Topic: Awakenings: Bodies as Toys
Teaching: Awakenings: Bodies as Toys
Host: Larry Seyer
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In the reading from NTI today we learn about our attraction to toys.

And we discuss the obvious toys such as iPods, iPhones, iPads, Androids, computers, cars, homes, boats, etc.

But toys are not limited to the objects we envy for possession.

They can also be our bodies.

Before we inhabited our body, it was an idea – a toy if you will. Something we desired and thought of as a solution to solve a problem.

It was valued and most of us currently STILL attribute value to it.

The body is something to enjoy for a little while, until time and our tiring of it turns it into – junk – which we later will discard in a process we commonly call death.

There is nothing wrong with playing with toys. But we must remember that we are not our toys – and we are not our bodies.

We are a timeless, ageless, spiritual being having a bodily experience.

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