Sunday 7 / 26 / 09

After three years of silence, ‘Henry Deacon’ has again come forward at the European Exopolitics Summit 2009 in Barcelona. See the video here!




We are going through a substantial, very rapid evolution as a human species — and we are only just now starting to see the extraordinarily positive effects that this transformation is having upon us.

This includes the realization that we are not alone — nor are our neighbors scary, or even different-looking than we are. According to whistleblower ‘Henry Deacon’ and many others, what we would think of as ETs are in the vast majority of cases very, very similar to us in their physical appearance.

This is one of the greatest secrets of the entire UFO cover-up. The different appearances of ET races we see in a typical Star Trek episode, or other such forms of science fiction, are laughably exaggerated from the truth of how similar we all look. The main differences are in height — 1.5 to 15 feet — and skin color, which runs the full range of the spectrum, predominantly seen in faint pastel hues not unlike the variances here on Earth.

The reason for this commonality of species has nothing to do with a ‘parent race’ that ‘seeded’ all planets in the Galaxy with its own colonists. The human form is written into the very nature of the Galaxy itself.

More specifically, our DNA is formed by an intelligently-guided quantum energetic process, not random Darwinian mutation. As a result, the human form is native to every  planet in this galaxy where sentient life can occur. That’s how it was designed.

We are on the brink of discovering these things to be intrinsic, ‘mainstream’ realities here on Earth. We will not remain in ignorance much longer. Events are now taking shape to suggest that the wait may be just about over.

The forces that have opposed the truth are crumbling to dust — more so with each courageous new witness who risks his or her very life itself to step forward. Negative, manipulative and power-hungry groups will not stand a chance once the scope of our human family — and even more importantly, what we are capable of — becomes common knowledge.

In this new paradigm, all energy in the Universe is not only intelligent, but exists as a singular consciousness. Galaxies such as our own are super-creators, designing the forms that sentient life will take on any of their worlds.



The center of each galaxy generates rippling, expanding waves of intelligent energy that promote the evolution of life on all inhabited planets as they pass by. This is a non-electromagnetic energy largely unknown to the West, but extensively studied by Ph.D.-level Russian scientists, who have proven the existence and properties of these so-called "torsion fields" in over 10,000 laboratory studies.

The waves can be measured in the microwave spectrum — and have been — but are largely invisible to the naked eye. It does appear that with better advances in optics, we will be able to spot the front end of these waves by the faint conglomeration of dust and energetic particles they carry along with them.

As one of these waves collides with a solar system, the parent star will experience a major energetic charge-up, causing increases in its brightness, particle emissions and magnetic field strength. Similar effects also appear upon all the planets orbiting the star; they show signs of "global warming", having increases in temperature, brightness, magnetic field strength and storm activity.

These galactic waves also create long-term cycles that have been conclusively proven to exist in our fossil records. A huge number of the species on Earth evolve in sudden bursts of 26 and 62 million years, with very few changes in between these periods of time.

We can easily prove that this interplanetary climate change is happening in our solar system on an ever-accelerating basis. We can also now prove that the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt has a mathematically-encoded timeline that predicts 2012 as the key year in which this energetic transformation peaks — exactly as we see in the Mayan Calendar. 

It is staggering to find out that two completely separate pyramid-building cultures — at least to the conventional mindset — both created elaborate systems that pinpointed the exact same year as the pivotal time of transformation. Both cultures wrote this prophecy into stone so that it would not be lost to our generation.

The Pyramid Timeline indicates that there will be a 72-year transition period before the full effects are seen, with very substantial events occurring in 2012, 2030, 2057 and 2084. 

This provides hard evidence that 


In my upcoming book "The 2012 Enigma: Blueprints for a Golden Age," set for release in January, I will be sharing a fantastic wealth of scientific data to support this claim. Once the contracts are signed I will have more information to report about this, but it seems very likely to occur now.

Much of this data can also be heard at my conferences, particularly the 16-hour weekend intensives like my upcoming event in Toronto: 




I was invited to have an all-expenses-paid trip to the European Expolitics 2009 summit in Barcelona, Spain that just finished up today, and I turned it down. I was too busy, couldn’t afford the time, wasn’t on the speaker list, et cetera. Now I wish I had decided to go… but I’ll just have to keep creating  the magic rather than fretting about the past!

My friend and colleague ‘Henry Deacon’ urged me to take their offer after I helped to orchestrate his covert arrival at the "A New World" conference in Zurich, Switzerland. I was dazzled when he decided to take the stage during the second half of NASA astronaut and free energy scientist Dr. Brian O’Leary’s talk to formally announce his identity.

Bill Ryan said he wanted me up there with Henry, who was traveling with me under the false identity as my ‘Uncle Mark.’ Here is an amateur video, from the audience, of only the first five minutes of what resulted from this — and I can tell you there is a lot more to see than what you get here: