The bulk of this post contains two powerful new intuitive readings that I feel are some of the strongest I've ever done. 

They came in from a level so deep I was hearing them for the first time as I transcribed them.

I had only a generic, minimal understanding of some of the main themes at play while my voice was speaking the words.

One very specific prophecy these new readings gave has already come true — with a remarkable happy ending I just found out about two hours ago!

I was quite surprised at how long these sessions lasted, because while it was happening it all seemed to only take 20-30 minutes at the most.

We are also planning on releasing the original audio soon enough, free of charge, so you can hear what my voice sounded like as it was coming in.

I will very likely compose an original psychedelic music soundtrack behind them to enhance the trip-out factor even more.

If you like it you can help out with a donation, but I will be giving these MP3s away free of charge now that I have a survivable income from my TV show.



If you dial back to the earliest days of our work online, circa 1998 and 1999, the main focus was in presenting evidence that I may be the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce.

In case you are unfamiliar with Edgar Cayce, he performed over 14,000 documented "psychic readings" that were profoundly accurate.


Edgar Cayce



Reincarnation researchers such as Dr. Ian Stevenson and Dr. Jim Tucker have conclusively proven, with over 3,000 unique cases, that reincarnation is real.

Most of these cases come from children in the Middle East, where reincarnation is openly accepted as a reality.

Some of these cases are quite remarkable, where many dozens of very specific memories are recalled by the children as if they lived those lives themselves.

The children who had clear memories of having lived other people's lives also ended up looking very similar to those people — if not nearly identical.

Dr. Jim Tucker has since proven that the facial similarities can actually be confirmed with forensic face-matching technology used by police.



What makes this case so strange is that there is an incredible facial similarity — not just between the two main characters, but also with a variety of others.

In short, the closest people in Cayce's life returned as many of the closest people in my own life — including my father, brother, best friend in high school and three best friends in college.

We recommend reading Introduction to the Wilcock / Cayce / Ra Connection to see these pictures and hear more of the details.

Since this time, four more cases have appeared that are equally astonishing and precise in the facial similarities and karmic connections.

I have not publicized any of them at this time since we have far more exposure now, and a great deal more stalking and hate going on with any public figures.



Our first published book The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? gives the full, elaborate backstory — and I was heavily involved in editing and adding content to it.

I have been so conflicted about this whole thing that I usually never discuss any of this — and feel better that way.

I occasionally get a check for a couple hundred bucks for having co-authored this book. Even though it's pretty good, I've completely avoided publicizing it.

However, the "gift" of doing readings has finally returned, with a power like never before — so now is the time to discuss all of this once again.


Cayce would be hypnotized into a state of unconsciousness, whereupon he would then speak from a deeper aspect of himself that was seemingly omniscient.

With nothing more than the name and address of a person, and an agreement that they would be there during the "reading," Cayce was able to do the impossible.

Some part of his soul would visit the person, accurately diagnose their medical problems, and prescribe treatments.

Though these treatments were often quite unconventional, they were able to work miracles — bringing many hopeless cases back from the brink of death.




"An Extraordinary Astrological Recapitulation" gives technical details of how remarkably the birth planets line up.

In addition to the striking facial similarities pictured in Introduction, astrologer Brian McNaughton calculated that the line-up of Sun over Sun, Mercury over Mercury, Venus over Venus, Mars over Mars and Moon over Moon between these two charts can only happen once in 127 years:

"In studying and practicing the Divine science of Astrology for over twenty years, I have never seen such a remarkable re-convergence of the ‘personal' planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars)….

What leaps out at the astrologer is the fact that all five personal planets are in the same signs in both charts.

I am not the mathematician I would like to be, but the order of odds against such a lineup is very high (see sidebar), when you consider the chances of one conjunction of a pair of personal planets to be on the order of 1:18 (giving a ten-degree orb either way).

The odds of having five pair of inner planets conjunct is nothing less than phenomenal!…

All four planets haven't been back in the same signs as Cayce and Wilcock on March 8th since Cayce's birth, except at Wilcock's birth."





Robert Smith


Robert Smith, the editor-in-chief of the Association for Research and Enlightenment (ARE)'s magazine, Venture Inward, had just been looking at this picture of Edgar Cayce as a young man before meeting me in 1998:



We met at the Nawab, a popular Indian restaurant in Virginia Beach on 756 Colonia Road.

Although Bob was cool when he met me, he later revealed he "nearly fell over backwards" when he first walked in.

I had been seated in the same relative position as in this photograph — and when I turned to look at him as he came in, I looked exactly the same.





