Before we get to the exciting new conference and radio show news, a bit of personal information is appropriate here.

On the weekend before the Conscious Life Expo, it rained non-stop in LA, which is very unusual. Naturally this activates dormant mold, indoors and outdoors, which in turn can generate illness in sensitive people like me.

For the first two days after this rains stopped, the municipal water coming out of the tap in my house smelled so strongly of bleach that you could undoubtedly have stained your clothes with it. Nonetheless, I continued to take showers and do what I would normally do.

As a result, in the entire week leading up to the Conscious Life Expo, I had fevers, body aches, extreme fatigue requiring many more hours of sleep throughout the day than usual, and a wicked sore throat. The glands in my neck were so swollen that just to touch them slightly caused me pain. 

I had planned on tuning up the drum tracks for various songs on our upcoming album Wanderer Awakening during the week leading up to the Expo, using my home studio, but instead I could barely even stay awake.

I had to work this philosophical truism I came up with about three or four years ago after it was suggested in a reading: 

There is an inverse relationship between Healing and Creating.


In practical terms, this means that if you get thrown into a healing process — either from emotional issues or physical body ailments or both — it’s best to stop and deal with the healing, really work it all the way through yourself, before you try to get back to doing any creative work.

Too many people have major emotional blockages they’re working on and they then punish themselves for being too distracted to get creative work done. As far as I see it this is backwards. Honor the healing process when it comes up, and let it move through you. Strive for forgiveness and acceptance of whatever is emerging, so you can release it back to the Universe.

My bodily-enforced ‘down-time’ from my usual workflow turned out to be productive, as I spent even more time thinking about the unique position I now find myself in — given how public I have become in the last few years, and the types of experiences this now brings me each and every day. 


Honestly, I wasn’t much better by the time the Expo actually arrived, but just soldiered my way through it. I still managed to do a great job and got standing ovations and record turnout, but I was deeply tired and under enormous stress the entire time — and I evacuated from the hotel that same night after finishing my talk so I could rest at home. 

Just before the conference, when I saw that the New World Order was now willing to ‘ace’ an entire plane full of people just to avoid persecution for their unthinkable crimes, I couldn’t let my own sickness stop me from taking action. Even though I needed to prepare for my imminent conference, and I was hanging on by a thread health-wise, I still managed to write the last David’s Blog article under enormous time pressure.

Of course, the typical raft of hate letters flowed in. I now realize that conspiracy junkies are going to attack me, no matter what, no matter how effectively I show them evidence contrary to their position. Never in my entire life as a public figure have I had to endure so much blatant, outright hatred as I do now on a routine basis.



On a very real level we are going through a profound healing process as a planet right now. I have noticed that the political attack emails have almost completely dried up for nearly two weeks now, though by no means will they stop. Doing the Rumor Mill News show today will undoubtedly stir up a bunch more, as it is a very popular website, but that’s fine.

Hate mail is just a part of my daily workflow — an average of 1 or 2 a day out of 120 or so — so I  don’t take it personally and just get on with the day. 100 percent of disrespectful or attacking emails are not answered, and that has been my policy for some time due to the volume of positive letters I receive from people who will obviously benefit more from my time if I can afford to make it — which is becoming increasingly difficult, if not impossible, to do.

I have spent much time meditating on how the negativity people throw at you is a projection of their own subconscious ‘shadow’ material. So when someone says "I hate you so much," et cetera, I know they’re not really talking about me. I went into great detail on this point in the recent US Airways 333 article. 



Esoterically speaking, nothing will upset us and create an emotional reaction unless we still have a charge on that issue.

One of the common sources of hate mail is people who see or hear my material and are heavily challenged in their existing religious / spiritual worldview, where they may be involved in a doctrine that preaches an exclusive lock on the truth.

For those who get caught up in this game, it naturally boosts your self-esteem by making you feel that everyone who doesn’t believe as you do is a non-person, ultimately, and is just biding their time before they burn for all eternity.



I have assembled one of the greatest scientific cases for some sort of "Rapture" event being much more than a sketchy, ‘fringe’ interpretation of Biblical scripture. This should make Christians very happy in an ideal world, as it is a powerful validation of their faith.

