• Event Name: David Wilcock Sedona
  • Talk Description: The Cosmic Battle for Ascension: A Five Million Year Saga
  • Date: Nov. 1st 2014
  • Time: 10am – 6pm
  • Location:

    Unity of Sedona
    65 Deer Trail Drive
    Sedona AZ 86336

  • Investment in Cosmic Re-Education: $75.00
  • Purchase tickets here: divinecosmos.ticketbud.com

    The Cosmic Battle for Ascension: A Five Million-Year Saga

    Join noted lecturer, researcher and TV host David Wilcock in a breathtaking journey of the mind and heart. The events we are now seeing on earth are literally the culmination of a five million-year-old war for humanity’s future. Our solar system is littered with artifacts telling the tale. Positive ETs contacted every major ancient culture on earth and gave us the spiritual keys we need to achieve Ascension. Negative ETs have been fighting to keep us down – and actually “fell” to earth and embodied in physical form, becoming a race of red-haired, white-skinned giants seen worldwide… in reports as recent as the 1700s.

    See the artifacts, the skeletons and the history – and marvel at this brilliant reconstruction of an ongoing battle whose outcome has yet to be decided. Hear up-to-date information on the Rainbow Body practices from ancient Tibet, and the positive ETs who contacted them to give us this precious knowledge. By learning and applying these teachings, you can help turn the tides in this cosmic battle. Once even a small number of us achieve Ascension, the negative agenda will be permanently and irretrievably defeated on Earth – and throughout much of the galaxy, according to some of David’s top insiders.

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