If you read Synchronicity Key, The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? or the oldest articles on this site in the

On a personal level, they already predicted the future so astonishingly that it actually saved the relationship of two close friends of mine.

My friend, who we'll call Bill, had his girlfriend show up on Thursday with all of his stuff from her house in a box. She said she was done, that's it.

She gave no real explanation, and no opportunity to discuss her decision. It was a sudden, clean break — over and out. Bill was quite distraught.

Amazingly, the first reading came in the day before this happened — and precisely spelled out the whole thing.

It even called her a "coward" for doing it — not once, but twice.



Though the message was universal in nature, it was also so specific and so obvious that she realized it was true. The proof was undeniable.

They have since gotten back together.

The reading didn't 'order' her to do this. Instead, it helped her understand that she was acting out of fear and powerlessness rather than trust and confidence.

This is news I just found out about a couple of hours ago — and was the final trigger to writing this post.

Even before they reconciled, Bill realized it was so precisely accurate and calibrated to his situation that it helped him build confidence and trust in the positive.

This is a talent I used very effectively from late 1996 to about mid-2003, and only sporadically after that.

I increasingly veered away from it as my life became more stressful and chaotic, and have only just now regained the magic.

In order to get there, I had to slow everything down, as much as I could afford to, and regain the basic peace and serenity that life should be about.



Since the Snowden disclosures in June 2013, vastly greater numbers of people have awakened to the basic truths we have been revealing here for years. 

There most definitely appears to be a shadow government working behind the scenes through controlling the financial system, the media, corporations, military and elected officials.

Words like the Bilderbergers, the New World Order, the Illuminati and the Cabal all seem to be fairly interchangeable at this point — for an ever-increasing number of people.

The words everyone will be using as this globalist agenda falls apart are only three, and they are very simple:

"We All Knew."



It does appear that people in their teens, 20s and early 30s are being forced to confront this reality much more vividly than people in the Baby Boomer generation, and even Gen X'ers, to a lesser degree.

There are a few simple reasons for this. Perhaps the strongest one is that the economy sucks. As in really sucks. As in being rightfully called the "Greater Depression" or GDII, as we've named it here. 

I got another reminder of this today, when a woman who framed some art for me six years ago called me up and said she desperately needed work — and to please tell all my friends as well.

When a random retail outlet calls you up to ask for work, dipping six years into the past, it's just another of thousands of in-your-face personal examples.

The formula for Boomers and Gen X'ers was "Go to college, get a degree, get a good job, start a family and you're all set."

The reality for many millennials is "Go to college, get in debt, get under-employed, live with your family and troll on the internet to let out the rage."

Yet, their parents have still bought into the Great Paradigm of the Way Things Were, and blame them personally for why this is happening.



Another strong dividing line between generations is the collapse of controlled, corporate media.

I hated commercial television in high school, but watched it anyway as there was nothing else like it available.

I completely stopped watching after going to college in 1991 and quickly switched over to reading books compulsively in 1993. 

Then the Internet came along, satisfying my urge to read new things without having to go to the bookstore.

Just two months after I first went online, I started reading the Law of One series — and it forever changed my life. We'll get to that in a minute.

It is intriguing to see that many of the steps I went through in the early-to-mid 1990s, including fighting through a very bad economy in upstate New York with s=t jobs for s=t pay, is now happening more and more on a collective level.



If you are a long-term reader of this website, then you know the deal: since the beginning of 2013, we've been posting much less frequently. It's only an average of about once a month.

Then lately it's been even worse. Other than a brief tribute to Robin Williams, I haven't posted anything since early August, so it's been over two and a half months.

I want to start out by apologizing to you for that. Things have really been a whirlwind — and I desperately needed a real break, or at least to slow down.

I still haven't really had a break — but things have eased up enough that I feel good about writing more.

Why did this happen? It's pretty simple — and it goes like this.



Just since January 2013, I have managed to get the following things done: 

  • Written a 500-page book with almost 700 references that became a NY Times best-seller (The Synchronicity Key);
  • Produced a fascinating, information-rich half-hour-a-week TV show every week (Wisdom Teachings);
  • Have been interviewed for every question of every episode of Ancient Aliens on History Channel and H2 (technically since April 2013);
  • Generated 43 episodes' worth of interviews since August 2014 for an upcoming second show on the same network (Disclosure);
  • Maintained a conference schedule of a few public appearances a year;
  • Spent at least six hours a day, every day doing research online;
  • Still managed to update the website about once a month (until it all fell apart starting in August 2014.)