very last minute Rothschild bought up the entire lot of rejected British "consolidated annuity" stocks for pennies on the dollar.

The news that England had won soon appeared. The stocks skyrocketed in value in a matter of minutes.

In this one move, the Rothschilds and their Templar / Cabal allies regained control of a majority of the British wealth, using war and financial manipulation.

With control of the money supply, the Cabal groups could pull the strings with little concern over who was sitting on the throne or elected into power.

Great Britain has been a Templar / Cabal-controlled entity ever since — up until very recently, as a new insurgency is rising within their government.



The Cabal as we know it today is still very hateful towards existing monarchies and governments as well as religious structures.

They are still angry about the massive takedown of their order that occurred in 1307 from France and the Vatican.

The movie "The Kingsmen" is an astonishingly blatant portrayal of this aspect of the Cabal.

It illustrates an international clandestine group that is fiercely opposed to governments, monarchies and religions.

An entire church full of people are brutally murdered in a scene that is meant to create laughter, while light-hearted music is playing.

Vigilant Citizen did a thorough analysis of the film here. He missed some of the things I saw, but overall did a great job with his analysis.



The history of the Cabal becomes much easier to trace from the Rothschild years of the late 1700s onward.

Since I've already done all that work in Financial Tyranny, there is no point in going into great detail about this again.

America does appear to have been founded by a breakaway faction that wanted to be free from the Cabal, and was not inherently negative.

They had Masonic teachings but were genuinely interested in creating a more positive world when the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776.

Benevolent, advanced extraterrestrial humans intervened repeatedly in our history to ensure that America was successfully created.

This included the appearance of a man inside the room while the Declaration of Independence was being signed, even though it was locked from the inside.

The "founding fathers" were not going to sign it, but this mysterious man gave a rousing speech that inspired them to be brave and to carry on with it.

If you are doing the research on this, the man was believed to be Saint Germain, a semi-immortal being with advanced capabilities.

The secrecy of the Masonic infrastructure gave them the infrastructure they needed to successfully carry out their plans.



The British tried to re-invade America in the War of 1812 and were repelled. They gained a much stronger foothold in the Civil War and primarily financed the South. 

In the aftermath of the war, states lost much of their power and the nation was consolidated under a federal government.

The founding fathers never intended for there to be a central government with so much power. It was completely counter to their plans to defeat the Cabal.

Lincoln was ultimately assassinated for standing up to the British banks and printing greenbacks — currency backed by the national resources of America.

The British / Rothschild elite ultimately regained full control of the United States financial system with the founding of the Federal Reserve in 1913.



The most long-standing and significant negative faction that has been warring against the Cabal is what Fulford's insiders call the Rockefeller faction.

This family rose to power on its own, and used ruthless practices to demolish their competitors in industries such as the oil business.

At some point they had involved negotiations with the Rothschilds and formed a treaty to work together and consolidate wealth and power.

However, insiders reveal that the Rockefellers never really bought into the Luciferian belief system. They played along but considered themselves Christians.

Any group that amasses this much wealth and power is at risk of being infiltrated, compromised and taken over by a rival faction.

If a single family holds this much power, simple blackmail and threats can be enough to transfer the entire organization into the hands of a different group.

Insiders tell us the Rockefeller faction was conquered by Israel after World War II. This is considered highly sensitive information.



Israel was created by the Balfour Declaration, in which the British elite pledged the use of the holy land to the Rothschilds in 1917.



It seems strange that the British would pledge the use of lands they didn't even own to the Rothschilds.

Bear in mind that the Rothschilds already owned and controlled Britain at this point — so the Balfour Declaration was just a formality.

The creation of Israel was a key aspect of their long-term goals to formulate a New World Order.



If you are one of the over 2 million unique viewers who read our epic free book Financial Tyranny, then you have encountered a great secret.

World Wars I and II were financed and controlled by the Cabal. They were running both sides of these conflicts to see which side emerged as the stronger one.

Furthermore, the world wars were actually covers for a massive global bank robbery.

As countries were invaded, their central banks were raided. All gold and treasure was removed by soldiers and transferred to the Cabal.

The Templars were repeating the same practices that had made them so wealthy beginning in the 1500s with the pirate trade.

This time they were robbing gold on a worldwide scale — not just from South America.

Adam Smith's The Wealth of Nations demonized gold and was a blueprint for this operation, written in 1776.



World leaders secretly signed on to this plan and agreed to have their wealth moved to a "secure location" and put "on deposit" for them in a global bank.

Though this was run by the Federal Reserve, it was called the Bank for International Settlements or BIS.

