Tuesday 9 / 9 / 08 

We were working on a new article until 4AM last night and unwittingly published it well before it had been finished. For the 900-some people who read it in this form, we ask your patience.

This is a very complex article and we did not realize it had "leaked" last night. Here is the first substantial email we received on the ‘leaked’ piece, in its partially-completed form: 

Wow, wow, wow, I guess that`s as good of a response as I can say right now on your politics and crop circle blog. And to think, it was only part one. I guess I was well aware for many years (I`m 52 going on 53) about the lack of real interest the two parties have had in the American people. It was more of an interest in what was good for themselves, not the people in general. 

After reading the political part of your blog, I had a strange picture come into my mind. In fact, there were two pictures, both shown in the old lithograph style. 

The first showing two destitute people looking through the window of a fatcat politicians home in the middle of winter, both cold and hungry, the fatcat was setting laughing and drinking with his friends.

The next picture showing the fatcat standing with his head stuck outside the open window shaking his fist and screaming at the two destitutes to get back to work because he wanted their money so he could have more of everything, not caring about their welfare in the least.

I know, sad pictures indeed, But, they were telling me this is what the old political motivation was really about, and still is to a degree. Keeping the people working for the fatcat (political) interests. Thanks for putting it in a better light for people to understand.

As for the crop circles, what more can one say that you haven`t said already? They ARE out there watching over us. What you said about the figure 8 circle in relevance to what you were doing with Mr. Hoagland at that time, sent a chill up my spine, and in my mind I heard "It is spot on". Again, very good work on your part David.

I am looking forward to reading part two of this. My take on it is, there is no need to fear what we are going through, it will all work out in the end.


So again, hang in there, as we should have Part One finished by no later than evening Eastern time tonight, 9/9/08.