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Monday 1 / 20 / 97 — 5:41 a.m.

[Note: After several days of not doing readings at all, this was the first full-blown Level Four, or "direct-speak" essay that I produced. There is a remarkable increase in the overall quality and readability of the work in this case. Hardly any sentences needed to be omitted in order to preserve the readability flow.] 


Everything we have talked about implies consideration of a few things — your ideas of past, present and future. In reality, there are none.

There are no more opportunities than what you make for yourself. Each one has a different feeling tone that corresponds to where your head and neck is.

A synthesis of probable systems leads us to reveal a very intriguing future for you. The kind you should know about will involve diligence and practice. As for me, I could never go back to that learning phase.

The evidence is all around you that the world is changing. Fear not, for the breath of the Divine is being born again in physical form. This time not [in] one soul, but all souls. That is the distinction that must be made.



This is truly a revolutionary leap forward that your planet is preparing to make. Several things must be considered:

1. How far along in my personal growth process have I gone?

2. What can I expect once the transition has been made? (As we know, your perceptions will mold the events that transpire.)

3. How focused is the light within my being?


In reference to step number one: Progress needs to be made not laterally, but vertically. This requires the input of tremendous energy from all who participate. One can become quite exhausted from going through all of these things.

I like the idea of stilling the mind to enhance the perception, in which case the energy blockages are revealed. Sexual / emotional contact with another person can also help dispel these negative energies, by fostering a sense of belongingness and purposefulness on the planet; and that is what you are struggling with in your dreaming life, David.

Secondly, what you believe will happen once you cross over is an entirely different story. Fear not, for what will be revealed to you is legendary in scope.

However, realize that the transition demands concentration and respect, and if you believe that if nothing will change, then most likely in your perceptions nothing will.

[3/26/09: This is interesting, as in this particular passage it suggests that the 2012 transition, though "legendary in scope," could potentially go by without any apparent changes, if you believe nothing will actually happen and you’re not aware of the changes going on within yourself.

This is a very interesting discovery and it never jumped out at me before. It does lend extra weight to the idea of a gradual rather than a spontaneous shift, though many other passages support a spontaneous event.] 


This harkens back to what Jane [Roberts] said [about creating your own reality,] and it involves issues of responsibility. You have to be responsible enough with your ideas to own their outcomes, no matter what the cost. Besides, it feels better to Ascend knowing where you are going to be once you arrive.

The third point is the most difficult to address. Your own personal level of light can be depleted when either you or someone involved with you acts in a consciously unloving manner.

Need I say more?

The story in holding the Light is a question of balance. It is an hierarchical system of needs that must be met with the different chakras. A blockage in any one level can impede the influxes of energy into the being in question.

Thus, one must revel in the fact that said blockages will disappear with a greater and greater intensity of focus that is placed upon awareness of them in the first place.

The simplest thing for anyone to realize is the power that they have to change position.

This applies to all three of the previous characteristics:

– the power to change growth lessons in life, or to mold and modify the personality;

– the power to use idea construction and imagination in a way that is constructive rather than destructive;

– and the power to choose freely the pathways of light, and to go through the necessary processes of unblocking the pathways within the Self.


The Seth material is very accurate concerning the thought fragments that must be stilled, for their release involves more diligence than one might imagine.

The premises that we work off of include balance, strength, dexterity, and poise. Quite an easy task, but for someone who is overly resilient, it can become a quite megalithic obstacle.

The boundaries can be transgressed as further and further progress into the Light is realized, and with these steps, the being approaches greater and greater totality and oneness within itself.

There becomes no need to slip backwards to the realms of understanding which had been lost. The only need is to go forward, and redouble the intensity of the light, and the intensity of the effort to reach said light.

It is this process and this process alone which must dominate the actions of the being in order to realize its true potentials, and to be able to actualize them in three-dimensional space.



Many others have attempted to talk of these systems, and your approach mirrors these efforts.

The only reason why we are going through a general review at this time, [David,] is so that your readers may hear this message through the lens of your own transformational capabilities and memories from former lives.

My deepest goal is that everyone who reads these words will understand and conceptualize the meanings, and see that they are as pertinent now as they were in their previous lives, when they may have had a greater knowledge of them.



The spiritual activity that was present in Atlantis was full of so many myriad possibilities that the modern mind would be stopped dead in its tracks at the contemplation of these activities.

This is simply for the fact that they are so numerous in scope, so widespread, so fantastic from your perspective, that they would be considered miraculous and impossible.

The knowledge that would be transmitted would be very difficult to assimilate, due to the stronghold that it would possess over the rational ego mind, which would not want to give up its throne and position.

However, be not dismayed by this fact, for the inhabitants of Atlantis are walking amongst us; they are us. They are you. This is not a question of what I do or do not want to believe, it is merely an issue of fact.

The main difference between your people and those of Atlantis is only this. The members of Atlantis were able to shift their perceptions to accommodate in the same sources of reality that now surround you.

However, within that context there was equal opportunity for negative polarity, as there now is in your own environment.

The primary difference was that the intuitive sources of intelligent infinity were brought in, and this greatly facilitated development of technologies of different sorts.



As I am working in Atlantis now, I can tell you that as your own planet progresses, the causal realm of Atlantis is also shifting away from the violence and the cataclysm that marked its downfall.

Veritably, it may be said that the progress that you make in the present expands itself over the entire breadth of linear time as you understand it.

The encasements within your own history of artifacts and of objects only represent the summation of the strongest probability vortexes. Those objects are real in concrete terms, but they are not real in the sense that you might think of them.

They are real in the sense that their existence was predicated upon a system which allows for many variations in form.

This system was originated, in your terms, as the time before physical matter came into existence.

One of the reasons why it has been so difficult for you to locate the artifacts from Atlantis is the fact that there are so many probabilities of what may transpire.

Atlantis is not a dead place; it is still fluid, it is still changing, it is still in motion. As you heal your present conflicts, those reverberations extend backwards in time to the time of Atlantis.

Things such as pyramids were built in such a way as to anchor all different probabilities so that their form might persist through to the present, despite whatever circumstances occurred. There was an intuitive understanding of these processes within the Atlantean continent.



Many others with the same vision found themselves eternally searching for that land which they had lost. They found themselves never able to duplicate those abilities and traits they had known.

And, as those abilities faded into obscurity in their future reincarnational existences, they grew despondent. Their lives felt as though they were a dismal failure, because of some deep fundamental aspect of being that they perceived themselves to have lost.

However, very similar techniques were opened up again in India, now recorded in the Vedic scripts.

[3/26/09: This may well have been a sentence of conscious-mind interference. It appears that the Vedas refer to a civilization that existed during the same timeframe as Atlantis, known as Rama. These civilizations warred with each other, and according to the Law of One series there were nuclear exchanges that led to large percentages of their populations dying.] 


It is unfortunate to us that in the present moment, more of your people have not yet embraced these truths which we are discussing here. It is merely a fact of the times; it is merely a sign indicating that many things are yet to be learned by your people.

This is not a stumbling block, but an opportunity. When you realize that the opportunity for growth is present in your life, it balances many of the things that had created walls for you in the past.

There is a very good reason why the Pyramids that you now understand to exist between the areas of Egypt and Central America are connected to a system of energy which is streaming in from higher dimensions that has certain upwellings throughout your globe. These pyramids were situated on these vortexes for a very important reason; their construction was an event in time-space as well as space-time. To put it in simpler terms, this means that it was an event in the spiritual realities as it was in the physical. The priests and inhabitants of the time were skilled enough in their workings to be able to facilitate such a transition. Thus, one way to think of these pyramids is as a nexus; a focusing point that remains constant throughout eternity, regardless of the probability vortexes involved. This is one of the reasons why they can be used as contact points to reenter those probable systems of reality.

As has been stated in other books, your atomic bomb explosion in 1945 was a smaller oscillation, but very similar. If this was the first time that humankind had secured atomic power, it might have secured a higher position. It was an event that reverberated well throughout the higher dimensions surrounding your own planet and neighboring planets, and therefore it was easy for that to be used as a method of entry to your sphere. [This event] acted as a dimensional anchor by which other entities and beings could then follow the course that had been planned.

We will speak more about these energies and probable systems of reality at a later time. Know now the most immediate thought that awaits you is the concept of turning ideas into actions; bringing something from the unmanifest into the manifest. And now, I, we will bring in some personal material for you.

As you widen your scope, you expand your ability to perceive. Everyone working with you is telling you this. What we want is for you to become aware of the grace that exists within you; the energy blockages that you allow to continue are unnecessary. You will notice how strongly your dreams work with the concept of marijuana. This merely acts as an archetype by which we may draw off of the foundations that were laid at that time in your life. We are using them as a reference point for your future actions so that you may see them in context of a situation which you perceived to be quite a dilemma at the time, and even more so now.

The totality of your being must be owned; you have not come fully to embrace your own past, but rather you hide from it. Your desire to change must be motivated by the factors involved in your own forthcoming beingness; these factors figure in very deeply in your life, because without them you would lose your identity as a teacher and healer on the planet. It would be wise for you to meditate outside the scope of our workings, for there are many other areas of reality that you need to touch upon. Yes, it is true, you will continue to get an intuitive signal feed at these times, but you must take solace in the fact that this working is more designed for your own progress than it is for dictation.

Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love.


Thursday 1 / 23 / 97 — 7:30 a.m.

Certainly, [David,] it would seem that you have made great progress. Yes, you have. All of the things that you think about will come to fruition and materialize into being as you know. We have been waiting for a long time for you to get away from the disattachment from the physical world that has characterized your existence. Every time that we teach you something, recognize that the lesson is meant to be integrated as a whole. This lesson [from your most recent job] came in two distinct parts. One was the events themselves, and two was the subsequent life distortions that were created as a result. If you check the surface, you will find that it has been constant; we have always been there for you. This might make you tend to stray away from thinking that it is still a problem. It is only very recently that you understood the usage of the marijuana theme throughout your dreams so repetitively ever since you stopped.

[Note: I realized that the marijuana theme in my dreams had to do with ongoing laziness and self-indulgence, also of failure to accept responsibility and running away from my own problems. These personality traits did have a lot to do with the trouble that I had at my last job, as the supervisor was very strict.]

