In case you don't already know, I have been a long-standing proponent of the idea that the Mayan Calendar end-date corresponds to a new beginning — of a 25,920-year cycle in the Earth's behavior.
As I wrote in a recent article, this cycle can be measured in the slow, drifting movement of the stars in the night sky.
They shift by 1 degree every 72 years — for a total of [360 degrees x 72 years =] 25,920 years.
This length of time is very difficult to comprehend — considering that everything prior to 2000 years ago is considered to be "B.C.", and practically the "caveman era".
This 25,920-year cycle is well over 12 times older than the timeframe we call "B.C." For that same reason, it is very difficult to visualize such a vast expanse of time in practical, day-to-day terms.
For similar reasons, many people stumble over the idea of 'Atlantis' — a highly advanced civilization on a continent that allegedly sank under the ocean as of 11,000 years ago, in a worldwide flood.
Though this seems hard to believe for the 'uninitiated,' the Atlantean civilization had technology that was significantly more advanced than anything we have now — in the open, conventional world.
I gave detailed, comprehensive evidence to National Geographic Channel, now owned and run by Fox, that the sunken continent of Atlantis has since become what we now call Antarctica.
I was quite shocked at how poorly the finished product turned out — as I revealed in a recent article here on
The Earth apparently went through a catastrophic pole shift at this time — in what we currently consider almost unthinkable prehistory.
Atlantis sank, became the new south pole, and the catastrophic rush of floodwaters and rainfall over the land quickly froze into glaciers.
Simultaneously, the pre-existing polar icecaps moved to warmer regions, causing them to thaw out and melt. This created massive floods that quickly rose the sea level.
The scholarship on this is excellent. The two best books to read on it are "Fingerprints of the Gods" by Graham Hancock and "When The Sky Fell" by Rand and Rose Flem-Ath.
There is a great wealth of scientific, historical and archeological data that supports this idea, but these works stand on their own — and you can read them for more information.
This ancient civilization appears to have been responsible for building monuments out of massive stone blocks all over the world, among other things. 
Many people do not realize that Atlantis also had a rival civilization — which was located in what we now call Siberia. The Edgar Cayce Readings referred to this group as "Rama."
Considering that Cayce gave over 14,000 documented "psychic readings", where he accurately diagnosed people's medical problems at a distance, with nothing more than their name and address, this account needs to be seriously considered.
The Cayce Readings also said the Ramans had intense wars with the Atlanteans.
Though the Cayce Readings occurred before the nuclear era, we can use them to make a case that nuclear weapons were at least indirectly responsible for causing the pole shift.
The Cayce Readings' version of nuclear weapons can be found in discussions of the "night-side force", as they called it.
This wartime attack apparently caused an excessive power surge in a crystalline energy device called the "Firestone," built underground, in what is now the Bermuda Triangle.
This crystal was positioned within one of the twelve largest "energy vortexes" on Earth.
In The Source Field Investigations I reveal comprehensive scientific proof that this "Grid" of vortex points does indeed exist — and how it works. 
Supposedly the entire Atlantean civilization was drawing off of this crystal as a power source — and when it overheated, it changed the Earth's gravitational balance in space, causing a pole shift.
The Law of One series has hundreds of specific data points that could be confirmed scientifically — well after they were originally documented between 1981 and 1983.
For this same reason, I consider this to be the most highly credible source of its kind. It was also the root inspiration for everything I revealed in The Source Field Investigations.
The Law of One series confirmed that Atlantis was destroyed by the use of nuclear weapons — which caused an "earth-changing configuration" to occur.
10.15 Approximately 11,000 of your years ago, the first of the, what you call, wars, caused approximately forty percent of this [Atlantean] population to leave the [third] density by means of disintegration of the body.

The second and most devastating of the conflicts occurred approximately 10,821 years in the past, according to your illusion. This created an earth-changing configuration and the large part of Atlantis was no more, having been inundated.

Three of the positively oriented of the Atlantean groups left this geographical locus before that devastation, placing themselves in the mountain areas of what you call Tibet, what you call Peru, and what you call Turkey.