However, once you start saying that the Ascension will be far more than 144,000 people from a church in Podunk rising up into the air at the End of Days — because they just happened to be the one group who knew all along they had interpreted Biblical scripture correctly — you get in trouble.

Fundamentalist groups thrive on their members feeling they are the elite, the chosen, the special ones… well above everyone else in value and in how much God loves them.

I have repeatedly stated that the ONLY qualification for graduation, i.e. Ascension, is to be slightly more loving than manipulative and controlling towards others. That seriously challenges people who have come to hate the world, and everyone in it, outside their own small group of the ‘chosen people.’

They really don’t like the idea that all the rhetoric and dogma they’ve come to embrace with all their being is fundamentally flawed — a conclusion made in spiritual darkness rather than truth.

It is amazing that so many Christians have lost touch with the most basic teaching of Jesus: "Love thy neighbor."  No caveats were applied about whether your neighbor was Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Jew, Native American, New Age, Hippie Liberal, Black, Gay or Straight. 

Science has caught up with religion and proven that there is indeed a God — that the Universe is ultimately built of intelligent energy. Therefore, there is nowhere you can go and no one you can meet who is NOT already One with this energy… and everyone will return home, though they may do so at varying speeds.



The only other source of extreme, often vicious email I receive is from people who think I’m either in the Illuminati myself or am supporting their agenda.

Thankfully, as I said, this type of email has backed off, but as soon as I write about politics again, it will come back… which is fine. I’d much rather continue to offer my perspective as opposed to hiding it out of resistance to a few bursts of anger and fear.

Honestly, it seems most of the people who attack me on this subject get so upset that they don’t ever even finish the article, or read it clearly enough to see how they are behaving precisely as I’ve illustrated that they would… for the exact reasons that I have explained.

A dream this morning clearly compared my role to that of a soldier in battle, and I do understand that. The true battle is within, and that’s the one I’m trying to help everyone learn how to master.

Only once we stop projecting our shadow out into our environment, and attacking our projections as evil, foul and reprehensible, will we truly heal the world of all these ills that so deeply concern us. 



My father taught me to distrust the government at an early age. I was repeatedly and thoroughly warned about ever going near the military, because I would become "Property of the United States Government"… and the Watergate scandal was erupting right as I was a newborn. 

My formal introduction to the dark conspiracies in our world was back in 1992, from a liberal-arts sociology college class with the innocuous-sounding name of Contemporary Social Issues.  It was a shocking, irreversible awakening — vast in scope and sickening in the utter disdain for human life these groups demonstrated — and I have diligently studied this field ever since, thus having 17 years of experience in the subject.

I read a variety of excellent books on the subject prior to getting online in December 1995 with a 14.4K modem that we didn’t even realize could run faster than 3.2K at first. Ever since the day I got on the Internet I began reading everything I could find on these subjects — often a lot more than any other type of data I was studying. 

Many people have just awakened to this hidden reality in the last few years — some after 9/11, and many in the far more recent past as events and conspiracies have intensified and become increasingly obvious. They invariably consider themselves to be experts on the subject, and ream me out in their letters when they perceive that I in any way have deviated from what they already know  to be the truth.

I do not get angry at people who write me with such disrespect. It is OK that they feel they know so much when they really are working with a very small dataset. I know I could make an entire career just out of writing books and doing radio shows and conferences on the 17 years of intense scholarship I have into this vast subject, but that is not my focus.

There is still much more to learn, since the scope of the information is so enormous — and the playing field is constantly changing. You really do have to be an expert to understand and track what is going on, and even then I must use the proven reliability of my dreams and intuitive faculties to see clearly and help unravel the mystery.

It’s almost beyond the scope of what can be understood by strictly analytical means. The biggest puzzle pieces are never handed out… they must be inferred,  by a vast compilation of available, credible knowledge and testimony.  



Unfortunately, the newcomers are now awakening to this subject in an environment where the hatred of Obama on all the popular conspiracy sites is unilateral, almost unequivocal, and at a level of vicious intensity that is comparable if not WORSE than the hatred of Bush had ever been. 