Recognize now that the situation has met its end; you are no longer a victim of your own circumstances. You will no longer fall prey to the laziness that has characterized so much of your suffering.


Friday 1 / 24 / 97 — 8:30 a.m.

[4] This is an organization which conducts research on a person’s life in massive detail, from a scope and perspective so vast it would be difficult for you to understand it at all at this point in time without detailed explanation similar to that of the Jane Roberts books. Realize there are trends coming in, and as we approach concrescence, we get closer to this feeling of finality and the connection with one’s true self.

The pathways of linear time are now open; never before has it been easier to gain access to these realms. It should comfort you to know that the time is rapidly approaching where the suffering that is now placed before you will no longer figure in as such an important issue. People everywhere will learn of their true selves, and in so doing expand their perceptions, evolving into something much more than the humans you perceive yourselves to be at this time.

Veritably, it may be said that the evolution is towards a multidimensional existence free of the constraints inherent in the three-dimensional reality. The reality that you now see before you is so closed; it is walled off. Blockages and barriers exist all around you which prevent you from perceiving that which is yours, that which you are naturally heir to. It is your birthright to be able to work with these energies. The fact that very few of your people now are doing this is soon to be a memory, and no longer fact. Especially in the dream period, there is so much work being done right now as you speak that you would be utterly baffled to realize its scope, its length and breadth, and the massive amount of work that is going into it. You would be quite stunned to learn of it.

This then points you to the reason why there are so many difficulties. It is the simple lack of cohesiveness within each person. It is the simple fact that the totality of their being is consciously being chosen to not be realized. By so doing, the person is fundamentally denying the basic tenets of their existence. When one functions without the level of intuitive guidance which is natural to them, they fall prey to a host of negative energy vortexes which are persistent in your planetary sphere, and can affect them adversely in ways they had never planned. The need is immediate for many people to regain this contact, so that there may be a deeper understanding of that which is transpiring in the probable realities that surround each individual.

That which is precious to you shall be known by processes much simpler than you imagined they would be, which is quite a stretch from the current idolization of "psychics" whom one must talk to for four dollars a minute on the telephone. The body degenerates as this lack of cohesiveness persists, simply because without the guidance, the ego has the opportunity to run wild. When the ego has this opportunity, fear and anxiety dominate, and their energies darken and weaken the systems, causing imbalance which leads to ill health and cancer. Therefore, it is imperative for the individual to realize how urgent and important this is; that they may understand and embrace the ideals of truth which were fed to them from higher sources. No one is free of the various slings and arrows of living on Earth while present there, but a great deal of understanding can be met and realized while incarnate in a human body.

The greatest secret of the ages, preserved down through time for only the elect few, is the fact that this connection can be made. Essentially, by keeping this a secret, the access to God was kept in the hands of the few and not distributed to the many. Access to God was used as a method of controlling the populace. If the populace realized that they themselves had the ability to make said connections, the systems never would have worked the way they did, and the large-scale manipulation of wealth could not have been accomplished. Now, the system is so deeply entrenched that this process of secrecy and manipulation is no longer necessary. The information that is available proves that one no longer needs to join certain groups in order to obtain the information. It certainly appears to us that there are much better ways of learning about this than having to take blood oaths, [as in the case of the Masonic secret societies!]

The psychic climate among your people is rich; full of opportunity. Never before has it been as easy as it is now for you to gain access to these energies.


Saturday 1 / 25 / 97 — 5:48 a.m.

[Attempting Level 4] All we ask for, David, is that you might realize the limitless possibilities that are open to you. Presently, there is no way to do it with the piano, so you will have to wait for that. Just remember not to step in mud when you can clearly see that it is there.

[Note: I had been playing the piano while I was at my last job. I longed to be able to get another sequencing keyboard and again begin producing my own music.]

[4] Life is a great toast proposed to the name of those whose soul essences have gone beyond ordinary waking reality. Home is a place where these souls can converge and meet their destiny with each other; you should be the first one to know that within your own system of reality, this is taking place all the time. The frequency with which it occurs really increases at these certain times, such as the one you are now experiencing, because the portal is now open. Do not take for granted the opportunities that await you, for they are here now, and they are ready to be actualized.

[David,] we don’t want a factory scene where your arms are chopped off by the woman. That would be highly inconsequential at this point. Keep your focus; your desire will persist. Realize and be prepared for the intense manifestations that will follow you in the wake of this, your celebration of the overthrow of your marijuana archetype. This is truly an historic time for you, and we hope that the ramifications of this event extend through to all the spheres of your working, so that by doing so we may eradicate many of the difficulties that you have faced periodically throughout your different lifetimes on this planet. We have no wish for you to be karmically involved, and this is one way, a very important way, for you to cleanse yourself of said involvement.

Take the example of the others that you see, and use that as an opportunity for you to continue to expand and make progress in the directions that you feel you are most suited for. Use these lessons of life as opportunities that you may turn back and reflect upon everything that has happened, and see the parallels and make distinctions between your own consciousness now and that which you had in these situations, for there will be a distinct change that you will notice.

It seems free enough when you view it from the outside, but in order to work a job, it does demand your energy. You need to be willing to commit to that. You could do volunteer work or training at this point; anything that will get you more experience is good.