The leaders who surrendered their gold to the BIS were given Templar / pirate-style "treasure chests" of Federal Reserve bonds in exchange. 

Some of these bonds had face values of a billion dollars each.

This operation was also part of "The Rules" that John Dee had rediscovered. 

By putting their bonds in wooden treasure chests, the Templars were telling these countries who they really were — if they did their homework.

The bonds were given various errors that made them utterly worthless, and which the leaders of these countries were not fluent enough in English to discover.

Neil Keenan sent me hundreds of photographs of Federal Reserve bonds, bond boxes and bond chests in 2011 — far beyond any possibility of it being a hoax.



This massive amount of stolen gold never made it out of Southeast Asia, since much of it was plundered from China by the Japanese, who were allied with Nazi Germany.

The legitimate, non-compromised American military made it impossible for those ships to make it out of Southeast Asia, so the gold was hidden in bunkers there.

This included a huge wealth of gold the Nazis had plundered out of various countries they had invaded in Europe.

Hitler was actually the son of King George V of England, and a close relative of Kaiser Wilhelm, the last emperor of Germany:


Hitler, Kaiser Wilhelm and George V: A Family Affair


The photographs make it easy to see — and I was the one who put this montage together in the first place after insiders leaked the information.

The idea that Hitler was actually the secret son of the British royals is treasonous in the extreme — but only if you do not understand the Cabal.

Both World Wars I and II were "kept in the family" even though Britain appeared to be at war with Germany.

The Alliance is leaking data supporting this, such as last year's New York Post expose', How Britain Covered Up the Friendship Between Hitler and Edward VIII.

Covertly, the plan was to conquer and overtake as much of the world as possible, confiscate its wealth and consolidate it into a New World Order.

By taking all the world's gold and hiding it away on "deposit," no one could duplicate the same trick the Templars had once pulled off with their pirate trade.



Remember what I said originally about the Cabal. It is structured like a multinational corporation.

Vatican City is the spiritual center. The City of London is the financial center. And Washington DC is the military center.

All three of these cities work together to support, finance and defend the Cabal and its greater interests.

Great Britain was openly allied with America in both world wars. Britain was secretly allied with Hitler — who was the son of King George V.

American defense contractors built Hitler's tanks and planes, and repaid Hitler to rebuild the plants if Allied bombers damaged them.

Similarly, Wall Street was responsible for financing the Bolshevik Revolution, which created the Soviet Union.

All of this is explained in far more detail, with plenty of links to prove it, in Financial Tyranny.



One thing the Cabal absolutely hates is religion, whether Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism or otherwise — because they have their own.

Childhood's End and Lucifer are two very recent television programs that strongly present their message.

In Childhood's End, Christianity is a myth. ETs who look like the Devil visit the earth to create creepy Lucifer kids, who are supposedly humanity's next step.

At the end, these Luciferian ETs watch from their ship as the planet is destroyed after everyone else has died out:



The television show Lucifer presents him as having left Hell and becoming a helpful crime-fighter who honors his word and gets people to confess their sins.

The Cabal feels that people with a strong religious faith are a serious obstacle to their plans. Hence they are highly antagonistic towards Jews and Christians.

Israel was created by the Cabal as part of their overall agenda. It is the only land the Jews can identify with as their own country at this time.

The Cabal made a grave miscalculation in thinking the Israeli leadership would remain loyal to their sinister plans.

Imagine the horror that the Israeli leadership felt after World War II when they realized they were intended to be a sacrificial pawn in a greater global chessboard.



Think about it. Israel was made as a homeland for Jews escaping the awesome horror of Nazi death camps.

The Cabal expected the Israeli leadership to "just play along," and act publicly like they support Jews while secretly working towards their own extinction.

Ever since the Balfour Declaration, Israel was intended to be a trouble-maker, to stir up conflict in the Middle East and to ultimately be wiped out.

This would be the grand culmination in a Biblical War of Armageddon, and fulfill prophecies the Cabal takes very, very seriously.

Since the Cabal hates all religion, and particularly Judeo-Christianity and Islam, they would be greatly pleased by the destruction of sacred Jewish, Christian and Muslim sites in Israel.

They felt this final conflict would bring the world to its knees, after which time they could be welcomed in as liberators.



In time the history books will show what really happened. Remember: the Nazis were just a visible, hyper-violent arm of the Cabal.

The Israeli leadership had been trained by the Cabal, and had learned enough of their tradecraft, techniques and inner workings to be very dangerous.

They watched as Nazis were imported to the United States via Project Paperclip, and realized that the US government had been compromised.

Israel used Cabal tradecraft to infiltrate the United States through surveillance, bribery and blackmail — and amassed tremendous wealth and power.

Israel's greatest source of funds came through blackmailing, compromising and converting the Rockefeller family, and securing the use of its oil treasure.

The Cabal had tried to prevent something like this happening by confiscating all the gold, but a single family controlling most of the oil business was their downfall.

Among all the insiders I have spoken to, Israel is consistently one of the most feared topics of all. Some will completely refuse to talk about it.

The Mossad is considered the most dangerous, ruthless and meticulous intelligence agency out there.



What we have seen in the post- World War II stage of American politics is an ongoing battle for control of the United States government.

Though this may seem overly simplistic, it is absolutely true:

The Rothschild / British / Roman faction, i.e. the "Illuminati" or Cabal, historically owned and controlled the Democratic Party.

The Israeli / Rockefeller / Neocon faction historically owned and controlled the Republican Party, and particularly the Neocons.



The military-industrial complex of defense contractors arose out of the military as it stood in World War II.

The Air Force worked extensively with the British to bomb Hitler in World War II, and was therefore far more controlled by the Rothschild faction.

It has since grown into a massive clandestine group of hundreds of different hyper-powerful defense contractors and intelligence groups.

The Navy is the parent group that the Marines work within. They had far less contact with the British, and were much more influenced by the Rockefeller faction.

The Air Force and the Navy are therefore warring factions in the military-industrial complex. Both have hyper-classified UFO-type technology at their disposal.

They have been engaged in a lethal shooting war with each other for some time now in the clandestine sphere.

Much of what we are calling the Alliance in America is the result of a breakaway group that began in the Navy.

This only occurred when this aspect of the Navy was able to break free from the Israeli / Rockefeller / Neocon axis.



For many years, the British Rothschild and Israeli Rockefeller factions duked it out in secret.

The winners of these battles had more money flow into their own businesses.

If a Democrat won the election, the British faction surged forward. Actions would be taken that benefitted the banking and finance sector.

If a Republican won the election, Israel would fare much better, such as through wars where the full might of the American military was unleashed against their enemies.

Actions would be taken that caused far more profits to flow into the oil and gas sector.

The only thing these factions agreed upon was secrecy. If either one was publicly exposed for what they were, the whole ship would go down.



During the democrat-led Carter administration, oil profits were attacked and everyone was encouraged to conserve fuel.

During the democrat-led Clinton administration, the Federal Reserve printed far more money and an artificially-controlled boom resulted.

Similarly, during the Obama administration the Fed has again been pumping up the economy with fake Ponzi-scheme money.

During the Republican / Israel / Rockefeller-led Reagan administration, the British / Bolshevik-led Soviet Union was the great evil.

This segued into the first Bush administration, which immediately took aim against Iraq, a key enemy of Israel, in the first Gulf war.

The Iraq war also stabilized and dramatically increased the profits from the sale of oil and gas.



The second Bush administration came into power through a hyper-bizarre election showdown in 2000, in which the final results were suspended for weeks.

The Supreme Court voted in Bush, even though Gore ultimately was declared the actual winner by a very small number of votes.

This alone was evidence of massive election tampering. Believe me, I love synchronicity, but the idea that any election could be this close is preposterous.

A huge amount of "dirty tricks" were being used to steal the election, including Diebold electronic voting machines that could change the outcome as desired.

Less than a year after the Israeli / Rockefeller / Neocon faction resumed control of the United States government, we had 9/11.

The Patriot Act, a five-inch-thick legal document, suddenly appeared and was rushed through in the haze of war — a blueprint for martial law.

The US immediately invaded Iraq and Afghanistan, both key enemies of Israel and vital for the Rockefeller faction's main source of income.



This is what very few people outside the Cabal are aware of. The Cabal hates Israel, the Rockefellers and the Republican Neocons with a blinding fury.

In the past, they agreed to maintain secrecy to avoid mutual destruction, even while fighting against each other with extraordinary deadly force.

The Rockefeller faction believes themselves to be Christian, and the "good guys," fighting against the worldly embodiment of the Devil — i.e. a Luciferian cult.

However, the Rockefeller faction has used the same exact tricks and tactics against the Rothschild group.

Evil is evil, whether you call yourself a Christian or not. They obviously feel that no other strategy is effective enough to win the war and defeat "the devil."

It is absolutely a fact that the Rothschild faction has a huge international religious organization that calls themselves The Illuminati.

Multiple insiders have come forward with detailed information about this, and I have met several of them myself.



You may not be aware of Israel as the lamb that refused to be sacrificed, only to break away from the Illuminati and take over their most powerful competitor.

Yet, people in the Illuminati are very well aware of this, and hate Israel in the





The British faction also had very strong ties to the Soviet Union in historic times, since they financed and stage-managed the Bolshevik Revolution to begin with.

Another key faction of the Alliance is from Russia. They managed to root the British-led Bolsheviks out.

The Western press is doing everything it can to demonize Putin. This became surreal in the extreme when Turkey, a US






The fruits of this work can be seen in multiple Project Camelot videos I was involved in, as well as the show Cosmic Disclosure with space program insider Corey Goode.

A significant majority of the US military and intelligence community is working for the positive, along with a huge international coalition including Russia and China.

As we discussed before, the movies Ironman 3 and Captain America: The Winter Soldier are the two most astonishing, high-profile examples of Alliance disclosure films.



The Alliance may well be behind the content at the end of season 2 and the beginning of season 3 of a show called Blacklist.


Let's be absolutely clear on this. The negative side, which we have called the Cabal, would love nothing more than to have mass casualties.


This next video from SgtReport.com does an excellent job of presenting two of the three most significant scenes from the new X-Files pilot.

The main one they didn't use is the opening montage, which is astonishingly loaded with real UFO data — from ancient depictions to Kenneth Arnold to Roswell and beyond.




And here's some fun conspiracy chat for you, since that's what this show is all about.



Notice the not-so-subtle hint of a pyramid with the All-Seeing Eye of shining white light at the top in the main promo image.

The pyramid is drawn by the bottom half of the X as well as the shading on both Mulder and Scully's faces.

If you turn it upside down there is an even clearer pyramid with the shining beacon at the top.



Purely a coincidence. Speculation. A show like this has nothing to do with this kind of….. oh, wait. Right.

The entire X shape to the design also strongly hints at the Masonic "square and compass" symbol.



Notice how the edges of the Masonic square have curves that actually cup right under their chins, as if it was holding up their faces.

No manipulation of this Masonic symbol was required. It fits right into the image perfectly. Notice that the bottom tip of the square is precisely at the bottom of the image.

This was one of the first symbols to come up on a Google Image search for "square and compass" — the tiny one on the far right.



It can be found here at the clip-art collection in Masonsmart.com, on the bottom left. Their thumbnail graphic template widened it from its actual shape.



All we had to do is select the black color in the original, invert it to white, copy it and drop it right onto the image.

Even more surprisingly, we didn't even have to re-size the Masonic symbol. It was already perfect when we dropped it in with Photoshop.

All of this suggests that a Masonic symbol like this may have been used as a template for the X-Files poster.

But why?

Why hide classic "Illuminati symbols" like the pyramid, All-Seeing Eye and Masonic Square and Compass into the poster for this show?

This is only the most recent of countless thousands of examples of tricks like this being done in major media productions, many of which we have documented.

It may not matter to you, but it matters to them.



I have been working with James V. Hart, the main screenwriter of the movie Contact, on an ongoing basis since 2008.

We are still developing our screenplay for the original movie Convergence, based on all the research posted here over the years.

This film was intended to push out a lot of Disclosure all at once, for the right reasons — but professional readers kept recommending more changes.

It has been a very long road — and the film has undergone multiple transformations over the last decade.

Right now a major rewrite is taking place that will make it far more sci-fi, amazing and relevant to today.

Without giving too much away, some of the things we have learned from Corey Goode will now become key features of our story — which is very exciting.

Jim has several clean funding sources lined up that should make this project a "go" without having any interference from the Cabal.



My point in telling you this is very simple. I am on the phone with Jim at least once a week on the average. I know how the business works.

I am also a regular on History Channel's Ancient Aliens. A few days before a taping I get a list of questions we will be discussing.

Some would say this makes me "compromised," but a great deal of disclosure is being pushed out through this show and I am happy to be a part of it.

Entire episodes are based on things I revealed in previous tapings. I also bring in the full breadth of my experience in every question I answer.

I do not agree with everything in the show, and I boycotted certain episodes entirely because they did not agree with my own research and beliefs.

To get to the point, in film and in television there is a collaborative process between the network or studio, the producers, the writers and the talent.

Jim has done a wide number of TV shows as well as films. It is very, very common for a studio to come in and tell the production team exactly what they want.



As an example, Jim and I worked on a pitch for a major fictional TV series about Atlantis. Our ideas were awesome, but maybe too awesome — and we were rejected.

Information can be embedded into a film or TV show that is seemingly fictional. Thus in our Atlantis pitch, we were told it needed to present as much truthful info as possible.

We were told "The more our viewers can go online, research whatever is in the show and find out that it is really true, the better."

This has been going on for years and is a critical aspect of disclosure. The writers are usually not "on the inside," but are often told what to write.

We have not yet been "officially" told the truth. At the same time, fictional works like these have been telling us what is going on all along.

The pieces fit together when you realize that the military-industrial complex is paying for many of these movies and TV shows.

The showbiz industry is creating truth-telling documentaries and fact-distorting propaganda under the guise of fictional entertainment.



Bearing in mind what I just said, it is extremely unlikely, if not impossible that Chris Carter would have "just so happened" to come up with all of this on his own.

There is a great deal of money on the line for a show like this. It has to pass approval on many different levels.

If telling a good story with the help of an A-list screenwriter was enough, Convergence should have been able to go into production as long ago as 2009.

Let's be clear: if anything Chris came up with was not something the suits wanted, it would have been rewritten long before the cameras started rolling.

Here is what the official storyline sounds like from Entertainment Weekly:

1/12: Fox's X-Files Revival Has Controversial New Theories

Carter describes himself as a “mostly interested observer” in the conspiracy world, and notes he researched the new show by combing through conspiracy websites and attending a conspiracy convention.

“I’ve kept my finger to the wind and trying to figure out what’s relevant and possible credible,” Carter says.

“People know the show deals with science and fact and also deals with far-flung theories about not only the supernatural but government conspiracies.

"It throws out as many questions as it does answers. And I have to say what it’s done for me and the writers it has given us a whole new open field which to run.

"It’s given the show an interesting new life and context that it might not have had in 2002.”…


The most eyebrow-raising moment in the premiere is when O’Malley brings the 9/11 terrorist attacks into his conspiracy framework.

“9/11 was a false flag operation,” O’Malley declares on his Truth Squad with Tad O’Malley show, echoing on Infowars theory.

“It’s all part of a conspiracy dating back to the UFO crash at Roswell.” The clip is presented early in the episode.

Later, Mulder and Scully embrace O’Malley’s overall position, though the 9/11 element isn’t referenced.

“So here’s the thing,” Carter says when we asked about the “false flag” line.

“Chris Carter doesn’t believe that. Chris Carter is very open minded about these things. But the character O’Malley believes it.

And he convinces Mulder to – not necessarily believe that – but to believe many other things he’s exposing.

I don’t think Mulder and Scully adopt any political position so much as a new approach in their search for the truth."



Chris Carter is talking about himself in the third person, saying "Chris Carter doesn't believe that" in reference to 9/11 being a "false flag" operation.







Insider data is coming in so fast and furious right now that at some point I just have to take a position, go with what I've got today, and call it done.

Writing The Ascension Mysteries has been a profoundly life-altering event for me, requiring serious time to recover and reflect upon a lifetime of being bullied.

The sense of perpetual dissatisfaction with my efforts was great for productivity, but it also left gaping wounds that were routinely being exploited by others.

I do believe this is happening on a global level and is not just a personal phenomenon I have had to work my way through.

The world does behave like a hologram of our own personal issues. Lack of self-acceptance and self-respect leaves huge access portals for the negative.

In a conversation with Goode the other day, he drew a great analogy: the mass public is yawning for the first time and rubbing their eyes.

It is truly devastating to find out that someone you love has been lying to you. Politicians become celebrities and attempt to gain our respect and admiration.

The more we discover what is really going on in the world today, the more outrageous and horrifying it becomes. The level of betrayal involved is extraordinary.

It is beyond most people's capacity to even imagine telling lies of this magnitude. Everyone has their secrets, but not like this.



We have now been told, from the highest possible sources, that the alternative media will be of critical importance in Disclosure.

Now is not the time to sit and wait for our heroes to step up and take action.

You become the hero. Every person who is aware of what is going on, to whatever degree, will have a valuable role to play in this awakening process.

We do already know, on the inside level, that the Cabal is finished. It is already too late for them to get out of this.

Some factions will surrender and others will run — but all their options are being thoroughly scrutinized, and they will be brought to justice either way.

We will go over the signs that the endgame is upon us in a minute.

What we do not know — yet — is exactly how much disclosure we will receive in the aftermath.



Do not expect that the mainstream media is going to help us out with this.

A massive window is coming soon. It will open and it will close. We need to act while it is open. We will only get one chance.

We need to work together, as a community, to present the most compelling, factual, provable evidence for all the stuff we consider to be "old hat" in UFOlogy.

Hundreds of millions of people will soon flood the internet in an awestruck feeding frenzy, looking for information.

The Cabal has deliberately created tons and tons of noise and garbage, including countless competing New Age mythologies.

What we must focus on for the countless "newbies" who will appear is the highest-level, most factually provable, most credible data and testimonies available.