Why? There are many reasons. As I will discuss a bit later on, there is a massive, unprecedented push from both sides of the negative elite — the Republican / Rockefeller / New World Order and the European / Rothschild / Illuminati — to utterly and completely saturate the alternative media with lies and attacks against the greatest common enemy they have ever faced in human history, with the greatest capacity to completely expose and defeat their agenda… Barack Hussein Obama.

Propaganda is alive and well in 2009… and the best part about the Internet media is that if you write with spite and sarcasm about someone your readers and the owners of their favorite websites already despise, you don’t even have to pay for your material to get out there. Advertising, promotion and distribution is completely free! Just crank it out at dirt-cheap cost and let ‘viral marketing’ do its magic.

The sad but obvious reality I’m witnessing now is the vast number of people who are swallowing spoon after spoon after spoon of this poison, trusting their favorite authors and sites without question, forming their opinions based on their assumptions that everything they are reading is the truth, and almost completely oblivious to the scope with which they have been manipulated.



Let’s make no mistake — these negative groups have a great psychological tool they can use to make Obama appear to be the ultimate villain, and they’re using every angle they can find in an attempt to create this reality.

Bush was clearly below-average in intelligence — inarticulate, and filled with obvious character flaws and weaknesses. It was easy to pity him, and believe he really could never amount to much of a threat.

It also made the people behind him appear to be complete idiots as well… that is, for those who do not understand precisely why you want this type of person as a figurehead to appeal to the "Common Man."

Any further attacks against Bush thus seemed to be kicking a guy when he was already down — constantly humiliating himself in the public eye with his weird verbal gaffes, quirks and oddball behavior.

By comparison, Obama is highly intelligent, extremely articulate and demonstrates all the key leadership qualities we’ve been sorely lacking for so many years.

This can easily lead to hate in people who feel personally downtrodden, and thus can easily come to resent someone who represents the things they wish they had, but have not yet achieved.



For those who have projected all their own anger, fear and desperation into this sense that they are locked up in an epic personal struggle to "fight the Illuminati", and one of the only people in the world who is ‘awake’, nothing is more offensive than a brilliant and charismatic leader figure stepping into power.

When the President was a buffoon, they could relax. But now that the President is highly credible, capable, articulate and well-loved by the vast majority of the public, they are completely freaking out. 

Oh My God, Evil is Winning and I’m The Only Person in the World Who Sees It. May God Help Us All.

I Must Save the World by Defeating Satan. Humanity Is Depending On Me. 

They then dedicate themselves to the ‘fight’ they now feel they are in, by reading as many of the attack articles as they can, and then trying to "spread the word" to everyone they know.

They crash boundaries and invasively try to post their material wherever and however it can be done, and pity the poor fools who are offended by their actions as being the "sheeple" who are still "asleep."

What they usually don’t realize is that EVERYONE is learning about these things now… it has become totally mainstream in terms of its popularity.



Since I am one of the only people out there who is well-educated on conspiracy material and is NOT cranking out article after article of anti-Obama attacks, they naturally see me as the opposition. And now we’re into the "Attack the Messenger" game that I have observed ever since the first day I got on the Internet in 1995.

Some are thoughtful and reasoned, others completely over-the-top and rude, but the underlying message, between what is said in words and what is implied in subtext, is almost always the same:

"Well, David, if you don’t see it my way then you must be wrong. And if your guidance is telling you this, then your guidance must be evil.

I love your work, I love almost everything you do, but please wake up and start hating Obama like the rest of us. Otherwise you have a Huge Ego, you are a Sellout, and you have become Completely Blind to the Truth.

Your Ego has overtaken your Guidance and thus you have become Corrupted By Negative Entities. Naturally this has happened because you are Too Public, and All You Care About is Making Money and Being Famous.

You still have a chance to redeem yourself. Obey my commandments, renounce Obama and save yourself so I can again trust that you are One of the Good People.

Oh… and if you still won’t do as I say, then f-ck you, I hate you."



I have been tracking this subject for so long that I’ve gotten very good at seeing who really knows the most. I have always been surprised at the extent to which the very best, most credible whistleblowers have been overlooked.

If it were not for my extensive personal efforts, the most substantial Illuminati whistleblower ever to go public may have been lost to the Internet conspiracy community entirely.