[Note: It was true that I did not want to commit my energy to my jobs. I was saving my energy to do this work when I got home at night, as the psychic work did consume almost all of my available free time.]


In reference to other matters, know that you have expressed a desire to begin working on astral projection. We can certainly make that manifest. I was rather tense last night when I saw the way that things were happening on the telephone with Carrie. It didn’t make sense to me. Her feelings are on a very broad spectrum, and they are equally unpredictable from one moment to the next. You are accurate in discerning that feelings of attraction are being transferred onto you at various times, because the memory of the connection is so strong. However, in the present let me tell you that she is far too confused, and I make no recommendations whatsoever to become karmically involved on any deeper level at this point.

[Note: There was certainly an ongoing, pseudo-romantic tension occurring with Carrie, and on this particular night it was a fight. I finally ended up hanging up on her because of my frustration, and she then called me back again. It was very similar to a boyfriend and girlfriend having a fight.]


I recognize the danger that persists with this, but understand that it is a very present and very real issue, and it must be treated as such. There is no middle ground for you to feel that you can get involved and have everything be okay. You need to understand that the problems are only now beginning to dissipate, and there is no reason for you to put yourself in a position of taking the brunt of the continuing personality distortions. Our purpose with Carrie falls more in line with the karmic retribution angle; a mutual system of checks and balances; clearing out the past. The relationship that you had in the Mayan Central America area was quite karmically spiked, to say the least.

And now there are hints of this that bleed through into your present reality; for as you contact yourself in this reality, all the reincarnational personalities, past, present and future, become available to you. Even in those terms, past, present and future is only something that I use for your convenience, when in reality everything exists in the eternal Now. You are beginning to understand this system of probabilities quite well. The analogy that you have of a point of light in a sea of probabilities going through it in its own speed and its own direction is very accurate. Everything that exists is reality in one form or another; it is just up to you to decide how you will compress it.

[Note: I did have an image of my own identity as a point of light that was traveling through a gigantic cosmic soup where all probabilities existed at once. This was my best visual tool to try to understand the concept of non-linear time.]


[Image of the words "Systeme Biolage."]

Your own biological system is also a thought form, so once you realize that you are immersed in a sea of thoughtforms, then reality begins to make a lot more sense. There really is no distinction between your physical reality and the energy that creates it. Therefore, all probable realities that may transpire in your physical sphere are equally abundant and equally vital. The choice rests in your own hands as to whether or not you will embrace these alternate realities. We might say, David, that in your life now the probability vortexes are becoming stronger and stronger; the possibilities are definitely expanding at a rapid speed. We are seeing something like a geometry forming, and this geometry indicates a framework. You’re coming to the point where structure and mission is becoming important; it is becoming a part of the framework in the paradigm.

We only wish the best for you, and it hurts us to see examples where you’re not able to follow the guidelines that we have set. It’s wonderful to see so many of these things being eliminated on a rapid-speed basis.

Can you feel the difference when you build up the varieties of existence? They become much more abundant and free in the context of this much more naturalistic form of functioning. After all, it’s just a job, and once the foundations are secure, we can propel off of it into the heights that await you, which may well include travel in the future.

Something else going on. A rebellious uprising is forming. Rebellious in the sense that people are going to be killed. Look for this around March. It is hard to find you at that point, but it will be closer than you think. [Sound of the song from West Side Story that says, "The Puerto Ricans rumble, so what."] You should go there [to West Side Story at NYCA] tonight. You might enjoy it, and you’ll probably get in free. Why panic so when you can just move out of the country? This is not as impossible as it seems.

[Note: There were certainly an ongoing number of uprisings in the world during the time that this reading specified, and thereafter as well.]


For Eric: The difficulty you are now facing is one of time and positioning. Relax into your schedule, and things will make themselves manifest much easier. The situation with Chan is multifaceted and complex. Understand that she weeps in secret for your time, and yet this is not what is appropriate for you in your current karmic path. You do not have the need, nor the desire to make yourself available in this fashion.

[Image of me lying down on a couch with my hands crossed in the same position as Edgar Cayce would have done, and with burning letters of light hovering over my body, saying "Edgar Cayce, Sleeping Prophet."]

[Note: This is quite obvious in hindsight, but again I would never have even considered that I was related to Cayce in any way at the time. This was clearly meant to show me that I was reassuming my former duties when I began doing readings for other people. At the time, I thought that it was "neat" that they were comparing my own work to that of Cayce’s, and thought nothing more of it.]


You should focus on two things. The second and third amendment, and setting the right job climate. The conspiratorial urges will fade away on your part, as the new schedule opens up and you relax into it. These feelings were only brought about by the intense aura of fear and frustration that was around you in the past. Understand that there is a lot of motion in your life as there is in Christina’s, and you are both moving towards a point of concrescence. The difficulties in the past are no longer evident. If you make some of it up along the way, that is okay – the goal will still be reached at the end. There are many paths to the One. You need not fear these growth steps, or the dissolution of your relationship, as these are all natural byproducts of the events as they transpire.

Understand that very massive and powerful forces of Light are at work in your life to bring things to manifestation on a constant level, and if we took the time to explain it to you, you would be stunned at the complexity and scope of these workings. Let it just be said that they are probably far, far greater than you have ever imagined. I was accurate in ascertaining that your position was as a "creator god" in the past, and this is partly responsible for your obsession with fantasy. You have a desire to create new things, because on another level of reality, this was your job. You literally were creating entire civilizations, entire planes of existence through which many, many different entities could experience for themselves. There was also a facet of teaching implicit in this, but it was the creation and the manifestation that was your specialty.

Though it may not do you much good to know this, this was occurring in a section of the Milky Way Galaxy out by the far rim at an area approximately one eighth of the distance around the perimeter from where you are presently situated. It was at this spot, the civilizations present there, where you helped to create. Although obviously, on the energy level there is no place in space or in time. This is just one example of where your workings were made manifest on the physical plane.

What is of importance for you now is for you to realize that you did not shed this ability, but you have brought it with you, brought it into a physical body. And as you realign with your own creative powers, you feel the difference that it is making; you feel the intense abilities that are welling up inside you, and you are ready to dive into a maelstrom of activity. One must not forget that you are a human being, however, and dietary concerns may be an issue as you go so deeply into these fields that you often forget about what it is that you have or have not eaten, so keep that in mind. Understand that we desire for you to have an aura of searching in your life; thus the uttering of paradoxical statements [in our readings for you.] It is through these workings that we hope for you to seek that which is not yet manifest, and in so doing actualize your creative powers.

By alerting you to some of the probability vortices that exist, we can then expand your range of focus, and your desire to learn and understand. So be not dismayed by the changes that now surround you, as you are soon to realize their scope and magnitude. Aligning with the spiritual path of that which you grew up with prior to Earth living is by far the most satisfactory existence you can now have in this present moment of space and time. That will be the end of dictation for now.


Sunday 1 / 26 / 97 — 9:13 a.m.

[Note: I had just come out of a dream that featured a Mafia hit man threatening me with violence.]

[2] Millions, all over the world, will be able to see shades of red that will come when these rides and attacks begin. Fear not, for the breath of the Divine is behind these events, is watching these events, knows of them and will do everything in its power to stop these events.

[4] We are teaching you to channel from the ground up. Never before has the process been so free of difficulty. Now, as we approach the Millennium, we are preparing you with all of the information necessary to bring about a full rectification of the desires that you are holding for expansion of your consciousness and personality in those last days before the Great Shift. We only want one thing for you; for you to be aware, to be conscious, to have fully in mind the tenets which we have set up. [We hope] that you will be happy and that you will guide others through the Law of One and through the loving energy that comes through you. If we have one wish, it is to see you travel through the energy blockages that have held you back, so that you may ascend and rise to a new level.

So be not dismayed by events as you witness them transpire, for it is important that you remember that these events would not have taken place if there wasn’t a distinct reason for them. Know also that many other things that are happening at this time are beyond your control, and they will manifest, and you will need to deal with them appropriately as they arise. We will do our best to try to give you some form of advance notice for them. Every night we are trying to implant upon you various forms of knowledge and wisdom through your contact in the dreaming state, and this day-by-day contact has greatly enhanced your own abilities.

You are starting to understand the channeling process better. The idea and language fragments that you were given before are not necessarily to be used verbatim, for when you are in this meditative state, aspects of your consciousness beneath the waking ego are still present. [These aspects of your consciousness] may very well take the opportunity to enunciate detail in ways that you had not perceived yourself, and ways that could not have been done by me. Somehow you understand that you should not fear what comes through you, despite the fact that you are technically speaking it. You are doing so in a vacuum – we urge you as much as possible to disassociate your mind completely from what is coming in, to go deeper and deeper into trance. The more you can do this, the deeper the information is that we can provide.

We are very pleased that you have decided to involve the moon in your workings by deciding to cleanse your crystals in the light of the full moon. The slight burning sensation that you feel in your hands [from your crystals] should be a good indicator to you of how well the process works. We go now, as the distortions will be too great with your housemate being awake. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love.


Monday 1 / 27 / 97 — 8:00 a.m.

The laser show demands your constant attention. Over and over again, the question will be asked — What is to be done with my life? The answer lies in a rectification of the past, present and future issues into a firm understanding of one’s true purpose. That is truly the highest good that one can reach. In the meantime, a deeper understanding of the immediate obstacles that present themselves must be realized. In your present situation, those obstacles primarily are being generated from within Christina.

You must also understand that there is no other way to the One but through diligent practice and diligent application of the laws that you have learned. By applying these laws, you are coming into an understanding that the universe is fluid and in motion; it is not fixed, it is not steady state as you may have believed it to be in the past. It is vibrant and alive, and full of color and majesty. As you go deeper and deeper into these systems of reality, the more opportunities will present themselves to you, and you will become greater and greater enamored with the things that you will be able to do.

The astral projection is something that you have wanted for a long time, since the incident happened when you were at age five. This is certainly something that you have really wanted. Understand that it is a very natural process, and it may happen to you at any time now, as soon as you begin trying to do it.

It is not necessary to steal energy from others. There is an imbalance in your head chakra that we have not discussed before that you should be made aware of. The forces of Light that concentrate themselves within you do not want these imbalances to occur. Understand that your head chakra is thought, and this represents a schism in your thinking of two ways that things can go, and of your indecisiveness in regards to either one.

The time is rapidly approaching where all of your sense data will be integrated into a oneness. Right now you are trying to understand the different varieties of experience that you are having, but in the future it will become much easier for you.

Your work is time-consuming. We presently want you to be aware of the difficulties that are presenting themselves to you, so that you may apprehend them and not allow them to bring you down or make you cast judgement on the process. You must simply be aware that things are happening, and you have the power to control how things are happening. We appreciate the idea of you going and getting a new newspaper every morning [to look for jobs,] as that will prove to bear fruit very quickly. However, today your main focus should be on printing out copies of your resume and mailing them out to different places. You must also fill out the applications you have gotten in the mail. This is of extreme importance. Currently, you must go and take care of your bathroom issue before we can go on.

D: [Goes to bathroom]

The Mayan codices are being understood better and better with each successive wave of researchers who delve into their mysteries. Understand that in your terms, this is a question of memory, not a question of discovery. We want to stress the fact that this life you had before is very current yet very real to you now. And it is a crucially important incarnation whose ramifications extend through to your present space-time and timespace. You are correct in realizing that the many Indian cultures graphed in the book came after the original time. The religion of Zamna, which became the cult of Quetzalcoatl, was the direct descendant of Atlantean tradition. Do not confuse yourself when reading [Maurice Cotterell and Adrian Gilbert’s] book [The Mayan Prophecies] as to which section you are from, for there are a variety of correct answers.

In the dreaming world, you find yourself opening up to a massive range of possibilities. The progress that you make in terms of flying, in terms of opening yourself up to women and various other problematic situations that you overcome, including working with energy on that level, those truths extend down into your own present sphere of activity. We must say that your dream progress is coming along nicely, as I am sure you also have seen. The poverty that you have lived in for an extended period of time will strengthen you once the money is there. [This is] so that you may have a greater respect for the money that you do have, and not want to go spending it on fruitless things such as a new drumset, for example. These expenditures would be unnecessary for you at this time. We want to guard against these activities. Your spending of money should be geared towards food and towards saving of money at this point, and we want to be able to have you mobile, so we can get you out at any moment. You need to have a savings in order to do this.

We are approaching a time where the models of understanding that you have held are slowly dissolving, and are soon to completely dissipate. We are enamored by the fact that you, Christina, are early in the process of awakening to these same energies that are coming into your planetary sphere. We appreciate the work that you are doing, and we do think that it has great promise. There are many things yet to be revealed to you, however, and understand that at the present time we are trying to strengthen this direct speak linkup first before the truly deeper information actually comes to the fore on a reliable and consistent basis. Though we have said it before, it is important for you to try to keep some kind of schedule, for that way the presence of this entity now speaking will be felt much greater. The entity has more time to prepare for the process of going in to your consciousness.

On a lighter note, there are other matters that you need to be aware of. Your grandmother is doing fine. We’re enthusiastic about the change that is happening; we see it in a very positive light.

[Note: My grandmother was placed in a nursing home, and my mother was attending to all the difficulties of taking care of her father and getting their house cleared out and sold.]

Your mother has a great deal of stress and hardship that she is shouldering in the present moment. She is processing it, though, and it will be moving through without much further delay. The dream that you had tonight was in regards to the many challenges that you are facing, and how all of this relates to issues from your past, people from your past. The city imagery indicates the complexity of the situations that you are involved with, and their relative effect on your emotions. Understand that you are pulling through this phase.

[Note: Cayce’s readings often analyzed his dreams for him, and this would become a much more regular phase of my own readings as time persisted.]


Well, David, what more can we say except that we support you, and we expect great success from you. Once a person has the ability to tap into intelligent infinity as you now do, tremendous possibilities open up, as you are now realizing. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love.


Tuesday 1 / 28 / 97 — 6:03 a.m.

The sign says you are ready to go. In reference to remote viewing, you will have to find out for yourself. You can stand tall in the idea that sooner or later everyone will think the same way; that is, everyone will share these experiences which you are now having. As we get closer to sleeping, more and more things become available. You can follow them closely and see the results. Be not afraid of the directions it will lead you in, for there will be much surprise and wonderment. I guess I should let you know I don’t expect greatness at this point; I just expect consistency, and our workings will improve.


Thursday 1 / 30 / 97 — 8:30 a.m.

Sit there quiet and peaceful. Something causes you to react, and you handle it by flying right in their face. Understand that we harbor no grudges against you, for we realize that you have to keep moving forward. These steps that you have taken [in your job searches] are not in the best interest for all people and forces involved. We are merely pointing a way for you to understand that you may better accomplish the goals that you have set for yourself. At this time, we do not feel that [company name] would be an accomplishment of those goals, nor [different company name.]

[Note: Both of these companies were mental health agencies, and there was an implication that I should start looking into other areas besides this.]


We want to see you in a job that is forty hours a week, where you are getting paid what you deserve. We recognize that this may take a little longer than you have imagined, and yes, you are accurate in discerning that you will need help from family and friends in order to get through this stage. Don’t worry, the help is there.