24.4 In the case of the Atlanteans, enlargements upon the information given [by advanced ET groups] resulted in those activities distorted towards bellicosity [negativity] which resulted in the final second Atlantean catastrophe 10,821 of your years in the past, as you measure time.

Many, many were displaced due to societal actions both upon Atlantis and upon those areas of what you would call North African deserts, to which some Atlanteans had gone after the first conflict.

Earth changes continued due to these, what you would call, nuclear bombs and other crystal weapons, sinking the last great land masses approximately 9600 of your years ago.

The remnants of this epic war can be found in Plato's account of Atlantis — as reported in the Timaeus and Critias, circa 360 B.C.
Plato revealed that Atlantis was a vast continent, surrounded on all sides by a huge ocean. This was a warlike civilization that had started conquering and occupying neighboring lands.
Atlantis had begun invading and warring with the people in the area of Greece and Egypt — at the outskirts of the Rama civilization, as Cayce described it — but they were successfully repelled.
Shortly after the Atlanteans were beaten back, Plato's account indicates that a worldwide, catastrophic flood occurred.
The people of Greece and Egypt at the time had no idea why this sudden disaster occurred. They were still celebrating their recent victory over the Atlanteans.
In reality, it appears that someone from the Rama civilization dropped nukes on Atlantis to try to end the war for good.
The records of such a nuclear exchange — from "a bolt of iron charged with the light of a thousand suns — can still be found in the epic Hindu scripture, the Mahabharata.
Little did the Ramans realize that nuking their enemy would cause a pole shift. It is for this same reason that ETs have systematically monitored and disabled nuclear weapons in today's world.
The Egyptian priesthood of the time was very angry with Plato for revealing so many details of the hidden story of Atlantis.
These details were considered highly classified — and only available to initiates who had sworn to keep these secrets, on pain of death.
Plato had been initiated into the Egyptian priesthood, had been given a small degree of information, and then ran off and published it. 
If Plato hadn't broken his own promise and told the truth, for the good of humanity, the whole idea of 'Atlantis' may never have reached our modern world.
This does also suggest that the Egyptian priesthood was in possession of a vast treasure-trove of hidden knowledge, including written documents — and possibly technological artifacts as well.
The Ark of the Covenant may be one example of an 'Atlantean' technological artifact that was held in secret by the Egyptian priesthood.
The survivors of 'Rama' also have legends of a sudden, terrible winter that occurred in their own distant past. 
This catastrophic event forced them to migrate into Iran, India and Europe — as the ancient Aryans.
The best written evidence of this can be found in the Zoroastrian scriptures — though the Hindu scriptures feature this knowledge as well.
I do cover this in The Source Field Investigations, along with many Zoroastrian prophecies for our own time. 
I was very surprised when Fox / NatGeo completely deleted all mention of the Antarctica connection from the TV show. 
I had been quite excited to see the show, as I knew I had done a great job of laying out the facts.
Instead, Fox / NatGeo ignored everything I said, and acted as if there was "no evidence" — and the "Atlantis Myth" had been "debunked."
The continental mass under the ice of Antarctica wasn't mapped out until "International Geophysical Year 1958".
This was when we first had sufficient ground-penetrating radar technology to see the shape of the land under the glaciers — or what scientists call its "subglacial topography."
We then found out that under the ice, Atlantis had two main sections — a smaller and larger piece — with a river-like crack between them.
Amazingly, the shape of the land was very similar to what we see on the Phillipe Buache map of circa 1737 to 1739:
This is one of a series of archaic maps, including those of Piri Reis, Orontaeus Finaeus and Mercator, that showed an astonishingly accurate view of Antarctica. 
The Buache map is singularly unique in that it also depicted Antarctica as it would have been without ice.
I had found bits and pieces of information on this in my library research from 1993 to 1995 — and was impressed by how well Graham Hancock tied it all together in Fingerprints of the Gods.
Every scholar said that these map-makers had copied over their designs from earlier maps — which apparently had since been "lost."
Of course, Antarctica wasn't officially sighted in modern times until 1820 — so how it appeared on these ancient maps has been considered quite a mystery.
This is only one of a variety of data points suggesting that a civilization did exist, prior to 11,000 years ago, that was advanced enough to have created accurate world maps — including a view of Antarctica without the ice.
The further implication is that these maps have been held in secret — as part of a very ancient cover-up.
I have been fortunate enough to meet a variety of people who worked in highly classified "government" programs. Some of these interviews are visible online, including the Pete Peterson video with Project Camelot.
Here is my section of the Peterson video, in case you haven't already seen it. Here, he is talking about his research experience with the "Informational Field" as it applies to healing and medicine.
Of course, this is what I call the Source Field — and at the time this interview was conducted, I had not yet finished writing my epic work on the subject, The Source Field Investigations.
Pete was doing his best to look at the camera the whole time, rather than at me, which makes him appear dissatisfied — but as I found out later, he was very impressed with the questions I asked.
I am happy to say that we are finally getting close to being able to offer the "combs" that Dr. Peterson describes in this video for public use, among other healing technologies he patented.
I will publicly announce this once we are ready to go, and have inventory in stock — so keep checking back for updates on that if you are interested.
Please don't write us letters asking when it will be ready — believe me, I want to see this happen and we're working on it!
I was horrified when I read Graham Hancock's book in 1995 and found out that a vast treasure-trove of 'Atlantean' and pre-Egyptian scrolls allegedly burned down in the Library of Alexandria — forever lost to the pages of history.
At least four different insiders have now told me that this was nothing but an ancient cover-up. The library did indeed burn — but the vast majority of the "good stuff" was pulled out first, and hidden away.
There are three different time periods where this library may have burned. The earliest and most common account was in 48 BC, when a good part of Julius Caesar's navy was cornered in Alexandria and surrounded by Egyptian ships.
Caesar then ordered his own ships to be evacuated and set on fire. The resulting inferno destroyed the Egyptian fleet of wooden boats as well.
The fire then leaped into the city of Alexandria — and burned the library to the ground, along with many other buildings.
Once we get past the time and circumstances of the initial fire, every insider's story I've heard on this is roughly the same.
I was told that the vast majority of documents that were considered valuable in the library were salvaged and pulled out — before the building burned down.
These precious documents were then held in secret storage by the Roman Empire. They became the centerpiece of what we now know as the Vatican Library.
More than one insider I know has had direct access to the Vatican Library — and has been able to sit down and read Atlantean texts with his own eyes.
One insider in particular said that some of these texts contain a wealth of highly advanced knowledge — including detailed schematic diagrams of how to build UFO-type flying ships.
The documents that were "copied over" to create the Reis, Finaeus, Mercator and Buache maps were barely more than a few 'drips'… from the ocean of information still hidden in the Vatican Library to this day.
Almost all insiders I have spoken with say that there is a huge proliferation of human beings throughout our galaxy. This is one of the greatest secrets of the ancient mystery schools.
In fact, I now have every reason to believe that both Atlantis and Rama were immigrant colonies — and although these people were human, they were not indigenous to Earth.
Although they had higher technology than we do, when their civilization got wiped out, most of the survivors quickly reverted back to a caveman level.
How many of us could rebuild an Ipad if we were huddled around a fire in a cave, wearing animal skins to try to stay warm after a major disaster?
Some of these people did carefully keep their secrets from others who were more local to this planet. As the secrets passed down, they had long since lost the ability to rebuild their super-advanced technology.
However, not all of their relatives had colonized the Earth — not by a longshot.
So, even after their civilization disappeared from Earth, there were, and are, still many more of them "out there."
One highly-placed insider I know has met "about 14" types of ETs. Henry Deacon claims to have met "over 40" different types.
Another insider, who has had the most extensive contact with an apparent military-industrial complex "breakaway civilization" that is largely off-planet, claims to have been indirectly or directly exposed to about 200 different types.
Disclosure Project witness Sgt. Clifford Stone (see his Camelot video here) was given a manual that described 57 different types of ETs that were actively operating in our airspace, and could end up crashing here.
His manual had detailed information on what they looked like, what their ships looked like, and what needed to be known in any encounter with them — as part of the crash-retrieval team.
If you don't take the time to watch anything else, the most significant Clifford Stone footage to watch is his official address to the world's leading media entities at the National Press Club — on May 9, 2001.
At this event, 39 top military and civilian witnesses — with direct, firsthand knowledge that extraterrestrials are real — came forward, with Dr. Steven Greer directing the effort.
I ended up meeting Sgt. Stone in person, in Washington D.C., the day after he delivered this groundbreaking address.
I was invited to the Disclosure Project's Closed Executive Summary Briefing for Members of Congress and VIPs, on May 10, 2001 — after I had been a guest on Coast to Coast with Art Bell, two different times in two weeks.
Sgt. Stone's speech at the 'closed' event was far more intense, prolonged and detailed than what you are about to see here. He fully broke down in tears and walked off the stage while describing and reliving the trauma of his work.
A massive standing ovation got him to pull himself together, come back on stage and finish the talk. Not one person in the room appeared to have any doubt that what he was saying was true.
I recently spoke to Dr. Greer and he said they may still have that video in their archive. I do very much hope we will all get to see it.
Here is the video of Sgt. Stone's official address to the world's media on May 9, 2001, where he reveals his direct involvement in 12 different extraterrestrial crash retrieval missions:
In the second half of this video, we see Sgt. Stone's equally impressive follow-up Q&A. 
Here he discusses that by 1989, his team had cataloged 57 different types of extraterrestrials, all of which were human or humanoid in appearance — and were directly operating in our airspace.
You can hear him say they had identified "at least three types of Greys," and "some that were much taller than we were."
Sgt. Stone said that the pervasiveness of the human form is a scientific mystery that we will have to solve as this all becomes public.
I took up the challenge and came up with a viable scientific explanation in The Source Field Investigations — namely that DNA is ultimately a 'crystal' that emerges from the basic laws of quantum mechanics.
There is a wealth of scientific data revealing that genetic information can be stored in photons — and a single photon can therefore carry the full code required to crystallize atoms and molecules together, ultimately building human DNA — and life.
You can see footage of Sgt. Stone in the 2-hour Disclosure Project Witness DVD, the 4-hour Disclosure Project Witness DVD Part 1 and Part 2, and the National Press Club footage — along with much more — at the CSETI & Disclosure Project YouTube page.
Nine months ago, Project Camelot released another video featuring Sgt. Stone with Bob Dean.
Bob Dean is another insider who I know personally, have spoken with on the same stage, and who definitely appears to have had contact with multiple ET races.
I have had other insiders independently "vet out" and confirm that Bob Dean is telling the truth — and apparently knows a lot more than he has ever spoken about publicly thus far.
You can watch this 2011 interview, as well as this 2010 interview, where Dean specifically revealed a few things he was never expected to say, and were considered "very edgy" in the insider world.
This included the existence of stargate-type transportation devices between underground facilities, and an entire cloaked city-sized base that floats and operates over the restricted airspace around Area 51 — and is the headquarters of "Aerospace Command."
Here's one key quote from Dean that reveals the scope of the cover-up that is now in place:
I've been in underground facilities that you wouldn't believe – massive, massive – all over the country.
There's one under Fort Huachuca, which I may have told you once before, that is gigantic. These are massive facilities.
My only criticism at the time was that some of them were so luxurious for the politicians that that ticked me off. I felt that the politicians didn't deserve those luxurious facilities.