The highest-level whistleblower we have ever received from the opposing Republican / New World Order faction is also being systematically overlooked, as we will discuss a bit later on. Both of these testimonies are essential to understanding what’s really going on, and how the game is being played. 



I was personally responsible for making the ‘deal’ that led to a taped, radio-show testimony from Svali, the highest-level Illuminati whistleblower yet to come forward, by her appearance on Greg Szymanski’s radio show.

Of course, I did this with full knowledge of the risks involved, to myself and to those I care about.

I had been tracking Svali’s forum for some time, and when I saw that she was willing to do a show with Greg, I contacted him — explaining who she was and why she was so important. Barely two days later, she appeared live on his show, and I was there to call in and ask her a question.

Even though I was fairly sure of what her answer would be, I wanted her to say, in her own words, how you could tell when the ‘passive programming’ of the Illuminati had affected an average person in the world. Here was what she said:

"Basically, if a person is being influenced by their teaching, that person will learn to not trust their own instincts, their own feelings, their own body, their own perceptions. They will be looking outside for guidance."


This is extremely important, as this game is alive and well — and utterly responsible for the anti-Obama hatred we now see in such proliferation in the conspiracy media. 


A variety of tools are used to systematically reprogram how people think so they do not trust their own instincts, and look outside themselves for guidance.

The ultimate effect of this type of programming — the core of what this group loves to do, which is to manipulate and control others — is to completely change how you think, in a way that directly serves their agenda.

Of course, abusive families and relationships do this all the time. You may have been told you are stupid, ugly, not good enough, not worthy of love. You may feel that your life is one of constant struggle.

The manipulator eventually gets you to feel that you need to look to them… to "look outside for guidance"… as to whether you are smart, beautiful, good enough and worthy of love.

This is another example of how the power these negative elite groups wield is merely a projection of what we’ve been doing to each other, in our personal lives, all along. They simply do it on a much larger scale.



Thus, the negative groups are utterly and completely saturating the alternative conspiracy media with lies upon lies upon lies upon lies about Obama — to the point that the natural instinctive trust and ‘good vibe’ he gives off whenever you see him speak is no longer trusted.

You become addicted to reading each new attack article that comes along, "looking outside for guidance" until those opinions become so much a part of your reality that the lies are never even questioned. You now KNOW he is "Worse than Hitler," and nothing will change your mind.

You can download a cleaned-up, high-fidelity version of Svali’s groundbreaking appearance here… (Windows users right click / Save As): 



It is very, very difficult for anyone to maintain their denial about the existence of this group after listening to this MP3. For that reason, it is probably the single most powerful tool for disclosure that we have at this time.



One of the most powerful arguments against Obama being a member of the negative elite is absurdly, almost deceptively simple. Svali routinely says in her testimony that the Illuminati are ‘racist to an extreme.’ One witness I spoke with said he was told that black people were "Transitional Lifeforms," halfway between apes and human beings.

The Illuminati actually preach a legend where the Atlanteans killed off many wild apes and gorillas, thus forcing their souls to push their way into human bodies because there were no animal bodies left to reincarnate into. This is utterly preposterous, and completely unfounded by any DNA evidence, but shows the extremely said bias these groups have.

The Republican / NWO faction is just about equally as racist towards black people — referring to them as drug addicts, criminals and "welfare queens" who just have tons of children so they can collect money without working. 

Given this very real cancer of racism that infects both groups, it is absolutely preposterous to think that they would groom, nurture and support an African-American man for the highest position of political power in the world. The Illuminati faction doesn’t even believe black people are fully human in the sense that they are. 

I get judged, attacked and criticized all the time and I let it roll off my back. Similarly, I encourage African-American people to embrace their heritage. In a very recent phone call I just had with whistleblower Henry Deacon, he confirmed that he had strong reason to believe that Aborigines are the only ‘native’ human generated by Earth’s natural evolutionary processes, and everyone else here has been transplanted from other planets.

For this reason, we all owe the African people a debt of sincere gratitude for sharing their planet, culture and wonderful music with us, and a sincere apology for any disrespect we may have shown them throughout time. 



Arguably the single most important element in keeping this programming active is keeping the person in a constant state of fear and stress. By never allowing them a chance to rest, relax and recuperate, you keep them from ever feeling healed and whole within themselves. They continue to look to you for guidance, strength and support.

The way this is done in the alternative media is by constantly invoking a sense of powerful, fantastic, incredible doom and fear. Here’s an email that came in yesterday, detailing one of literally thousands  of different doom scenarios that are being constantly doled out on the Internet to keep people in perpetual fear:


I have watched your videos
I was wondering if you will ever talk about chemtrails and consciousness how it relates to controling people.
moregellons deases is from it. People get these nano fibers, harrp and mind control ect .also everything going digital and how its all connected.I hope you will talk about this in your new movie or atleast chemtrails on your webpage.
IT such a big big program and knowbody wants to talk about it.
I hope you will shead some light on the matter"



It is absolutely true that "Project Raindancer" occurred for some time, in which our skies were sprayed with aluminum and barium from specially-equipped passenger airliners and / or private unmarked aircraft. This appears to be the full extent of the "chemtrail" story.

The most credible witness testimony I have heard, thus far, is that once this erupted into such a furor on the Internet, it was largely if not completely discontinued. Any effort to eventually come clean and sell it to the public as a defense against climate change was squashed by how strongly it flew out of control. No one would dare own up to it now, particularly because the aluminum and barium particles that were used would indeed cause health problems if inhaled in significant quantities. 

Now, however, anytime a fan of this conspiracy sees natural vapor trails of frozen particles emerge from airplanes in the stratosphere, and hang in the air as they have always done, they automatically say it is "Chemtrails".

Then they blame their health problems on it: "Those Illuminati Bastards Are Making Me Sick, And Slowly Killing Us All!!!" — even though I have yet to ever see vapor trails that spread out and form thick clouds as the original late-1990s articles on "chemtrails" described.

What I’ve been told by insider witnesses is that Project Raindancer was inspired by the ancient plans of an off-world group called the Annunaki, who were allegedly mining gold from the Earth in an attempt to release it, in particle form, all throughout their atmosphere in an attempt to save their home planet. 

Here on Earth, Project Raindancer had three objectives: 

1. Create a reflective aluminum shield to bounce solar rays back into space and fight global warming;

2. Use barium to seed clouds and rain over areas that were being systematically destroyed by global warming-induced droughts;

3. Use the aluminum as a reflective shield for conducting HAARP atmospheric-heating experiments more effectively to further attempt to favorably control the weather.



There may well be a handful of people who have been infected with some sort of synthetic virus that uses the body’s own materials to create stringy fibers of varying colors — transparent, bright blue, bright red, et cetera — that emerge from bloody cysts on the skin. If you read up on this subject, that is what you will find. 

However, the number of people who may actually have this condition — if it exists at all — are extremely, extremely low. Those few who do claim to have it are very vocal on the Internet, taking many photographs and concocting vast conspiracy theories about how this is a ticking time-bomb that is about to infect all of us at any minute.

Very few doctors, nurses and technicians in the healthcare industry are in any way members of secret negative-elite groups. If any  substantial number of people started coming in with a condition this severe and unusual, you would immediately see quarantines, declarations of plague, pandemics and / or epidemics, and a sudden, massive mobilization of public resources to combat the problem. 



Just like you don’t sit around worrying day after day that you might have Hepatitis C, AIDS or Ebola, worrying about somehow catching Morgellons is also a waste of your time and energy.

It is possible that these people are totally telling the truth, and that a strange virus has been given to certain members of our population.

Also, as objective observers, we cannot rule out the possibility that the entire Internet buzz about this condition has been fabricated. 


For disinformation purposes. To keep the public in constant fear of the terrifying power the negative elite wields over them — power that, in truth, is vastly weaker than they’d like you to believe.

If they could get you to believe that they will spray you with a terrible disease, then you are left with no choice but to beg them for your life — should the time come where they expose themselves out in the open. 

Once you think it through, you realize how much sense it might make to manufacture a public perception like this in alternative channels, where no real validation, proof or mainstream scientific scrutiny  is required to start a rumor or legend.


Thus, just like in a Fundamentalist Christian church, if you can convince



Everyone has an ‘ego’ or personality self, and the ego naturally wants to be a star, a celebrity, the center of the world. If it sees someone else having the very things it thinks it wants, then jealous rage, victim consciousness and petty behind-the-back gossip is not far behind. 

It is obvious that many of the people who have jumped on the "Hate Obama Bandwagon" are watching in horror as the majority of the world’s population is rallying their support behind this new leader. The conspiracy sites let them feel like they are part of a prized, special, elite group — the Loyal Opposition, and The Only People Left in the World Who Haven’t Drunk the Kool-Aid. 

If you’re seeing a comparison forming here between this fringe group and fundamentalist religious organizations, then you are precisely on track with what I see as well. 

The more Obama proves to be doing exactly what this fringe conspiracy group has been wanting to happen in the world all along, the more boldly they must use denial and ‘cognitive dissonance’ to blatantly ignore the evidence that a miraculous defeat of the Illuminati / New World Order agenda is well underway, playing itself out in real time.

Ultimately, if you are a spiritually balanced person you don’t hate anyone. We are all One… and so if you write me a letter hating me or hating anyone else, you’ve just proven that you haven’t assimilated the basic bottom line of the philosophy I feel I am here to teach.

"In forgiveness lies the stoppage of the wheel of karma" — Law of One.

If you can forgive all those who you have judged, or who you feel have wronged you in any way throughout your life, then you have attained true spiritual liberation. No longer will you have to repeat the sorrows of the past and get burst after burst of "bad karma" to keep steering you back towards love, forgiveness and acceptance.



I must admit this is the single greatest surprise of the entire election for me. I was given multiple dreams and visions as of January 2008 suggesting that Obama would have a spectacularly positive healing effect on the planet, literally defining the turning-point between the ‘old’ and the ‘new’ and quite literally saving our butts from these evil plans.

I was also clearly shown that he was not in the hands of the elite… they had nothing to blackmail him with because he’s basically a clean-cut, highly intelligent, even nerdy academic guy who admits to having done some drugs in his youth, as I have done, and sneaks an occasional cigarette, but otherwise has far less ‘dirty laundry’ than the average politician ever would. 

Politics is by its very nature dirty, and Obama definitely played the game — but this is the best we’re going to get at this stage of our political history. If you don’t play the game you would never have a chance.



My initial intuitive ‘read’ was remarkably validated by insider posts from the Voice of the White House source at TBRNews.org, who has very consistently demonstrated his accuracy ever since coming on the scene 3-4 years ago.

I have been tracking TBRNews, and their original insider source "Controlling the News" — a man we now know worked for Fox at the highest levels where they blatantly planned and discussed how to mainpulate the ‘sheep’ — ever since 2001.

It was consistently amazing to watch all the major media strategies getting called out in advance, before we ever saw them emerge. The true evil of the Republican / NWO faction was on display, twice a week, every week, for years… and hardly anyone in the Internet conspiracy community was paying attention. 

The Fox / Republican media insiders were never able to figure out who this person was, and the data continued unimpeded, twice a week, until he lost his job a few years back. Thankfully the Voice of the White House source was on the scene by then, having been attracted by the quality of the Controlling the News source, so we continued to get very high-quality insider data.

Unfortunately, few people have been aware of how consistent and how accurate the "Voice of the White House" has been… his value can barely be estimated, as one highly-informed insider testimony can be worth the equivalent of thousands of Internet researchers writing articles based on what they think is going on.

This man is very clearly for real, and the conspiracy community has totally disregarded multiple statements he has made, from deep within the upper ranks of the White House itself, that there was little short of a mass panic situation within the Beltway that Obama might actually win… because of what he would do to their established status quo.

Over and over again, the Voice of the White House — credible and consistent, putting out new information with remarkable insights twice a week, which very often prove to be true in ensuing days and weeks — has consistently said Obama is not in the hands of the power elite. In fact, they are terrified by what his presidency will do — and is now doing — to them.



Ever since the Republicans lost the election and the conspiracy sites went full-tilt into Obama Hatred Mode, the Voice of the White House source has consistently expressed his surprise and disgust that this community has made such an industry out of hating and attacking our leaders that they have almost automatically switched all their anti-Bush hatred over to anti-Obama hatred.

The conspiracy authors must go into blatant denial about how much the game is changing in order to maintain their platform that Obama is this evil, malicious, demonic force bent on world domination.

In a very real sense, the conspiracy community has solidified into its own form of a fundamentalist, cult-like religion, in which the ‘devil’ is clearly defined, and universally hated, whether or not the facts support the rhetoric. 

The Voice of the White House has clearly indicated that reams and reams of Republican and Illuminati propaganda (though he doesn’t use the word "Illuminati") are being fed to the conspiracy community in the form of ‘paid bloggers’. 

These individuals will write just about any lie, no matter how outrageous, to attempt to create the illusion that Obama is "Worse than Hitler," as the latest round of attacks has been saying. 

The alternative conspiracy media is a great place for these negative groups to utterly saturate with disinformation, as these attacks would be immediately ripped to pieces in the mainstream media with just a little bit of fact-checking. 

The number of people indulging in a huge diet of conspiracy material is skyrocketing. Without some degree of basic acceptance and forgiveness of their own internal shadow self, they are highly susceptible to ‘follow the leader’ of their chosen group. 

There is such an enormous abundance of Republican and Illuminati-funded lies in the conspiracy media that they honestly feel they are making their conclusions based on established facts. I am amazed, as I have never seen such a wealth of blatant lies being farmed out as we now see — such as the caller was listing off on my recent appearance on Myth or Logic Radio.

It should be easy to see how amazed and delighted the Republican and Illuminati factions are that they STILL enjoy great success in manipulating public opinion to see things their way. It must be a remarkable ego boost for them to have almost universally manipulated and hoodwinked the very groups most opposed to them against their own worst enemy — the administration that is now actively tearing them apart, right out in the open for all to see.

I do hope this madness starts to ease as it becomes increasingly clear that we are not dealing with Politics as Usual. It’s a shame to see how easily most people can be fooled by simply saturating their media with lies — whether in the mainstream or now ever-increasingly in the ‘alternative’ world. 

I must also state that I very clearly identified some of the key players early in the game last year. I was also strongly warned by my Higher Self, through dreams, that if I were to expose them I could be in a great deal of danger. For that same reason you will notice I am still not calling anyone out by their specific names.



It is VERY easy to hate one person and project all your distrust and malice towards a negative group onto him. Historically this is called the "Sacral King" — you blame all of society’s woes on the king, and then you sacrifice him (hence sacral) and the people feel vindicated and healed, as if everything will be fine.

Obama is naturally aware of the likelihood of his potential assassination. Let’s not kid ourselves. Wouldn’t you, if you were doing what he is doing in his position?

The elite have never wanted someone more dead in our entire generation than they now want Obama. Thus, what we’re seeing is incredibly swift action being taken within his administration. The alternative conspiracy media, stuck on the ‘hate’ note, simply ignores all the obvious signs of change, and fails to even report on them.

Anyone who dares tell me that it is "Business as Usual" for the SEC to be ripped apart in Congress, or for all the CEOs of the top Illuminati / NWO banking firms to be dragged into hearings and scolded like children for stealing money from the taxpayers, is unfortunately so sucked into the conspiracy cult that their critical thinking no longer is functioning.

An outburst like we saw from Congressman Gary Ackerman this past week would have been unheard-of prior to the Obama administration taking office. Had there even been an inkling he was going to attempt to say something like this, he would have been ‘removed’, or at the very least severely threatened. 



This is VASTLY different from the way things have always been done, because "Business as Usual" means that everyone in the insider groups is protected.



This is written directly into the oaths of Freemasonry even at the earliest levels. By the time you reach the Royal Arch Mason rank, which is only 7th degree, you have now sworn to protect and defend brother Masons from any and all harm that might come their way even if they have committed ‘murder and treason’.

You will also swear to do anything you can to help "throw a penny his way" for a brother Mason, and preferentially hire him even against others who are better qualified.

Then when you consider that Masons founded America in the first place, and read testimony from the 1800s, it was well-known within conspiracy circles of the time that the vast majority of judges, police commissioners, government and media figures were high-ranking Masons.

Thus it was completely common for the insiders to get off scot-free, and never have to be accountable — even if they got caught and brought before a judge in a court of law. And the controlled media wouldn’t publish anything counter to the insider agenda of everyone on the inside is protected, no matter what.

This is the way things have been running for the longest time. Freemasonry isn’t all  bad, even among those in higher degrees, but it provides the cover of secrecy for other, darker groups to penetrate their ranks and use the cloak of secrecy and unbreakable trust for their own ends. 



The Reverend C.G. Finney wrote "The Character, Claims and Practical Workings of Freemasonry" in the 1800s, and reported on an amazing anti-Masonic rebellion that took place in America beginning in 1826 with the Masonic murder of William Morgan.

The vast majority of all Masonic lodges in America completely disintegrated, leaving only a handful surviving in the South. It even reached the top levels of government with the formation of an Anti-Masonic Party that later became the Whig Party.

As I have written before, Freemasonry cleverly created the Civil War in part as a massive recruitment tool for their party. If you are a Masonic soldier, you are guaranteed that your fellow Masons will rescue you first, even if someone else would be closer and easier for them to rescue than you were.

Given the fear and suspicions of the time, this enticement was more than enough to convince many young men to sign up. Plus, you are guaranteed higher-paying jobs, with much more prominent social standing, than if you were not a member.



Again… the key that has been going on all this time is that within these groups, you NEVER see ANY accountability whatsoever. No one ever has to apologize. No one ever has to admit they did something wrong. No fingers are ever pointed at the powerful elite. All society’s ills are blamed on the people rather than those who have been manipulating the game behind the scenes.

Over and over again, we are seeing concrete evidence that the insiders are being systematically hauled out into the open, chastised like children, and rebuked for their negative ways. We haven’t yet seen a formal acknowledgement of the conspiracy in the mainstream, but that may also happen as time goes on — particularly if Obama can continue to enjoy spiritual protection against the many obvious death threats coming his way.

I get letters almost every day from people sending me brilliant dreams they are having that clearly illustrate how the entire negative-elite agenda is crumbling to dust. With a minimum level of open-mindedness, non-judgment and critical thinking, the daily items in the news should be all you need to convince yourself. 


Let’s not kid ourselves. There is a giant elephant in the room and no one in the media wants to acknowledge it is there. How in the world did the entire economy suddenly go straight into the toilet after we had been fed a pack of lies for so long that everything was fine?

On a very fundamental level, anyone with an asset base more than paycheck-to-paycheck income has seen roughly a 50 percent decline in their total wealth. That seems to be a fairly accurate figure. I had a little IRA that was worth 16K and is now worth 8K, so in my own way I have gotten a taste of it.



I took in the full dose of the ugliest, darkest aspects of the Illuminati agenda in 2001, prior to 9/11, reading the almost-unbearable words of Svali, a survivor of this group.

It still amazes me the extent to which the average person does not understand that the members of these groups are the most abused people on the planet. They grew up with tortures, betrayals and horrific mistreatment that most of us could barely even imagine in our worst nightmares.



The negative groups are increasingly aware that their group’s power base is completely crumbling. Make no mistake… this big economic collapse we’re now seeing was deliberately engendered by these groups a long, long time ago, and the Rothschild Illuminati faction considered it a given that once it all fell apart, they would emerge as saviors of the planet, printing money for everyone to resuscitate the economy.

Remember… the Bush / Neocon / Rockefeller / NWO faction is rigorously opposed to the Rothschild / Illuminati / European faction. Hence they initiated the bailout to stop what they rightly considered to be a Luciferian plot to enslave the planet and force us to buy into their philosophy. 

The Rockefeller faction is also keenly aware of 2012, which they think of as a massive planetary cataclysm that they must be long-gone for. As they saw Obama’s star rising they realized this was going to be their last chance for a big cash grab. Hence we have roughly 350 billion dollars’ worth of "2012 Money" that has disappeared from the first bailout bill, which will go to pay for additional development on their bases — here on Earth underground, on Mars, on the Moon — and top-secret spacecraft.

What none of them counted on is the massive extent to which 

Federal Reserve being directly attacked in Congress: