Journey with David Wilcock to one of the most breathtaking unspoiled areas of mountains, lakes and forest wilderness in the entire world. A great natural Earth energy zone for healing and inspiration!


Saturday, August 26 through Saturday, September 2, 2006

After two nights at the dazzling High Country Inn, we will be the sole guests of Chateau Isabella, in the center of Paradise, run by the metaphysically switched-on Beazer family. No more than 30 newfound friends will accompany you on this trip, including David, so as to insure that real community bonding is possible.

With CONVERGENCE: The Movie coming out next spring, and the rush of publicity and busy-work leading up to its release, this may be the last chance to spend a whole week with David in such a small group – and at an all-inclusive price substantially lower than our other sacred destinations. On this trip you’ll get the inside scoop on CONVERGENCE and its content, including viewing not-for-public-release investor preview films. You’ll also discover other astonishing material that David has not yet gone public with, due to its fantastic, sensational nature – not to mention that it could get him unwanted attention from the Powers That Be.

David’s humorous, thought-provoking evening lectures will completely change your view of reality, bringing the “hidden traditions” to full, conscious awareness. The jaw-dropping grandeur of the locations you visit by day seamlessly merge with the information you learn by night, leading to a rarefied consciousness that is quite difficult to approach under ordinary circumstances. Reconnecting with the core of who you are, you shall return to ‘normal’ life transformed and renewed.


Day 1- Welcome to Calgary, the Stampede City/Banff National Park
Your host from Chateau Isabella will greet you at the airport and take care of all of your needs. From Calgary we head west through the rolling foothills, and soon we are surrounded by towering mountains and clear mountain streams in one of the most breathtaking destinations in the world. You will stay 2 nights in Banff at the beautiful High Country Inn, where you can wander to quaint downtown shops with their old-world charm. David’s lecture schedule gives you enough time to really drink in the local color.

Banff High Country Inn


Day 2- Lake Louise, Columbia Ice Fields
We leave early for the Valley of the Ten Peaks and Lake Louise. There’s time to stroll around the Lake or just absorb some of the beauty and magic of the emerald green water, towering peaks and hanging glaciers.

Canoeing on Lake Louise


High-angle shot of Chateau Lake Louise

…we travel up the icefields to Jasper in time for a thrilling guided Sno-coach ride (optional) that carries us right out on the Athabasca Glacier.

Athabasca Glacier

We return to Banff for dinner, shopping & exploring. And you’ve only just started…


Day 3- Banff to Chateau Isabella
This morning we take an enclosed gondola ride up Sulphur Mountain (optional). From the top, you have a truly awe-inspiring view of the Banff Valley below.

Sulphur Mountain

We'll stop in Calgary for lunch and then travel south through fertile farmlands and rolling green hills. We arrive at CHATEAU ISABELLA just east of Waterton National Park, in time for a complimentary wine reception and scrumptious dinner.

Chateau Isabella

This picture is a tight shot on the building itself – but it's not like a real-estate shot where you're crammed in with junk just out of frame… check out the views!

Views from Chateau Isabella

Relax, settle in and get acquainted with Marion and the Chateau family before another amazing magic-carpet ride from David’s world-changing material.

Staff of Chateau Isabella in a typically upbeat mood!


Day 4- Waterton National Park
This morning Marion Beazer will introduce you to the art of self healing – the whole family is very in touch with the subtle “orgone” energy tradition. Learn about this orgone energy and how it works – neatly complimenting what you’ve already been hearing from David. After lunch we visit Waterton-Glacier National Park, Cameron Falls…

Waterton-Glacier National Park

then on to Cameron Lake which is fed by mountain glaciers glistening with pristine beauty. Here we will feel the spiritual power of the Rockies, then return home for another great meal and evening entertainment.


Day 5- Chief Mountain Highway
Chief Mountain, the sacred mountain of the Blackfoot Indians, dominates the landscape as we wind our way south to Montana's Glacier National Park…

Chief Mountain

We'll see Sherbourne and Swiftcurrent Lakes…

Sherbourne Lake

…and the historic Many Glacier Hotel nestled in an area of the Rockies referred to as the Switzerland of North America.

Many Glacier Hotel

You might even notice that one of the closest mountains looks curiously like a pyramid… and if you've read David's work you know what kind of "energy" this produces…

Pyramid-Shaped Mountain Next to Many Glacier Hotel

After lunch and our return to the Chateau, we will be greeted by Charlie Crow Chief, an Elder of the Blackfoot tribe. Charlie will facilitate drumming circles, sweat lodges and evening storytelling in the teepee. Anything other than the Light that you’ve been holding onto can just fall away in such a rarefied sacred atmosphere.


Day 6- Glacier National Park, Montana
The famous GOING TO THE SUN HIGHWAY is our destination today. This historic feat of engineering winds gently through crystal-clear lakes and streams.

View of a Stream from Going to the Sun Highway

We climb gigantic rugged peaks covered with glaciers, weeping walls, high alpine meadows and delicate glacial flowers. Breathtaking scenery at the top of the world! Following our return from our "home away from home" and yet another fabulous meal, we'll have the opportunity to spend the evening with David, whose unique perspective on the natural energy of our pristine location — and what it can do for us, today — will enchant and delight us.


Day 7- Police Outpost Park
After a leisurely breakfast, we'll take a guided nature trip to POLICE OUTPOST PARK where we'll have the opportunity to experience the healing power of nature with Marion and her son John. They'll share their love and knowledge of the local "lore" flora and fauna.

View from Police Outpost Park

This afternoon we'll visit a HUTTERITE colony – folks living by a traditional culture that time has almost forgotten. A step inside this interesting way of life will be something you will remember for a lifetime.

Hutterite Children – A Page out of Living History

We'll celebrate our spectacular week of healing, new discoveries, warm friendships and magical scenery with an evening of reflection and celebration.


Day 8-Homeward Bound
After hugs and goodbyes from the "Chateau Family" we'll beamingly board our motor coach for our trip home – if we remember to let our feet touch the ground. On the way we will visit the famous UNESCO world heritage site, HEAD SMASHED IN BUFFALO JUMP dating back more than 6,000 years.

Head Smashed-In Buffalo Jump

Then we go on to Calgary, and soon we'll be on a plane heading south with fond dreams and precious memories of the many friends, great fun and richly evocative scenery we've experienced the last 8 days.

Quick, Easy Flight Home

Memories that Last


For more information about this trip, or to make your reservation, call Kevin Fitzgerald at 1-866-915-5522, or email at Our guest list has already started building up, so it’s a good idea to call for information now if you are still on the fence.

$1999 per person double occupancy – all meals, lodging, land travel expenses included. Call or email for single occupancy rates.

Boring / depressing / disharmonious guests must pass laughter therapy rites before being allowed in.