We've got massive underground facilities all over the country, all over the planet.

We've got official military relationships with the off-planet intelligences. We have a major facility in the middle of Australia. It's called Pine Gap.
In this same interview, Bob Dean reveals his own initial exposure to the knowledge of a portal that can run you from S4, or 'Area 51,' directly to Pine Gap.
I was the first [insider]… who revealed the information that we have a portal of sorts, a kind of portal, located at 14 levels below-ground at S4. A Naval Lieutenant Commander told me.

He said, "I was ordered to put on my summer uniform, pack my bags and get my briefcase." He was ordered to go to this facility which he didn't… well, it was S4, on the other side of the mountain at Papoose Lake.

And he said: "Why are you asking me to put on a summer uniform when it's cold as hell here?" Even in Las Vegas it was cold.

And they said: "Just do what you're told. Put on a summer uniform, pack your bag and show up here."

They took him to S4. They went down the elevator to three different levels. He had a red card, a blue card, and a green card.

At the bottom of the facility, 14 levels below ground – it's like taking a 14-story building and burying it – at the bottom he got through the door, and there sits a GI.
I can't remember whether he said it was Army, Navy, Air Force or what. Doesn't matter. At that level it doesn't matter.

They said: "Commander, welcome. Come on in." And he walked through this door from the elevator, and the kid says: "Welcome to Pine Gap."

KC: Wonderful!

BD: And the Commander said: "What the hell are you talking about?"

He said: "Sir, you're in Australia."

Commander says: "No, we're in Nevada."

And the young man said: "Sir, when you just walked through that door, you're in Australia."

KC: Incredible.

BD: So he came up to me and he said: "I'm telling you this because I know that people will listen to you."
The other 'edgy' thing that Bob Dean revealed in this interview was his personal knowledge of Aerospace Command — which included naming names, and getting into specific details:
BD: My God! They don't want us to know about the Aerospace Command here, would you believe that? Trillions of dollars a year are going off to a military command that the American people don't even know exists?

KC: You're talking about Space Command?

BD: Aerospace Command! It's commanded by…

KC: Okay. Is that located in Nebraska?

BD: It's… No, no. It used to be Nebraska. It used to be Colorado Springs. Now the headquarters… I swear to God the headquarters is in orbit!

KC: Right.

BD: Now, trillions going to Aerospace Command.

There is a Four-Star Air Force General, who, last I checked last year, was commanding: Lance Lord. Interesting name. I've often swore up and down that Lance Lord is one of them. [points upward]

As Dean goes on in this groundbreaking interview, he reveals more about Aerospace Command — and how it is a fully international organization:
Lance Lord commands the Aerospace Command. It's a joint services Space Command that the American people don't even know exist. It puts NASA to shame.

KC: Okay. Is it an international organization?

BD: Yes. Yes, it really is, because there are British officers serving right along with United States Air Force and Navy officers. Yes. And we've done that now since World War Two.

KC: Okay, British; and what about Australian?

BD: UK… ah… are you familiar with the UKUSA Pact?

KC: I've heard of it.

BD: UK / USA, signed in 1947. Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and Great Britain and the US signed a pact called the UKUSA Pact in 1947. We've been like this [gestures, hands clasped together] ever since.

In our final excerpt, as Dean continues, he alludes to the big secret — namely that Aerospace Command is deeply involved in work that is entirely outside the Earth — including many bases that are owned and run by other ET humans:
KC: Okay. So we've got a Space Command and this is doing what? Going out into interstellar… doing interstellar travel? Because we've got whistleblowers talking about super-luminal travel, faster than the speed of light.

BD: I was told about hyper-luminal flight 20 years ago by a retired aerospace engineer who spent most of his career with Boeing, McDonnell Douglas, and for some time with Lockheed Martin and …ah…

KC: And they're going where? I mean, we're talking outside this solar system. Right?

BD: Leaving the system, yes indeed.

When Ben Rich before he retired and died – Ben Rich who ran the Lockheed Skunk Works – said at one of his retirement dinners: You know, we can take ET home.
And he said: We've got technology that's 100 years beyond what establishment science will believe. And when he said "We can take ET home," we're talking about hyper-luminal flight.

We've had anti-gravity and we've had zero-point energy for, well, 40 years.

Let's not lose touch with why I brought this up. Extraterrestrials are not "aliens" — they are largely human beings.
This is a very significant change in how most people view the UFO subject. 
This also makes it a much more interesting and personal story, particularly if we are their direct, living descendants — and don't even realize it.
Recently I came across yet another 'leak' of insider information that further confirmed how many human ETs are out there.
This one comes from a firsthand witness — Mike Emery, who often writes me with comments and feedback on the material I put together in The Source Field Investigations.
Several insiders have told me that there is a "real" Blue Book — as opposed to the 'Condon Report' version that was released to the public in 1968, and apparently 'debunked' the UFO phenomenon.
This was apparently the top-notch briefing document that was shown to people who were being welcomed in to the greatest levels of secrecy and knowledge behind the UFO cover-up.
Mike Emery personally met someone who apparently had seen and read at least part of the 'real' Blue Book. I only heard this story from him a few days ago, via email.
I have combined together the exact wording of two different emails Mike sent me — the initial letter and what he wrote in response to my request for clarification.
Here's the integration of two letters that Mike Emery wrote me as of December 17, 2012.
Remember that Nevada is where Area 51 / S4 is located, and there is some collusion between the Mafia and the secret government:
EMERY: In 1987, I learned [what you are about to read] in Nevada, from an old dying mob attorney. He was telling a number of the family secrets, and this one came out.
The family he represented owned a casino in Reno. Thus, they paid the mob for protection. This is a deal you can’t refuse. He had [apparently] seen the ["real" Blue] Book at Area 51.
WILCOCK: [After reading the core of what the Blue Book apparently said, as seen below…] Any other details you can give us about the man himself, how you met him and why you feel this story to be true?
EMERY: There were a lot of other details that established the fact of who he was. My girlfriend at the time was the owner of a casino in Reno. Her father owned two casinos.
Both her father and his right hand man had become deathly ill, and were in the hospital.
The very friendly guy that was always around — the mob's bag man — went to see them both in the hospital. Both men died of heart attacks very shortly after he left. 
My girlfriend had reckoned that to be the case – [that the bag man assassinated them] –but, the old attorney laid it flat out while we were there.
The old attorney was into flying, and had a 421 Cessna. In 1987 he had an ILS system that would land the plane. Nobody had such a system — military or commercial — at the time. I flew a lot in Alaska and had several planes.  
That is how we got into the Blue Book info, which, I'm sorry, was just verbal.
Now we get to the "good stuff." This is the core of what I saw originally that caught my attention, and caused me to ask more questions:
EMERY: The U.S. Air Force put out the Blue Book in the '60s that debunked all UFO sightings as being weather balloons, swamp gas or other forms of natural phenomena. That's what they told the public.
The real Blue Book, the one they kept, cataloged 183 different forms of E.T.s that have visited the planet.
65% of them have a human form.
30% are higher orders of other life forms — like the silicon men, cats, vegetables [and] the reptilians….
The last 5% are called E.D.s = Extra Dimensionals. [These] are beings that can be any place, any time, any form they choose….
Some people need to laugh when they read things like this, and that's fine — but the more you keep hearing the same things from different, credible people, the more you start believing them.
I have independently heard that there are indeed synthetic lifeforms that can shape-shift — which Emery is apparently calling "silicon men."
I've also heard that there are hominid beings that look more like cats — not unlike what was depicted in Avatar. 
In the Law of One series, they explain that humanlike people can evolve out of vegetable life in certain rare cases as well. Apparently, some people from Sirius are of this type.
We also have several insiders, including Bob Dean, who have seen and dealt with 12- to 15-foot-tall 'reptilian' humanoids as well — the so-called "Annunaki." 
It is quite amazing to consider that, as of around 1987, the 'real' Blue Book had 65 percent of 183 different extraterrestrial races that had visited Earth, at some time, looking very human.
That's fully 119 different races of human beings that have visited the Earth. This is obviously very different than any view that has ever been presented in movies or popular media.
What's even more fascinating is that many of these human ETs have psychic and intuitive capabilities that are vastly stronger than our own.
At this level — and we're not even talking about the "extradimensional" types — these people apparently have all the abilities attributed to Jesus in the Bible.
In fact, it seems very likely that Jesus was one of them — and came here to try to help us grow and evolve into the next level as spiritual beings.
Let's now go back to those juicy, secret documents in the Vatican Library — which were apparently direct hand-me-downs from human ETs. 
The most interesting and provocative content in these ancient documents was the ancient science of enlightenment.
This science was apparently given to humanity by the "gods" — humans who were not born on Earth, but visited us to help out with our spiritual evolution.
Several different sets of documents purported to contain teachings that would allow a spiritual seeker to eventually
I only discovered this summer, right before leaving for my big Australia tour, that the "solution" to the 25,920-year cycle had to be that our Sun was orbiting a companion star — very likely a "brown dwarf".
This star would be a lot older than ours, significantly smaller and more dense, barely visible to the naked eye and therefore hard to detect — except by its gravitational perturbations.
The bigger key, as is built up in The Source Field Investigations, is that ultimately stars are intelligent super-beings in their own right.
Stars create intelligent, structured energy patterns, in the form of geometry, that affect our level of consciousness as well as the structure of our DNA.
The "romance" of 2012 scholarship was that "something wonderful" would happen right on that very day. There was a compelling, sexy narrative, loaded with interesting information, to support that notion.
The official "shift time" in California terms was Thursday night, 12/20, at 2:11 AM California time.
On that night of December 20th, 'round about 7PM, I was distracted, stressed out, not paying attention, and stubbed my right big toe — very hard.
I actually didn't realize what kind of situation I was in at first. Before long, it started hurting badly enough that I thought I had broken it. The pain has been extraordinary. Walking was reduced to hobbling.
Now is the first chance I've had to sit at the computer for longer periods of time without it throbbing and hurting.
It turns out that I only have a bone bruise, but those are said to be the most painful physical injury you can have — and I would agree.
I've needed to obtain a pair of crutches in order to have mobility around the house.
As someone who follows the Law of One principles in my daily life, I never take events like this for granted.
After all the things I've seen and experienced since I began writing all my dreams down in 1992, and having direct, verbal contact with my Higher Self since 1996, I've learned that accidents are not accidents.
True, if you are not on an actively spiritual path in life, there is room for what they call "random catalyst," where things can "just happen" — but the more focused you are, the less this happens.
As painful as they might be, the events that occur are allowed to happen. Oftentimes they relate to balancing your karma — meaning that what you measure out to others will be measured back to you.
It has been interesting and, at times, humorous to see people either put me on a pedestal — or treat me with a level of malicious, violent hatred that is usually only reserved for their immediate family members.
The truth is that I am an investigator who writes and lectures about cool and interesting stuff, is doing his best to help people become more forgiving and accepting of each other, and wants to see our world become a better place to be.
In the midst of this quest, I am far from perfect. I have plenty of 'distortions' in my personality. I do my best to be aware of them, to forgive and accept myself for having them, and to work to let go of them.
I do feel like I've made a lot of progress. I can also say that the life I lead is so vivid, hectic and constantly changing that it seems like I am perpetually coming face-to-face with my distortions.
At times I feel amazed that I have been able to accomplish anything. I worked for many years in desperate poverty, largely due to how sensitive I was to 'haters' who felt I was evil if I made money doing this.
As a result, I offered deep-trance psychic readings from 1998 to 2005 for $150 a client, and could never do more than 12 a month maximum without burning out.
Even at that rate, people were horrified that I was making money for doing this service.
I had a very hard time allowing anyone to access me in person because everyone wanted to get me alone, for "just five minutes," and it was very hard to say 'no' to people — even though it was impossible to say yes to everything.
It wasn't until we began offering "The Science of Peace" for sale on this website in 2007 that this site began financing me without having to do readings anymore.
I managed to work through the extreme difficulties I had with the interpersonal aspects of doing public presentations, and got back into the circuit as of the fall of 2008.