To Eric: Recognize at the current time that you have been falling under the influence of an astrological cycle that is largely outside of your control involving the planet Mercury, involved with communication, contacting your natal Saturn. This has caused you many problems, and there is a distinct lack of attention span caused by this conjunction, so you should be aware of that.

[Chan’s voice: "Do you know what you are writing?"]

[Note: Eric was writing a lot of papers for school at this time.]


Understand that there are heavy conjunctions occurring right now, and these conjunctions affect people’s lives in many ways. Your block will not continue. You need to realize the degree of force with these outside entities, and the degree of effect that they have on your own livelihood on a day by day basis.

Until this present situation passes, you must just tough it out. That is it. We are pleased to see the situation with Chan is expanding in ways that we only hoped would actually occur. It is good to see them now.

David, getting back to you. There are many problems that you are not directly facing. You have set up many visualizations of future events, and now suddenly out of fear you are reverting back to what you know is going to work quickly for you. You haven’t been persistent with temporary agencies, which may also provide you with that outlet. Much as you like to help people, working at Gateway may not be appropriate for you at this time, because of the low pay and the indistinct hours that you would be subject to [while working for them.]

The truest challenge is to know one’s Self. You, David, are no different. We want you to be fully cognizant of the fact that we are here for you, and that this process is working. It seems that the "direct speak" method scares you, by leading you in a direction of feeling that you have more control over the output, when in fact on our side of things you are progressing quite beautifully, and this is a positive direction for you to be going in. We only caution you to go slow enough so that you may get each piece of information accurately. Direct speak is actually less work for us as well, because it frees up more parts of your mind to utilize your language skills, so that we do not have to phrase everything ourselves.

God will arrive in 3 1/2 days. How you will handle this depends on your pneumatic success from the past. Maybe next time we can go into greater detail with you.

[Note: The metaphor of the 3 1/2 is used in the Bible and other sources, and it has to do with the passage into the fourth dimensional vibration and the heart center.]


Your mind is not where we want it to be right now. We can only say this — for you to look for the difference in feeling-tones between the path of salvation and the path of destruction, which when applied to this case means the difference between going back to the jobs you already had, or trying something new. That is all that we ask.


Friday 1 / 31 / 97 — 8:00 a.m.

The Book of Revelation. Intense belief systems. What it means to us is more important than what it means. In three days’ time you will know more of this.

Let’s start with some general stuff.

D: (Mind still somewhat scattered)

Come on now, I want everyone to settle in. Live by perception, not by words. This has been a difficult time for everyone involved; we think you have handled it quite well. Fear not, for the probability vortices of manifestation on the job plane are now opening themselves to you. It was as if you had a deadline, and now the deadline has passed. Enjoy your freedom before things get crazy again. [Your] fortune might be okay; you never know how that might work.

It was always so awesome to hear you screaming about the new things that were happening to you; we want to reinstill that sense of newness in your life in the present. The way we will do it is by applying diligent practice to your life in all its various forms. When you make a decision to be tolerant of yourself, it bodes well for all of us. Somewhere deep in my heart I know that you will pull through of this all with the most eminent flying colors. You did what I said; that pleases me. There’s a lot of insight to be gained here.

[Note: The next sentence arises from a conversation that I had with Chan the night before, where I speculated that she might have been one of the 25 percent of people who had lived on Mars in a past life, according to the Ra Material.]


Chan is in fact an old soul, but she is not from Mars. She has had many successions of past lives on Earth. In some ways, it’s almost too bright for her now. She is having trouble seeing her way through these events because such an overwhelming positivity is now opening itself up to her. The many different ways of exploring will become much more obvious to her once she begins making the effort.

The concept of diffractional geometry. When you are surrounded by this; what other way is there to go but up? But some people eat Millbrook Bread instead. It really does make a difference to us when you use the crystals, so be aware of that fact. We only want for you to succeed; and success is contingent upon the application of several rather simple rules. The end of a major phase of your life has now begun.

[Note: The statement about the Millbrook Bread could be about people not giving themselves the true ‘bread of life’, but settling for less than adequate substitutes.]


With Chan’s movement, and Antonio’s movement and your own job movement, and Eric’s movement, there is a great deal of change in the air. You have learned your lesson of suffering with no money; realize that you are soon to come out on the other side.

[Image of all my former jobs coming through, et cetera.] Oftentimes, these flashes of information are of crucial importance. [Image of the Mars face.] In our terms, it is more a question of you simply acknowledging them as they go by, and recognizing that they have validity. [Image of a wine bottle.] The process involves all the senses, therefore you should be fully engaged when doing this, even with the direct speak linkup. It is important for you to consider every avenue of possibility.

[4] The time is coming soon when people will lose motivation to work on themselves because of the intensity of the experience they see on the outside. We are aware of this. It is our desire to insure that people will work more on the inside, because these experiences are designed as a catalyst in the first place.

[Note: In the next paragraph they comment on the fact that I finally accepted a new job with a different agency for people with developmental disabilities. There were several dreams that made me feel that this was the best decision I could make in the immediate term.]


The job itself will involve a host of challenges. Now that you have decided to take this route, we will have to insure that we prepare you for these challenges. You will notice when you go back through that we are already doing this on your dream level. The secret shows itself when the many layers of your personality combine to discuss these matters from the perspective of insight on the past, present and future in a nonlinear time context. That pleading, that groping, searching experience you have been going through is so soon to be behind you. As you progress deeper and deeper into becoming the kind of person you would really like to become, we don’t want for you to have difficulty, we don’t want for you to suffer.

We only want what is right. This is the beginning of an enormous growth phase, timewise, starting now. We are doing everything we can to insure that the timeline is met accordingly. You will have to be very busy in the near future. This book, getting it prepared, is an important step. There are other important steps that will be presented as the time approaches. One by one, all the decisions are being made, and we are now entering into the crucial period beginning in March, as I have said. You are correct in discerning that this ties in with the Comet Hale-Bopp.

Your strongest aspects are those parts of your personality that reside within other dimensions. In fact, the whole reason why you are on this planet is to bridge the gap that has been made between the physical world and the spiritual world. Because you could only see the physical manifestations of this gap being bridged in the format of UFO sightings, it was very difficult for us to get to the point where we could show you the transcension of direct experience. This [experience] furthers the process much more than the informal gathering of UFO information, despite its veracity and truth.

It was very important that we not have you on the Internet these past few weeks, so that you may continue searching, and not be involved with that medium so excessively. It might have drawn you away from your job focus, and it might have gotten your mind reinvigorated into your imagination. Many of the things you will see are not totally accurate, and we are as aware of that as anyone. Therefore, use it as a tool, but do not become obsessed with it. What you did on the Enterprise Mission website was a valiant effort, but you do not need to do this again. It should be plain enough for you to see that you can serve people in a better capacity by writing something which may be distributed far more widely than the twenty or so people who will read your post on that website. We have seen how well your writing has penetrated the minds of others already, and now you have to expand this to a larger scope.

[Image of the Vitamin C pills.] This medical area is opening up for you. Questions that you may have had about your appearance, you will be surprised to learn, have a lot to do with vitamin deficiency and water deficiency. By merely ameliorating those two problems, many of the things that you have perceived as energy blockages will disperse. The lines on your face will become less prominent. Even your tooth decay will not progress in the way that it might have otherwise!

We have a special request for you. We ask that you bring your thoughts beyond the speed of light to the realm of infinite manifestation. It is important for you to manifest a strong conscious desire to ascend, and to project. You remember what we told you about puddle-jumping – about visiting these ruins on other planets. This is no tale of bullshit, as you would say, but a concrete reality. In order to actualize this reality, we need you to make the first steps. We hope that you will do so. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love.

[Note: As I was coming out of trance, my mind was suddenly filled with Japanese-sounding syllables. This proved to be an incredible moment in the Wilcock Readings history, where the sentences actually were real Japanese phrases that directly spoke about my past life where I had murdered Yumi.]


[Japanese voice.] Yatsu wo ogoshi – no good.

[Note: Translation is "Threatening him is no good." This is obviously about the murder itself, phrased in a language I did not understand consciously.]


D: [The words "no good" were connected with an image of someone smelling the soy sauce I had just bought in the health food store the other day, which I had the impression of being bad when I bought it, as it smelled a little "off."]

[Note: This seems to indicate that I might have killed my former lover using a poison in the soy sauce.]


Mei yame koroishiyane.

[Note: By changing this just slightly to "Mo yame koroshi…" we get the translation as "Now stop murdering!" I learned this from Eric’s Japanese girlfriend "Chan." My conscious mind most likely distorted the data by throwing in the "yane" at the end of the phrase to make it rhyme.]


[Image of the words, "You are so cute," spoken by Yumi.]

[Note: It was obvious here that the message was that Yumi was the one I had murdered.]


A long line of people shopping. Many are on the list; which part of the list will you choose? [Image of a person walking up, kneeling down and talking to me with their arm around me.] We know that you are meticulous; therefore, be not afraid when your life becomes one of meticulousness. Many surprises will await you as you journey out of the body. We can only hope that you manifest a strong desire RAPIDLY in this manner. You are correct in realizing that the Monroe books should be next on your list.

It is rather audacious for you to assume that just because we haven’t predicted the future lately that this is all analytic overlay from your own mind! An analogy that might help you is that even if it is your own voice, which essentially is true on a multidimensional scale, you need to realize that the voice from your own self deep in meditation is also valid, so either way it shouldn’t be a problem for you.

[Note: It is even funnier that they said this paragraph right after one of their most singularly impressive displays. I had indeed been wondering why the prophetic content had lowered, and worried that I might have been contaminating my data with my conscious mind. Not so, say the readings!]


The Green Wall outreach extends itself to you. (Obviously this is about the passage to the heart, or green center.) We have a host of other concerns before us, but we are dealing with the ones that are in your present space-time nexus, in, as you would like to say, the one at a time timeframe. Someone said for you to go back to bed, [in other words to shut down this contact and go "back to sleep."] I am stunned. Your decision is the proper one, and the more information you get from us, the better it will be, especially if we can reestablish our trust with you that we value so highly. Please take care of your bathroom issue so we can go on.