Tuesday 10/02/07 

Four startling new scientific discoveries point towards DNA being the product of an intelligent energy field in the Cosmos! Some time next week we should be on the air!



I had previously announced the possibility that I would be on tonight, Tuesday, October 2nd. The schedule said "TBA" and there was a discussion of whether I would only do the first hour or the entire show.

Now we are scheduled to have a conference call tomorrow. This appears to be paving the way for a full show, where I will be jointly appearing with Larry Seyer, co-composer of our groundbreaking Science of Peace series, next week. 

Of course, our Science of Peace MP3s predicted all these DNA breakthroughs well in advance. Each new data point further collapses the mainstream model of random, dumb Darwinian evolution through mutation, leaving most scientists scratching their heads… but not here!

As of last night, having dinner at the Inn of the Seventh Ray in Topanga, CA, another amazing study just came into view, thanks to my film composer friend Bill’s sporadic indulgence in commercial television. It was actually featured on National Geographic Channel in a program discussing the possibility that evolution may be occurring much faster than we usually think.

I must say, this one has me even more excited than the other three we were already going to discuss on Coast. It’s a very strong independent validation, in a sense, of Garaiev’s landmark study, in which he shined a non-burning laser through a salamander’s embryo into a frog embryo. As you know from the video, the frog completely transformed into a salamander.

This new data lends complete support to how this could work — how a simple beam of light could trigger a spontaneous evolution of species. It really is something to be thrilled about!



Now that we’ve already made a public announcement about a show, and you’ve been writing us privately wanting to know more, it is our honor and duty to keep you updated as to the status. As soon as we know, you’ll know. There will be a nice writeup of the new information prior to airtime.

In the meantime, we are gearing up for a four-day CONVERGENCE script intensive beginning this Thursday. It seems like a terrific amount of work, but each version has been a substantial improvement from the one before, and we’re rapidly approaching the point where we will be ready to finance and produce the picture.

All in all this is a very exciting time. Last night at the Seventh Ray, our waitress spotted a bobcat by the stream — the first time she saw one there in 14 years.




Bill, a new visionary artist friend Tracey and I all got to make eye contact with him in the tree for over 10 minutes — and the event had powerful archetypal significance for all involved.

I have since dubbed him ‘Xavier’. Unfortunately, the cell-phone photos we took don’t have enough detail to make him out, but it is an experience we all will never forget. For those with eyes to see, the perfection of this Universe is all around us.